Showing logs for date: 2015-05-04
13:26:55 <Dave from B> Foggy this morning
14:41:11 <Betty> Wow, nice colors
14:42:05 <Betty> Dave, you were on early
14:46:23 <Dave from B> Had to pickup freight at the airport at 0415
14:46:29 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
14:46:52 <Dave from B> Working the 14 hour shift today
14:47:16 <Dave from B> 2 staff members on vacation today
14:47:53 <Betty> Ugh, so you need lots of coffee
14:51:01 <Betty> Daisy
14:55:42 <Betty> Time to head home. Bbl
14:57:01 <Dave from B> Wish I was heading home!:)
15:00:04 <ynpvisitor19> No Grand time...maybe it went while cam was down
15:01:32 <ynpvisitor19> Though there is 311 time posted and also one in 4 am hour
15:02:03 <ynpvisitor19> So maybe just not able to ID it
15:06:39 <ynpvisitor32> Lion ie at 0706
15:10:18 <Dave from B> Thanks 32
15:39:18 <ynpvisitor82> .
15:55:23 <Dave from B> Morning Graham
15:55:31 <Dave from B> No work today?
15:56:04 <Graham> working from home
16:11:36 <ynpvisitor35> ooh it's pretty this morning.
16:32:53 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin. So, how did everything go?
16:34:34 <Kevin L> Not bad.
16:34:42 <Kevin L> I am sure tired though.
16:50:13 <Dave from B> Castle?
16:51:02 <Dave from B> OF 0850ie
17:11:44 <Dave from B> Mornin kc
17:17:50 <kc (working)> mornin
17:46:05 <ynpvisitor82> .
17:56:03 <kc (working)> aurum
17:56:31 <Kevin L> cool
17:57:11 <Kevin L> It would have to go 5m before my shift.
18:00:22 <Mario> So Kevin you had a wedding in the family last weekend?
18:00:56 <Kevin L> I did. Daughter got married.
18:03:38 <Kevin L> Looks like we are in a Grand window.
18:22:32 <Kevin L> Morning Jenna
18:25:43 <Jenna> hi Kevin
18:27:30 <Graham> pretty eruption
18:27:32 <Mario> Congratulations on that Kevin, that's great
18:28:32 <Kevin L> Now if Grand can take a hint....
18:29:05 <Graham> Ledge this morning
18:29:08 <Kevin L> Something at Grand now.
18:29:16 <Kevin L> Turban?
18:33:35 <Betty> Morning all
18:33:46 <Kevin L> Hi Betty
18:35:57 <Betty> hey Kevin. Still food left?
18:36:47 <Kevin L> Yep. I think I know what I will be eating for about a week.
18:37:26 <Betty> you need to put a big plate next to the computer :-)
18:37:54 <Betty> and start losing extra weight next week :-D
18:38:11 <Kevin L> That may work. Sure is quiet here now.
18:44:57 <ynpvisitor12> Grand prediction is 1050
18:45:47 <Kevin L> ty 12, that is great to know.
18:46:06 <Kevin L> I was hoping for live Turban reports.
18:46:30 <Kevin L> Anenome is ie
18:46:54 <Betty> yes. But which one?
18:47:17 <Kevin L> The one with water in it!
18:47:20 <ynpvisitor12> oops, prediction is WAG
18:48:20 <Betty> WAG???
18:50:17 <ynpvisitor82> wild something guess
18:50:41 <Betty> ah, ok. thanks 82
18:50:44 <Kevin L> Not as precise as a SWAG.
18:51:33 <Betty> (o)(o)
18:52:17 <Betty> ugh, my big eyes are bad
18:52:18 <Kevin L> S is for scientific.
18:54:05 <Kevin L> You did good #12
18:56:08 <Betty> nice
19:02:33 <Kevin L> We just got an 0432 E time for Grand.
19:02:47 <ynpvisitor12> sorry, company came in
19:03:04 <Kevin L> Nice WAG!
19:04:00 <Betty> and now a 2nd!
19:04:09 <ynpvisitor98> Yeah, sometimes the people making WAGs based on pool levels can be not quite so WA :)
19:04:41 <ynpvisitor98> On a delay here, I have a good twenty seconds of heads up from Betty
19:04:56 <Kevin L> Looks like a 1b
19:05:07 <ynpvisitor98> .......or.
19:05:07 <Betty> SC
19:06:38 <Betty> only 1b :-(
19:07:26 <Betty> looks dead
19:07:48 <Betty> hey, teasing works :-)
19:07:55 <Kevin L> That woke it up.
19:11:06 <Betty> anemone
19:17:02 <ynpvisitor12> it was Andrea at the VEC, that made the guess, pretty good one
19:17:30 <Kevin L> Can't get much better
19:18:02 <Betty> yeah, good work
19:24:15 <ynpvisitor85> hey first Tilt's baby time for the year today
19:29:54 <ynpvisitor12> there was a Tiit's Baby post on April 18, 2015,
19:38:33 <Betty> LC
19:57:20 <Mario> good splash in Lion
19:57:38 <ynpvisitor85> OFie
19:57:45 <Kevin L> And OF
19:57:49 <Betty> and a splash in Of
19:59:07 <Kevin L> Where did Dave go?
19:59:37 <Betty> DonĀ“t know
19:59:56 <Kevin L> Just noticed he wasn't even checked in.
20:00:12 <Betty> he was on very early
20:00:30 <Betty> hi Eric
20:00:36 <Eric> Hi Betty
20:00:50 <Eric> and Mario, Kevin
20:01:06 <Kevin L> Hi
20:01:09 <Eric> and lt who is hiding :-)
20:04:50 <Mario> Hi Eric, how's life?
20:11:02 <kc (working)> woah thats not good
20:11:09 <Betty> wow, a biker
20:11:19 <kc (working)> cruising too
20:12:40 <Betty> LC
20:14:09 <kc (working)> incident reported
20:14:25 <ynpvisitor85> where was he?
20:14:38 <kc (working)> by lion
20:14:55 <Kevin L> I was the 2nd report
20:15:21 <kc (working)> over by giantess now
20:15:57 <Betty> and on the way to the bridge
20:16:39 <Kevin L> Hopefully with a side trip to Mammoth.
20:16:57 <ynpvisitor12> a bicyclist?
20:17:03 <Betty> yep
20:17:16 <ynpvisitor12> they will not even ticket him
20:18:00 <Eric> Hey Mario, Life is good :-) Watching lava turn water into steam and seeing it explode out of the ground while working on programming the next generation of video production collaboration!
20:18:50 <Mario> Right? Something about watching hot water and steam explode out of a pile of rocks...
20:19:28 <Eric> Exactly....
20:20:04 <Kevin L> BH probably in about 30m. Bus duty today.
20:20:20 <Eric> Nice, thank you for the sacrifice Kevin.
20:20:49 <Kevin L> BUT you will have the long view unless Graham or DaveM can take it.
20:21:13 <ynpvisitor12> or it will wait until you come back, most likely scenario
20:22:04 <Kevin L> Indy likes to go as I am driving off.
20:22:25 <ynpvisitor12> I will bet against that today
20:22:59 <Betty> so I leave now for 15 min. Then I will be back just in time :-D
20:23:15 <ynpvisitor12> have we even seen a tiny splash?
20:23:31 <Betty> yes some of them
20:24:05 <Betty> just say it looks dead, then it will awake
20:24:27 <Kevin L> She did get her learners permit finally and smashed the fender of the new car against the garage door. Couldn't be the old '91 Safari van, had to be the new one.
20:24:43 <Betty> bah!
20:25:01 <Betty> bbs
20:26:22 <Eric> Has she hit any rocks yet?
20:26:26 <Eric> :-P
20:27:04 <Kevin L> Well I do have to admit that it was the same car someone did hit a rock with last year....
20:27:50 <Eric> That was nice of you to break it in for her.
20:29:08 <Kevin L> BUT I didn't hit anything in my Dad's car a week after I got my permit either
20:42:46 <Eric> It's waiting for you to leave kevin
20:43:02 <Kevin L> It knows
20:45:21 <Betty> back
20:45:33 <Eric> LC
20:48:19 <Kevin L> Bus duty time. Enjoy BH.
20:54:59 <Mario> What's the downbasin steam cloud?
20:55:11 <Betty> Oblong
20:57:46 <Kent> Kevin's gone. Lets do Beehive :)
20:58:03 <Betty> Hi Kent
20:58:11 <Kent> Hey Betty
21:04:02 <Tsun> I finally got to see penta this morning ^^
21:04:32 <Betty> nice :-)
21:05:14 <Tsun> yeah spent 13 hours wandering up and down the basin checking on sawmill complex, would have stayed at ledge but i had nothing to do while waiting for that
21:09:47 <Tsun> so was a nice 24 hours in the park
21:10:01 <Graham> any time for Penta to go on GT?
21:10:21 <Tsun> I'll enter it
21:10:29 <Tsun> I just got home
21:10:57 <Graham> thanks and glad you got to see it. Sawmill has been in control the last few days
21:11:36 <Tsun> sawmill wasn't in control starting at 4:17 am
21:15:03 <Kevin L> No BH?
21:15:29 <Betty> sure, a 3 burst
21:16:10 <Kevin L> With rainbows?
21:16:30 <ynpvisitor85> tripple rainbow
21:16:35 <Betty> on each one
21:17:14 <Betty> and ospreys were circeling around the water column
21:17:47 <Kevin L> And a bald eagle landed on the bench...
21:18:30 <Betty> nope, 2 of them
21:19:13 <canyonkid> getting to sound of tall tales of the west in here
21:19:25 <Betty> how did you know about the bald eagles???
21:20:58 <Kevin L> Gee, it was 27 years ago today that my house got blown up.
21:21:30 <Betty> what happened?
21:21:37 <Betty> LC
21:22:24 <Kevin L> A plant blew up about 2 miles from my house.
21:23:05 <Kevin L> My brother in law and Father in law were under that mess!
21:24:17 <Betty> horrible!
21:25:02 <Tsun> Lol I saw the 311 old faithful in person
21:25:25 <Kevin L> That is fun watching the night eruption on the cam.
21:26:09 <Tsun> I also saw the 432 grand
21:26:22 <Kevin L> Nice
21:32:22 <Tsun> anyways spasmodic at 407 tardy started at 0417 no sawmill. Tardy started at 0644 and spasmodic at 0646 no sawmill
21:54:48 <Betty> LC
22:07:37 <Eric> Kevin...that is pretty amazing explosion.
22:08:26 <Eric> 10.5 million pounds of ammoniam all that is needed.
22:08:29 <Kevin L> It was something else. The really amazing thing is there were well over 100 people under it and only 2 died.
22:08:50 <Eric> Ya, 2 people dieing in that explosion is pretty incredible.
22:08:56 <Kevin L> It also involved a ruptured 14" high pressure gas line.
22:08:57 <Betty> indy
22:08:59 <Betty> .
22:08:59 <Betty> .
22:09:00 <Betty> .
22:09:00 <Betty> .
22:09:01 <Betty> .
22:09:06 <Eric> Woot
22:09:20 <Eric> Eagle Eye Betty :-)
22:09:32 <Kent> Just back. Thanks for holding Beehive for me Betty :)
22:09:36 <Betty> and the people left...
22:09:56 <Graham> time for you to leave Kevin?
22:10:07 <Eric> False indy Graham?
22:10:24 <Graham> would be nice to get some variety
22:10:41 <Betty> do we need a text?
22:10:43 <Eric> I could go for a 20ft tall indy :-) That would be cool variety
22:10:45 <Kevin L> It is Graham.
22:11:15 <Kevin L> Hoping for a short indy.
22:11:22 <ynpvisitor47> good timing for me
22:11:36 <Eric> It is short kevin...2 or 3 ft tall :-P
22:11:50 <ynpvisitor47> variety is not good when it comes to indy
22:12:02 <Betty> yesterdays indy was only 2 min before BH
22:12:16 <Kevin L> Or a very long indy
22:12:16 <ynpvisitor47> well, actually more, just not seen on cam
22:12:39 <ynpvisitor47> it was 5 minutes yesterday
22:12:56 <Eric> That is still pretty short
22:12:58 <Betty> it was not on for long,
22:13:06 <ynpvisitor47> yes, still short
22:13:23 <ynpvisitor47> someone is posting Turbans and they could be at BH...hmmm
22:13:36 <Eric> Wasn't the indy right leaning a few months ago?
22:13:40 <ynpvisitor74> ..
22:13:47 <Eric> Now it seems more vertical or to the left.
22:13:49 <Kevin L> You got the cam graham?
22:14:00 <ynpvisitor85> :!:
22:14:00 <ynpvisitor85> :!:
22:14:01 <ynpvisitor85> :!:
22:14:01 <ynpvisitor85> :!:
22:14:02 <ynpvisitor47> I wonder if Steve is still there...
22:14:05 <Eric> Hi Will
22:14:06 <Graham> bye Kevin, i can take it
22:14:14 <Kevin L> brb
22:14:19 <Eric> Will and his big red circles.
22:14:19 <Kevin L> :P :P :P
22:14:31 <ynpvisitor47> and indy is old news
22:15:01 <Eric> Lion water...
22:16:39 <Eric> Lion is trying
22:16:59 <Eric> So is BH
22:17:52 <Eric> BH 1417
22:17:57 <ynpvisitor39> Good old GT and timing. Been a long time that I have caught a BH.
22:18:07 <Will B> Great start!
22:19:00 <ynpvisitor47> those people might want to rethink moving closer
22:19:13 <Eric> or run
22:20:47 <Eric> Indy off
22:22:26 <ynpvisitor47> not very tall yet great surges
22:22:39 <ynpvisitor39> I do not see any floppy hats
22:24:18 <Mario> More lion splashing
22:24:43 <Mario> LC
22:26:48 <Kevin L> I know why tigers eat their young.
22:27:18 <Graham> wb
22:27:23 <Betty> :-p
22:27:23 <ynpvisitor51> i'll bite....why?
22:27:25 <Graham> you didnt miss much
22:27:29 <ynpvisitor39> Your Mother finaly told you?
22:33:40 <Kevin L> When I was her age I was in the Army. Maybe I should send one of those cards with her name on to the recuriter. Let them drive her around for a bit.
22:53:10 <Betty> Daisy
22:53:13 <Graham> Daisy 1452
23:02:28 <Betty> OF
23:07:59 <Betty> time to head out. Bye all
23:08:14 <Kevin L> Night
23:56:40 <Eric> sawmill?
23:57:00 <Mario> No Lion yet?
00:00:14 <Kevin L> Nope. I understand there was a BH.
00:00:26 <Kevin L> See you all tomorrow
00:01:31 <Eric> night kevin
00:02:02 <Eric> King Dwarf is on
00:04:08 <Graham> OF
00:07:36 <Graham> VEC had last OF as a short Kevin
00:13:50 <Will B> LC 1613
00:14:08 <Barrett> Hi will I got to see Penta today
00:26:57 <Eric> Lion looks ready to me
00:27:12 <Graham> Sawmill quit
00:27:22 <Eric> Is penta ie?
00:27:33 <Graham> no
00:27:37 <Eric> k
00:30:12 <Barrett> this morning? I saw penta start, there were two spasmodic/tardy eruptions with no play by sawmill at all
00:32:19 <Graham> you often get multiple Tardy eruptions before Penta can get going
00:41:21 <Mario> calling for Lion...
00:43:52 <Mario> Depression?
00:44:28 <Graham> no
01:00:36 <Eric> SC
01:23:11 <Will B> Daisy ie
01:26:18 <Eric> looks like Oblong too
01:26:33 <Graham> Ben is there, yep Oblong
01:27:17 <Eric> Really surprised Lion hasn't popped yet
01:34:57 <Graham> WT
01:39:38 <Graham> OF
01:40:40 <Graham> Turban?
01:47:33 <Eric> Almost at 11 hours for Lion...time to get out a large stick :-)
01:55:11 <Graham> good pool
01:55:35 <Graham> Turban
01:58:50 <Eric> Bool
01:58:54 <Graham> Grand
01:58:54 <Eric> Boom
02:05:27 <Mario> Wow nice Grand eruption
02:08:26 <Eric> Looks like it's going to be a nice long single.
02:08:49 <Eric> or....
02:09:34 <Eric> Graham's ready for that double blast :-)
02:09:55 <Graham> unlikely now tho
02:09:58 <Mario> What did Betty say this morning to get a 2b?
02:10:07 <Eric> Bah?
02:10:34 <Eric> One and done....
02:10:42 <Mario> That was a good 1b though...
02:10:51 <Eric> Yes, the ini was big
02:11:13 <Eric> especially with Graham's expert zooomification
02:11:34 <Graham> and maureen telling me it was a good pool
02:11:45 <Eric> always helpful.
02:12:33 <Eric> Lion looks dry
02:13:15 <Mario> Good job Graham
02:13:27 <Graham> ty
02:13:39 <Graham> Lion still splashy
02:14:27 <Eric> It was really splashy during BH X hours ago...
02:23:32 <kcmule> aurum
02:28:58 <ynpvisitor76> Lion
02:31:45 <Kevin L> Well you can tell I just got back.
02:32:20 <ynpvisitor76> Lion waited for you
02:36:14 <ynpvisitor76> LC for you too Kevin
02:47:43 <ynpvisitor76> Riverside
02:56:06 <ynpvisitor76> SC
03:09:25 <lt> nice depression
03:10:23 <Kevin L> Only a gazer would understand that one!
03:11:00 <Graham> of
03:26:42 <Kevin L> Windy day down here. Mesowest shows wind at 1435 of 754 mph. Glad I was inside!
03:49:11 <Will B> Lion ie
03:49:23 <Will B> and also frozen stream....
03:50:25 <Graham> refresh
03:50:45 <Will B> thats better
03:55:27 <ynpvisitor16> Daisy
03:55:32 <Will B> ^
03:57:24 <ynpvisitor16> Sawmill is having some high bursts.
04:01:20 <Graham> goodnight
04:01:33 <Kevin L> bye
04:01:48 <Kevin L> ty for your help today.
04:09:08 <kcmule> 7.5 mag eq near papua new guinea, blipped the OF seismo a bit
04:09:32 <kcmule> 7.4
04:09:56 <Kevin L> Ouch. 2nd in that area isn't it?
04:11:25 <kcmule> 5.1 yesterday, a foreshock evidently
04:36:54 <kcmule> OF
04:44:52 <Will B> Lion
05:03:10 <kcmule> interesting waves on the seismo
05:07:37 <ynpvisitor1> why are the OF waves like that?
05:08:47 <kcmule> delayed effects from a 7.4 eq in new guinea, perhaps
05:30:58 <Barrett> what datetime format is the temp data in