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22:44:16 <Betty> Morning Dave from B
22:44:57 <Betty> My Stream is down again 😔
22:45:26 <Dave from B> Mine as well...good morning
22:46:47 <Betty> Too bad. 2 hours ago I was able to see the stars. Now that...
22:47:31 <Dave from B> It has been happening way too much
22:48:03 <Betty> Bad sign for the winter
22:49:38 <Dave from B> was hoping things would improve before OF closes for the season
22:49:41 <Betty> Why are you up that early?
22:50:29 <Dave from B> I have someone on vacation. Had to help load the Bozeman truck which leaves at 0515
22:52:21 <Betty> I see. Thought you wanted some things to be done without being disturbed by the phone all the time :-)
22:53:03 <Dave from B> I do get more done in the morning but by Friday I am sleepy and ready for the weekend.
22:57:16 <Dave from B> Betty, how many hours do you work per week?
22:57:44 <Betty> 40
22:58:10 <Dave from B> Are you ready for winter so you can go skiing?
22:59:59 <Betty> Almost ready. Need a bit more fitness
23:02:30 <Betty> Tomorrow I'm visiting Munichs Oktoberfest 😃
23:06:53 <Betty> I'm out for a while. See you later, Dave
23:07:39 <Dave from B> bye, Betty
23:07:57 <Dave from B> Enjoy Oktoberfest
23:25:08 <ynpvisitor63> Does anyone know why the cam is down yet again please?
23:26:39 <Dave from B> No idea, 63. The 4th time in the past week, I believe.
23:56:49 <ynpvisitor63> Thank you
23:59:31 <Dave from B> yw
01:06:59 <Dave from B> Morning CO Dave
01:11:51 <CO Dave> groan.... I need my fix here. I've been away all week.
01:12:52 <Dave from B> We've had outages from a few hours to over 24 hours this week. Not sure when it will be back up.
01:55:06 <CO Dave> I have a picture.
01:55:11 <CO Dave> camera is up.
01:55:24 <CO Dave> looks like a lovely day.
01:56:13 <Dave from B> Thanks CO Dave
01:56:18 <Dave from B> Daisy?
01:56:18 <kc (working)> daisy ie
02:01:27 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
02:03:10 <Kent> Hi Dave
02:03:33 <Eric> Morning everyone!
02:04:04 <Eric> Slim pickins on GT today so far :-)
02:04:34 <Kent> Ideas about recent cam outages?
02:05:34 <lc> morning all
02:05:38 <Eric> Were you guys just seeing a black screen or getting the error message with stream loading?
02:05:42 <lc> thanks Dave
02:05:54 <Kent> I was getting error message
02:07:12 <lc> is someone doing something for the cam to start working?
02:07:39 <lc> if so, anybody know what?
02:08:11 <Dave from B> lc, I have no idea about the cam. Perhaps a cam op might know.
02:08:24 <Dave from B> Morning lc and Eric
02:08:25 <ynpvisitor74> Groblong ?
02:09:05 <Dave from B> We could be in a BH and Grand window very soon
02:09:46 <lc> seems strange the cam is down, then starts working and nobody knows why.
02:10:17 <Dave from B> Could be restarted by someone in Mammoth?
02:11:13 <Eric> My guess is the camera is "crashing" and someone has to cycle power on it somehow
02:11:31 <Eric> flip some switch or unplug something for a moment.
02:11:51 <Eric> Total guess though
02:12:33 <Dave from B> Eric, that sounds reasonable. That occasionally occurred with old camera.
02:13:30 <Tammy> Is that Lion waking up?!
02:13:53 <Tammy> Good morning, everyone!
02:13:56 <lc> sounds right
02:14:19 <Dave from B> Morning Tammy
02:14:40 <lc> would be good if they would let the cam op. know.
02:15:07 <lc> but thats just me.
02:15:13 <Eric> Or post it on the webcam updates page they created to let people know what was up with the cams :-D
02:15:39 <lc> that would be good.
02:15:59 <Eric> However, I read from someone here, that there is no current IT person specifically responsable for the webcams
02:16:17 <Eric> Apprently that position is vacant.
02:16:40 <lc> thanks
02:16:55 <Eric> That is all hearsay don't quote me on it.
02:17:01 <ynpvisitor79> Cam is on the same line as the Yellowstone Association computer. I think it is also on their server.
02:17:36 <Eric> Yep 79, it uses a T1 line coming out of the associations building
02:17:49 <Eric> OF
02:17:52 <ynpvisitor74> No preplay noted on this OF
02:17:54 <Eric> 0917
02:20:09 <Eric> It could be equipement issue in the building...
02:20:31 <Tammy> How many cam ops are there? I've been curious about that for awhile so I just wondered if anybody knows.
02:20:39 <Eric> Is there a phone line directly into that building...we could give them a call when the cam goes down and see if their computers are also down.
02:20:54 <Dave from B> lc, I believe Kevin mentioned the vacant Mammoth position. I'm sure that has a lot to do with lack of communication. That should change when position is filled...Eric did you get your application filled out?:)
02:21:23 <Eric> haha Dave, They could not afford me :-P
02:21:43 <Dave from B> Tammy, there are around 6-12 drivers
02:21:57 <Dave from B> Kevin would have a more accurate figure.
02:22:26 <ynpvisitor79> The line is in the photoshop. They should have a phone # listed somewhere.
02:23:09 <Tammy> Thanks Dave from B.
02:40:59 <Dave from B> Whjat's that behind the trees?
02:41:07 <Tammy> Is that Riverside?
02:41:28 <Eric> looks like it
02:41:28 <lc> Riverside.
02:41:29 <Dave from B> Lc, we need your help!:)
02:41:34 <Dave from B> Thanks
02:42:42 <lc> g
02:44:42 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
02:45:53 <ynpvisitor79> Anyone want to venture a guess for BH today?
02:46:29 <ynpvisitor79> Steam in F&M area.
02:47:06 <Dave from B> If BH hasn't gone, I think we will see it in the next 75 minutes
02:47:22 <Jake> BH soon if it hasn't gone
02:47:49 <Dave from B> What is steaming to the right of Lion and Left of OF? Way back on GH?
02:47:50 <Tammy> So, it's likely it didn't go over night?
02:48:59 <Dave from B> Tammy, this time of year we are guessing a lot about what did and didn't happen because there aren't many feet on the ground from now until April.
02:50:01 <Tammy> That makes sense.
02:50:23 <lc> Dave, I cant figure out what that is.
02:50:46 <lc> don't think it has a name.
02:52:16 <Eric> I didn't see what you were looking at, but was it right in front of the white sign in the way back?
02:52:48 <lc> yes
02:53:01 <Eric> Roof possibly?
02:53:06 <lc> I have seen that many times.
02:53:43 <Eric> anemone
02:53:45 <Eric> ie
02:53:56 <Eric> Big I believe
02:53:58 <Jake> I was able to finally figure out what I keep seeing on the cam in that area. Roof Geyser
02:54:15 <Jake> in person, it is easy to miss
02:54:37 <Jake> something about the angle of the webcam and the steam against that dark tree background makes it show up nicely here
02:54:45 <Jake> Grand
02:54:52 <Eric> Yep
02:55:03 <Eric> And a camop to zoooom us in :-)
02:55:07 <Tammy> Yay!
02:55:29 <Eric> Nice lighting
02:57:54 <Dave from B> To the right of sign
02:59:29 <Eric> sawmill ie
02:59:34 <Eric> spasmodic ie
03:00:18 <Eric> 2b or not 2b
03:00:37 <ynpvisitor1> that is the question
03:01:00 <Eric> Thanks for not leaving me hangin #1 :-D
03:01:25 <ynpvisitor1> :)
03:08:13 <lc> got to mow, good luck with BH.
03:17:25 <Eric> Anybody know how many weeks there are in a year?
03:17:36 <ynpvisitor1> 52
03:17:43 <ynpvisitor79> All of them
03:17:51 <Eric> haha, trip question :-)
03:18:13 <Eric> generally 52 weeks, but you can actually have up to 54 weeks in one year!
03:18:29 <Eric> Strange stuff...never new that before this morning.
03:18:32 <Dave from B> Not full weeks
03:18:45 <Eric> correct Dave...but unique weeks
03:19:02 <Eric> And to get 54, it has to be a leap year. Happens ever 28 years.
03:19:36 <Eric> Engineers Hate Dates :-P
03:19:58 <Dave from B> All dates or just blind dates?
03:20:28 <Eric> All of them. Equal opportunity hater.
03:20:37 <Eric> BC!
03:20:39 <ynpvisitor79> Most engineers prefer figs over dates.
03:20:40 <Dave from B> haha
03:20:42 <Eric> I just saw water!
03:20:54 <Eric> First time ever
03:20:57 <Eric> for me
03:21:14 <ynpvisitor79> You must be really thirsty
03:21:43 <Eric> I have been watching BC the last couple weeks due to it's increase of steam and reports from UDO in the field.
03:26:26 <Eric> I entered it on GT...not really sure I would classify it as an eruption, but at least the data point is captured.
03:27:02 <Eric> Really, really, really wish we could tie notes or non-eruption events to a specific geyser and it's timeline :-(
03:27:58 <ynpvisitor38> So what is the guess on BH today? I see no data from last night.
03:28:08 <Eric> NOW
03:28:26 <Eric> Here we go...look Friday!
03:28:39 <Eric> look was supposed to be lookout :-(
03:34:39 <lc>
03:35:12 <lc> Big Cub
03:35:27 <Tammy> Thanks, lc.
03:35:36 <lc> yw
03:35:40 <lc> don
03:35:42 <Eric> Nice, thatnks lc!
03:36:15 <Tammy> That picture makes its eruption look similar to Lion, although I"m sure they're bigger.
03:36:19 <lc> don't think a splash would be eruption.
03:36:35 <Eric> So definitely not an eruption...I will add a note to my GT entry
03:36:48 <lc> I have seen a video but can't seem to find it right now.
03:37:10 <Eric> I already marked it questionable....and said it was probably not an eruption.
03:37:10 <Tammy> Does it roar like Lion does?
03:37:24 <Tammy> I read the entry about the Lion group in the geyser book this summer, but I can't recall the details now.
03:37:31 <lc> don't know
03:41:18 <Will B> Eric notes are already attached to geysers
03:41:26 <Eric> You fixed that?
03:41:37 <Will B> its been that way since day 1
03:41:58 <Eric> well, there have been tons of notes from udo on BC...I don't see them anywhere
03:42:17 <Eric> Can you link to where all of the BC notes are?
03:42:42 <Will B> they appear on the day summaries and we have to build new code to display them on the individual geyser pages
03:42:52 <Will B> but they are linked to geysers
03:43:07 <Eric> Also, can you make notes from the webpage?
03:43:16 <Eric> or just from the app?
03:43:30 <Will B> after we revamp the display of the site which is what we are working on now they will show on that page
03:43:37 <Will B> you can make notes on the website
03:43:53 <Will B> in the time box select "just comments"
03:44:26 <Eric> ahhh, perfect! Thanks Will. I will move that note over.
03:45:39 <Eric> So we cannot associate a time with our note?
03:46:17 <Eric> It would be really good to see timing of non-eruption events, IMHO
03:46:48 <Will B> its been on the list
03:46:48 <ynpvisitor38> Look at that fat little dog
03:47:18 <ynpvisitor38> Nice to see wild life in the park
03:48:30 <ynpvisitor79> Looks like a wisher at the Indicator viewpoint.
03:49:01 <lc> now, I'm going to mow.
03:49:05 <lc> bbl
03:49:42 <Eric> cya lc
03:50:48 <Dave from B> lc, take your phone with you!:)
03:53:57 <Eric> OF 1053
03:57:57 <ynpvisitor38> Based on exhaustive calculation of times. My bet for BH is around 5 PM.
03:58:15 <ynpvisitor38> give or take say 2 hours
03:58:37 <ynpvisitor38> SO see you after lunch
03:58:43 <kc (working)> ding
03:58:45 <kc (working)> .
03:58:46 <kc (working)> .
03:58:47 <kc (working)> .
03:58:48 <ynpvisitor38> I guess I am wrong
03:58:48 <kc (working)> .
03:58:50 <ynpvisitor38> Indy
03:58:52 <ynpvisitor38> ..
03:58:53 <ynpvisitor38> ..
03:58:53 <ynpvisitor38> ..
03:59:09 <Eric> Thanks for the noise :-P
03:59:19 <ynpvisitor38> IE by the way
03:59:19 <kc (working)> someone have the txt covered?
03:59:41 <Eric> hahah, 38 you should not pick math as a career :-P
04:00:12 <kc (working)> got it
04:00:30 <Eric> me too
04:00:38 <Dave from B> thanks for the wakeup call!
04:01:06 <Jake> Eric, Will meant to say that notes are linked with geysers (in the database behind the scenes) the geyser page is being revamped to display notes too
04:01:39 <Jake> I also want to be able to attach a single timepoint or time range to a note so that they can be displayed on a timeline
04:02:33 <CO Dave> Yeah! Beehive BEFORE lunch!
04:03:00 <Jimbo> Whew. I thought NOBODY was watching
04:03:02 <ynpvisitor38> So 20 1/4 hours and 13 1/4 hour before that. Real odd.
04:03:12 <ynpvisitor38> Rocco would not be off on time?
04:03:51 <Tammy> seriously!
04:03:56 <Eric> Sweet Jake...I think we are all on the same page :-)
04:04:18 <Tammy> Oops! Sorry! I didn't mean to send that last message.
04:05:13 <ynpvisitor38> Nice crowd
04:05:36 <Eric> So looks like we are dropping into a nice serious of ~14 hour intervals :-) yippy!
04:06:15 <ynpvisitor38> Cept we are at 20
04:07:34 <ynpvisitor38> THose fuzzy people are going to get WET
04:08:36 <Eric> woops...I ran out of fingers when I got above 10 :-(
04:08:52 <Eric> LC ie
04:08:53 <Tammy> LC, ie
04:11:14 <Betty> whooohoooo!!!
04:11:23 <Betty> good timing for me :-)
04:11:28 <Tammy> Hi Betty!
04:11:38 <Betty> Hello Tammy
04:13:28 <ynpvisitor38> bh
04:13:35 <ynpvisitor38> ie
04:13:40 <Betty> cool start
04:13:41 <ynpvisitor38> ns or whaterver
04:13:50 <CO Dave> I had 1113 by the chat page clock
04:14:00 <CO Dave> for actual start
04:14:15 <ynpvisitor79> rainbow
04:14:27 <Eric2> Nice Wide rainbow
04:15:41 <Eric2> pan right camop
04:16:17 <Betty> incredible with that rainbow
04:16:59 <Jimbo> water column looked thick, wind spreading it out some
04:17:47 <CO Dave> great shot of the power of the steam now
04:18:25 <Jimbo> Great Gushing Geysers that was fun
04:18:36 <ynpvisitor1> what was that last closed interval?
04:18:43 <CO Dave> wind knocked the height down but that rainbow was worth it.
04:18:59 <Tammy> Beautiful!
04:19:47 <Dave from B> 20:21 on the BH interval
04:20:10 <ynpvisitor1> thx
04:20:12 <Dave from B> At least one more day before it hided in the dark again.
04:20:21 <Dave from B> hided = hides
04:21:56 <ynpvisitor38> Be interesting to see the next interval.
04:22:42 <Dave from B> I'm hoping to see one under 20 hours
04:36:13 <Dave from B> Daisy 1135ie
05:35:42 <CO Dave> Cabins!
05:35:51 <CO Dave> I've stayed in that end one...
05:59:40 <ynpvisitor96> Clouds do not look good for weekend visiters
06:01:09 <ynpvisitor96> Who is forst? Lion or Castle?
06:01:19 <ynpvisitor96> first
06:05:34 <Dave from B> CODave, end cabin is #200. I was there in June
06:08:44 <CO Dave> Cool. I think we last used that one in maybe 1993 or 1994. A little noisy with foot traffic, but right on the action.
06:10:16 <ynpvisitor96> See lc gets no respect
06:10:42 <Dave from B> lc was right behind me in the same building!
06:17:54 <ynpvisitor96> Dave, I heard of a deal on a 53 foot refer by Missoula. Just have to figure out how the get the chicken smell out of it.
06:21:34 <Dave from B> haha, 96
06:21:42 <Dave from B> Yes, that doesn't sound like fun
06:23:23 <ynpvisitor96> At least it was Arkansas chicken
06:29:15 <ynpvisitor96> A selfy
06:30:58 <ynpvisitor96> Surprised there ar eno critters around
06:39:04 <ynpvisitor79> Think the bears are scaring them off
06:55:31 <Eric> OF pool is pretty full for this time of year .
06:56:03 <Dave from B> That's a BRIGHT hat
06:56:19 <Eric> I noticed that earlier and almost mentioned it.
06:56:27 <Eric> Very bright
06:56:58 <Dave from B> For a second I thought there was something on my screen!
06:57:16 <Dave from B> OF 1356
06:57:31 <Dave from B> dangerous wind direction
06:59:31 <Dave from B> Lots of people in a hurry today
07:16:41 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
07:16:52 <Dave from B> Were you playing in the desert today?
07:17:08 <Kevin L> In the shop
07:18:14 <Dave from B> That doesn't sound like fun
07:18:22 <Kevin L> Waiting for snakes to go away before I get to the desert
07:18:25 <Dave from B> Making Xmas pens already?
07:18:58 <Kevin L> Mostly hunting types now.
07:24:02 <Dave from B> Were you the one asking me about the great deal on chicken near Missoula earlier today?
07:24:30 <Kevin L> Had to fix a broken toilet and replace a sprinkler valve that blew up when I was on the good side of the cam.
07:24:55 <Kevin L> That wasn't me. I am fixing some salmon & cod for supper tonight though.
07:27:27 <Kevin L> If my chickens don't start laying eggs again you can get a deal on some from me!
07:38:22 <Dave from B> Kevin, any plans for the weekend?
07:39:12 <Kevin L> Go out and watch them dry the track and hopefully see grown men crash expensive trucks in person.
07:40:54 <Dave from B> Daisy
07:41:30 <Dave from B> Great. I didn't know you had tickets
07:41:45 <Dave from B> Make sure you take some $20's for your beverages.
07:41:55 <Kevin L> My kid scored some freebies.
07:42:32 <Kevin L> You are not kidding. Plan to take a frozem bottle of water.
07:43:43 <Dave from B> ..
07:56:51 <Dave from B> I will be the sacrifice for Grand today.:(
08:00:45 <Craig> I am back to shenanagain!
08:12:40 <Graham> hello
08:12:44 <Graham> did i miss anything?
08:16:10 <Craig> So is Big Cub heating up?
08:17:16 <Graham> maybe it will erupt this decade
08:17:29 <Craig> This century
08:17:33 <Kevin L> Aurum is due
08:17:59 <Graham> saw the BH rainbow today, that was nice
08:21:12 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham. Your in time for the next Grand
08:22:56 <Graham> nice
08:23:26 <Kevin L> Trying to fool it Dave?
08:27:42 <Dave from B> haha, Kevin. May weekend actually starts NOW!
08:28:10 <Dave from B> Becca has game tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend everyone!
08:28:37 <Kevin L> You will miss Aurum!
08:28:59 <Kevin L> BTW this is September
08:31:56 <Dave from B> haha Kevin. I see what I did...I wish it was May.
08:35:49 <Graham> F&M 1501
08:36:40 <Kevin L> And I wasn't even at the Geyser Grill!
08:37:01 <kc (working)> cool
08:38:40 <Graham> longest interval of the season though
08:39:11 <ynpvisitor12> Some people think that is a double interval
08:39:53 <ynpvisitor12> If so, it would not be the longest
08:46:27 <Graham> i had not heard that 12
08:50:36 <Graham> Bill reported no eruption a couple of days ago
08:54:57 <Will B> there was a possible eruption on sunday evening/ monday morning but it was hard to tell if the rain had done something or the geyser
08:55:56 <Kevin L> Did you get this one Will?
08:56:15 <Will B> my thought was no eruption as it was not being its normal peppy self that evening based on the activity devin told me
08:56:19 <Will B> im in BZN
08:56:30 <Kevin L> Bummer
08:57:08 <Will B> im glad it went. People that wanted to see it were there so i am happy
09:03:49 <Graham> k, thats good. was Devin there?
09:04:23 <Will B> no
09:04:42 <Will B> Ranger Kenny and then Bill was at Riverside
09:05:49 <Graham> maybe we will get a good year next year
09:06:45 <Will B> also a longer interval does not surprise me as it is pretty clear that the water table has bumped up a bit.
09:16:21 <ynpvisitor1> Depression 16:15 ie
09:35:17 <ynpvisitor85> does anyone know when riverside erupted?
09:37:08 <Will B>
09:37:56 <Will B> people there were probably having too much fun at F&M
09:38:08 <ynpvisitor85> WILL! that did not really help. i was looking for the most recent eruption.
09:38:26 <ynpvisitor85> why? F&M aren't even that cool...
09:38:35 <ynpvisitor85> HAHAHA
09:39:09 <Will B> probably was missed
09:39:17 <ynpvisitor40> dormant
09:39:20 <Will B> bill W may have it
09:39:38 <ynpvisitor85> dormant it is!
09:58:58 <Graham> still no Grand?
10:01:16 <ynpvisitor47> Turban at 1700?
10:38:11 <Kevin L> Daisy posted at 1719
10:41:06 <Graham> grand coming up on 8h
10:42:58 <Graham> Turban?
10:46:33 <Kevin L> Just started raining here. Wouldn't you know it. We have a Nascar race here tomorrow. Never fails.
10:47:00 <Graham> this is your winter for rain Kevin
10:47:29 <Kevin L> As long as it isn't like that last one. That was nuts.
10:47:41 <lt> there was actually a rumble of thunder up here in the bay area
10:47:48 <lt> this afternoon
10:48:16 <Kevin L> I have tickets to this race so I hope it goes to the bay!
10:48:41 <Graham> good for you Kevin, hope the race is on
10:49:04 <lt> I wouldn't hold your breath on that Kevin, but I hope the race goes for you
10:49:18 <Graham> i have tickets to the Oct 6 football game against the Seahawks, hope both teams show up
10:49:37 <Kevin L> Yours sure didn't last night.
10:49:40 <Graham> i am sure Seattle are worried about that game
10:49:47 <Kevin L> Looked like the Packers.
10:52:16 <Kevin L> Seattle has been playing like a team of wounded girls scouts too.
10:52:38 <lt> excuse me, girl scouts can play better than that. even wounded.
10:52:39 <Kevin L> I think the new NFL players can only beat women and children.
10:54:23 <Kevin L> I wonder if Betty made it to Oktoberfest.
10:54:36 <Graham> i dont think the Redskins can do that even
10:55:36 <Graham> Guess i should have a wager with Micah
10:55:56 <Kevin L> And Dave. They better give you points.
10:56:57 <Graham> may get home early from the game if it goes downhill fast
10:59:39 <ynpvisitor47> Nice light
11:00:00 <Graham> a geyser :)
11:08:04 <Eric> Night split cone splatter
11:08:04 <lt> two geysers for the price of one, now
11:08:40 <Eric> Nice 2b
11:08:43 <lt> nice
11:08:43 <Eric> wow
11:08:44 <ynpvisitor47> 2nd
11:09:02 <Kevin L> Tall 2nd
11:09:10 <Eric> rose slow at first, then just continued to climb...very cool looking
11:09:38 <Eric> With some of the explosive 2b we have seen, I never know what to expect.
11:10:35 <Kevin L> We had a great one while I was there. Lasted a long time too.
11:11:15 <Eric> Grand is awesome kevin :-)
11:11:22 <Kevin L> Time for Aurum.
11:11:46 <Eric> LC thinks it's a real geyser
11:11:58 <Eric> shooting up all tall and stuff
11:12:59 <ynpvisitor47> Some ops just don't appreciate Aurum
11:13:07 <lt> it goes really high in mm
11:13:13 <Eric> haha
11:13:26 <Eric> to both of you
11:13:33 <Graham> isn't it dormant?
11:13:37 <Eric> Is Graham driving or Kevin?
11:13:43 <ynpvisitor47> :) :)
11:13:48 <Eric> or TD
11:13:56 <Eric> or 47
11:14:00 <Graham> i am watching for Kitty or whatever was reported yesterday to 200'
11:14:16 <ynpvisitor47> If Keving was driving we would have a view of Aurum
11:14:28 <Graham> and nothing else :)
11:14:43 <ynpvisitor47> That's not nice :)
11:14:45 <Graham> with me, its LC
11:14:51 <Eric> If Kevin is watching, Aurum will never go
11:14:58 <Graham> or DCep
11:15:01 <Graham> or Dome
11:15:26 <Graham> you can tell the op by where the cam goes when nothing is erupting
11:15:35 <Eric> I thought you were a big Dwarf fan Graham :-D
11:15:49 <Graham> I like N Dwarf
11:16:32 <Eric> We really need to settle this dwarf convo...everyone else calls that constant sputter Red Dwarf.
11:16:55 <Eric> So what is it? Who gets to decide?
11:18:21 <Graham> not sure who everyone else is
11:22:09 <Graham> Scotts book refers to one having long duration eruptions which he calls North Dwarf
11:23:15 <Graham> refers to red dwarf with intervals of 40m
11:23:30 <Graham> of course things can change and new holes can become active
12:19:10 <lt> Lion ie