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14:12:18 <ynpvisitor58> of 0612
15:35:52 <ynpvisitor32> .
15:41:12 <Dave from B> Grand with a weird interval? or is it Turban? Oblong not due
15:43:30 <Dave from B> Grand 0738 per GT
15:43:51 <Dave from B> Interval of 10hr19min...ugggh!
15:44:27 <Dave from B> 2 of last 7 seven ints over 10 hours...don't like that at all
16:09:56 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
16:10:09 <Jenna> hi Dave
16:12:13 <Dave from B> Looks liek you had a lot of fun in Michigan!
16:14:27 <Jenna> we had a blast!!
16:15:03 <Jenna> ended up at a few unplanned spots and it turned out great
16:16:58 <Dave from B> Did you go with your sisters or friends?
16:17:30 <Jenna> my sister and a friend
16:18:25 <Dave from B> Nice to get away
16:19:05 <Jenna> it was very relaxing, and only about 4 hrs from home
16:19:18 <Jenna> I am as red as your lobster though lol
16:25:32 <Betty> Morning Jenna, Dave, numbers
16:26:34 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
16:26:53 <Jenna> morning Betty
16:32:43 <Betty> Dave, I think your team has better chances to become World Champion this time.
16:33:56 <Dave from B> I like whoever wins our game tomorrow to win it all
16:34:13 <Dave from B> They definitely played their best game against China
16:34:24 <Betty> My team did not play good enough.
16:34:37 <Dave from B> We're going to the local soccer bar tomorrow night to watch with a crowd.
16:34:54 <Dave from B> I missed your game..France was a quality team
16:35:35 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
16:35:47 <Betty> Time is really bad for me. 1 am:-(
16:36:00 <Betty> Hi Kevin
16:36:49 <Betty> France was better that day, but no luck for them
16:36:51 <Kevin L> Morning.
16:39:23 <Betty> I saw the USA-China game and was very impressed
16:39:55 <Betty> Tunnel is coming, bbl
16:40:28 <Kevin L> Took me a minute to figure that one out.
16:40:38 <Dave from B> They pressured the ball very well that game...many China turnovers
16:41:04 <Dave from B> Has to be coming home from work
16:43:49 <Dave from B> Tilt's Baby ie?
16:46:18 <Dave from B> Happy Friday everyone!:)
16:46:33 <Mario> Hi Dave
16:46:39 <Kevin L> That was a quick week.
16:47:39 <Jenna> I wish!
16:53:39 <Jenna> Riverside
16:54:22 <Dave from B> Morning kc
16:54:30 <Dave from B> and Mario:)
17:01:32 <kc (working)> mornin
17:14:54 <Jenna> OF 0914
17:20:01 <Kevin L> I am hoping that we missed an Aurum eruption, but I am guessing not.
17:20:54 <ynpvisitor63> LC
17:22:03 <Kevin L> Long tunnel!
17:22:12 <Betty> bah
17:22:19 <Betty> home now
17:22:49 <Betty> did I write tunnel is coming?
17:23:08 <Kevin L> Yes.
17:23:26 <Kevin L> Sound like a long day at work too.
17:23:33 <Betty> meant train is going into the tunnel
17:24:03 <Kevin L> We assumed that.
17:24:05 <Betty> tunnel is about 2 miles long
17:24:26 <Betty> you know me :-p
17:25:00 <Betty> tunnel is coming is real German English
17:25:04 <Kevin L> That is a long tunnel
17:25:17 <Betty> yes
17:25:36 <Betty> 2 tunnels on my way
17:29:21 <Betty> just checked it and I think I pushed it a bit, it´s only 1200 metres long :-p
17:29:40 <Betty> but feels like 2 miles :-D
17:30:11 <Kevin L> I ca relate.
17:30:22 <Betty> hehe
17:32:14 <Kevin L> I went through Feather River canyon in thes last car of a train pulled by a steam engine. There are some long tunnels. Got a bit intense at the end of a few. Very smoky.
17:32:56 <Betty> I bet
17:34:39 <Betty> 10 km south of my home there´s the Krähbergtunnel. It is Germany´s longest singletrack tunnel with 3100 m
17:40:02 <Kevin L> I think there is one on Feather river that is over 1.5 miles. Several others between .5 and 1.0 miles.
17:42:43 <Kevin L> Looks like a hot one today. 95 at 0830. Low last night of 88 at 0400.
17:43:09 <Betty> puh, really hot
17:43:48 <Betty> 79 here right now
17:44:08 <Kevin L> We get these temps every year but usually about August.
17:44:54 <Betty> yes, I know those temps in LV in Aug/Sept
17:46:10 <Dave from B> We're trying hard to reach triple digits for the first time this year today
17:46:30 <Dave from B> only 74 right now
17:46:48 <Betty> do you like it that hot, Dave?
17:47:05 <Betty> I like it only on holiday
17:47:32 <Dave from B> My wfie loves it...just okay for me...I like 75-85
17:48:24 <Betty> 65-70 is ok for me, I can´t deal the heat that good
17:52:11 <Kevin L> I like it about 75 - 85 but I can deal with heat better than cold. I guess growing up in the desert does that to you.
17:52:30 <Kevin L> I really like the low humidity. High humidity drives me nuts!
17:53:29 <Betty> was really looking forward to my new laboratory last year (they said it will be airconditioned). But somehow they forgot to order it right. Now it´s only a fan that´s whirling the hot air produced by my fridges and incubators. not cool at all :-(
17:53:45 <Betty> LC
17:54:08 <Kevin L> Labs can be hot even on cool days.
17:54:29 <Betty> they can not, they are!
17:55:44 <Kevin L> It will be interesting to see what BH does today.
17:56:20 <Betty> yes, was really surprising yesterday
17:57:47 <Betty> nice trolley for a broken leg
17:59:56 <Kevin L> Went about 10m before I got home.
18:00:24 <Betty> bummer
18:01:20 <Kevin L> Grilled some brats yesterday. Just did them on a bun with horseradish brown mustard. They were awesome. 10 of them were gone in about 10m.
18:01:59 <Betty> yummy
18:02:45 <Dave from B> Kevin, hopefully the rest of the fuuny has some to eat as well.:)
18:02:47 <Kevin L> It was funny. The juices in them started boiling then I got a bunch of little pinhole geysers in them!
18:04:03 <Betty> .
18:04:04 <Betty> .
18:04:04 <Betty> .
18:04:04 <Betty> .
18:04:05 <Betty> .
18:04:05 <Betty> .
18:04:07 <Betty> .
18:04:09 <Betty> indy
18:04:24 <Dave from B> Yahoo!
18:04:40 <Kevin L> Can't believe you catch those Betty!
18:04:51 <Betty> :-)
18:05:01 <Betty> one of my easiest
18:05:36 <Betty> do you sent text, Kevin?
18:05:57 <Dave from B> got it
18:06:06 <Betty> good
18:06:07 <Kevin L> Txt sent
18:06:19 <ynpvisitor71> ty for the txt
18:06:26 <Kevin L> Looks like a Ranger tour caught it!
18:06:42 <Betty> great timing for them
18:06:54 <Betty> hi ge
18:07:04 <ge (working)> Hi, Betty
18:07:47 <Betty> Kitt is there!
18:08:24 <Dave from B> That might be just a lage gaggle of gazers...lots of people there this week.
18:09:36 <Mario> Splashing in Lion
18:12:13 <Eric> Morning
18:12:19 <Betty> Lion looks good
18:12:21 <Kevin L> hi
18:12:25 <Betty> morning Eric
18:12:51 <Eric> Thanks for the txt...good reason to checkin :-)
18:15:04 <ynpvisitor80> there are lots of gazers there?
18:15:31 <ynpvisitor> Wow, Bettey gets to see a BH!
18:15:54 <ynpvisitor> Whops, Betty, sorry for the extra 'e'
18:15:59 <Betty> :-D
18:16:22 <ynpvisitor> Is Dave awake?
18:16:35 <Dave from B> Yep
18:17:09 <Dave from B> Betty, please make 10 hour interval Grands go away!
18:17:15 <Kevin L> Awake yes, but he may not be all here!
18:17:25 <Betty> haha
18:17:46 <ynpvisitor> Lion is stalking bh
18:17:59 <Dave from B> Haven't been all anywhere for a long time!:)
18:18:13 <Kevin L> It likes honey!
18:18:23 <Eric> You don't have your countdown number anymore Dave
18:18:41 <ynpvisitor80> when do you leave Dave?
18:19:16 <Betty> I can hear Kitt now: climb Bee!
18:19:28 <Kevin L> That was a quick start!
18:19:47 <ynpvisitor> Indy off early
18:19:53 <Dave from B> Eric, trying not to rub it in!:)
18:19:54 <ynpvisitor80> indy still on
18:19:55 <ynpvisitor> back on short
18:19:58 <Betty> a nice one, with showers to both sides
18:20:07 <Dave from B> Leave Tuesday at 0700
18:20:20 <ynpvisitor80> as in tomorrow Dave?
18:21:17 <Betty> great pulsation
18:21:45 <ynpvisitor80> we might have a better view today than folks on bw
18:21:56 <ynpvisitor> Never
18:22:07 <Betty> I see a poncho :-)
18:22:12 <ynpvisitor80> view, not sound
18:22:37 <Kevin L> Bet there is a nice rainbow at Plume.
18:22:37 <ynpvisitor80> a dry poncho
18:23:31 <Dave from B> 80, Tuesday
18:23:53 <Eric> If he had his countdown...we would know :-P
18:24:17 <Betty> that was nice, have to leave for a while. bbl
18:24:25 <ynpvisitor> No sleep, no count
18:24:37 <Kevin L> bye
18:24:52 <Eric 999+> cya Betty
18:25:15 <Kevin L> Daisy due.
18:26:05 <Eric 999+> Nice Bob!
18:26:19 <Bob 4> 4 days and counting for me :)
18:26:34 <Eric 999+> I need to reduce my number :-(
18:27:18 <DavefromB(8)> Is that better?
18:27:47 <DavefromB(8)> Bob, how long you staying? Will I see you next week?
18:30:29 <DavefromB(8)> Betty, Full moon next week. Look for flashlights!:)
18:30:30 <Bob 4> just 5 days, leave the Tuesday you arrive
18:30:40 <DavefromB(8)> darn
18:31:13 <Bob 4> I'll be in the red Mustang with the top down on the way out
18:31:21 <DavefromB(8)> fun
18:32:42 <ynpvisitor80> Dave full moon is THIS week
18:32:49 <ynpvisitor80> July 2
18:33:12 <ynpvisitor80> Daisy
18:33:47 <ynpvisitor80> also a full moon July 31
18:34:13 <DavefromB(8)> Grrrr....must have been looking at an old calendar...dang gummit
18:34:54 <ynpvisitor80> next week will be a very late moon rise
18:35:07 <ynpvisitor80> this has been the week for moon viewing
18:35:12 <DavefromB(8)> Guess I will be sleeping more next week now
18:35:23 <DavefromB(8)> 80, way to burst my bubble!:D
18:35:29 <ynpvisitor80> well there are still those big flashlights
18:35:37 <ynpvisitor80> better to know now Dave
18:35:44 <DavefromB(8)> It's amazing how close Venus and Jupiter are this week!
18:35:59 <ynpvisitor80> they are so fun to watch
18:37:50 <Kevin L> That went early!
18:39:50 <DavefromB(8)> I do not want to sit at Grand for 4 hours...can you fix that, 80?
18:40:38 <ynpvisitor80> ha ha, if only Dave
18:41:16 <ynpvisitor80> do laps to Oblong? that would prevent sitting for 4 hours, or go check on Sawmill group
18:41:42 <DavefromB(8)> Our distant relatives who took our reservations last week will be visiting us tonight. Can't wait to hear about their trip.
18:42:14 <DavefromB(8)> Both good ideas, 80. I'm ready to do some walking and biking
18:43:50 <Bob 4> If it doesn't erupt after 7 hours, go for lunch and come back?
18:44:18 <Kevin L> Bring your sleeping bag?
18:44:49 <Bob 4> definitely bring a golf umbrella and plenty of water
18:45:15 <Bob 4> and a big book?
18:46:51 <Jenna> a game of monopoly?
18:47:25 <DavefromB(8)> Bob, I like your leave for lunch idea the best...Nothing happens during hours 8 and 9!
18:47:40 <DavefromB(8)> With heavy paper money?
18:49:18 <Bob 4> set up a pizza delivery service for hours 8-9
18:50:11 <Kevin L> As long as they deliver DariGold choclote milk with it!
18:50:33 <Bob 4> or fish tacos!
18:51:22 <Eric 999+> Dave is opening a fish taco truck at OF?
18:51:43 <Bob 4> no, Grand
18:51:49 <Eric 999+> Nice
18:52:27 <Kevin L> Have it drive up and down the bike path
18:52:43 <Eric 999+> Taco Bike?
18:53:33 <Kevin L> It would be fun to propose that and see the response.
18:53:52 <Bob 4> the gazers would love it
18:54:21 <Eric 999+> If they sold cold beer like a golf course around the BW...the park would need no federal funds :-P
18:54:47 <Kevin L> It would be a big money maker.
18:55:05 <Bob 4> Eric the plus sign will not display, an HTML thing
18:55:31 <Eric 999+> That is so weird...I did not do that.
18:56:00 <Eric 999+> For some reason this chat hey a name change deja vu
18:56:07 <Eric 999+> hey = had
19:09:04 <kc (working)> lion
19:09:06 <Kevin L> Lion
19:09:11 <DavefromB(8)> LION 1109
19:09:22 <DavefromB(8)> or was that 08?
19:09:28 <kc (working)> that only took 40 seconds to post
19:10:05 <kc (working)> yes chat delay
19:21:16 <Kevin L> If you wanted to do something like read War & Peace, now would be a good time.
19:22:38 <kc (working)> was lion an ini, i havent been watching close enough to be sure
19:24:47 <Kevin L> I think so.
19:29:55 <kc (working)> ok ty
19:30:01 <DavefromB(8)> 2 initials already I hear 3?
19:30:13 <DavefromB(8)> I'd rather have longer series myself
19:33:04 <kc (working)> longer series and north goggles gets my (meaningless) vote
19:33:09 <ynpvisitor80> no in basin time for Lion
19:33:35 <Kevin L> Oblong?
19:39:45 <DavefromB(8)> yes...1130 on gt
19:40:05 <Mario> cccz
19:44:41 <DavefromB(8)> Mario, a new type of sleeping?
19:47:35 <Mario> haha sorry I have a cat who likes to walk across my keyboard :)
19:48:01 <DavefromB(8)> :D
20:14:59 <Kevin L> OF 1213
20:34:10 <Kevin L> Lion
20:44:16 <Andrew> hello
20:44:27 <Kevin L> Hi
20:50:58 <DavefromB(8)> Sorry, Andrew...they're still sleeping (hibernating)
20:51:05 <DavefromB(8)> Morning, btw
20:51:51 <GO F&M> I know. Any news abut whats going on down there?
20:52:19 <GO F&M> like are they throwing garbage?
20:52:19 <DavefromB(8)> Haven't heard. Good place to start would be to check Firehole River flow levels.
20:56:33 <Kevin L> Daisy
21:24:33 <Betty> I´m back
21:25:22 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
21:25:45 <Betty> that bad?
21:26:09 <Betty> Lion will be soon :-)
21:26:16 <Kevin L> Grand is between now and the next 5 hours. We hope. Still no Aurum.
21:26:32 <Betty> bummer
21:28:27 <Kevin L> I am wondering if I should just cancel this year's trip and find a good fishing hole high up somewhere.
21:29:22 <Betty> then you will miss Ledge
21:30:07 <Betty> and maybe a 25 feet Improbable
21:30:41 <Kevin L> Or wait in vain for a 28h interval Aurum.
21:31:27 <Betty> als, you will find some other nice things Aurum is highly overrated
21:31:55 <Betty> means alas
21:32:09 <Kevin L> It is like a drug though. You get out there and take a look and it seems to hook you.
21:33:10 <Betty> I can relate. Did that on the trip before my last. No success with the evil one
21:34:00 <Kevin L> I have to go up early in the year sometime and see if I can see it on the 4h intervals.
21:34:13 <DavefromB(8)> Kevin, I will wave at you from every other erupting geyser while you wait for 1 Aurum!:)
21:34:28 <Kevin L> :p
21:35:09 <Betty> bah, Dave. Not nice of you
21:35:39 <DavefromB(8)> Well, if Kevin is gonna be stubborn!:):)
21:35:59 <Betty> I know Aurum will go when he´s sitting in the Geyser Grill for a burger :-)
21:36:29 <Kevin L> That is F&M
21:36:52 <Betty> you were training with F&M
21:37:04 <GO F&M> geyser grill=lower hams?
21:37:38 <DavefromB(8)> geyser grill is connected to Snow Lodge
21:38:03 <GO F&M> oh
21:38:12 <Eric 999> OF
21:38:27 <Betty> Eric 999?
21:38:55 <Eric 999> haha, that's how many days before I am at yellowstone :-(
21:39:06 <Betty> is that your countdown?
21:39:21 <Betty> poor guy :-p
21:39:29 <Eric 999> Yes, but I could not add the infinity symbol
21:39:30 <DavefromB(8)> Maybe you should just use the infinity symbol instead?:)...boy I'm mean today:D
21:39:39 <Eric 999> so 999 was as close as I could get
21:39:41 <DavefromB(8)> That is funny...we think alike!
21:39:43 <Betty> haha
21:39:58 <Eric 999> yep
21:40:12 <Eric 999> I am just going to work on reducing the number
21:40:22 <Eric 999> You gotta start somehwere
21:40:33 <DavefromB(8)> Eric, you have to be coming in less than 999...Do I need to talk to your wife?
21:40:44 <Eric 999> Yes!
21:40:59 <Betty (62)> that looks good :-)
21:40:59 <DavefromB(8)> What does she like about Yellowstone?
21:41:27 <Eric (999)> She likes it all, but it's faster for us to fly to it's a tough argument
21:41:28 <DavefromB(8)> Even Jenna's number is less than 999!
21:41:35 <GO F&M> i like cafteria
21:41:57 <DavefromB(8)> I like my cooler, Andrew!:)
21:42:25 <Kevin L> Ugly umbrella
21:42:43 <Betty (62)> haha, thought the same. too big
21:43:06 <Kevin L> Looked like a beach umbrella.
21:43:17 <Kevin L> Need a good camo umbrella here!
21:44:20 <Betty (62)> Will is posting beaches
21:44:31 <Betty (62)> Lion
21:44:34 <Kevin L> Getting some action from Lion now.
21:45:21 <Betty (62)> don´t dare to zoom?
21:45:41 <Betty (62)> a minor
21:46:17 <Kevin L> Want to keep an eye on Grand & Aurum also
21:52:10 <Kevin L> Streaming works great on iPad, but choppy on the desktop.
21:53:43 <Betty (62)> LC
22:07:31 <ynpvisitor32> what does Crystal Spring do when it erupts?
22:11:02 <Betty (62)> Don´t even know the location of Crystal Spring...
22:12:35 <Kevin L> Southeast Utah.
22:12:35 <GO F&M> time to go dig up scott byran
22:13:18 <Betty (62)> Lion
22:14:12 <Kevin L> Wait. It is Crystal Geyser in SE Utah.
22:14:12 <Betty (62)> ge,post takes long to show up
22:16:11 <Betty (62)> don´t miss Aurum
22:17:19 <Betty (62)> .
22:17:24 <Kevin L> GT is slow also.
22:17:40 <Betty (62)> 35 sec delay
22:18:55 <GO F&M> for whoever asked about crystal spring
22:18:57 <GO F&M>
22:20:02 <Betty (62)> thanks
22:22:17 <Betty (62)> crystal Spring is deleted from GT
22:23:22 <Betty (62)> is that a cat??
22:23:43 <Betty (62)> no, a dog
22:24:50 <Betty (62)> 1421 Turban D2
22:26:13 <Betty (62)> LC
22:26:41 <ynpvisitor32> interesting. I remember another time when there was a controversy about it erupting, Thanks
22:38:49 <ynpvisitor97> the sky erupted
22:40:10 <Eric (999)> rain storm
22:40:11 <Eric (999)> SC
22:41:51 <Kevin L> Looks wet
22:43:57 <Eric (999)> anybody else getting errors loading here and GT?
22:44:42 <ynpvisitor726> I can not open the predictions web page
22:44:55 <Kevin L> GT has been slow as have posts here.
22:45:56 <ynpvisitor726> It took about 35 seconds to post very slow
22:46:27 <ynpvisitor726> I get bad gateway for prediction web page
22:47:37 <Eric (999)> So is GT hosted by Paul also?
22:48:56 <ynpvisitor32> .
22:54:23 <ynpvisitor32> .
22:55:11 <Eric (999)> working better now...maybe
22:55:47 <Betty (62)> looks like Turban
22:56:17 <ynpvisitor32> D3
22:56:42 <Betty (62)> no D4
22:57:10 <Kevin L> Probably will go. OF window now
23:01:27 <Betty (62)> LC
23:05:43 <DavefromB(8)> @$%@^^ GRand
23:06:17 <ynpvisitor726> G.T works much better now
23:06:19 <Betty (62)> bet it goes on the next
23:06:19 <DavefromB(8)> Why pick now to become inconsistent:(
23:06:21 <ynpvisitor726> thank you
23:06:47 <Eric (999)> D11 for Dave?
23:06:59 <Betty (62)> bah
23:07:07 <DavefromB(8)> 4 or 5 Turbans is enough for me in 1 sitting
23:08:15 <Eric (999)> Grand is waiting for OF
23:08:19 <Eric (999)> Nope
23:08:21 <Eric (999)> Grand
23:08:25 <Eric (999)> .
23:08:26 <Eric (999)> .
23:08:27 <Eric (999)> .
23:08:27 <Betty (62)> whoooo
23:08:28 <DavefromB(8)> There she blows
23:08:39 <Betty (62)> nice start
23:08:49 <Eric (999)> Yep, you were right Betty :-)
23:09:00 <Kevin L> :(
23:09:15 <Eric (999)> I was hoping for one more D
23:12:06 <DavefromB(8)> I'm with you Eric, but we are in the minority
23:14:13 <Kevin L> Why couldn't this be the early OF?
23:15:21 <Betty (62)> Bet Aurum will be soon
23:15:27 <Betty (62)> OF
23:18:17 <Betty (62)> 2nd
23:18:36 <Betty (62)> the whole program
23:21:13 <Betty (62)> both Anemones
23:21:19 <Betty (62)> Daisy
23:23:52 <DavefromB(8)> Really short Turban intervals on last Grand
23:24:07 <DavefromB(8)> 17, 17, 17 ,16, 11
23:34:22 <Betty (62)> LC
23:35:49 <Betty (62)> Improbable
23:36:16 <Kevin L> ?
23:36:35 <Betty (62)> small splashing
23:40:09 <Eric (999)> Those are strange intervals Dave
23:41:37 <DavefromB(8)> There were some 17's yesterday as well
23:41:49 <DavefromB(8)> I thought 18 and 19 were shortest they got
23:41:55 <DavefromB(8)> The 11 is really weird
23:42:09 <Kevin L> Wish the last one would have been 17
23:57:30 <DavefromB(8)> Hey, Graham
23:58:07 <Kevin L> Saved Aurum for you.
23:58:27 <DavefromB(8)> or, maybe for the next guy after Graham
23:58:41 <Betty (62)> hi and bye Graham. Time for sleep. Night all
23:58:52 <Kevin L> Night
23:58:58 <DavefromB(8)> Got my 12 hours in...I'm outta here. Have a great evening everyone!
23:59:03 <DavefromB(8)> nite, Betty
00:03:12 <Graham> ooohhhh nice of you to save Aurum for my shift
00:05:36 <Graham> other than that, theres nothing left for me
00:10:18 <Graham> wow another 10h Grand interval overnight
00:18:57 <ynpvisitor32> .
00:26:36 <Kevin L> You made it rain!
00:28:38 <Graham> just for you Kevin
00:34:46 <Kevin L> Doesn't rain here this time of year. It steams!
00:40:45 <Graham> we had over 12" of rain this month
00:41:43 <Kevin L> We get between 3" & 4" a year!
00:46:15 <Graham> so I am guessing a foot would not be a good thing?
00:51:22 <Graham> OF
00:55:21 <Kevin L> There have been years when we get a foot. If it is constatnt it isn't too bad. If it comes at once, it is UGLY!
01:59:40 <ynpvisitor73> it looks hazy
02:00:45 <Graham> Daisy
02:04:36 <ynpvisitor73> another 10 hour Grand last night to this morning.
02:05:00 <ynpvisitor73> odd sky
02:20:58 <Andrew> hello
02:21:17 <Graham> hi Andrew. how many days?
02:21:40 <Andrew> 28
02:25:51 <Graham> fluffy
02:25:56 <Graham> thats good, just 4 weeks
02:26:49 <Andrew> oh yeah exactly 4 weeks. Kinda like having a nice amount of summer time as well
02:27:11 <Andrew> after yellowstone I help my brother move and then I start school
02:27:50 <Graham> move could be hard work
02:53:40 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
03:04:20 <kcmule> aurum ie
03:04:43 <kcmule> 1903ie. took nearly a minute to post
03:07:45 <Graham> rats
03:07:53 <Graham> it would go then
03:08:05 <Graham> oh well, Kevin did promis it on my shift
03:19:29 <Kevin L> Guess who else missed it while feeding chickens?
03:48:54 <Graham> while wringing their necks?
03:50:00 <Kevin L> I was cooking their relatives at the time.
03:51:45 <Kevin L> Big BH splash
03:52:10 <Graham> is it time?
03:52:39 <Kevin L> No. Wasn't yesterday either.
03:52:41 <Graham> i guess we just lost the 9h+ interval off GT, so it could come back now
03:57:34 <Graham> 19 Ledge eruption reports so far this year
03:59:16 <Graham> sep
03:59:42 <Kevin L> No, still June.
04:00:14 <Graham> grrrr
04:00:16 <Graham> Dep
04:00:38 <Graham> on that note, i need some sleep
04:00:48 <Graham> and OF is not enough to keep me awake
04:00:50 <Graham> goodnight
04:01:10 <Kevin L> I will take it if Giantess goes.
04:02:47 <Graham> i wil catch the re-runs on kctube