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14:47:33 <DavefromB(4)> Graham is in YNP?
14:47:43 <Michael> That's my impression.
14:49:28 <DavefromB(4)> Wow...thought he was only going over Labor Day. Good for Graham!
14:49:35 <DavefromB(4)> Morning Michael
14:49:59 <Michael> Is the (4) counting off days for you?
14:50:16 <DavefromB(4)> Yes...getting close now
14:52:25 <Michael> Old Faithful 6:52
14:52:30 <Michael> Very Pretty.
14:53:18 <Michael> How much of the family is going?
14:54:21 <DavefromB(4)> Becca and I are leaving Tuesday for 5 nights. 3 others will be coming up on Friday.
14:58:42 <Michael> Daisy 6:58ie
15:00:02 <Michael> Sounds nice. I hope Team USA sends you off with a victory this weekend!
15:00:59 <DavefromB(4)> That would be fun. I still remember the loss 4 years ago. Time for revenge!:)
15:16:35 <Michael> Grand 7:!6
15:32:08 <Michael> Good start to the day. Time to go push around the lawnmower.
15:32:53 <DavefromB(4)> Wow....picked a good time to be gone:(
15:33:02 <DavefromB(4)> Bye, Michael....Enjoy your holiday weekend
15:43:41 <Kevin L> I am liking those shorter Grand & BH intervals.
15:46:56 <DavefromB(4)> Morning Kevin. Yes, I like 6's
15:47:20 <Kevin L> Looks like a good day to go to the chicken food store.
15:47:36 <DavefromB(4)> Grand seems to do abrupt changes in intervals this year. Wonder what causes that.
16:18:18 <Kevin L> Hi Jenna
16:21:18 <Jenna> good morning Kevin
16:21:36 <Jenna> any big plans for the 4th?
16:22:26 <Kevin L> Blow up the mailbox, watch grown men crash expensive cars, EAT!
16:22:53 <Jenna> sounds fun!
16:23:03 <Jenna> OF
16:24:39 <Kevin L> Add ride train to that.
16:24:58 <Jenna> well of course!
16:26:17 <DavefromB(4)> Taxes in your mailbox?:)
16:27:50 <Kevin L> Blowing up mailbox has become a tradition. When I was in the service in Texas we decided to make a black powder bomb (back before that was a felony). We had no idea of the power of the thing. We thought it would be cool in the mailbox so we put it there lit the fuse and back off a bit (but not far enough).
16:29:30 <Kevin L> When it went off it blew the top of the thing about 500' in the air, wrapped the bottom and back around the pole, sent the door somewhere east (never found it) and caused some poor guy driving down the road to have to stop and change his Pampers (he thought it was cool though).
16:29:46 <Kevin L> We just use a pack of firecrackers now.
16:30:31 <DavefromB(4)> haha
16:30:32 <Jenna> haha
16:32:19 <Kevin L> We did have to buy a new mailbox early the next morning so we could get mail on the 5th.
16:34:23 <Jenna> do you have a new mailbox already bought this time?
16:37:04 <Kevin L> The firecrackers just open the door. It does make a fun show and the kids love it.
16:37:20 <Jenna> oh ok
17:33:59 <DavefromB(4)> Daisy ie
17:43:51 <DavefromB(4)> Castle ie
17:53:48 <DavefromB(4)> oblong?
17:54:30 <DavefromB(4)> Thinking too far right
17:55:45 <Kevin L> Not possible Dave.
17:56:38 <DavefromB(4)> haha...nice political reference
18:49:59 <DavefromB(4)> Oblong was 0947 per GT
19:35:23 <DavefromB(4)> Good morning Jake
19:37:40 <Jake> hello
19:57:22 <DavefromB(4)> Hi, Daisy
19:57:56 <betty (lurking)> Hi DavefromB(4)
19:58:25 <DavefromB(4)> :)...haven'tb een bolded for awhile...Thanks, Betty, the lurker!
19:58:39 <betty (lurking)> busy before holiday weekend?
19:59:23 <betty (lurking)> :-D
20:01:34 <betty (lurking)> bbl
20:06:46 <DavefromB(4)> It has been busy today
20:22:44 <Kevin L> Back from chicken food store.
20:24:38 <Kevin L> Be afk for a bit making apple cinnamon rolls from fres piked (baked) apples.
20:25:10 <Jenna> do they ship well Kevin? :)
20:25:24 <DavefromB(4)> Please bring some next week!:)
20:25:41 <kc(nonworking)> time for the beer food store soon here
20:26:10 <DavefromB(4)> Yeah, kc is done working!
20:56:06 <Kevin L> These are a lot of work! Going to do applesauce cookie for the grand daughter too
20:56:38 <Kevin L> Don't think they would ship well Jenna. Bet there are also gone about an hour after they are made!
20:58:29 <DavefromB(4)> Jenna, it sounds like Kevin doesn't want to share!:D
20:59:09 <Jenna> no it doesn't!
20:59:16 <Kevin L> I have a feeling I will be attacked as soon as they are don!
21:08:54 <ynpvisitor59> OF 1307
21:16:54 <ynpvisitor44> lots of people in your store today Jake?
21:17:43 <Jake> I think it's been average
21:18:08 <ynpvisitor44> seems like a lot of people are there
21:18:37 <ynpvisitor44> 3 Grand intervals with a 6 for the hour...wonder if that will keep up
21:19:00 <ynpvisitor44> 6 hr 12 min last night, I bet folks missed that one
21:19:58 <ynpvisitor44> and this morning's Grand was 13 minutes, 30 can learn a lot on GT!
21:35:40 <kc(nonworking)> grand
21:35:45 <kc(nonworking)> .
21:36:20 <Jake> 1335 in basin call
21:36:55 <Jake> nice and early for those out in the hot sun!
21:37:03 <Kevin L> I am liking these shorter intervals
22:12:37 <Jenna> Dave would agree
22:12:42 <Jenna> Daisy
22:35:19 <ynpvisitor77> Is graham in the basin?
22:35:57 <Jake> I think so, or he has super webcam vision
22:37:58 <ynpvisitor77> Thanks, Any news from the rock pile?
22:51:56 <Jenna> Lion
23:12:28 <Michael> Will probably duck in and out a lot this afternoon. Let's call it Beehive Roulette.
23:18:52 <DavefromB(4)> Yes...nice Grand interval!:)
23:22:05 <Jake> BHI
23:22:14 <Jake> ding a ling
23:22:18 <Jake> 1521
23:23:07 <Jake> ding
23:23:08 <Jake> dong
23:23:09 <Jake> ding
23:23:10 <Jake> dong
23:23:11 <Jake> ding
23:23:12 <Michael> Thanks for the update
23:23:13 <Jake> dong
23:23:14 <Michael> .
23:23:14 <Michael> .
23:23:15 <Michael> .
23:23:21 <Michael> I can make noise too.
23:24:10 <Michael> Kevin!
23:24:15 <Michael> Dave!
23:24:20 <Michael> kc!
23:24:26 <Michael> Jenna!
23:24:33 <Michael> lt!
23:25:03 <Jenna> I'm here!
23:28:00 <Michael> not a very successful roll call...
23:31:28 <Jenna> it was for me
23:31:39 <Jenna> no alert?
23:31:55 <Michael> I'm not on the text system...can't help there.
23:31:58 <Jake> I don't think anyone's around to send
23:32:02 <Jenna> ok
23:32:08 <Jenna> I can text Dave?
23:32:25 <Jake> we need to make it so GT can send it
23:32:35 <Jenna> nevermind, don't have his # in my new phone
23:32:37 <Jenna> agreed!
23:32:45 <Jenna> oh there we go
23:33:14 <Jenna> well I got the email, no text yet
23:33:18 <Andrew> ah bee time
23:33:23 <Andrew> text came for me
23:35:00 <Kevin L> Nice timing for me. Just got the cinnamon rolls in the pans to rise. Need 20 minutes for that!
23:38:05 <ynpvisitor72> Perfect breeze for visibility :)
23:38:35 <Michael> And everyone who wanted a shower is getting one.
23:39:33 <DavefromB(4)> missed that one...almost
23:40:20 <DavefromB(4)> wow...a lot sooner than I was expecting
23:41:54 <Kevin L> Did you see there is a new birdie static cam?
23:42:07 <Michael> Noo will go look for it now.
23:42:21 <Kevin L> On the main cam page.
23:44:54 <Michael> That's an awfully nice picture.
00:03:00 <Andrew> lion 1603
00:16:06 <Kevin L> BTW thanks to whoever it was that sent the BH txt. It was appreciated!
00:25:34 <Kevin L> Daisy
00:46:41 <DavefromB(4)> Time to close the market for the evening. Have a great evening everyone!
00:50:07 <ynpvisitor72> bye Dave
01:02:29 <Kevin L> wb Betty!
01:02:56 <Betty> hi Kevin
01:03:51 <Betty> I like these BH intervals
01:04:08 <Betty> good to see 2 a day
01:05:43 <Betty> and even Grand returned to the short ones
01:08:08 <Betty> surprised to see Graham in-basin-reports. Did not know he planned a visit
01:41:50 <ynpvisitor62> where is the OF crowd?
01:55:09 <Kevin L> 5h Aurum too. Interesting.
02:48:03 <ynpvisitor86> Daisy ie 18:51
04:40:20 <Michael> grand 2039
04:52:44 <Michael> Would have loved a 2nd burst in this lighting, but it was a nice eruption none the less.
04:57:33 <Michael> Old Faithful 2057ie.
05:15:31 <Michael> Daisy 2115
06:56:55 <ynpvisitor35> hi