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08:24:18 <ynpvisitor18> OF
13:00:53 <Dave from B> OF 0600ie?
13:01:12 <Dave from B> Looks to be just finishing
13:31:01 <Dave from B> Just back from breakfast. Believe we have BH 0631ie
13:31:17 <Dave from B> Yep
13:32:26 <Dave from B> Dave, if you're checking captures, may also have had an Aurum
13:32:45 <Dave from B> More than likely just a Ginatess boil but who knows
14:28:22 <Dave from B> OF 0728ie
14:28:39 <Dave from B> 727 on start time per CC
14:31:31 <Dave from B> Daisy ie?
14:31:58 <Dave from B> Yep 0731ie
14:37:57 <Dave from B> Grotto may be ie
14:46:44 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin L
14:47:13 <Dave from B> I cleared out your day for you so you can work in the depot today
14:48:02 <Dave from B> Grand is due
14:55:46 <Dave from B> nice pink sky
14:56:12 <Jimbo> Now that's a sunrise
14:57:50 <Dave from B> Morning Jimbo
14:57:57 <Dave from B> Yes, that is nice
14:58:19 <Jimbo> I screencapped it - I'll see how it looks on my monitor
15:00:49 <Kevin L> I won't have to worry about missing anything then. Good luck. Heading out.
15:02:29 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin
15:07:45 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
15:08:39 <Jenna> morning Dave
15:11:14 <Dave from B> Here's the girl that Becca had to deal with all game yesterday. Was only giving about 6' or so...
15:11:23 <Dave from B>
15:12:24 <Dave from B> It's pic #32
15:12:58 <Dave from B> make that 6" not 6'
15:16:41 <Jenna> Becca is in the black?
15:19:17 <Jimbo> Grand ie
15:19:47 <Jimbo> Dave, that girl is a threat on corners, I bet
15:20:02 <Mario> Beautiful backdrop for Grand
15:21:11 <Dave from B> Yes, Becca is in black
15:21:32 <Dave from B> They had 3 girls that were that tall. Every corner was scary.
15:21:42 <Dave from B> Nice Grand
15:21:49 <Jenna> I bet Dave
15:21:53 <Jimbo> I guess Big Sky applies!
15:22:00 <Dave from B> haha
15:22:31 <Jimbo> This is a really clear view from the cam. Lots of detail in the water jets
15:22:44 <Jimbo> Even birdies flying by!
15:22:54 <Dave from B> I love the green backdrop today
15:31:13 <Jimbo> 2B? Or not 2B?
15:40:46 <Mario> That is the question
15:41:16 <Dave from B> I didn't catch the end
15:48:18 <Jimbo> Looked like there was a pause, not sure if it was an official pause
15:48:50 <Jimbo> Looks like there will need to be an official review
15:48:53 <Dave from B> Morning kc
15:49:49 <Jimbo> I can see that Mario is erudite
15:51:00 <kc (working)> mornin
16:02:44 <Dave from B> OF 0902ie
16:03:07 <Jenna> OF 0903
16:13:48 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan
16:16:11 <Ryan> Morning Dave
16:21:21 <ynpvisitor17> Dang, I missed my bh prediction by 1.5 hours.
16:22:46 <ynpvisitor17> We talked about super volcano yesturday. Anyone read about the big crack in the Big Horn Mountains?
16:22:53 <ynpvisitor17>
16:42:44 <Jimbo> Cool article. I was thinking a slump or landslide before I read the text (saw the picture).
16:44:08 <ynpvisitor17> My luck, I would have been sleeping in the sun when it happened.
16:50:21 <Jimbo> This was recent, if you haven't seen it already (it was on the national evening news):
16:50:40 <Dave from B> Almost seems hard to believe, doesn't it?
16:51:53 <Dave from B> Jimbo, how was a camera there at the precise time that happened?
17:00:54 <Jimbo> They knew it was unstable. Geologist was observing it, got lucky being there at the right time. The area right below it had been evaculated.
17:01:50 <ynpvisitor77> blue sky in the basin, too bad BH already went
17:02:07 <Dave from B> That could have caused a huge avalanche if there was more snow aorund.
17:04:31 <vw> Good morning all.
17:05:24 <vw> Hey Dave, congratz to Becca and the other West Ladies Soccer team! The only team from Billings still standing after yesterday. Odd that.
17:05:44 <Dave from B> Morning vw
17:06:26 <Dave from B> Yes, it was a very disappointing day for most of Billings
17:06:48 <vw> I hate to see any Billings team lose, but have to admit the results yesterday cracked me up!
17:06:54 <Dave from B> Only other team I thought should have won was undefeated Senior baoys team .Still shocked by that one.
17:07:46 <Dave from B> Check pic 32 out on Gazette website if you want to see who Becca had to match up against yesterday.
17:08:11 <vw> Castle 1008 ns
17:08:31 <vw> Maybe Oblong 1008 ns too?
17:09:37 <vw> Might as well throw Sawmill 1008 ie in there too.
17:11:43 <Dave from B> I've been to 7 years of state soccer tournaments. Yesterday was strange. No overtimes. No games decided by fewer than 2 goals. Very strange.
17:13:03 <vw> Very nice pic of Becca! Nearly a David v Goliath moment.
17:14:08 <vw> Castle steam may interfere with our ability to clearly see Daisy.
17:14:13 <Dave from B> Thanks...yes, she had her hands full.
17:14:44 <vw> I bet. Very hard to stay ahead of that stride differential.
17:19:56 <vw> Daisy 1019
17:28:58 <vw> Castle is a major.
17:30:37 <Dave from B> Time to head to the soccer fields. Have a great day everyone!
17:30:59 <vw> Go Bears!
17:31:05 <vw> Have a great day Dave.
17:31:17 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw
17:31:29 <Dave from B> Enjoy the sunshine as well
17:40:24 <vw> Glad we got to see Castle and Daisy before OF watch.
17:40:34 <vw> OF 1040
17:46:37 <vw> Hi Eric.
17:46:38 <Eric> Morning everyone.
17:46:41 <Eric> hey vw
17:47:18 <vw> You joined us just in time for a lull in geyser activity. Eruptions might be a bit scarce for a few hours now.
17:47:19 <Eric> Is that sprinkler ie at the right of the frame?
17:47:47 <vw> One of the Terra Cotta's I think. Sprinkler would be right of the current view.
17:48:01 <Eric> ahh, yep
17:48:07 <Eric> that framing helps :-D
17:56:17 <vw> Sawmill is off.
17:56:51 <vw> Casual approach to cam today. Really not expecting anything until next OF about 1215.
17:57:26 <vw> If you see something. Working on computer and keeping an eye on cam for now.
17:57:55 <vw> oops... If you see something, mention it. I will try to keep an eye on chat box.
18:01:40 <Eric> thanks vw :-D
18:11:26 <vw> Plate 1111 ie
18:51:06 <vw> May have just had an Aurum. I was too late and OF steam too thick to really see anything though. If someone could review video at around 1148, they might be able to see something.
19:02:53 <vw> Bison moving at FULL speed!
19:20:17 <vw> OF 1220
19:25:14 <vw> Sawmill 1225 ie
19:25:45 <vw> Lion 1225, initial.
19:50:13 <vw> I need to step away for a few minutes to grab some lunch. Daisy due soon. Riverside too.
19:50:14 <vw> brb
19:56:30 <vw> Did I miss anything?
19:57:47 <Eric> not that I saw...but was not hear continously
19:58:20 <Eric> I am trying to solve facebook open graph issues for work :-D
19:58:47 <vw> Nothing new on GT, so couldn't have missed anything too major (she says as Giantess is burbling off screen....)
19:58:50 <vw> not.
20:00:04 <Eric> :-P
20:01:19 <Eric> looks like grotto area steam back there...
20:05:31 <Jenna> ..
20:06:02 <vw> Hi Jenna. You are so quiet today. I suppose you are busy at work?
20:06:59 <Jenna> Not too busy, don't really know why I've been quiet
20:07:39 <Jenna> normally Oct is busy for us, but this year it's backwards
20:08:39 <vw> That is odd. I hope things pick up for you.
20:08:52 <vw> Not much chatter here today. I think everybody is working.
20:08:58 <vw> RIverside 1308 ns
20:09:17 <Jenna> me too, Christmas is coming
20:09:56 <vw> Wind must be blowing pretty good down basin. Riverside steam way right of its normal point.
20:10:41 <Jimbo> Well, here's a topic. What does anyone think are the main causes of intermittently active geysers becoming active occasionally?
20:11:36 <vw> Lots of varied reasons Jimbo: quakes, changes in season, changes in water table....
20:11:49 <Jimbo> F&M definitely seems water table related.
20:12:21 <vw> Good example.
20:12:55 <Jimbo> Like Morning, for example. Why did it suddenly reactivate for a short period? Did anyone see that one coming?
20:13:17 <vw> I don't know if anybody has published on the effects drought has on geysers. May be a matter of inconsistent records over a long period of time?
20:13:24 <vw> Daisy 1313
20:14:10 <Jimbo> Given the speed of groundwater flow, there might be a big lag time between surface water (rain and snow) and what happens underground.
20:16:26 <vw> I think you would have to start with measurements of the aquafers (how complete are those even?) and work backwards to above ground water sources and snow pack.
20:18:31 <vw> Back to casual monitoring of the cam. Close but not watching screen full time.
20:38:20 <vw> Is Lion going to start......?
20:41:09 <kc (working)> my TSB book says that based on the levels of tritium (heavy radioactive hydrogen that decays with age), the water that erupts from OF fell as precipitation approx 500 years ago.
20:41:58 <vw> Well... I am sure NOAA has records going back that far don't they? :D
20:43:14 <vw> Even if 'old' water is present in geysers, wouldn't the amount of new water flowing into the systems possibly affect geysers?
20:43:58 <Jimbo> Yeah, that's a significant lag time. But... speculative thinking from me would be that underground flow rate and pressure (related) are important. Even a slight change in pressure could affect the boiling point.
20:45:11 <vw> Looks like our view might get a bit compromised soon by some new water!
20:45:17 <kc (working)> not sure how much new water mixes in with the old, it says there is virtually no tritium, i'd think newer water would skew those readings
20:45:28 <Jimbo> And there are definitely shifts in thermal flow. Norris events have shown that.
20:45:56 <kc (working)> a newer version of TSB amends that there is evidence the h2o is more like 1100 y/o
20:46:26 <Jimbo> Sheesh, that's a long time
20:46:41 <kc (working)> could the effect of droughts hundreds of years ago have an impact on today's eruptions?
20:47:20 <Jimbo> Got me there. Groundwater flow is affected by a lot of variables.
20:47:28 <vw> OF 1347
20:48:08 <vw> If Lion is erupting we will miss it.
20:48:15 <Jimbo> One thing I know about OF is that a primary reason cited for its regularity is that it is isolated. Riverside and Lone Star are also regular and isolated. Clearly Giant isn't.
20:50:09 <vw> Most entertaining steam plume action on that OF.
20:52:59 <Andrew> :)
20:53:14 <vw> Hi Andrew.
20:53:40 <Andrew> i am now a new sales associate of the old faithful upper store
20:53:46 <vw> You came just in time to see some thick weather descend on the UGB.
20:54:29 <Jenna> congrats!
20:55:10 <Julia> Better weather than here, sustained winds of 23, gusts to 50+ and horizontal rain. I love the snow!
20:57:32 <Julia> The Lion area must be heating up we are getting nice steam from the Google area as well
20:57:54 <Julia> Goggle
21:07:07 <Jimbo> That kinda looks like Aurum ie
21:07:33 <Jimbo> Group of people watching too
21:27:16 <Eric> interesting note about tritium KC, I checked the reference and couldn't find any footnote in TSB of where he got that information.
21:27:48 <Eric> I just looked up tritium groundwater testing and it doesn't look like you can really date it longer than about 50 years.
21:37:05 <Eric> If anyone has more information about this point (How long has the water that OF erupts with, been underground) I would love to see/hear it.
21:45:40 <Eric> ok...little more digging found this original USGS bulletin from 1965:
21:46:15 <Eric> My guess is that is where the information was extrapolated from. Even though that report does not mention that claim.
21:49:32 <Eric> Ahh, found a newer, probably more accurate water chemistry chart for OF:
22:09:22 <Biddle> Thanks eric, Thats really cool.
22:14:12 <ynpvisitor43> Grand was 1506
22:15:36 <vw> OF 1515
22:15:43 <Biddle> THx
22:15:53 <vw> No way we could have seen Grand given the conditions.
22:16:11 <Biddle> Doesnt look to great up there
22:19:24 <vw> I need to head out a few minutes early.
22:19:30 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.
22:20:03 <Biddle> You too. Bye!
22:52:16 <Eric> looks like snow
23:44:34 <kc (working)> OF ie
00:36:09 <Biddle> Time to eat. Bye all!
01:19:25 <Art H> OF 18:19
01:20:15 <ynpvisitor35> last one before dark
01:39:20 <ynpvisitor35> next week it will be pitch dark now
04:21:54 <ynpvisitor72> Yep, That's DARK
04:23:13 <ynpvisitor72> I really miss Parking Lot Cam on nights like this.