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15:54:47 <ynpvisitor55> OF 0854ie
15:54:52 <ynpvisitor55> Castle 09754ie
16:02:18 <Ryan> Grand 0802
16:05:45 <ynpvisitor75> 5.2 mag Earthquake in Oregon 10 minutes ago
16:07:37 <Kevin L> That should shke things up a bit.
16:09:44 <ynpvisitor32> right on the Oregon Nevada border
16:10:34 <Kevin L> Rang the OF seismo pretty good.
16:11:03 <Ryan> 2B!
16:12:16 <ynpvisitor75> Thats the biggest quake we have had in the lower 48 in a while
16:13:18 <Kevin L> At least it happened in a very remote location.
16:13:33 <Ryan> Daisy 0813
16:13:34 <Ryan> ie
16:14:15 <ynpvisitor75> They just downgraded it to a 4.5.
16:15:51 <ynpvisitor75> Thats kind of a wide margin for error concidering how much more powerful a 5.2 is compared to a 4.5
16:18:57 <Kevin L> +
16:19:05 <Kevin L> Really odd.
16:19:55 <ynpvisitor75> Now they have just upgraded it to a 4.7...haha Someone at the usgs might have a case of the mondays
16:20:44 <Kevin L> It may be so far away from a seismo that they have to do some calcs to get it right.
16:23:55 <ynpvisitor75> True
16:34:27 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
16:34:47 <Kevin L> Morning Dave.
16:50:05 <Ryan> Off to Thermo.... yaya
16:50:32 <Kevin L> Enjoy! :p
17:09:34 <Dave from B> Sanitation engineers out for duty
17:21:09 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
17:46:05 <Jenna> morning Dave
17:56:31 <Dave from B> Late in the day for your first crash!
17:56:33 <Kevin L> At least the crash was before my shift started.
17:57:05 <Kevin L> The irony is I was checking the email to see if the new computer was in.
17:57:48 <Dave from B> Must have made your old computer mad
17:58:32 <Kevin L> I plan to make it even madder.
17:59:04 <ynpvisitor55> Not till you back up all your data!
17:59:54 <Kevin L> For sure.
18:00:35 <ynpvisitor55> It may sneeze on the backup and infect the new computer.
18:00:52 <Dave from B> haha
18:01:38 <Kevin L> I am hoping to avoid that!
18:01:57 <ynpvisitor55> Is that saw mill back there?
18:06:25 <Kevin L> No BH time, but it doesn't look like it is ready to go. have times at nearly 0200 from Will si I am guessing it didn't go before then.
18:29:34 <Kevin L> Afternoon Betty
18:29:43 <Betty> morning all
18:29:53 <Betty> Hi Kevin L
18:30:51 <ynpvisitor55> Just in time for daisy or something
18:31:17 <Betty> is LC due? :-)
18:31:31 <ynpvisitor55> always
18:31:47 <Betty> ;-)
18:31:54 <Kevin L> 10h Aurum yesterday!
18:32:02 <Betty> whoo
18:37:16 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
18:37:54 <Betty> hey Dave from B
18:39:36 <Dave from B> Working on "Betty " amount of sleep after late night flight from Denver last night that got into billings at 0020
18:40:07 <Betty> haha
18:40:42 <Kevin L> So far you have typed better that when you have sleep.
18:41:06 <Betty> true
18:41:24 <Dave from B> What's your excuse?:)
18:41:34 <Betty> you should practise more often, Dave
18:41:40 <Dave from B> Sorry, couldn't resisit
18:42:32 <Betty> ;-)
18:42:46 <Kevin L> I just want to make sure you understand what I am saying.
18:42:50 <Dave from B> :D
18:43:34 <Dave from B> I sure enjoyed watching Manning panic when Ravens were after him.
18:44:04 <Kevin L> Nothing worse than a flock of mad Ravens.
18:44:24 <Dave from B> Too bad Flacco was colorblind
18:45:18 <Kevin L> Some strange games this weekend.
18:45:53 <Betty> LC
18:46:41 <Betty> hey, that was entry 2400!
18:47:03 <Betty> 1400 LC I
18:47:39 <Dave from B> Congrats..your prize is a free prediction of from GT:)
18:47:54 <Betty> hahaha
18:48:05 <Betty> I thought a laundromat
18:48:36 <Dave from B> haha
18:48:40 <Betty> I predict Daisy in 4 min
18:49:02 <Kevin L> Tick, tick, tick...
18:49:46 <Betty> feel like gambling in Vegas
18:50:08 <Kevin L> We could do a geyser pool
18:53:21 <Betty> bummer. Feels just like gambling in Vegas, all in, benefit= non
18:54:12 <Kevin L> I think you have it.
18:54:13 <Dave from B> haha
18:54:22 <Dave from B> Double or nothing?
18:54:23 <Betty> :-(
18:55:52 <ynpvisitor55> Gambling has benefits. That adrenaline rush when you think you won, the despair when you only have one play left.
18:58:29 <Betty> Uncertain?
18:59:11 <Betty> nope
18:59:38 <Kevin L> OF window so we would not have got it anyway.
19:00:02 <ynpvisitor55> Time to go.
19:00:15 <Betty> bye 55
19:01:06 <Kevin L> Daisy is also due.
19:05:22 <Betty> OF
19:20:22 <Betty> Daisy
19:21:12 <Kevin L> Finally
19:21:29 <Kevin L> 3h7m interval.
19:21:45 <Dave from B> Must be wind delayed
19:22:28 <Kevin L> Think it is, Wind SSW 13G21
19:22:52 <Kevin L> Did you see the BYU Bosie State score Dave?
19:23:38 <Dave from B> Yes, I did. I watched some of the game in our room. Glad they won. Next up, UCLA
19:25:06 <Kevin L> I could not believe they were down by a FG with less than a minute with a 4th & 7 and ended up winning 11 points.
19:26:09 <Dave from B> I had to get some sleep...missed the last 10 minutes.
19:27:31 <Dave from B> Please cheer for Atlanta and San Fran tonight. In the rooming for this week's football board:)
19:27:40 <Dave from B> rooming = running
19:28:14 <Kevin L> I missed the first 3 quarters but caught the end. They tossed a 45 yard Hail Mary with about :40 to go and then did a pcik 6 on Boise's first play. 2 touchdowns in 12 seconds!
19:28:58 <Dave from B> wow. 2 hail mary's in 2 weeks
19:29:44 <Kevin L> Too funny the Mormons winning with Hail Marys!
19:30:49 <Dave from B> Might have to change the name of the play if this continues
19:33:48 <Kevin L> When he threw this one I thought "You Idiot, just get the first down". I guess he knows what he is doing.
19:34:35 <Betty> LC
19:35:23 <Kevin L> I wonder if I will be able to see that with the new monitor.
20:17:30 <ynpvisitor4> Just saw on FB - Navy musicians are playing at OF right now. Look for them in their sailor suits when they are done. :)
20:18:40 <Kevin L> Wonder where they parked the boat?
20:43:05 <Dave from B> Thanks 4
20:44:40 <ynpvisitor4> .
20:44:44 <ynpvisitor4> .
20:45:09 <Betty> great
21:54:30 <Jenna> it's like a Sunday around here
21:54:55 <Kevin L> That buzzing sound you hear are geysers snoring.
21:55:00 <Kevin L> And Dave too.
21:58:41 <Jenna> I was wondering
22:03:21 <Kevin L> Long weekend I guess.
22:04:07 <Jenna> for us or the geysers lol
22:04:58 <Kevin L> I think both. I know there are some bears that are worn out.
22:05:35 <Jenna> true
22:05:54 <Kevin L> There was a ram picking chicken feathers out of its horns....
22:06:26 <Jenna> lol I knew there were games on, that's as far as my knowledge goes
22:06:53 <Kevin L> I was just checking to see if Dave was asleep.
22:07:11 <Jenna> so far it seems yes he is
22:08:18 <Kevin L> I know he was in Denver this weekend. Took the redeye home.
22:09:37 <Jenna> ugh
22:11:06 <Kevin L> Been a long time since I have flown commercial. I did take the Governors plane to Cartton City and back a few times, but even those were almost 10 years ago.
22:11:48 <Jenna> I have only flown commercial once, from Bozeman to Seattle via Denver.
22:14:10 <Kevin L> I hated the airports. When we flew the Govs plane we had a hanger in Vegas and went right to a hangar in Cartoon City and there were pool cars at the hanger for us to use. It was really easy. Saved a lot of time. It was a Cessna Citation (jet) and I got to sit in the copilots seat most flights.
22:14:59 <Jenna> wow
22:15:05 <Jenna> that does sound easy, and fun
22:15:12 <Jenna> mine just seemed a little counterproductive
22:15:49 <Kevin L> There was one flight where we had to come down through the clouds. 500 mph and you could not see the nose of the plane!
22:16:37 <Jenna> no thanks haha
22:18:03 <Kevin L> What was lots of fun was listening to air traffic control during the flight.
22:18:14 <Jenna> that would be very interesting
22:21:03 <Kevin L> One time the plane coming from Area 51 was complaining about their assigned altitude. The ATC told him that he had to stay there or run over the Governor's plane.
22:21:35 <Jenna> haha
22:21:37 <Jenna> good options
22:22:40 <Kevin L> What was really fun were the helicopters I got to fly in while I was with the 1st Cavalry. Totally awesome.
22:23:41 <Jenna> oh I bet!
22:24:21 <Kevin L> These guy were fresh out of nam. We would do 150 mph and when they landed there were tree limbs in the runners!
22:25:47 <Jenna> sounds fun and dangerous
22:27:17 <Kevin L> It did get the heart pumping but they were good. Never had a mishap while I was there.
22:27:56 <Jenna> well that's good
22:28:09 <Jenna> do you have a current pilots license?
22:28:28 <Kevin L> Well I guess one. There was a guy in a Chinook that dropped a howitzer early from about 300' including a crate of ammo.
22:28:52 <Jenna> oops
22:29:11 <Kevin L> No. I never got one. I probably should have.
22:29:27 <Jenna> it sounds like you should have
22:30:39 <Jenna> I don't get why people don't notice that they're the only ones walking in a certain area. like just a second ago there was a tourist walking in the grass in front of everyone, off boardwalk.
22:30:45 <Kevin L> It just cost too much. I did get to fly a couple of planes a bit, but never did a takeoff or landing.
22:30:55 <Jenna> ah
22:32:39 <Kevin L> I had always wanted to fly a plane, drive a train, and drive a road grader. Got to fly the plane, drive a train, but it took 30 years working with the DOT before I got to drive a Grader.
22:34:29 <Jenna> haha who would have thought that would be the hardest one
22:36:10 <Kevin L> I was mentioning to a contractor that I hadn't ever got to drive one. He took me over to a brand new unit that had just been delivered and let me put the first 30 minutes on the meter. This thing didn't even have any dust in it!
22:37:22 <Kevin L> Dave is stirring....
22:38:00 <Dave from B> i am
22:38:17 <Kevin L> You woke up!
22:39:59 <Jenna> fun first time
22:40:18 <Kevin L> Grand
22:40:23 <Dave from B> Hey...good timing
22:42:33 <Jenna> finally!
22:52:55 <Kevin L> Lion is trying
22:53:44 <Dave from B> Did Lion just go?
22:54:02 <ynpvisitor75> bhi
22:54:09 <ynpvisitor75> ?
22:54:59 <ynpvisitor14> good eyes
22:55:21 <Kevin L> Looks like it
22:57:10 <Dave from B> Hey...don't forget about LC!
22:58:50 <Kevin L> Daisy has me curious. It could have gone during Grand, but I would think a gazer would post it.
23:00:04 <Dave from B> I'm guessing during the 1418 OF
23:00:37 <Kevin L> I think we had it in view. I didn't see it.
23:01:01 <Dave from B> It's being difficult today
23:01:21 <Dave from B> brb...wait for me BH
23:07:43 <Dave from B> ..
23:07:46 <ynpvisitor14> BH 1507
23:08:04 <Kevin L> Taller than I thought it would be
23:13:29 <Kevin L> Lion must have gone During Grand.
23:15:10 <Dave from B> Fewer gazer posts to GT these days from the field. Sure sign fall is coming soon.
23:17:30 <Jenna> ugh really?!
23:17:51 <Dave from B> haha
23:17:54 <Kevin L> :)
23:18:28 <Jenna> I've been watching an empty basin all day, and get pulled away at the worst time
23:19:20 <Kevin L> You missed BH?
23:19:56 <Jenna> I did
23:20:05 <Kevin L> Bummer.
23:20:18 <Jenna> let's just hope I get a sale from those people to make up for it haha
23:20:47 <Kevin L> Good luck
23:22:26 <Kevin L> Wind in the park is still strong.
23:26:34 <Kevin L> Wow. Wind picking up down here too SSE 25G32
23:31:22 <ynpvisitor89> No indy or missed it watching something else?
23:31:57 <Kevin L> Indy was 1454
23:32:40 <ynpvisitor89> Good, no gt so did not know and can not look at log easy any more.
23:33:14 <ynpvisitor39> bah
23:33:27 <Kevin L> wb Betty
23:33:47 <Betty> :-p
23:35:06 <Betty> was away for recharging the batterie of my car. Had to wait for Thomas ending his shift :-(
23:37:09 <Betty> LC
23:45:53 <Betty> ok, it´s time for sleep. Have a great evening everyone.
00:03:04 <ynpvisitor61> Lion
00:03:20 <Kevin L> Stereo!
00:04:27 <Graham> herllo
00:07:50 <Kevin L> Well we did get a confirmation on the Lion during Grand, but not Daisy.
00:09:24 <Graham> hi Kevin
00:11:16 <Kevin L> Hi. Welcome back!
00:11:44 <Kevin L> Yea! danica's replacement just got in.
00:11:55 <Graham> made a bad mistake coming home
00:13:59 <Kevin L> Lot of work?
00:15:57 <Craig> Hey so I saw another spike in the echinus graph
00:18:03 <Graham> any work is too much
00:18:21 <Kevin L> I can relate to that!
00:19:50 <Kevin L> Finally!
00:19:53 <Graham> Daisy
00:19:53 <Craig> daisy?
00:19:54 <Dave from B> Hi, Daisy
00:19:58 <Craig> jinx
00:20:42 <Dave from B> Last one should have been around 1350 then
00:20:59 <Kevin L> 5h since last sighting which surprises me with the 3h + interval.
00:21:50 <Dave from B> Time to finish the day in the market. Have a great evening everyone! Go Falcons and Niners.
00:22:42 <Kevin L> Maybe we slept through it!
00:22:58 <Kevin L> RIP Chickens.
00:23:35 <Dave from B> You lost a chicken, Kevin. I'm sorry to hear that.:)
00:23:56 <Graham> whats for dinner?
00:24:10 <Kevin L> Gonna be carnage next week...
00:24:17 <Dave from B> Should be a good game. We have room for a few refs on our plane if you need them.
00:24:36 <ynpvisitor86> why are you going on a plane Dave?
00:24:38 <Kevin L> You do pick some winners
00:25:06 <Dave from B> Was just assuming the Seahawks were going to invite me to Green Bay!:)
00:25:36 <ynpvisitor86> yes, as a VIP
00:25:37 <Dave from B> Goodnight
00:25:58 <Kevin L> bye
00:32:44 <Craig>
00:32:55 <Craig> is that smaller spike an eruption or an overflow?
00:39:25 <ynpvisitor30> craig it is much easier to look at on GT
00:53:29 <Craig> Go echinus!
00:55:19 <ynpvisitor97> agree on that!
00:57:59 <Craig> grotto still in marathon?
01:13:19 <Graham> lion
01:32:00 <Graham> of
01:33:09 <Kevin L> FYI I will have to leave at 1800 tomorrow so unless someone takes the cam, it will be on default.
01:33:25 <Andrew> hello
01:33:31 <Andrew> how does one become an op?
01:33:34 <Kevin L> Hi
01:33:49 <Graham> k, may be home then, not sure
01:35:02 <Kevin L> There has to be an opening and then you are selected. I think there is a minimum age on it.
01:47:36 <Andrew> this rocking is great for the stomach
02:05:48 <ynpvisitor97> Sooo, rocco says Giant is ready
02:07:52 <ynpvisitor97> .
02:08:35 <ynpvisitor97> Giant tomorrow per RP - Rocco-Prognostication
02:09:21 <Graham> nice, bet it will be crowded down there :)
02:09:55 <ynpvisitor97> too steamy for the cam at 0600 tho :D :D
02:10:24 <ynpvisitor97> or too dark these days, i guess
02:10:27 <Kevin L> You would see it
02:11:30 <Andrew> is that rocco being facietious?
02:12:22 <Kevin L> Giant is entirely possible.
02:12:42 <ynpvisitor97> don't think so - prolly based on marathon recovery and past history
02:12:59 <Andrew> well its not if its not impossible its if rocco was being serious
02:13:33 <Kevin L> It will be worth keeping an eye on it.
02:13:41 <Graham> you conldn't make that good a prediction when Giant was active
02:13:51 <Andrew> ah
02:14:19 <ynpvisitor97> Believe he is serious, either that or someone hijacked his phone
02:14:45 <Graham> phone hijak is more likely
02:14:58 <ynpvisitor97> LOL
02:21:02 <Graham> Lion
02:21:37 <Kevin L> Crappy weather.
02:21:51 <Graham> it misses me
02:28:09 <ynpvisitor97> Four - go to Five
02:43:06 <Kevin L> Oblong? Maybe Giant?
02:44:21 <Graham> maybe Turban?
02:44:21 <Kevin L> Daisy
02:44:29 <Graham> not big enough for Giant
02:45:24 <Kevin L> Dome
02:52:15 <Graham> quitting, i need sleep
02:52:17 <Graham> goodnight
02:53:16 <Kevin L> Sure, after I ran it 10 hours last week...
03:13:21 <ynpvisitor97> .
03:42:45 <Craig> So erm
03:42:57 <Craig> I just got hit by an overload of Geyser news today
03:42:58 <Craig> Pinwheel
03:43:04 <Craig> Giant(?)
03:45:05 <Craig> Ledge
03:45:09 <Craig> Echinus
03:45:20 <Craig> (and an apology for the spam)