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14:50:22 <ynpvisitor45> Old Faithful ie
14:50:44 <ynpvisitor45> end
15:07:01 <ynpvisitor45> steam from Grotto?
15:08:18 <ynpvisitor45> or Oblong?
15:11:37 <ynpvisitor45> probably Grotto
16:19:15 <Jenna> now that looks like Oblong
16:25:13 <ynpvisitor73> Is that anenamie?
16:26:39 <Jenna> OF 0826
16:27:21 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna, CO Dave
16:34:08 <Jenna> morning Dave
16:49:22 <Mario> good morning Jenna and Dave and Dave
16:50:05 <Jenna> hi Mario
16:50:21 <Jenna> I am hoping for a nice, sunny Bee this morning
16:51:02 <Mario> ~21 hours since the last eruption?
16:51:18 <Jenna> yup
16:52:03 <Jenna> if only it really was Friday! lol
16:52:07 <Mario> nice :)
16:52:37 <Dave from B> New geyser up there?:)
16:53:01 <Jenna> tourist spring?
16:53:05 <Mario> BH is back on daylight schedule
16:53:09 <Mario> :)
16:53:34 <Dave from B> How about Riverside going off a cliff that tall?
16:54:01 <Jenna> that'd be a sight!
16:55:47 <Dave from B> Are there any "heated" waterfalls in the world?
16:56:43 <ynpvisitor16> I know of one in Zion Canyon
16:56:47 <Jenna> boiling river has one, it's about 18" tall lol
16:57:14 <Mario> LC ie
16:58:06 <Dave from B> haha 18"
16:59:16 <Dave from B> 16, I've been to Zion once...I don't remember that...Do you remember the name?
17:00:08 <Jenna> I might even be exaggerating Dave lol
17:00:29 <Mario> Hand warming in geyser steam?
17:00:57 <ynpvisitor16> Let me look. Killer of a hike to get there.
17:01:48 <Dave from B> That explains why I didn't make it, 16!
17:06:28 <Mario> splashing in Lion
17:07:58 <Dave from B> Looks like a good day for a sunburn at OF
17:15:10 <Mario> Anemone show!
17:15:21 <ynpvisitor16> Here you are Dave. It is called Big Spring. Be sure to look at the photo pages:
17:21:57 <Jenna> I wonder how many tours catch BH up close?
17:30:39 <Dave from B> Thanks 16. Looks fun.
17:33:59 <ynpvisitor16> Fun isn't the word for it, but it is pretty.
17:42:20 <kc (working)> lion
17:42:25 <Mario> Lion initial 9:42
17:48:02 <Mario> OF couldn't pull out a dual with Lion
17:49:19 <Dave from B> grrr. I missed it
17:49:37 <Dave from B> How about the next Lion be a BH Lion dual. Haven't had one of those for awhile
17:50:32 <Mario> sounds great!
17:52:59 <Mario> OF
17:57:39 <Dave from B> Crowds are getting larger
18:00:15 <Mario> i think I missed a LC eruption in there
18:00:31 <Jenna> YTG made it sound like this was going to be a record year for attendance
18:01:34 <Dave from B> It seems to be headed that way
18:09:02 <Kevin L> Grand
18:09:04 <Kevin L> .
18:09:04 <Dave from B> G R A N D
18:09:04 <Kevin L> .
18:09:13 <Kevin L> Another early one!
18:09:56 <Kevin L> 5h45m!
18:10:17 <Dave from B> 25 in a row that are 7 or under
18:10:56 <Kevin L> At least one geysers is playing well with us.
18:12:02 <Dave from B> I feel sorry for the first time someone shows up at the 545 mark and it goes after 8 or 9 hours
18:13:07 <Kevin L> Been there, done that. Many t shirts....
18:20:14 <Kevin L> Looks like a 1b
18:38:35 <Mario> LC
18:59:54 <Jenna> Lion 1100
19:00:08 <Kevin L> Lion
19:02:00 <Jenna> lunch time, hold indy for me
19:02:27 <Kevin L> Good luck on that.
19:29:37 <Kevin L> Daisy
19:30:23 <Dave from B> OF
19:30:26 <Kevin L> of 1129
19:35:39 <Betty> Hi guys
19:35:48 <Kevin L> Hi
19:36:08 <Kevin L> No BH yet
19:38:04 <Betty> and no Aurum
19:38:22 <Jenna> hi Betty
19:38:29 <Kevin L> Waiting for bus duty.
19:38:35 <Betty> hey Jenna
19:39:16 <Jenna> bee doesn't even look hot
19:43:48 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
19:44:07 <Dave from B> Becca is happy...she wore her Messi jersey yesterday
19:45:53 <Betty> That´s great, Dave. Congrats
19:46:34 <Betty> were you able to see the game?
19:48:00 <Betty> LC
19:48:19 <Dave from B> WE recorded and watched when we got home from Becc'as games sat night
19:48:50 <Kevin L> You are lucky you didn't watch another game.....
19:49:01 <Dave from B> Dodgers?
19:49:08 <Kevin L> Yep.
20:03:26 <Betty> Lion is due
20:04:13 <Kevin L> OK, mention BH now
20:04:37 <Betty> BHI is due
20:05:58 <Jenna> :)
20:20:13 <Betty> My streaming is really bad today
20:22:58 <Jenna> mine was earlier but seems to have improved
20:24:22 <Dave from B> We're going to pickup a "golf" umbrealla for our next gazing trip. Any brands better than others?
20:26:22 <Mario> Beehive is pushing the 25 hour mark...
20:27:30 <ynpvisitor51> hello
20:28:42 <ynpvisitor51> I`m short here I must same to work
20:29:30 <Kevin L> Hi. Shot at BH soon
20:32:04 <Betty> Hi Andre
20:32:22 <ynpvisitor70> ask that Q on facebook Dave, several gazers all have that same kind
20:32:37 <ynpvisitor51> hi Betty I change not my name because I must same to work
20:33:07 <Dave from B> Will do, 70.
20:33:09 <ynpvisitor51> I have for two days night working
20:33:38 <Betty> You have to work soon? So you do the night shift
20:34:13 <Kevin L> I hated night jobs.
20:35:49 <Betty> I would not be able to do it. My brother works in early and late shift and he hates it too (though he has not to do night shifts)
20:36:15 <Kevin L> We always had the drunks out at night. It was horrible.
20:36:33 <Dave from B> Only night shift I've ever done was at Morning:)
20:36:37 <Betty> and dangerous I bet
20:36:57 <Betty> haha, Dave
20:37:23 <Dave from B> I may do one at F&M this year if it ever gets its act together
20:37:37 <Kevin L> Don't sell much fish at night Dave?
20:37:57 <Dave from B> nope..have to sleep once in awhile
20:38:37 <Kevin L> We would have to shout down freeways and major roads so night was the only time it could be done.
20:38:57 <Betty> Even I sleep sometimes, Dave, though you cannot believe it :-p
20:39:19 <Dave from B> Betty, are you sure you sleep? 2-3 hours a night, maybe?
20:39:37 <Betty> last night 3 1/2h
20:39:48 <Dave from B> wow
20:40:00 <Betty> but that lengthen as the week grows
20:40:22 <ynpvisitor51> for me is not a problem to work at night but at morning to sleep that is a problem
20:40:51 <Dave from B> Has to be dark for me to sleep. Makes it difficult during the summer
20:40:57 <Betty> what did you shout down at the freeway? Yelling "CLOSEFD"?
20:41:05 <Betty> lol
20:41:09 <Dave from B> :D
20:41:12 <Dave from B> :D
20:41:22 <Kevin L> I used to do better. When I was in Germany there were times we worked a 40h shift!
20:41:39 <Betty> bah
20:42:02 <Betty> how long did you sleep after that?
20:42:06 <Kevin L> Well I do have to admit there was a lot of shouting there.
20:42:17 <Betty> hehe
20:42:25 <ynpvisitor51> I work 37,5 h per week
20:42:58 <Betty> what´s your job, Andre?
20:43:05 <ynpvisitor51> but this week only two days
20:43:13 <Kevin L> You got 8h and then did another 40h. Did that 3 times in a row and then 12h on and 12h off for 3 times, then back to the 40h on 8h off. Lasted 3-5 weeks.
20:43:23 <ynpvisitor51> in a chips factory this name is intersnack
20:43:56 <Betty> hmm, sounds good. bet you get free samples :-)
20:44:07 <Kevin L> BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!1
20:44:08 <kc (working)> theres a dinger
20:44:08 <Mario> nice BH splash
20:44:11 <Jenna> oh yay!
20:44:21 <ynpvisitor51> one week to work early then night and then late
20:44:23 <Betty> water in indy?
20:44:38 <ynpvisitor63> BHI
20:44:39 <Betty> ding
20:44:54 <Dave from B> Yippee
20:45:06 <kc (working)> to those who remarked they need it dark to sleep
20:45:09 <Betty> hope you have a few minutes left, Andre. It´s showtime
20:45:29 <kc (working)> best $5 investment ever
20:45:33 <Kevin L> You lucked out Andre!
20:45:53 <ynpvisitor51> yeah I have more a half hour time
20:46:11 <Betty> great!
20:46:13 <Betty> great!
20:46:20 <Kevin L> Hope it is a short indy
20:46:41 <Betty> great!
20:47:04 <Betty> Chat is as choppy as my streaming. grrrr
20:51:54 <kc (working)> boy everybody's quitting (timeouting) now
20:52:02 <Kevin L> My chat went away for a minute or so.
20:53:00 <kc (working)> love this chat. love it
20:54:04 <Kevin L> 10m on indy
20:55:50 <ynpvisitor55> bah
20:55:56 <ynpvisitor51> wow
20:56:15 <ynpvisitor30> Bah
20:56:56 <Kevin L> Nice to see it on static
20:56:58 <ynpvisitor51> very fast
20:57:08 <ynpvisitor98> Seems like this Beehive eruption has got an extra 5% power. Really going for the top
20:58:03 <Kevin L> Sounds like ajet engine in person Andre.
20:58:14 <Dave from B> bah wow...Is that what a dog says when its excited?:)
20:58:42 <Kevin L> That is a jet engine Andre.
20:59:23 <ynpvisitor98> BH acting as OF indicator!
20:59:59 <BettyII> I really got problems with the page
21:00:16 <BettyII> at the worst timing
21:00:29 <BettyII> :-(
21:00:40 <BettyII> bahbahbah!!
21:00:51 <ynpvisitor51> that is a reason why I want come to yellowstone park all the best
21:00:58 <Dave from B> There are 2 Betty's:)
21:01:17 <Kevin L> Nothing like it Andre. It is great.
21:01:33 <Betty> I tried everything...
21:02:00 <Betty> I´m unique, Dave :-)
21:02:06 <kc (working)> not your fault Betty
21:02:21 <ynpvisitor51> then I must do that also
21:02:47 <Betty> I blame Dave
21:02:57 <Betty> no, wait
21:03:23 <Betty> only the camops did not quit, so I blame you :-D
21:03:24 <Kevin L> Dave did break it!
21:03:24 <ynpvisitor51> why Betty What have Dave done
21:03:43 <lt> Dave does everything
21:03:54 <lt> it is always Dave's fault.
21:04:00 <ynpvisitor51> hmmm... ok
21:04:06 <Betty> we always blame Dave for evewrything.
21:04:06 <Kevin L> He breaks lots of things.
21:04:15 <lt> even when he is not here
21:04:15 <kc (working)> yeah blame the fish guy
21:04:28 <Betty> he even brakes my writing
21:04:44 <Dave from B> wow...hard to defend myself when I'm on the phone!:)
21:04:46 <lt> there is something fishy about him...
21:04:51 <Betty> we are just kidding
21:05:02 <kc (working)> we're only serious..
21:05:05 <Dave from B> I know that:)
21:05:05 <Betty> we love you Dave
21:05:09 <Dave from B> :D
21:05:33 <Kevin L> "He is the boss so he gets blamed for everything.
21:09:00 <Dave from B> Yes, I'm very used to being the "bad" cop
21:10:00 <ynpvisitor51> so I must go to work I wish your a nice day bye bye
21:10:14 <Kevin L> bye
21:10:18 <Betty> bye, Andre
21:48:40 <Dave from B> Looks like Will is at the Beach
21:49:44 <Betty> Dave, are you ready for the Soccer match US vs. Australia?
21:51:04 <Dave from B> Taylor and I will be watching it this evening. We have recorded it. Becca's soccer team is watching it together live
21:51:43 <Dave from B> I was rather disappointed in lopsided games yesterday...there aren't that many good teams
21:52:06 <Dave from B> Bottom 6-10 shouldn't even be at the Worlc Cup
21:52:07 <Betty> great. It is at 01:30 am here
21:52:33 <Dave from B> You're always up at that time!:)
21:52:41 <Betty> nooo
21:53:59 <Betty> Germany won 10:0 against Ivory Coast, not nice for a World Cup
21:54:12 <Dave from B> Only 8 teams of 24 are eliminated during pool play
21:54:24 <Dave from B> That was a physical game
21:54:46 <Betty> it was
21:54:57 <Kevin L> You play soccer in a pool? I thought that was polo.
21:55:11 <Betty> bah, Kevin
21:56:02 <CO Dave> Only if the horses are good swimmers Kevin.
21:56:17 <Kevin L> :)
21:56:18 <Dave from B> that is polo, guys
21:57:57 <lt> marco?
21:58:26 <Betty> sure, lt
21:59:12 <CO Dave> POLO!
21:59:41 <Betty> Daisy
21:59:55 <Betty> not Daisy Polo ;-)
22:00:29 <Kevin L> Or Daisy Duck!
22:01:59 <Dave from B> MARCO
22:02:15 <CO Dave> POLO
22:02:24 <Dave from B> sorry, lt...I missed your marco...well done
22:02:34 <Betty> haha
22:02:43 <lt> :D
22:34:55 <Mario> OF
22:35:43 <Betty> a tall start
22:36:21 <Kevin L> Was wondering if it would get started. Took a few tries.
22:43:53 <Kevin L> The way Grand has been, it is almost time to start watching it.
22:45:07 <Betty> who broke Aurum?
22:46:54 <Dave from B> Not me
22:47:17 <Kevin L> I think Will has taken up residence there.
22:47:20 <Dave from B> What's the "guys" run out of darts today?:)
22:50:18 <Betty> they still stuck in your breast, Dave :-)
22:51:05 <Dave from B> ...guess they still are!:)
22:51:28 <Betty> need to throw them back..
22:51:49 <Kevin L> Darts? I don't use no stinking darts! Tannerite & a 30-06 for me!
22:51:59 <Dave from B> ----->>>>>>>>>>>>
22:52:10 <Dave from B> ---------->>>>>>
22:52:24 <Betty> nice
22:52:59 <Dave from B> Still 1 hour out for Grand window
22:54:05 <Dave from B> If we could get a Grand right after's possible to get 5 in a day
23:03:47 <Betty> wow, nice crowd
23:03:53 <Kevin L> Quite a crowd at Aurum!
23:04:12 <Dave from B> It's a good place to lean
23:04:38 <Kevin L> Probabley doiing those big splashes. Teasing them. Making them think it really does something.....
23:07:36 <Betty> LC
23:08:53 <Dave from B> I still wonder how the Washburn Party saw all the geysers they did in less than 48 hours...makes you wonder
23:09:12 <Betty> Hi Graham
23:09:15 <Kevin L> Wish I had their luck.
23:09:16 <Graham> hello
23:09:25 <Graham> when was the last day Giant and Giantess erupted?
23:09:26 <Dave from B> oops..Kevin that post was meant for your eyes only!:)
23:09:27 <Kevin L> Got home quick tonight Graham!
23:09:32 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
23:09:58 <Graham> hello, nicer day at OF
23:10:21 <Graham> noticed the BHI text just in time to see the puff puff puff at the end :(
23:10:45 <Kevin L> I did send it on time....
23:11:06 <Graham> i was working, and noticed there was a message'
23:11:11 <Dave from B> Graham, were you deep unferground at the Metro station?
23:11:43 <Graham> nope, but in an interior office
23:11:53 <Kevin L> Aurum is waiting for you. Will has posted 847 Beach reports.
23:12:37 <Graham> beach and white, he is loving it
23:12:55 <Graham> no Aurum all day?
23:13:16 <Betty> Will broke it
23:13:17 <Graham> big T-storm coming here, hope i stay online for it
23:13:41 <Kevin L> Nope. I assume he is calling it a few names but not Aurum.
23:13:47 <Mario> LC ie
23:14:23 <Graham> i guess he has been there a while, must have been splashing well at the start, unless he just wanted to egt a lot of Beach and WHite times to catch up with me
23:15:08 <Dave from B> Beach and White posts should only be worth a quarter of a post in GT standings
23:15:52 <Kevin L> I think he has a stove and tent set up by Doublet.
23:16:38 <Graham> not sure Grand will wait for my shift
23:17:13 <Graham> but there is a chance for 5 tomorrow, who is going to go check?
23:17:22 <Dave from B> Graham, we're almost to a 5 day Grand possibility
23:17:34 <Graham> that would be nice
23:17:43 <Graham> chance for ppl to get exhausted
23:18:03 <Graham> was fun seeing them
23:18:40 <Graham> of course they could have 5 eruptions and just 5 bursts :(
23:19:24 <Graham> you and Becca might get 5 Dave if it keeps this up
23:20:14 <Kevin L> Wish Grand would give BH lessons
23:20:57 <Betty> or F&M
23:21:06 <Graham> doesnt lok like we have had 5 in any 24h period yet tho
23:24:08 <Betty> In the game Sweden vs Nigeria there is a trumpet player. He´s playing the same melody for almost 70 min...I´m going nuts!!
23:24:53 <Dave from B> I would love to see 5 in a day.
23:25:48 <Betty> that would be great, Dave. Fingers crossed :-)
23:25:58 <Graham> is WIll going to abandon Aurum for Grand?
23:26:36 <Betty> if he quits posting Beach we will know :-)
23:26:38 <Kevin L> I was wondering that. With that long of an investment, it will be hard.
23:26:49 <Dave from B> I would definitely be to Grand by 1550
23:27:42 <Kevin L> We just got a Doublet pool so he is still there now.
23:28:15 <Betty> and a Beach
23:29:03 <ynpvisitor78> Lots of Whites
23:29:07 <Kevin L> Looks like Dave went to Grand.
23:32:52 <Graham> if he waits for the next Doublet he could miss Grand
23:34:22 <Kevin L> He will probably give up and leave and hear the Aurum report as he is in the trees between Lion and Grand. Grand will then throw one of those D7 eruptions.
23:35:01 <Graham> where is the "Like" button
23:35:15 <Betty> lol
23:35:50 <Graham> or he will stay there and hear F&M called from Grand
23:36:08 <Kevin L> That would work.
23:36:33 <Graham> "whats that big steam cloud down basin?"
23:37:06 <Betty> Aurum
23:37:07 <Betty> .
23:37:07 <Betty> .
23:37:07 <Betty> .
23:37:09 <Betty> .
23:37:11 <Graham> guess Castle is still going
23:37:14 <Graham> yeah
23:37:55 <Graham> nice view
23:38:28 <Graham> now they can all go to Grand
23:39:36 <Betty> it is great that the app on my phone is lagges, so I could see it twice
23:39:58 <Graham> nice
23:40:02 <Kevin L> And you get stills on the static cam!
23:40:43 <Kevin L> He earned that one!
23:41:13 <Betty> LC
23:41:33 <Dave from B> ..
23:42:15 <Kevin L> No Turban times yet,
23:42:25 <Dave from B> Is OF due:(
23:42:41 <Kevin L> 30m
23:42:52 <Graham> when Grand goes
23:43:05 <Betty> next dual
23:43:48 <Graham> we had the Castle Aurum dual
23:44:02 <Dave from B> There have been some consecutive sub 6 hour Grand this week but not many
23:45:22 <Graham> i couldnt see any 5 in 24h, but the last interval was the shortest so far
23:48:16 <Betty> Sawmill
23:48:40 <Graham> its been going for a while, i posted it
23:48:54 <Betty> k
23:48:56 <Dave from B> I wouldn't be surprised if we something around 530 interval this week at some point
23:49:12 <Graham> you heard it here first
23:50:06 <Betty> need sleep :-) night all. Enjoy the game, Dave
23:50:18 <Dave from B> will do
23:50:34 <Betty> Grand
23:50:47 <Betty> WOW
23:51:00 <Betty> sleep has to wait
23:51:14 <Betty> SC
23:52:18 <Betty> 5:42 interval
23:53:22 <Graham> still 24h8mfor quad interval
23:53:58 <Dave from B> I wonder how many Turbans before these short intervals
23:54:08 <Graham> median is down to 6h40, nice
23:54:48 <Dave from B> Vent been behaving the last couple days?
23:54:48 <Graham> told youit would erupt before my shift, zzzzz time for me
23:55:18 <Dave from B> I finally caught today's chat room disease:(
23:55:28 <Graham> Vent was 5m into Grand this morning, a bit late
23:56:00 <Kevin L> Not even Aurm for you Graham!
23:56:34 <Graham> go Giantess
23:57:44 <Dave from B> Graham, you should get the second burst:)
23:58:00 <Betty> WT
23:58:13 <Graham> Vent 6m into Grand
23:58:38 <Kevin L> Time for OF!
23:59:04 <Betty> fan spikes
00:01:17 <Kevin L> Guessing a 1b.
00:01:48 <Graham> secong burst in under 6h?
00:03:04 <Kevin L> I saved OF for you Graham.
00:03:11 <Graham> at least OF waited for me
00:03:24 <Betty> bedtime now. bye
00:03:33 <Graham> night betty
00:05:12 <Dave from B> May get another daylight Grand today!
00:06:51 <Graham> depends on your definition of daylight
00:07:01 <Graham> OF
00:08:33 <Kevin L> When you work in a freezer you don't see much daylight.
01:39:23 <Graham> OF tried, probably going to delay it
01:47:59 <Graham> another try
01:49:32 <ynpvisitor6> It would be so bad to walk away from old faithful becuse your schedule is so tight you cant stay and watch it
01:50:10 <Graham> just have to come back another time
01:51:54 <ynpvisitor6> That once in a lifetime trip
01:53:25 <Graham> i am sure they saw some bison
01:53:33 <Graham> and Clep
01:54:00 <Graham> what more do you want?
01:58:37 <Graham> can OF jhang on for 2h and give us some excitement?
02:01:38 <Graham> wow another try
02:01:52 <Graham> its broken
02:03:47 <Graham> 1h57 ...
02:04:13 <Graham> 1h 58
02:04:33 <Mario> wow how many false starts so far?
02:04:38 <Graham> wake up, this is exciting
02:04:57 <Graham> we have had 3 strong preplays
02:05:22 <Graham> 1h59
02:05:26 <Graham> so close...
02:05:48 <Graham> or maybe they were minors
02:05:54 <Graham> or bursts
02:06:10 <Graham> yeah
02:06:11 <Graham> 2h
02:06:17 <Mario> Rift delay?
02:06:33 <Graham> will it minor now?
02:06:33 <Mario> Rift has a bigger effect than previously thought...
02:07:05 <Mario> 2h 01 min
02:07:27 <Graham> you are stealing my line
02:07:56 <Mario> "evil villain laugh* rubbing hands together...
02:08:24 <Graham> i wonder if the vec is still open for ppl to go and complain
02:08:36 <Graham> 2h2
02:09:10 <Graham> 2h3
02:09:14 <Mario> this is it for sure
02:09:17 <Graham> trying....
02:09:32 <Mario> boom!
02:09:32 <Graham> there we go
02:09:37 <Graham> OF 1809
02:09:51 <Graham> nice
02:10:12 <Mario> that's a pretty tall eruption
02:10:22 <Mario> off my screen
02:12:52 <Graham> its the only 2h interval in the last 100
02:13:09 <Graham> Grand is sucking all the energy
02:13:22 <Kevin L> Sure isn't BH
02:13:38 <Graham> BH is doing just fine
02:14:33 <kcmule> 2hrs 28 mins still the record?
02:14:54 <Graham> i dont know of anything longer. when was that?
02:15:06 <Kevin L> It is taking so long that it hasn't erupted on my computer yet.
02:15:27 <kcmule> not sure read it in tsb
02:16:42 <Graham> he says thats an "unlikely interval" and uses 127min as the high
02:17:03 <Graham> not sure what Ralphs data showed
02:17:10 <Kevin L> And there it is!
02:17:11 <Andrew> hello
02:19:11 <kcmule> my version says 'controversial but probable'
02:19:12 <Graham> WT
02:19:27 <kcmule> its old tho
02:19:41 <lt> I have a printout from Ralph from August 31, 2009; at that point, the longest interval from Jan 1 to August 10 was 2 hours, one minute.
02:20:03 <Graham> 4th edition says unlikely
02:20:09 <lt> the longest interval for that season*
02:20:51 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
02:31:16 <lt> Lion!
02:31:24 <Graham> Lion
02:31:44 <Kevin L> Nice. Now you shouldn't be so bored Graham!
02:32:00 <Graham> I am all pumped up after OF
02:32:33 <Kevin L> May even get a short interval Aurum!
02:33:21 <Graham> dont push your luck Kevin
02:33:57 <Graham> 4h30 3 days ago
02:34:12 <Kevin L> I will be in the depot so that should improve your chances.
02:34:19 <Andrew> till what?
02:34:23 <Graham> go big, short BH interval
02:35:36 <Kevin L> Plume reactivation?
02:36:05 <Andrew> until PLH has a major
02:36:30 <lt> I'm glad I saw Plume my last trip to the park.
02:36:45 <Graham> long Sawmill eruption
02:36:59 <Graham> you need to go more often!
02:37:15 <lt> well, yes. but I get one day this year!
02:37:43 <Graham> one day?
02:37:50 <Andrew> try try to go its the only way to stop undergoing withdrawal
02:37:59 <Andrew> time/money permitting of course
02:38:31 <lt> my sister is moving cross country, I am helping with the drive.
02:38:36 <lt> we get one full day in the park.
02:38:45 <Andrew> when?
02:38:52 <Graham> ah, ok
02:38:52 <lt> July.
02:39:05 <Graham> thats soon
02:39:08 <lt> it's better than no days, which is what I was going to get before that, so I'm ok with it
02:39:40 <lt> she's done the park before, but the other one coming along hasn't, so she will get to see geysers.
02:39:48 <lt> sorry if she wanted to see something else.
02:40:02 <Andrew> better one than none. It is absurdly close 0.o
02:40:15 <Andrew> I have a month and half ~ cant wait
02:40:47 <lt> well, it's more end of July. but yeah.
02:41:16 <Andrew> I am going end of july as well and into august
02:46:39 <Kevin L> To the depot. Enjoy Aurum.
02:47:16 <Graham> you have time to get back here
02:57:58 <Graham> Sawmill quits
02:58:00 <Graham> Daisy erupts
02:58:04 <Graham> coincidence?
03:24:33 <ynpvisitor67> hahahhaa
03:25:05 <Graham> one of those evenings
03:45:17 <Graham> Lion
03:46:53 <Graham> OF
03:54:49 <Graham> gonna quit before I lose power, lights are flickering and its noisy outside
03:54:52 <Graham> goodnight
04:08:33 <lt> hooray, second night at OF booked. I'm still watching for a cheaper room reservation that covers both nights, but I will take a room over no room.
04:18:02 <ynpvisitor51> woo hoo lt
05:27:15 <kcmule> daisy ie
05:27:50 <kcmule> OF 21:27
05:28:30 <kcmule> turban was 2124
05:47:58 <kcmule> grand
05:47:59 <kcmule> .
05:48:01 <kcmule> .
05:52:52 <kcmule> oblong ie
05:53:27 <kcmule> whole bunch o steam down there