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23:38:49 <Betty> Morning Graham
23:39:23 <Graham> morning. how was your new Year?
23:40:44 <Betty> We had a slow but wonderful start (we had snow)
23:41:19 <Graham> nice, white new year
23:41:28 <Graham> i slept through it
23:42:14 <Betty> why not? You can even welcome the new year in the morning
23:43:19 <Betty> Yesterday our snow was already gone, but 2 hours ago it started to snow again
23:44:19 <Graham> nice. just rain here in Va, supposed to be 70 tomorrow but down in the 30s for highs next week
23:46:30 <Betty> OF
00:15:56 <Betty> Daisy?
00:16:57 <Betty> I think it´s Daisy
00:19:03 <Graham> so do I
00:22:19 <Betty> what do you think? Maybe WT?
00:23:28 <Graham> was getting coffee
00:24:57 <Graham> oblong
00:27:09 <Betty> yep
01:06:12 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
01:06:16 <Kitt> morning all
01:06:29 <Kitt> Hey Dave Billings was wonderful yesterday
01:06:43 <Dave from B> Jenna, I have lots of snow for you.....7" last night and still coming down!
01:06:59 <Dave from B> Kitt, you pickede the right day to visit
01:07:02 <Kitt> decided to run up there instead of doing chores
01:07:12 <Jenna> I have about 1/4" Dave, so I need more!
01:07:45 <Jenna> I'm hoping I win the Stop the car trading posts' contest again with my snow amount guess.
01:07:51 <Kitt> we got there at 1145 and headed home at 1615
01:09:19 <Kitt> roads were completely dry except tiny amount of stuff on road near Worland
01:09:39 <Dave from B> That's a quick trip
01:09:40 <Kitt> I got to walk around Billings in a short sleeve sweater, No coat!
01:10:22 <Kitt> wind was starting to howl by the time we got to Bridger
01:10:46 <Betty> Morning Jenna, Kitt and Dave from B
01:10:53 <Kitt> no extra snow here yet, but still about 8 inches on ground
01:10:55 <Dave from B> Ddin't start snowing until about 10 last night
01:11:34 <Kitt> the site I had checked predicted it to arrive about 11
01:11:37 <Jenna> morning Betty
01:11:46 <Kitt> how much so far?
01:11:57 <Jenna> that's a quick accumulation Dave
01:12:12 <Dave from B> 7". Predicting another 6" thru tomorrow
01:12:40 <Kitt> glad I went and also glad I returned home
01:14:17 <Kitt> that is quite a bit, but at least yours will blow away or melt at some point
01:14:37 <Dave from B> It is pretty light and fluffy
01:15:34 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
01:15:38 <Kent> Snow looks to be staying north of Old Faithful
01:15:50 <Kent> Good morning Dave, all...
01:15:51 <Betty> Hi Kent
01:16:04 <Kitt> howdy
01:16:06 <Dave from B> I was hoping to not see the benches this morning
01:17:11 <Kent> Me too
01:17:52 <Dave from B> I wonder if Kevin survived the wedding yesterday
01:18:52 <Betty> he was lurking around 11pm
01:19:11 <Kitt> hmm, steam to right behind trees
01:19:40 <Dave from B> Turban?
01:20:46 <Kent> Looks to be a great moring to be in the UGB
01:20:53 <Kitt> looks like it
01:21:42 <Betty> Lion huff
01:21:51 <Kitt> Lion
01:21:55 <Kent> It's gonna go
01:21:58 <Betty> looks like a start
01:22:25 <Kitt> 0821 wc
01:22:48 <Kitt> pretty with the sun on it
01:23:34 <Betty> hope OF does not cover it
01:23:48 <Betty> looks great
01:24:41 <Kitt> another splash from fluffy
01:24:51 <Kitt> wait fluffy
01:25:13 <Kitt> fluffy
01:25:18 <Kitt> ie
01:25:41 <Betty> was too short for an initial I presume
01:26:08 <Kitt> yes, about 4 min.
01:29:18 <Kitt> well Dave, I guess you get to build a snow house for the other half of your addition
01:29:38 <Dave from B> Igloo?
01:29:53 <Dave from B> I'm not ready for it to be probably not a bad thing to be delayed.
01:30:12 <Kitt> take care and thanks for the weather update
01:30:25 <Dave from B> yw. Glad you had a safe trip
01:30:25 <Kitt> I really needed the break from the snow and cold yesterday
01:30:41 <Kitt> returned to 6 degrees at 7 PM here
01:31:11 <Dave from B> We have customers in Worland Greybull and Thermopolis. You have had lots of snow so far this season
01:31:34 <Kitt> yes, and it won't go away
01:31:36 <Betty> nice spikes from Sawmill
01:31:47 <Kitt> chore time
01:31:55 <Kitt> hoping for a bee this afternoon
01:32:01 <Betty> later Kitt
01:32:05 <Dave from B> We should get one
01:32:21 <Kitt> I knew I would miss be yesterday, but a few hours outside without a coat (wonderful)
01:32:24 <Kitt> bye
01:34:03 <Kent> To work. Please ping for Plume :)
01:35:34 <Dave from B> If that's what your waiting your battery...turn off your phone!:)
01:50:02 <Dave from B> Castle?
01:50:16 <Dave from B> nevermind...not enough steam
01:55:23 <Betty> Morning Kevin. How was the wedding?
01:55:53 <Kevin L> Not bad but it was a long day.
01:56:37 <Kevin L> Get to do another one with my daughter on May 1.
01:57:17 <Betty> now you know how it works :-)
01:58:14 <Kevin L> Not sure if that makes it better or worse.
01:58:23 <Betty> haha
01:59:19 <Jenna> my day has been taken over by talk of chairs, invitation font and cake flavors for my sister's wedding.
01:59:26 <Jenna> day should be days
02:01:50 <Kevin L> At least now you can do invatation on the computer.
02:04:03 <Jenna> she's having a girl make them, but she doesn't have a computer so I get to be the one emailing back and forth
02:04:14 <Jenna> she is doing the same cake lady and caterer so that helps a lot
02:04:17 <Jenna> as mine
02:04:48 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
02:05:06 <Kevin L> Hi Dave
02:31:56 <Jenna> OF 0932
02:31:56 <Betty> OF
02:34:25 <Dave from B> nice
02:57:08 <ynpvisitor57> Must be a heat wave
02:58:30 <Dave from B> +9F as of 0915 at OF
02:59:49 <ynpvisitor57> And Dave is working today. New Years resolution?
03:00:26 <Dave from B> I will be working at least a couple hours every day until store is up and trunning smoothly.
03:00:38 <Dave from B> about running
03:00:47 <Dave from B> How are things in West, 57?
03:01:43 <ynpvisitor57> Well I am not in West. A bit farther west then that. Sunny and warm, got to be in the 20's
03:02:03 <ynpvisitor57> Is the new part open?
03:02:05 <Dave from B> I should learn not to guess. I'm usually wrong
03:02:28 <Dave from B> New part opens in April. Trying to purchase equipment, figure out staffing, etc
03:02:59 <ynpvisitor57> Did you ever get any good weather to put down the lot?
03:03:52 <Dave from B> Concerte is oured, walls are up, and 40% of roof is on. Now there is 7" of snow inside after last night's storm.
03:05:06 <ynpvisitor57> Fun building in winter. Good day for your kids to shovel snow out.
03:05:50 <ynpvisitor57> Build character and muscles for those athletes.
03:05:54 <Betty> Turban?
03:06:41 <Kevin L> Good thing you cot the concrete oured before the snow and cold set in. Below freezing is NOT the friend of concrete.
03:07:02 <Jenna> Daisy?
03:07:07 <Betty> yep
03:07:38 <Dave from B> haha Kevin
03:07:57 <ynpvisitor57> So now that Kitt broke BH, any guesses for today?
03:08:12 <Dave from B> Company snowblower is going home today. Kids will learn how to use it this afternoon.
03:09:02 <Dave from B> BH 1230-1530
03:09:35 <Betty> whoo, Dave restarts to predict BH
03:09:37 <ynpvisitor57> Bet a 60 count shrimp on that guess?
03:10:01 <Kent> Daisy on time, but Grand still MIA. Have Lions been a bit strange lately? I haven't been paying close attention, but we seem to be missing long series.
03:10:09 <Dave from B> haha....Betty and 57
03:10:46 <ynpvisitor57> Lion seems to be odd, was going to ask last week myself.
03:11:05 <Dave from B> I expect Grand 1145-1300
03:11:08 <Kent> I guess this is what GT is for. I will go look.
03:11:40 <Kent> Thanks Dave
03:12:05 <Dave from B> Cold weather has made gazing tough the past few days
03:12:16 <ynpvisitor57> Well time to go, will try and check up on Dave's times.
03:13:22 <Kent> We need a resident gazer in the basin for the winter
03:13:38 <Betty> Riverside
03:14:51 <ynpvisitor30> ie
03:15:16 <Dave from B> Graham will get us updated later this month
03:15:28 <Graham> :)
03:16:01 <Graham> should be leaving Gibbon Falls around this time in 2 weeks
03:17:01 <ynpvisitor...> I should be between Moran Jct and Flagg (with luck)
03:17:19 <Dave from B> That was good timing Graham!
03:17:44 <Dave from B> Does anyone know how often snowcoaches go from Mammoth to Norris?
03:19:06 <ynpvisitor...> Daily 0730
03:19:10 <Graham> and Will is probably approaching OF
03:19:10 <Graham> will be good to have 3 of there for a couple of days at least
03:19:29 <ynpvisitor...> Sorry, that's to OF not norris
03:20:45 <ynpvisitor...> T, Th, S, Su 1230 pm
03:21:52 <Graham> its a good trip, should get an hour in the basin - still not as long as you want
03:22:11 <ynpvisitor...> $83 is expensive. Price has gone up quite a bit.
03:23:53 <Graham> yep, can't blame it on the price of gas any more
03:24:07 <ynpvisitor...> :)
03:24:22 <Dave from B> Thanks Kent
03:25:01 <Dave from B> Not long enough for me. Snowcoach from Mammoth to Canyon sounds better
03:25:54 <Dave from B> I was hoping for 3-4 hours at Norris
03:26:51 <ynpvisitor...> A couple of years ago our coach was all people interested in Norris. We told the driver to skip the interp, get us to Norris and then stay out of our way. We managed about 2.5 hours at Norris which was still short.
03:26:57 <Graham> that trip might stop at Norris too, I don't know
03:27:20 <Dave from B> Canyon trip says just a rest stop at Norris Junction
03:28:04 <Graham> yeah they usually dont like to do Norris because its a long walk and often there is someone in the group that can't do it
03:28:44 <Graham> I have onbly toured Norris once on a lower loop tour
03:30:30 <ynpvisitor...> My trips (2) to Canyon from West have allowed us a look out over Porcelain and then a walk to Steamboat. Probably 30" total.
03:35:59 <ynpvisitor...> Driver just isn't a fan of Aurum. I need to get back to work anywho
03:36:30 <ynpvisitor...> Dave, my second Sonos works without a Bridge.
03:37:53 <Dave from B> I believe the bridge allows you to play the same music in 2 areas of house at the same time.
03:38:24 <Dave from B> We were listening to ELO outside in the hot tub last night. It was great with full moon.
03:39:42 <Kevin L> After you broke the ice?
03:41:01 <Dave from B> haha
03:56:05 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a great day everyone!
03:56:24 <Kevin L> Enjoy you hot tub!
03:56:47 <Dave from B> Snow Blowing for a few hours then football
03:57:21 <Kevin L> Hey, I even get to watch football today!
04:07:05 <Betty> OF
04:14:15 <ynpvisitor18> 4.9 mag eq challis, ID
04:15:36 <ynpvisitor79> I was just looking at that!
04:16:04 <Graham> oblong?
04:16:06 <Kevin L> Put a big one on the OF seismo
04:17:48 <Graham> maybe grotto steam blowing over
04:30:40 <Kitt> hello again
04:30:53 <Kitt> we just got about an inch of snow then morning
04:30:53 <Graham> Plate?
04:32:26 <Kitt> no sawmill and spasmodic
04:32:28 <Kitt> hehe
04:33:24 <Graham> thanks Kitt I was wondering :)
04:33:31 <Kitt> pm'd you Kevin
04:36:00 <Betty> LC ie
04:36:32 <Kitt> Kevin must have left to feed the chickens
04:36:43 <kcmule> article relating ID eq's to ynp
04:36:53 <Graham> LC going big
04:39:49 <ynpvisitor13> Kitt you got Morning??
04:40:08 <ynpvisitor...> Electronic on Grand 0617
04:40:20 <Kitt> thank you
04:42:00 <ynpvisitor13> that guy has quite a wait
04:42:42 <Kevin L> He should make us a snowman!
04:42:49 <Kitt> why hang out in the noisy grill, when you can watch the beautiful outdoors
04:43:07 <ynpvisitor13> I guess I would walk about
04:44:42 <Jenna> has the steam in the Grotto/F&M area been going all morning or is it just me
04:45:03 <ynpvisitor30> its been going all morning
04:45:18 <Kitt> Grotto marathon
04:45:41 <ynpvisitor13> was the last OF a short?
04:45:56 <ynpvisitor30> normally it is grotto if it appears right at the spot that the tree line starts to go down
04:46:50 <Graham> LS is sure steamy
04:47:44 <ynpvisitor30> Grand 0617E
04:48:48 <Graham> sawmill quit
04:49:11 <ynpvisitor13> LS?
04:49:22 <Graham> Little Squirt
04:50:09 <ynpvisitor13> too bad the blue sky left
04:50:27 <ynpvisitor30> Kent were you able to find the webcam on the app?
04:54:34 <ynpvisitor...> No, I found it on GT, but not the phone app.
04:54:50 <ynpvisitor30> its in the overflow menu
04:55:06 <ynpvisitor...> OK, I'll go look. Thanks
04:55:29 <Betty> not sure, last OF was maybe a short
04:56:15 <ynpvisitor...> answer shortly :)
04:56:20 <ynpvisitor13> thanks Betty
04:56:33 <ynpvisitor13> must be according to VEC as people are lining up
04:57:05 <Betty> hi Will, finally the video loaded for me, though I could not see it in it´s full frame. Great work!
04:57:08 <ynpvisitor13> the list prediction time at 1210
04:57:24 <ynpvisitor13> they
04:57:28 <Will B> thanks Betty
04:58:14 <Kitt> Castle? or just steamy
04:58:27 <Kevin L> Looks like they opened the flood gates.
04:59:42 <Graham> just steamy
05:01:19 <ynpvisitor25> Poor Groot, gets no respect
05:01:26 <ynpvisitor25> Grotto
05:02:09 <ynpvisitor25> How many times do people wear the rental suits before they wash them?
05:03:39 <ynpvisitor13> too many, I would guess
05:04:47 <ynpvisitor25> Odd steam on the hill between giantess and dome. DO not remember seeeing it
05:07:02 <Graham> probably the Butterfly Spring/Peanut Pool area
05:08:26 <ynpvisitor25> Not Butterfly. On or over the ridge.
05:08:43 <ynpvisitor25> Right on the edge of the screen
05:09:50 <ynpvisitor25> Something up there that the overlook trail goes to just can not remember what
05:09:54 <Betty> Solitary?
05:10:27 <Betty> that´s over the trees
05:10:51 <ynpvisitor13> good call VEC
05:11:02 <ynpvisitor13> POOF
05:12:34 <ynpvisitor13> quite the steamfest
05:15:11 <ynpvisitor25> Thanks Betty that must be the one. Don't think I have ever gone up ther to look.
05:16:10 <ynpvisitor25> This pea soup keeps up, Dave's Grand prediction will be hard to see.
05:16:14 <Betty> It´s a nice Fountain Geyser erupzing almost every 8 min. Worth a lot the way
05:17:10 <ynpvisitor25> Look at al those peole that spent a bunck of cash just to see Of in winter walk away.
05:18:31 <Graham> steam could be infant, butterfly, peanut and Dome
05:18:33 <ynpvisitor13> Does Dave's prediction coincide with the E time?
05:18:35 <Betty> bbl
05:19:06 <ynpvisitor25> Would have to look at the log, do not remember the details
05:19:20 <Graham> dont think theres anything strange there
05:20:26 <ynpvisitor25> Is it time to que the dog?
05:21:07 <Graham> may be waiting for the snack supply to build up
05:21:57 <Graham> turban?
05:22:23 <ynpvisitor13> almost a 9 hour interval on Grand yesterday
05:23:03 <ynpvisitor25> So a 6 is possible
05:24:04 <ynpvisitor25> Looks like a bee keeper on the hill
05:24:10 <ynpvisitor13> Bee before Grand perhaps
05:25:47 <ynpvisitor25> lc, yea
05:27:51 <ynpvisitor13> I wonder why there is no Castle E time? Hope the logger is OK
05:44:36 <Graham> Turban again?
05:44:55 <ynpvisitor13> Turban does that
05:45:33 <ynpvisitor13> spasmodic looks happy
05:49:18 <ynpvisitor79> maybe well get cascade after the earthquake
05:50:01 <Graham> :)
05:51:10 <ynpvisitor13> an earthquake is coming?
05:52:06 <ynpvisitor79> EQ this morning at 1044 MST in Idaho
05:52:32 <ynpvisitor13> big enough to change things up in YNP?
05:53:05 <Kevin L> 4.9
05:53:34 <Graham> Daisy
05:55:50 <ynpvisitor13> close to Yellowstone?
05:56:59 <Kevin L> Challis Id, about 150 - 200 miles away
05:57:21 <ynpvisitor13> ty Kevin
05:57:47 <Kevin L> Pegged the OF seismo.
05:58:49 <Michael> If I remember GRB's "rule" correctly, that's far enough that it likely won't have any effects big enough to notice.
06:00:06 <ynpvisitor13> there is a rule?
06:00:52 <Michael> This is based on GRB's offhand observations, so don't take it as gospel...
06:01:57 <Michael> If [magnitude of earthquake] - 2 * [log(distance in km)] is bigger than 2, that's usually big enough to affect something.
06:02:01 <ynpvisitor13> what is GRB?
06:02:18 <Kevin L> I have seen smaller quakes in the same area do things to geysers.
06:02:26 <Michael> If that quantity is less than one, that's usually too small to have an effect.
06:02:45 <Will B> Gordon Bower
06:02:46 <Kevin L> But this is a full moon.....
06:05:32 <Michael> I suspect that Gordon would prefer if we used each new earthquake to re-calibrate the formula, rather than just quoting it. But I'm lazy today.
06:05:44 <Kevin L> It will make gazing more interesting today anyway.
06:16:36 <Graham> N Dwarf is off
06:17:00 <Graham> or barely on
06:17:09 <Kevin L> No opera today Graham?
06:17:27 <Graham> nope but going out to eat later
06:18:05 <Graham> have not been to one all year
06:18:15 <Kevin L> Getting quiet here. People slowly eating.
06:19:39 <Kevin L> Boy I am tired. Leaving!
06:20:04 <Michael> Make sure BH hears that you're leaving...
06:20:18 <Graham> have a nice nap
06:21:17 <Kevin L> I fell asleep in my chair already today.
06:21:29 <Graham> Dep
06:23:14 <Graham> or not
06:28:45 <ynpvisitor...> Grand?
06:29:02 <Jenna> looks like spikes?
06:29:05 <Michael> Yes.
06:29:12 <ynpvisitor...> 1328
06:29:15 <Kevin L> Sure looks like it
06:30:40 <Kevin L> Nice spikes for a January eruption.
06:32:02 <ynpvisitor...> Yes, good wind direction
06:37:47 <Betty> yay, just in time :-)
06:38:55 <ynpvisitor1> Those skiers are going the wrong way
06:40:16 <ynpvisitor1> No second, tell Dave on Monday he missed a tripple!
06:40:44 <Graham> we all did
06:41:39 <ynpvisitor93> haha...nice try 1
06:41:56 <ynpvisitor93> You never know who is lurking
06:42:12 <ynpvisitor93> I did miss the prediction. 0-1 this year
06:42:15 <ynpvisitor1> An incognito Dave, 93?
06:42:20 <Kevin L> De icing the hot tub?
06:42:39 <ynpvisitor93> Yep. Doing bookwork at home before leaving for a movie in an hour
06:43:06 <ynpvisitor1> Movie, I thought only kids went to see movies
06:43:10 <Kevin L> Well we know when BH will go then!
06:44:13 <ynpvisitor93> Kids got movie gift cards for xmas from their cousins
06:44:51 <Kevin L> When does Taylor leave?
06:48:44 <ynpvisitor93> Jan 8
06:49:43 <Kevin L> Long break! Ashley headed back this morning. She starts Monday, but she does finish on April 10th.
06:50:30 <ynpvisitor93> That is early. Big week for Taylor. She has a meeting with HR at Conoco to talk about an internship for summer.
06:50:35 <Kevin L> She thought she would be coming back, but her fiance has 2 more years to go up there!
06:50:50 <Kevin L> That would be interesting.
06:50:59 <Kevin L> Of is ie
06:51:13 <ynpvisitor93> So, they will live year round in Rexburg until gropom graduates?
06:51:23 <ynpvisitor93> groom*
06:52:18 <Kevin L> I think that is what they will probably do. They will rent an apartment or house. Be a nice stopover for park trips.
06:53:14 <ynpvisitor93> Can we get fiance converted to gazing?:)
06:56:59 <Kevin L> If I find another cabin they will be coming with us this summer.
06:57:55 <ynpvisitor93> That would be fun. What dates are you going this year?
06:58:17 <Kevin L> We will be there July 10th
06:58:48 <David A pdx> hey all!
06:58:56 <ynpvisitor93> It looks like we will be there July 7-12
06:59:04 <ynpvisitor1> PDX you are late
06:59:13 <David A pdx> uh oh...
06:59:14 <Betty> Hi David A pdx and kc
06:59:23 <David A pdx> whatd I miss?
06:59:24 <Kevin L> Gee Dave, we may finally meet!
06:59:40 <ynpvisitor93> It looks like it
06:59:41 <Michael> Lion and Beehive are still on deck this afternoon (I hope).
06:59:59 <ynpvisitor1> OF
07:00:14 <ynpvisitor93> Welcome Michael, David, kc (not working)
07:00:20 <Graham> and Aurum is due
07:00:32 <David A pdx> Hello!!
07:00:43 <ynpvisitor93> We have 5 nights booked in June. So far, it looks like it will be go July and cancel June
07:00:48 <Michael> Hello David-from-PDX and 93-from-B
07:00:49 <kcmule> howdy
07:00:50 <Graham> and Castle
07:01:17 <ynpvisitor93> haha...better fix that
07:02:37 <ynpvisitor35> cancel June??
07:03:17 <Dave from B> We always book 2 trips and cancel 1
07:03:36 <Maureen> Kevin, it will be fun to meet you for more than 2 minutes this year
07:03:41 <Dave from B> Also have reservations for the party weekend
07:04:04 <Maureen> That is when you will meet Betty
07:04:19 <Betty> Party??? Where???
07:04:43 <ynpvisitor1> Daves place, free fish
07:04:44 <Kevin L> I thought that would get your attention Betty!
07:04:54 <Dave from B> haha
07:04:54 <Maureen> I was assuming he meant Labor Day.
07:04:57 <Jenna> so I need to find reservations for early/mid July?
07:05:09 <Maureen> yes Jenna
07:05:14 <Dave from B> Yes...Labor day. Not a sure thing until we see Becca's soccer schedule
07:05:16 <Maureen> as if
07:05:29 <Maureen> Junior year...
07:05:49 <Dave from B> Time goes fast
07:05:55 <Maureen> how is her back holding up to the hardwood?
07:06:20 <Maureen> a lot different than running on grass
07:06:34 <Dave from B> Good but the grass is better for her
07:06:41 <Maureen> wish those people could turn indy on
07:07:14 <ynpvisitor1> I will go do it right now.
07:07:18 <Maureen> it is nicer here than the basin, the sun is out
07:07:32 <Maureen> 16 degrees, progress
07:08:03 <Maureen> Betty in the past I think the party has ended up being in the Snow Lodge common room, outside the cafeteria. Is that right Dave from B?
07:08:39 <Dave from B> It was in the common area of the OF Lodge
07:08:42 <Dave from B> last year
07:08:59 <Dave from B> Last year, Tara played for us as well that weekend
07:09:02 <Maureen> Right, not Snow Lodge, thanks Dave
07:09:15 <Maureen> I missed that, yet heard her the next week.
07:09:50 <Maureen> What a nice memory that is, thanks for mentioning that Dave
07:10:42 <Jenna> I remember hearing about that and being very jealous
07:10:54 <Graham> it has been in the SL meeting room before, but been in the OFL for the last few years
07:11:39 <Dave from B> Moved because it is closer to BH?:)
07:12:41 <Betty> I think I will be there :-)
07:13:35 <Maureen> So first sunshine, to the basin, then BH, please
07:15:46 <David A pdx> Sorry I missed most of the conversation... I was looking for lodging availability in WY for mid-June. Who else was going to be there in June?!
07:16:27 <Dave from B> probably not me
07:16:50 <David A pdx> too bad.
07:17:06 <David A pdx> i may be there with some friends from Sweden.
07:17:50 <Dave from B> fun
07:18:10 <Dave from B> If July plans fall thru, I'll be there at the end of June
07:19:53 <David A pdx> It will be their 2nd trip there (my 3rd). they were there Sept a year ago and we only got to stay 2 days...
07:20:39 <Dave from B> That is short. My 5 nights this year will be my longest trip ever to OF
07:21:31 <David A pdx> cool! Yes, that was a short visit - abbreviated by the political closure...
07:21:39 <Maureen> yeah Dave, some day you will be like lc and stay longer
07:21:54 <Maureen> David, I pm'd you
07:23:01 <Graham> Sun Maureen
07:23:06 <Maureen> yes
07:23:23 <Betty> go Bee
07:23:24 <Maureen> now Indy please
07:24:03 <Graham> feel the warmth?
07:24:16 <David A pdx> we feel the love!
07:25:24 <Maureen> outside shoveling 16 felt nice and warm
07:26:05 <Maureen> has BH been splashing at all?
07:26:39 <Graham> sun on bee
07:26:51 <Graham> i have not seen splashing
07:32:50 <Betty> was that Uncertain?
07:33:19 <Graham> didnt see it
07:35:43 <Dave from B> I'm not certain. Enjoy BH everyone. Time to head out.
07:37:38 <Kevin L> Almost looked like Aurum.
07:46:09 <Michael> Looks like a Tardy cycle now. In context that makes Uncertain less likely.
07:46:14 <Michael> Hello Coyote!
07:48:57 <David A pdx> It's Wiley!
07:53:51 <Graham> Bulger?
08:01:37 <Maureen> I finished my challenge Graham.
08:01:54 <Graham> ooohh what did you post?
08:02:22 <Maureen> ha ha
08:04:00 <Graham> nice, i wondered when you were going to follow instructions
08:04:39 <Graham> or if you were going to
08:05:18 <Maureen> ha ha yes
08:06:03 <Maureen> BH would be nice now
08:07:26 <Graham> you going to get much snow tomorrow?
08:15:11 <Maureen> Sunday night is the target I think, time will tell. We were supposed to get a foot from the last one, and we got 1 1/2"
08:15:32 <Graham> dont think we will get any, 75 here tomorrow
08:15:41 <Maureen> Dave got 6" in BLGS, storms are going north or south of West, and the basin too
08:15:58 <Maureen> 75 is warm for January, right?
08:16:09 <Graham> yep, nice
08:16:26 <Graham> here's wishing you 2' of snow
08:16:34 <Maureen> kind of like West being 51 on Dec. 13. That seems such a long time ago now
08:17:00 <Maureen> I am sure the snow coach drivers would like it G
08:17:23 <Graham> but not the drivers actually in it
08:17:27 <Maureen> not 2' at once, maybe 12 inches, twice.
08:17:51 <ynpvisitor...> The goal is to have the benches covered by the 17th
08:17:51 <Maureen> yeah, I was in some deep snow once on a snow coach, about 3 feet of new snow, it was wild
08:18:19 <Maureen> I feel for G and you, …, not much is forecast between now and then
08:18:48 <Maureen> 75 in January though, what is the record G?
08:19:38 <Graham> not sure but its not unusual to get above 70
08:19:59 <Graham> first year the railing was put up at BH the snow was up to the top rail
08:20:14 <ynpvisitor...> I remember that
08:21:34 <Maureen> well the fence catches the snow
08:21:39 <Maureen> someone in basin said they heard word it MAYBE went at 2230 last night
08:21:47 <Maureen> oops, chat catch
08:21:59 <Maureen> that is so annoying
08:22:30 <Maureen> pretty time for OF
08:22:58 <Graham> bee splashed then
08:23:16 <Maureen> OF, then BEE, in the sun, would be awesome
08:23:40 <Maureen> turned into a nice late afternoon there
08:23:44 <Graham> lots of blue sky
08:25:03 <Maureen> ooh, can we see the top?
08:25:07 <Betty> nice light for OF
08:25:24 <David A pdx> spectacular!
08:25:30 <Maureen> nice, nice
08:25:51 <Maureen> what a difference between the 1210 one and this
08:26:42 <Betty> and noone out to watch it. all gone
08:26:56 <Maureen> yes, we are lucky to have the cam
08:27:09 <Maureen> I bet Snow Lodge is clearing out
08:27:26 <ynpvisitor...> A few peeps on static
08:27:32 <Maureen> good
08:30:47 <Maureen> the steam clears and indy appears...
08:30:54 <Maureen> if only
08:33:14 <Graham> stepping away for a few mins. bbs
08:33:15 <Kevin L> It has my vote!
08:47:20 <Graham> back
08:48:03 <Betty> coyote
08:48:27 <Betty> at Firehole river
08:48:44 <Betty> Daisy
08:48:45 <Maureen> nice it left the benches!
08:50:20 <Betty> beautiful Daisy
08:50:46 <Maureen> nice to see it like this
08:59:02 <ynpvisitor57> .
09:00:45 <Graham> heading out, good luck with bee
09:03:04 <Betty> bye Graham
09:05:01 <Maureen> night
09:05:25 <Maureen> Bee might be in moonlight, hopefully some one will see it or hear it in basin
09:13:21 <ynpvisitor83> I wonder if bee went short if Graham saw Little Squirt
09:14:14 <Maureen> he said LS was steamy, he is not sure if it erupted
09:14:31 <Maureen> and I have no idea about that, LS after Bee usually?
09:14:49 <Maureen> people at BH
09:15:20 <Betty> Bee splashed during the last OF
09:17:22 <ynpvisitor53> dave is 0-2 for the year.
09:20:55 <ynpvisitor...> Lion
09:20:57 <kcmule> lion
09:21:05 <Betty> whoo
09:27:09 <Michael> Was down in the laundry room, of course.
09:48:56 <Betty> LS again?
09:55:23 <Will B> LS erupts for the better part of a day Betty
09:56:23 <Betty> what does that mean?
09:56:54 <Will B> it erupts for a very long time
09:57:20 <Betty> ah, ok. Thanks
09:58:04 <Will B> OF 1658
09:59:55 <kcmule> short
10:00:25 <Kevin L> Well that was exciting. Shower valve broke and flooded bathroom and a bedroom. :p
10:00:39 <Betty> bah
10:04:01 <Kevin L> We were able to get the part to fix the leak, but will need to tear out at least one wall a bit later on.
10:17:55 <ynpvisitor23> good thing company is gone
10:18:55 <Kitt> so am I reading correctly that little squirt has erupted today
10:19:37 <Kitt> if so, there is a good chance that bee went early
10:20:04 <Betty> Graham posted it as questionable
10:21:25 <Maureen> so Bee before light Kitt?
10:21:49 <Kitt> could have happened
10:22:05 <Maureen> Drat Kevin, just read about your shower.
10:24:01 <Betty> hi lt
10:31:34 <Kevin L> Just checked the shower. Still dry! I would feel a lot worse if I wasn't about ready to remodel it anyway. Just glad it did it now and not after the remodel!
10:34:57 <ynpvisitor...> Coyote
10:35:21 <Kevin L> A true gazer!
10:35:27 <ynpvisitor...> Good driving
10:38:55 <ynpvisitor...> Lion
10:49:25 <ynpvisitor86> someone on geyser hill has flashlight
10:51:50 <ynpvisitor86> hm maybe they are on the back side of old faithful
10:59:35 <Betty> OF
11:04:35 <Betty> Enjoy moon watching, Night all
11:05:05 <Kevin L> Night (or morning) Betty
12:38:50 <kcmule> OF
14:26:13 <kcmule> BH ?
14:26:49 <lt> looks rather suspicious
14:27:05 <kcmule> not lion, think its beehive
14:27:14 <lt> I'll second you on that
14:28:46 <lt> especially as the wind has finally played nice
14:33:23 <lt> and looks like the coyote's back