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14:31:41 <Jimbo> OF ie in the gloaming
15:14:25 <Craig> Fishing for Giant? ;)
15:30:06 <Craig> Hey Dave!
15:30:52 <Dave from B> Morning Craig, Jimbo and numbers under 76!
15:37:38 <ynpvisitor75> Mornin Dave
15:50:00 <Kevin L> Daisy
15:55:36 <ynpvisitor75> Come on Giantess, give us a show!
15:56:17 <Kevin L> You missed it. Didn't it go at 0600?
15:59:06 <ynpvisitor75> Its not on GT...And I was watching @ 0600, saw lots of steam but no eruption i don't think...Unless I walked away when it did lol
15:59:36 <Kevin L> I guess it must have been a minor.
16:00:58 <ynpvisitor75> That bums me out if I missed it! your breakin my heart right now Kevin lol
16:04:58 <Dave from B> I woke up and it's April Fools Day?:)
16:05:49 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin L, Jenna
16:05:54 <ynpvisitor95> of
16:06:06 <Jenna> morning Dave
16:06:11 <Kevin L> I think it was yesterday Dave
16:06:16 <Kevin L> Morning.
16:07:32 <Craig> Dome?
16:07:44 <Kevin L> Heading to depot for a few
16:09:14 <Dave from B> Cha ching....I won the Week 1 Football pool!:)
16:10:24 <ynpvisitor75> Nice!
16:11:10 <ynpvisitor75> Was it the million dollar draft king pool? lol
16:17:11 <Dave from B> haha. 51 entrants at $3 each. Winner take all
16:17:43 <Craig> sweet
16:17:48 <Craig> 153$
16:18:53 <ynpvisitor75> Thats still a decent chunck of cash!
16:19:33 <Dave from B> Good start to the week
16:21:18 <Kevin L> Not bad Dave.
16:22:02 <Kevin L> Strange games this week. I didn't think anyone was going to score last night.
16:23:37 <Dave from B> I'm glad there aren't 2 Monday night games every week. I didn't get anything done last night.
16:23:57 <Kevin L> It was a bit much.
16:24:07 <ynpvisitor75> Agree Kevin. I still can't believe how beautiful Tom Brady was throwing on Thursday!
16:25:06 <Kevin L> With Thursday, Sunday day, Sunday night, and Monday night, it isn't worth watching them all.
16:26:47 <Kevin L> I think they have every college game on to boot (no pun intended).
16:28:55 <Dave from B> haha, Kevin
16:41:39 <Jenna> Oblong per GT
16:41:44 <Jenna> and a bison
16:41:47 <Dave from B> Turban?
16:41:53 <Dave from B> thanks, Jenna
17:05:12 <Dave from B> wc entries leading 9-2 today on GT:(
17:06:25 <Jenna> that's because there's literally 1 person in the basin haha
17:07:00 <Dave from B> Ranger led hikes over for the year?
17:08:16 <Ryan> I noticed the sudden lack of White entries, did it go dormant?
17:08:35 <Jenna> I haven't checked the dates on tours
17:08:43 <Jenna> either that, or no one wants to go this morning
17:08:50 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
17:09:30 <Dave from B> Lion 0909
17:09:41 <Jenna> website says last day was Sept 7th
17:09:53 <Dave from B> Thanks, Jenna
17:10:02 <Dave from B> wakeup Lion
17:10:06 <Ryan> Yeahhhhh, thats about when Will left
17:10:08 <Jenna> earlier than I assumed
17:10:12 <Dave from B> Having a hrd time getting going
17:10:19 <Ryan> Initial
17:10:22 <Ryan> ?
17:10:24 <Jenna> one lucky tourist
17:10:47 <Dave from B> Should be the initial
17:10:55 <Ryan> Looks like one
17:11:11 <Ryan> Or a BIG second
17:12:20 <Ryan> Ever have so much to do that you sit and think about how much you have to do and then you dont do anything at all?
17:12:32 <Jenna> every day
17:13:23 <Dave from B> haha, Jenna
17:15:40 <Jenna> that's the first thing I do when I get home, but the 4 yr old doesn't let it last long
17:16:32 <Ryan> I have 7 trip reports I have to type (Yellowstone, Rocket Launch, five cave trips), and 3 exams next week.
17:16:33 <Dave from B> Ryan, it is hard to go 100mph 24/7. Somedays your mind needs to take a break.
17:16:59 <Ryan> Its more like I go 100mph for a week and then do a hard stop for 1, maybe 2.
17:17:14 <Jenna> I would focus on exams first
17:17:19 <Ryan> Aurum
17:17:28 <Ryan> 0917ie
17:17:49 <Ryan> ]Yeah the exams are coming first, I can unwind after them and type the trip reports.
17:18:00 <Ryan> Sunday will be my 100th cave trip, last night was my 98th.
17:18:02 <Jenna> exactly
17:19:17 <Ryan> Riverside?
17:19:55 <ynpvisitor75> Is that bhi or just steam from BH?
17:20:29 <Dave from B> looks like steam from Big BH
17:20:32 <Ryan> Looks like steam from BH.
17:20:38 <Ryan> Good eye, though.
17:21:16 <Dave from B> 13hr42min int on BH last
17:28:12 <Ryan>
17:28:30 <Ryan> Waterfall yesterday evening in Windy Slope Cave. Particularly enjoy that dynamic photo.
17:30:58 <Dave from B> Morning kc
17:31:04 <Dave from B> Nice pic, Ryan
17:32:42 <Ryan> Thanks Dave. That cave is only 1hr or so from campus (drive and hike) but the 2mi round trip hike includes a 600ft off trail descent into Cheat Canyon.
17:32:58 <Ryan> (Think Yellowstone Canyon with enough trees to safely descend and ascend.
17:33:28 <Dave from B> Ryan, you have amazing're always going somewhere.
17:33:52 <Dave from B> Turban?
17:34:43 <Ryan> Well last night got me some $$$. I am doing a write up for a local adventure magazine.
17:34:50 <Ryan> I took the editor on the trip.
17:37:57 <Craig>
17:38:04 <Craig> is that a whirligig eruption?
17:39:06 <Ryan> It is definitely something.
17:39:09 <Ryan> MA would know more
17:39:23 <Dave from B> Something happened, Craig. Maybe Jake or MA can help
17:40:02 <Ryan> Because of duration I'd guess Whirligig. But I dont know if Pinwheel's runoff would hit the logger or not.
17:40:57 <Craig> hold on i'm going to compare it with another whirligig eruption
17:41:20 <Craig> as well as the time of the seen Pinwheel eruption
17:42:44 <Craig> zoomed in view of July 5 1550
17:42:46 <Craig>
17:42:59 <Craig> and yesterdays
17:42:59 <Craig>
17:43:21 <Ryan> I'd lean to Whirligig. But given Pinwheel erupted I'd have no clue.
17:43:48 <Craig> oh wow pinwheel shows up on the logger
17:44:33 <Craig>
17:45:22 <Dave from B> pinwhell not as high a spike but is that enough to make it from LW?
17:45:36 <Craig> LW?
17:45:40 <Craig> oh
17:45:42 <Craig> yeah little whirli
17:45:46 <Ryan> Little Whirligig?
17:45:55 <Ryan> Like the one not seen since the 70s?
17:46:10 <Craig> yeah
17:46:24 <Craig> I'm gonna send the graphs to MA
17:49:28 <Craig> I'm leaning towards Whirligig but it doesn't have quite the duration of the previous eruption
17:49:57 <Dave from B> oops...didn't mean to put the little in there...good catch Ryan
17:50:17 <Craig> :)
17:50:53 <Ryan> I think durations for those kinds of eruptions are hard to determine.
17:51:12 <Dave from B> Isn't this the time of year for Norris disturbances?
17:52:05 <Craig> I'm pretty sure one is happening after looking at some of the conversations on the facebook page
17:53:15 <Craig> Another confirmed eruption that looks almost identical to the event last night
17:53:16 <Craig>
17:53:32 <Ryan> Idk, I'd leave Norris disturbances to the Norris expert.... note the singularity there. :P
17:54:23 <Craig> MA believes it is in disturbance
17:54:58 <Ryan> Then its probably in a disturbance :)
17:55:17 <Ryan> Of course, I thought those were known to "zap" Echinus. But now a days who knows.
18:01:47 <Kevin L> :p Missed Aurum while I was in the depot.
18:06:26 <Kevin L> At least vw left BH for me.
18:06:49 <Dave from B> and Grand
18:07:26 <Kevin L> True.
18:07:46 <Craig> and Giant
18:07:48 <Craig> ;)
18:08:02 <Kevin L> Wish we would get some geese
18:08:19 <Kevin L> Did Giant go at 0600?
18:08:44 <Kevin L> Thought for sure I missed it!
18:09:30 <Ryan> OOPS, distracted with Econ homework. I have calc in 20mins on a different campus, bye!!!
18:09:49 <Kevin L> Have fun! :P
18:18:20 <ynpvisitor42> THe groun dis moving
18:19:49 <Dave from B> Must be moving pretty bad
18:20:03 <ynpvisitor59> Is it about time for Castle?
18:27:26 <Kevin L> Lion
18:29:13 <ynpvisitor47> Lion
18:29:17 <ynpvisitor47> woops :-)
18:29:37 <Eric> Morning all
18:32:21 <Eric> Grand
18:32:25 <Eric> .
18:32:25 <Eric> .
18:32:51 <Craig> yay!
18:32:56 <Craig> is there no one in the basin today?
18:33:16 <Eric> don't know...but it was a nice start
18:33:25 <Kevin L> Looks like a lot of people by Depression.
18:33:38 <Eric> They just watched Lion...
18:35:06 <Eric> I see that Echinus had some good activity overnight Saturday to Sunday.
18:39:40 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
18:39:56 <Eric> Morning Dave
18:40:27 <kc (working)> castle ie i reckon
18:41:16 <Kevin L> Looks like we may have Castle ie now.
18:45:39 <Eric> Echinus Prediction: This upcoming Sunday afternoon (9/20) Full Eruption
18:51:24 <Dave from B> Feel so convinced with that prediction that I'm going to use it as collateral for my next loan at the bank.:)
18:51:35 <Eric> good idea
18:51:47 <Craig> :)
18:51:48 <Eric> I was pretty close on Satruday/ minored
18:54:25 <Dave from B> I'm encouraged it's trying to do something
19:05:14 <Kevin L> Looks a tad damp out there now.
19:05:24 <Kevin L> Daisy.
19:09:32 <ynpvisitor75> I wish that weather would head this way!
19:16:02 <Dave from B> Rain just hit Billings
19:26:40 <Dave from B> Weather related BH slowdown?
19:27:27 <ynpvisitor90> Hey Eric, did you ever crunch those numbers?, the weather to BH intervals?
19:27:31 <Eric> Ran out of steam with 13 hour intervals?
19:27:50 <ynpvisitor90> the theory that rain and cold slows BH?
19:27:50 <Dave from B> That, many variables
19:28:41 <Eric> Yes...ran them both in a graph and precipitation seemed to have little to no impact on the interval.
19:30:57 <Eric> Shared the graphs here...but that was a while ago
19:41:10 <Eric> Here is the graph of Beehive intervals and Old Faithful Precipitation data over the last 2 years:
19:42:05 <Eric> If anyone is interested in analysing the data more, just PM me and I will send you a link.
19:42:18 <ynpvisitor7> BH went over night and no one saw it in the dark. That is my story and I stick to it.
19:54:26 <Dave from B> 7, good comments. Has there been much splashing this morning?
19:58:24 <ynpvisitor13> Like that?
20:03:47 <Betty> hi all
20:04:07 <Kevin L> Hi
20:04:26 <Betty> looks cold outside
20:05:00 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
20:06:25 <Betty> Hi Kevin and Dave
20:11:14 <Kevin L> Getting back to normal Betty?
20:13:36 <Betty> yup
20:13:56 <Kevin L> Jet lag from here to there is a killer.
20:14:50 <Betty> it was not that bad this year. Sleep is overrated anyway, so does not bother me :-p
20:17:01 <Dave from B> My inability to take naps also applies to love plane flights. On last trip to Europe I was awake for 36 hours straight.
20:17:10 <Dave from B> love = long
20:17:16 <ynpvisitor90> if BH went overnight it would be the shortest interval...
20:17:53 <Kevin L> I used to work 40 hour shifts in
20:18:15 <Kevin L> Germany ]
20:18:16 <Betty> THAT would kill me!
20:19:04 <Betty> BH looks good
20:19:06 <Kevin L> We needed to do that because they figured we would need to hold the Fulda Gap for 40 hours in case of an attack. It was really tough.
20:20:46 <Kevin L> I would go into a slow mode to make it. I had an umpire once that commented that I was the only person he had ever seen that could work a 24 hour shift and still get 8 hours sleep.
20:21:15 <Dave from B> The mind/body does work as well when you don't get enough sleep...especially when you are older.
20:21:21 <Dave from B> doesn't
20:21:44 <Kevin L> We can tell Dave....
20:21:51 <Dave from B> :D
20:22:06 <Dave from B> That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
20:27:12 <ynpvisitor90> aren't we in an OF window?
20:27:46 <Dave from B> been 79 minutes
20:28:04 <Kevin L> Just gett to it.
20:28:14 <Kevin L> getting
20:29:00 <ynpvisitor90> BH prediction 2030-2230
20:33:23 <Betty> Riverside
20:38:02 <Eric> Hi Betty
20:38:25 <Betty> hey Eric :-)
20:42:21 <Betty> OF
21:06:41 <ynpvisitor24> Daisy?
21:07:09 <Betty> not yet
21:23:46 <Dave from B> MA just confirmed Whirligig eruption
21:24:05 <Dave from B> Nice catch, Craig
21:26:13 <Eric> nice
21:49:35 <Kevin L> Think Daisy is waiting on OF again.
21:52:58 <ynpvisitor56> Daisy ie
21:54:11 <Kevin L> Right before the OF window
22:15:58 <Craig> Go whirligig!
22:39:44 <Will B> just as a note that Whirligig eruption that has been mentioned in chat today is nothing new and was entered by MA months ago.
22:41:01 <Dave from B> We are talking about last night Will...MA must have misunderstood me then
22:43:37 <Eric> Premonition Dave....She entered it way before it happened :-P
22:44:37 <Dave from B> haha, Eric
22:44:50 <Will B>
22:45:12 <Will B> Craig had linked the one from way back thats where i got confused
22:45:47 <Will B> ah Jake FYI data logger advanced chart does not like one proposed entry.....
22:46:22 <Dave from B> Thanks, Will. Thought I was going nuts for a minute.:)
22:47:26 <Jake> Kevin, are you sure the last OF was a long? VC prediction says short
22:48:09 <Jake> ok, Will, add it to the list
22:48:35 <Will B> kind of already is on the list.....
22:48:44 <Will B> just not specifically
22:50:06 <Dave from B> Time to take a stab at 4 miles. Have a great evening everyone!
22:56:30 <Craig> Will I put the older one up to compare
23:09:57 <Eric> indy txt
23:10:06 <Eric> I see no indy
23:10:34 <Kevin L> I didn't get one
23:10:36 <Eric> haha...nevermind...old txt
23:10:38 <Eric> :-P
23:11:31 <Kevin L> Think it has a dead battery today.
23:11:32 <Eric> got txt noise, saw old BHI txt and saw zoomed in on BHI...recipe for false indy :-D
23:13:22 <Eric> Evening Betty
23:13:43 <Betty> Is it really only 75 in Vegas today, Kevin???
23:14:19 <Betty> You must be freezing lol
23:15:37 <Eric> OF
23:15:46 <Eric> I am going to guess that the last one was not long :-)
23:17:07 <Kevin L> Must not have been. It was close.
23:17:14 <Craig> Guess who just applied for University of Montana Bozeman???
23:17:27 <Eric> You?
23:17:31 <Craig> yep!
23:17:35 <Eric> Congrats
23:17:59 <Eric> In what field Craig?
23:18:14 <Kevin L> It is really strange Betty. We had 84 but have dropped to 72 right now.
23:18:22 <Eric> or program I should say.
23:18:23 <Craig> Geology Eric
23:18:29 <Eric> Sweet
23:18:37 <Betty> Brrr
23:18:39 <Eric> This your first degree?
23:19:58 <Eric> This one is long...
23:20:02 <Craig> Haha yep!
23:20:36 <Craig> Just have to survive senior year
23:21:31 <Eric> You will be nice and close to YNP :-D
23:21:44 <Eric> Dome?
23:21:48 <Eric> or just steam
23:22:17 <Betty> Yesterday I thought I'd head directly into a tornado. Looked like the ones in weather Channel. But the funnel was missing. It was horrible.
23:22:40 <Kevin L> Just heavy rain?
23:23:54 <Betty> Never saw a thunderstorm that black and fast moving before in Germany. Very heavy rain and strong winds
23:25:49 <Betty> And for sure just in the moment when I was heading to the train after work. Got soaking wet in 10 seconds
23:25:51 <Kevin L> There was a flash storm just eas of us on the AZ/UT border yesterday that had a flash flood that has 8 confirmed dead and 5 still missing.
23:26:11 <Betty> Ugh
23:28:28 <Betty> Ok, today sleep is not overrated. Night all
23:29:06 <Kevin L> Night Betty. We will watch BH for you.
23:29:37 <Betty> Have fun :-)
23:31:55 <Kevin L> Well with Dave and Betty both gone we ought to get BH now.
23:32:49 <ynpvisitor90> not until the window, 2030 to 2230
23:33:21 <Kevin L> Hard to tell if Indy is on with the wind direction and splashes.
23:34:43 <Kevin L> You won't see it at 2030 2230 so I hope it goes before then. No camop after 1800 either.
23:51:21 <Kevin L> There is my afternoon crash
23:56:34 <Craig> Wait they turn off the cam at night now?
23:58:11 <Kevin L> The cam is off for an hour or so at 0200. This helps prevent crashes that happened prior to that. I think there is a router that doesn't play nice with the cam unless it gets reset on occasion.
00:00:15 <ynpvisitor75> 1;45 -3;15 every night. It bums me out when the moon is full
00:01:12 <Kevin L> We are losing daylight now too. Night viewing is a big bonus.
00:01:55 <Kevin L> I wish I knew if BH did go last night. If not, this is a horrible interval.
00:03:12 <Kent> According to FRS a ranger was attacked by a parrot last night.
00:03:32 <Kevin L> A parrot? Wierd!
00:04:12 <Kevin L> Bet that is a funny incident report.
00:04:24 <Kent> Supposedly she had stopped to talk to a man with a parrot when it bit her
00:04:48 <Kent> It was amusing over the radio
00:05:23 <Kevin L> Some of those birds have a really bad attitude.
00:06:08 <Kent> No report if the man had a wooden leg :)
00:06:35 <Kevin L> I had a man chicken that was very nasty. He is lucky he was pretty or he would have been coyote food.
00:06:47 <Kevin L> Patch on the eye?
00:09:44 <Eric> Said ahoy a lot?
00:10:02 <Eric> kept referring to the ranger as matey.
00:11:29 <Eric> Grotto possibly
00:12:24 <Kevin L> Ugly clouds
00:12:40 <Eric> BH would look nice against them
00:12:54 <Kevin L> Sure would
00:15:20 <ynpvisitor76> Kevin, in mid August BH was doing lots of one day plus intervals. I think the weather change has moved it out.
00:15:56 <ynpvisitor76> we are only at 25 hours
00:16:32 <Kevin L> I was hoping the short ones would take over.
00:17:00 <ynpvisitor76> the days were hotter than normal and no precip
00:17:41 <ynpvisitor76> Eric says there is no correlation yet what I have witnessed this year seems to say otherwise
00:20:04 <Eric> You can look at the graph and make your own judgement...
00:20:11 <Eric> numbers don't lie :-)
00:20:20 <Kevin L> It has had some goo splashes all day long.
00:20:28 <Kevin L> good.
00:20:40 <Kevin L> Might be some goo in there too.
00:21:02 <Kent> Two Aurums today, none yesterday when I was there. Geyser gods are off my Christmas card list.
00:21:12 <Eric> Maybe I wasn't looking at it the right way?
00:22:31 <Kevin L> Don't know how I missed that 2nd Aurum.
00:23:01 <Kevin L> May have been behind OF steam.
00:24:36 <Kent> Yesterday morning at 0800 the boardrwalk was wet and Aurum had resumed serging so eruption was probably a while before daylight.
00:26:06 <Kevin L> If I could take a geyser home with me it would be Aurum. I like that thing even if it is evil.
00:26:18 <Kevin L> Pink Cone would be second choice.
00:28:19 <Kent> For a "minor" I am a fan of Narcissis.
00:48:24 <ynpvisitor75> BHI
00:48:27 <ynpvisitor75> ?
00:48:45 <kc (working)> thats a dinger
00:49:12 <Kevin L> yes
00:49:27 <ynpvisitor75> Insta BH
00:51:17 <Kevin L> I hate short indys
00:51:52 <Craig> woah
00:51:52 <ynpvisitor76> BH in daylight
00:51:55 <Craig> that escalated quickly
00:52:26 <Kevin L> 2m Inday
00:52:31 <Kevin L> Indy
00:52:37 <Kitt> yeah Beehive
00:53:12 <ynpvisitor76> my stream keeps stalling, so it will prolong BH perhaps
00:54:13 <Kevin L> Mine is really choppy today.
00:54:36 <Eric> Anemone
00:54:56 <ynpvisitor76> glad a few people were at BH
00:55:08 <Kitt> well that was short and sweet
00:55:49 <Kitt> I missed last Saturday's Beehive, but found out that my teacher was there Saturday and got to see it
00:56:19 <ynpvisitor76> you have a teacher?
00:56:37 <ynpvisitor76> nice she got to see it...
00:56:52 <Kitt> Saturday I didn't have much luck, but Sunday I saw Beehive, Grand, and a beautiful Great Fountain before heading home
00:57:08 <Kitt> I am a preschool aide. Yes, we have a teacher
00:58:01 <Kitt> the smoke was awful in the park.
00:58:15 <Kitt> But the animals are everywhere
00:58:30 <Kitt> Have a good evening
00:58:33 <Kitt> bye
00:59:14 <Kevin L> Even parrots!
01:00:41 <Kevin L> Now if OF will go before Grand...
01:00:53 <ynpvisitor76> smoke was not awful this weekend, not sure where Kitt was, maybe she meant driving back, on East side...
01:02:34 <Kevin L> :p
01:02:44 <Kevin L> Grand
01:04:51 <Kevin L> OF at 1h50m
01:09:35 <Eric> OF
01:10:13 <ynpvisitor75> Excellent line up!
01:10:35 <Eric> Giantess next?
01:10:39 <kc (working)> i can barely stand watching this stuttering stream
01:11:06 <Kevin L> It is horrible
01:11:37 <Eric> 2b
01:11:44 <Kevin L> :p
01:11:45 <Eric> boooom
01:12:11 <kc (working)> you must mean boo o oo o o om
01:12:34 <Eric> :-D
01:13:20 <Eric> looks like 2C
01:53:42 <kc (working)> lion ini
01:54:13 <Kevin L> I am on crash recovery so I don't have controls now.
01:54:37 <Craig> Lion
01:54:40 <Craig> oops
01:55:12 <kc (working)> covered
01:55:41 <Kevin L> I am SOOOOOO looking forward to picking up danica's replacement tomorrow.
02:06:39 <Eric> windows 10 Kevin?
02:18:12 <Kevin L> Yes Eric
02:27:42 <Kevin L> Aurum!!!
02:27:44 <Kevin L> .
02:27:45 <Kevin L> .
02:27:46 <Kevin L> .
02:28:53 <Kevin L> Wow. Just walked in and it was going
02:31:01 <Kevin L> That makes 3 today.
02:33:57 <kc (working)> 4h22m is shortest in last 100 on gt
02:54:01 <kcmule> daisy 18:53
02:57:57 <kcmule> OF 18:57
03:02:17 <kcmule> might be our last notable geyser for a while
03:09:40 <ynpvisitor12> other than Riverside
03:14:00 <Craig> is that a groblong?
03:14:10 <Craig> Lion
03:27:34 <Art H> Did Aurum switch to winter mode?
03:30:42 <Art H> 0.36 in of rain today doesn't seem like a ton
04:22:35 <ynpvisitor14> Some of us (me) are not amused by the perverse Aurum. Just saying.
04:25:09 <ynpvisitor14> Strange image on the cam right now. Looks like Vegas in the distance.