Showing logs for date: 2015-05-14
14:37:27 <ynpvisitor6> Grand 0636
15:10:58 <ynpvisitor6> daisy 0710
15:24:49 <ynpvisitor4> Looks like BH is working the graveyard shift.
16:39:29 <Dave from B> Morning everyone!
16:39:56 <ynpvisitor84> Out of your cave?
16:41:49 <Jenna> hi Dave
16:43:07 <Dave from B> Still in my cave..just peeking out into Wonderland
17:10:39 <Mario> LC
17:23:41 <Dave from B> Another latenight BH...grrr
17:23:48 <Kevin L> :p
17:26:24 <Dave from B> Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!:)
17:26:49 <Kevin L> I was agreeing with the messenger
17:27:21 <Dave from B> Yes, my feelings exactly
17:54:10 <ynpvisitor6> daisy
18:03:21 <ynpvisitor75> WHat day does the window washer work?
18:03:45 <Kevin L> I think he has the week off
18:08:35 <Dave from B> Send him a care package and he'll be right out!:)
18:47:49 <Jenna> OF
18:51:13 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzz
18:58:09 <ynpvisitor5> Lion?
18:58:25 <ynpvisitor5> Lion 1058
18:58:27 <Kevin L> It appears so
18:58:54 <Eric> Morning Kevin
18:58:58 <Eric> and Jenna
18:59:03 <Kevin L> Morning
18:59:07 <Eric> LC ie
18:59:13 <Kevin L> Nice slow start.
18:59:19 <Eric> King Dwarf ie
19:00:12 <Eric> Lion ini is like a cold locomotive
19:00:18 <Eric> steam one
19:36:06 <Jenna> hi Eric
19:37:10 <Kevin L> Are you awake yet Jenna?
19:38:09 <Jenna> getting better yes
19:38:31 <Jenna> I have another concert on the 22nd so I'll start over again lol
19:39:10 <Kevin L> I am still about half asleep.
19:39:54 <Jenna> your recovery time is probably a little bit longer than mine
19:40:21 <Jenna> I mean that in a very nice way haha
19:40:46 <Kevin L> I am just glad it is done.
19:41:48 <Jenna> I wouldn't mind doing it again haha. I enjoyed it.
19:42:45 <Kevin L> I would have been OK without the snow. Snow causes cancer.
19:44:11 <Jenna> have you gotten tested yet?
19:44:43 <Kevin L> They say I am OK so far.
19:45:54 <Jenna> good thing you didn't have to stay there long
19:46:49 <Jenna> I know I'm already screwed lol
19:47:22 <Kevin L> It sure felt good to get back out of it.
19:48:02 <Jenna> I bet
19:48:33 <Kevin L> kc said it was gone by Monday night.
19:51:10 <Jenna> that's how CO works
19:56:58 <Betty> hello all
19:57:11 <Kevin L> Hi
20:01:22 <Eric> afternoon Betty
20:01:38 <Betty> hey Eric
20:07:49 <Betty> Kevin, the pattern for the railroad model houses is that near, I could go there with my bicycle :-)
20:08:58 <Kevin L> That is what I was thinking. It looked familiar.
20:11:11 <Kevin L> It is around Aschaffenburg if I remember correctly.
20:11:56 <Betty> a bit south of Aschaffenburg, it´s Miltenberg
20:13:54 <Kevin L> Beautiful place
20:14:37 <Kevin L> Do they have a fountain in front of them?
20:15:43 <Betty> yes
20:16:55 <Kevin L> That is the spot. I should buy them for when I rebuild a German layout.
20:17:00 <Betty> it´s the marketplace, there is ALWAYS a fountain in front ;-)
20:17:26 <Kevin L> I think we had lunch there a few times.
20:17:49 <Betty> the place is called Schnatterloch
20:18:12 <Eric> should have lion soon
20:18:28 <Kevin L> And Daisy
20:18:37 <Eric> and OF :-)
20:18:40 <Betty> and Aurum
20:18:46 <Kevin L> And OF
20:18:47 <Eric> and anemone
20:18:52 <Betty> ANEMONE
20:18:52 <Eric> which is ie
20:19:03 <Betty> :-)
20:19:51 <Eric> Lion
20:20:01 <Eric> 1219
20:20:09 <Eric> much better start
20:20:19 <Eric> rawr
20:20:42 <Kevin L> In OF window
20:20:59 <Eric> ya, I figured Daisy Aurum OF are keeping us back from Lion
20:21:21 <Eric> Biso
20:21:28 <Eric> Coming up on people at OF
20:21:37 <Eric> time to step back people
20:22:28 <Jenna> looks like he did that on purpose
20:22:37 <Eric> OF 1222
20:36:39 <Betty> Daisy
20:43:15 <Kevin L> :p I was hoping it wouldn't do that.
20:45:16 <ynpvisitor20> Turban 1244
20:48:56 <Kevin L> Bus duty brb
21:10:47 <Betty> Aurum
21:10:49 <Betty> .
21:10:49 <Betty> .
21:10:50 <Betty> .
21:11:04 <Betty> bummer, Kevin is on bus duty
21:12:36 <Kevin L> back
21:12:39 <Kevin L> :p
21:12:43 <Betty> :-p
21:13:08 <Kevin L> Where is the lag when I need it?
21:13:14 <Betty> I know it´s evil
21:23:05 <Betty> bah, streaming is down
21:23:23 <Kevin L> Controls too.
21:26:21 <ynpvisitor20> Turban 1325, low pool
21:26:43 <ynpvisitor20> Sun is out though,
21:27:34 <ynpvisitor20> Will is posting Turbans so you can check GT
21:28:42 <Betty> streaming is back
21:29:07 <Betty> and gone
21:33:04 <ynpvisitor82> Lion
21:33:10 <ynpvisitor82> It's back
21:33:34 <Betty> no lion here
21:34:40 <Betty> LC
21:49:22 <Betty> Lion
21:49:23 <Kevin L> Lion again
21:52:06 <JAC> So did Lion go at 13:33 and then again at 13:49. I was on my cell phone at 13:33 and thought I saw it but then i saw it with Betty at 13:49
21:52:24 <Kevin L> I think so.
21:52:44 <Betty> 1333 was a minor
21:57:30 <Betty> OF
22:24:36 <ynpvisitor15> Turban 1423. So many low pools!!
22:32:12 <Kevin L> Great pic Betty. Such a pretty place.
22:32:38 <Betty> I thought you would like it
22:36:06 <Kevin L> I loved that style of house and also the chalets in Bavaria
22:42:01 <ynpvisitor15> Turban 1441
22:43:00 <Kevin L> Looks like no Grand again.
22:46:03 <ynpvisitor15> Terrible pools
22:46:55 <Kevin L> At least the weather doesn't look too bad.
22:57:34 <ynpvisitor15> Turban 1456, pool dropping
22:57:46 <Kevin L> :p
22:58:11 <Kevin L> I appreciate the updates 15
23:04:51 <Kevin L> Lion
23:05:29 <Kevin L> Nice series
23:05:47 <Betty> yay
23:09:28 <Betty> we went to Winter Park, CO a few years ago, and found a German Gasthaus there. They had german food (very good), and in the dining room we found a picture of Miltenberg marketplace. That was really funny
23:10:02 <Kevin L> Sort of like a McDonalds in Germany!
23:10:33 <Betty> not quite the same I think :-)
23:10:54 <Kevin L> Maybe a Popeyes?
23:11:14 <Betty> I don´t know Popeyes
23:12:10 <Betty> Daisy
23:12:21 <Kevin L> Tail end
23:12:27 <Betty> yup
23:13:48 <Kevin L> Popeyes is a southern chicken place. Great spicy chicken, gravy for mashed potatoes is great, and red beans and rice is super. They did have one in Frankfurt at one time.
23:15:34 <Betty> thanks
23:15:45 <Betty> never heard of
23:15:56 <ynpvisitor15> Turban 1514. Grand not happening
23:17:59 <Kevin L> Probably go next Turban during OF window.
23:25:31 <Kevin L> of
23:28:20 <ynpvisitor15> Waves finally
23:28:35 <ynpvisitor15> Still no Grand
23:29:17 <Kevin L> :P
23:29:43 <Kevin L> Yest there is!
23:30:00 <Kevin L> With Davespeak!
23:41:28 <Kevin L> Look like 1b
23:41:58 <Kevin L> I guess there was a 2nd
23:53:39 <Betty> bah, now I missed it
23:53:53 <Kevin L> Bummer
23:58:56 <Betty> time to head out, night all
23:59:04 <Kevin L> bye
00:57:24 <Eric> OF ie
00:57:34 <Eric> Grand?
00:58:20 <Kevin L> No Grand unless it is about an hour interval
00:58:21 <Eric> hmmm, guess not
00:58:45 <Eric> Lots of steam down there
00:59:14 <Kevin L> May be Oblong
00:59:47 <Eric> Ya, don't know what else would cause that much steam there.
00:59:58 <Eric> looks to be in the right spot now for oblong
01:22:37 <Kevin L> Heading out. Cam up for grabs.
01:29:53 <Mario> Daisy
01:45:10 <kc (working)> aurum ie
01:52:46 <ynpvisitor37> Wow, nice short Aurum interval
02:01:18 <kcmule> there was a 3h 17m interval a couple weeks ago
02:03:13 <kcmule> looks like castle and all the rest of the good stuff has gone
02:19:18 <ynpvisitor92> .
02:33:44 <kcmule> OF 18:33
03:45:37 <kcmule> OT ie
03:47:07 <kcmule> and sawmill
04:06:28 <kcmule> daisy
04:06:56 <kcmule> of course during OF window
04:07:44 <kcmule> OF 20:07
04:13:07 <Graham> did i miss anything?
04:14:39 <kcmule> not unless u missed the game, and if u did it might be better that way
04:14:55 <kcmule> no geysers tonight, unless something weird happens
04:16:38 <Graham> yeah i missed it but did end up seeing the post game :(
04:16:51 <Graham> up 3-1 and they lose 3 in a row...grrr
04:26:00 <Graham> good luck with BH, goodnight
04:26:40 <kcmule> barely payin attention but thx
04:34:39 <kcmule> oblong i reckon
05:14:05 <kcmule> bhi 21:13
05:14:08 <kcmule> ding
05:14:09 <kcmule> .
05:14:10 <kcmule> .
05:14:10 <kcmule> .
05:14:14 <kcmule> thx Graham
05:15:25 <Kevin L> What?????
05:16:03 <Kevin L> BHI and I just walked in?
05:16:27 <ynpvisitor59> pays to always pay attention to the alerts
05:16:56 <Kevin L> I even beat the alert!
05:17:13 <Kitt> yeah bhi text
05:21:13 <Kitt> please tell me fluffy isn't due
05:21:41 <Kevin L> Wish we could.
05:21:50 <Kitt> grrr
05:22:13 <kcmule> needed a little more light for focus anyway, losing it by the second
05:22:48 <Kitt> I think it is pretty good considering it is completely dark here in Worland
05:22:50 <Kevin L> Fix it!
05:23:10 <Kitt> I'm 210 miles from Bee
05:23:34 <Kitt> someone is on the boardwalk
05:23:36 <kcmule> manual brightness at maximum captain
05:23:47 <Kitt> oh maybe it is Will
05:23:51 <ynpvisitor59> yeah - light!!!!
05:23:56 <Kitt> shine your light for us Will
05:24:52 <Kitt> Climb Bee, climb!
05:24:54 <kcmule> 21:24
05:24:58 <Kitt> Yes
05:25:07 <Kitt> turn the light on
05:25:10 <Kitt> please
05:25:32 <Kitt> yeah
05:25:44 <ynpvisitor59> What a tease
05:27:00 <Kitt> yeah
05:28:09 <Kitt> Riverside appears to be ie also
05:29:03 <Kitt> that is like a Picasso Beehive
05:29:23 <Kitt> with pixels in blue, green, and purple
05:30:35 <Kitt> I still got to see Bee, so that makes this a good day
05:31:11 <kcmule> bonus OF
05:31:13 <Kevin L> I am happy
05:35:05 <Kitt> night all
05:35:19 <Kevin L> Night
05:35:23 <kcmule> nite
05:54:20 <kcmule> looks like grand
05:54:33 <Kitt> what is erupting down basin
05:55:00 <Kitt> that was what I was wondering
05:55:19 <Kitt> 2154 ie
05:55:36 <kcmule> we saw oblong so pretty sure
06:00:43 <Kitt> Will shone his light on it briefly
06:01:07 <Kitt> ok, now I am calling it a night
06:01:09 <Kitt> bye
06:01:10 <ynpvisitor85> Will is at work