Showing logs for date: 2015-10-05
14:08:45 <Dave from B> Good morning numbers
14:22:41 <ynpvisitor90> morning
14:48:55 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan
14:49:15 <Ryan> m dave
14:49:20 <Ryan> Morning GRAND
14:49:26 <ynpvisitor94> of
14:49:34 <Ryan> WOW!!!
14:52:14 <Dave from B> Must be really cold this morning at OF
14:52:23 <Ryan> That is amazing.
14:52:37 <Dave from B> Nice blue sky
14:52:49 <Ryan> Like seriously, that may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this webcam.
14:52:58 <Ryan> Even topping the start of Giantess.
14:55:25 <ynpvisitor96> Getting some strong rain here.
14:55:38 <Ryan> Where is "here"?
14:56:14 <Kevin L> Didn't realize I was still a number.
14:56:31 <Ryan> I am assunig that is infact "Grand?
14:56:37 <Kevin L> Not often it's clear in Yellowstone and total rain in Vegas.
14:56:50 <Ryan> Kevin I will be in Vegas Friday night through Monday afternoon
14:57:05 <Ryan> spikey spikey grandy grand!
14:57:14 <Jimbo> 27 deg F according to the Weather Channel
14:58:05 <Dave from B> Yes, Grand per GT
14:58:11 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Jimbo
14:58:15 <Ryan> Yeah I see the spikes now.
14:58:18 <Kevin L> Should be clear and toasty for you ryan.
14:58:25 <Ryan> Lovely
14:58:38 <Ryan> I turn 21 on the 9th (Friday).... while we fly out to Vegas.
14:59:34 <Kevin L> I remember when I turned 21. I was pulling guard duty all day at Fort Hood.
15:00:00 <Dave from B> Gambling on your first legal day, Ryan?
15:00:44 <Ryan> Apparently, haha. Half of my family (aunts and uncles) go every November. This year they moved it up because my birthday happenes to be on the Friday of our Friday-Tuesday Fall Break.
15:02:34 <Ryan>
15:02:54 <Ryan> This was what accompanied me when I turned on the webcam this morning.
15:03:45 <Ryan> I got to hear Tara play it at Micah's in March. All of the Sputs, and Rocco, were there for it. It was great. This was the day after we went to the symphony. That week was one of great friends, beautful music, big watefalls, and model geysers.
15:15:28 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
15:15:51 <ynpvisitor10> Jim S has left for home
15:16:23 <Dave from B> So, now you are doing the morning report, 10?:)
15:16:35 <ynpvisitor10> Nice that cb and Bill are there this week for in basin times
15:17:11 <ynpvisitor10> VEC not open until 9
15:18:14 <Dave from B> Has there been a Ginat Hot Period since the eruption?
15:19:09 <ynpvisitor10> I do not think so.
15:19:51 <Ryan> Cue the chevrons over the trees.
15:19:58 <ynpvisitor10> Cb would post a note if anything was up
15:20:31 <Ryan> I give her credit. Im not sure I'd have the sense of mind to do anything.
15:21:13 <ynpvisitor10> Giant would be a steam fest right now
15:21:35 <Ryan> So we couldnt see it? Perfect timing then
15:21:49 <Jenna> morning Dave
15:23:32 <ynpvisitor10> they were somewhat hopeful on Saturday morning yet that turned into a day in the rain watching the rain fall...
15:23:58 <ynpvisitor10> So goes cage life
15:32:53 <Kevin L> Aurum
15:33:03 <Ryan> :-)
15:33:14 <Kevin L> Can't tell for sure
15:33:27 <Kevin L> look like a boil.
15:33:48 <Kevin L> Had me excited
15:44:14 <Kevin L> Note. That wan not an Aurum, just a Giantess boil.
15:47:44 <Dave from B> Mornin, kc...sorry about yesterday's game...I'm a little shocked.
15:48:25 <kc (working)> thx Dave c'est la vie
15:49:40 <Kevin L> My team won but my DVR had a bad attitude. :p
15:52:05 <Dave from B> Kevin, what place did Kyle finish in the first 3 races of Sprint Cup?
15:52:52 <Kevin L> He was one point above the cut line.
15:53:54 <Dave from B> My phone origianlly had him 13th place and then an hour later is was changed.
15:54:19 <Dave from B> That was too close for comfort
15:54:19 <Kevin L> I think there were 7 within 3 points right at the cut line. McMurry missed it because Jr was a position ahead of him!
15:54:32 <Kevin L> It changed lap by lap.
15:54:46 <Dave from B> I wish I could have watched
15:55:11 <Kevin L> Thankfully that DVR was happy happy happy...
16:24:40 <Dave from B> OF in there somewhere
16:29:57 <Art H> This is an awesome view ;)
16:30:22 <Kevin L> Looks like London cam
16:30:49 <Dave from B> I was looking for seagulls
16:32:11 <Kevin L> not seahawks?
16:34:48 <Dave from B> haha
16:35:28 <Art H> This must be all the steam from the Giant Giantess dual?
16:45:45 <Dave from B> Where did BH go...nightime eruptions?
16:57:56 <Kevin L> I think it went to Florida for a week.
16:58:46 <Dave from B> another hour and we should be fine re fog
17:03:35 <Kevin L> Looks like BH has some customers.
17:08:49 <Eric> Morning all
17:08:57 <Kevin L> Hi Eric.
17:09:36 <Eric> Hello Kevin :-D
17:09:46 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
17:11:57 <Eric> Hi Dave!
17:12:25 <Eric> is fog leaving or coming?
17:13:27 <Dave from B> It is leaving
17:15:34 <Kevin L> Yes
17:16:02 <Kevin L> But it will pick up with an eruption.
17:17:56 <ynpvisitor88> yeah, blue sky
17:20:27 <Kevin L> Aurum would be great this morning.
17:21:46 <Eric> Looks like wind in the basin is zero
17:22:12 <ynpvisitor88> well not zero, as things are moving
17:22:24 <ynpvisitor88> yet it does look peaceful
17:23:00 <Eric> :-D Yep..I would take a fall day like this every day of the year
17:23:29 <ynpvisitor88> the week is supposed to be very nice, glad for cb and Bill
17:23:37 <Kevin L> 39 degrees, 100% humidity, wind WSW 2G03
17:24:10 <ynpvisitor88> it does not look like 100% humidity anymore
17:26:41 <Eric> 2G03 winds?
17:26:47 <Eric> not sure what that means
17:27:02 <ynpvisitor10> wind 2mph with gusts up to 3mph
17:27:10 <Eric> ahh, thanks!
17:27:20 <Kevin L> Steady at 2 mph, gusts to 3 mph.
17:27:37 <Eric> learned something new today.
17:29:11 <Kevin L> Oblong?
17:29:13 <Dave from B> 1 mph increase is a gust?
17:29:34 <Dave from B> Hold on to your hat!
17:29:37 <ynpvisitor88> it is nomenclature
17:29:49 <ynpvisitor88> wow, fun cloud
17:30:07 <Eric> obby is hot
17:30:28 <ynpvisitor88> Oblong was 0845A
17:31:00 <ynpvisitor88> Will maybe should hold back on those A times
17:31:56 <Dave from B> That is a short interval from cb coimments
17:34:27 <Kevin L> It is snowing about 60 miles from me.
17:35:13 <ynpvisitor10> 88 a 30 min window is very small for a 4-6hr interval
17:35:26 <ynpvisitor10> i see no problem in him doing that
17:35:44 <ynpvisitor10> when E data comes in it will combine with that post
17:37:19 <ynpvisitor88> got it, I will maybe employ that more myself
17:38:17 <ynpvisitor88> no Oblong post, cb must have left the basin
17:38:48 <ynpvisitor10> ?
17:40:16 <Dave from B> Was that Oblong we just saw or what?
17:41:57 <ynpvisitor10> i would wager that it was not given carol's report earlier
17:42:24 <Kevin L> I can't think of anything else it could have been.
17:42:44 <ynpvisitor10> i did not see it so i cant say anything more
17:43:01 <Dave from B> Rocket major? Vent/Turban restart?
17:48:29 <ynpvisitor88> it was too big for anything like Vent
17:48:36 <Kevin L> Nuclear Weapon?
17:48:37 <ynpvisitor88> and too far left for Rocket
17:48:43 <ynpvisitor88> ha ha, yes, go with that
17:49:14 <ynpvisitor88> A time could have been off, my bet is on Oblong
17:49:18 <Dave from B> It has to be something!
17:49:33 <Dave from B> Grand afterburst?
17:50:03 <ynpvisitor88> go with Oblong Dave
17:50:22 <ynpvisitor88> maybe Dave M will chime in at some point
17:50:26 <Dave from B> That's the best option. Wonder if cb is in LGB
17:50:41 <ynpvisitor88> Time for Fountain, so I am saying maybe so
17:51:24 <ynpvisitor88> you saw the plume Dave, it was quite big, and only lasted about the time of Oblong
17:52:21 <Jenna> looks like it's about 8 pm right now
17:52:23 <Dave from B> That was my feeling. thanks 88
17:54:26 <Eric> I agree with 88...sure looked like oblong
17:56:56 <ynpvisitor10> have fun at fountain Maureen
18:01:08 <Eric> OF
18:01:25 <Eric> At least I think it's in that steam someplace
18:09:47 <Dave from B> ..
18:45:43 <Betty> morning all
18:46:23 <Kevin L> Morning Betty
18:46:38 <Betty> hi Kevin L
18:46:58 <Kevin L> You going to make BH erupt for us today?
18:47:13 <Betty> hex hex
18:47:33 <Betty> I tried ;-)
18:47:56 <Betty> let´s see if it works
18:48:07 <ynpvisitor19> Morning betty
18:48:17 <Betty> morning 19
18:48:23 <Eric> woops :-D
18:48:32 <Betty> Eric
18:48:58 <Betty> you tried to get trough as a teenager :-D
18:49:40 <Eric> haha...
18:49:43 <Betty> Dave broke it
18:49:53 <Eric> No, I restarted my browser and forgot to update my name
18:50:21 <Kevin L> I think out BH customers are at Depression.
18:50:37 <Kevin L> Probably in more ways than one.
19:35:28 <Betty> Daisy
19:36:18 <Betty> 1235
19:36:51 <Betty> of course in OF window :-p
19:37:06 <Kevin L> Gee it waited for OF window
19:42:28 <Betty> LC
19:45:19 <Eric> OF rainbows
19:45:23 <Eric> to the right
19:47:11 <Dave from B> ..
19:50:19 <Betty> oh, missed OF
19:51:50 <Eric> Betty, I think I figured out an alternative to Natron in the US
19:52:32 <Eric>
19:53:44 <Kevin L> You would have the cleanest pretzels in town anyway.
19:54:11 <Eric> It is just soda ash, which is sodium carbonate decahydrate
19:54:20 <Eric> same stuff as Natron
19:55:10 <Eric> At least that is my understanding :-P
19:56:37 <Dave from B> You want me as far away from kitchen as possible if you want good food.
19:58:34 <Kevin L> I have always done a lot of cooking. I did some biscuits & gravy this weekend that were great. Nothing like hot biscuits.
20:00:32 <Betty> you can use caustic soda solution as well, but it is much stronger than Natron and must be used with extreme care
20:00:41 <Eric> I like biscuits and gravy, especially with good sausage :-D
20:00:48 <Betty> Lion
20:00:52 <Eric> woot
20:00:56 <Eric> ini
20:02:16 <Eric> Yep sodium hydroxide aka Lye is used for a lot of food preparation:
20:02:20 <Jimbo> Good - I really like Lion's base surges
20:05:27 <Kevin L> Here is the biscuit recipie. It is fast and easy and does great biscuits. Key things: Frozen butter and handle dough as little as possible.
20:08:19 <Eric> thanks kevin, bookmarked.
20:10:26 <Kevin L> I love the Carls Jr sausage egg & cheeese biscuit. Get some gravy and dip it in that. It is really great.
20:12:15 <ynpvisitor64> dcfadasds
20:14:16 <Kevin L> 64 spells worse than Dave.
20:14:36 <Dave from B> I think 64 has a cat:)
20:14:38 <Eric> haha
20:15:02 <Eric> That was code for the super volcano is gonna blow!
20:18:04 <Betty> LC
20:25:50 <kc (working)> castle 1313 gt
20:36:52 <Betty> Turban?
20:51:47 <Dave from B> Now it looks beautiful in the basin. Anyone here have time to make some phone calls while I go to UGB?:)
20:52:41 <Eric> You could get there before Giant erupts most likely :-D
20:56:30 <Betty> LC
21:07:33 <Betty> OF
21:21:53 <kc (working)> lion ie
21:33:28 <ynpvisitor44> Dave can go only if he dumps a bucket of mentos in BH.
21:33:47 <Betty> indy
21:34:31 <ynpvisitor44> Good time today
21:34:46 <Betty> nice
21:34:47 <Betty> .
21:34:48 <Betty> .
21:34:48 <Betty> .
21:34:49 <Betty> .
21:34:56 <ynpvisitor44> LC also
21:35:15 <ynpvisitor44> or is that a still?
21:35:43 <Betty> anyone sent a text?
21:35:54 <Kevin L> I got it.
21:40:23 <Kevin L> The street in front of my house is more like a river now.
21:44:28 <ynpvisitor10> also time for turban
21:45:51 <ynpvisitor10> BH 1445
21:46:24 <Betty> nice
21:46:31 <Betty> again
21:47:12 <Betty> why should I quit right NOW???
21:50:22 <ynpvisitor44> So what would have to be happening at Giant to keep someone like Jim from heading to BH on an indy call?
21:50:43 <ynpvisitor10> Jim went home today
21:50:50 <ynpvisitor25> Jim will have gone home by now. He is in by about 0515
21:51:03 <ynpvisitor44> Just a question.
21:51:09 <ynpvisitor10> and by home i mean home home
21:51:17 <ynpvisitor25> Thanks
21:51:41 <ynpvisitor44> Could have used any name
21:52:35 <ynpvisitor44> No answer?
21:53:51 <Kevin L> Old age.
21:54:16 <ynpvisitor10> Grand
21:54:24 <ynpvisitor10> 1454
21:54:41 <ynpvisitor44> See I would leave a grand watch for BH.
21:54:43 <Betty> whoooo
22:03:33 <ynpvisitor44> Is that a 2 or ?
22:03:56 <Dave from B> Did I miss anything?
22:04:11 <ynpvisitor44> No
22:04:23 <Betty> not really
22:04:29 <Kevin L> A fish swam by.
22:04:47 <ynpvisitor44> Other then the dancing bear
22:04:57 <Betty> wow
22:05:07 <Dave from B> woohoo..that was nice
22:05:19 <Kevin L> Pretty nice dancing bear!
22:06:37 <ynpvisitor44> We save the burst for Dave
22:06:48 <Dave from B> Thanks 44!
22:18:25 <Kevin L> Do you have somewhere to go Dave?
22:18:48 <Dave from B> I'm leaving at 1600, so not a long wait for you!
22:19:57 <Kevin L> I am leaving a 1600 so there should be a good show tonight.
22:23:18 <Will B> I would cover for you Kevin if i had a way to control the cam that is.
22:24:58 <Kevin L> :) Graham should be on at 1600 today.
22:25:09 <Will B> oh good
22:25:50 <Betty> time for sleep. night all
22:26:40 <Eric> oblong?
22:27:16 <Kevin L> Had me excited for a minute.
22:27:26 <Eric> was a big quick puff
22:27:35 <Eric> started out looking like oblong
22:27:49 <Kevin L> Seems to have gone away now.
22:31:00 <Dave from B> Lion 1530
22:52:09 <Kevin L> Wow we haven't hit 70 degrees here today!
22:54:43 <Dave from B> How much rain did you get?
22:57:11 <Kevin L> Right now .31". I was looking at Kane Springs Road (US 93 to Rainbow Canyon dirt road) and it is over a half inch. Don't think I would want to be up there today!
23:00:30 <Kevin L> Well as the sun sets slowly in the west I will be heading out. Graham should be along soon, but until then enjoy autopilot.
23:05:47 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin., I'm also heading out. Have a great evening everyone!
23:14:25 <Eric> Grotto steam
23:18:07 <Eric> Evening Graham
23:18:27 <Graham> i see Grand and BH made them all run around today
23:18:30 <Graham> hi Eric
23:51:03 <Ryan(cleaning)> ..
23:51:21 <Graham> I see the night Grand time has been fixed, ws wondering about the 5h10m interval
00:04:52 <kc (working)> nice
00:04:59 <Graham> yeah
00:05:02 <Graham> Aurum
00:05:51 <Graham> first one in 3 days
00:08:01 <Kevin L> Of course. I was out feeding chickens.
00:11:54 <Graham> of
00:12:05 <Graham> we enjoyed it for you
00:12:15 <Kevin L> :p
00:12:21 <Graham> maybe it will erupt in a few dys
00:13:54 <Kevin L> Wednesday.
00:25:46 <Andrew> Hello
00:35:50 <Eric> Daizzzy
00:37:34 <Graham> other than an OF, that's probably it for geysers tonight
01:02:09 <kcmule> hopefully the game wont be over by the end of 1Q
01:04:55 <Graham> probably will be for me
01:45:02 <Graham> of
02:09:30 <Graham> quitting as its so quiet. goodnight