Showing logs for date: 2015-02-23
00:26:09 <Dave from B> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
00:26:20 <Dave from B> -13F Wind Chill in Blgs
00:27:51 <Paul L.> Morning
00:31:21 <ynpvisitor93> -27 degrees at OF
00:32:16 <ynpvisitor93> Winter returned with a vengence.
00:34:28 <Dave from B> Morning Paul L. and 93
00:48:38 <ynpvisitor13> Well the cold returned. Still no new accumulated snow at OF
01:05:04 <ynpvisitor93> OF ie. Almost done?
01:49:49 <Jimbo> Lots of water from Sprinkler
01:59:04 <ynpvisitor23> dAISY BEHING THE FOG?
01:59:56 <ynpvisitor23> Way too early for me to be near a keyboard
02:00:41 <Dave from B> I thought you were impersonating someone.
02:02:09 <ynpvisitor23> Good morning Dave :)
02:02:18 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Jenna, kc, Jimbo
02:03:30 <Kevin L> It's morning?
02:04:03 <Dave from B> Another word you don't remember?:)
02:04:28 <Kevin L> Just not sure this isn't a bad dream.
02:04:31 <Jenna> morning Dave
02:07:19 <kc (working)> mornin
02:11:41 <Kent> Weather going downhill for the Geyser Bus, colder, not enough snow to help much and wind making the forecast unpleasant.
02:12:30 <Kevin L> Yuck.
02:19:09 <Kent> -16° an hour ago. No wonder the trees and grass are frosted.
02:20:12 <Kent> Mammoth and the pool at Chico are great in this sort of weather.
02:21:41 <Kent> Something Big?
02:22:07 <Jenna> wow
02:22:12 <Kevin L> The cloud is big.
02:22:30 <Kevin L> Probably Grand.
02:22:47 <Kent> We can hope for an E time on Grand.
02:24:52 <Betty> a good and cold morning to all
02:25:01 <Kevin L> Hi
02:26:24 <Jimbo> Just had to check in to comment on that BIG steam cloud from Grand. Baby it's cold outside!
02:26:27 <Kevin L> Even cold down here. 41 degrees now.
02:26:50 <Kent> Are you getting rain?
02:28:06 <Kevin L> We had rain all day yesterday and it is off and on now.
02:28:10 <Jenna> I think the word you were looking for was chilly Kevin
02:28:14 <Kent> 0927 on OF
02:28:17 <Betty> look how water freezes immidiately from OF
02:28:40 <Kevin L> 41 is cold here Jenna!
02:29:22 <Jenna> true, we don't have a wind chill today. which is awesome.
02:29:52 <Betty> the trees look wonderful
02:31:30 <Kevin L> I was looking at one of the stops we make on the Rainbow Canyon trips. It was 29 degrees with wind N 39 G 52. Glasd I am not there today!
02:36:07 <kc (working)> OF ie
02:36:58 <Betty> you are on a lag, kc. OF was 0927
02:37:53 <kc (working)> guess i am
02:38:32 <kc (working)> was still ie on static, weird
02:38:54 <Betty> maybe static did not refresh
02:39:40 <ynpvisitor31> That is a big lag
02:40:20 <Kevin L> Behind the times today kc?
02:42:16 <kc (working)> will see if i can get caught back up by next OF
02:59:52 <Dave from B> ..
03:17:45 <Betty> coyote
03:17:58 <Betty> fast today
03:18:11 <Kevin L> missed it.
03:21:17 <Betty> there it is
03:21:31 <Betty> slowed down
03:32:58 <ynpvisitor100> Dave from B, did you look at Grand E times? Under 6 hr yesterday
03:34:54 <Dave from B> That's good...I don't want to see 8 or 9 hour ints
03:35:39 <Kevin L> Probably will have a 12h saturday.
03:41:02 <Dave from B> As long as its not on Sunday
03:42:35 <Jake> strange place for Grotto steam downbasin...
03:46:34 <Jake> I wonder what that is, F&M maybe
03:49:54 <ynpvisitor100> wouldn't there be more steam, if it was F & M?
03:50:42 <Jake> I would think so early in the eruption, but maybe this isn't early
03:51:09 <ynpvisitor100> capture might tell?
03:51:16 <Jake> other candidates are Artemisia and drifiting Grotto steam but there seems to be a small steam plume already in the usual Grotto spot
03:52:24 <Jake> it is right at the F&M notch in the skyline:
03:53:18 <ynpvisitor100> maybe an event cycle? link? just does not seem like a very big plume
03:55:10 <Jake> steam is gone now
03:56:05 <Jake> I call for a capture review under Marler's Rules of Order Section 3.1.(c)
04:01:50 <kc (working)> OF unless im in a time warp again
04:01:51 <Kevin L> OF
04:02:15 <Jake> casting a big shadow over Geyser Hill!
04:14:31 <Betty> Oblong?
04:14:58 <Kevin L> Could be.
04:15:15 <Dave from B> Belated greetings, Betty, Jake
04:15:48 <Kevin L> I would think there would be more steam though.
04:16:12 <Betty> for what, Dave?
04:16:49 <Dave from B> As in.....Hello:)
04:17:49 <Betty> haha, ok, Hello Dave from B :-D
04:19:44 <Betty> you didn´t do that earlier? Shame on you ( lol )
04:24:35 <Dave from B> :D
04:28:30 <Betty> I´m really happy that my streaming is not choppy today. Seems the firewall made an update. Now everything is fine :-)
04:29:28 <Betty> Depression?
04:30:31 <Kevin L> Looks like it could be
04:30:43 <Betty> water in runoff
04:32:32 <Betty> hmmm. I saw no water
04:33:28 <Kevin L> I think you were right about the water in the channel. There are a lot of BH eruptions that you don't see water on the cam.
04:34:44 <Dave from B> But, you can have a little water in a Depression overflow with no eruption
04:36:20 <Betty> yes, maybe it has not erupted yet, only overflowing
04:43:30 <Betty> LC ie
04:44:51 <Kitt> morning all
04:45:05 <Betty> Hi Kitt
04:45:11 <Kitt> looks frosty in basin , just like Worland
04:45:11 <Kevin L> Hi Kitt.
04:45:17 <ynpvisitor27> meep
04:45:29 <Kitt> it was wonderful in Billings this weekend
04:45:46 <Kevin L> My daughter in Cedar City had 18" of snow this morning.
04:46:04 <Kitt> we heard about the 3 inches of sideways snow in worland, but only saw remnants
04:46:58 <Kitt> we walked around Billings in shirtsleeves Friday and Saturday then got chilly in the afternoon on Sat.
04:47:18 <Dave from B> Hi, wasn't nice in Blgs yesterday...cold
04:47:23 <Kitt> roads were great both ways
04:47:51 <Kitt> It was a bit chilly yesterday, but Worland was much colder
04:49:43 <Kitt> coyote scoping out old faithful
04:50:10 <Kevin L> I must be blind today.
04:50:11 <Kitt> hm, had to strike a pose
04:50:56 <Kitt> he blends nicely with the grass
04:51:32 <Betty> looks different to the other one earlier
04:52:11 <Kitt> obviously the bison have been here
04:53:15 <Kevin L> Don't want to miss Daisy.
04:53:41 <Kitt> thar she blows
04:53:51 <Betty> there you go
04:53:59 <Betty> Daisy
04:54:13 <Kitt> enjoy, time for lunch
04:54:21 <Kevin L> Good timing!
05:17:27 <Kevin L> Nice BH splash
05:36:31 <kc (working)> OF ie? gonna second guess myself all day now
05:36:55 <Kevin L> Yep 1235
05:47:51 <Betty> LC
06:12:02 <Kevin L> Lion keeps teasing.
06:15:50 <Betty> that´s like my last day on GH. Almost nothing happened.
06:16:35 <Kevin L> It does that sometimes.
06:17:00 <Kevin L> You can always count on Doublet thumps though.
06:17:42 <Betty> that was what we did. Sitting at Doublet Pool :-)
06:19:16 <Kevin L> My wife & kids don't appreciate that but I always enjoy it. Sort of like fishing, but you don't put bait on the hook. You appear to be doing something productive but you get a nice rest!
06:19:43 <Betty> I´m off for a few minutes to take a shower. Maybe that does help
06:20:07 <Kevin L> I will let you know how good that no Indy BH was.
06:20:34 <Betty> HA HA HA!
06:20:40 <Kevin L> I know a guy who missed Steamboat doing that!
06:21:59 <Betty> and I know someone who missed F&M for a burger... :-p
06:22:21 <Kevin L> And Giant for a milkshake.
06:23:04 <ynpvisitor25> what is temp at OF now?
06:23:26 <Kevin L> A balmy 28
06:24:38 <ynpvisitor25> wow, that is balmy
06:26:55 <Dave from B> I was late to a Giant start because of a shower
06:35:04 <Kevin L> Wish the wid direction would change
06:35:04 <Betty> nasty showers
06:42:17 <Betty> streaming starts to become choppy again :-(
06:42:56 <ynpvisitor25> are you somewhere with nasty showers Betty?
06:43:48 <Betty> haha, no. For I´m at home that would be horrible to have nasty showers :-p
06:44:09 <ynpvisitor25> was wondering...
06:44:25 <ynpvisitor25> so you are back, so indy can show up now, right?
06:44:32 <Betty> yep
06:44:55 <Kevin L> Bus duty isn't until 1430 today.
06:45:09 <Betty> I start to push some buttons...
06:46:31 <Betty> no... these were the BH splashing buttons...
06:46:52 <ynpvisitor25> Dave does not want it to move to the early hours, so maybe it should hold off a bit more
06:47:34 <Betty> I think we´ll get it in the next hour
06:47:37 <Kevin L> If you see it, let me know.
06:48:30 <Dave from B> Not counting on BH for Sunday
06:49:09 <Betty> though that would be nice for you
06:50:46 <Betty> and for Becca
06:52:29 <Dave from B> It would be...Grand and Aurum will be at the top of the list. BH or Lion will be nice extras
06:54:34 <Betty> I never made it to a close Aurum yet. Only 2 from BW at Lion and Plume
06:55:16 <Betty> Hi Jenna, how are you?
06:56:22 <Jenna> hi Betty, I'm good. Busier than I expected today! not much time to watch unfortunately.
06:56:59 <Kevin L> Not much to watch though.
06:57:22 <Betty> yep, you did not miss a lot
06:57:54 <Jenna> that makes me feel better
06:59:27 <Kevin L> Nice BH splash there.
06:59:27 <ynpvisitor25> 2 eagle eggs at Decorah
06:59:48 <Kevin L> They are doing better than my chickens.
07:01:08 <Betty> doggies to the right
07:03:06 <Betty> LC
07:05:52 <lt> OF
07:06:15 <Betty> kick start
07:06:18 <Kevin L> Oh no!
07:06:28 <Betty> bah
07:06:32 <lt> it comes for us
07:07:05 <lt> hmm. I wonder if we got all the buffalo to jump up and down at the same time, if that could trigger Giantess.
07:09:21 <ynpvisitor25> nice, we escaped that
07:09:47 <Betty> yes, could have been worse
07:10:59 <Betty> oh no! they drink Anemone empty!
07:15:48 <ynpvisitor25> ha ha Betty
07:17:01 <Betty> Micah will make burgers from you!
07:18:10 <ynpvisitor25> It would take a lot bigger Anenome to put down a bison
07:19:21 <Dave from B> Has a thermal feature ever been damaged by an animal?
07:19:44 <kc (working)> wow didnt realize someone was standing there
07:19:59 <Jenna> besides damage from one falling in and dying?
07:20:22 <Dave from B> damage to the thermal feature...not the animal
07:20:39 <Kevin L> An elk fell in Spa Geyser when I was there once. Smelled like soup cooking.
07:20:40 <Jake> one on the BW, about to leave a steamer in Micah's favorite sitting spot
07:20:56 <Jenna> good question dave
07:20:57 <Betty> haha, Jake
07:25:03 <Dave from B> too cold to go for a swim, buddy!
07:26:28 <Kevin L> They are hiding from me.
07:27:42 <ynpvisitor25> yes, you specifically Kevin
07:28:14 <Kevin L> Bet they didn't get a hot foot in the river today!
07:28:52 <Kevin L> Wouldn't take much to hide from me today!
07:29:38 <Jake> they're heading for greener pastures
07:31:36 <Betty> entering Daisy window
07:33:41 <Betty> Bus duty?
07:39:51 <Kevin L> Bus duty at 1530 today.
07:40:21 <Betty> oh, I thought you said 1430
07:40:31 <Betty> Daisy
07:40:38 <Kevin L> I may have. It is 1430 my time
07:41:01 <Betty> 1440
07:41:17 <Jake> c'mon Kevin, all times here must be reported in Mountain Time, rookie mistake
07:41:43 <Kevin L> I am lucky just to be awake today!
07:42:36 <Jake> one of those no-water-visible Daisy's
07:43:05 <Betty> thanks Jake. Kevin, what would you say when I posted: "Daisy, 2240"???
07:43:56 <Betty> LC again
07:44:09 <Kevin L> That would be interesting Betty
07:44:42 <Betty> that would mess up everything
07:46:41 <Betty> doggies and no end...
07:47:25 <Betty> that´s a big herd this year
07:47:47 <Kevin L> Lots of bear chow.
07:50:52 <Kevin L> He thought he saw Indy
07:53:29 <Betty> too bad I´ll miss it today, but it´s time to leave. Have a great evening all.
07:53:58 <Kevin L> Night Betty.
07:54:02 <Jake> bye Betty, thanks for your sacrifice
07:54:10 <Jake> BHI will be along shortly
07:54:13 <Dave from B> nite Betty
08:20:05 <Kevin L> Oh well, bus duty. Enjoy BH.
08:40:55 <ynpvisitor36> OF 1540ns
08:44:26 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
08:44:28 <Graham> hello
08:44:34 <Graham> did i miss anything?
08:44:54 <Graham> wow both Grand and BH due on my shift?
08:46:12 <Kevin L> Back
08:46:25 <Graham> wb
08:51:38 <Graham> guess its time to work
08:52:08 <Kevin L> Hope you have better luck with BH than I did. Not even an stinking Aurum!
08:53:57 <Graham> well stick around and watch, maybe we can both enjoy all the geysers
08:54:31 <Kevin L> Would you believe there is snow on the mountains by my house?
08:55:25 <Graham> yers, theres snow everywhere other than Yellowstone
08:57:25 <Dave from B> Goodnite everyone. Time to head home.
08:57:39 <Graham> bye Dave
08:57:42 <Graham> time for bee :)
08:57:50 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
08:59:49 <Kitt> wow, Kevin saved a bee for me or will it just wait until after dark?
09:00:27 <ynpvisitor25> BH will do what it wants. Maybe it went this morning, though there have been some nice splashes
09:00:55 <Kitt> finally warmed up to the upper 20's here
09:01:22 <Graham> its my shift, so what do you think Kitt?
09:01:58 <Will B> Aurum
09:02:01 <Will B> 1601
09:02:07 <Kevin L> It hasn't gone during the daylight since there were camops watching it at all times. With the size of the splashes, I wouldn't think it erupted last night. I think it is throwing a long.
09:02:08 <ynpvisitor25> yippee
09:02:41 <Kitt> that is what I typed, but it came out zjfjm
09:03:04 <Kitt> bye Aurum
09:03:06 <Graham> glad Kevin got his Aurum
09:03:13 <ynpvisitor25> that was nice
09:03:19 <Kevin L> That was cool. It just had to wait for my shift to end!
09:03:24 <Kitt> did you see it Kevin?
09:03:32 <ynpvisitor25> could you see early this morning, no fog?
09:03:32 <Kevin L> I got it.
09:03:46 <Kitt> yeah
09:03:55 <Graham> looks like it was chilly in the park this morning
09:04:04 <Kevin L> Only because it is too cold to go outside!
09:04:19 <ynpvisitor25> if BH went at 1407 yesterday, I am guessing it did not go in the night
09:04:24 <Kitt> what is the temp in vegas?
09:04:49 <Kevin L> 46 degrees.
09:05:05 <Kitt> could have or just wants to have a longer interval #25
09:05:22 <Kitt> oh that sounds wonderful or is it windy?
09:05:37 <Graham> we all want temps like that Kevin
09:05:40 <lt> I'm impressed that I'm warmer than you, Kevin
09:05:49 <lt> except impressed actually is depressed.
09:06:08 <ynpvisitor25> coyote
09:06:18 <Kitt> I see the coyote is still hanging around
09:06:22 <Kevin L> A bit breezy. NE wind @ 9. My daughter got 18" of snow in Cedar City over the last 24 hours.
09:06:27 <ynpvisitor25> off to left now
09:06:53 <Kitt> well I hope she wants it because she can keep the snow
09:07:36 <Kevin L> Don't think her Hubby wanted it. He shoveled it last night and had another foot to shovel this morning. :p
09:09:10 <Kitt> that person looked like they were hurrying to get somewhere, maybe Grand
09:09:57 <Graham> we can get there quicker
09:10:23 <Kitt> yes, but they can see all of it
09:11:05 <Kitt> Grand
09:11:11 <Kitt> there she blows
09:11:25 <Kitt> nice start
09:12:06 <Kevin L> All day I get nothing. Graham is on 10m and gets Grand & Aurum.
09:12:32 <Graham> the geusers missed me over the weekend
09:12:36 <Kitt> I was staring hard at the non splashing bee, when that spike shot outward from Grand
09:12:40 <Kitt> it startled me
09:12:44 <Graham> and geysers too
09:13:20 <Graham> now you have me thinking of a Grand burst coming out of bee's cone :)
09:14:17 <Kitt> no I would just love to see another spike a little to the right
09:19:27 <Kitt> lot of people watching Grand from Sawmill area
09:19:40 <Kitt> wonder if it is blowing over the boardwalk?
09:20:57 <Kitt> do a a2nd please
09:21:07 <Graham> go go go
09:21:25 <Graham> booooo
09:21:45 <Kitt> think happy thoughts
09:22:20 <Kevin L> Maybe a 2 burst BH?
09:23:00 <Graham> did we miss it?
09:23:45 <Kitt> no
09:24:44 <Kitt> could have missed Grand, remember we were watching a coyote moments before
09:25:20 <Kitt> so Yellowstone didn't get any snow this weekend?
09:27:25 <Kitt> or just not in the lower elevations
09:43:47 <Kitt> hope indy starts soon, will try to listen for text
09:43:50 <Kitt> bye
09:45:48 <Maureen> still no snow Graham. One inch over the weekend. Very cold this morning.
09:51:34 <Maureen> and I missed Grand getting out of work, drat. I hope it was nice.
09:52:18 <Graham> it was steamy
10:14:01 <ynpvisitor73> oblong?
10:18:23 <Graham> think it was
10:18:28 <Graham> OF
10:25:25 <Maureen> Hey Will, did GOSA post the time lapse of the ICE on the dome day? Will you send me a link?
10:26:01 <Maureen> Jake, did you see a time lapse from today at all, about F & M?
10:27:37 <Will B> Maureen I dont know. look for it on the GOSA channel
10:27:42 <Jenna> Daisy
10:27:43 <Graham> Daisy
10:27:53 <Will B> my understanding is that it post automatically
10:29:24 <Maureen> thanks Will
10:29:27 <Maureen> I will do that
10:32:27 <Will B>
10:34:58 <ynpvisitor73> that time lapse would make an awesome screen saver
10:36:16 <Maureen> It was a wild day. I just watched the part with Grand with the North wind before we were ice encrusted. Thanks Will.
10:37:34 <Maureen> Nice photo on the you tube page.
10:39:00 <Jake> Lion thinking about it...
10:39:26 <Graham> it does that
10:39:26 <Jake> Maureen, today's timelapse isn't up yet but I'll check it when it is
10:47:30 <Maureen> I was so hoping BH would show before dark
10:59:28 <Maureen> mellow sunset, I wish some clouds would stay the night
11:20:03 <ynpvisitor73> maybe artemesia
11:20:23 <Graham> i have no clue
11:20:55 <Kevin L> Well 2 weeks from now we will have an extra hour of light.
11:21:50 <kcmule> moon by this w/e too
11:25:21 <Maureen> this is pretty nice right now
11:25:30 <Maureen> lt are you about?
11:25:35 <lt> yep
11:25:41 <lt> at least for the moment
11:25:46 <Maureen> I know you like the nice sunsets too
11:25:49 <lt> I do
11:42:14 <Graham> good luck with night viewing
11:42:17 <Graham> goodnight
11:42:44 <Maureen> night G
11:59:54 <Will B> OF 1859ns