Showing logs for date: 2015-06-22
15:04:54 <DavefromB (15)> Morning numbers
15:05:59 <ynpvisitor4> morning Dave with number
15:06:35 <ynpvisitor16> Morning
15:50:27 <DavefromB (15)> We must be in a Grand window
15:51:26 <DavefromB (15)> Is Ledge due today?
15:53:06 <DavefromB (15)> Ledge could happen this morning but seems more likely this evening thru tomorrow morning
15:56:31 <DavefromB (15)> Aurum?
15:57:17 <ynpvisitor16> very steamy
15:57:52 <DavefromB (15)> Anyone know the temp at OF? Ranger Station site didn't list temp
16:04:33 <DavefromB (15)> Grand?
16:04:34 <DavefromB (15)> ..
16:04:35 <DavefromB (15)> ..
16:05:02 <DavefromB (15)> Seems so with size of cloud
16:06:24 <DavefromB (15)> Hi, Jenna
16:06:37 <Jenna> morning Dave
16:06:45 <Jenna> see you started the countdown
16:08:45 <DavefromB (15)>'s time to start getting excited!:)
16:09:54 <DavefromB (15)> Grand 804 per Jim S on GT
16:11:36 <Jenna> Conor said he wants to go on a road trip. Guess I'll have to start planning a trip for next year.
16:12:02 <DavefromB (15)> Rooms are going better get started!:)
16:12:17 <ynpvisitor13> Need to plan a stop at one of the steam trains
16:12:34 <DavefromB (15)> Durango?
16:12:36 <Jenna> I know! I can be diligent.
16:12:49 <Jenna> oh there will be lots of trains planned if I can help it
16:13:04 <Jenna> aunt and uncle moved to CO Springs, will probably stop there
16:13:11 <DavefromB (15)> Also, one at Georgetown, CO
16:13:26 <ynpvisitor13> I always wounder why there is not train on the pass at Butte
16:13:42 <ynpvisitor13> Perfect spot for a dinner train
16:14:05 <DavefromB (15)> That line isn't used much...corners too sharp, I believe...but don't quote me
16:15:49 <ynpvisitor13> Homesteat and Lobster
16:16:19 <DavefromB (15)> haha 13...I like it
16:16:37 <DavefromB (15)> Better than Pork Butts
16:17:21 <ynpvisitor13> From what little I have found some dispute between the railroad and state. Cot to remove tracks or something. So they keep the tracks even though they are no longer used.
16:17:29 <ynpvisitor13> cost
16:19:27 <DavefromB (15)> When there was discussion about bringing back the Southern line of Amtrak, the cost issues of various segments were discussed. It it ever happens, train will go thru Helena ionstead because of cost.
16:26:45 <DavefromB (15)> OF ie
16:32:01 <DavefromB (15)> ding
16:32:01 <DavefromB (15)> a
16:32:04 <DavefromB (15)> ling
16:32:24 <DavefromB (15)> Actually 829 per GT
16:32:31 <ynpvisitor13> Makes up for your leaving Sunday
16:32:53 <ynpvisitor13> Betty woul dhave seen it then
16:32:58 <DavefromB (15)> Yeah, I know I barely missed that one
16:33:24 <ynpvisitor13> You left early, and Betty arrived late.
16:34:08 <ynpvisitor13> You been to the leather store yet to get more customers?
16:34:37 <Jenna> any here to send text?
16:35:59 <DavefromB (15)> Thanks...will do
16:37:22 <DavefromB (15)> not yet, 13. Did set a record Sat for number of customers
16:38:13 <ynpvisitor13> So when does the live fish tank go in?
16:38:44 <DavefromB (15)> I just sent an email this morning to our vendor to see when the tank is getting replaced. Haven't heard back yet.
16:39:06 <ynpvisitor13> Replaced, did not know it failed
16:39:27 <ynpvisitor13> I recalla lobster tank was in the works
16:39:32 <DavefromB (15)> We have had a whole host of problems...they decided it was best to replace
16:39:57 <DavefromB (15)> We had sold quite a few lobsters until refrig in it failed last week.
16:39:59 <ynpvisitor13> DO you have 2 or just the lobster tank
16:40:13 <DavefromB (15)> Just the lobster tank. No room for another one!:)
16:40:44 <ynpvisitor13> I never did like the look of hatchery trout in a tank.
16:41:14 <ynpvisitor13> Have seen it a few times
16:41:38 <DavefromB (15)> If we had another it would probable be live dungeness crab
16:41:42 <Jenna> ..
16:42:08 <ynpvisitor13> Lobster are much more apealing. And cool. King crab would be different
16:42:11 <Jenna> ranger tour?
16:42:45 <DavefromB (15)> It keeps kids occupied as well
16:43:16 <ynpvisitor21> Looks like they timed it just right.
16:43:56 <DavefromB (15)> Let's see if these rookies get wet!:)
16:44:03 <ynpvisitor8> Maybe they can catch Aurum on the way out
16:44:08 <Jenna> :)
16:45:41 <ynpvisitor13> Looks like the croud may part at blast off
16:46:17 <DavefromB (15)> Morning Kevin
16:46:34 <Kevin L> Hi Dave
16:47:03 <Kevin L> Glad I got in from morning chores. I forgot to bring the phone with me.
16:47:24 <Jenna> Riverside
16:47:58 <Kevin L> Will be a boring shift for me today.
16:48:20 <DavefromB (15)> You never know what may happen
16:48:30 <ynpvisitor1> Bah, I will miss BH. Bad connection:-(
16:48:46 <Kevin L> Great chance for Giantess a bit after 1400.
16:49:18 <ynpvisitor13> lc
16:49:26 <Kevin L> Hi Betty. Bummer!
16:50:05 <Kevin L> Looks like you got picture Betty.
16:50:17 <DavefromB (15)> Woohoo
16:50:22 <ynpvisitor13> lion puffing
16:50:30 <DavefromB (15)> BH 0850ie
16:51:14 <ynpvisitor13> they have been spared a shower
16:51:28 <DavefromB (15)> Come on wind!:)
16:52:09 <ynpvisitor21> Looks like the tall-straight Beehive came out to play this morning.
16:52:17 <Betty> :-(
16:52:54 <ynpvisitor13> Maybe someone will have a capture for you
16:53:14 <ynpvisitor13> indy off
16:56:24 <DavefromB (15)> FYI, Oblong also added to last Grand cloud...started 3 minutes after Grand
16:56:44 <DavefromB (15)> Castle should be next
17:00:03 <ynpvisitor13> Well that was fun, time to get something done. Hope someone has a capture for Betty, and the connection gets better so she can spot things.
17:01:30 <ynpvisitor29> hello I`m andre from germany
17:02:51 <DavefromB (15)> Bye, 13
17:02:52 <DavefromB (15)> Hello, Andre
17:03:45 <ynpvisitor29> I write here so with visitor name bacause I must same for 4 hours to work and I`m at 22:30 pm german time back here
17:04:22 <DavefromB (15)> Daisy
17:04:31 <ynpvisitor29> in your time I think is it 16:30 pm
17:05:17 <DavefromB (15)> it is 0905
17:05:47 <ynpvisitor29> now here but in 9 hours
17:06:07 <ynpvisitor29> sorry in 5 hours
17:06:53 <ynpvisitor29> ah ok 14:30 in your time :-)
17:07:09 <ynpvisitor29> 22:30 pm german time
17:11:16 <ynpvisitor29> Dave from B what do you mean with B?
17:11:26 <ynpvisitor29> is this a city
17:11:39 <DavefromB (15)> live in Billings, Montana
17:11:45 <DavefromB (15)> Yes
17:11:55 <ynpvisitor29> aha ok nice
17:12:18 <Mario> False BH indicator this morning?
17:12:25 <ynpvisitor29> I think this is a small city or?
17:12:55 <DavefromB (15)> 125,000...largest city in Montana
17:13:39 <DavefromB (15)> Mario, yes, no gt entry for BH yet but it did go...nice and tall
17:13:47 <ynpvisitor29> oh nice I live in Cloppenburg in Germany this is name we have 35.000 peoples
17:17:39 <ynpvisitor29> so I go to work now until later bye
17:28:51 <Mario> Ok, thx Dave
17:33:57 <Jenna> Castle
17:34:26 <Kevin L> Looking for NoDoz...
17:35:54 <kc (working)> ty
17:36:29 <kc (working)> guess castle is a minor
17:43:56 <ynpvisitor32> Is it Friday?
17:44:16 <Mario> today is Monday- June 22
17:45:36 <Jenna> lol 32
17:45:40 <Jenna> I wish
17:45:51 <ynpvisitor32> Thanks...I saw the overlook and wondered :-)
17:46:51 <Kevin L> What is a Friday?
18:07:12 <Kevin L> Aurum just before my shift. :p
18:28:07 <Eric> Morning all
18:28:24 <Eric> Any more improbable action since last week?
18:28:49 <Kevin L> Hi. I haven't seen anything on it
18:29:50 <DavefromB (15)> Hi, Eric
18:30:13 <Eric> Hey Dave...Nice countdown :-)
18:30:56 <DavefromB (15)> Thanks...have to start "studying" a little more!:)
18:32:53 <Eric> I looked back at improbable history and don't see any major eruptions like the one last week. Does anyone know if it has ever erupted to that height previously?
18:35:16 <DavefromB (15)> Not sure, Eric
18:36:12 <DavefromB (15)> Not much due...hopefully, Lion will start again soon
18:40:00 <Eric> Ok...Janet wrote up a nice history of improbable on her blog. Looks like the original eruption was about this size as well, not much since.
18:40:55 <DavefromB (15)> Eric, do you have her blog link? :)
18:48:40 <Eric>
18:51:12 <DavefromB (15)> thanks
18:55:08 <ynpvisitor95> hi
18:57:29 <Eric> np
19:30:18 <Eric> OF pool full
19:33:12 <Eric> Daisy or OF first?
19:33:26 <Kevin L> Probably Daisy
19:33:56 <Eric> You on shift Kevin?
19:34:03 <Kevin L> Yep
19:34:08 <Eric> :-)
19:36:07 <Eric> OF 1136
19:37:57 <Eric> Does anyone know if there is a pressure or flow sensor on OF?
19:39:27 <Kevin L> Don't think there is.
19:45:20 <ynpvisitor88> Lion looks ini
19:45:51 <ynpvisitor88> Daisy also
19:46:06 <ynpvisitor12> a dual!
19:46:21 <ynpvisitor88> A blind duel as they cannot see each other
19:46:45 <Betty> trifecta, LC is ie
19:47:18 <ynpvisitor88> Don't know how you see those.
19:48:50 <Betty> you can see the pulsating of the eruption, it´s really easy to spot them when you know what to look for
19:49:50 <Betty> those three were compensating my missed BH earlier
19:50:12 <ynpvisitor88> Well a bh and lion ini. I am good for the day. Maybe I will find the parts I need for a garden tractor project at the scrap yeard.
19:50:21 <ynpvisitor88> Or win the lottery
19:50:29 <Betty> haha
20:02:58 <Betty> Kevin, I just wanted to tell you that you need more than 2 spoons if you use baking sodafor your lye. It is not only sodium bicarbonate, someting else is contained. so you need the double amount.
20:03:28 <Kevin L> OK, will note that.
20:03:29 <Betty> I think you should take 4 spoons
20:04:40 <Kevin L> Probably have more powerful stuff over there.
20:04:47 <Betty> I never tried by myself, but I sure will do soon
20:05:44 <Betty> yes, Natron is better than baking soda, and it can be used for so many other things as well.
20:07:45 <Kevin L> I would not be surprised if Amazon has it.
20:08:37 <Betty> I read Amazon sells it
20:09:47 <Kevin L> That is where I found oblaten.
20:14:34 <Betty> maybe you can get it in a pharmacy
20:15:53 <Kevin L> I could check. I list the pharmacy as a dependent on my income tax.
20:17:08 <DavefromB (15)> haha
20:17:12 <Kevin L> We have a store that has about 50 types of flour in bulk. I am hoping they have what I need there.
20:17:26 <DavefromB (15)> What about your chickens?:)
20:18:25 <Kevin L> The chickens don't cost me nearly as much as the pharmacy!
20:19:07 <Eric> Anybody know much about chloride flux and geysers?
20:19:36 <Kevin L> I have heard of a flux capacitor....
20:20:05 <DavefromB (15)> haha, favorite movie trilogy
20:20:14 <Betty> Marty MacFly???
20:20:25 <Eric> I was just reading an interesting paper on the chloride and it's levels giving indications of the geysers water source depth.
20:20:34 <DavefromB (15)> Yep..I like the Professor
20:20:58 <Kevin L> Sounds interesting Dave. I have never heard that one before.
20:20:59 <Betty> LC
20:21:56 <Eric> I was just wondering if there was any data on individual geysers and their typical chloride levels.
20:25:59 <Eric> Cool paper:
20:27:53 <DavefromB (15)> haha...I was reading flouride
20:29:22 <Kevin L> Brush your geysers twice a day!
20:29:35 <DavefromB (15)> :D
20:29:39 <Betty> hehe
20:31:50 <Kevin L> I wonder if that would make Giantess erupt.
20:46:50 <Kevin L> Did you catch the Dodger game last night Dave?
20:49:27 <DavefromB (15)> No, we were watching Food Network Star nad had my mom over for dinner.
20:50:26 <Kevin L> Giantess reminded me. Beat the Giants 10-2. I love beating the Giants.
20:51:22 <DavefromB (15)> We haven't done it much this year. 3-9, I believe
20:56:18 <Betty> Lion
20:56:45 <Betty> and LC
21:00:12 <Betty> OF
21:25:47 <Eric> Looks like this video feed has fixed it's permission issues with HLS stream and we can now access it with other video players.
21:26:23 <Eric> I would like to add in a player that people can rewind their live video feed.
21:26:34 <DavefromB (15)> But, I still have to hit refresh everyday I want to remember what I just said!:)
21:27:05 <Kevin L> What does it take to make this page work on an iPad?
21:28:12 <Betty> need to buy an iPad first :-)
21:28:12 <Eric> it should work
21:28:24 <Eric> do you not see video on an ipad?
21:28:59 <Betty> I don´t see it on the iPhone
21:30:01 <Betty> only chat with VEC pictures or streaming cam without chat
21:30:24 <Eric> hmmm, I don't use apple devices, so I never noticed.
21:31:02 <Kevin L> All I get is chat like Betty does on her phone.
21:31:02 <Eric> does the normal live webcam page show video for you?
21:31:30 <Betty> yep
21:31:48 <Kevin L> Streaming does work off the NPS site.
21:31:49 <Betty> LC
21:33:31 <Betty> I just can´t see chat AND streaming combined on the Iphone
21:33:43 <Eric> ya, got it
21:33:52 <Eric> looks like it would be a fairly simple fix
21:34:55 <Eric> You have to use different technology if flash is not supported on your device.
21:35:53 <Eric> But I would suggest we just replace the whole player with a better one, which is pretty easy as well
21:36:07 <Eric> get rid of that dang flowplayer logo in the corner
21:40:12 <ynpvisitor57> How about HTML5?
21:41:01 <Eric> it's great, but doesn't support HLS streams
21:41:24 <ynpvisitor57> What doesn't?
21:42:01 <Eric> HTML5
21:46:51 <ynpvisitor57> Don't know anything about it, a google search suggests different. maybe I don't understand
21:59:27 <Betty> nice light on the hill
21:59:47 <Kevin L> Heading out. See you tomorrow
22:00:07 <Betty> bye Kevin
22:00:27 <DavefromB (15)> bye, Kevin
22:00:32 <Betty> are these boils at Goantess :-p
22:00:40 <DavefromB (15)> :D
22:00:50 <Betty> ;-)
22:05:38 <Betty> Lion
22:06:04 <Betty> LC
22:26:11 <Betty> need sleep, night all
22:26:23 <Mario> Good night Betty
22:28:27 <Andre from Gera> hello everybody
22:28:38 <Mario> Hi Andre
22:28:46 <Andre from Gera> Hi Mario
23:31:22 <DavefromB (15)> Tikme for Grand
23:32:01 <DavefromB (15)> Lots of Turban but no delay
23:36:23 <DavefromB (15)> Just realized hail actuially broke all our screen on our 6 west facing windows:(
23:38:19 <Jenna> oh no!
00:22:26 <kc (working)> last turbans 1556 1612
00:25:14 <DavefromB (15)> Next will be tenth recorded waiting for this Grand
00:29:16 <DavefromB (15)> Hey, Micah!
00:32:55 <kc (working)> 1632 turban
00:34:00 <ynpvisitor64> Long sit for folks
00:51:34 <DavefromB (15)> Time to go home and set off Grand. Have a great evening everyone! GO USA!
01:22:40 <Graham> finally home
01:22:55 <kc (working)> grand
01:22:56 <kc (working)> wb
01:23:11 <Graham> nice timing
01:24:08 <Graham> nice one, but OF is due
01:25:26 <ynpvisitor40> I don't like your timing. After waiting more than 3 hours you got home just in time for Grand.
01:27:01 <Graham> :)
01:27:06 <Graham> and I saw BH at work today
01:27:22 <Graham> your dedication to watching for Grand is appreciated
01:27:42 <Graham> Grand is rather late isn't it
01:28:16 <Graham> you are getting to enjoy a lovely eruption now tho
01:28:38 <ynpvisitor97> Good contrast
01:28:46 <Graham> hum, guess 40 really was upset about it
01:29:41 <Graham> this is my reward for being cooped up in a room with 25 testers today
01:35:39 <Graham> OF
02:33:54 <ynpvisitor94> oblong?
03:00:56 <Graham> of
03:29:56 <ynpvisitor94> How come the yellowstone Seismograph has been off?
03:34:13 <ynpvisitor94> Been off for days
03:34:43 <Graham> so is the temp sensor. dunno
03:34:54 <Graham> could be a data problem or seismo not working
03:43:57 <ynpvisitor94> 4 in the last 3 weeks according to them... that seems too few
03:58:56 <Graham> Daisy
04:12:17 <Graham> goodnight
04:13:25 <ynpvisitor100> There was a 2.5 and a 1.1 yesterday afternoon according to my quake feed app
05:05:07 <kcmule> lion 20:04 ini
05:10:39 <ynpvisitor97> No wind
05:11:16 <kcmule> *21:04
06:25:23 <ynpvisitor91> Lion ie
07:21:17 <ynpvisitor100> Northern Lights or Aurora Boriaelis are supposed to be visible as far south as florida tonight