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13:37:13 <ynpvisitor45> This cam is such a piece of shit.
14:53:18 <ynpvisitor43> Selfie with a bear. The next ice bucket challenge.
15:18:48 <ynpvisitor62> .
15:18:48 <ynpvisitor62> .
15:42:19 <ynpvisitor81> what a fabulous morning!
15:42:52 <ynpvisitor81> OF 7:42
15:54:41 <ynpvisitor62> .
16:13:15 <ynpvisitor62> .
16:17:25 <ynpvisitor62> when is BEE? who wants to guess
16:19:34 <ynpvisitor40> I'll say... 11:15 am
16:19:40 <ynpvisitor62> .
16:52:08 <ynpvisitor62> .
17:02:33 <ynpvisitor57> No bus duty today. Bee won't erupt.
17:10:53 <Mario> Hi Kevin. No BH today since it can only erupt when you're bus driving? :)
17:13:28 <Eric> BHI
17:13:35 <Eric> .
17:13:36 <Eric> .
17:13:37 <Eric> .
17:13:37 <Eric> .
17:13:40 <Mario> Hey Kevin, look at that
17:13:59 <Eric> Good eye TD if you are driving :-)
17:15:19 <Eric> Morning Mario
17:15:28 <Mario> Hi Eric
17:16:02 <Eric> You have to shutdown browser and bring it back up to fix that name issue Mario
17:16:43 <Eric> or if you are tec savy, you can clear your cookies for the page
17:16:57 <Mario> See if that worked
17:17:00 <Mario> nope
17:17:01 <Eric> nope
17:18:27 <Eric> BH
17:18:48 <Eric> Wind is a good direction if we get an OF dual
17:19:34 <Eric> OF
17:19:46 <Eric> weak start
17:20:31 <ynpvisitor80> Several duals over the last few days.
17:21:33 <Eric> I guess they are in rythm
17:24:13 <Eric> Thanks for having breakfast or wherever you went Kevin :-P
17:25:46 <Kevin L> UGH no text?
17:25:52 <Kevin L> :p
17:28:24 <Kevin L> No reason to stay around today
17:28:52 <Jenna> Riverside
17:31:43 <Eric> I don't have the power to txt
17:31:46 <Eric> or I would have
17:32:34 <Eric> Looks like riverside and grotto
17:32:50 <Eric> Or possibly F&M
17:33:42 <Eric> it's definitely riverside
17:50:38 <Jenna> Oblong
18:00:26 <ynpvisitor62> .
18:06:34 <ynpvisitor6> no BH text, sad day
18:08:16 <Jenna> guess Eric needs to get set up
18:08:30 <ynpvisitor6> if only the cam ops would all do it
18:08:36 <ynpvisitor6> would be easy to get then
18:08:58 <ynpvisitor6> looks like a lot of gazers were there
18:15:39 <ynpvisitor17> Gazers on the bw could also send the txt.
18:15:46 <ynpvisitor56> heading out to yellowstone this weekend. I remeber you all used to use walkie talkies. Do you still?
18:16:03 <ynpvisitor17> FRS channel 4.5
18:17:25 <ynpvisitor56> great. any other good messaging for updates in the park
19:12:35 <ynpvisitor89> lion
19:37:29 <Jenna> Daisy 1137 ie
20:29:23 <Jenna> Lion ie
20:59:04 <ynpvisitor25> Nevada 5.4 quake rocked the seismograph here
21:01:22 <Kevin L> That 5.4 EQ was in Rainbow Canyon. I felt it big time here.
21:15:35 <Betty> Hi Kevin. Isn´t Rainbow Canyon your train Canyon?
21:15:37 <ynpvisitor25> That is pretty scary! Today is the anivarsary of the great chilian quake. Largest recorded quake in history
21:16:27 <Betty> LC ie
21:17:39 <Kevin L> That is indeed my train canyon. There are some cliffs there that have huge (house sized) rocks that look like they are about ready to fall at any time. I have been nervous about them before but I will really be nervous now! We were even talking about going up there today but decided not to.
21:18:25 <Betty> glad you did not!
21:18:44 <ynpvisitor25> Good call Kevin!
21:19:50 <Kevin L> We would have been within 10 mile of the epicenter at the time it went too!
21:20:19 <Betty> that´s really scary...
21:28:34 <Kevin L> Funny thing is the reason I didn't go is because I have tickets to the Arena Football game tomorrow night so I didn't want to get tired. There was another time I was going to ride a train in Ely but got ticket to the Areana Football game. That time a loaded car got loost and crashed into the passenger train and injured about half of the riders. I like Arena Football!
21:28:57 <Kevin L> loost=loose
21:31:13 <Betty> you are a really lucky guy, Kevin. Have you ever tried gambling in a LV Casino? :-D
21:32:16 <Kevin L> I limit myself to the buffets. My luck does not transfer over to betting!
21:33:19 <Betty> Dome ie
21:35:21 <Betty> yummy! I´m looking forward to my next trip, starting with the buffet at the MGM Grand
21:41:21 <Kevin L> Just got word that the railroad in Rainbow Canyon was damaged in the quake but they are still no details
21:42:39 <ynpvisitor80> Was that person in front of the tree line off- boardwalk?
21:42:58 <ynpvisitor80> The tree line in the foreground.
21:43:43 <Betty> there´s a trail
21:44:18 <Kevin L> I sent you an email Betty
21:50:05 <Betty> I got it
22:16:23 <Kevin L> Hmmm. They are shutting down some of the Interstates in Las Vegas due to EQ damage
22:16:44 <Betty> wow
22:17:25 <ynpvisitor56> WOW
22:17:28 <Betty> there were some aftershocks of mag 3.0
22:21:48 <Betty> did Kitt wave to the cam today?
22:21:57 <Betty> Daisy
22:22:40 <Kevin L> I didn't see much. When I missed BH I went out to do things
22:23:24 <lt> oh man, I get to go to the park this year! hooray! one day in July.
22:23:53 <Betty> yay, cool, lt :-)
22:24:15 <lt> I'm happy because one day is better than no days, which is what I was looking at again.
22:25:36 <Betty> that´s true
22:27:07 <Kevin L> My daughter got a surprise trip there last week. Her husband was driving a school bus for a field trip and they let her go along since she knew the area. They got that no indi BH and a Lion Initial!
22:29:17 <lt> my sister is moving cross country so I am helping with the drive, as is our other sister. so it will be a sisters trip, and the baby has never been. I will get her hooked.
22:30:01 <ynpvisitor98> That is awesome lt...glad you can make it there.
22:30:38 <Betty> Hi Eric
22:32:04 <Eric> Kevin, my aunt and uncle were in Vegas for a major quake. The buildings swayed incredible amounts, floors had cracks in them everywhere. The hotel personal quickly put tape and carpets over every worries :-|
22:32:24 <Kevin L> Band aids work!
22:32:28 <Eric> What happens in Vegas, stays very quiet
22:32:36 <Eric> Hi Betty
22:33:10 <ynpvisitor94> hello everyone
22:33:18 <Eric> Hello 94
22:33:26 <Eric> or may I call you Bob?
22:33:59 <Eric> ahh, good evening Andre
22:34:02 <Andre from Germ> oha yellowstone park is smoking again
22:34:08 <Betty> hi Andre
22:34:10 <Eric> Bad habit
22:35:27 <Andre from Germ> I ask sometimes myself what happen here
22:35:45 <Andre from Germ> so activ
22:35:49 <Kevin L> BIG volcano!
22:36:30 <Kevin L> Yellowstone is mostly in the crater of a volcano that erupted about 600,000 years ago.
22:36:33 <Andre from Germ> hmm ok very big
22:37:59 <Betty> I hope we will get Grand soon. I haven´t seen it for a while.
22:38:04 <Kevin L> Here is some more information Andre:
22:38:07 <Andre from Germ> ok I think that need time until the complete yellowstone erupt
22:38:35 <Betty> not this year I hope...
22:39:18 <Kevin L> If it does, you two will see the ash cloud!
22:39:51 <Betty> that could be right, Kevin.
22:40:43 <Andre from Germ> that is not much smoke the reason is the magma is still still far below
22:41:23 <Andre from Germ> and the earthquakes are not many
22:42:40 <Betty> it´s no smoke, it is steam. The geysers and hot springs are steaming
22:42:46 <Andre from Germ> has the ground because raised in recent years as more than the average
22:42:54 <Kevin L> What you see here is steam from the hot water.
22:43:31 <Andre from Germ> yes
22:43:44 <Kevin L> The ground will rise and fall. I think the area near Yellowstone Lake has risen a bit the last few years.
22:44:49 <Betty> that´s not a good wind direction
22:46:45 <Betty> Hey Micah, how are you?
22:47:07 <Micah> good. doing chores all day.
22:49:53 <Andre from Germ> so I`m short away I`m just come from work and buy me now beer until same
22:54:21 <ynpvisitor56> 202 days since a Pink Cone entry - it's time to change that!
22:54:43 <Micah> agreed
22:54:54 <Kevin L> Hard to see Pink Cone from the loop road!
22:54:57 <Betty> I´ll buy that
22:55:07 <ynpvisitor56> hopefully soon!
22:55:19 <Betty> Is FLD closed?
22:55:56 <Micah> opens on mon
22:55:58 <ynpvisitor56> should open today if things are on schedule - might be tomorrow
22:56:09 <Micah> nevermind
22:56:11 <Betty> nice
22:56:17 <ynpvisitor56> Monday, that's different
22:56:17 <Betty> Grand?
22:56:25 <Micah> yup
22:56:29 <Kevin L> Not big enough.
22:56:31 <Micah> Or oblong
22:56:35 <ynpvisitor56> it's usually Friday
22:56:47 <Betty> OF window
22:56:59 <ynpvisitor56> Oblong NS
22:57:02 <Kevin L> Last Turban was 1439
22:57:07 <Micah> lets see if we can get a closed interval on the first day
22:57:12 <Betty> makes sense
22:57:30 <Betty> OF
22:57:45 <Micah> It's Oblong
22:57:50 <Micah> Udo just posted
22:58:00 <ynpvisitor56> ^^ I said that. :)
22:58:13 <ynpvisitor56> er, typed
22:58:16 <Micah> was just confirming 56
22:58:51 <ynpvisitor56> cool
22:58:58 <Kevin L> Looks like somebody got a shower!
22:59:06 <ynpvisitor56> I was just giving you a hard time AGuy
23:03:14 <Kevin L> They are showing US 95 on TV now. It is a 5 mile long parking lot. Damaged bridge is a connector between the two main freeways in Vegas.
23:07:04 <Betty> LC ie
23:09:18 <ynpvisitor56> too bad they can't reverse traffic and send them ther other way
23:10:57 <Kevin L> Looks like the surface streets are backed up big time too. Problem is people ignore the message boards and keep coming until they are stuck.
23:11:20 <Micah> sounds like what happens with ferry traffic here
23:13:01 <ynpvisitor56> delay at Grand, but I bet they are having fun anyway
23:13:12 <Kevin L> They have all of the message boards that say GET OFF! along with signs that show how long until you get to certain exits. You would think people would take the hint.
23:14:20 <Kevin L> Looks like a D6 right now. Grand does not look like it is going to be a friendly geyser this year.
23:15:12 <Micah> it's gonna be one of those years where you show up in the middle of the prediction instead of the beginning.
23:18:38 <Andre from Germ> so I`m back
23:19:22 <Eric> Ugg D6 yuck
23:19:34 <Eric> Hopefully it goes before D11 like the other day
23:20:00 <Micah> make that D7
23:20:33 <Betty> It´s a long wait out there
23:20:54 <Kevin L> You have a chance to see Grand soon Andre
23:21:05 <Micah> This is the point where I just start pacing the sawmill group.
23:21:07 <Betty> I bet Kitt is there as well
23:21:36 <Betty> yes, better than sit around.
23:22:06 <Betty> did she say how long she stays?
23:24:19 <Eric> Nice to have good company :-)
23:24:29 <Eric> Makes the time pass much much faster
23:24:42 <Micah> some will say I fell into bad company with the gazers lol
23:25:03 <Betty> haha, Micah
23:25:10 <Eric> Nice Micah :-P
23:25:17 <Kevin L> As long as they don't eat hazelnuts....
23:25:33 <Eric> whats wrong with filberts Kevin?
23:25:44 <Kevin L> I like them.
23:25:58 <Betty> so do bears
23:26:15 <Eric> So do I...grew up in a filbert orchard :-)
23:26:27 <Eric> I hated picking them up as a kid though
23:26:29 <Kevin L> I know you Germans eat more of them the Americans do.
23:27:07 <Andre from Germ> Mc Donalds hehe
23:27:22 <Eric> McBeer?
23:27:35 <Eric> McSchnitzel
23:28:21 <ynpvisitor56> my college roomie got them from home Eric, the really FRESH ones are so good
23:28:59 <Kevin L> They do have McBier in German Mc Donalds.
23:29:05 <Eric> Nice 56...we used to have huge orchards of filberts everywhere around Portland, Oregon.
23:29:35 <ynpvisitor56> she was from Newburg
23:31:34 <Eric> Yep, Newburg is a great town for filberts and wine
23:31:45 <Eric> Newberg :-)
23:33:10 <Kevin L> Will we get Grand or D8?
23:33:27 <Eric> I go with the odds...D8
23:33:53 <Eric> Things in motion keep moving and geysers that are stuck, stay that way.
23:34:59 <Betty> Sprinkler ie
23:35:52 <Eric> Actually, one of my favorite Mexican panaderias is in Newberg
23:36:37 <Eric> They make their sopas from scratch and fresh
23:37:42 <Betty> looks like D8
23:37:50 <Eric> D8?
23:38:01 <Kevin L> Do I hear D9?
23:38:24 <Eric> Grand?
23:38:28 <Betty> next is liftoff :-)
23:38:29 <Eric> Turban start
23:38:43 <Betty> wow, nice
23:38:47 <Kevin L> Yea!
23:38:50 <Eric> zooom
23:39:12 <Kevin L> This is Grand geyser in the background Andre
23:39:56 <Betty> It´s the biggest fountain-type geyser in the world
23:40:22 <Micah> *predictable*
23:40:42 <Betty> yep, thanks Micah :-D
23:40:43 <Andre from Germ> what please so now can you repead please what you mean
23:41:01 <Micah> The Geyser erupting in the background is called Grand.
23:41:04 <Andre from Germ> meaned ups so
23:41:27 <Andre from Germ> ah ok
23:42:04 <Micah> It's eruptions are predictable. you can tell when the next one will happen.
23:42:13 <Betty> no cam op around?
23:42:21 <Eric> nice blast
23:42:26 <Kevin L> Not sure
23:42:30 <Eric> Doesn't seem like it
23:42:41 <Eric> SC dual I think...
23:42:52 <Micah> I agree.
23:42:56 <Micah> SC ie 1542
23:43:04 <Andre from Germ> gives overall webcams in all geysers?
23:43:04 <Betty> yup
23:43:42 <Eric> Zooooom
23:43:55 <Mario> that's better
23:43:56 <Betty> great, thanks!
23:43:59 <Eric> Nice light
23:44:19 <Andre from Germ> no overall better is anyplace
23:44:21 <Eric> We should get a good second
23:44:51 <Kevin L> Grand erupts 45 to 50 meters.
23:45:32 <Andre from Germ> I would love to go
23:45:42 <Betty> now you can see some water bursts
23:45:56 <Betty> into the steam
23:47:40 <Andre from Germ> if I want go into the park how many cost this
23:47:56 <Eric> Geysers are free to watch.
23:48:13 <Betty> the park entry is 25$ for 7 days
23:48:24 <Micah> It just got bumped up to 30 Betty
23:48:25 <Andre from Germ> wow
23:48:27 <Andre from Germ> nice
23:48:54 <Andre from Germ> nice to see this
23:48:57 <Kevin L> You pay $25 to get into the park
23:49:02 <Betty> does not bother me Micah, I´m owner of the annual pass :-)
23:49:19 <Eric> Me too Betty :-P
23:49:44 <Betty> a 2nd please...
23:49:57 <Kevin L> Looks like 1b
23:49:59 <Eric> But I guess I live a little closer :-)
23:50:03 <Eric> Maybe
23:50:04 <Andre from Germ> and then I can stay for long time?
23:50:16 <Eric> ohhh, ya we are at 12 min...
23:50:23 <Betty> bummer
23:50:52 <Eric> Glad I was here for it...nice display
23:51:06 <Kevin L> You can buy an annual pass but I don't know how much that costs.
23:51:16 <Betty> 80$
23:51:31 <Mario> Does that include Teton NP as well or not anymore?
23:51:34 <Andre from Germ> for one year or what
23:51:44 <Kevin L> That is for a year.
23:51:52 <Betty> for all National parks
23:52:11 <Mario> Isn't there an annual pass for just YNP and Tetons?
23:52:21 <Eric> Time to go and chop down an old photinia hedge.
23:52:31 <Mario> bye Eric
23:52:37 <Betty> I think Yellowstone and Grand Teton was around 50 or 60$ for 1 year
23:52:44 <Mario> Nice BH OF dual this morning, highlight of the day!
23:52:49 <Kevin L> There is right now, but they are going to make you pay for each one soon.
23:53:01 <Betty> bye Eric
23:53:11 <Andre from Germ> which was to build the whole Holzwege certainly true a lot of work around the park
23:53:26 <Micah> they just announced that's coming into affect possibly this year Kevin unless you have a dual pass, which is also being jacked up in price
23:53:31 <Kevin L> The annual park pass gets you into every national park for a year.
23:53:45 <Andre from Germ> woodway
23:53:47 <Betty> they are called boardwalks
23:54:46 <Betty> the boardwalks are necessary to protect people and thermal features from each other
23:55:42 <Betty> You are not allowed to step off the boardwalk. You need to stay on
23:55:49 <Betty> Riverside
23:55:57 <Kevin L> They are now made from woodchips and recycled plastic bottles.
23:56:32 <Kevin L> There are still some wood boardwalks around.
23:56:56 <Betty> I like the sound of the wooden ones :-)
23:56:57 <Andre from Germ> oh it started to rain
23:57:27 <Kevin L> The plastic ones are slippery too.
23:57:40 <Betty> true, Kevin
23:59:53 <Andre from Germ> heavy activity
23:59:59 <Betty> Aurum
00:00:02 <Betty> ?
00:00:11 <Kevin L> Nice!
00:00:14 <Betty> looks like
00:00:26 <Kevin L> I think so.
00:00:34 <Betty> yes
00:00:42 <Micah> yay aurum.
00:01:05 <Kevin L> I missed BH but got Aurum
00:01:31 <Betty> a good deal for you :-)
00:01:38 <Andre from Germ> what will happen if that what just happen it started to rain give it more geyser activity?
00:02:11 <Micah> Andre: some, but not all geysers respond to short term weather activity.
00:02:14 <Kevin L> Aurum is a little geyser on the right of the screen Andre. It is not very predictable so we enjoy it
00:02:43 <Kevin L> Most geysers do not increase with rain since the water comes from far below.
00:02:50 <Betty> I don´t think rain effects geyser activity when it is actually raining.
00:03:47 <Micah> In some cases I believe it can, just like strong wind can.
00:03:51 <Betty> Is it true that water in some geysers is some hundred years old?
00:04:16 <Betty> I think I read something like that
00:04:29 <Micah> In some cases even 5X that betty
00:04:33 <Betty> looks like snow
00:05:17 <Betty> that was excactly what I heard, Micah, around 500 years old.
00:05:21 <Andre from Germ> Water collects at the bottom and when the pressure is great enough, it shoots up?
00:05:33 <Betty> thanks for confirming
00:05:37 <Micah> thats about it yep
00:05:53 <Micah> It's heated by the hot rock above the Magma chamber.
00:06:00 <Micah> Until it flashes to steam.
00:07:32 <Kevin L> BTW Happy 35th Birthday Pac Man!
00:07:54 <Micah> wakwakwaka
00:07:59 <Andre from Germ> I've heard the magma chamber to be huge
00:08:01 <Betty> lol
00:08:08 <Betty> Castle steam?
00:08:15 <Micah> it is huge Andre
00:08:35 <Betty>
00:08:49 <Micah> Castle
00:08:57 <Betty> here´s some information how geysers work
00:09:36 <Andre from Germ> I have next week birthday I will then thirty years old so fast oh no hihi
00:10:09 <Betty> great
00:10:57 <Micah> Hi Gary, wherever your hiding.
00:11:42 <Micah> wow, go castle
00:11:57 <Andre from Germ> Can the pressure coming from the geysers also raise the floor?
00:12:12 <Kevin L> Here is a link to a PDF map of the park Andre. It shows the area of the caldera.
00:12:26 <Andre from Germ> ok thanks
00:12:28 <Micah> No Andre from Germ , the pressure is too small for that.
00:12:43 <Micah> that would take something giant
00:13:00 <Kevin L> The pressure can make them blow up like a bomb. Porkchop Geyser did that.
00:13:17 <Betty> and Plume
00:13:49 <Micah> and the thee pools in biscuit
00:13:53 <Kevin L> Porkchop:
00:14:12 <Andre from Germ> the pressure is then only from below the collection in the magma chamber
00:14:14 <Betty> the thee pools?
00:14:43 <Micah> *Three*-Black Diamond, Wall Pool, and Black Opal
00:14:53 <Micah> All of those origininated from steam explosions.
00:15:05 <Betty> ahhh, you represent Dave... :-p
00:16:38 <Betty> after seeing Black Diamond erupting I can imagine how they occured
00:17:08 <Micah> Back up. You've seen Black Diamond?
00:17:12 <Micah> in person???
00:17:17 <Betty> yup
00:17:38 <Micah> When???
00:18:37 <Andre from Germ> Where does your the smilyes?
00:18:54 <Andre from Germ> I want too
00:19:11 <Betty> sept 4 2012
00:19:18 <Andre from Germ> or also what ever I must write
00:19:42 <Micah> O.O
00:19:57 <Betty> put the mouse cursor on a smiley and you can see the typos
00:20:03 <Micah> I bet that made you jump lol.
00:20:33 <Betty> so : - p without space makes :-p
00:22:02 <Andre from Germ> I don`t know is not so important
00:22:26 <Andre from Germ> I have my own face hihi
00:22:56 <Betty> we were leaving Biscuit and stood on the bridge when a loud noise occured, we switched back and saw a muddy, murky eruption with height of plume
00:23:16 <Micah> Awesome.
00:24:08 <Betty> it was only 2 short but heavy bursts and I was only able to raise the cam and take a short video of the murky runoff
00:24:37 <Betty> I reported it to VEC
00:25:12 <Betty> and Will put it into GT, and I confirmed his entry :-D
00:26:32 <Micah> wow. incredible. very lucky
00:28:01 <Betty> it was, and on the same day we saw our first penta
00:28:06 <Andre from Germ> if every know when this super volcano will erupt is that for yourself not good you stand with you cam you must then remember not it`s then very difficult
00:29:47 <Betty> I send a PM, Andre
00:30:11 <Andre from Germ> hmmm
00:30:32 <Betty> a personal message
00:31:46 <Betty> ich hab dich persönlich angeschrieben
00:32:18 <Andre from Germ> the data shows in youtube always all over the yellowstone volcano at most over the earthquakes
00:36:03 <Betty> OF
00:36:13 <Betty> very fluffy
00:44:58 <Betty> Daisy
00:54:11 <Eric> King Dwarf
00:54:16 <Eric> and LC
00:54:57 <Mario> Is King Dwarf what some were calling Red Dwarf a few years ago?
00:55:00 <Eric> Is that Scissor Springs to the left of BH?
00:55:05 <Eric> near the BW
00:55:52 <Eric> It's what I call that dwarf that is always spouting..I think it's just me :-)
00:56:01 <Andre from Germ> so I`m tired I wish your a nice evening
00:56:10 <Eric> Goodnight Andre
00:56:11 <Andre from Germ> bye
00:56:16 <Mario> Bye Andre
00:56:19 <Betty> you too, Andre
00:56:20 <Eric> guten nocht?
00:56:47 <Betty> Gute Nacht, Eric ;-)
00:57:01 <Eric> there we go...what she said :-)
00:57:17 <Betty> LC ie
00:57:30 <Eric> I am so glad your English is better than my German.
00:57:42 <Betty> haha
00:58:29 <Betty> how long did you learn German, Eric :-D
00:59:24 <Eric> thanks for the help there Betty.
00:59:48 <Betty> yw
00:59:52 <Eric> My brother lived there for a few I only learned a little to get around
01:00:26 <Betty> I´m learning it for almost 45 years
01:03:42 <Eric> You are doing an excellent job :-)
01:04:09 <Betty> thanks :-
01:04:53 <Eric> yw
01:07:02 <Betty> did I miss the overlook today?
01:20:46 <Eric> I never saw it either :-(
01:20:52 <Eric> Must not be friday
01:26:56 <Eric> Oblong possibly
02:07:10 <Mario> OF
02:21:55 <ynpvisitor25> I have a terrible feeling...
02:25:11 <ynpvisitor25> something wicked this way comes *scream*
02:25:34 <Andrew> how so?
02:32:36 <Kevin L> That was probably me 25. I was playing Pac Man. That red guy can be wicked.
02:35:08 <Andrew> wonder hat that is
02:36:58 <ynpvisitor43> I would wager it is steam from a geyser
02:40:20 <Andrew> indeed
02:47:37 <ynpvisitor43> dome time
03:15:34 <ynpvisitor66> go Lion
03:36:30 <ynpvisitor67> Super fuzzball
04:26:28 <ynpvisitor36> Maybe aurum too