Showing logs for date: 2015-08-09
14:36:44 <Graham> lovely morning
14:36:58 <Graham> you are up early kc ... or never logged off?
15:34:36 <Graham> fluffy
16:00:55 <kcmule> yeah fell asleep. reboot brb
16:27:12 <kcmule> long reboot
16:58:44 <Betty> morning all
17:01:55 <kcmule> mornin
17:02:51 <Betty> hi kcmule
17:16:19 <Kevin L> Lion
17:16:57 <Betty> nice
17:35:54 <Michael> Morning all.
17:45:33 <Betty> morning
18:31:16 <Kevin L> Daisy ie
18:32:03 <Graham> hi Kevin. Aurum didnt wait long after you left yesterday
18:32:40 <Kevin L> I saw that. I was hoping Andrew got to see it.
18:33:08 <Graham> hard one to sit at when its raining
18:33:18 <Kevin L> For sure.
18:33:33 <Kevin L> He was out there for quite a while the other day and missed it.
18:35:00 <Kevin L> Football team got their butts kicked last night but it was fun. Only time I have ever been to a football game where you could read the lettering on the football.
18:35:31 <Graham> nice and close
18:35:33 <Michael> Lion
18:35:36 <Graham> Lion
18:35:54 <Graham> or they threw one into your lap
18:36:27 <Kevin L> We were about 30' from the edge of the field.
18:37:20 <Kevin L> It was probably the last game they will play. The owner defaulted and the league had to take over the team.
18:37:37 <Graham> thats not good
18:38:22 <Kevin L> It's a bummer because it is such a fun game. Real fast pace.
19:36:12 <Michael> Riverside ie
19:43:17 <Michael> Lion
20:16:33 <Michael> Old Faithful 12:16
20:21:20 <Betty> Aurum
20:21:28 <kcmule> nice
20:22:01 <Betty> my first since weeks
20:22:12 <Graham> 2 days in a row
20:22:58 <Betty> Grand
20:23:06 <Betty> wow
20:23:09 <Michael> Early today.
20:23:45 <kcmule> first sub 6 in a while
20:24:01 <Graham> shortest in the last 100
20:32:18 <Betty> 2nd
21:00:16 <Betty> Lion
21:01:50 <Graham> didnt think it would go again
21:02:00 <Betty> LC
21:02:56 <Betty> it was a bit late
21:04:37 <Michael> To me, that looked like the eruption quit suddenly without much steam phase.
21:04:42 <Michael> Daisy
21:05:08 <Graham> might get an early follow up eruption from lipn
21:05:29 <Graham> geysers keeping the cam operator busy :)
21:05:45 <Betty> :-D
21:06:24 <Michael> Which is pretty amazing, since we're not even in a Beehive window.
21:09:30 <Graham> would be nice to see BH now
21:10:11 <Michael> Nice for us, yes.
21:19:07 <Michael> Lion resumes.
21:19:40 <Graham> yep, makes sense
21:19:57 <Graham> better than the series of 2 we usually get
21:37:34 <Betty> LC
21:42:30 <kc (away)> bbs
21:43:01 <Betty> later kc
21:47:43 <Betty> OF
22:14:12 <Betty> LC
22:15:39 <Michael> Sawmill ie
22:22:46 <Michael> Lion again.
22:22:55 <Betty> yay
22:24:29 <Graham> how may days Betty?
22:25:17 <Betty> 21
22:26:10 <Betty> 9 days to LV
22:26:40 <Graham> 27 days for me
22:26:54 <Betty> Great!
22:33:57 <Michael> back in 30min
22:34:39 <Graham> I cant get there in 30 min :(
22:34:52 <Betty> later Michael
22:48:04 <Betty> LCC
22:48:21 <Betty> no, only LC :-p
23:03:35 <ynpvisitor70> Little Cool Cub?
23:04:07 <Betty> good idea :-)
23:22:54 <Michael> Old Faithful
23:23:00 <kc (away)> OF 15:22
23:25:43 <Michael> Little Cub
23:27:29 <Michael> Oblong probably ie
23:27:30 <Betty> time to head out. Have a great Sunday evening all
23:27:43 <kcmule> adios
23:27:55 <Michael> See you Betty.
23:30:09 <kcmule> lion 15:29
23:30:41 <Michael> That's eruption number (counts on fingers)... a lot.
23:30:49 <ynpvisitor49> nice closeup for Lion start
23:31:07 <kcmule> minor unless it restarts
23:31:28 <kcmule> restart
23:31:35 <Michael> Guess it's going to go the distance after all.
23:31:37 <ynpvisitor49> someone called it ini
23:34:00 <Michael> I had forgotten how much a good Lion series holds the day together. Now we've got Daisy and Castle coming up.
23:38:33 <Graham> Andrew posted Artemisia, nice
23:40:39 <kcmule> daisy 15:40
23:40:43 <Michael> Wonder if there was a steam cloud visible on cam. I didn't notice one but really wasn't looking.
23:41:47 <Graham> i have not figured it out on the cam
23:45:07 <kcmule> castle
23:45:09 <kcmule> .
00:02:48 <Michael> Nice steam phase.
00:28:28 <kcmule> lion 16:28
00:30:00 <Graham> have to start watching for NG with 8 lions already
00:37:35 <Michael> I'll be the North Goggles sacrifice. Should return in time for Grand, unless it goes even shorter.
00:50:14 <kcmule> OF 16:49
00:53:40 <ynpvisitor6> fun, Grand under 6 hours again.
01:02:08 <kcmule> sawmill
01:37:10 <Graham> Lion thinking about it
01:57:39 <Graham> 5h19m Aurum interval, nice
01:58:44 <ynpvisitor100> Kitt is back in Yellowstone? I thought she just left.
01:59:23 <Graham> school is still out...
01:59:45 <ynpvisitor100> Did not realize she was headed back
02:17:02 <kcmule> OF 18:16
02:18:57 <Graham> Turban posted at 1810
02:19:29 <Graham> so Grand will be back over 6h, sigh
02:20:32 <Graham> LC
02:21:00 <kcmule> daisy ie
02:37:36 <kcmule> grand
02:37:37 <kcmule> .
02:37:38 <kcmule> .
02:37:43 <Graham> yeah
02:37:46 <Graham> D0
02:38:41 <Graham> need some wind
02:49:13 <Graham> a fluffy 1b
02:50:09 <Graham> see ya toimorrow
02:50:24 <Michael> Bye.
02:50:31 <kcmule> nite
02:50:39 <Graham> playing hockey on the BW?
02:51:25 <Michael> Sure looks like it.
03:49:31 <kcmule> OF 19:49
03:49:39 <Michael> OF
04:02:04 <Michael> Oblong 20:01ie
05:07:29 <Michael> Depression
05:08:08 <Michael> Maybe not.
05:14:27 <Michael> Daisy
05:35:11 <kcmule> OF at 106 mins
05:36:26 <Michael> I thought I would have called it a night already.
05:36:34 <Michael> Here we go...
05:44:02 <Michael> Now I'm calling it a night. See you tomorrow.
05:44:16 <kcmule> nite
06:21:42 <Freddy Mercury> Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality; Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy Because I'm easy come, easy go Little high, little low Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me Mama, just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead Mama, life had just begun