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13:35:22 <Betty> oh, BH
13:35:55 <Betty> no, Lion
14:13:21 <ynpvisitor64> OF
14:13:39 <ynpvisitor64> OF
14:38:28 <Graham> morning
14:42:34 <Betty> morning Graham
14:45:29 <Graham> ready for some Vegas heat?
14:46:39 <Betty> yep :-) getting really excited now. Started to search for the items I want to take with me.
14:48:50 <Betty> I bet I will forget things...
14:49:49 <Graham> thats ok, we have stores here too
14:49:58 <Betty> haha
14:50:34 <Betty> but I´m only allowed to bring and take 23 kg, that´s the problem!
14:51:13 <Graham> plus carry on
14:51:16 <Betty> my shopping list is limited to that
14:51:33 <Betty> carry on is limited to 6 kg
14:52:15 <Betty> but women are allowed to take a handbag. I have a big one ;-)
14:52:38 <Graham> does anybody weigh carry on?
14:53:22 <Betty> the last time they did not, but they told us it will be weighed from now on
14:53:34 <Betty> 2 years ago
14:57:27 <Graham> wow my carry on is heavy
14:58:43 <Betty> I don´t know wether it varies from company to company. I can only say this for Condor
15:22:16 <Betty> bbl
15:25:38 <Graham> daisy
15:39:44 <ynpvisitor89> Betty flys on a bird?
15:43:06 <Graham> pretty of
16:21:26 <Kevin L> Incredible lightning show at sunset last night. Most impressive I have ever seen on the cam.
16:50:22 <ynpvisitor1> Have to keep this number
16:50:39 <ynpvisitor1> Kevin, sorry I missed it. Didn't show up on my phone.
16:51:33 <Kevin L> I wonder if DaveM still posts the pictures on GOSA page.
17:04:31 <ynpvisitor1> Where is #18 starting this week?
17:07:39 <Kevin L> Not sure. Fell alseep beteen the qualification periods.
17:08:19 <Kevin L> Storm is not up yet but here is the page:
17:08:57 <ynpvisitor1> I'll check
17:09:41 <ynpvisitor1> starting at 16
17:10:09 <Kevin L> 6th
17:10:42 <Kevin L> JGR cars 1,2,3,6.
17:11:23 <Kevin L> Oh oh. Dale jr is sponsored by Windows. He is sure to crash!
17:11:51 <ynpvisitor1> :D:D
17:15:13 <ynpvisitor1> JGR has had a great couple of months
17:18:33 <Kevin L> Kyle sure came back on fir!
17:19:21 <ynpvisitor1> Can't wait for Sprint Cup to get started
17:27:57 <Kevin L> Looks like there will be two dirt races for the trucks next year and possibly one for Xfinity.
17:48:30 <Kevin L> Looking at the weather from the storm last night the temp went from 71 to 54 betwee 1930 and 2045, rrain between 2030 and 2045 was .17", and at 2030 wind was WSW 27G43
17:50:44 <Kevin L> Kyle screwed up his car in practice. Backup car to the rear. :p
18:32:19 <Craig> Did somebody say beehive?
18:32:34 <ynpvisitor18> I like this number!
18:36:44 <Craig> BH 1036
18:45:15 <ynpvisitor88> of
18:51:25 <ynpvisitor100> Technical suggestions? I can't get video on IE (probably an overactive Flash-player blocker), and Chat isn't loading on Firefox...
18:52:25 <ynpvisitor100> Testing.
18:52:46 <Craig> chat is working
18:52:58 <Craig> I have the same problem with windows 10 but firefox allows it to work
18:53:39 <ynpvisitor100> Weird. I can't see my own posts.
18:57:11 <Craig> did you download flash for Firefox?
18:57:16 <Craig> Because IE has it
18:58:41 <ynpvisitor100> Flash is working on firefox (my default browser), but the last two days it hangs forever loading the chatroom.
18:58:56 <ynpvisitor100> So I'm watching Grand erupt on firefox and talking on IE right now.
19:45:29 <ynpvisitor62> Northern lights are supposed to be awesome in the Northern States tonight!
20:04:56 <Graham> didnt leave much for me today
20:05:03 <Graham> took Aurum before my shift too
20:10:33 <ynpvisitor62> At least you will always have OF to look forward to lol
20:16:37 <Graham> zzz
20:20:14 <Graham> OF
20:20:52 <ynpvisitor62> She never dissapoints!
20:46:42 <Graham> Lion and LC
21:28:08 <Graham> sawmill
21:54:52 <Graham> of
22:29:48 <Graham> Daisy
23:04:31 <Andrew> Hello
23:04:50 <Betty> hi
23:14:20 <Betty> Lion
23:26:14 <Graham> of
23:26:51 <Betty> looks great in that light
23:27:52 <Graham> will look even better on the other side of the cam soon
23:28:31 <Betty> and from the bw behind
23:28:42 <Andrew> Of always seems the best from the hill
23:29:05 <Betty> yep. much more impressive
23:29:48 <Graham> or from the BW at night, the rumble is impressive and the height too
23:33:07 <Betty> I learned so many things in this chat, my 9 days won´t be enough to see everything.
23:33:37 <Betty> but the goot thing is: a reason to come back again and again :-)
23:34:14 <Andrew> have yet to do some night gazing
23:35:57 <Graham> its good, full moon you dont need a light
23:36:07 <Graham> new moon there are so many stars it can be bright too
23:36:50 <Betty> We will arrive just after full moon, so it will be good light then
23:38:18 <Kevin L iPad> Don't miss Aurum.
23:38:56 <Betty> is on the bucket list, Kevin. Hope we will get it
23:39:28 <Betty> maybe we will try to get a ledge
23:40:15 <Betty> F&M was on the list as well, but bad timing for these 2 this year I think :-p7
23:40:50 <Graham> i would say, dont spend too much time at Aurum, it is summer ....
23:41:42 <Betty> I did that once...I know how hard the bench at Doublet pool is...
23:50:30 <Betty> LC
23:50:31 <Kevin L iPad> i just spend time there when nothing is due
23:51:01 <Betty> Giantess is always due :-)
23:54:50 <Kevin L iPad> I would be happy to be at Aurum when Giantess went
00:01:18 <Graham> thats the real reason people wait at Aurum :)
00:01:44 <Graham> going to head out to dinner, if someone can grab the cam when Grand erupts :)
00:01:56 <Graham> or Giantess
00:02:11 <Betty> or Giantess ;-)
00:17:35 <Andrew> Hello again
00:18:01 <Betty> wb Andrew
00:18:48 <Andrew> yeaahh i was driven mad by aurum
00:19:23 <Betty> Kevin can relate :-)
00:19:46 <Andrew> I asked a little about it from him
00:19:58 <Andrew> it helped a lot as well as cynthia
00:20:46 <Andrew> There was one day where I went up to the hill at 7030 and saw aurum looked good. Didnt go until 1940ish and I spent a few hours of my day up there in between things
00:20:58 <Andrew> truly screws with the mind
00:48:51 <Betty> Daisy
00:58:21 <Betty> OF
01:13:35 <Betty> LC
01:16:00 <Betty> Person of bw
01:42:32 <Graham> did i miss Grand?
01:42:54 <Betty> nope
01:43:05 <Graham> with Turban 1736 i guess not
01:53:30 <Betty> some geese in the meadows
02:13:36 <Michael> Gtand
02:14:15 <Betty> good timing Michael :-)
02:14:15 <Michael> Nice start, with the camera pointed right at it.
02:23:31 <Michael> Guess we'll be waiting a few hours for the next burst.
02:28:06 <Graham> of
02:28:07 <Betty> OF
02:47:40 <Betty> enjoy your evening, night all
02:48:02 <Michael> Nite, Betty.
03:16:06 <Michael> Afer Daisy, I'm going to call it a night, too.
03:24:01 <Graham> 3h56 interval this morning
03:24:13 <Andrew> thats long
03:25:04 <Michael> Hmmm. Should have checked that before making my plans.
03:27:15 <Michael> Well this interval is more reasonable.
03:28:28 <Graham> yep intervals got shorter
04:01:48 <Graham> of
04:06:17 <Graham> goodnight
04:09:40 <ynpvisitor6> Dep ?
05:31:53 <kcmule> OF