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13:41:49 <Dave from B> Good morning numbers
14:39:12 <ynpvisitor66> This number sounds like a highway.
14:44:58 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Ryan
14:45:13 <Ryan> Morning Dave
14:45:39 <Kevin L> Morning? Is that what this is?
14:46:04 <Kevin L> Those chickens sure tried to lose last night Dave.
14:49:55 <Kevin L> Didn't make it to 70 here yesterday but will be toasty for Ryan's visit.
14:50:53 <Dave from B> Defense is playing pretty good...offense is offensive!
14:51:36 <Kevin L> Defense won it for you. That is for sure!
15:00:18 <Kevin L> Heading out brb
15:07:43 <Ryan> Good morning Grotto
15:42:19 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
15:43:06 <Jenna> morning Dave
16:00:46 <Dave from B> Ole Faithful 0900ie
16:18:54 <Kevin L> back
16:19:58 <Kevin L> I watched Football Follies and Son of Football Follies last night Dave. Hard to believe they were done 40 years ago. Still as funny today.
16:20:12 <Dave from B> I'm not ready for steamy morning viewing
16:20:27 <Dave from B> Yes, those are great to watch
16:20:37 <Kevin L> Depression?
16:21:24 <Kevin L> I love the Mel Blanc one. Anything Me does is great.
16:21:28 <Kevin L> Mel
16:24:48 <Kevin L> I was watching an old animated movie the other night where the main cat is done by Robert Goulet, the female cat by Judy Garland, a smalll cat by red Buttons. and the sinister cat by Paul Frees. Paul is another one of those where his voices show up a lot of places. Probably best know as Boris on Bullwinkle.
16:25:49 <Kevin L> However he also did a lot of dubbing. Bogart had some issues in his last movie (The Harder They Fall) and a lot of Bogie's ines in the move are dubbed by Paul Frees.
16:26:46 <Dave from B> I always enjoy Disney movies because throughout their history they have used famous actors for voicing characters. Many do different voices.
16:27:37 <Dave from B> Yeah...cb is in the basin
16:28:29 <Kevin L> Disney was a master. A lot of the key animators started at Disney (Tex Avery and Check Jones (Roadrunner)) along with some very talented artists.
16:29:53 <Kevin L> Disney was the original voice of a lot of the cartoons. He passed them off as he got buiser, but I think he did Mickey until he died. I think Frees did some of the voices for Disney.
16:29:58 <ynpvisitor60> As a Disney geek, I nkow Paul Frees as the ghost host narrator on the Haunted Mansion. Great voice.
16:30:18 <Kevin L> That is true. I forgot about that one.
16:31:36 <Kevin L> Kids sure get the shaft on today's cartoons.
16:32:50 <Dave from B> That's fuuny. love Haunted Mansion voice
16:33:11 <ynpvisitor60> I don't know. I'll argue with you on cartoons. Still some great ones out there - Gumball, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and even SpongeBob
16:33:24 <ynpvisitor60> This coming from a 60-year-old.
16:33:47 <Ryan> Of those, I think only Spongebob makes the cut. The rest are just too bizarre for me to find any ejoyment out of.
16:33:56 <Ryan> Tom and Jerry was, is, and always will be the best!!!
16:34:13 <Dave from B> Yes, Tom and Jerry is great
16:34:38 <Kevin L> Tom & Jerry is great, but nothing will ever beat the Roadrunner.
16:34:58 <ynpvisitor60> Bizareness is what makes it work. Animaniacs was incredible. But it took a while to wrap my head around what they were doing
16:35:37 <ynpvisitor60> By the way, I'd sign in (which I keep forgetting to do), but somehow having "60" is too good a number. This is Mike J
16:35:58 <Kevin L> The realy amazing thing about the old ones is that there had to be 26 frames hand drawn for every second of run time.
16:36:07 <Ryan> But you can take it too far. It was when the cartoons began looking like the creators were on something (they were on something for some of them) that it became too much for me.
16:36:37 <ynpvisitor60> Kevin L, that is where today will never compare - the animation itslef was just...too...good.
16:36:51 <Ryan> Spongebob is bizarre but understandable - a sponge that looks like a sponge, a starfish that looks like a starfish, they are unbelieavbly believable.
16:37:03 <Ryan> Yes, the animation beofre digital was great.
16:38:22 <ynpvisitor60> And just to actually tie this in with geysers. For many of us, our first introduction to geysers was Yogi Bear driving that jeep over the geyser as it went off.
16:38:24 <Kevin L> Computers are great for that stuff, but you have to admire those efforts. They will live forever. I just wish Disney would let us see that great work. They seem to want to hide it! The original Disney Channel had a lot of the old stuff, both cartoons and normal shows.
16:38:34 <ynpvisitor60> Maybe not the best lesson - but an introductin nonetheless.
16:38:48 <Kevin L> Jellystone National Park!
16:40:15 <Kevin L> What is fun is watching kids and grandkids reactions to the old stuff. They started showing My Mother the Car. Kids reaction beat the heck out of the show!
16:40:41 <Ryan> I always enjoy the wonderful and unabashed violence in Tom and Jerry
16:41:10 <Kevin L> And like the Roadrunner, with no words whatso ever.
16:41:24 <Ryan> Yep - zero dialogue.
16:41:31 <Dave from B> I do like Coyotes persistence
16:41:40 <Kevin L> I think Chuck Jones did both of them.
16:41:46 <Ryan> and an instrumental score that was specifically created for the episode.
16:42:15 <Ryan> anyone else get uneasy with the bomb-cloud from Grotto? ha
16:42:24 <ynpvisitor60> You know you've watched them too many times when you find that you are only hearing the music/sound effects, and still laughing
16:42:32 <Kevin L> My favorite Roadrunner is Lickety Splat. You know what is coming and it is still funny.
16:42:41 <Ryan> :)
16:43:12 <Kevin L> Reminds me of elementary school Ryan.
16:43:17 <Ryan> :-)
16:47:29 <ynpvisitor18> I like all the old politically incorrect cartoons. Mr Magoo, Yosemite Sam, The coyote and the sheep dog, Daffy Duck, and others can not remember of hand.
16:48:17 <Ryan> Foghorn Leghorn
16:48:32 <Ryan> "Boy, I say boy, you are about to exceed the limitations of my medications."
16:48:57 <Kevin L> Forghorn is one of the greats.
16:49:13 <Ryan> Oblong?
16:49:19 <ynpvisitor60> One of the things that cracked me up was when they tired to pull the violence out of some of the old Warner Bros. cartoons. Specifically remember one with Bugs and an opera singer - the cut up cartoon made no sense and ran about half as long as original
16:49:22 <Ryan> I think I am seeing a plume from the Groblong area now.
16:49:52 <Kevin L> Whats Opera Doc is a total masterpiece.
16:50:11 <Ryan> :)
16:50:35 <ynpvisitor60> Totally useless trivia: Foghorn Leghorn was based ona a character from the radio show "Allen's Alley" with Fred Allen
16:50:42 <Kevin L> The wartime cartoons are priceless.
16:50:47 <ynpvisitor60> Honest, I'm not THAT old.
16:50:56 <ynpvisitor18> Take violence out of humor, put it in reality video games, result?
16:51:21 <Kevin L> Senator Claghorn I think?
16:51:38 <ynpvisitor60> I think you're right Kevin L
16:52:01 <Ryan> A completely different effect 18. Tom and Jerry never showed a POV down the barrel of a gun as you shot someone.
16:52:03 <ynpvisitor60> Now we've officially gone down a wormhole.
16:52:14 <Ryan> Yep.
16:52:33 <Kevin L> has a load of those old radio shows. They are a lot of fun.
16:53:04 <ynpvisitor18> Old radeo. What is your favorite?
16:53:15 <Kevin L> Life of Riley.
16:53:38 <ynpvisitor60> Jack Benny (speaking of politically incorrect.)
16:54:17 <Ryan>
16:54:26 <Kevin L> Duffys Tavern is great, Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Whistler, and most anything Damon Ruynon.
16:54:27 <Ryan> I am sitting in a computer lab - 20 seconds and I busted out laughing.
16:54:27 <ynpvisitor18> I like Lone Ranger if only for the intro and the build ups for commercials.
16:55:01 <Kevin L> They have Lone Ranger on TV at 0600 here. It is usually on.
16:55:08 <Ryan> I had to stop
16:55:16 <Kevin L> Hopalong Cassidy comes on at 1130.
16:57:39 <Kevin L> Think it will be a while before we can see downbasin.
16:58:16 <ynpvisitor18> One of the westerns was blatant about self promotion. All of the old shows were sponsored, however the one I can not think of by name was all about selling stuff from the character.
16:59:03 <ynpvisitor18> Like the Red Rider on that silly Christmas movie.
16:59:55 <Kevin L> They all had a bunch of stuff to sell. Some of the old Lone Ranger, hoppy, and Roy Rogers stuff is big bucks now.
17:00:56 <ynpvisitor18> Yes, but this one was over the top about selling his stuff. the others were popular and made merchandice available outside the show.
17:01:19 <ynpvisitor18> Just like today.
17:01:56 <ynpvisitor18> I do not remember Yogi hocking piknic baskets on his show.
17:02:30 <Kevin L> A lot of the old shows, the ads were written into the shows. Jack Benny with Lucky Strike and Jello, I remember a Burns & Allen with coffee and anoter bunch with floor polish.
17:02:31 <Ryan> pikinic*
17:02:55 <Kevin L> I did have a Yogi Luch box once.
17:03:15 <ynpvisitor18> That would go over well at Grand.
17:03:37 <Kevin L> Wish I still had it!
17:04:00 <ynpvisitor18> ebay here we come
17:05:15 <Kevin L> Here is a good use for a drone cam:
17:05:52 <ynpvisitor18> Just remembered Rocky and Bullwinkle. Always fighting the spys.
17:06:49 <Kevin L> My 6 year old daughter started watching it. When they would say tune in to the next episode she would do a slow burn. Took her a wile to realize it never ended.
17:07:43 <Ryan> HERE WE GO:
17:08:50 <ynpvisitor60> have to get back to the real world. Everyone enjoy the cartoons, radio shows, and geysers.
17:09:21 <Kevin L> Enjoy Mike.
17:09:41 <ynpvisitor18> Park could be full of pocket drones next year. Good thing is the ones I see advertised for two payments of $29.99 look like junk that will not last the first flight.
17:10:10 <Kevin L> That is not good.
17:10:58 <ynpvisitor18> Anyone see the adds besides me? Comes with a camera and mini sd card. Got to be junk
17:11:13 <Ryan> Off to calc, later
17:11:20 <Kevin L> I didn't see them. Yet.
17:11:25 <Kevin L> Good luck.
17:22:29 <Kevin L> My stream has gotten really chopy.
17:23:22 <ynpvisitor5> same here
17:28:19 <Dave from B> Mine's working perfect if we're in the early 1900's
17:28:53 <ynpvisitor4> Exercises?
17:29:07 <Kevin L> Looks like a geyser dance. If it works we should send them to Giantess.
17:29:33 <Jimbo> I think it will work for OF
17:30:09 <Kevin L> I bet it goes within 90m of their dance.
17:31:31 <Dave from B> OF would be like Beginning Dance Class...we need experts!:)
17:32:57 <Jimbo> It worked!
17:33:04 <ynpvisitor37> Finally a witnessed 3 burst Grand, woo hoo
17:33:39 <Jimbo> Got their selfie, too
17:35:31 <Dave from B> Nice, 37
17:35:42 <Dave from B> Good for Jake
17:35:49 <ynpvisitor37> Had you seen that Dave?
17:36:06 <Dave from B> nope...after you stated I looked for it
17:52:38 <Dave from B> Only 3 geysers have erupted today
18:02:46 <ynpvisitor37> it is weird not having Jim S there
18:03:32 <ynpvisitor37> cb is still there
18:03:43 <ynpvisitor37> waiting on Bee
18:04:01 <Kevin L> It is a lot harder to catch geysers too.
18:04:47 <ynpvisitor37> cb waved at us!!
18:10:51 <Betty> morning guys
18:11:13 <Kevin L> Hi. Saved BH for you.
18:11:40 <Betty> thanks
18:18:28 <Dave from B> Morning Betty
18:19:00 <Betty> morning Dave from B
18:19:07 <Betty> busy today?
18:19:47 <Dave from B> Slow time of year for sales but busy getting ready for Christmas and New Years
18:20:14 <Dave from B> Have to Vacuum pack over 2500# of king crab into 3# bags for holidays
18:20:23 <Betty> LC
18:20:57 <Betty> oh, sounds fun:-p
18:21:49 <ynpvisitor37> can you touch the crab Dave, with your allergy?
18:22:48 <Betty> I bet he is wearing a jumpsuit and gloves ;-)
18:23:12 <Dave from B> My staff does all the vacuum packing.
18:23:35 <ynpvisitor37> could you touch it though?
18:23:59 <Dave from B> We all use gloves. I can touch crab. Cid is a nono, however.
18:24:16 <ynpvisitor37> cid?
18:24:36 <Kevin L> He names his fish.
18:24:51 <Kevin L> Cid the cod.
18:25:04 <Dave from B> :D
18:25:10 <Dave from B> At least you speak my language!
18:25:49 <Betty> he is used to it Dave. as all of us are.
18:26:22 <Dave from B> Multitasking is no longer my friend
18:26:28 <Betty> and his new keyboard was delivered with Davespeak
18:27:05 <Betty> splish splash
18:27:24 <Dave from B> Part of my problem is that letters on keys disappear over time.....missing "a" and "e" and "s" is almost gone.
18:28:35 <Betty> doggies in the meadows
18:29:30 <Kevin L> Daisy looking warm.
18:33:32 <Dave from B> I'm excited for a new item will be seeling when season opens next week. Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws
18:33:39 <Dave from B> selling*
18:35:23 <Jimbo> Guessing Grotto
18:41:17 <Dave from B> Next Turban due
18:41:39 <Dave from B> I'm thinking top of hour for Grand
18:43:04 <Dave from B> Lion heating up?
18:43:31 <Betty> hope so
19:01:30 <Betty> OF
19:02:45 <Betty> Depression?
19:06:27 <Kevin L> Looks like it could have been a Depression.
19:17:31 <Betty> .
19:17:31 <Betty> .
19:17:31 <Betty> .
19:17:32 <Betty> .
19:17:32 <Betty> .
19:17:32 <Betty> .
19:17:32 <Betty> .
19:17:39 <Betty> indy per gt
19:18:04 <Jimbo> I'm in for Indy
19:18:15 <Betty> :-)
19:19:12 <Kevin L> txt sent
19:23:08 <Kevin L> Dave is out fishing
19:23:22 <Betty> bah
19:23:45 <Dave from B> I got a BH!
19:23:55 <Dave from B> It's a bigun
19:24:01 <Betty> does it fit?
19:25:50 <Dave from B> Hope Jake is out there and not looking out his window!~
19:26:38 <Jimbo> Bird!
19:27:01 <Betty> I think he is there
19:29:25 <Jimbo> Lion splashing
19:30:41 <ynpvisitor5> LC 1230
19:30:56 <Dave from B> Are we going to get a Quad?
19:31:10 <Jimbo> Grand or OF?
19:31:24 <Dave from B> LC, Lion, BHI and BH!:D
19:31:24 <ynpvisitor94> 2 daylingt bh's. Jim must have left
19:31:33 <Jimbo> Oh yeah
19:32:39 <Kevin L> Figured I would set it up. Controls react different with this machine.
19:33:41 <ynpvisitor94> Better crowd today
19:33:54 <Kevin L> Bet someone gets wet.
19:34:11 <Dave from B> cb has lots of paparazzi following her
19:34:24 <ynpvisitor94> Getting to be a long indy
19:34:49 <Jimbo> And BH looked eager
19:35:30 <ynpvisitor94> 20 min per gt
19:36:00 <Jimbo> Got right to it
19:36:01 <Betty> whoo
19:36:02 <ynpvisitor5> BH1235
19:36:12 <Kevin L> Rainbow!
19:36:15 <ynpvisitor94> bh bow
19:36:27 <Jimbo> Good curtain
19:36:36 <Betty> and a really nice one
19:37:08 <ynpvisitor45> That is the first time i've witnessed a rainbow! I've always heard talk, but this is awesome!
19:37:58 <ynpvisitor94> It is something to see fom this side at the of loop
19:38:04 <Kevin L> Glad you got it 45
19:38:09 <ynpvisitor94> Not as nice as being next to it
19:39:21 <Kevin L> But Betty can see it at 8000 miles away!
19:39:44 <Betty> :-D
19:39:55 <ynpvisitor5> Lion ie
19:40:07 <ynpvisitor5> 1240
19:40:13 <Betty> only a dual, Dave
19:40:15 <Jimbo> That's what I call good timing
19:40:26 <ynpvisitor45> Very nice!
19:40:38 <ynpvisitor94> I was in the vec when indy started. Hoofed out to the parking lot to grab the wife from the rv, made it to the lookout on the of loop.
19:40:40 <Dave from B> Little geysers couldn't do it
19:41:06 <ynpvisitor94> Now we need a plume
19:41:10 <Betty> great, 94!
19:41:23 <Betty> I miss Plume...
19:41:58 <ynpvisitor94> I always missed it when I was there.
19:42:56 <Betty> all we now need is Grand
19:43:12 <Kevin L> Too bad Kitt didn't make it. It had to be near her lunch time.
19:45:14 <ynpvisitor94> So do you leave a 12:15 turban for a 12:15 indy?
19:45:28 <ynpvisitor19> yes!
19:45:36 <Dave from B> ALWAYS
19:45:48 <Dave from B> Unless there's a bear on the trail
19:45:50 <Kevin L> Depends on how old you are.
19:47:39 <ynpvisitor94> I would leave to see the bear
19:49:24 <ynpvisitor94> Well, got to go. Enjoy the tripple burst
19:50:24 <Dave from B> Daisy 1250ie
19:51:00 <kc (working)> turban 1247ie gt
19:51:33 <Dave from B> You all know I nmeant Grand was going to erupt at the top of this hour, right?:D
19:52:20 <Kevin L> That would be a short Turban interval.
19:52:47 <Jimbo> Yes, we nknew that.
19:55:28 <Dave from B> haha Jimbo
19:57:58 <Jimbo> The 'n' is silent
19:58:35 <Jimbo> At least the first one is
19:58:40 <Betty> yes, we nknew that
20:03:58 <Dave from B> It's nice to have friends who speeka my language
20:04:32 <Betty> :-D
20:05:09 <Jimbo> Maybe I should rename myself 'Jim4bo"
20:05:25 <Dave from B> haha
20:05:53 <Kevin L> My keyboard speaks your language.
20:07:28 <Jimbo> The letter labels on my 'n' and 'm' keys are almost gone - I have to trust my right index finger.
20:07:57 <Jimbo> Glad I learned touch typing in high school
20:08:35 <Kevin L> This new keyboard has a real different touch. Really messes me up.
20:08:46 <ynpvisitor19> otherwise you get words like "kmemw" or "mneant
20:08:57 <Dave from B> :D
20:09:24 <Dave from B> Haven't been picked on this much since high school!:)
20:10:03 <Kevin L> Cyber wedgie?
20:10:23 <Dave from B> :D
20:23:08 <ynpvisitor45> Looks like Washington State will have its first hurrican ever if Oho keeps on track and doesn't dissapate. Thought that was interesting
20:23:51 <Kevin L> Like they need even more rain!
20:24:42 <ynpvisitor45> lol right?
20:25:35 <Dave from B> Apollo Ono, Track...this is a joke right?
20:25:42 <Kevin L> We got about an inch and a half yesterday. Normal annual in just about 3 inches.
20:28:26 <Jimbo> I had an inconsequential but deep and painful cut on my left pinky finger - so I wnted to type without the letter 'a' for _ week
20:29:19 <ynpvisitor45> Really Kevin? Thats insane! It shows it will make landfall right on the canadian/Wasington border if it holds up
20:30:47 <Kevin L> It is the strangest track of a Pacific hurricane I have ever seen. They have tractors cleaning the mud off our roads today. They are a mess.
20:34:13 <ynpvisitor19> turban at 31 mins plus
20:34:28 <Dave from B> ouch
20:34:54 <Kevin L> Grand will go just before OF
20:34:57 <ynpvisitor19> (assuming gazers at Grand, which seems a given)
20:36:15 <Dave from B> also assuming that gazers there would post Turban
20:37:45 <ynpvisitor19> spoiled rotten by "gazer telemetry"
20:38:09 <Kevin L> It will be hard without them.
20:39:09 <kc (working)> turban 1321 gt
20:41:47 <Kevin L> Grand?
20:41:47 <Betty> Grand
20:42:34 <Dave from B> Oblong was 1239 so most likely
20:52:04 <ynpvisitor19> woo hoo
20:56:00 <ynpvisitor5> Lion ie 1355
21:03:23 <ynpvisitor61> what a day....
21:23:56 <Dave from B> 61, too many geysers for you today?
21:24:33 <ynpvisitor61> too many gazers
21:28:36 <Dave from B> You can never have too much of a good thing!:)
21:50:17 <Dave from B> Lion is due
21:54:01 <Betty> I´m headed out. Enjoy Lion
21:56:09 <Dave from B> ]Bye Betty
21:56:19 <Dave from B> Lion 1456
22:31:32 <kc (working)> daisy ie
22:51:37 <Dave from B> Lion due again
22:58:32 <lt> and there it is
23:01:16 <Dave from B> Thanks lt...was looking away
23:01:33 <Dave from B> Gazer Michael Lang came by to see me today
23:05:03 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a great evening everyne
23:05:08 <Dave from B> everyone!
23:05:22 <Kevin L> bye
23:06:16 <Dave from B> Baseball playoffs start tonight...Yanks vs Astros
23:25:04 <Graham> hello
23:26:01 <Kevin L> Hi.
23:26:45 <Graham> wow 3 burst Grand last night, good for Jake
23:26:48 <Kevin L> Will Cam shift ends. be lurking the rest of the night
23:45:33 <kc (working)> OF ie
23:45:41 <kc (working)> castle minor 1613 gt
00:03:14 <kc (working)> nice to see < 10 min old reports from LGB on gt
00:34:49 <ynpvisitor29> fun, that means cb is able to post from Fountain.
01:00:57 <Graham> not used to seeing times show up that fast
01:08:00 <ynpvisitor92> daisy
01:11:24 <ynpvisitor6> No camop?
01:12:17 <ynpvisitor6> OF window I guess.
01:12:20 <Will B> dont know
01:30:17 <Will B> Oblong?
01:31:42 <Will B> oblong 1630ie
01:31:51 <Will B> 18*
01:32:06 <Will B> and OF 1832
01:32:13 <Will B> right after sunset....
01:32:23 <Art H> Thats neat with the sun just at the top
02:07:18 <kcmule> aurum
02:07:30 <Kevin L> What is that?
02:07:40 <kcmule> gold
02:07:50 <Kevin L> Rare as!
02:08:05 <Kevin L> I picked the right time to walk in!
03:25:31 <ynpvisitor70> I am not the 20:06:10 #70. Interesting