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14:42:41 <ynpvisitor11> indy
14:42:50 <ynpvisitor11> indy
14:42:51 <ynpvisitor11> indy
14:44:02 <Kitt> 0639 per Steve O
14:44:24 <lc> morning
14:45:09 <Dave from B> Morning lc, Kitt, numbers
14:45:21 <lc> hey Dave
14:45:47 <Kitt> hello
14:46:07 <Kitt> Steve O texted me and I told him I thought it was for indy
14:47:04 <Kitt> that was at 0616
14:47:22 <Kitt> he texted back no bee yet
14:47:44 <Kitt> old faithful
14:50:21 <Jimbo> Beautiful sunrise eruption of Old Faithful
14:54:34 <Kitt> Go Big Bee!
14:54:43 <Kitt> Beehive
14:55:39 <ynpvisitor94> good and straight. must be lovely from where they are standing.
14:57:09 <Dave from B> Soiunds like Michelin is in the park for 10 days to install recycled tire paths. Do you know where else they are being installed?
15:02:29 <Kitt> I know they are doing the path across the bridge go to geyser hill behind old faithful
15:04:35 <Kitt> time to get ready for work
15:04:43 <Kitt> have a good day everyone
15:04:47 <Kitt> bye
15:04:58 <Dave from B> You too, Kitt
15:28:54 <Dave from B> bbl...have to do a restart
16:06:36 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
16:06:55 <Kevin L> Morning.
16:10:24 <Betty> Morning guys
16:10:42 <Dave from B> Morning Betty...are you engulfed in smoke yet?
16:10:47 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
16:11:20 <Betty> We are at the coast. No smoke here
16:12:01 <Kevin L> If there was smoke there you would be in serious trouble!
16:12:27 <Betty> We had lots of smoke yesterday and the day before. And detours because of fire
16:12:40 <Jenna> morning Dave, everyone
16:13:16 <Betty> Hi Jenna
16:13:52 <Kevin L> Morning Jenna.
16:16:07 <Betty> What about glacier ntl park fires? Are there any?
16:16:46 <Dave from B> There are a they are concentrating on his on the southern boundary near Es***
16:17:18 <Kevin L> Watch what you say Dave!
16:20:07 <Betty> I want to drive the Going-to-the-sun Road
16:20:17 <Dave from B> haha...can't even spell the town in this room...that's funny
16:20:36 <Dave from B> Going to Sun is danger of it closing as far as I know
16:20:52 <Betty> Thats good
16:22:13 <Betty> Cannot spell? Totally new for you Dave! ;-)
16:22:52 <Dave from B> HEY...I spelled the word can fill in the blanks!:)
16:25:54 <Betty> Ah, now I saw it. It is too far south anyway
16:36:35 <Dave from B> Morning Mario
16:39:37 <Mario> Morning Dave and Betty and Kevin and Jenna and lc and Eric and everyone :)
16:39:45 <Kevin L> Hi
16:39:47 <Jenna> hi Mario
16:41:24 <Kevin L> Hey Jenna, my kid did it to me again. I found some huge ears of sweet corn. While I was gone he baked them in Italian dressing wrapped in foil. :p
16:42:24 <Dave from B> #$% Kids!
16:43:13 <Kevin L> Can't understand what they don't understand about corn. All it needs is butter. Like catsup on filet mingon.
16:43:19 <Mario> yum
16:43:20 <Jenna> what the heck?!
16:43:27 <Betty> Hier mario
16:44:09 <Betty> Bah! Hi Mario, sorry
16:44:16 <Kevin L> Reminds me of the MASH where the priest grew the corn and then the cook creamed it! :P
17:03:36 <Ryan> Morning everyone
17:03:49 <Kevin L> Hi
17:04:20 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
17:04:27 <Ryan> How is everyone today?
17:05:04 <Kevin L> Tired & toasty.
17:05:38 <Dave from B> Tired & smokey
17:06:06 <Ryan> :(
17:11:58 <Dave from B> Oblong?
17:12:21 <Ryan> Obbie!
17:13:01 <Dave from B> Now, you're making me think of Star Wars!
17:14:05 <Jenna> new fire in the park as of yesterday
17:15:14 <Dave from B> Yes, on the Promontory in Southern Lake area
17:23:55 <Dave from B> what did you do, Kevin?
17:24:36 <Kevin L> I was going to asy Aurum and the stinking page klicked me off
17:25:34 <Dave from B> That's strange
17:26:09 <Kevin L> Missed it because of it too. :p
17:34:11 <Kevin L> Wish we had an E time for Grand.
17:36:18 <Dave from B> I'm gonna guess 0420
17:36:25 <Ryan> Daisy
17:36:28 <Ryan> 0936ns
18:16:01 <Kevin L> I am guessing we are missing an OF time.
18:17:09 <Eric> Morning all
18:21:11 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
18:22:13 <ynpvisitor91> Grand E time 0526
18:22:53 <Kevin L> ty 91
18:25:28 <Dave from B> Thanks, 91...I was way off
18:41:42 <Dave from B> Morning ge
18:51:35 <Kevin L> Gee a bit of blue in the sky!
18:52:45 <ge (working)> Morning, Dave
18:52:52 <ge (working)> Morning to all
18:53:03 <Kevin L> HI
19:20:19 <Kevin L> of
19:30:48 <ynpvisitor9> .
19:30:51 <ynpvisitor9> .
20:02:28 <Eric(10)> quiet afternoon here...
20:03:54 <Dave from B> It's barely afternoon...maybe something we will wake our driver
20:04:29 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
20:04:59 <Eric(10)> Maybe some Elk will wander by Kevin :-)
20:07:24 <Kevin L> They will wait until I am off shift.
20:16:24 <Kevin L> Pretty warm is the park. *0 degrees right now.
20:16:25 <Dave from B> Good afternoon Mr. TestingIE
20:16:39 <Eric(10)> :-)
20:16:45 <Dave from B> Yes, that is warm if your from another planet
20:16:57 <Eric(10)> I realized I don't see the name change messages either on IE
20:17:09 <Kevin L> 80
20:17:38 <Eric(10)> wow...that is downright hot for the park
20:17:49 <Dave from B> Sorry, Kevin...couldn't leave that one alone. I knew what you meant however.
20:18:01 <Dave from B> 80 in Blgs currently as well...headed to 94
20:18:13 <Kevin L> I just used the capital 8!
20:18:46 <Dave from B> That's in the Davespeak dictionary
20:19:37 <Kevin L> A great generator of hot air just left Vegas so we should be cooler now. Only 95.
20:19:56 <ynpvisitor40> watch it Kevin....
20:20:07 <Dave from B> Harry must have been in town!:)
20:20:07 <Eric(10)> Daisy
20:23:50 <TestingIE3> test
20:23:56 <Eric(10)> test
20:27:52 <Dave from B> I was hoping Grand intervals would start decreasing...its almost Sept
20:28:16 <Kevin L> 2nd week they will Dave.
20:28:41 <Dave from B> haha
20:29:40 <Dave from B> Watch out for Mr Flood
20:30:14 <Kevin L> I am still ticked off about that.
20:34:03 <Kevin L> Since OF is due Grand will probably go on this Turban.
20:34:31 <Eric(10)> test
20:38:06 <TestingIE9> test
20:47:19 <Kevin L> What did I tell you?
20:47:37 <ynpvisitor40> always the way
20:48:03 <TestingIE9> uggg
20:48:12 <Dave from B> Just zoom in on Grand...we'll pay your fine!:D
20:48:58 <TestingIE9> Grand
20:50:49 <TestingIE9> Test
20:54:22 <Eric(10)> OF
20:54:36 <Dave from B> Hope its a short
20:56:24 <Kevin L> Nice 2nd burst
20:56:36 <Kevin L> :p
20:58:13 <Kevin L> Oh well.
20:59:50 <Dave from B> We can always wait 7 hours
21:00:27 <Kevin L> They need to train their geysers better.
21:01:00 <TestingIE10> Working?
21:01:03 <TestingIE10> woot
21:01:10 <TestingIE10> refresh your browser Dave
21:01:15 <TestingIE10> and type a message
21:01:34 <Kevin L> 10th time is the charm!
21:01:54 <TestingIE10> Fixed 2 birds with one stone :-) Now nickname changes should work much better.
21:05:15 <Eric(10)> Let me know if you have any more trouble on nickname changes or on IE
21:05:49 <Kevin L> I think Dave passed out from fish fumes.
21:06:02 <Eric(10)> That happens :-)
21:06:41 <Dave from B> Let me check it out
21:06:42 <Eric(10)> FYI, Grand D4/T2C
21:06:53 <Dave from B> post's a miracle!:):):):?)
21:07:09 <Eric(10)> No miracles...just bug fix :-D
21:07:29 <DavefromB(10)> Eric, YOU ARE THE MAN...Thank you very much!
21:07:46 <DavefromB(10)> Now, can you work on my typing for me?
21:08:10 <Eric(10)> That is an insoluble problem.
21:08:16 <DavefromB(10)> :D
21:08:25 <DavefromB(10)> Oh well...I had to ask
21:10:13 <ynpvisitor79> will my post appear too?
21:10:19 <ynpvisitor79> wow, nice bug fix
21:10:29 <ynpvisitor79> you must get paid the big bucks Eric
21:10:39 <Eric(10)> thanks...I like cookies :-)
21:11:09 <Eric(10)> and will be at UGB over labor day...
21:11:18 <Eric(10)> :-P
21:11:58 <DavefromB(10)> cookies go with beer?:)
21:12:03 <Kevin L> Go for king crab Eric!
21:13:44 <Eric(10)> I am just glad I can contribute back a tiny bit to this great community of people.
21:15:48 <DavefromB(10)> It is amazing how many different skills we have but yet we all have the same passion
21:20:38 <ynpvisitor79> Ledge finally erupted
21:20:51 <Kevin L> About time.
21:21:04 <Eric(10)> Nice
21:23:17 <ynpvisitor79> over 7 days, glad Ben got to see it
21:23:37 <DavefromB(10)> Not sure if I'
21:24:02 <DavefromB(10)> if I'll invest any Labor Day time on Ledge
21:24:35 <DavefromB(10)> Could eat up too much time...if Echinus became more active; that might entice me
21:24:53 <Eric(10)> Ya, that would be a good reason to head to norris :-)
21:30:46 <Eric(10)> look how consistent the echinus data has been over the last 3 weeks:
21:31:00 <Eric(10)> I hope someone spends the afternoon/evening at it tomorrow
21:32:47 <DavefromB(10)> First time I've looked at logger info on GT. That is nice
21:33:11 <DavefromB(10)> Tomorrow evening.....C'mon MA....we need someone on the scene!:)
22:37:34 <DavefromB(10)> Hi, Will B
23:09:19 <Kevin L> Lion
23:16:35 <Kevin L> daisy ie
23:52:08 <ge (working)> OF
00:03:34 <DavefromB(10)> Time to head home. Have a great evening everyone! Thanks again, Eric.
00:03:50 <Kevin L> bye
00:04:19 <DavefromB(10)> Dodgers last few days in first...let's enjoy them, Kevin!
00:04:45 <Eric(10)> night dave
00:04:51 <Kevin L> For sure.
00:19:37 <Will B> Dave M if you are on here can you please pm me
00:31:48 <Will B> Lion ns
00:31:52 <Will B> 1631
00:36:48 <Eric(10)> BTW, here is that feature Graham saw yesterday morning:
00:37:15 <Eric(10)> Behind BW, between
00:37:21 <Eric(10)> BH railing and plume bench
00:37:31 <Will B> oh that has to be the little steamer by plume that broke out this spring
00:37:57 <Will B> its about a 1-2" round hole
00:38:14 <Will B> and constantly steams and puts a tiny bit of water out
00:38:33 <Eric(10)> Is it near what use to be UNNG-GHG-2?
00:38:48 <Eric(10)> I have never seen it here showing above BW
00:39:10 <Eric(10)> Don't think anyone else has either
00:40:39 <Will B> let me look through FB there are pics of it there
00:42:01 <Eric(10)> cool...thx
00:43:57 <Will B>
00:52:29 <Eric(10)> Thanks for that link...sounds like the right location. Really hard to tell from that picture though.
01:13:09 <Kevin L> Unless another camop wants it, cam will now be on autopilot.
01:33:46 <ynpvisitor8> thanks form posting the video. cam shot looks closer to the BW and a thicker steam plume, but depth perception is hard
01:35:43 <Graham> Merry Christmas too
01:39:20 <Kevin L> And a Merry Christmas to you too Graham.
01:40:10 <Graham> nice to see the smoke gone
01:42:31 <Kevin L> Blue is good. A bit warm this Christmas though.
01:45:33 <Eric(10)> Here is the spot where that steam was coming from:
01:45:52 <Eric(10)> 2013 image there could easily be a new hole there.
01:56:25 <Will B> riverside should be anytime now
01:57:10 <Will B> anybody have the last OF? no one entered it
02:00:56 <Will B> Daisy
02:01:00 <Will B> ie
02:02:48 <Will B> we are also in castle window
02:03:57 <Eric(10)> Probably won't see irverside on such a warm day
02:05:02 <Graham> zzzzz go back to work Will
02:06:01 <Will B> also in an oblong window :)
02:07:08 <kc (working)> vec has 19:02 +/-10 for next OF if that helps
02:07:28 <Graham> so 1729 long?
02:07:40 <Will B> they are using 94/64
02:08:24 <Graham> so 1728
02:14:02 <Eric(10)> Grotto?
02:14:05 <Eric(10)> nope
02:14:20 <Eric(10)> some decent puff of steam above trees in Grotto area
02:49:28 <kcmule> castle ie
03:04:37 <kcmule> OF 19:04
04:36:44 <kcmule> grand
04:36:46 <kcmule> .
04:36:49 <ynpvisitor22> Grand
04:43:45 <kcmule> OF not cooperating with grand today
04:46:12 <ynpvisitor22> Go Fluffy