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13:10:29 <ynpvisitor43> hello
14:36:28 <ynpvisitor63> when will the streaming return?
14:37:24 <ynpvisitor63> I presume the delayed downtime is due to the lack of power a few days ago
15:15:57 <Dave from B> Morning everyone!
15:16:18 <Dave from B> There is a big round yellow opject in the Billings sky...not sure what it is!:)
15:16:30 <Dave from B> object*
15:18:07 <Kitt> oh look, blue sky
15:18:11 <Kitt> morning all
15:18:51 <Kitt> maybe we will get blue sky later
15:19:01 <Kitt> right now it is still a gloomy gray
15:19:34 <Kitt> so when does the streaming cam come back on these days
15:19:46 <Kitt> I checked at 0630 and nothing
15:22:34 <Dave from B> Hi, Kitt. not sure about cam outage time
15:23:28 <Kitt> go job, got that person back on the boardwalk
15:25:11 <Kitt> thanks Dave
15:25:37 <Kitt> thought maybe everyone left and only had a room full of computers
15:26:04 <Dave from B> There needs to be a huge push in YNP literature about staying on trails. Problems seem to be increasing in that area.
15:26:09 <Kitt> Hope you enjoy that yellow object in the Billings sky
15:26:32 <Dave from B> It is mostly cloudy today but at least we're getting above 60 today
15:27:14 <Kitt> that is because people feel they are on vacation and rules are a suggestion
15:27:43 <Dave from B> You're so right, Kitt
15:28:25 <Kitt> in Hawaii there is a bay on Oahu that you have to watch a 15 minute video before they will let you in the area to swim (so that it doesn't get damaged).
15:29:50 <Kitt> The other problem is that people don't see other people being made to follow rules so why should they attitude
15:30:54 <Kitt> Could you have that yellow orb shine on Worland also please
15:31:06 <Dave from B> I'll send it your way!
15:31:17 <Kitt> thanks
15:31:42 <Kitt> I'd better get back to chores (have way to much to do and not enough time to do it in)
15:31:44 <Kitt> bbl
15:32:09 <Dave from B> bye, Kitt
15:59:07 <Dave from B> Morning Jimbo
16:07:09 <Jimbo> Hey Dave
16:43:24 <Jimbo> Does Giantess look unusual this mornng?
16:45:49 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
16:46:10 <Dave from B> It can put off quite a bit of steam in early morning hours (cooler)
16:46:38 <Kevin L> Morning. You have a good shot at BH and maybe Giantess this morning.
16:58:33 <Jimbo> Yeah, that Giantess steam can look deceptively thick at times. Can't blame a guy for hoping.
17:17:13 <Dave from B> interesting angle of GH
17:28:20 <Dave from B> Time to head to the market for the day. Have a great day everyone!
17:37:13 <Kevin L> Good luck with Gaintess!
18:16:17 <Eric> Good Morning
18:16:41 <ynpvisitor11> Morning
18:18:11 <ynpvisitor4> Nice that Rocco saw (or heard) BH last night
18:18:29 <Eric> Ahh, that is good.
18:19:12 <ynpvisitor11> He must be working the night shift again. Always helpful for us.
18:22:23 <Eric> looks like grotto
18:24:35 <Eric> uggg, cam keeps freezing :-(
18:29:05 <ynpvisitor11> Daisy
18:33:58 <kc (working)> artemisia ie
18:51:39 <ynpvisitor11> Eric -- OF framing just for you
19:07:01 <Eric> Thanks 11...not just for me though...everyone gets a better image :-)
19:07:47 <Eric> This is a very nice view of the hill.
19:09:45 <Eric> Maybe we will get a nice Lion series today.
19:14:53 <ynpvisitor11> Lion
19:31:37 <Eric> Dang missed the Lion ini :-( Hope it was good
19:31:46 <Eric> anemone
19:49:42 <Betty> hello all
19:50:04 <ynpvisitor11> hello
19:54:18 <Betty> LC ie
19:55:26 <Eric> hey Betty
19:56:03 <Betty> hey, 11 and -Eric
20:05:04 <Betty> both nemones
20:05:15 <Betty> A*
20:08:25 <Betty> BH is pretty steamy
20:08:51 <Betty> maybe it changes to a short interval
20:16:16 <Eric> Sounds good to me Betty :-)
20:16:43 <Betty> you would buy this one? ;-)
20:21:09 <Betty> Hi Kevin L
20:21:22 <Betty> OF for your pleasure
20:21:27 <Kevin L> Hi Betty
20:25:35 <Betty> nice splashing at BH
20:29:40 <Betty> pretty Lion
20:30:46 <Betty> LC
20:31:56 <Betty> computer issues, Kevin?
20:33:31 <Kevin L> It had an attitude problem
20:33:53 <Betty> you had a bad one?
20:34:36 <Kevin L> The computer did. After all it is almost a teenager now.
20:34:51 <kc (working)> time to upgrade that commodore 64
20:34:58 <Betty> haha
20:35:00 <Eric> Dang...missed another Lion :-(
20:35:11 <Eric> I think he is using a Vic 20
20:35:54 <Eric> I hate how work get's in the way of Geyser viewing...
20:36:38 <Kevin L> Work?
20:36:44 <Betty> I´m off work :-)
20:37:00 <Kevin L> So am I
20:37:32 <Betty> I´m since 3 hrs, and you?
20:37:43 <Betty> 3 yrs?
20:37:48 <Kevin L> About 4 1/2 years...
20:38:05 <Kevin L> :) :) :) :)
20:38:28 <Betty> :-( :-( :-( :-(
20:38:31 <Eric> bah
20:38:32 <kc (working)> odd that Jim S just put Sawmill ie but it doesnt look like it from here
20:38:48 <Eric> It was ie a few minutes ago
20:38:51 <Betty> it was just a min ago ie
20:39:34 <kc (working)> musta caught the last bit then, thx
20:40:03 <Eric> sprinkler
20:40:58 <ynpvisitor11> On teh webcam, Sawmill was ie at 1233
20:41:30 <Kevin L> Looks like Castle is hot.
20:42:06 <ynpvisitor11> Jim saw Castle this morning while the webcam was down
20:42:18 <kc (working)> hoping we can get another this evening
20:43:08 <Eric> No Aurum yet today....
20:43:12 <Kevin L> Looks like I picked a good morning to be out.
20:43:22 <ynpvisitor11> It'll be close. Which will be first, Castle or dark of night.
20:44:10 <Betty> Bee and Aurum before Grand and Castle
20:44:24 <Betty> any bets?
20:46:25 <Kevin L> May get a bunch things real soon. I have to go again.
20:47:00 <Betty> we will tell you how awesome everything was :-)
20:50:42 <Kevin L> Probably an Aurum Major up to 100 feet.
20:51:00 <Eric> Wow...that would be cool
20:51:04 <Betty> at least
20:51:15 <Eric> and maybe we will see excelsior from the cam too :-)
20:54:58 <Kevin L> A doggie!
20:55:37 <Eric> Just checked line of site...I believe midway geyser basin is directly in line with the default cam view.
20:56:03 <Eric> Not sure how tall an eruption would have to be to be seen though.
20:57:15 <ynpvisitor11> cam is currently pointed at Midway. At least this is where you can usually see teh steam cloud from Excelsior on calm damp mornings
20:57:46 <Betty> solitary ie
20:57:47 <Eric> ohh, that is really cool 11, never knew that.
20:59:02 <Eric> I always thought that was just solitary puffing back there.
20:59:17 <Eric> but you are talking about a long ways off
20:59:38 <ynpvisitor11> yep
21:02:40 <Eric> It is exactly 4.62 miles directly between the cam and excelsior
21:04:21 <Eric> and using google maps distance measuring tool, your line of site direction was dead on.
21:04:34 <Eric> between dome and giantess
21:35:55 <Betty> nice, another Lion
21:42:43 <Betty> Improbable ie
21:44:18 <ynpvisitor11> I still dislike that name
21:44:43 <Betty> what do you prefer?
21:46:03 <Betty> there is another name, correct?
21:46:45 <ynpvisitor11> I just don't like the name. What is impobable about a geyser breaking out on Geyser Hill. Not to mention that it is in an area known to have had a geyser in the past. To my mind it was one of the most probable places in the world for a new gesyer to break out.
21:47:14 <ynpvisitor11> But it was teh choice of the first person to record it.
21:47:16 <Betty> very true
21:48:16 <Betty> maybe it is the improbable incredible geyser :-D
21:49:01 <ynpvisitor11> You're right, I need to lighten up and just laugh about it.
21:49:46 <Betty> look, in Giantess steam you can see the blue color
21:50:07 <ynpvisitor11> cool
21:51:02 <ynpvisitor50> A new geyser? I have not bee in here for a wile. where is it. Along the tree line?
21:51:18 <Betty> I have some nice photos of Grand Prismatic Spring with also the red and yellow colors in the steam :-)
21:51:56 <Betty> It´s not new, but likes to hide behind OF steam
21:51:56 <ynpvisitor11> Its a few eyars old. Across the boardwalk from Plume. To the right of plume in teh current view.
21:59:39 <Betty> oh, I think I missed Grand, 53 min ago...
22:00:35 <ynpvisitor11> It was earlier than I was expecting
22:01:21 <Betty> 5 min after Daisy. So the cam was not pointed downbasin?
22:01:41 <Betty> you did not see it?
22:02:23 <ynpvisitor11> Cam was pointing at Daisy, so missed the start of Grand
22:02:46 <Betty> I did not see both, was afk
22:02:49 <Betty> OF
22:03:59 <Betty> need sleep, enjoy your evening!
22:04:16 <ynpvisitor11> good night
22:15:57 <Eric> I agree 11, improbable is a weird name for one on Geyser Hill
22:17:02 <Eric> We can call it the Behindof geyser :-)
22:17:28 <ynpvisitor11> ;)
22:17:54 <Eric> Anemone
22:18:29 <Eric> is that small or big?
22:19:12 <Eric> I need the TSB book next to me.
22:37:24 <Kevin L> Well I see I got Grand to go anyway.
22:39:01 <ynpvisitor66> hello everyone
22:40:21 <ynpvisitor11> hello
22:40:47 <Kevin L> Guten abend
22:41:24 <ynpvisitor66> Guten Abend Kevin
22:42:53 <ynpvisitor66> do anyone have a time for erupt the Old Faithful Geysir?
22:43:41 <Kevin L> Probably about 45 to 50 minutes.
22:47:09 <ynpvisitor66> hmmm then I wait is already late in germany
22:47:39 <Kevin L> It would be past my bedtime!
22:48:09 <Kevin L> Lion may do something soon.
22:48:57 <ynpvisitor66> I have late working at 12:00 pm
22:49:28 <ynpvisitor66> only tomorrow until 22:00 pm
22:49:32 <Kevin L> That is late!
22:53:15 <ynpvisitor66> yes and friday from 14:00 pm to 22:00 pm german time
22:53:54 <Kevin L> Really late then.
22:57:25 <ynpvisitor66> Where does the water from the Old Faithful Geyser?
22:58:43 <ynpvisitor11> I'm not sure what you are asking can you ask again?
23:01:00 <Kevin L> The water comes from deep in the ground from snow and rain.
23:01:45 <ynpvisitor66> ah ok thanks yes my english is not perfect that was from google translate
23:02:44 <ynpvisitor11> This is a good place to use your english. Just be patient with us.
23:04:14 <Kevin L> AND do not try to understand what Dave from B says. It probably won't make much sense!
23:04:23 <ynpvisitor66> I would write where comes not where does that is the most when I must write do did done or does
23:05:07 <Kevin L> Looks like some gazers at BH
23:05:48 <ynpvisitor11> where it come is a good way to write it. Kevin L had teh answer
23:07:11 <Kevin L> Just remember that we don't use perfect English so if you have a question what it means, just ask.
23:07:18 <ynpvisitor66> when I have a question I must begin with Do for example Do you understand me?
23:07:23 <ynpvisitor11> Let me try again. "where does the water come from" would be a good way to ask the question.
23:08:02 <Kevin L> That would work Andre
23:09:00 <ynpvisitor66> something new interesting happened here?
23:10:09 <Kevin L> This id Sawmill Geyser
23:10:43 <ynpvisitor66> now what I just see
23:11:25 <Kevin L> id = is
23:12:27 <Kevin L> You can see about 30 geysers on the cam
23:14:00 <ynpvisitor66> momemt please I just watch what
23:17:32 <ynpvisitor45> 30 geysers, ?
23:18:05 <ynpvisitor45> are you counting all the dwarves, and little GH ones? Sprinkler type ones?
23:18:50 <Kevin L> The ones you can see. Someone counted them once.
23:20:10 <ynpvisitor45> see = steam, like Riverside, and Grotto?
23:20:18 <Kevin L> Things like Anenome, Split Cone, Dwarf count.
23:20:54 <ynpvisitor11> They must have only counted relatively common geysers because my count is higher
23:21:03 <Kevin L> Yes 45, which would be Grotto, Artemesia, Riverside, etc.
23:21:59 <Kevin L> I think they did. It was more or less the ones you could identify eruptions from.
23:22:28 <Kevin L> There are at least 15 on Geyser HIll that I can think of right off the bat.
23:23:13 <ynpvisitor11> I was at 25 taht I've seen over the years
23:23:30 <ynpvisitor11> on teh webcams that is
23:24:55 <Kevin L> Speaking of Grotto....
23:25:15 <ynpvisitor11> yep
23:25:38 <ynpvisitor45> thanks Kevin
23:28:40 <ynpvisitor66> the castle geyser is nice
23:29:16 <Kevin L> We should get Daisy in about 30 minutes. It is in the trees to the left Andre.
23:29:17 <ynpvisitor66> and the grand geyser
23:29:23 <ynpvisitor11> OK my quick count is 56 geysers (water or steam) that I've seen and have been identified on the webcams and I'm sure I've missed some.
23:29:46 <Kevin L> "You don't miss much Dave
23:31:03 <ynpvisitor66> some geysers are very activ
23:32:35 <Kevin L> Wow. Tall an no wind
23:36:37 <ynpvisitor66> nice job old faithful geyser very pretty but I must go sleep is already late here in germany I wish your a nice day bye
23:36:57 <Kevin L> Goodnight.
23:47:13 <ynpvisitor11> daisy
23:47:51 <Kevin L> It is early!
00:12:14 <Graham> hello
00:12:26 <Kevin L> Hi
00:12:39 <Graham> oblong?
00:13:16 <Graham> looks like Bee is left for me
00:13:34 <Graham> and Aurum
00:13:47 <Kevin L> Giantess too.
00:47:53 <Andrew> Hello
00:48:51 <Graham> zzzz
01:02:23 <Andrew> zzzzzzzzzzzzz
01:13:02 <Graham> OF
01:18:15 <Micah> Can anyone give me any details on the Improbably post on GT?
01:18:51 <Eric> I cannot, but I saw improbable yesterday too
01:19:02 <Eric> You can check the chat logs if you want timing
01:19:22 <Micah> "Saw" being....boil? jetting?
01:19:42 <Graham> if someone was at Anemone they would have seen it
01:19:44 <Eric> Nobody zoomed in, so it was hard to tell how much water
01:20:33 <Micah> What time did you see it yesterday Eric?
01:21:06 <Eric> 1321 according to the chat logs
01:21:58 <Eric> I didn't log it because I could not get a zoom to verify...but it sure looked to me like it was ie
01:22:03 <Graham> OT?
01:22:16 <Micah> ok, thanks Eric.
01:22:19 <Micah> And I think so Graham.
01:22:26 <Eric> btw, we renamed improbable behindof today :-)
01:23:25 <Eric> Does anybody know why it was named improbable?
01:23:40 <Graham> ooh April SPut, nice cover photo
01:23:52 <Micah> Literally because it was improbable that the feature that erupted did so.
01:24:01 <Micah> Used to be a small gurgling hole.
01:24:11 <Micah> So it was quite a surprise when it suddenly began erupting to 20 feet.
01:24:58 <Eric> hmmm, as someone mentioned today...that doesn't seem very improbable on a hill named "Geyser Hill" :-P
01:25:16 <Micah> you may just be seeing the large boils it's been having the past couple years.
01:25:17 <Eric> A better name, HighlyLikely
01:25:21 <Micah> They can hit 3+ feet.
01:25:25 <Eric> There you go
01:25:30 <Eric> That is exactly what I saw right now
01:25:31 <Micah> Improbable is entrenched.
01:25:45 <Micah> ok, if that's what you saw then that's normal stuff.
01:25:45 <Eric> Just joking about the name :-)
01:25:50 <Eric> ok
01:26:02 <Eric> It was doing that consistently for a few minutes
01:26:08 <Micah> thanks for the info, was just checking in, time for class.
01:26:10 <Eric> I don't usually see it that active
01:26:12 <Eric> from the cam
01:26:15 <Eric> cya
01:27:03 <Graham> i think we should call it PLH again
01:29:43 <Eric> do tell...what does that stand for?
01:32:10 <Eric> Pretty Large Hole?
01:33:15 <Graham> Pathetic Little Hole
01:33:53 <Eric> Ahhh, the opposite :-)
01:34:30 <Graham> you got one of 3 right
01:35:32 <Eric> I watch the cam quite a bit and those improbable "boils" seem larger than normal to me.
01:35:52 <Eric> but I will leave that for others to record and compare :-)
02:19:16 <Kevin L> Daisy
02:19:27 <Graham> daisy
02:31:43 <Andrew> ding
02:31:44 <Andrew> ding
02:31:46 <Andrew> ding
02:31:47 <Andrew> ding
02:31:48 <Andrew> ding
02:31:54 <Andrew> bhi 1833 ie
02:32:34 <kcmule> sold
02:32:39 <Kevin L> dong!
02:32:55 <Kevin L> What a time to walk in.
02:33:52 <Graham> lots of peeps here tonight
02:34:58 <Kitt> Yeah
02:35:04 <Graham> will OF cooperate
02:35:11 <Graham> about time you showed up Kitt :)
02:35:15 <Kitt> I hope so
02:35:42 <Kitt> I have a new phone and barely heard the message alert
02:35:58 <Graham> need to fix that volume
02:36:14 <Kevin L> Can you see it on static? I think it is there but not sure with my old monitor and eyes.
02:37:20 <Kitt> wait fluffy
02:37:36 <Kitt> or hurry up fluffy
02:38:04 <Graham> might just be there in the end of the view Kevin?
02:38:38 <Kevin L> I wish wind was blowing the other way for 2 reasons.
02:38:44 <Graham> did the peeps on the BW walk on?
02:38:53 <Kitt> yes they did
02:39:14 <Graham> no gazers made it there
02:39:46 <Kitt> you talk like it has already erupted
02:39:58 <Kitt> is my view delayed?
02:40:13 <ynpvisitor20> hasn't gone off in my view
02:40:25 <Graham> no, just no gazers holding ppl at bee
02:40:29 <Kitt> that is a gazer headed toward it
02:40:57 <Graham> i guess, they walked both ways. didnt stop anyone from walking of tho
02:41:03 <Kitt> or so I thought
02:41:17 <Kitt> oh, look at the dramatic skies
02:41:44 <Kitt> now bee and fluffy you need to take turns
02:41:51 <Kitt> it is only fiar
02:41:56 <Kitt> fair
02:42:23 <Eric> woohoo, didn't miss it
02:42:27 <Eric> thanks for the text
02:42:31 <Kevin L> Thought your were Dave for a minute Kitt
02:43:05 <Kitt> sorry, been looking at Hawaii tours all afternoon on the computer
02:43:29 <Kitt> dumped them all when I saw the text
02:44:00 <Eric> what island Kitt?
02:44:26 <Kitt> Oahu
02:44:39 <Eric> nice...lot's of stuff to do there
02:45:05 <Kitt> Go Bee Go
02:45:09 <Graham> bee
02:45:12 <Kitt> Yeah!!!
02:45:22 <Kitt> Wait fluffy please wait!
02:45:24 <Kevin L> :p
02:45:25 <Eric> Up up and away
02:45:31 <Eric> great lighting
02:45:43 <ynpvisitor38> Nice,
02:46:14 <Kevin L> Stay Fluffy!
02:46:29 <Eric> OF
02:46:36 <Eric> bye bye BH
02:46:58 <Kitt> there goes the view, but fluffy is very pretty
02:47:03 <Kevin L> That was BHI on static. Just get the edge of BH now.
02:47:10 <Kevin L> :P
02:47:10 <Eric> If you like snorkeling sure to take the bus out to Hanauma Bay.
02:47:25 <Graham> yep i see it
02:47:57 <ynpvisitor93> Too bad
02:48:26 <Kitt> son likes to try everything, husband likes boats but not much for in the water, and I like looking in the water and swimming in pools
02:48:33 <ynpvisitor93> Hey you can see BH on edge of static
02:49:00 <Kitt> I have to say this is a very pretty and dramatic duo
02:49:00 <Eric> That bay is about as calm as you can get for snorkeling.
02:49:11 <Kevin L> This would have been awesome if the wind was in the normal direction.
02:49:31 <Graham> it IS awesome Kevin
02:49:33 <ynpvisitor38> I don't really understand why they moved the camera from where it was awhile back when you could clearly see Beehive on the VC cam.
02:50:39 <Kitt> well that was awesome
02:51:00 <Eric> Best lighting on BH I have seen in a while
02:51:02 <Kitt> back to searching
02:51:02 <Kevin L> I am happy with it.
02:51:05 <Kitt> bye all
02:51:11 <Eric> night kitt
02:56:09 <Graham> Turban?
02:59:41 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
03:09:16 <Kevin L> Another Turban?
03:18:38 <ynpvisitor75> nice of Grand to have a short interval today
03:19:33 <ynpvisitor75> and that BH was amazing before OF overtook it
03:19:47 <ynpvisitor75> OF was very nice too, such a dramatic sky
03:28:26 <Graham> Grand
03:29:01 <Graham> another nice short interval
03:29:37 <ynpvisitor75> fun, guess I should have turned the other way out of Fountain this evening!
03:30:10 <ynpvisitor75> Could have caught BH and Grand
03:31:31 <Graham> glad you cvaught Ftn tho
03:32:28 <ynpvisitor75> 2 today, I wanted a closed interval
03:32:40 <ynpvisitor75> nice light on Grand
03:33:09 <ynpvisitor75> Firehole Lake Drive is going to open soon, YIPPEE
03:34:24 <Graham> got your chair ready for when they open ftnbw?
03:34:52 <ynpvisitor75> Chair? I do not think they are going to put a bench in, sadly
03:35:02 <ynpvisitor75> seems narrower, and the old bench has been hauled away
03:35:22 <ynpvisitor75> I will be glad to be in front of FTN again, that is for sure
03:36:07 <ynpvisitor75> Another Grand start...
03:36:50 <ynpvisitor75> high dew point, steamy evening in Yellowstone
03:37:07 <Graham> i have my seat to bring this fall, its what i use there anyway, so no change for me
03:37:31 <ynpvisitor75> well, there might not be much room for chairs in front with the fence
03:37:52 <Graham> just like at bee
03:37:56 <ynpvisitor75> and feet danglers will have to figure something else out
03:38:08 <ynpvisitor75> no fence in front of BH though, much different
03:38:29 <Graham> my seat doesnt take up much more space than me without it
03:38:51 <ynpvisitor75> the boards they are putting up are not for climbing on
03:39:01 <ynpvisitor75> hopefully they make it the summer
03:39:25 <ynpvisitor75> yes, your chair is small, it will still be a different footprint with the fence
03:39:31 <Graham> i am sure some will climb to see the water rising
03:39:53 <ynpvisitor75> the whole bw is a bit higher than before
03:39:59 <ynpvisitor75> and yes, some will be climbing
03:40:22 <ynpvisitor75> no more fetching things that blow out there
03:40:33 <Graham> Grand almost 13m
03:40:44 <ynpvisitor75> Bob will post the time
03:41:03 <Kevin L> Well I missed that one too.
03:41:20 <Kevin L> Did OK on BH but missed both Grands.
03:45:57 <Kevin L> This would sure be a great time for Aurum.
04:00:28 <Graham> goodnight all, busy evening
05:10:54 <ynpvisitor61> we are headed there for the weekend
05:11:37 <kcmule> have a great time
05:15:33 <Kevin L> Daisy?