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13:39:14 <ynpvisitor57> Grand ie?
14:32:24 <Art H> Grand?
14:33:34 <Art H> or just lots of tall morning steam ;)
14:35:00 <Art H> Nevermind looks like grand was at 5:34
14:53:16 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
15:02:35 <Art H> morning
15:29:28 <Dave from B> For those who need predictions: BH 0915-1100...Grand 1150-1220
16:03:32 <Dave from B> Hi, Jenna
16:03:48 <Jenna> morning Dave
16:04:32 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
16:05:13 <Dave from B> How many times does a pitcher win when you give up 5 runs before you get an out in the first inning?
16:07:26 <Kevin L> I take it the Dodgers lost last night? I was busy fixing things and didn't see it.
16:08:12 <Dave from B> Grenke gave up 5 runs in the first. He went 3-3 at the plate with his 5th career homer and he won 10-8
16:09:02 <Kevin L> Wow. I think I would have thrown something at the TV and left after the first anyway.
16:09:41 <Kevin L> I think all the games are on TV through the weekend on FS1 or ESPN.
16:10:54 <Dave from B> Playing well but only a few games from being out of the playoffs if they hit a cold streak
16:11:50 <Kevin L> Looks like they are playing like normal for this time of year.
16:17:00 <Betty> Morning all
16:17:36 <Kevin L> Hi Betty. Early today.
16:18:29 <Betty> On the train ;-)
16:20:16 <Kevin L> Until the tunnel!
16:22:33 <Betty> First tunnel in 15 min, second in 25 min. And after those bad connection:-p
16:24:05 <Betty> We are at 100 at the moment. Hard to deal that here
16:24:51 <Kevin L> Suposed to be a good chance of auroras tonight.
16:25:24 <Kevin L> Very hot year for you Betty. We are not supposed to make it to 100 today or tomorrow!
16:25:41 <Betty> Ah, ok. Will have a look this evening
16:26:07 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty...How long beofre you are home and in front of your computer?
16:26:42 <Kevin L> BTW did you see I finally got an Aurum yesterday? First one I nailed while driving since I left the park. Saw 1 earlier in the week but it was OF window so no zoom.
16:27:04 <Dave from B> Congrats!
16:27:15 <Betty> Will Be late today. I'm having a small party tonight
16:27:34 <Dave from B> I don't think BH is going to wait for you today then!:)
16:27:59 <Betty> Nope
16:29:00 <Kevin L> My prediction is 1100 - 1300 or 1700 - 2000.
16:31:09 <Betty> I'll buy the 2nd
16:34:01 <Dave from B> You two are both too late
16:34:23 <Betty> Haha
16:34:27 <Kevin L> I hope so.
16:36:11 <Betty> I tried to convince my brother to log in to this chat, but he's so shy
16:37:08 <Kevin L> Doesn't matter much if he stays a number until he is more comfortable.
16:38:28 <Betty> I think he generally doesn't log in
16:39:15 <Betty> Maybe I can make him next week
16:42:00 <Betty> Ok, the dark side of my life is getting near. Bbl to some and a great weekend to the others
16:42:13 <Dave from B> So. there is more than 1 geyser junkie in your family?:)
16:43:01 <Betty> Yes, but only one more ( unfortunately)
16:43:26 <Kevin L> A bit tougher for you guys to see them though.
16:43:55 <Betty> But not impossible
16:45:41 <Betty> See you later
16:46:02 <Kevin L> Bye
17:07:22 <Mario> Time for a nice long Lion series...
17:08:03 <Kevin L> We sure has a great one yesterday.
17:12:36 <Jenna> OF
17:14:19 <Dave from B> Ryan is reporting that it appears series ended this morning
17:14:58 <Kevin L> It was huffing and puffing trying to blow the basin down....
17:34:24 <Mario> Haha Kevin, nice. That should be Wolf geyser, not Lion...
17:39:35 <Kevin L> Lot of customers at BH.
17:40:55 <Dave from B> We're in my window!:)
17:41:04 <yup visitors> Bhi
17:41:05 <yup visitors> Now
17:41:08 <yup visitors> Ryan
17:41:11 <yup visitors> Ding
17:41:13 <yup visitors> Ding
17:41:14 <yup visitors> Ding
17:41:15 <yup visitors> Ding
17:41:17 <yup visitors> Ding
17:41:23 <Jenna> good job Dave
17:41:25 <Kevin L> I will send txt
17:41:43 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin (and Jenna:))
17:41:47 <yup visitors> 941 start
17:42:26 <Jenna> yw and thanks Ryan
17:42:29 <Jenna> good plan you had this morning
17:58:07 <Jenna> BH ie
18:01:46 <yup visitors> You guys got that start right?!
18:02:04 <Mario> Explosive start
18:02:05 <Kevin L> yes
18:02:08 <Kevin L> ty
18:02:27 <ynpvisitor5> Karl says 0956 and he must be there
18:06:12 <Eric(28)> Dang...just missed Bee :-(
18:06:40 <Eric(28)> Morning everyone
18:06:50 <Kevin L> Giantess hasn't gone yet...
18:07:03 <Mario> Morning Eric
18:12:54 <Dave from B> Grrr....missed it
18:13:43 <ynpvisitor10> just early like I am
18:14:19 <Dave from B> DAISY ie
18:14:54 <ynpvisitor10> would call it a ns if it were me
18:17:06 <ynpvisitor10> lots of watchers
18:17:21 <Eric(28)> Morning Dave...I missed it too.
18:18:21 <Dave from B> Morning Eric.....contractor was here fixing lighting issue
18:18:51 <Eric(28)> I was pulling my RV out and getting ready for some camping over the weekend.
18:19:06 <Kevin L> You even predicted it Dave!
18:19:06 <ynpvisitor10> warranty work already?
18:19:08 <Eric(28)> Both good excuses :-P
18:19:39 <Kevin L> You don't take your phone with you Eric?
18:20:37 <Eric(28)> No...I was just outside my house moving it around to get it loaded.
18:20:45 <ynpvisitor10> who needs a phone? he is going camping
18:20:51 <Dave from B> Lighting codes require computerized systems that take a brain surgeon to figure is ridiculous
18:21:15 <Eric(28)> Agree 10...only reason I take a phone to YNP is for GT :-D
18:21:45 <ynpvisitor10> a switch is not good enough in B
18:22:05 <Eric(28)> Higher a 10 year old Dave...they will figure it out in short order and work for near free.
18:22:08 <Dave from B> evidently not
18:23:10 <Kevin L> Heading out. Enjoy Giantess.
18:23:11 <ynpvisitor10> I like the people that try and build a house off grid. No power no need for lights. Inspectors say you need lights, not power.
18:23:39 <Kevin L> Kerosene?
18:25:23 <Dave from B> matches:)
18:25:28 <ynpvisitor10> Electric code is spacific about light switches at the top of stairs and such. To get a certificate of occupancy you need power and plumbing inspections.
18:26:27 <ynpvisitor10> Then there is smoke detectors and power backup for those in case the battery goes dead. All kind sof things that make no matter if you do not have power.
18:27:29 <Eric(28)> Interesting topic 10
18:30:34 <ynpvisitor10> I can see rules to have have a way to get out of a cooler if the door closes on you, Even a lighted switch inside. But to require computerized lighting sounds like a way to get payback from the lighting companies.
18:31:24 <ynpvisitor10> Plus what do you do in 3 years when you can no longer get parts becuase they came up with a different system?
18:32:09 <ynpvisitor10> That choice should be an option, not a requirement.
18:33:17 <ynpvisitor67> sorry to interupt- does anyone know if the July YNP visitor stats are out yet, or where we look to find them?
18:33:57 <ynpvisitor10> Dave? You predicted 1 mill. Any idea?
18:34:20 <ynpvisitor10> And there is no interuption
18:34:42 <ynpvisitor67> :)
18:34:45 <Eric(28)> I have not seen anything yet
18:34:47 <Eric(28)> on stats
18:35:46 <Eric(28)> 10, commercial businesses have much different standards for safety and environmental impact.
18:36:44 <Eric(28)> I would assume the computerized lighting is to cut down on wasted electricity.
18:39:46 <ynpvisitor10> Back to visitors. I would think it is just a guess anyway. All they sell are vehicle passes. They never have asked me how many people in the vehicle and I have side windows blacked out.
18:42:51 <ynpvisitor10> Well got to go. Bumble birds think they are out of sugar water.
18:43:22 <Eric(28)> bye 10
18:46:22 <Dave from B> I nhaven't see July stats for YNP yet..should be any day now..Glacier came out yesterday
18:53:03 <Dave from B> 10, there is a formula in which they base YNP is x.x people per vehicle
19:29:31 <Craig(In Canada> Hey all!
19:30:02 <Dave from B> Hi, Craig
19:30:14 <Eric(28)> Hey Craig in Canada
19:30:18 <Dave from B> So, you were going to YNP at got lost?:)
19:30:42 <Craig(In Canada> Oh man I wish i ws going to YNP :)
19:31:20 <Craig(In Canada> I'm trying to convince my superiors we should go in the winter if we aren't going this summer hahaha
19:31:21 <Dave from B> What part of Canada?
19:31:22 <Eric(28)> Waterton or banff are nice as well :-D
19:32:37 <Craig(In Canada> hahaha i'm near Brandon Manitoba on a farm
19:33:39 <Dave from B> So, in other words, in the middle of nowhere!:)
19:33:57 <Craig(In Canada> yep yep yep!
19:38:11 <Craig(In Canada> We're in the window of Dep, Grand, and Castle for those who are curious :)
19:38:24 <Craig(In Canada> No peep from turban yet though
19:39:03 <Dave from B> in case you missed Grand prediction for today 1150-1220...
19:39:51 <Craig(In Canada> Oooh thats soon :)
19:40:16 <Jenna> and he was right on with his BH prediction
19:40:21 <Jenna> so lets hope for 2 for 2
19:40:43 <Craig(In Canada> Woo!
19:40:55 <Craig(In Canada> So are Dep predictions reliable?
19:41:32 <Craig(In Canada> Ooh! Rocket major!
19:41:40 <Dave from B> If it hasn't been missed, we should be close
19:42:06 <Dave from B> Turban 1141ie per GT
19:42:09 <Craig(In Canada> Alright cool! Also Turban has started
19:42:55 <Craig(In Canada> Jinx hehe
19:50:45 <Eric(28)> So next turban should be eruption if Dave's prediction is correct
19:50:58 <Eric(28)> 1158
19:51:24 <Eric(28)> I guess it could go on the one after and still be in window
19:52:10 <Craig(In Canada> How long is the average in between Turbans again?
19:54:20 <Eric(28)> I look for 17 min mark for Grand eruption...any longer and it just another Turban. But those rules are definitely broken often.
19:54:40 <Craig(In Canada> ah cool
19:54:43 <Eric(28)> Not sure what the average non-grand erupt turban interval is
19:55:05 <Eric(28)> Dave might have better "rules" :-)
19:55:16 <Craig(In Canada> ah yeah. the one grand eruption ive actually seen in person was 4 turbans and was a 2b
19:55:40 <Eric(28)> Nice
19:56:00 <Eric(28)> One thing I have noticed is if Turban intervals are below 17 minutes, it can lead to long delays
19:57:45 <Craig(In Canada> should be going in the next minute or so if dave is correct then
19:59:00 <Craig(In Canada> there it is!
19:59:00 <Craig(In Canada> Grand 1158
19:59:00 <Eric(28)> Grand
19:59:17 <Eric(28)> Nice call Dave!
20:01:05 <Dave from B> Woohoo!!
20:01:06 <Eric(28)> zoom would be awesome
20:02:13 <Eric(28)> Dang Dave...let's go to vegas!
20:02:25 <Dave from B> What should we predict next?
20:02:39 <Craig(In Canada> Giant
20:02:40 <Eric(28)> Giantess please
20:02:45 <Craig(In Canada> or both?
20:02:49 <Eric(28)> sure
20:02:52 <Eric(28)> :-D
20:03:09 <Craig(In Canada> Giantess is my favorite geyser to watch on cam
20:03:28 <Eric(28)> I'm sure it would be mine too, if I had ever seen it!
20:04:38 <Craig(In Canada> I saw it during the time it went off in January. you shouldve seen how full the chat was. I got the text on my way home from school and I ran home as fast as I oculd
20:05:46 <Dave from B> Sorry, no predictions for geysers that erupt that infrequent...nice try, though!:)
20:08:19 <Eric(28)> Aurum prediction?
20:09:58 <Craig(In Canada> OF, Castle, Daisy, and Dep ias what we're waiting for. Predictions on those?
20:11:17 <Dave from B> Daisy 1245-1300
20:12:16 <Dave from B> Castle 1255-1330
20:12:59 <Eric(28)> Nice tight windows Dave...2 thumbs up
20:13:44 <Dave from B> Re Aurum...when is Kevin gone today?:)
20:14:21 <Craig(In Canada> hahaha
20:16:18 <Eric(28)> he is gone now I think
20:16:23 <Eric(28)> Go Aurum Go
20:19:05 <Craig(In Canada> huh Grand went without turban
20:19:29 <Eric(28)> wow
20:19:38 <Eric(28)> Maybe just they forgot to log it
20:19:59 <Craig(In Canada> what does grand code G2C mean?
20:20:09 <Craig(In Canada> and they logged Vent
20:23:04 <Dave from B> Grand started eruption. 2 bursts and Turban and Vent continued after Grand quit.
20:25:22 <Eric(28)> I predict OF NOW
20:27:26 <Craig(In Canada> lion should be soon shouldn't it?
20:27:54 <Kevin L> Did I miss Aurum?
20:27:55 <Eric(28)> depends on how long the overnight series was
20:27:59 <Eric(28)> Lion
20:28:02 <Eric(28)> ini
20:28:14 <Eric(28)> It's ie
20:28:22 <Craig(In Canada> ahahaha
20:28:31 <Eric(28)> You nailed it Craig
20:28:57 <Dave from B> wooh...that's more impressive, Craig:)
20:29:09 <Eric(28)> nice ini too
20:29:24 <Dave from B> I was thinking we had 2-3 hours still
20:29:32 <Craig(In Canada> and THAT is how its done ;)
20:29:44 <Kevin L> I have a friend that lives in Banff that is down here now. Don't ask me why!
20:30:00 <Craig(In Canada> Lion Initials are so much fun! (honestly the only Lion eruption ive seen was an ini)
20:30:35 <Craig(In Canada> Never been to Banff
20:32:22 <Craig(In Canada> Lioness teases us with some boiling of course
20:32:28 <Kevin L> I haven't either but the pictures he has are incredible.
20:37:51 <Mario> Banff is worth the trip
20:37:52 <Dave from B> Strike 1
20:38:00 <Mario> I haven't been there since 1988 though
20:39:10 <Dave from B> Banff is on our vacation bucket list
20:41:27 <Kevin L> I want to ride the rails between Vancover and Calgary. Always wanted to see the spiral tunnels.
20:42:30 <Dave from B> That sounds fun
20:43:16 <Eric(28)> I have driven the roads next to the track between vancovuer and calgary
20:43:23 <Eric(28)> It looks pretty awesome
20:43:40 <Eric(28)> All of the snow roofs are pretty impressive
20:45:37 <Kevin L> My kide spent time up there. Hee met this guy up there and when he comes down here we go do a few things with his kids they can't do in Canada.
20:50:29 <Dave from B> Daisy also due
20:56:51 <Kevin L> Daisy
20:59:42 <Eric(28)> CAstle
21:02:30 <Dave from B> 3-4...guess I better quit now
21:07:49 <Eric(28)> aren't you 4 for 4?
21:08:21 <Dave from B> Castle started 15 minutes too early
21:09:06 <Dave from B> Tight windows are always risky
21:18:46 <Eric(28)> but it was erupting in your window :-D
21:19:17 <Dave from B> Nice try, Eric!:)
21:19:44 <Eric(28)> I still give you credit...If I showed up for your window...I would see the geyser IE
21:19:57 <Eric(28)> That works in my book
21:20:07 <Dave from B> I was close
21:46:40 <Dave from B> Lion ie
21:49:50 <ynpvisitor79> are we talking geysers or horseshoes?
21:50:29 <Dave from B> so, has to be Kevin, Maureen or Graham!:)
22:12:47 <Dave from B> Time for some fitness...bbl
23:19:32 <Kevin L> I think you missed BH Betty.
23:19:52 <Betty> bah
23:20:04 <Betty> :-p
23:21:00 <Kevin L> Still have a shot at Aurum
23:21:24 <Betty> I see a flying saucer right above Lion
23:27:29 <Kevin L> Festival time again?
23:28:30 <Kevin L> Daisy
23:29:04 <Eric(28)> OF Daisy Dual
23:29:16 <Eric(28)> Meeting Time...enjoy Aurum :-D
23:29:44 <Kevin L> Have fun Eric. (No more meeting for me!)
23:30:18 <Betty> no Festival
23:35:32 <Kevin L> I just thouhgt since you were seeing flying saucers.....
23:36:02 <Graham> hello. did i miss anything?
23:36:56 <Betty> there´s a black dot. unless Bob the Blob is back it´s a flying saucer :-)
23:37:06 <Kevin L> Anenome major to 50 feet.
23:37:09 <Betty> Hey Graham
23:37:15 <Graham> zzzzz
23:37:16 <Betty> lol
23:37:34 <Graham> hasd good trip to KC for a few days, now back home
23:37:53 <Betty> nice
23:38:07 <Graham> gonna book my travel to YNP on Tuesday ....
23:39:02 <Betty> book on Tuesday or will be there on Tuesday?
23:39:28 <Graham> book Tuesday, will know if i can go for 1 or two weeks when protest window ends
23:39:46 <Graham> I am at IBM's mercy
23:40:00 <Betty> oh
23:40:25 <Graham> if they protest our contract award I get 2 weeks. If they dont protest I have too much work to do so only 1 week
23:40:45 <Graham> not sure which i want :)
23:41:01 <Kevin L> Work?
23:46:27 <Graham> yeah, i have no white space in my calendar for 2 years now
23:47:21 <Graham> we have $4,336,822,777 of work to do
23:48:03 <Graham> at least thats what the press say
23:48:19 <Kevin L> I have a die that says Eat, Nap, TV, Golf, etc. Roll it in the morning, works like a charm.
23:48:26 <Eric(28)> Wow...I can work for half of that :-P
23:48:55 <Graham> yeah, its a lot of digits
23:48:56 <Kevin L> Just put you in a higher tax bracker Eric.
23:49:07 <Eric(28)> I love paying taxes :-D
23:49:13 <Eric(28)> It means I am making MONEY
23:51:34 <Kevin L> I annoys me after watching how bad they use it. Too many look at it as a bottomless pit instead of having to spend it responsibily for those who earn it.
23:52:13 <Graham> this all goes to providing a better healthcare system for our warriers, so the intent is good
23:52:35 <Graham> now all we have to do is make it happen
23:53:04 <Graham> largest Fed IT procurement since - what could possibly go wromng?
23:53:10 <Eric(28)> haha
23:53:21 <Graham> need to buy a vspell checker too
23:53:51 <Betty> haha, throw away Dave´s keyboard
23:54:04 <Eric(28)> Maybe it is Dave, in Graham clothing
23:54:18 <Betty> :-D
23:54:24 <Graham> how much fish could we buy for all that money?
23:55:20 <Eric(28)> 3 Really big ones Graham
23:55:36 <Graham> wow no wonder Dave is so rich
23:55:46 <Kevin L> 2 kink crab.
23:55:54 <Eric(28)> kink crab are expensive
23:55:59 <Kevin L> Now I am spelling like Dave.
23:56:24 <Betty> Dave rules this chat
23:57:02 <Eric(28)> or Graham
23:57:45 <Graham> I should be able to incorporate this chat into the system for its therapeutic benefits
23:58:31 <Betty> Sprinkler ie
23:59:16 <Graham> hazy, is it smoke?
00:00:02 <Kevin L> There are some fires around there.
00:02:00 <ynpvisitor67> Little Cub needs a "wc" i think
00:03:10 <Kevin L> I bet someone from Europe would be laughing about 67s comment, right Betty.
00:03:34 <Betty> :-)
00:04:19 <ynpvisitor67> I know that too
00:04:27 <Betty> no place up there to put one
00:05:08 <Kevin L> Well there are those trees on the way to Solitary....
00:05:33 <Betty> too busy
00:06:09 <Kevin L> That is why we camo over here Betty.
00:07:04 <Betty> ahh, nw I know ...
00:07:19 <Kevin L> Now skipping words... we wear...
00:07:34 <Betty> I´m infected with Davespeak!
00:15:14 <ynpvisitor67> well, tell Mario that when you see him, I am here, but not really here
00:17:59 <Betty> time to head out. Enjoy your Friday evening
01:44:09 <kcmule> 1735 turban gt
03:31:55 <ynpvisitor8> I wonder what the 12 stands for
03:47:42 <ynpvisitor47> GRAND
04:35:50 <ynpvisitor47> nice sunset