Showing logs for date: 2014-10-11
18:01:42 <Betty> Daisy ie
22:02:34 <ynpvisitor22> hello
22:02:48 <ynpvisitor22> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
22:43:44 <Betty> BH
22:43:54 <Betty> 0543
22:49:02 <lc> morning
22:49:38 <Betty> morning lc, you got BH?
22:49:52 <lc> yes
22:50:00 <Betty> cool
22:51:56 <lc> OF was ie when I first checked the cam. 0529.
22:52:17 <Betty> I´m glad Dave mentioned it yesterday that BH could be early. So I was just lurking, though I really have no time at the moment to watch closely. And: tatatataaa, just in time :-)
22:55:33 <Betty> Daisy?
22:55:57 <Betty> no, don´t think so
22:56:09 <lc> I can't see it.
22:56:41 <lc> maybe Sawmill. ??
22:57:00 <Betty> too far left for sawmill
22:58:18 <lc> don't think it is big enough for Daisy.
22:58:32 <lc> hard to say
23:01:06 <Betty> near crested Pool. No idea
23:39:35 <lc> Daisy 0639
23:40:08 <Betty> yeah, that looks better
23:40:21 <Betty> Morning Graham
23:41:46 <Graham> morning. you had to be up early to see bee today
23:42:27 <Betty> no, around 1 pm for me ;-)
23:42:58 <lc> morning Graham
23:43:10 <Graham> true, haha. earlier for lc
23:43:14 <Betty> Kitt likes the lunchtime BH´s. I had one today
23:43:26 <Graham> morning all too
23:43:49 <Betty> SC ie
23:47:30 <Betty> Aurum?
00:46:53 <Kevin L> Looks like I don't have to worry about missing BH today.
00:55:12 <Betty> Hi Kevin
00:56:01 <Kevin L> Hello.
01:02:20 <ynpvisitor28> Is that Grand?
01:05:38 <ynpvisitor28> ..
01:05:49 <Kevin L> Not unless Grand has gone under 5h intervals.
01:06:10 <ynpvisitor2> not enough steam
01:19:11 <Jenna> Grotto area steam
01:43:09 <lc> OF 0841
02:00:45 <ynpvisitor19> May be Turban since the window is opening
02:09:07 <ynpvisitor19> Looks like clouds will preclude another moonlit Beehive tonight. We need someone there with a light just after two
02:10:15 <ynpvisitor19> Grand
02:12:37 <lc> didn't see any water.
02:12:54 <ynpvisitor19> Me either now
02:13:53 <lc> some more Turban, or could be Oblong.
02:25:06 <Eric> Morning Gazers :-D
02:25:32 <Jenna> morning Eric
02:25:54 <lc> morning
02:26:13 <Eric> Morning Jenna and lc
02:26:37 <Eric> riverside should go any moment
02:29:15 <Eric> Is that grotto steam we see?
02:29:33 <Jenna> I've been seeing that steam for awhile
02:29:47 <lc> I think so
02:29:49 <Eric> I think grotto goes for a while...
02:30:14 <Eric> I am attempting to improve my steam reading ability behind those trees :-P
02:31:06 <Eric> Looks like another turban
02:31:13 <Betty> Morning Eric and Jenna
02:31:20 <Eric> Morning Betty
02:31:25 <Jenna> morning Betty
02:31:36 <Jenna> well, not morning for you :)
02:31:46 <Betty> hehe
02:31:48 <Eric> Maybe a 0938 Grand
02:32:01 <Eric> I mean 0948
02:32:06 <Betty> growing tired again Jenna
02:32:32 <Eric> Ciesta time?
02:32:38 <Eric> Daisy
02:32:39 <Betty> Daisy
02:33:12 <Betty> something like that, Eric
02:33:50 <Eric> Nice tall Daisy
02:34:16 <Betty> i see Kitt is in the park
02:34:42 <Eric> Envious....
02:34:52 <lc> where did you see that Betty?
02:36:08 <Eric> big group down there
02:36:08 <lc> didn't know Kitt was going in.
02:36:27 <Eric> Grand
02:36:28 <Eric> ie
02:36:53 <Eric> Nice
02:37:02 <Betty> Daisy in-Basin Report from SteveO, observer = Kitt
02:37:05 <Eric> Guess that was not a turban I was seeing before...
02:37:31 <lc> thanks Betty, didn't see that.
02:37:47 <Eric> But than again...maybe it was...weird timing for Grand.
02:37:51 <Betty> yw
02:39:20 <Betty> aaand...Riverside
02:39:33 <Eric> how are you seeing riverside?
02:39:48 <Eric> ohhh, yep there it is :-D
02:40:12 <ynpvisitor19> Enough gazers around that we may get an overnight Beehive report
02:40:13 <lc> I
02:40:14 <Betty> Just popped up in GT
02:40:32 <Eric> ahh, thanks Betty
02:40:49 <lc> thought I was way behind all of you.
02:41:04 <Betty> nope :-)
02:41:07 <Eric> me too...I refreshed just to check :-P
02:41:33 <Betty> haha, did I confuse you?
02:41:39 <Eric> yes
02:41:57 <lc> sure did
02:42:00 <Eric> But, that is not a very difficult task :-P
02:42:10 <lc> g
02:42:13 <Betty> my screen is wider than yours ^^
02:42:24 <Eric> hahaha
02:43:16 <Betty> BH went overnight, 19
02:44:03 <Eric> maybe a 2nd is coming our way....
02:44:14 <Eric> I feel it....
02:44:43 <Eric> I think 19 mean tonight we might get one
02:44:52 <Eric> boom
02:44:58 <Eric> Nice
02:44:58 <Betty> wow!!
02:45:08 <Betty> a good one
02:45:12 <Eric> maybe a 3rd, we still have time
02:46:01 <Eric> I say we get a third
02:47:04 <Eric> ok...apprently grand wasn't listening :-(
02:47:09 <Eric> boolm
02:47:11 <Eric> 3rd
02:47:25 <Betty> yeah
02:47:33 <Eric> Nice
02:48:20 <lc> wow, I am way behind you all.
02:48:24 <Betty> (4th????)
02:48:47 <Eric> late
02:48:57 <Betty> :-(
02:49:42 <Betty> but ok....was a 3-boom-show
02:49:52 <ynpvisitor19> That was a very nice Grand
02:50:03 <Eric> Yep...first 3b I have seen
02:50:44 <Eric> None of the in field reports noted the multiple bursts in their notes.
02:50:56 <Eric> Bad Will :-D
02:51:04 <lc> Will's did
02:51:41 <Eric> ohhh, I was looking at the primary
02:51:50 <ynpvisitor19> Both have now.
02:51:51 <Eric> good Will :-)
02:52:03 <Betty> now the primary is correct
02:52:06 <Eric> Nice
02:52:13 <Eric> Glad they got an awesome Grand.
02:52:29 <Betty> they needed time after that great show
02:52:35 <Eric> I think they were throwing mentos into the cone
02:52:35 <ynpvisitor19> Steve's Birthday Grand!
02:52:43 <Betty> Cool
02:52:47 <Eric> Nice
02:53:43 <Eric> Lion should be showing up pretty soon as well
02:54:43 <Betty> wish you nice gazing today, have to do a Party now
02:54:56 <Eric> Have Fun!
02:55:03 <Betty> thanks
02:57:22 <lc> later Betty
03:40:01 <ynpvisitor34> quiet for a Saturday morning
03:40:19 <ynpvisitor34> in the basin...
03:41:13 <Eric> Most everything has gone already
03:41:21 <Eric> waiting on Lion to roar
03:41:45 <ynpvisitor34> I mean no tourists about
03:42:07 <ynpvisitor34> Oblong?
03:43:01 <Eric> Possibly...right timing
03:43:22 <ynpvisitor34> lots of gazers about, I imagine there will be plenty of in basin times today
04:52:48 <ynpvisitor2> aURUM
04:53:25 <Eric> Grrr OF steam
04:53:39 <ynpvisitor2> just saw the very end
04:55:56 <Graham> OF 1155
05:04:31 <ynpvisitor84> Looks like I missed another aURUM.
05:29:11 <Jenna> looks like Daisy but it seems short
05:29:15 <Jenna> maybe it's just the wind
05:29:15 <Graham> Daisy 1229ns
05:29:55 <Jenna> that's better
05:34:10 <Graham> Lion 1234ie ini
05:34:29 <Eric> Finally!
05:34:53 <Eric> over 12 hour interval
05:35:27 <Eric> Hopefully we get a long series now
05:37:00 <Eric> that was a big bug
06:14:57 <Graham> OF 1314
06:15:06 <Graham> early
06:16:54 <Jenna> hi Mario
06:17:01 <Mario D.> Hi Jenna
06:17:03 <Mario D.> Hi all
06:19:07 <Mario D.> I was hoping to catch a Lion today. Something about Lion fascinates me.
06:20:11 <Jenna> should be one fairly soon
06:20:17 <Graham> should be one about 25min
06:20:58 <Mario D.> awesome
06:28:57 <Graham> OT
06:45:57 <Mario D.> Lion
06:46:09 <Mario D.> :)
07:17:16 <Graham> Iron Pot reported, that doesnt happen often
07:51:06 <Graham> that was a weak Lion minor
08:08:34 <Mario D.> This one looks more typical
08:10:52 <Graham> yep, glad its not done
08:24:55 <ynpvisitor67> is it worth it to go out to sentinal meadow to see iron pot? Last time I was out there is mosquito land
08:25:18 <ynpvisitor67> had to leave it was so bad but I sis enjoy mound geyser
08:28:14 <Graham> Daisy 1528ie
08:28:24 <Graham> and Sawmill
08:28:32 <Graham> anyone have a start time for Daisy?
08:30:20 <Graham> I have only been out in seopt when the bugs have been killed off by frost and its not as wet
08:31:11 <ynpvisitor67> is it worth it to go out there?
08:33:44 <Graham> the sentinels are quite fun to look at, not much geyser actiity tho
08:35:58 <ynpvisitor67> Well I would go out there to enjoy those not geysers
08:41:50 <Graham> Turban 1540ie?
08:42:06 <Graham> 1538
08:59:17 <ynpvisitor2> Grand
08:59:33 <Graham> Grand 1559
09:07:58 <Graham> 8m
09:09:22 <Graham> 2b
09:40:01 <ynpvisitor84> Wow. a 2 and a 3 burst Grand today!
10:07:03 <craig> Hey all!
10:20:05 <Graham> pretty quiet here today
10:20:39 <Graham> Grand burst count up to 1.8, that's good
10:24:23 <Jenna> ..
10:49:43 <ynpvisitor74> that is smoke in the sky...
10:49:49 <ynpvisitor74> not sure where the fire is
11:20:51 <ynpvisitor51> I see Betty got to see BH this morning
11:40:28 <kcmule> aurum
11:40:41 <ynpvisitor74> Aurum?
11:40:50 <ynpvisitor74> yep
11:41:02 <ynpvisitor74> noooo
11:41:24 <ynpvisitor74> why move that way?
11:41:42 <ynpvisitor74> oh well, not on my phone either
12:00:33 <Jenna> ..
12:02:12 <ynpvisitor1> no blob no more?
12:02:58 <Jenna> looks like a smudge where he used to be
12:04:54 <ynpvisitor74> BOB IS GONE!!!
12:05:40 <ynpvisitor74> OF
12:08:51 <craig> We've been de blobbed!
12:13:12 <ynpvisitor74> so odd not to have him about, yet glad they got whatever Bob was out of there.
12:14:02 <ynpvisitor1> they sent Holston out to clean the sensors...
12:17:16 <ynpvisitor1> ...WOOL, by Hugh Howey. Any fans?
12:19:36 <ynpvisitor74> what is erupting?
12:21:35 <ynpvisitor1> methinks it's OF, yet again
12:21:46 <craig> I think sawmill may be
13:47:11 <kcmule> OF