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16:11:32 <Betty+Thomas> morning all
16:11:37 <Jenna> morning
16:11:46 <Betty+Thomas> hi Jenna
16:12:07 <ynpvisitor14> Morning
16:12:14 <Betty+Thomas> hi 14
16:12:39 <Dave from B> Morning everyone!
16:12:43 <Betty+Thomas> hey Dave from B
16:12:52 <Betty+Thomas> hi Kevin L
16:13:03 <Kevin L> Forgot to change my name.
16:13:10 <Betty+Thomas> I brought my brother with me
16:13:41 <Kevin L> Took me a minute to figure that one out
16:13:51 <Jenna> hi Dave
16:14:36 <Dave from B> Betty, when do you leave Germany?
16:14:52 <Betty+Thomas> tomorrow :-)
16:16:45 <Kevin L> VERY hot here. Over 100 at 11 last night.
16:17:07 <Betty+Thomas> is that Grotto???
16:18:14 <Betty+Thomas> tall today
16:18:27 <Kevin L> 90 at 0400 on local weather station. :p
16:18:37 <Betty+Thomas> whooo Grand
16:19:23 <Kevin L> I guess I better get large size of NoDoz while I am at drug store this morning.
16:20:04 <Betty+Thomas> we have BH overnight...bah
16:20:25 <Betty+Thomas> hope that changes within the next time
16:20:30 <Kevin L> It has gone back to the darkside. :p
16:21:08 <Kevin L> At least we got a report so we weren't looking for it all day.
16:36:27 <Betty+Thomas> daisy ie
16:55:16 <Betty+Thomas> what´s that? F&M? :-p
16:55:18 <Kevin L> Artemesia
16:55:33 <Betty+Thomas> wow
16:56:28 <Kevin L> No, Jim S has it at 0807 ie.
16:57:10 <Dave from B> Riverside 0848
16:57:50 <Kevin L> Seem far left for Riverside though.
16:58:56 <Kevin L> Probably is it though. Wind and steam in the morning can look strange.
16:59:06 <Betty+Thomas> I vote for F&M
17:03:00 <Jenna> OF
17:11:48 <Dave from B> ..
17:20:19 <lc> good morning
17:20:53 <lc> chat page is slow this morning
17:21:09 <Betty+Thomas> hi lc
17:21:19 <Betty+Thomas> yup
17:26:41 <Betty+Thomas> Friday? overlook!
17:26:49 <Kevin L> If it Friday already?
17:27:43 <Betty+Thomas> for me it is weeke
17:27:52 <Betty+Thomas> for me it is weekend :-D
17:28:53 <Kevin L> Me too.
17:29:37 <Betty+Thomas> lol
17:31:17 <Betty> my brother is gone
17:31:52 <Dave from B> Morning lc
17:52:20 <ynpvisitor89> Tomorrow is the anniversary of the 1959 7.3 hebgen lake earthquake!
17:53:45 <Kevin L> Thought that was today.
17:54:28 <ynpvisitor46> That is one of the most interesting places with amazing stories
17:54:56 <ynpvisitor46> It is today kevin...according to wikipedia
17:54:59 <ynpvisitor89> The usgs history archive says tomorrow...But it did happen around midnight didn't it?
17:55:25 <ynpvisitor46> 11:37 pm on 8/17
17:56:25 <Kevin L> 1959 if I remember correctly.
17:56:35 <kc (working)> interesting place to visit. my favorite is the paved road that goes to nowhere
17:56:59 <ynpvisitor46> Ya, great visitor center too.
17:57:05 <Kevin L> Giantess should erupt to mark the occasion.
17:57:17 <ynpvisitor89> ahhh I see, they {usgs} should really fix that date on their website
17:58:18 <Dave from B> Didn't they update theior VC recently?
17:58:43 <ynpvisitor46> yep...brand spanking new a year or two ago
17:59:26 <ynpvisitor46> I have seen some great Big Horn sheep along that road as well.
18:02:07 <Dave from B> I've travelled that road in winter...that is not fun. Did a 180 on slick roads near Campfire Lodge turnoff.
18:02:43 <Kevin L> Ugh. Hate snow.
18:02:55 <Betty> hi Eric
18:03:30 <Betty> snow is wonderful to ski on :-)
18:04:11 <Eric> hello Betty
18:04:23 <Eric> Ya, I would not want to drive that road with snow on it
18:05:24 <Kevin L> Surprised how many big horn sheep are near my house. Don't see them that often but my kid got one of those game cams and stuck it up in the hills. Lots of sheep, bobcats and even a mountain lion! Now I know what happened to those dogs on th missing dog posters have gone.
18:06:38 <Eric> cool stuff Kevin
18:07:24 <Eric> I always assumed you lived out in the wide open country...but it sounds like you have some forest around.
18:07:28 <Kevin L> Not what I expected in the desert.
18:08:01 <Eric> this was not in a wooded area?
18:08:37 <Kevin L> No forest. LOTS of rocks! I am on the SE edge of the Las Vegas Valley. Lake Mead is just over the mountains by my house so I suppose that is what brings the wildlife.
18:09:12 <Kevin L> Most creosote bushes and some mesquite trees.
18:10:53 <Eric> very cool
18:11:16 <Eric> Ya, I image those animals would not live in the open desert...but they probably do use it to feed
18:11:45 <Kevin L> Along with dog, cats and chickens.
18:13:12 <Kevin L> Here is a link to the trail system that runs near my place and out by the lake:
18:13:22 <Kevin L> It has photos of the area.
18:16:54 <Eric> looks like a nice area...
18:17:37 <Kevin L> I really like it. Close to the city but wih a rural feel.
18:42:06 <Kevin L> Think OF took my NoDoz.
18:42:39 <Betty> bah
18:43:32 <Eric> OF
18:43:42 <Betty> there we go
18:44:39 <Betty> nice and tall
18:47:30 <Eric> You all packed Betty?
18:48:34 <Betty> yep. but I have to re-think about it. yet having 21 of 23 allowed kg.
18:48:58 <Betty> not much space for shopping
18:49:34 <Eric> Need that shopping space :-)
18:49:43 <Kevin L> I hadn't even thought about that.
18:49:56 <Betty> of course!
18:50:35 <Eric> We have friends from New Zealand who fly up and they really need the shopping space. Everything on that island is Expensive
18:50:36 <Betty> and only 6kg carry on :-(
18:53:55 <Kevin L> Then you have to go through customs. Do they tax you on the things you get?
18:56:57 <Betty> I think items worth less than 400$ are tax free
18:59:31 <Eric> It helps if they look "used"
18:59:34 <Kevin L> I remember there was a pretty healthy tax on things when I was there (VAT?). When I was buying stuff at the train store to take home the guy told me about some form I could get so I didn't have to pay it.
19:01:15 <Betty> clothes I do wear
19:01:33 <Kevin L> Dress in layers?
19:02:06 <Betty> if necessary I but beer on it and say it was my brother ;-)
19:02:21 <Dave from B> :D
19:03:22 <Betty> on the back flight I wear my heavy Jacket. this one I don´t need on the flight to Vegas. Looks strange at 100°F
19:04:34 <Kevin L> When I left for Germany it was 117. I got there and it was about 60. I about frooze.
19:05:10 <Betty> see? that´s why I wear it on the flight back!
19:06:04 <Betty> when I return it´s almost autumn
19:06:10 <Betty> Daisy
19:23:31 <Betty> Castle
19:25:42 <Kevin L> minor?
19:28:47 <ynpvisitor67> uncertain
19:28:53 <Betty> Person off bw
19:29:18 <Betty> uncertain!
19:29:22 <ynpvisitor67> VC has been notified -- that is how I heard the Unceratin radio call
19:30:02 <Betty> can we have a look?
19:30:06 <Betty> cool!
19:30:53 <Kevin L> Chat is sluggish for me today
19:31:21 <Betty> and for me...
19:31:35 <Betty> that was pretty
19:32:09 <Dave from B> Where was person off bw?
19:32:21 <Kevin L> Took about a minute to get message on Uncertain.
19:32:23 <Betty> in front of OF
19:35:21 <Eric> I was off BW :-(
19:35:27 <Eric> off
19:38:37 <Eric> But in 18 days, I will be on BW :-D
19:41:57 <Betty> no minor castle
19:42:50 <Betty> 13 for me :-)
19:43:31 <Betty> how will I recognize you, Eric?
19:43:48 <Kevin L> 358 for me
19:44:28 <Betty> we will meet next year, Kevin
19:44:54 <Kevin L> Sound fun
19:57:57 <Eric> I will be the Guy sitting at grand with a floppy hat :-P
19:58:40 <ge (working)> Me too
19:59:32 <Betty> lol
19:59:48 <Betty> you there as well, ge?
20:00:03 <ge (working)> AStarting Sept 2
20:00:13 <Betty> nice
20:01:23 <Eric> Awesome
20:01:34 <Eric> I look forward to meeting some of you on the BW
20:01:45 <ge (working)> Same here
20:02:24 <ge (working)> FYI--today is the forst time in months I was able to change my username for this chat
20:02:31 <ge (working)> first
20:03:22 <Betty> WOW
20:04:36 <Eric> Thats excellent ge
20:05:12 <Eric> I think captbunzo moved the database for this chat over the weekend, seeing if it would help the responsiveness.
20:05:30 <Eric> I still am seeing it get sluggish though.
20:07:55 <Eric> .
20:13:52 <Eric> OF ie
20:15:06 <Kevin L> Not getting as much lag now.
20:16:02 <Eric> Ya, it comes and goes on the chat lag
20:22:13 <Mario> Hey! Looks like Echinus is reported to have erupted again last Wednesday :)
20:23:27 <Mario> Observed post-eruption it looks like
20:24:30 <Mario> Temperature trace not attached on GT however.
20:25:04 <Kevin L> If any of you missed Friday's storm, the video is now posted online. Run it up to about 2015 and enjoy. Great sunset followed by an incredible lightning storm!
20:33:44 <Mario> I was camping at backcountry campsite 4M2, a few miles southeast of Canyon last Friday night when that storm hit. It was truly amazing.
20:42:12 <Kevin L> Wind at OF was recorded at WSW27G43.
20:42:56 <Kevin L> Sure shook the tree.
20:44:56 <Betty> LC
20:53:15 <Eric> Here is a direct link to the where the action starts:
20:53:28 <Eric> Thanks for sharing Kevin!
20:53:57 <Kevin L> Pretty wild night and the sunset is beautiful!
20:56:30 <Eric> Ya, never seen a storm like that before.
20:56:36 <Eric> Pretty awesome
21:01:24 <Kevin L> Lion is growling
21:21:43 <Betty> LC ie
21:38:44 <kc (working)> daisy ie
21:38:59 <Kevin L> daisy
21:39:59 <Betty> Däsie
21:40:22 <Kevin L> :)
21:40:44 <Eric> Gänseblümchen
21:42:10 <Eric> OF pool is quite full today
21:43:51 <Betty> Gänseblümchenblütenlikör
21:44:44 <Betty> nearly overflowing
21:48:16 <Eric> stream is dead for me
21:48:19 <Eric> :-(
21:48:32 <ynpvisitor89> mine is down too
21:52:15 <Kevin L> PC is down, iPad & controls work
21:54:19 <Eric> Yep, I can confirm the camera is it's the streaming provider pixelcaster who is having issues
21:54:32 <kc (working)> OF ie
21:55:29 <lc> was ie at 1353;
21:56:24 <lc> my streaming is not streaming
21:56:48 <lc> get update 20 = 30 sec
22:04:09 <Kevin L> Its alive
22:05:25 <Eric> looking good here too
22:05:38 <Eric> Other than the weather!
22:05:42 <ynpvisitor28> not looking so good in basin however
22:06:06 <Dave from B> Mine is working now
22:20:36 <Dave from B> Hi, Michael
22:21:31 <Michael> Hi Dave.
22:25:47 <ynpvisitor65> Rain is good. Help keep from having a fire. Plus I am sure the animals need some green grass
22:26:44 <Michael> And rain seems to make Aurum happier, which makes us happier...
22:52:27 <Michael> Blue skies have returned.
22:52:48 <Kevin L> Or brown...
22:52:50 <Betty> and streaming :-)
22:53:31 <Michael> Bright smoky skies have returned.
22:54:54 <ynpvisitor89> times like this make me happy i'm colorblind...looks blue to me lol
23:17:03 <Eric> Someone was asking about July numbers for the they are:
23:17:06 <Eric>
23:21:48 <Betty> Riverside
23:22:03 <Dave from B> Thanks Eric
23:22:44 <Michael> Old Faithful
23:23:15 <Kevin L> Young Faithful is up next....
23:23:46 <Dave from B> Up over 14% for the
23:24:10 <Michael> Grand
23:24:35 <Dave from B> Is this the Grand finale?
23:25:07 <Michael> The second burst is the Grand finale. (except when it isn't)
23:25:08 <Kevin L> It does seem to know when OF is due.
23:25:38 <Dave from B> I have ordered a 3b for Labor Day weekend:)
23:25:59 <Betty> I´ll buy that
23:26:01 <Kevin L> Comes right after Giantess?
23:26:20 <Betty> I´ll buy that too
23:26:21 <Michael> Better if it's before. Nobody is going to leave Giantess for Grand.
23:32:21 <Michael> Nice shot of Old Tardy too.
23:32:21 <Betty> OT ie
23:34:10 <Dave from B> ....
23:34:41 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
23:38:56 <Betty> Time to head out. See you on your side of the pond :-)
23:39:38 <Kevin L> Have a good trip.
23:39:41 <ynpvisitor28> SAFE TRAVELS!!
23:40:27 <Michael> Enjoy the flight. Or at least the destination.
23:41:06 <Betty> thanks. Bye
00:00:34 <Graham> hello
00:01:30 <Michael> Hi Graham.
00:02:02 <Kevin L> Hi. You get 1 week or 2?
00:02:42 <Michael> Lion
00:02:42 <Mario> Lion
00:03:50 <Kevin L> Save Lion and Aurum for you Graham.
00:03:57 <Graham> one
00:05:13 <Graham> thanks, and BH is due too
00:05:15 <Michael> Beehive before dark isn't impossible either.
00:05:37 <Graham> have had a 2 week trip every year since 1997 ... except this one
00:07:51 <Kevin L> Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of fun?
00:08:03 <Eric> I assume that means your contract didn't get contested :-(
00:10:11 <Michael> I'm stepping out. May come back later if the opportunity arises.
00:18:42 <Graham> Daisy
00:18:42 <Mario> Daisy
00:22:45 <Graham> you didnt tell me they had a DOme initial today
00:23:20 <Graham> there was no protest Eric, quite shocking given the size but I think the Government had all the documentation to backup their decision
00:23:45 <Graham> IBM probably overpriced it, trying to pay for Watson
00:24:44 <Eric> haha, pretty crazy all of the government contracts IBM has.
00:25:24 <Graham> actually they sold most of their federal business, but still unusual for $4.3B not to be protested
00:25:52 <Graham> so I have big meetings the week before, and the week after my trip. nothing Labor Day week tho
00:25:59 <Graham> glad they planned around my schedule
00:26:30 <Eric> haha
00:28:56 <Graham> looking forward to spending some time in the Seattle area too, have to get some weekends out there
00:29:35 <Graham> also if I can get a long weekend in Salt Lake ... Yellowstone isnt that far :)
01:02:15 <Graham> OF
01:17:57 <Graham> Lion
01:20:21 <Kevin L> Ugh. Just got back for the depot. It is 116 outside!
01:28:00 <Eric> wow
01:28:09 <Eric> Fry some eggs while you are out there
01:28:37 <Kevin L> They come out of the chickens hard boiled now.
01:50:11 <Graham> Dome
01:50:41 <Graham> Ledge reported today
02:20:23 <Eric> stop shaking the camera please...
02:21:26 <Kevin L> Bet this zoom during that storm would have been intense.
02:21:57 <Eric> ya, no doubt
02:24:27 <Eric> on a nice day, can one of the cam ops get a slow pan of the ugb? I want to rebuild our reference image with the new HD camera images.
02:24:41 <Kevin L> I thought we might lose our tree in that one.
02:24:47 <Eric> and record the pan in as high a quality as possible.
02:25:32 <Kevin L> We can do that. Be best to wait for a time when no geysers are due.
02:25:37 <Eric> tools like this allow stiching of the video:
02:26:15 <Eric> It would be cool to have a slow pan zoomed on UGB too for more detail as a separate image
02:26:27 <Eric> sorry...geyser hill
02:26:34 <Kevin L> Think late morning would give you best light.
02:29:32 <Graham> lion
02:37:58 <Graham> of
03:00:40 <Graham> Daisy
03:37:20 <Michael> Lion
03:41:43 <Michael> Glad it had another one left in the tank.
03:42:30 <Kevin L> Took it from Aurum.
03:56:31 <Graham> good luck with Aurum and bee
03:56:33 <Graham> goodnight
03:57:21 <Michael> Nite.
03:58:57 <Eric> Would be a nice time for BH
04:01:02 <Michael> Agreed. Just checked GT and saw 3 of last 20 intervals would be short enough to beat the darkness.
04:01:23 <Michael> So the odds aren't great, but the payoff would sure be nice.
04:01:50 <Kevin L> Gonna get stuck in the dark.
04:05:52 <Kevin L> Furnace Creek hit 120 today.
04:07:14 <Michael> How bad was it by you?
04:07:33 <Kevin L> Made it to 116
04:08:02 <Michael> Wow!
04:08:26 <Kevin L> Humidity was only about 7% so the swamper even cooled the depot down to 79 degrees!
04:17:50 <Michael> Old Faithful
04:17:59 <Eric> OF
04:21:01 <Eric> anemone
04:38:49 <ynpvisitor96> Looks turbany
04:47:05 <Eric> Doesn't look like BH will make it before dark :-(
04:49:13 <Michael> Lion minor coming up...
04:50:49 <Michael> I may have to eat those words...
04:50:52 <Kevin L> Isn't a Lion minor a cub?
04:51:52 <ynpvisitor72> pretty sunset
04:55:48 <ynpvisitor89> I lol'd when I read your question Kevin haha
04:56:12 <Kevin L> I think the heat is getting to me.
04:58:51 <ynpvisitor89> I bet! you got to be tough to handle 116 degrees. Thats the main reason I left pheonix for North Dakota! I'm also a Ginger, so i don't do well with any heat over 90 haha
05:01:08 <Michael> You know Kevin L's other weather wisdom? "At least you don't have to shovel heat.."
05:01:41 <Kevin L> I was just going to say I still would rather deal with the heat than with snow!
05:03:08 <Michael> Well, I said I would give up on Beehive if BHI hadn't started by 9pm. So I've given up.
05:03:25 <Michael> (but might still hang around a few more minutes, just in case)
05:06:23 <ynpvisitor89> Lol That is a good philosiphy, but i'm only 29 so I don't mind shoveling too much yet. I'm sure one day i will grow my wings to fly south for the winter lol
05:09:33 <ynpvisitor89> My dream home is Alaska. Its the only state in the country with a colder winter average than ND lol.
05:09:44 <Kevin L> It happen fast!
05:10:29 <Kevin L> Is that Grand?
05:11:21 <Michael> More likely Oblong. I didn't see it have a big start.
05:11:50 <Kevin L> Very early for Grand.
05:15:13 <Michael> Enjoy the twilight. I'm heading in.
05:15:25 <Eric> night michael
05:15:33 <Kevin L> Night. I am about to join you.
05:18:43 <Eric> wish someone would take their flashlights down to BHI :-)
05:23:18 <Eric> night all