Showing logs for date: 2015-07-05
13:09:34 <Betty> Daisy ie
13:30:29 <Betty> OF way ie
14:32:35 <ynpvisitor17> Ledge day
14:33:04 <Betty> yay :-)
16:34:21 <ynpvisitor17> of
17:28:54 <ynpvisitor37> Aurum 0928 ie webcam
17:31:01 <ynpvisitor17> Grand
17:31:23 <ynpvisitor17> Wish it was lagging today.
17:41:43 <ynpvisitor17> Interesting 2nd. Late and not very tall.
17:45:02 <ynpvisitor37> Castle if you didn't know
17:47:33 <ynpvisitor17> Pretty high spikes on Castle.
18:18:29 <ynpvisitor17> Looks like Daisy ie
21:07:02 <Michael> oblong ie, maybe
21:07:44 <Michael> Daisy 13:07
21:14:43 <Michael> OF 13:14
21:29:18 <Michael> Rvierside ie, probably.
21:30:31 <ynpvisitor12> looks like it
21:31:42 <Michael> If it hadn't been "the right time for Riverside" I would never have seen it.
21:50:47 <ynpvisitor12> lion
22:26:15 <Michael> Hi Betty.
22:26:45 <Betty> hello Michael
22:27:15 <Betty> how is your holiday weekend?
22:28:06 <Michael> Relatively quiet, but I don't mind it that way.
22:28:43 <Michael> Some years the neighbors set off fireworks in heir yard, And the rest of uscome over with beverages to watch.
22:29:34 <Betty> sounds good. But they do the fireworks not before the dark?
22:31:10 <Michael> The official town fireworks are at 2145 or 2200. The neighborhood ones start as soon as teenagers run out of other things to do.
22:31:53 <Betty> haha, that´s always a good thing for them I bet
22:32:09 <Michael> How was your weekend?
22:32:50 <Betty> VERY hot. I cannot remember we ever had temperatures that high
22:34:15 <Betty> 102 here in the afternoon
22:34:31 <Michael> The "siesta" is a useful invention for days like that.
22:35:38 <Michael> As Kevin says, at least you don't have to shovel heat.
22:36:20 <Betty> :-p but we are not used to temperatures like this
22:36:44 <Betty> we don´t have any ACs
22:37:59 <Betty> bad thing is it does not evenn cool down at night
22:38:15 <Michael> Or Beehive showers...
22:38:36 <Betty> :-D you got it
22:41:28 <Michael> A package of frozen peas is a good ice-pack. I think you can use and re-freeze it several times.
22:41:58 <Betty> good idea
22:42:11 <lt> just make sure you mark them as not-for-eating after you let them thaw.
22:42:33 <Betty> hehe. Hi lt
22:43:15 <lt> hi Betty. sorry it's so hot to be miserable. I've been through my share of that.
22:43:22 <lt> with no AC in the past.
22:44:14 <Betty> no problem. I take it as training for LV in August :-)
22:45:36 <lt> probably a good call. I'm doing two days there in August but plan to hide inside most of the time
22:49:44 <Betty> OF
23:01:14 <Betty> hi kcmule
23:02:01 <kcmule> hi Betty
23:04:15 <Betty> you just start your shift?
23:04:23 <Betty> Lion
23:05:13 <kcmule> yep
23:05:40 <Betty> hopefully get BH soon
23:20:26 <Michael> It's odd to see so few gazers at Beehive. I wonder if they are all waiting on Ledge this afternoon.
23:21:06 <Betty> I think they are at Ledge
23:22:24 <ynpvisitor12> Almost no in-basin times on GT today.
23:36:29 <Kevin L> Yea! no BH yet!
23:37:37 <Kevin L> I will be lurking waiting on a txt.
23:38:22 <Michael> Good idea. Don't let it know you're here.
23:38:57 <Kevin L> Betty, I found the American equivalent to German 405 flour!
23:39:18 <Kevin L> Good point. I will probably be lurking out of cell phone range.....
23:50:33 <Michael> Daisy
00:04:43 <Betty> streaming down?
00:05:07 <Betty> bah
00:05:25 <Betty> Hi Kevin!
00:05:48 <Betty> Great you found the flour
00:10:36 <Michael> Argh. Couldn't the stream have waited until kickoff before breaking?
00:15:10 <kcmule> i am able to get the stream on the direct vlc feed, but not on web browser
00:15:32 <kcmule> aaand we have indy, of course
00:15:34 <kcmule> .
00:15:35 <kcmule> .
00:15:36 <kcmule> .
00:15:38 <Betty> yep
00:15:50 <kcmule> sending txt
00:16:13 <Betty> LC
00:17:10 <kcmule> if anyone needs this, open this network stream in vlc player:
00:17:18 <Betty> I have streaming on my phone
00:17:52 <kcmule> it does not appear to be working here:
00:19:56 <Kevin L> Works on the Ipad too.
00:20:29 <Kevin L> From the official NPS site!
00:20:35 <Betty> we are in Grand window too
00:22:18 <Betty> and OF window
00:23:31 <kcmule> departing lion window unfortunately
00:24:19 <kcmule> OF
00:24:44 <Kevin L> Lion looks happy now.
00:28:51 <kcmule> hopefully grand will not pick now
00:29:27 <kcmule> bh 16:29
00:30:27 <Kevin L> Some body got wet!
00:30:44 <Michael> Couldn't convince any of my media players to recognizer the network stream. So you'll have to narrate for me.
00:31:05 <kcmule> no go in vlc either?
00:32:09 <kcmule> tall white and fluffy, top of the bursts disappearing into the clouds a bit
00:32:25 <Kevin L> Split the customers on the bw eruption
00:32:50 <Michael> Nope. Got three error messages. Maybe my version isn't current.
00:33:25 <kcmule> if you're not already, open as network stream
00:33:38 <kcmule> control-n on mine
00:33:53 <kcmule> or media tab->open network stream
00:34:21 <Michael> It works!
00:34:36 <kcmule> ah just in time to watch steam
00:35:01 <Kevin L> Back to cooking.
00:35:26 <kcmule> grand waited
00:35:48 <kcmule> a turban time would sure be nice
00:35:48 <Michael> Good enough. The tall part was just blending into the clouds anyway.
00:35:59 <kcmule> g
00:36:40 <ynpvisitor69> No one in basin for Turban times
00:37:01 <Betty> time for sleep. night all. Enjoy the game. Go USA
00:37:15 <Michael> Good night.
00:37:16 <kcmule> nite Betty
00:39:35 <kcmule> wt ie
00:39:56 <Michael> I could believe Turban is going now.
00:41:27 <kcmule> grand
00:41:27 <kcmule> .
00:41:28 <kcmule> .
00:41:29 <kcmule> .
00:41:41 <kcmule> guess we're knockin em all down
00:50:43 <kcmule> offline again
00:51:38 <Michael> nuts.
00:52:09 <Michael> That's my cue to get comfortable in front of theTV.
01:03:53 <ynpvisitor69> USA scores!
01:05:47 <ynpvisitor69> USA scores again!
01:16:19 <ynpvisitor69> 4-0 USA
01:16:31 <kcmule> thats a paddlin
01:16:47 <ynpvisitor69> Clinic for sure
01:50:03 <kcmule> OF
01:57:48 <Michael> My stream is working again. Glad the outage was temporary.
02:26:22 <kcmule> daisy ie
03:30:25 <kcmule> OF 19:30
04:47:04 <kcmule> penta ie
05:07:15 <kcmule> OF 21:06
05:08:36 <kcmule> no Ledge as of 21:03 per Graham
05:11:58 <kcmule> daisy 21:11ie
05:31:57 <kcmule> oblong ie
05:37:52 <Betty> Evening all. No Ledge? Bummer for Graham