Showing logs for date: 2015-08-20
16:08:02 <Kevin L> I see BH has gone to the darkside again.
16:17:41 <ynpvisitor33> Morning Kevin, CO Dave
16:18:15 <Kevin L> Hi Dave
16:18:29 <Dave from B> Morning also to assorted numbers:)
16:18:34 <Dave from B> and Mario
16:19:04 <Dave from B> Lion 0819
16:19:37 <Dave from B> Lion looks ready for a nap
16:19:54 <Kevin L> I can relate
16:20:27 <Mario> Morning Dave and Kevin and Eric
16:20:48 <Kevin L> hi
16:22:17 <Kevin L> Heading to drugstore for superlarge NoDoz. brb
16:30:16 <Mario> Smoke seems to have cleared a bit overnight
16:55:45 <Ryan> Good God, I thought it was overcast!
17:00:53 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan, kc
17:02:18 <Ryan> Morning Dave
17:05:19 <kc (working)> mornin
17:05:43 <Ryan> kc, can I bug you for some captures?
17:08:23 <kc (working)> I dont do captures any more, was hogging my bandwidth too much
17:08:46 <Ryan> Dang, I'll have to bug Dave about it then :P
17:13:04 <Ryan> Fluffy
17:13:05 <Ryan> 0913
17:14:41 <Ryan> Lion 0914
17:15:23 <Dave from B> minor?
17:15:47 <Ryan> Must have been
17:15:50 <Ryan> It got to full height
17:19:34 <Kevin L> Ryan, he posts the whole day on youtube.
17:21:17 <Ryan> I am looking for a specific eruption that I'd like to see a full capture of.
17:33:02 <kc (working)> daisy ie
17:37:36 <Ryan> Lion ie
17:37:41 <Ryan> way, wayyy, ie
18:34:14 <Kevin L> of yawn 1032 yawn.....
18:35:46 <Dave from B> More from lion
18:35:50 <Kevin L> Lion 1035
18:49:06 <kc (working)> aurum
18:50:12 <Kevin L> Nice surprise!
18:53:41 <Kevin L> You could even see it through the steam and smoke.
18:57:04 <Jake> the smell in the basin makes me hungry for s'mores
18:57:20 <Jake> kind of a s'more w/ hard-boiled egg smell
18:58:06 <Kevin L> Looks like southern california.
18:58:18 <Dave from B> Jake, you been up too long?:)
19:01:56 <ynpvisitor63> Nice
19:02:54 <Eric> Morning everyone
19:03:10 <Kevin L> Hard boiled egg on a s'more souds bad.
19:03:24 <Kevin L> Hi Eric
19:04:05 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
19:16:11 <ynpvisitor30> Too bad for folks whose only day in Yellowstone is this one
19:16:40 <Eric> For sure...not a pretty day. I hope the rains come soon.
19:17:43 <ynpvisitor61> Wonder how many folks actually do One-Day-Yellowstone
19:18:43 <Dave from B> I bet 20% of visitors are through in a day
19:19:11 <Dave from B> I would love to know the actual number, howwever...good question 61
19:19:19 <Kevin L> Many only stop at the UGB long enough for OF.
19:19:27 <kc (working)> a day in someplace like crater lake makes sense, in yellowstone it makes none
19:19:46 <ynpvisitor61> or rather, how many *think* they did YNP in a day
19:22:49 <ynpvisitor30> well a lot of folks spend two days, one for OF, and one for Canyon, Mammoth area
19:23:06 <ynpvisitor30> and Eric, there is no rain in sight
19:23:38 <ynpvisitor30> not for the next 10 days, they say the wind on Friday night to Saturday might blow the smoke out of here, yet also could fuel fires
19:23:49 <ynpvisitor30> at least it is cool
19:23:49 <Eric> I have been told by a few rangers that the average visitor spends hours in the park...not days.
19:24:00 <ynpvisitor30> 90 and this smoke would be really nasty
19:24:15 <Eric> Yikes...that is not good 30 :-(
19:24:30 <ynpvisitor30> well this year they would have to spend a day simply because the jams do not allow you to get out in a few hours!
19:25:19 <ynpvisitor30> yeah, forecast is not good, we were really lucky to have until August 17 with no smoke or haze really
19:25:47 <ynpvisitor30> making up for it now, could not see mountains from Fountain yesterday
19:26:16 <ynpvisitor30> people are funny too, they all think the smoke is OVER THERE, they do not get they are IN IT
19:26:48 <Dave from B> 30, many tourists just go to check things off their bucket list without really "seeing" the place
19:27:24 <ynpvisitor30> it affects my eyes the most
19:27:28 <ynpvisitor30> yes, I agree Dave, just this year it is SLOW moving from one place to another
19:29:04 <ynpvisitor30> was just checking in to see how bad it was/is in the basin, have good days all.
19:30:14 <Dave from B> bye, M
19:30:25 <Dave from B> see you soon
19:53:50 <Dave from B> ..
19:58:26 <Eric> Daisy
19:58:57 <Kevin L> Right during OF window.
20:19:25 <ynpvisitor61> .
20:39:51 <Dave from B> ..
20:46:25 <Dave from B> BH is a slight possibility right before dark
20:47:12 <Kevin L> So is Giantess.
20:47:19 <Jenna> and Aurum
20:49:51 <Kevin L> Maybe Plume.
20:50:27 <Eric> Maybe even LC if we are lucky
20:50:29 <Dave from B> :P
20:50:41 <Jenna> that might be pushing it
20:50:53 <Eric> shoot big Jenna :-D
20:51:11 <Jenna> I admire your optimistic attitude
20:51:17 <Eric> hahaha
20:51:30 <Eric> has the chat been pretty responsive today?
20:51:58 <Eric> I see that GT is not :-(
20:52:16 <Kevin L> Not much talk on it today, but it hasn't been bad. Some issues with GT though.
20:52:46 <Dave from B> Based on Steve O's BH note, what time do you think it went...0430?
20:53:18 <kc (working)> .
20:53:35 <kc (working)> timestamp is a little fast, usually it's right on
20:54:07 <Jenna> seems to be better than earlier this week
20:58:42 <Kevin L> Video still choppier than a Chuck Norris convention.
21:03:37 <Dave from B> I thought people were just walking funny.
21:09:55 <kc (working)> black screen here
21:10:30 <ynpvisitor34> Black screen here, too.
21:11:58 <ynpvisitor34> Must be time for Grand to erupt :(
21:12:32 <Kevin L> Either that or it is night already.
21:14:18 <Kevin L> Works on the iPad.
21:22:24 <ynpvisitor73> Eric, please fix chat
21:24:17 <Kevin L> Streaming down isn't a chat issue.
21:25:20 <Eric> is chat broken?
21:25:27 <Eric> seems to work here :-D
21:25:59 <Eric> The stream is broken at the NPS provider pixelcaster
21:26:19 <ynpvisitor73> only black screen here. Thought it was chat issue as I can see it on my phone
21:26:39 <Eric> Nope, the phones and web use 2 different technologies to stream the video
21:26:52 <ynpvisitor73> oh thanks
21:27:03 <ynpvisitor73> thanks Eric
21:27:16 <Eric> np
21:27:28 <Eric> I hope the stream comes back soon as well :-(
21:28:19 <ynpvisitor73> I htought Jake was there to fix things...
21:30:09 <Jake> I
21:30:20 <Jake> I'll go start swinging a hammer around in the webcam server room
21:31:20 <ynpvisitor73> thanks Jake
21:32:14 <Jake> OF
21:37:31 <Jake> too bad you guys missed that last was a real treat, water went up then went up even HIGHER then it came back down and played around for awhile then it stopped
21:40:12 <Kevin L> For those of you with iPads, Grand 1338...
21:43:08 <Dave from B> Does anyone know where the smoke is coming has enveloped billings as well
21:43:27 <Dave from B> Are you advertising for IPad now?:)
21:47:14 <Kevin L> Smoke link:
21:48:53 <Kevin L> 1b.
21:50:59 <Kevin L> The iPad does have some great stuff, but it can be a pain. No instructions for anything. The instructions that come with it are on a business card.
21:52:53 <Dave from B> With just a phone number?
21:53:04 <Dave from B> Or does it say....
21:53:15 <Dave from B> Sorry can't finish that:)
21:53:34 <Eric> I have the mobile feed up at if anyone wants to see the stream in a browser. None of the other functionality on that page works...but you are welcome to view there.
21:53:48 <Eric> hit the big play button and it should load the stream
21:54:29 <Eric> Also note, that stream and all mobile streams are about 30 seconds behind live.
21:54:48 <Jake> cool satellite image for the smoke
21:56:08 <Kevin L> This is the main link Jake:
21:58:37 <Dave from B> Can we just shoot all this equipment and get new stuff that works?:)
22:00:49 <Jenna> Kevin can help with that
22:01:51 <Kevin L> Tannerite Dave!
22:02:38 <Dave from B> hahahahaha
22:03:03 <Dave from B> Next time I need to get rid of something, I'll UPS it to you, so you can have fun with it!:)
22:03:06 <Kevin L> It does give you a warm feeling inside....
22:11:43 <Kevin L> Sent you an email Dave.
22:15:16 <Dave from B> Got it...Thanks...Most instruction manuals index is larger!
22:16:14 <Kevin L> It doesn't mention how to get the internet on it either!
22:16:41 <Dave from B> You're just supposed to know, I guess
22:24:24 <Kevin L> Streaming is back
22:25:23 <Jake> you're welcome, had to swing the extra large hammer around back there
22:25:50 <Kevin L> Keep it handy!
22:26:52 <kc (working)> missed grand, hopefully get another one later
22:29:29 <Kevin L> It was a crummy one burst anyway.
22:31:11 <Eric> daisy
22:33:17 <Kevin L> Not even in an OF window!
22:34:03 <Eric> Jake and his X-large hammer :-)
23:02:36 <Dave from B> OF 1502
23:03:58 <Kevin L> When was BH going to be Dave?
23:05:15 <Dave from B> 2 minutes before dark to an hour and a half later
23:05:38 <Eric> LC
23:11:38 <Dave from B> Eric, can you translate my prediction to real time for me?:)
23:12:05 <Jenna> zero dark hundred? lol
23:12:12 <Craig.> Hey all
23:12:18 <Dave from B> haha
23:12:27 <Kevin L> When it feels like it!
23:12:41 <Dave from B> Craig must be at OF....said hi and bye at the same time
23:13:16 <Craig> oh man I wish
23:13:23 <Craig> I was just inbetween browsers
23:13:49 <Craig> white balancing all of last years pictures
23:14:21 <Eric> not much white balance needed today....all gray!
23:14:29 <Craig> hahaha yeah
23:14:54 <Kevin L> More like sepia
23:14:56 <Eric> You could set an old light meter on the sky today.
23:15:14 <Eric> 30% gray is what like meters were calibrated for.
23:16:02 <Craig> seasick camera
23:16:18 <Eric> light not like :-D
23:16:37 <Eric> Dave infected my keyboard
23:16:42 <Craig> bahaha
23:16:53 <Craig> hey who is driving today?
23:16:54 <Dave from B> Yes, I have the power!:)
23:17:13 <Dave from B> Mr rock dodger himself:)
23:17:31 <Craig> ?
23:17:43 <Dave from B> Sorry, it's been a long week....feeling like picking on everyone today
23:17:52 <Craig> xD alrigh t
23:18:36 <Kevin L> I didn't dodge it. Well I guess in a way I did dodge it.
23:19:23 <Kevin L> Made a nice necklace for the wife out of a chunk of it though.
23:20:00 <Eric> Kevin is ready for Aurum
23:20:00 <Dave from B> I thought your wife's would have been made from a tree!
23:20:11 <Eric> haha
23:20:37 <Kevin L> I tried to get a piece of that to make a pen from, but they had hauled it away.
23:20:50 <Kevin L> No Aurum.
23:21:06 <Kevin L> Nice blue on Giantess steam.
23:21:33 <Craig> Indeed!
23:21:38 <Dave from B> I would love to see 150 gazers watching Giantess on Labor Day weekend
23:22:12 <Eric> Me too :-D
23:22:29 <ynpvisitor5> better yet, GIANT
23:22:53 <Eric> I wouldn't mind F&M
23:23:05 <Craig> I wonder what Giant would look like on cam. And yes F&M would be amazing
23:23:39 <Eric> I assume you would see the top of Giant from the cam
23:23:54 <Eric> and huge steam cloud
23:24:40 <Craig> and of course the running of the gazers
23:25:35 <Dave from B> My screen background shows Giant from the webcam on my laptop at home
23:25:50 <Dave from B> I'm not sure you can see water from Giant
23:26:37 <Dave from B> My background is actually a very rare quad of Lion, OF, Giant and Grand.
23:26:53 <Dave from B> And, I WAS THERE!
23:27:13 <Craig> oh
23:27:14 <Craig> my
23:27:16 <Craig> goodness
23:29:40 <Kevin L> No Fantail?
23:30:14 <Eric> ahh, I didn't know there was a Giant captured on the webcam before. Is it on youtube someplace?
23:30:15 <Dave from B> No, that would be fun to see...I know you were one of the lucky ones.
23:30:57 <Dave from B> I don't know, but Dave M would have a capture if not.
23:31:56 <Kevin L> There should have been one or more on the webcam.
23:31:57 <Craig>
23:32:01 <Craig> look at what I found!
23:34:40 <Dave from B> That was fun...I didn't know they had video cameras that long ago!:)
23:34:55 <Craig> i wish it had sound
23:35:45 <Kevin L> I think that was film Dave.
23:39:27 <ynpvisitor61> just saw this on FB -
23:39:49 <ynpvisitor61> don't know if there is one for Wyoming
23:42:42 <Eric> Well, the West Yellowstone is probably close enough
23:42:50 <Eric> thanks for sharing
23:43:05 <Dave from B> Film, 8mm, 8 track, slides...those were the days!
23:43:22 <Dave from B> Nothing like cussing at an 8 track stuck in your car sterio!
23:43:45 <Kevin L> Tin can & string?
23:44:00 <Eric> Those air quality readings are moving into the "very unhealthy" category...not good
23:44:27 <Eric> LC
23:44:38 <ynpvisitor5> West Yellowstone has not reached unhealthy yet if you look at the bigger map
23:45:47 <Dave from B> Definitely not running outside in this stuff today
23:48:45 <Kevin L> Down here we are at 109 with wind SSE 26G32. Like a convection oven.
23:49:07 <Eric> gotta run...have a great afternoon everyone
23:49:19 <Kevin L> byr
23:50:08 <ynpvisitor5> Grand seems to be liking 7 hours better than 6 again
23:50:15 <Dave from B> bye, Eric
23:50:26 <ynpvisitor5> too late Dave
23:50:43 <Kevin L> Getting longer for Dave's visit.
23:50:48 <Dave from B> too late for what?
23:51:06 <Dave from B> It will be back to 6 hour's almost September!
23:51:40 <ynpvisitor5> too late to say bye to Eric, he had already left the room...
23:52:12 <Dave from B> You sure he's not lurking?
23:53:07 <Dave from B> I still have this weird feeling we're going to see right before dark...or at least indy before dark.
23:54:46 <Kevin L> I hope we see before dark. If not we are in trouble.
23:55:26 <ynpvisitor5> July was the hottest month on record ever recorded , world wide
23:55:36 <ynpvisitor5> YNP was not though
23:55:59 <Kevin L> I guess we aren't in the world down here. It was fairly mild here.
23:56:16 <Kevin L> June was bad though.
23:56:56 <Dave from B> Haven't been near the news...any problems in
23:58:25 <Dave from B> St. Louis after another police-criminal death
23:58:45 <Dave from B> which could turn into a racial issue again
23:59:22 <Dave from B> Lion 1559
23:59:42 <Craig> ini?
23:59:43 <Kevin L> All I have on is WWII dhows. US 1, Japs 0, many palm tree deaths.
00:00:39 <Dave from B> Really surprised to see Lion already
00:01:23 <Kevin L> Me too.
00:01:35 <Dave from B> not very tall initial
00:01:45 <Kevin L> Welcome sight though.
00:02:20 <Kevin L> Kid says N&S Korea are shooting at each other again.
00:03:24 <Kevin L> Hopalong found out who killed the miner around noon.
00:03:58 <ynpvisitor5> winds are gusting, that is maybe why Lion looks shorter
00:04:22 <Kevin L> Mannix found out why the bad men were shooting at this lady.
00:05:21 <Kevin L> Winds were gusting between 11 and 17 over the last hour at the UGB....
00:06:07 <Kevin L> Sitting for hours watching the screen for geysers does funny things to your mind.
00:06:54 <Kevin L> Wonder where Betty is right now.
00:17:40 <Dave from B> How many nights was she spending in LV?
00:18:43 <Kevin L> Not sure
00:34:21 <ynpvisitor61> .
01:01:39 <kc (working)> daisy ie
01:01:44 <kc (working)> castle ie gt
01:17:14 <Graham> glad its cleared up :)
01:23:35 <Kevin L> There is the kitty
01:25:17 <ynpvisitor45> Is this the second in this series? First reported on GT at 1558, but seems like a short interval between series from a long series this morning
01:25:45 <ynpvisitor45> That may not have made sense:)
01:26:19 <Kevin L> This is the 2nd
01:27:18 <Kevin L> Not a very strong one either.
01:27:33 <kc (working)> sadly we've seen very short series intervals lately, esp for those who like NG
01:28:39 <ynpvisitor45> thx Kevin and kc
01:29:36 <ynpvisitor45> Ive never seen NG except on re-runs of the web cam. I imagine it's great to watch in person, medium sized geyser that close to the boardwalk
01:29:40 <kc (working)> yw. lion listens to me about as much as my last kitty's did
01:29:57 <kc (working)> i've only seen minors, and they were neat
01:31:09 <Kevin L> Scared me big time one day.
01:33:08 <Kevin L> Been seeing some BH splashing.
01:38:12 <Graham> did anyone see the Improbable major reported 2 days ago?
01:39:14 <Kevin L> Don't think so. It was during Grand.
01:44:26 <Graham> k
01:46:36 <Kevin L> DaveM looked for it but iot was not on the cam.
01:48:38 <ynpvisitor26> Was that what Ryan was asking about earlier?
01:48:40 <ynpvisitor26> Was it his report?
01:49:19 <ynpvisitor26> I cannot get GT to load :-(
01:49:19 <Kevin L> He didn't say.
01:49:41 <Graham> no descrip[tion on GT, just the entry
01:50:26 <ynpvisitor26> guess not ryans then
01:50:30 <ynpvisitor26> thanks for sharing
01:51:28 <Graham> we have the rain they need out West, supposed to be flooding here tonight
01:51:45 <ynpvisitor26> micah and will both confirm the eruptiopn
01:52:12 <Kevin L> Probably be nasty in TN Friday and Saturday.
01:53:19 <Graham> bad fire map
02:00:52 <Graham> fluffy
02:01:00 <kc (working)> OF
02:02:05 <Kevin L> On the hour!
02:58:33 <Andrew> having troule confirming the improbable?
02:59:48 <Graham> just wanted to know if anyone saw it here but cam was on Grand
03:00:17 <Andrew> well I did get a text from micah about it a couple nights ago
03:00:38 <Andrew> he had said it erupted
03:02:49 <Graham> its on GT, must have happened :)
03:03:13 <Graham> did you have fun?
03:03:50 <Andrew> oh yeah, and already ready for next year
03:05:18 <Graham> when you going then?
03:05:36 <Andrew> job time :)
03:06:48 <Graham> what was the best part of your trip?
03:07:30 <Andrew> all of it. There wasnt really a defining moment
03:07:54 <Andrew> lbeehive working as opposed to not working like last time I went
03:07:57 <Andrew> artemisia
03:08:27 <kc (working)> good choice
03:08:35 <Kevin L> Did you get the thumps?
03:09:04 <Andrew> the wake up check gt, oh s*** bhi better run there only to get there just in time with a laughing jim and some groggy gazers
03:09:20 <Andrew> the thumps were huge
03:09:47 <Graham> hum, might need the list of thumpers sometime
03:10:24 <Kevin L> Artemesia thumps are awesome.
03:10:34 <Andrew> doublet, black sand, giantess, oblong artemisia
03:10:42 <Andrew> thats off the top of my head
03:11:11 <Andrew> ledge was a dud
03:11:19 <Andrew> 9 hour sit past 4 hours, nothing
03:11:33 <Andrew> chucked it and had a better time not seing it
03:12:05 <Andrew> days*
03:12:06 <Graham> Vault is good too
03:12:19 <Graham> imnitial is so fun to see and feel
03:13:01 <Graham> i expect to spend some quality time at Vault next trip
03:13:17 <Graham> spent over a day there in July
03:13:36 <Andrew> I wish you luck
03:13:45 <ynpvisitor61> do you wonder if they all thump, but we only hear the ones that are close? Or big, like Giantess
03:13:50 <Andrew> beehive was pretty nice to me
03:14:35 <kcmule> think there are certain conditions needed for subterranean steam explosions, not exactly sure what tho
03:14:46 <kcmule> large chamber i would suppose
03:15:12 <Graham> its colapsing bubbles, right? could happen a lot but never ben felt
03:15:24 <ynpvisitor61> Graham can go sit by OF and find out sometime
03:15:25 <Andrew> thats what ive always heard
03:15:31 <kcmule> mini sonic booms ive heard it described as
03:16:05 <Graham> not me #61
03:16:14 <Graham> i like the rumble of OF
03:16:49 <Graham> still remember the late one this winter, with the moon, stars, cold, nobody else there, and a wonderful rumble
03:16:59 <Andrew> I have some new favorites too. Tilts baby and grotto fountain
03:17:22 <Graham> they are nice
03:18:17 <Kevin L> I like Grotto on the initial from the backside.
03:18:39 <Kevin L> Water come out of everywhere!
03:18:41 <Andrew> wind never cooperated by that
03:18:42 <Graham> and Giant from the front side :)
03:30:03 <Michael> Not sure if my listserv post went through. Echinus yesterday evening, per YVO temperature graph.
03:32:05 <Kevin L> That is cool!
03:32:56 <Graham> oohhh so how many people will sit and wait at Echinus instead of Ledge?
03:33:18 <ynpvisitor9> LC ie
03:33:26 <kcmule> OF 19:32
03:33:32 <ynpvisitor9> Have not seen it posted in a while. So I did
03:41:55 <Graham> Daisy
03:42:01 <Michael> Yup.
03:42:21 <Graham> nice its a clearer view than yesterday
03:46:52 <Graham> goodnight
03:47:16 <Michael> Goodnight, Graham.
03:53:00 <kcmule> thanks Graham
03:53:02 <kcmule> bhi
03:53:03 <kcmule> .
03:53:04 <kcmule> .
03:53:05 <kcmule> .
03:53:14 <kcmule> sending txt
03:55:04 <Michael> Averages 16 hours and change for the double interval. Not bad.
03:55:06 <Kevin L> ty Graham!
03:55:08 <Kitt> yeah indy
03:55:55 <Kitt> wait bee
03:56:03 <Kitt> give people a chance to get there
03:56:17 <ynpvisitor86> before my window
03:56:46 <Kitt> wow area really socked in with smoke
03:56:54 <Kitt> looks like Worland
03:57:16 <Kitt> no gazers at bee
03:57:17 <ynpvisitor86> Billings is AWFUL
03:59:49 <Kitt> wait bee, wait
04:00:28 <Kitt> here comes a gazer
04:01:01 <ynpvisitor86> Just plugged laptop into our big screen for BH
04:02:05 <kcmule> darnit grand
04:02:07 <Kitt> oh Grand
04:02:21 <Kevin L> Now we know why no gazers.
04:02:32 <Kevin L> Daisy too
04:02:35 <Kitt> wait bee wait
04:03:09 <Kevin L> Daisy? Too long on the computer today!
04:03:16 <Kitt> 1959 per GT
04:08:13 <Kitt> Bee says my turn
04:08:52 <Kitt> sky is pink
04:12:37 <kcmule> try leaving the room for 1 minute
04:13:49 <Michael> I'm heading out for the evening. Used up all my luck already.
04:14:13 <kcmule> nite
04:14:22 <Kevin L> Go Aurum!
04:15:52 <kcmule> id settle for one of them improbables
04:16:26 <Kevin L> That would be fine
04:21:30 <Kitt> night all
04:21:45 <Kevin L> Night
04:21:50 <kcmule> nite
04:38:35 <Kevin L> Gee, it cooled down under 100 before 11 today!
04:43:50 <kcmule> dep
04:44:53 <Kevin L> Haven't seen this for a while!
04:55:53 <Jake> thanks for the BHI text!
04:56:36 <kcmule> yw
04:57:10 <kcmule> OF 20:56
04:57:14 <Kevin L> Thanks for the big hammer.