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14:17:47 <ynpvisitor20> BHI ie
14:19:20 <BobInGa> Hello ..20 & ..55
14:25:24 <ynpvisitor20> BH
14:25:29 <BobInGa> Beehive?
14:26:12 <BobInGa> Thanks, had to tell with all the steam and fog
14:26:43 <ynpvisitor20> It is very steamy and foggy this morning. Not many customers..
14:29:28 <BobInGa> Nice show for those who got up early
14:29:44 <ynpvisitor20> Yes
14:30:28 <BobInGa> Is BH in steam phase or is it done?
14:32:09 <ynpvisitor20> BH is done.
14:32:52 <ynpvisitor92> Got to see steam but no water:(
14:34:09 <ynpvisitor20> Have a good day all
14:34:12 <BobInGa> Sorry, Dave, It was a nice one with BHI doing a good job of indicating
14:34:17 <Dave from B> bye 20
14:34:28 <BobInGa> Tnx, 20 have a good day
14:36:24 <BobInGa> Time to go, got a meeting at Atlanta Red Cross at 10 AM EDT, Good Gazing everyone.
14:36:39 <Dave from B> Have a good day, Bob
15:48:36 <ynpvisitor2> Awesome shot of Grand with geese flying over!
15:50:12 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin...sorry about the Outlaws
15:51:05 <Kevin L> I expected that but since they qualified for playoffs I figured they would let it go that far.
15:54:07 <Kevin L> Going to hard to tell if Grand does a 2nd this morning.
15:56:13 <Kevin L> Going to be one of those NoDoz mornings for me. :(
15:56:17 <Dave from B> Looks like fall this morning at OF
15:57:17 <Kevin L> We did have a good time at that final Arena Football game. We were so close that you could read the lettering on the football!
15:58:33 <Dave from B> Hard to compete in Vegas with so much going on.
15:58:39 <Kevin L> G1Q
16:02:26 <Kevin L> I think the league is really messing things up to boot. I am wondering about their management. The guy who invented the game even pulled his team and it is in another league!
16:02:49 <Kevin L> Morning Jenna.
16:03:03 <Dave from B> That's too bad
16:03:06 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
16:03:33 <Dave from B> Do you think Kyle was wise to play it safe yesterday?
16:04:04 <Kevin L> It is such a fast paced game. Much more fun to watch than the NFL. Last nights game about bored me to death.
16:04:26 <Jenna> hi Kevin
16:04:45 <Kevin L> I think Kyle played it very smart yesterday. Had he done that the week before not only might he have won the race, he would be solid in the chase.
16:07:49 <Dave from B> How many weeks left before the Chase?
16:08:13 <Kevin L> I think 3.
16:08:53 <Kevin L> Did you see they are adding another dirt track for the trucks next year and possibly one for the Xfinity?
16:11:48 <Dave from B> I didn't see that
16:18:58 <Dave from B> Lion ie
16:19:00 <Kevin L> Lion
16:19:22 <Kevin L> Maybe we will be able to see something by my shift.
16:19:56 <Dave from B> It is going to be hot in Billings this week, so I would expect the same at OF
16:20:05 <Kevin L> Did you see the 5h interval on Aurum yesterday?
16:20:19 <Dave from B> 98F for Becca's first day of 2 a day tryouts for high school soccer on Friday
16:20:38 <Dave from B> 5h....nice
16:20:57 <Kevin L> Big fire down at Bullhead City. We were very smoky yesterday.
16:21:15 <Kevin L> LOTS of Gatorade.
16:21:45 <Kevin L> We were only 98 Saturday. Looks like we are going to have a hot spell again though.
16:47:15 <Dave from B> gazers at Aurum?
16:54:15 <Kevin L> Friday
17:01:32 <Jenna> what is that?
17:02:27 <Dave from B> solitary?
17:02:48 <Kevin L> Yep
17:03:25 <Jenna> that was my guess
17:03:33 <Jenna> I've only seen it once before on here
17:04:30 <Jenna> should I log it?
17:04:57 <Dave from B> my turn....what is that? Black Sand Pool?
17:05:51 <Jenna> that I don't know
17:08:58 <Dave from B> 3 Grand starts in a row
17:16:10 <lc> morning
17:17:45 <Jenna> morning lc
17:19:06 <Betty> morning all
17:19:25 <lc> morning Betty
17:19:39 <Betty> hi lc
17:23:25 <Dave from B> Morning lc, Betty
17:23:54 <Betty> Morning Dave from B
17:27:18 <ynpvisitor52> Anyone see the Lion?
17:29:04 <Andrew> .
17:32:39 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew. I saw part of it
17:33:30 <Andrew> Did it it look like an initial
17:35:05 <Andrew> Up at lion and hoping
17:35:29 <Kevin L> Did you get an Aurum yet?
17:35:47 <Andrew> No I hate that thing now
17:35:55 <Andrew> tike to come back in the spring
17:36:15 <Betty> hi Andrew and Kevin L
17:36:35 <Betty> Kevin broke Aurum
17:36:49 <Andrew> it erupted early today aurum is recovering
17:37:11 <Betty> I cought it yesterday
17:37:23 <Kevin L> Had a 5h interval yesterday.
17:37:44 <Betty> you have intervals?
17:38:06 <Betty> Lion
17:39:25 <Betty> a tall one
17:41:11 <Kevin L> Hi Betty. Trying to get breakfast and setup for a boring day. Just saw that it had a 5h + a few interval yesterday.
17:41:24 <Andrew> Had a rainboe
17:42:11 <Andrew> btw giant/grotto/oblong are doing weird things
17:42:38 <Betty> Giant is doing things? I get excited
17:42:46 <Andrew> gip has water level and bijiou paused for a while twice
17:43:44 <Andrew> well it's more interesting than anything in the past few years but it's not anything to get really excited at
17:44:37 <Andrew> I am bit excited at all nothing was going on down there today but it's just a thought
17:44:59 <Andrew> *not at all excited
17:46:31 <Betty> we´ll see what happens. Would be great to have it back
17:48:54 <Jenna> ..
17:49:15 <Betty> hey Jenna :-)
17:51:45 <Jenna> hi Betty
17:51:59 <Betty> LC
18:37:19 <Dave from B> Uggh...2 long BH intervals in a row
18:38:51 <Betty> Kevin broke BH
18:40:32 <Kevin L> I broke a lot of things this weekend. Rockets, Arena Football team, BH.....
18:40:52 <Dave from B> Don't forget the Dodgers as well:)
18:40:54 <Betty> bah :-)
18:41:05 <Kevin L> True Dave.
18:41:38 <Dave from B> Even had a 5-1 lead yesterday and gave up NINE runs in the 7th
18:42:35 <Dave from B> Sure gald we traded for that pitcher!
18:43:10 <Kevin L> It is toward the end of the season Dave.
18:43:42 <Kevin L> I sent you an email Betty
18:44:29 <Kevin L> And Dave, if they do make the playoff, I don't think the team will fold.
18:46:26 <ynpvisitor31> Have they caught the bear yet?
18:48:56 <Kevin L> Haven't heard. They are supposed to do a press release at noon today.
18:50:24 <ynpvisitor31> Last 2 years has been hard on employs.
18:51:02 <Betty> ouch, you need airbags for the rockets :-p
18:52:08 <Kevin L> It went up 703 feet. Had an altimeter in it. Now you know why I mostly model trains!
18:54:41 <ynpvisitor69> they caught "a" bear
19:03:22 <Kevin L> I think Lion may be done.
19:03:39 <ynpvisitor69> .
19:13:08 <Kevin L> Daisy
19:25:24 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
19:25:29 <ynpvisitor69> Daisy was a major?
19:29:34 <Kevin L> Either that or a captain.
19:30:10 <Betty> thought it was a duck
19:30:43 <Kevin L> Could be a goose now. Great flyover during Grand.
19:31:06 <Kevin L> Finally!
19:31:33 <Betty> hi lt, how are you
19:31:45 <Betty> how was the trip?
19:31:55 <lt> really tired of traveling. the whole extravaganza is done now though.
19:32:00 <lt> moved my sister in yesterday
19:32:10 <Betty> nice
19:32:22 <kc (working)> wb lt
19:32:26 <lt> thanks
19:32:28 <Kevin L> Moving is a royal pain.
19:33:13 <Betty> should be ok with a stopover in the park :-)
19:33:28 <lt> that part was awesome. :) the rest has been a lot.
19:34:04 <Betty> I missed your sign
19:34:33 <Betty> LC
19:34:34 <lt> the sign didn't get made in the rush to finish packing.
19:34:40 <lt> so I waved and blew kisses
19:34:46 <lt> :D
19:34:52 <Betty> haha
19:35:25 <lt> I do have screenshot proof. the husband grabbed one.
19:35:39 <Betty> cool
19:36:06 <lt> but at this point I will be on this side of the camera for the foreseeable future.
19:37:32 <Betty> I have also screenshots from my visit a few years ago. they were from the old cam
20:03:28 <Dave from B> Hiker fatality was a 63 year old man from Billings
20:09:34 <Kevin L> Old man vs grizzly is never good.
20:10:35 <Dave from B> If he was an experienced hiker, why was he hiking alone?
20:12:43 <Kevin L> Sounds like he did a lot of dumb things.
20:13:33 <Kevin L> Did you get my pictures Dave?
20:14:07 <Dave from B> I don't usually check personal emails at work.....brb
20:16:59 <Dave from B> Thanks...nice rocket
20:17:19 <Dave from B> I would not call that an eruption of Depression...When did it eventually erupt?
20:18:23 <Kevin L> Not sure. We were on our way back from a D13 Grand so we didn't stick around.
20:20:45 <Kevin L> Sent one more.
20:54:03 <Betty> OF
20:55:30 <Kevin L> Nice one
20:55:53 <Betty> yup
20:57:18 <Dave from B> Kevin, I couldn't open the last video
20:57:41 <Betty> Kevin broke it
21:00:09 <Kevin L> That is strange. It is the same format as the other one.
21:01:02 <Kevin L> Let me resend.
21:01:14 <Dave from B> Thanks
21:11:42 <Betty> Sawmill ie
21:37:43 <Dave from B> ..
21:41:33 <Dave from B> @#$%^$%%&
21:44:16 <Betty> /??&%$$???
21:44:34 <Dave from B> page is becoming weird again
21:44:57 <Kevin L> :( :( :P :( :p :(
21:45:15 <Betty> excactly what I meant ! :-)
21:45:20 <Kevin L> Looks like it is working like normal to me!
21:46:19 <Dave from B> bad is the "new normal"?
21:46:47 <Kevin L> I think so.
21:47:09 <Betty> chop, choppy choppier
21:47:24 <ynpvisitor19> chop, chop, very bad here
21:47:25 <Betty> LC
21:47:30 <Kevin L> Kung Fu page!
21:47:57 <Kevin L> Very choppy, cuts you off at the knees.
21:58:41 <Betty> Daisy
21:58:43 <ynpvisitor5> daisy
21:59:11 <Dave from B> DaIsY
21:59:20 <Kevin L> A lot less steam than this morning!
21:59:45 <Betty> what´s the temp out there?
22:00:54 <Kevin L> 72F 26% Humidity
22:01:27 <Betty> thanks
22:15:25 <Kevin L> We are in a Grand window right now.
22:42:31 <Kevin L> Grand
22:42:32 <Kevin L> .
22:42:33 <Kevin L> .
22:42:34 <Kevin L> .
22:42:41 <Betty> whooo
22:43:08 <Kevin L> Dave is probably in the freezer.
22:43:21 <Dave from B> Yippee
22:54:26 <Kevin L> Probably a 1b
22:55:38 <Kevin L> G1Q
22:55:58 <Betty> headed out, have a great evening all
22:56:57 <Jenna> bye Betty
23:10:55 <Dave from B> Time for some fitness. Have a great evening everyone!
23:11:12 <Jenna> bye Dave!
23:11:20 <Kevin L> Getting fat Dave?
23:13:33 <Dave from B> Trying to lose 15...2 weeks minus 3 so far!
23:14:07 <Kevin L> I know a good way to lose 15 pounds real quick.
23:14:53 <Jenna> get the flu? lol
23:15:11 <Kevin L> Go to a casino in London.
23:15:23 <Jenna> you'll have to explain that one
23:15:56 <Kevin L> British still use pounds, not euros.
23:16:19 <Jenna> ah haha
23:16:31 <Jenna> I am not quick enough for that on a Monday
23:16:59 <Kevin L> I can relate.
23:19:59 <Kevin L> I was really hoping for an Aurum today.
23:20:49 <Jenna> I was really hoping for a nap today
23:23:20 <Kevin L> I think I could use one.
00:03:49 <ynpvisitor27> of
00:04:25 <Kevin L> Is that what that was?
00:04:57 <Graham> and still is
00:05:24 <Graham> see you didnt leave much for me
00:06:20 <Graham> can hope for Lion and Castle
00:13:12 <Kevin L> I didn't get much myself. I left Aurum for you thought and you do have a shot at BH it it decides to go short again.
00:14:11 <Kevin L> Daisy is due, Lion may start up again, and then there is always Anenome.
00:17:05 <Graham> Daisy 1616
00:17:24 <Kevin L> See, and you were complaining.
00:17:58 <Graham> thats it except for OF for mst of my shift now
00:20:14 <Graham> Lion ini
00:20:21 <Graham> yeah. great evening, thanks Kevin
00:20:31 <Kevin L> :p
01:30:23 <Graham> OF
01:37:39 <Graham> Lion
01:44:03 <Kevin L> Well where is Aurum????
01:55:14 <Graham> its waiting for chicken feeding time
01:55:15 <Kevin L> There was a great flyby Grand by a formation of geese this morning. Pretty cool.
01:55:26 <Kevin L> Fed the chickens.
01:55:52 <Graham> time for you to run around the block?
01:56:19 <Kevin L> I would melt before I made it today. It is hot!
01:57:35 <Graham> well fall is coming
01:58:15 <Kevin L> Yes. It is back to school time. I saw the Halloween candy at Walmart.
01:58:17 <Graham> looks like i may only get 1 week, no news of a protest yet
02:22:41 <ynpvisitor25> .
02:25:47 <kcmule> castle
02:31:57 <Graham> minor
02:32:36 <Kevin L> Dave broke it.
02:36:30 <kcmule> no, i looked away. my bad
02:36:40 <Graham> dave broke it by not being here?
02:39:54 <Kevin L> He breaks them and leaves so we don't think it is him. Notice he left early today?
02:54:36 <Michael> Daisy
03:03:13 <Michael> Is Lion kaput for the evening?
03:03:39 <Graham> OF
03:03:46 <Graham> yep, 2 and done for Lion today
03:06:36 <Kevin L> Dave probably broke it too.
03:07:05 <Graham> all Dave's fault
03:19:30 <Graham> goodnight all, enjoy BH and Aurum
03:23:14 <Michael> Thanks for the good wishes.
04:11:49 <Michael> Riverside ie. Just a few puffs of steam.
04:21:23 <Kevin L> No 5h Aurum today. :(
04:34:00 <Michael> OF
04:38:57 <Michael> That was sure a quiet Old Faithful interval. I hope Grand livens up the first part of the next one.
04:45:44 <kcmule> turban now i think
04:47:53 <Michael> No luck with Grand this time.
04:53:50 <kcmule> sawmill instead
04:55:41 <kcmule> and uncertain.. bonus
04:57:10 <Michael> I'll take it.
05:22:30 <kcmule> Jake posted a 2119 grotto start
05:24:08 <Michael> Is that an impossibly long D0?
05:33:12 <kcmule> daisy 21:32
05:36:24 <Michael> That's going to wrap up my evening.
05:37:12 <kcmule> nite
05:50:05 <kcmule> grand probably
05:59:11 <kcmule> nope, was oblong
06:04:49 <kcmule> OF
06:19:43 <kcmule> no grand yet, wt 2215