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08:00:10 <ynpvisitor26> OF ie
09:01:31 <Will B> well thats always fun having to call the com center at 1 am
09:09:29 <Will B> well that was fun
09:14:15 <ynpvisitor62> book 'em
13:46:25 <Betty> Oblong?
13:47:09 <Betty> looks like
13:48:15 <Betty> morning, cam op
13:51:22 <Betty> are these the bubblers steaming left of BH?. Never seen them.
14:02:09 <Betty> LC ie
14:10:51 <Betty> Daisy
14:16:55 <Graham> morning
14:17:11 <Betty> Morning Graham
14:17:39 <Graham> those were the bubblers
14:17:48 <Graham> at least some of them
14:17:52 <Betty> nice
14:18:13 <Betty> I never noticed them before
14:19:43 <Betty> I need to write down a list of things I need to check when I´m in the park again. I learned so much the last year :-)
14:21:46 <Graham> bubblers are not always active. i have tried making lists but they never work out :)
14:22:01 <Betty> haha
14:23:41 <Graham> but Ledge would be on the list if its still active of course
14:24:12 <Betty> yes! that would be a great one to see
14:24:47 <Betty> wind direction is different on the hill and at OF
14:27:10 <Betty> Dome ie? via static? or just steamimg?
14:29:32 <Betty> Wow, nice start
14:35:50 <Betty> I have to run some errands enjoy the morning. bbl
15:50:30 <ynpvisitor51> ..
15:54:23 <ynpvisitor18> I like this number!
16:10:59 <Kevin L> Interesting piece on the Nepal EQ and effect in space in spaceweather today:
16:28:45 <ynpvisitor67> Overnight Grand posted on GT -- 0414
16:47:50 <Kevin L> Splash splash
16:49:29 <Jenna> did you see the excitement on the boardwalk last night Kevin?
16:49:54 <Kevin L> No, I was a bit busy.
16:50:10 <Jenna> well it was technically this morning, just after midnight
16:50:24 <Jenna> oh that's right, the wedding!
16:51:22 <Kevin L> I read Will's comment. Amazing how dumb people can be.
16:52:26 <Jenna> how'd everything go?
16:52:29 <ynpvisitor65> indi
16:52:40 <Jenna> yup
16:52:44 <Kevin L> Nice!
16:52:51 <Jenna> .
16:52:51 <Kevin L> On both accounts.
16:52:51 <Jenna> .
16:52:58 <Jenna> good!
16:55:10 <ynpvisitor77> Text arrived here
16:55:21 <Kevin L> Have to set up for the reception in about an hour or so then that will be this evening.
16:56:32 <Jenna> then you can relax?
16:57:07 <Kevin L> Until I have to drive to Denver for that reception.
16:58:34 <Jenna> BH
17:00:38 <Jenna> beautiful pictures Kevin, looked like a nice day
17:01:30 <Graham> nice
17:01:45 <Kevin L> It was a bit warm (95 degrees) but not too bad.
17:02:38 <Jenna> that is a little warm
17:04:50 <Kevin L> About 15 degrees above normal. Already 75 on the local weather station here today. Supposed to cool off Monday. Oh well.
17:05:10 <Kent> Now for Daisy then Aurum :)
17:05:19 <Kevin L> Dausy
17:05:45 <Kevin L> Dave isn't here so I am picking up the slack for him.
17:06:21 <Kent> Was that Daisy finishing up?
17:06:33 <Kevin L> I think it was.
17:06:36 <Kent> ty
17:12:54 <Graham> no BH or BI on GT?
17:13:19 <ynpvisitor...> I just put them in from WC times
17:13:45 <ynpvisitor...> So predictions can update
17:14:17 <Graham> ty
17:35:00 <Jenna> OF 0935
17:35:26 <Jenna> Lion 0935
18:37:02 <Kevin L> Grand.
18:37:03 <Kevin L> .
18:37:04 <Kevin L> .
18:37:48 <Kevin L> Nice spikes
18:37:52 <Michael> Good. Didn't make me wait for too long.
18:48:07 <Michael> Although I would gladly accept a lot of waiting if it led to a higher burst average...
18:50:27 <Jenna> Lion
18:50:40 <Michael> Lion 10:50ie
19:00:15 <Michael> Old Faithful 11:00ie
19:23:06 <Rock the RED> not looking too good tho
19:45:54 <Kevin L> Looks like NY is rocking the red.
19:49:02 <Rock the RED> boooo
19:51:12 <Rock the RED> Daisy
19:57:21 <Betty> Lion
19:57:56 <Rock the RED> lc
19:58:01 <Betty> and LC
20:03:18 <Rock the RED> only down 1, looks good
20:31:00 <Rock the RED> OF
20:35:53 <Betty> LC
20:37:31 <Rock the RED> Sawmill
21:29:37 <Graham> at least we have home ice advantage
21:51:27 <Betty> LC
21:56:42 <Graham> of
22:12:19 <Betty> Aurum
22:12:20 <Betty> .
22:12:21 <Betty> .
22:12:21 <Betty> .
22:12:21 <Betty> .
22:12:23 <Betty> .
22:12:43 <Will B> AURUM
22:12:46 <Will B> !!
22:12:46 <Will B> !
22:12:47 <Will B> !
22:14:01 <Graham> glad you enjoyed it
22:23:17 <Betty> Daisy
23:07:37 <Betty> LC
23:21:37 <Will B> wow big crowd already
23:22:11 <Will B> also I think Dave cut out the car from last night from the streaming capture... :(
23:25:54 <Graham> censorship ... haha
23:26:41 <ynpvisitor22> Apparently I missed something. Did someone try to drive to the cone?
23:27:56 <Graham> just to the edge of the BW
23:28:12 <Graham> at night, like a few years ago
23:29:02 <ynpvisitor22> Wow, creating a whole new term, cone drivers instead of corn walkers.
23:30:07 <ynpvisitor22> Does anyone know why?
23:32:01 <Graham> probably to get a good moonlit view
23:32:38 <ynpvisitor22> Well if you can't use a drone . . .
23:34:21 <Mario> OF wohoo!
23:34:25 <Graham> of
23:34:51 <Graham> maybe it was an unmanned vehicle
23:35:08 <ynpvisitor22> Laughing
23:41:21 <Betty> Uncertain steaming
23:44:09 <Will B> riverside should be soon
23:50:05 <Kevin L> Ugh. 91 degrees. Wind 20 with gusts to 26. Not sure who decided to have an outside reception.
23:50:27 <Graham> there it is
23:50:40 <Betty> Riverside ie
23:50:45 <Betty> hi Kevin
23:51:29 <Kevin L> Hi. Just stopping by for a few minutes between set up and the event.
23:51:47 <Kevin L> Did you get the pictures?
23:51:54 <Betty> I thought you needed a cool-down
23:52:15 <Graham> is this wedding weekend?
23:53:40 <Betty> yes, I got them
23:55:04 <Graham> Tuirban?
23:57:17 <Graham> Castle is late, may minor?
23:57:36 <Betty> nice pictures, Kevin.
23:57:39 <Kevin L> Wedding was yesterday. Reception in abou 3 hours.
23:57:59 <Betty> where is the church?
23:58:13 <Kevin L> That is in Las Vegas.
23:58:13 <Betty> in Rexburg?
23:58:21 <Betty> oh, I see
23:58:43 <Kevin L> Far east side of the Valley.
00:01:03 <Graham> have fun tonight at the reception
00:13:17 <Kevin L> I am excited.
00:20:02 <Betty> Castle
00:20:04 <kcmule> castle
00:38:00 <ynpvisitor1> 17 hour Castle interval before this one.
00:39:20 <ynpvisitor1> Someone posting Turbans!
00:48:53 <Betty> Daisy
00:49:00 <Betty> early
01:04:47 <Karen> I'm posting Turbans
01:05:16 <Betty> great!
01:05:38 <Betty> LC ie
01:06:11 <Karen> pool is looking ok
01:07:21 <Betty> OF
01:07:34 <Graham> thanks Karen
01:09:25 <Karen> you're welcome. when I was driving along the Firehole earlier, there was a dark blue sedan in the river, rangers on scene
01:09:42 <Karen> turban 1509 pool dropped
01:09:56 <Karen> i mean 1709
01:14:39 <Kevin L> What some people won't do for a river raft tour.
01:18:01 <Graham> I guess I missed the Catle minor, so its interval wasn't long after all. also, I think its more likely to minor if it erupts early rather than late
01:19:45 <Graham> Lion trying
01:19:46 <Betty> Lion looks good
01:19:50 <Graham> and going
01:19:56 <Graham> Lion 1719ini
01:19:58 <Betty> cool
01:21:33 <Karen> about 20 people here at Grand. Butch was here for a couple turbans, but is only allowed one hr of rove time.Bronco was here for a while,but left
01:22:45 <Graham> nice
01:22:58 <Karen> and there is a marmot perched on one of the higher rocks
01:23:15 <Graham> nice
01:23:21 <Betty> hey, I know this one!
01:26:45 <Karen> pool looking ok so far. starting to sprinkle
01:27:54 <Karen> maybe waves? steamy
01:28:01 <Karen> waves!
01:28:03 <Betty> nice sawmill spikes
01:28:07 <Betty> yay
01:28:10 <Karen> 1728 g start
01:28:20 <Betty> whoohoo
01:28:31 <Betty> wow
01:28:43 <Betty> a tall start
01:28:43 <ynpvisitor21> big bursts
01:36:53 <ynpvisitor48> yay, Karen is at Grand!
01:39:54 <ynpvisitor48> lots of Grand starts lately
01:40:44 <Karen> stopped at 1739, one really long burst, and Q now.
01:41:14 <Graham> glad you saw it. Lion started up, so should get another
01:46:00 <Betty> LC ie
01:50:25 <Kevin L> Pretty Lion.
01:50:35 <Kevin L> Did Caps win Graham?
01:51:07 <Graham> grrrrrrr
01:51:22 <Kevin L> Oh well.
01:51:35 <Graham> at least they have home ice advantage
01:51:52 <Graham> took 1 of 2 in NY
01:52:09 <Kevin L> Not all bad then.
01:54:52 <Graham> nope, win at home and we are through
01:58:04 <Kevin L> Well enjoy Giantess. See you Monday.
01:58:33 <Betty> have fun, Kevin
01:59:02 <Graham> thanks Kein
01:59:09 <Graham> party on
02:16:02 <Betty> Oblong
02:27:00 <Betty> LC and SC
02:37:29 <Betty> Lion
02:53:41 <Graham> of
02:53:42 <Betty> OF
02:55:08 <Betty> a short
03:05:57 <Betty> Daisy
03:06:32 <Betty> really short intervals today
03:08:27 <Graham> shortest interval on GT
03:08:44 <Betty> wow
03:10:39 <ynpvisitor12> Nice Sawmill
03:12:21 <Betty> Sprinkler ie
03:28:37 <Betty> tomorrow is another day for gazing. Night all
03:29:00 <Graham> bye
04:11:23 <Graham> i am done for the night, see ya
05:57:05 <kcmule> OF ie