Showing logs for date: 2015-10-09
13:39:00 <ynpvisitor*21*> Nothing like waking up to find out your favorite geyser recently erupted!
13:50:28 <ynpvisitor47> HB *21*
13:50:48 <ynpvisitor53> lion
13:50:50 <ynpvisitor*21*> Thanks, 47!
14:30:22 <ynpvisitor*21*> ..
14:34:15 <ynpvisitor47> ..
14:42:27 <ynpvisitor69> Aurum 0742 ie
14:42:37 <ynpvisitor69> Lion 0742 ns
14:43:00 <ynpvisitor50> I thought so too on Aurum
14:47:20 <ynpvisitor69> cb posted both those times as start times per frs calls.
14:48:16 <ynpvisitor50> always nice to have confimation
14:48:27 <ynpvisitor*21*> Morning Fluffy
14:48:48 <ynpvisitor69> OF 0748
15:29:02 <Kevin iPad> All the good ones are done. :(
15:29:53 <ynpvisitor69> No Daisy or Grand yet, but Dave M is posting overnight wc times now.
15:30:20 <ynpvisitor69> Daisy just went up. 0702.
15:32:40 <Kevin iPad> At least Grand won't be in fog today. It may make some.
15:43:52 <ynpvisitor69> Lion 0843
15:44:09 <Betty> Hi Kevin, kc, Jenna, lt, at and numbers
15:44:19 <Betty> and Lion :-)
15:45:25 <Jenna> hi Betty
15:45:39 <Betty> hi 76
15:49:43 <ynpvisitor50> Hi Betty. ynpvisitor... here. I like 50 so am not going to change today :)
15:50:09 <Betty> Hi Kent
15:50:20 <ynpvisitor50> :)
15:50:29 <Betty> Grand
15:50:32 <Betty> cool
15:50:38 <Betty> ;-)
15:52:36 <Jenna> too far right for Grand?
15:53:14 <Kevin iPad> Grand or Pblong?
15:54:25 <kc (working)> mornin
15:54:30 <kc (working)> oblong i think
15:55:16 <Kevin iPad> hi kc
15:56:18 <Betty> hmmmm.really Pblong? Maybe you´re right.
15:57:47 <Kevin iPad> Did you see that Picture I sent you Betty?
15:58:57 <ynpvisitor69> Riverside
16:02:12 <Jenna> that's the most steam I've seen from Riverside in awhile
16:15:04 <Betty> yes I saw the picture, Kevin.. it was taken in the town I work :-)
16:17:53 <ynpvisitor69> OF 0917
16:28:47 <Kevin iPad> That was a fun train. Wish it had been running when I was there. They did have a small train in a big park that had flamingos.
16:29:50 <Kevin iPad> Westfalenpark?
16:41:52 <Betty> I don´t know
16:42:50 <Betty> time to head out. Enjoy your day. bye
16:46:10 <ynpvisitor69> Daisy 0945
17:52:22 <ynpvisitor17> Nice rainbow!
18:25:07 <ynpvisitor69> Castle 1124 ns
19:14:18 <Kevin L> Starting at a bit after 1000 the OF seismo has had a steady rocking.
19:17:29 <Kevin L> Another good OF rainbow
19:22:04 <ynpvisitor61> no word on Grand?
19:22:29 <ynpvisitor44> ohai lawn mower
19:24:16 <ynpvisitor61> Turban 1044 was the last post. Anyone see it on the cam?
19:28:13 <ynpvisitor44> daisy ie
20:08:53 <Jenna> Grand ie
20:09:10 <Jenna> my name just won't stick today
20:09:12 <ynpvisitor50> TY
20:11:30 <ynpvisitor50> Would be fun to be on the benches for this one. Looks like a gud un
20:11:31 <kc (working)> try leaving the room for 1 full minute Jenna
20:11:42 <kc (working)> your alter ego should timeout
20:11:49 <Jenna> I'll try that thanks
20:12:06 <Jenna> 1307 per GT
20:12:11 <Jimbo> Yeah, wind is pushing away the steam nicely
20:13:00 <Jimbo> Very strong jets
20:17:25 <ynpvisitor17> Wohoo! 2b
20:23:03 <Jenna> ..
20:57:33 <kc (working)> overlook friday
21:04:13 <ynpvisitor14> So what is up with Giant? No more notes on gt.
01:01:57 <kcmule> daisy
01:26:55 <kcmule> oblong maybe
01:27:21 <kcmule> yep, thx Will
01:28:24 <kcmule> 1825ie turban
01:42:26 <ynpvisitor59> OF ie
01:44:13 <ynpvisitor59> I wonder if Grand will go before dark?
01:44:23 <ynpvisitor59> maybe a nice short interval after that long one...
01:45:14 <ynpvisitor59> Grotto ish ?
01:45:55 <kcmule> yep, 1832ns gt
01:46:04 <kcmule> spoiled with all these basin reports
01:46:27 <Betty> I don't see it, only chat at the moment
01:47:54 <ynpvisitor59> refresh maybe
01:48:12 <ynpvisitor59> sometimes at work it takes a few refreshes to see the cam
01:49:22 <Betty> No, on my phone I have chat only or streaming only. Not together
01:49:39 <ynpvisitor59> oh, gotcha
01:49:55 <Betty> :-)
01:52:59 <Betty> Almost 3 am. Time for sleep. Night all
02:47:03 <kcmule> grand
02:57:05 <ynpvisitor59> with lights
03:07:01 <kcmule> just missed lion 2002ie gt
03:07:14 <kcmule> nite
03:07:30 <ynpvisitor98> it had lights too.
03:07:53 <ynpvisitor98> OF with lights