Showing logs for date: 2015-09-27
12:16:25 <ynpvisitor66> Daisy 0416ie
12:19:07 <ynpvisitor66> Not Daisy, sorry
14:28:28 <Graham> of 0627
14:39:06 <ynpvisitor88> Grand would be nice about now
14:39:49 <Graham> except its already erupted per Jim
14:39:52 <ynpvisitor88> Looks like we missed it
14:40:33 <Graham> Lion
14:41:54 <ynpvisitor88> Impressive with no wind
14:45:39 <Graham> not an initial
15:06:54 <ynpvisitor13> lucky number 13
15:19:10 <Graham> daisy
15:53:57 <Graham> lion
16:15:00 <ynpvisitor13> do Craig and Eric stay here all the time?
16:37:57 <Kevin L> Gee Already missed Aurum. BH last night was great though.
16:43:08 <kcmule> oblong? should get a ground report soon, sawmill was just posted
16:50:55 <Graham> no report yet
16:51:22 <kcmule> i just posted as ?, pretty sure
16:51:48 <Graham> lion
16:51:49 <Kevin L> Shows up on mine.
16:53:10 <Graham> minor
16:53:19 <Graham> yeah i see lc
16:53:27 <Graham> kc report but not jim
16:53:53 <Graham> nope, lion restarted
16:54:07 <Kevin L> 2b Lion!
16:54:26 <Graham> nice
16:56:16 <Graham> 8 in series assuming there was a 02xx
16:56:47 <Graham> GO NG
16:57:04 <Graham> riverside
17:33:57 <Kevin L> of
17:36:52 <Graham> any football games on today?
17:42:54 <Kevin L> Nope. None until tomorrow.
17:43:15 <Kevin L> I think there is a hockey game though.
18:00:57 <Kevin L> Lots of doggies.
19:05:06 <ynpvisitor7> 8 lions? That is enough for a football team
19:05:53 <Kevin L> Arena Football.
19:24:54 <Jake> just stopping by to collect BH predictions
19:25:34 <ynpvisitor7> 6pm
19:26:12 <Jake> sounds good to me! the rare evening light Beehive
19:26:27 <Kevin L> Full moon BH and there is an eclipse. Could be interesting.
19:26:41 <ynpvisitor7> Sorry, you said prediction. That is a guess!
19:27:01 <Jake> fine line between prediction and guess
19:27:12 <Jake> if it comes true, it was a prediction; if not, a gues
19:27:23 <Kevin L> With BH a prediction IS a guess.
19:27:38 <Kevin L> Heading out. See you tomorrow.
19:27:51 <Jake> adios
19:42:50 <Michael> Hello Sawmill. Busy morning?
20:23:44 <Graham> turban?
20:25:22 <ynpvisitor2> probably. It had been about 20 minutes since the last. Rift is also erupting.
21:02:17 <Michael> Daisy
21:53:10 <ynpvisitor2> grand
21:53:44 <Michael> I must be lagging here.
21:54:00 <ynpvisitor78> not as much as Grand did! *rimshot*
21:54:51 <ynpvisitor71> Unless 2 is there. Didi not check gt for the rift report
22:06:29 <Michael> On the bright side, now there isn't such a long naptime betwen Grand and the Beehive window.
23:01:13 <ynpvisitor78> Beehive ie 1500
23:02:25 <Betty> yay, BH
23:06:15 <ynpvisitor42> Bet most people took too long of a nap
23:27:50 <Betty> Riverside ie
23:36:44 <Betty> Daisy
23:40:51 <Betty> OF
23:41:13 <Kevin L> You back from Munich?
23:41:30 <Betty> hi Kevin, yes
23:41:49 <Kevin L> That pretzel is still making me drool!
23:41:58 <Betty> I was in Munich only on Friday
23:42:07 <Betty> haha
23:42:17 <Betty> taseted delicious
23:42:28 <Kevin L> I bet!
23:43:06 <Betty> been to Switzerland on sat and today
23:43:59 <Kevin L> That is an awesome place too.
23:45:00 <Betty> we went to the place we are skiing in winter. We did some hiking. it was very nice
23:45:21 <Kevin L> The Swiss have a lot of fun trains.
23:47:02 <Betty> was that OF a long?
23:51:46 <Betty> time for sleep. Have a great evening all
02:27:57 <kcmule> lion 18:27
02:40:20 <kcmule> OF
02:55:29 <kcmule> dome ie
03:28:33 <ynpvisitor26> The moon is about half way eclipsed here! Its getting awesome!
03:33:54 <kcmule> dome ie
03:34:03 <kcmule> clouds here so far
03:43:06 <ynpvisitor93> I have clouds here too.
03:51:54 <kcmule> lion ie
03:58:57 <ynpvisitor81> Still too light for much moon here. About to go out and look.
03:59:52 <ynpvisitor81> If we had a com op and the moon was not in the wrong place, we could watch on cam.
04:01:01 <ynpvisitor81> And because some belive this is the end of the world or something silly like that, I wish you all a happy ending. Me, I have things to do in the morning.
04:05:17 <ynpvisitor93> All I have is a bright spot in the clouds
04:18:04 <kcmule> OF ie
04:24:14 <kcmule> got a view now, nice
04:25:52 <ynpvisitor55> It came up almost full. A bit of haze/smoke made it hard, plus it was still light. The birds were just making nose about time for bed.
04:26:08 <ynpvisitor55> Watching the British baking show so will go back out in 30.
04:36:50 <ynpvisitor93> I prefer my British fried.
04:38:30 <ynpvisitor55> The only thing the british fry are fish and chips.
04:38:39 <ynpvisitor55> And the odd banger
04:39:37 <ynpvisitor55> I think they are actually simmered or sauteed.
04:48:17 <ynpvisitor93> Fish and chips are good.
04:49:39 <ynpvisitor93> Dave could fix us up!
05:12:27 <ynpvisitor55> THe blood Moon locked up my computer.
05:13:20 <ynpvisitor55> At the top of the hour it was darkish on top and reddish on the bottom with a hint of more light on the left.
05:13:55 <ynpvisitor55> Not what was promised. I wanted to see a Red Moon.
05:14:23 <ynpvisitor55> Happy to say the world has not ended here. If so we are not the only ones left.
05:15:16 <ynpvisitor55> The world has not ended in the park either, unless we ar ein reruns.
05:16:22 <ynpvisitor55> I do notice it is not very light out for a full moon. Maybe the calculator neess to be adjusted for eclips'
05:17:36 <ynpvisitor55> I woul dmake a log entry on gt, however I lost my password so can not.
05:22:25 <ynpvisitor55> Dave would give away his portion of the fish. Keep the chips and add Cheese Sticks.
05:23:32 <ynpvisitor55> Wow, cool corona from the back lit OF. A not to those that do captures.
05:23:32 <ynpvisitor55> ..
05:23:33 <ynpvisitor55> ..
05:55:10 <kcmule> OF 21:54
07:32:46 <Kevin L> Looks like the eclipse is over.
07:39:41 <ynpvisitor74> Daisy 1139ie