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16:43:43 <Dave from B> Good morning everyone!
16:43:59 <Jenna> hi Dave!
16:49:27 <Jenna> did you see the news about the hiker found on Elephant Back trail?
16:52:49 <Dave from B> Yes, I did. I wonder what happened
16:52:58 <Dave from B> Morning kc
16:54:02 <kcmule> mornin
17:25:11 <Jenna> Riverside
17:31:33 <ynpvisitor6> grand
17:31:34 <kcmule> grand
17:31:39 <Jenna> Grand?
17:31:40 <ynpvisitor6> grand
17:31:56 <Jenna> couldn't see spikes with the steam, but definitely do now
17:43:32 <Dave from B> Grrrr
17:44:30 <Dave from B> 2 of last 3 Grand ints have been 730 or longer
17:45:41 <Jenna> it's just getting those out of its system before you get there
17:47:29 <Dave from B> I'm having a hard time envisioning returning to YNP for some reason
17:48:15 <Jenna> hmm
17:48:45 <Dave from B> To focused on work right now; I guess
17:49:17 <Jenna> that will just make you appreciate the break even more
17:49:56 <Dave from B> I have an aunt and uncle visiting next week; school is starting; the fair is here...lots of things before our trip
17:50:24 <Jenna> sounds like it
17:50:33 <Jenna> we just registered Conor for preschool yesterday
17:50:49 <Dave from B> fun
17:50:56 <Jenna> scary haha
17:50:57 <Dave from B> I bet he is excited
17:51:16 <Jenna> he is, mostly about using his new school supplies I think lol
17:52:06 <Dave from B> of course...who wouldn't like glue, tape, etc
17:53:17 <Jenna> and his backpack that might pull him backwards once it's full lol
17:53:56 <Dave from B> Wait until he starts bringing treasures home in the backpack like rocks, etc
17:54:33 <Jenna> the rock part has already started
17:55:18 <Jenna> I just hope he does well his first day, and I hope I can hold it together :)
17:56:13 <Dave from B> He'll be fine...Does he have friends he plays with now?
17:57:40 <Jenna> not really, just the kids at the babysitter. But he seems to make friends quickly, wants to know their name, etc. Just a big milestone!
17:59:12 <Dave from B> Jenna, you will get a little more free time once he gets to full time school as well.
18:00:26 <Jenna> oh don't worry, I am already excited about that! haha
18:01:08 <Jenna> OF
18:16:28 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
18:22:30 <Jake> good morning
18:22:39 <Jake> another fire suppression weather day here
18:23:04 <Graham> thats god. has there been smoke in the basin?
18:23:41 <Jake> some may claim it to be god ;)
18:24:02 <Jake> it was hazy yesterday high in the sky but no smell of smoke
18:24:06 <Dave from B> haha
18:25:27 <Graham> thank goodness we can communicate even when we cant type
19:08:26 <kcmule> castle
19:28:04 <Graham> time to work
19:31:10 <Dave from B> On Saturday?
19:31:32 <Graham> well i goofed off on Mon and Wed, so need to run the cam today
19:32:12 <Graham> otherwise they will want theor money back
19:32:16 <Graham> OF
19:32:23 <Dave from B> haha
19:35:05 <Graham> so will you miss Labor Day trip Dave?
19:35:32 <Graham> 4 weeks to go
19:36:33 <Dave from B> We are going for all 3 soccer games!:)
19:36:48 <Graham> nice. see you there
19:37:21 <Dave from B> What day do you arrive?
19:37:32 <Graham> Sat
19:38:22 <Dave from B> You staying a week?
19:39:18 <Graham> depends. if IBM protests our contract award on Monday I can go for 2 weeks
19:39:44 <Graham> if they dont protest it will just be for 1 week since the work schedule is so busy
19:40:24 <Graham> protest could take 100 days
19:40:58 <Dave from B> What do you think will happen?
19:41:30 <Graham> hard to tell with $4B on the table
19:41:55 <Graham> if they do protest i don't think they will win
19:42:43 <Graham> either way i get a week :)
19:43:20 <Graham> booking travel on Tuesday when I know the outcome
19:43:34 <Dave from B> What are you going to do at night with no F&M?
19:44:00 <Graham> haha.... be at Ledge?
19:44:19 <Graham> still have not seen Gt Ftn in the night
19:44:58 <Graham> sleep is not an option
19:44:59 <Dave from B> Looks like BB will be there
19:45:05 <Jake> no one actually "sees" GF at night
19:45:06 <Graham> thats good
19:45:14 <Dave from B> Yes, I don't need sleep:)
19:45:14 <Graham> and Betty
19:47:09 <Graham> I do have "the light" Jake
19:47:30 <Jake> no quotes: The Light
19:48:20 <Graham> gives me good memories out there for Morning with all of them on
19:49:26 <Graham> no F&M event cycles logged since I was there
19:51:22 <Jake> I heard Micah call splashing in Main about 2 weeks ago
19:51:43 <Jake> but it doesn't get many visitors
19:51:45 <Graham> not on GT, didnt happen
19:52:38 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great Saturday everyone!
19:52:48 <Graham> bye dave
20:11:34 <Graham> Daisy
20:15:49 <Graham> Lion
20:24:37 <Andrew> Hello how's it very quiet in the basin now
20:25:04 <Graham> rain scared the geysers? just had Lion ini
20:25:43 <Andrew> Yeah waited for that at aurum then headed to Daisy bt got castle as wrll
20:26:13 <Graham> having fun?
20:26:33 <Andrew> 2 more days 11 days in couldn't be happier
20:27:56 <Graham> whats the best so far?
20:27:57 <Andrew> .
20:28:14 <Andrew> Beehive working
20:29:05 <Graham> its been like that for a while .. how many have you seen?
20:29:08 <Andrew> Been pretty lucky with the thing
20:29:35 <Andrew> yhe last two 6 minute indies i calld
20:29:54 <Andrew> wqs on the hill
20:31:12 <Graham> whats the plan this afternoon?
20:31:58 <Andrew> Get while the gettin's good till the rain
20:32:51 <Graham> good to get some rain, but not when you want to be in the basin
20:33:49 <Andrew> Gtg moving to lower hamd with a shower coming
20:34:05 <Graham> have fun
20:34:20 <Andrew> And rocket major
20:35:10 <Andrew> 1233 can you out that in please?
20:35:23 <Graham> sure
21:13:19 <Graham> OF
21:28:42 <Graham> Lion
22:43:12 <Graham> OF
22:47:11 <Jake> was that a short?
22:47:29 <Graham> no
22:47:49 <Graham> looked tall to me
22:55:54 <Jake> rimshot.jpg
22:59:24 <Graham> Daisy
23:37:45 <ynpvisitor82> .
23:53:20 <Graham> Turban
23:53:23 <Graham> Grand
23:54:18 <Graham> zzzz
23:59:09 <ynpvisitor89> Nobody to talk to, Graham?
23:59:19 <Graham> nope
23:59:33 <Graham> all napping
23:59:42 <Graham> or dont like me
00:00:09 <ynpvisitor89> busy doing errands on Saturday, maybe?
00:01:07 <Graham> maybe, sat is usually a quiet time
00:04:00 <Kent> Hi Graham. Good to see you around. Split Cone ie 1603
00:04:21 <Graham> hey Kent, how r u?
00:04:48 <Kent> I B OK, you?
00:05:14 <Graham> yep, doing well. a few geysers have erupted to keep me awake
00:05:52 <Kent> I miss Sunday morning. Hopefully in the future.
00:08:45 <ynpvisitor77> Oblong
00:09:14 <Graham> nice start
00:09:16 <Graham> OF
00:38:31 <Graham> news reported a grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone, killed someone?
00:39:51 <ynpvisitor82> correct
00:40:20 <Graham>
00:42:36 <Graham> wow sad story
00:43:04 <Kevin L> Park medical staff to boot.
00:46:03 <Graham> take care out there
00:58:12 <ynpvisitor53>
00:58:44 <ynpvisitor53> kc, you have a beehive capture from yesterday and..... a few days ago? Aug 3rd I think?
01:00:10 <Graham> he may just be here virtually
01:00:31 <ynpvisitor53> ahhh....
01:00:48 <Graham> welcome home
01:01:15 <Ryan> Thanks :/
01:01:47 <Graham> yeah, always sad to leave
01:01:54 <Graham> when does school start back up?
01:01:59 <Ryan> 17th
01:02:14 <Graham> oh, that soon
01:02:23 <Ryan> Yeah
01:02:48 <Kevin L> Great carnage today Ryan.
01:02:59 <Ryan> ?
01:03:07 <Graham> guess WIll is back at school soon too
01:03:15 <Ryan> ...and Mara
01:03:19 <Kevin L> Lots of rockets in the desert floor. :(
01:03:53 <Ryan> :C
01:04:15 <Graham> you will have different excitement back at school
01:04:36 <Ryan> Yes, and I am looing forward to "school time caving"
01:04:40 <Kevin L> The one I had (keyword: had) with the altimeter was a mess. Altimeter did survive though.
01:04:45 <Ryan> The summer is terrible for caving.
01:05:05 <Ryan> Next summer will be Yelly time. I'll have to convince you to come in August Graham :)
01:05:40 <kcmule> no more capturing here, but they are posted on the gosa youtube site
01:05:56 <Graham> you never know ...... not sure what my schedule will be like, loitsof work kicking off. May get to see Micah as I wil be traveling to WA a lot
01:06:18 <Ryan> full captures?
01:06:28 <Graham> Imade it out 4th July this year, that was unusual
01:06:50 <Ryan> Will and I are considering late July into August
01:07:23 <Kevin L> You may check with DaveM.
01:07:45 <Kevin L> I am planning for late July next year.
01:07:58 <Graham> thats not usually a good time for me, its just before our sustem goes into operational testing
01:09:11 <Ryan> Would be nice to meet some people on here :)
01:09:40 <Graham> I think theres a labor day gathering this year
01:09:54 <Ryan> I cant do labor day
01:10:00 <Ryan> I never can because we start so early
01:10:31 <Graham> i know, unless you transfer to MSU
01:11:15 <Ryan> Which has been considered :P
01:13:01 <Graham> haha...not many caves in MT are there?
01:13:12 <Ryan> Tons
01:13:29 <Ryan> Gotta know the right places.... OK, the right people.
01:13:48 <Graham> k
01:14:32 <Graham> i may be traveling to WV sometime, to ABL at Rocket Center
01:14:47 <Ryan> where??
01:15:09 <Graham> Keyser
01:15:38 <Ryan> OK
01:15:48 <Ryan> Depending on when I'd love to meet up!
01:15:51 <Graham> big data center
01:16:06 <Ryan> Yup, I didnt recognize "ABL"
01:16:14 <Graham> yep. not sure i will go there, i can do mst work remotely
01:16:29 <Graham> haha, yeah ... meaningful mane tho for you
01:16:35 <Graham> name
01:16:39 <Ryan> :)
01:23:04 <Ryan> Gotta go, just wanted to ask about the captures. I never got an email.
01:38:33 <Graham> Daisy
01:48:05 <Graham> OF
01:48:32 <Kevin L> Highly fluffed
01:58:12 <Graham> wake me if something happens
01:58:44 <ynpvisitor77> only one OF short logged in last 100
02:58:22 <Graham> dep
02:58:45 <Kevin L> big splash
03:00:20 <Graham> now all we need is Aurum
03:00:53 <Graham> and BH
03:02:13 <Kevin L> Maybe Giantess
03:02:58 <Michael> Aurum should be enjoying this weather.
03:04:36 <Kevin L> Think it went to Palm SSprings
03:10:41 <Michael> OF
03:10:41 <Graham> OF
03:11:09 <Michael> Giving half of Geyser Hill a privacy curtain.
03:19:53 <Graham> lots of down basin steam
03:20:22 <Michael> Interesting.
03:20:28 <Graham> Will go check :)
03:21:57 <Michael> Let's send someone down there to confirm that it's just geyser fog.
03:22:42 <Graham> SC
03:24:36 <Kevin L> Heading out to the football game.
03:24:48 <Graham> have fun
03:24:58 <Michael> Have fun! Who's playing?
03:25:49 <Graham> BH is being guarded
03:35:58 <Michael> Psst! Hey Beehive! Kevin's gone now...
03:36:21 <Graham> maybe Aurum will hear you too
03:38:52 <Michael> There it is!
03:41:38 <Graham> just texted him, see what the response is :)
03:46:56 <Graham> i will be the BH sacrifice, see ya
03:47:18 <Michael> Good night.
03:54:17 <kcmule> .
04:00:43 <kcmule> set break.. bhi can go now
04:08:26 <Michael> Probably will wait for dark. But I'm watching anyway.
04:42:23 <Michael> Daisy
04:48:46 <Michael> Old Faithful
04:57:59 <Michael> Lion
05:13:05 <kcmule> might need some serious candlepower on the bw to see this one
05:13:09 <Michael> It is rapidly getting dark. Beehive will be seen by flashlight tonight.
05:13:19 <kcmule> exactly
05:13:51 <kcmule> not sure what Jake carries, i think he's out there
05:15:41 <Michael> I might keep this window open, and wait for the flashlights to provide a visual "ding."
06:48:59 <Michael> I'm not sure anyone is out there now. No new reports of OF or Lion.
06:57:30 <kcmule> i think grand is ie
06:58:17 <kcmule> indeed it is
07:07:28 <kcmule> 2b