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23:41:59 <Dave from B> 23, are you having a bad day?
23:42:26 <ynpvisitor93> :D
00:29:05 <Dave from B> Morning Paul L.
00:29:20 <Paul L.> Morning Dave. GO DUCKS!!!!!!!! woot woot
00:30:30 <Dave from B> They looked impressive yesterday
00:31:52 <Paul L.> Yes it's the best squad they ever had. One more to go.
00:34:26 <Dave from B> Very tough defense even though their offense gets all the publicity
00:36:54 <Paul L.> Ya and the defense missing there best player. I was not sure they could hang FSU when he went down about 2 weeks ago. I guess I was wrong.
00:41:18 <Betty> morning
00:41:26 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
00:53:37 <ynpvisitor47> Climb fluffy
00:54:13 <ynpvisitor47> 0753 wc
00:54:40 <ynpvisitor47> nice - white on gray
01:23:19 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:23:38 <Dave from B> Your FB post on not being able to open your bottle cracked me up!
01:23:53 <Dave from B> You must not have been thirsty enough!
01:24:59 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:25:03 <Jenna> lol I was not that motivated
01:25:33 <Jenna> but apparently everyone else that commented was. None of them live in my time zone though lol.
01:25:52 <Dave from B> haha
01:27:17 <Dave from B> Did Conor enjoy the holidays?
01:30:43 <Jenna> absolutely
01:30:53 <Jenna> the other morning he came out looking to see if Santa had come.....again
01:31:18 <Jenna> lucky for him we have two more christmas get togethers plus his birthday in the next week/week and a half
01:31:41 <Dave from B> I wonder why he thinks there is more than 1 Christmas!:):D
01:32:20 <Jenna> lol right?
01:32:33 <Jenna> well, I'm headed to a measure, be back later
01:34:31 <Dave from B> bye Jenna
01:57:20 <ynpvisitor79> Looks like 23s toaster continues to hate life :)
01:58:41 <Dave from B> Well put, 79
01:59:31 <Dave from B> Love those frosty trees
02:00:08 <Dave from B> Morning kc
02:02:41 <kc (working)> mornin
02:17:39 <Dave from B> Hi, Kent
02:26:40 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin. Are you hiding again?
02:28:55 <Kevin L> Don't think I can hide today. Think it will be a busy one.
02:29:20 <Dave from B> I imagine so. Hope you enjoy the day
02:29:49 <Kent> Hi, Dave
02:44:09 <ynpvisitor18> Strange question about other Yellowstone Cams. Currently on the Mount Washburn South web cam there is a steam cloud that is pretty persistent. Didn't know there was anything over there. Am I seeing things?
02:45:03 <Dave from B> Let me check
02:45:21 <Dave from B> I know Washburn Hot Springs is that direction
02:45:54 <ynpvisitor7> yep it is Washburn HotSprings
02:46:16 <ynpvisitor18> Cold enough that it actually shows. Thanks for clarifying
02:46:35 <Mike J> (If you're going to ask questions, you should sign in)
02:47:39 <Dave from B> Hi, Mike J.
02:47:57 <Mike J> Hi Dave.
02:47:57 <Dave from B> If we knew who you were, we would have given you an entirely different answer....
02:48:04 <Dave from B> like it's a forest fire!:)
02:48:09 <Mike J> See, anonymity is a good thing
02:48:31 <Dave from B> Did you enjoy the holiday season?
02:48:33 <Mike J> I figured you would tell me it was a new geyser and, since I spotted it, it would be named after me
02:48:55 <Mike J> Had a very good holiday. I'm here in Phoenix where we are complaining about it getting all the way down to 49.
02:49:03 <Mike J> I'm guessing no sympathy from your side of the world.
02:49:27 <Dave from B> I'll always listen to complaints, Mike!:)
02:49:56 <Mike J> Your holiday good as well?
02:51:14 <Dave from B> It was once the business was closed for a couple of days.
02:52:15 <Mike J> So, the good news is there was lots of business, and the better news was you got to quit doing it for a while
03:05:53 <Dave from B> exactly Mike
03:08:17 <Jenna> we made it all through December without any snow...
03:12:20 <ynpvisitor81> Jenna, did you have snow in November then? I seem to remember it snowing on you...
03:13:14 <Dave from B> What's your address? I'll ship you some:)
03:13:18 <Jenna> yes, a little bit around Thanksgiving. Just enough to make it a pain to get out and about.
03:13:40 <Dave from B> I'm getting more tomorrow so I can ship you what I already have.
03:13:44 <Jenna> lol please! If it's going to be cold, I want snow so at least I can get out and ski. If it's cold and the ground is bare, going outside is boring
03:15:55 <ynpvisitor81> Dave is going to ship snow…let the fun begin...
03:16:20 <Jenna> we'd have to take a before and after picture for sure
03:19:00 <Dave from B> haha
03:21:18 <Dave from B> My roof isn't on yet. I don't want snow
03:24:38 <ynpvisitor81> cold weather to be putting a roof on
03:27:51 <Dave from B> Nobody working today
03:27:55 <Dave from B> on the roof
03:28:37 <Dave from B> Metal roof. As long as they don't stick their tongue on it, they'll be okay.
03:31:23 <ynpvisitor81> handling shingles in winter is bad enough, metal roof layers deserve time and a half just for attempting it
03:31:56 <ynpvisitor81> is the roof covered though? Tar paper?
03:32:25 <ynpvisitor81> this is what they must mean by the bleak midwinter...
03:32:31 <ynpvisitor81> oh wait, winter just started...
03:32:55 <ynpvisitor81> Mike J, are you going to make it to Yellowstone in 2015?
03:33:36 <Mike J> Up in the air right now. Got some other spring and summer travels coming.
03:34:19 <Mike J> The last few years (except last year) I've made it my Father's Day present to myself. Now you've got me schemeing and plannign
03:34:24 <Mike J> Make that planning
03:34:34 <ynpvisitor81> oh good, scheme away
03:34:35 <Mike J> And, now that I reread it, make that scheming
03:34:45 <ynpvisitor81> you missed in 2014, Yellowstone needs to see you
03:34:57 <ynpvisitor81> Davespeak is quite allowed here
03:35:20 <ynpvisitor81> which is misspelling in frequent intervals...
03:35:31 <ynpvisitor81> he is famous now
03:35:50 <Mike J> Okay 81 - this is all your fault. I look at the calendar, see I'm supposed to be in Las Vegas the Monday and Tuesday before Father's Day, and realize how easy it would be to just drive from there up to Yellowstone
03:36:08 <ynpvisitor81> oh good, meet you at Fountain
03:36:34 <Dave from B> No, the addition roof is wide open. Snow in half of it as we speak
03:36:35 <Mike J> And Morning, right?
03:36:40 <Maureen> as you may have guessed…or not, since you are not on chat too often…at least in name
03:37:01 <Maureen> sure, if you are coming, maybe Morning will decide to show again, we have been posting about it lately, only time will tell
03:37:24 <Mike J> Maureen, the Fountain refernce gave you away
03:37:27 <Maureen> Dave, I hope it does not snow too much in BLGS then
03:37:37 <Maureen> ha ha, I was trying to be obvious
03:37:47 <Maureen> there is our friend
03:38:02 <Maureen> look how little snow still
03:38:15 <Maureen> kind of crazy, most storms have missed us
03:38:38 <Maureen> looking for tourist scraps
03:38:39 <Dave from B> It only takes a couple of stomrs in your region and winter is in full swing
03:38:56 <Maureen> we are usually swinging by now Dave
03:38:57 <Dave from B> Mr coyote thinks there is too much snow
03:39:08 <Maureen> he wants more tourists
03:39:24 <Dave from B> Maybe bad weather is waiting for Graham?
03:39:29 <Maureen> Off to work for me, Mike J, I hope you do make it to Yellowstone
03:39:36 <Maureen> Graham is tough
03:39:46 <Maureen> I just hope it is not an ice sheet for him
03:39:59 <Dave from B> That's for sure. He is always long as his luggage makes it
03:40:00 <Maureen> and I hope we get a BH text today
03:40:04 <Maureen> even in the gray
03:40:14 <Dave from B> I'll send it out if I'm around.
03:40:20 <Dave from B> I miss predicting BH
03:40:48 <Maureen> no prediction today based on yesterday?
03:41:09 <Maureen> predict away Dave
03:41:38 <Dave from B> "need more data"
03:42:28 <Jenna> Graham is going to the park soon right?
03:42:32 <Dave from B> Grand 1300-1400
03:42:44 <Dave from B> MLK weekend for Graham
03:43:41 <Jenna> oh ok, I was thinking sooner for some reason
03:49:08 <Dave from B> No view of the viewpoint today
03:49:56 <Jenna> I'm trying to decide if we should come this summer
03:50:16 <Jenna> I keep picturing me wanting to sit and wait for Grand but Conor doesn't want to :)
03:52:33 <Dave from B> 5 minutes at Grand is better than 0 minutes, Jenna
03:53:14 <Jenna> true
03:53:25 <Jenna> and got to get him started sometime. He might surprise me with his patience.
03:53:43 <Jenna> Dad said he has a hard time watching the cam. He just wants to be there.
03:55:26 <Dave from B> Your parents didn't make it in 2014, did they?
03:59:19 <Jenna> they did not
03:59:35 <Jenna> I mentioned it to dad at my Great Grandma's visitation but he has no set plans. I'll get to planning ;)
04:00:15 <Kevin L> OF
04:00:18 <Kevin L> 1100
04:21:33 <Dave from B> I recommend early to mid July
04:21:39 <Dave from B> for Jenna, that is
04:37:35 <Jenna> thanks Dave
04:37:47 <Jenna> I should probably get my lodging reservations started huh
04:38:01 <Kevin L> You are too late.
04:38:27 <Jenna> I can be diligent in stalking the website
04:38:43 <Jenna> I got a cabin at Rosie and one at Lake with less notice a couple years ago
04:39:13 <Kevin L> You should get them there. OF area is already gone.
04:39:53 <ynpvisitor21> they come and go daily, even for OF
04:40:16 <Kevin L> I have been looking. I need one more now.
04:41:25 <Jenna> do you look online or call or both
04:42:11 <Dave from B> When I'm looking, I look only 3 times a day
04:42:18 <Dave from B> only = online
04:42:25 <Jenna> I figured I'd only need 1 night OF, one night Rosie and one night Lake. not sure about the other night. Maybe West? he'd love the discovery center.
04:42:31 <Kevin L> I look online.
04:43:05 <Jenna> maybe Bozeman too, for the dinosaur museum...oh but then there's Cody too.
04:43:30 <Dave from B> Jenna, you need 2 weeks
04:43:36 <Kevin L> Anymore I just go to the lodge cabins and usualyy don't venture farther than Grand.
04:44:28 <Kevin L> If you are headed through Salt Lake Jenna, be sure to see the Gold Spike National Monument. A bit out of the way but worth it.
04:50:57 <Jenna> ok so now I'm up to 3 weeks lol
04:51:19 <Jenna> if we don't drive through the night it'll take us 2-3 days just to get out there with Conor
04:57:04 <kc (working)> castle ie
05:13:48 <Betty> our coyote-friend
05:15:31 <Dave from B> no handouts, people
05:20:40 <ynpvisitor50> Looks like Grotto is going
05:25:40 <Micah> lotsa steam, I'm guessing it's just a tad chilly out there.
05:26:17 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah
05:26:22 <Dave from B> Let me check the temp...brb
05:26:28 <Betty> Hey Micah
05:26:32 <Micah> Hi Dave, Betty
05:26:39 <Dave from B> As of 1115 it is +9F at OF
05:26:50 <Micah> Not to shabby
05:29:43 <Paul L.> Lots of customers
05:31:03 <Dave from B> wow!
05:37:38 <ynpvisitor50> Lion
05:38:14 <Betty> yay, Lion
05:38:49 <Micah> is that an initial?
05:39:07 <ynpvisitor50> Think so
05:39:12 <Betty> looks like
05:39:25 <Betty> no enrty in GT before
05:39:46 <Betty> entry
05:42:17 <Betty> hello ge
05:42:28 <Micah> hi ge!
05:42:49 <ge> Morning/afternoon to all
05:44:32 <Dave from B> Morning ge
05:45:00 <Dave from B> What was length of Lion?
05:45:20 <Dave from B> lc, you lurking around here?
05:45:21 <ynpvisitor44> HAPPY BIRTHDAY GE
05:45:32 <ge> Thanks
05:45:51 <ge> I'm an old geyser gezer now
05:46:00 <Betty> hey, cool! Happy birthday ge
05:46:01 <ynpvisitor44> he he
05:46:17 <ge> Thanks , betty
05:46:19 <ynpvisitor44> bring your cane next time
05:46:41 <ge> Wheel chair :)
05:49:03 <ge> with the fog and steam, looks surreal
05:54:31 <ynpvisitor50> Can we hope for Giant?
05:56:06 <Dave from B> You can always hope
05:57:00 <ynpvisitor50> I would be happy to see spit cone
06:02:30 <Micah> It's a steamin
06:03:36 <Dave from B> Grand is due
06:03:46 <Micah> If we can see it lol
06:03:54 <ynpvisitor50> Looks like Oblong first
06:04:18 <Dave from B> Or Turban
06:10:03 <Dave from B> ..
06:12:23 <Betty> bah, too much steam
06:15:06 <Dave from B> Something(s) ie that specific enough?:)
06:35:55 <Betty> Daisy
06:36:43 <Micah> interesting wind direction
06:39:22 <ge> Indi?
06:40:25 <Betty> yep
06:40:29 <Betty> .
06:40:30 <Betty> .
06:40:30 <Betty> .
06:40:30 <Betty> .
06:40:31 <Betty> .
06:40:45 <ynpvisitor21> :!:
06:41:08 <Kevin L> Something is wrong here.
06:41:09 <Jenna> thanks for the dings
06:41:38 <Betty> why, Kevin?
06:42:12 <Kevin L> Txt sent
06:42:18 <Kevin L> I am here Betty
06:42:30 <Betty> haha
06:42:30 <Micah> Got the text thanks.
06:42:32 <Micah> Yay!
06:42:37 <Micah> My first Beehive in Quite some time.
06:42:44 <Kevin L> Another half hour and I would be gone.
06:43:09 <ge> kevin, did it snow by you?
06:43:09 <Betty> you did not talk about it, Kevin
06:43:34 <Kevin L> We hae some flurries Wednesday morning.
06:43:45 <Dave from B> I'm old and slow. Kevin beat me.
06:48:19 <Dave from B> Lion 1348ie
06:48:21 <Betty> Lion
06:48:35 <Micah> I think that was start DAve
06:48:43 <Dave from B> Something happening at Groblong
06:48:59 <Micah> Too many geysers at once.
06:49:08 <lt> there goes the BEE
06:49:12 <Micah> Beehive!
06:49:20 <Micah> Confused me for a second
06:49:30 <Micah> "Wow that was a nice spike out of Lion....wait a second"
06:49:50 <Betty> :-)
06:50:02 <Micah> gray on gray
06:50:39 <ge> tall today
06:52:29 <Betty> Grand?
06:52:30 <ynpvisitor8> Does this suggest a connection between Beehive and Grand?
06:52:31 <Micah> Grand?
06:53:22 <Micah> ynpvisitor8 -Beehive and Grand are not connected at depth.
06:53:33 <ynpvisitor8> I have been looking through Geyser Times. And I have seen a lot of Beehive's and Grand's at the same times.
06:53:51 <ynpvisitor8> But how do you know for sure?
06:54:03 <Kevin L> Always happens when I am at the park!
06:54:08 <Betty> nice Bee
06:55:20 <Micah> There have been many years when Grand and Beehive were doing different things, with no discernable effect on the other. For example. In 2013 Beehive went practically dormant, and there was no effect on Grand
06:55:25 <ynpvisitor8> Has there ever been an exploratory study of plumbing systems? Can radar be used? I think at some point they must be connected.
06:55:57 <Micah> No exploration of plumbing systems has been done at any geysers other than old faithful.
06:56:22 <ynpvisitor8> Why? The other geysers are just as important!
06:56:44 <Betty> the connection is the magma chamber underneath :-p
06:56:47 <Micah> A study was done a couple years ago that found that Geyser Hill and downbasin tap into two different water sources
06:57:05 <Kevin L> Well Grand does always go before, during, or after a BH eruption!
06:57:17 <ynpvisitor8> But how can you know for sure?
06:57:21 <Dave from B> haha Kevin
06:57:22 <Betty> correct, Kevin
06:58:15 <Micah> Because all scientific evidence thus far goes against it.
06:58:28 <ynpvisitor8> If that is the case then how are we *sure* Beehive is connected to Beehive's Indicator. Perhaps they could be separate systems completely that experience some kind of "wave" or "pulse" to trigger both at the same time?
06:58:31 <Craig> *grabs popcorn*
06:58:53 <Betty> hi Craig
06:59:01 <Craig> Hi Betty!
06:59:02 <ynpvisitor8> You do know about the Geyser Hill Wave, right?
06:59:17 <Micah> The Geyser Hill wave is all theories and conjecture that has never been truly proven.
06:59:26 <ge> I'm off. have a nice day
06:59:37 <ynpvisitor8> Ah, I see. Like the massive magma chamber?
06:59:42 <Betty> enjoy your B-day ge
06:59:53 <Betty> LC ie
06:59:59 <ge> enjoy the debate
07:00:14 <Micah> The Massive Magma chamber has been confirmed by multiple sources.
07:00:51 <Craig> AKA the Yellowstone Supervolcano
07:00:51 <ynpvisitor8> I think the sudden increase in activity has to do with the chamber. And, for that matter a *lot* of features seem to have gone dormant. There is a large gap in the data in Geyser Times!
07:01:08 <ynpvisitor8> Is the YVO watching this?
07:01:11 <Craig> Thats called winter
07:01:15 <Dave from B> Reall, 8?
07:01:16 <Micah> That's because it's winter and there's not as many gazers there.
07:01:18 <Dave from B> Really, 8?
07:02:02 <ynpvisitor8> And what about Steamboat? It erupted twice in less than a year!
07:02:15 <Micah> It's a Geyser, it does that 8
07:02:20 <Craig> I'm waiting for "the end is nigh speech"
07:02:41 <ynpvisitor8> The end is potentially nigh. We don't know what's going on down there!!
07:03:13 <Betty> OF
07:03:13 <Micah> Yellowstone is at color code green
07:03:14 <Dave from B> The end is near for all of us
07:03:19 <ynpvisitor8> See, Old Faithful is connected to!!
07:05:38 <ynpvisitor8> Are any of you real volcanologists? How can you know otherwise!?
07:05:56 <ynpvisitor8> Or for that matter "professional" geyser researchers?
07:06:00 <Betty> how do you know?
07:06:32 <ynpvisitor8> That is *my* question!
07:06:44 <Dave from B> I'll be back when only sane people are here.
07:06:54 <ynpvisitor8> Wait, wait, wait.
07:06:55 <ynpvisitor86> ditto
07:06:56 <ynpvisitor8> Don't go.
07:07:07 <Craig> 8 are you a volcanologist?
07:07:18 <Ryan> Tis been your daily laugh, don't flee yet
07:07:33 <Betty> haha, Ryan
07:07:47 <Ryan> As for Micah, I called him on the phone and told him a minute ago. He is still crying from laughter
07:07:56 <ynpvisitor21> :!:
07:08:09 <Ryan> .....DAVE COME BACK! 86 DONT LEAVE!!!
07:08:15 <Betty> you´re a bad guy, Rayn
07:08:25 <Ryan> 21.... Blue?
07:08:27 <Betty> sorry Ryan
07:09:22 <Craig> Ryan my sides
07:09:26 <Ryan> Aye. I'll have to message Dave, I wanted to push it but not far enough that people left...
07:09:43 <Craig> Bahhaha
07:10:48 <Betty> it´s not april 1st. you´re too early
07:12:46 <Betty> overlook time
07:12:48 <Kevin L> You just didn't misspell enough words!
07:14:27 <Kevin L> Looks like Iowa won't be celebrating today.
07:14:59 <Kevin L> Well, it is wedding time. You all enjoy the view.
07:16:41 <Jenna> I'm not even watching Kevin
07:17:04 <Jenna> I was going to message Dave and complain about you Ryan haha
07:22:57 <Betty> Sawmill ie
07:24:56 <Dave from B> Is it safe to return?
07:25:05 <Craig> Ahahahaha
07:25:08 <Craig> It was Ryan
07:25:09 <Betty> and behind it was Churn
07:25:15 <Betty> wb Dave. Why did you leave? lol
07:26:20 <Dave from B> Ryan, I owe you one...when are you going to OF next summer?:):D
07:26:40 <Dave from B> I thought you were someone else!
07:27:03 <Betty> Churn again
07:27:10 <Micah> Ryan's offline I'll answer for him. he's not returning this summer. Working somewhere else.
07:28:12 <Dave from B> I just sent Ryan a text
07:28:49 <Dave from B> Not even a vacation to OF for Ryan? That's too bad.
07:36:16 <Ryan> Sorry if I ruffled feathers :)
07:36:36 <Ryan> Yes, Kevin, I took great pains to not make *any* typoes :P
07:36:51 <Ryan> And to use slightly different grammar, etc
07:37:25 <Jenna> ..
07:38:21 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan!
07:38:41 <Dave from B> You got me
07:39:18 <Ryan> I tried to stop you!
07:39:25 <Dave from B> I saw that
07:40:03 <Dave from B> What are you doing next summer?
07:41:53 <Ryan> Working at a local cave, which has the benefits of being here at home while still doing potentially three week long trips to place
07:41:57 <Ryan> places
07:42:09 <Ryan> Looking at a potential Sput Brigade winter trip in December
07:42:22 <Dave from B> I figured you wouldn't be laying around doing nothing!
07:42:46 <Dave from B> It's fun to see how close the sputs have become.
07:43:08 <Dave from B> Mara has been all over the place
07:43:24 <Ryan> Yes, we are like a very tight family. I usually am in vocal contact with at least one of them every day
07:43:38 <Ryan> Facebook and texting I am in contact every day
07:44:11 <Dave from B> That's great
07:46:10 <Betty> LC ie
07:48:35 <Betty> I wonder whom of you I will meet in september
07:49:00 <Dave from B> Mid Sept?
07:49:03 <ynpvisitor7> I hope 20 years from now we are hearing about Sputs still gathering together.
07:49:20 <Micah> Betty when in Sept?
07:49:24 <Betty> beginning sept
07:49:27 <Micah> Because I plan to be there labor day week
07:49:30 <Micah> Sweet!
07:49:41 <ynpvisitor7> labor day week is one of the busiest, for gazers
07:49:49 <Betty> that´s when I´m there. Cool Micah
07:49:52 <Micah> If not THE busiest
07:49:53 <ynpvisitor7> in numbers of them
07:50:28 <Betty> I know how you look like Micah. I will talk to you :-)
07:50:35 <ynpvisitor7> yes, I agree with that, the busiest.
07:50:42 <Dave from B> Great time to visit Betty. It's party weekend!
07:50:48 <Betty> haha
07:50:48 <ynpvisitor7> Labor Day is not until the 7th, that will change things up for some folks
07:50:55 <Ryan> I hope the Sputs are still getting together in 20 years :)
07:51:08 <Micah> Wine and cheese party! and this year I can have the wine half!!
07:51:49 <ynpvisitor7> Frosty, windy day
07:53:04 <Dave from B> Only 105 days until opening day
07:53:45 <ynpvisitor7> I hope it is a bit nicer than this that day
07:55:47 <Dave from B> Riverside?
07:56:07 <Micah> Looks like it.
07:56:37 <Betty> just looked at my time schedule. I will arrive at aug, 30th and leave sept 7th
07:56:40 <Micah> Maybe a bit too far left for me but I'm probably just wishful thinking
07:57:27 <Dave from B> Betty, Becca and I may be there over Labor Day, if soccer schedule allows.
07:57:59 <Ryan> Mara is working there :3
07:58:01 <Betty> that would be great!
07:58:14 <Dave from B> Where is Mara working?
07:59:09 <Betty> oh, I leave the 8th :-)
07:59:38 <Ryan> OF Inn
07:59:46 <Dave from B> ..
08:00:21 <Betty> Lion is late
08:00:29 <Dave from B> I still love her photo of Becca and me at BH last year that made the video. What a fun day even though very few geysers were seen.
08:00:38 <Ryan> :)
08:02:26 <Betty> I can´t watch Wills video on youtube because it is blocked due to the music :-(
08:03:03 <Dave from B> I wish it was longer and had a 15-20 minute section with conversations
08:03:33 <Dave from B> But it was great...the whole family watched it
08:03:40 <Betty> Last video I got from kc as a link to watch with VLC player
08:06:12 <ynpvisitor7> I like Steve's video with Hank and Katy, Micah and Mara...
08:15:20 <Dave from B> 7, where is that video?
08:15:41 <Will B> YNP youtube
08:16:03 <Dave from B> Thanks Will
08:16:20 <Betty> Is that "We are GOSA?"
08:17:06 <Will B> no
08:17:13 <Will B> that one was made by Mara
08:17:27 <Will B> they are talking about the one made by Steve B.
08:17:42 <Micah>
08:17:44 <Micah> ^
08:17:46 <Micah> this one
08:17:59 <Dave from B> I do like Mara's we are GOSA video
08:18:17 <Will B> thanks Micah
08:18:32 <ynpvisitor7> ha ha, I just sent it to you on FB Dave
08:19:05 <ynpvisitor7> the GOSA video is very nice
08:19:20 <ynpvisitor7> well done Mara, I did not know that was hers.
08:19:30 <Will B> I think my favorite one of recent is my Fire video. partly as i love the song
08:19:32 <Dave from B> Thanks, 7M
08:19:57 <Ryan> My favorite is my On Top of the World video
08:20:09 <Betty> coyote is back
08:20:36 <ynpvisitor7> looking for treats
08:26:36 <ynpvisitor7> If you are staying in West Betty, make sure to get in the park early that weekend, there can be 30 minute waits at the gate after 10
08:28:11 <Betty> If I get in at 10, I would have missed the most! We always get in early
08:28:38 <Micah> Geyser Hill at dawn is always an excellent sight
08:28:49 <Micah> Accompanied by a Anemone concert, perfection
08:30:28 <Betty> OF
08:31:41 <Betty> I´ve been in the park during Labour day before, I know how busy everything is around that time :-)
08:34:11 <ynpvisitor7> oh good
08:34:30 <Micah> For those working in concessions. It comes out of NOWHERE
08:34:30 <ynpvisitor7> well, there will be many gazers to meet
08:34:55 <ynpvisitor7> I thought the ebb and flow of concessions was with OF.
08:35:34 <Will B> it tends to be
08:37:01 <Micah> but when labor day hits...hold on to your rear. It's gonna be a wild 9 hours.
08:37:33 <Will B> thats the good thing with lodging. # of rooms dont change
08:38:00 <Will B> LC ie
08:38:31 <Dave from B> Hi, Mara
08:38:54 <Jenna> I only noticed when we had a lot of tour groups, that made check in a breeze
08:39:06 <Mara> hullo~
08:39:33 <Will B> OL does not get many groups
08:40:25 <Jenna> neither did Rosie. I'll never be sure why I switched to Canyon.
08:40:48 <Will B> shutters... CL
08:40:53 <ynpvisitor7> people make mistakes
08:41:01 <ynpvisitor7> nice light now
08:41:15 <Jenna> yes, a mistake I regret for sure
08:44:25 <ynpvisitor7> now that you are such a gazer, it would have been good if you had a stint at OF, busy, yet right at the basin
08:45:52 <Ryan> Yes, OF is *busy*
08:46:15 <ynpvisitor7> benefits though and shifts go by quickly
08:46:39 <Ryan> ....sometimes. Not when Giantess is in near constant boiling to 2ft :/
08:47:07 <ynpvisitor7> true that
08:47:14 <Mara> I await my turn to deal with the OF rushes... I think I'll be at the Bear Paw Deli.
08:47:43 <Ryan> Good, thats a good place. It is not bad. the Lodge gets mega rushes
08:47:50 <Will B> Ryan all that makes me think of was my last day
08:48:01 <Will B> Bernie, F&M now...
08:49:06 <Will B> poof
08:49:11 <Ryan> Grand
08:49:23 <Jenna> definitely 7, OL would have been a good spot for me. I helped open the Snow Lodge and loved how quiet it was.
08:49:25 <ynpvisitor7> Grand happened
08:49:33 <ynpvisitor7> those are spikes
08:49:41 <ynpvisitor7> beautiful
08:49:59 <Jenna> so pretty with the light and dark skies
08:50:24 <Ryan> Snow Lodge was very quiet. But required the attentiveness of the Lodge
08:50:25 <ynpvisitor7> I thought it had gone during BH
08:50:32 <Mara> at least people have to find their way into the Inn and get to the deli... as opposed to the lodge where people turn around and go "oh hey"
08:50:33 <Will B> umm 1352 grand now questionable
08:50:33 <Ryan> It did
08:50:37 <Betty> hä? Grand??
08:50:45 <Will B> yeah Groblong
08:51:09 <Ryan> I am thinking Oblong
08:51:11 <Betty> there are spikes
08:51:17 <Ryan> There are?
08:51:24 <ynpvisitor7> I saw spikes
08:51:29 <Will B> yes there are spikes
08:51:31 <Betty> me too
08:51:43 <ynpvisitor7> beautiful
08:51:44 <Ryan> Oh, I have really bad video right now. 6ish frames a second.
08:52:42 <ynpvisitor7> so start time?
08:53:07 <Betty> dramatic sky
08:53:08 <Micah> ie 1550
08:53:15 <Ryan> Or Giant ;)
08:53:25 <Betty> ;-)
08:53:45 <Will B> oh great one of those...
08:54:34 <Ryan> What ever it is, tis pretty
08:54:42 <ynpvisitor7> the light is right on Grand
08:54:49 <ynpvisitor7> incredible
08:55:04 <Micah> I bet it would be wonderfully backlit right now.
08:55:07 <Micah> Oh to be there
08:55:21 <Ryan> Backlit from where?
08:56:00 <Micah> Probably from the topsoil area
08:56:26 <Will B> micah what direction does the sun set
08:56:27 <Ryan> I would think from Belgian area
08:56:38 <ynpvisitor7> two people on bw
08:56:38 <Ryan> Uncertain/Sawmill
08:56:53 <Ryan> Or tardy
08:56:59 <Micah> Right. Got turned around
08:58:04 <ynpvisitor7> so going back, we started talking about Grand at 1549
08:58:08 <Ryan> No really, Sawmill/Tardy/Uncertain just started
08:58:41 <Micah> 1550 ie is when it was for sure M
08:58:42 <ynpvisitor7> the people are walking away
08:59:58 <Betty> maybe they try to catch the concerted BH, you know, there´s a connection between both ;-)
09:00:26 <Ryan> OF COURSE!!!
09:00:32 <Ryan> :D
09:00:32 <ynpvisitor7> that was nice
09:02:55 <Ryan> Watching for Indy?
09:03:00 <Betty> bah, BH is a spoilsport
09:03:17 <Ryan> lol, I would have had a heart attack if it went
09:03:27 <Betty> haha
09:05:09 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
09:06:28 <Betty> bye Dave
09:06:37 <Micah> See ya Dave
09:07:26 <Betty> clear view now
09:27:08 <Betty> Churn
09:27:53 <Betty> Daisy
10:38:11 <Betty> something in Grand area
11:33:48 <kcmule> OF
12:20:39 <kcmule> daisy
12:21:09 <Betty> just thought that
12:47:45 <Betty> time for sleep. Night kc
12:48:28 <kcmule> nite
13:02:02 <kcmule> OF
14:44:15 <kcmule> OF
16:09:11 <Kevin L> Wow! What a view!