Showing logs for date: 2015-10-31
14:12:31 <ynpvisitor55> OF 0711 way ie
14:43:16 <kcmule> vec static stuck on 6:26pm yesterday
14:44:37 <kcmule> daisy 07:44
15:10:14 <kcmule>
15:27:35 <kcmule> lion 08:27
15:32:57 <Jenna> OF 0833
15:33:11 <Jenna> Riverside?
16:43:07 <Jenna> Lion 0943
17:22:05 <Jenna> OF 1022
17:54:28 <Jenna> Lion 1053
17:54:31 <Jenna> 1054
18:31:38 <Graham> what did you all do to the view?
18:31:56 <Graham> was nicer this morning
18:32:47 <Jenna> I just got back from lunch so I blame Will
18:33:50 <Graham> i see he was at Grand
18:35:14 <Graham> perfect weather for Giantess
18:35:23 <Jenna> which was helpful...for a bit
18:54:17 <Graham> OF
19:17:28 <Kevin iPad> Looks like the London cam.
19:43:47 <Betty> hello all
19:45:54 <Jenna> hi Betty
19:46:29 <Betty> hey Jenna. Happy Halloween
19:47:59 <Jenna> you too!
19:48:11 <Jenna> do you celebrate the same way we do? it's all about the candy?
19:48:42 <Betty> thanks. Just saw some kids on their way :-)
19:49:35 <Betty> not quite the same, less kids are seen on the street for trick or treat
19:49:47 <Kevin iPad> Happy Nevada Day to all.
19:50:17 <Betty> hi Kevin, and especially to you!
19:51:04 <Kevin iPad> I celebrated by going to Utah.
19:51:23 <Betty> you fleed?
19:51:57 <Betty> ignore one e
19:52:09 <Graham> is Halloween legal in UT?
19:52:25 <Betty> hey Graham :-)
19:52:34 <Graham> hi betty
19:52:37 <Kevin iPad> Wife had the day off yesterday so we came to see kids and grandkids.
19:53:40 <Kevin iPad> Only if you have green Jello Graham.
19:53:45 <Betty> nice Kevin!
19:54:09 <Betty> hope you enjoyed
19:55:05 <Kevin iPad> I did have an alligator this morning too.
19:55:18 <Betty> hä???
19:58:17 <Kevin iPad> It is a pastry like a donut but looks like a slice of pie. Cut in the middle and filled with cream frosting. They put dots of frosting on it for eyes.
19:59:07 <Betty> ohh, haha. sounds good
20:01:37 <Graham> Lion
20:01:37 <Betty> hey, Lion
20:01:50 <Betty> seems one was missed
20:02:01 <Graham> it was fogged in then
20:02:18 <Betty> ah,thanks
20:02:56 <Kevin iPad> Scroll way down.
20:04:57 <Betty> does not work for me
20:05:18 <Graham> mmm nice. delete the last .
20:07:09 <Kevin iPad> The iPad seems to decide that you meant that so it adds it.
20:08:41 <Kevin iPad> Did you get it to work Betty?
20:11:09 <Jenna> I'm too hungry to look at that right now
20:19:54 <Biddle> Hello!
20:22:31 <Betty> hi Biddle
20:22:43 <Betty> no Kevin 404 error
20:24:58 <Graham> try this
20:25:15 <Biddle> Of
20:25:56 <Kevin iPad> Try this. Link link
20:26:49 <Biddle> Works.
20:31:14 <Graham> Uncertain
20:32:19 <Betty> great catch Graham!!!
20:32:38 <Graham> ty
20:33:16 <Betty> you´re the best :-)
20:33:36 <Graham> just doing my job :)
20:33:56 <Graham> and waiting for Daisy
20:34:04 <Betty> doing a GOOD job
20:34:21 <Kevin iPad> That was fun!
20:35:07 <Betty> since I saw this small one I´m addicted to it. Had the luck to see it by myself this year
20:37:03 <Graham> its a good tease
20:37:24 <Betty> you had the alligator jaws?? YUMMIYUMMIYUMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:38:15 <Kevin iPad> They are good.
20:39:47 <Betty> I can relate only by seeing them
20:42:47 <Betty> they look great
20:48:58 <ynpvisitor4> Looks nasty in the basin
20:51:27 <ynpvisitor53> hi
20:51:43 <Betty> hi
20:52:01 <Betty> welcome to the ugb
20:52:02 <ynpvisitor53> hw r u betty
20:52:58 <Betty> good, thanks
20:53:48 <ynpvisitor53> pls whats going on here
20:54:21 <Betty> watching Yellowstones geysers
20:54:50 <ynpvisitor53> ok cool
20:55:25 <ynpvisitor53> were u from
20:55:52 <ynpvisitor53> betty
20:55:57 <Betty> not from US
20:56:42 <ynpvisitor53> were precisely r u from
20:58:47 <ynpvisitor56> Daisy
21:00:03 <ynpvisitor56> long interval on Daisy
21:00:30 <Graham> yep. Mara is out there
21:01:03 <ynpvisitor56> haha, you think that´s the reason? ;-)
21:01:20 <Graham> maybe
21:02:10 <Graham> Sawmill
21:02:36 <Andrew> hello
21:02:53 <Graham> ~(_8^(I)
21:02:57 <ynpvisitor56> hi Andrew
21:03:01 <Graham> helo
21:07:05 <Kevin iPad> Congrats on the job Andrew
21:07:22 <Andrew> thanks
21:07:28 <Graham> what job? sounds like work to me
21:08:06 <Andrew> got a job at old faithful upper for the summer
21:08:29 <ynpvisitor56> whooohooo
21:14:18 <Biddle> lion
21:14:50 <Graham> that is good Andrew. when will you be there?
21:15:01 <Andrew> june 6th-aug 21st
21:15:51 <Andrew> barely was abe to fit the last day in. I have to leave late at like 7 from west then be at school 12 hours later in class
21:16:40 <Graham> that is tight
21:17:58 <Andrew> it however is doable and if I am dead that first week so be it my summer is awesome
21:18:24 <ynpvisitor56> cool
21:18:43 <Graham> where will school be?
21:19:05 <Andrew> a really good JC 30 miles north of me
21:19:24 <Jenna> the last day of my first summer I had to leave right after we closed up at Rosie, drove 24 hours straight to Iowa(not alone), then drove to Virginia the next morning for a wedding
21:20:02 <Andrew> 1200 a semester or 32000? and considering that the first 3 years of college s the same for me anywhere there is no reason to burn thousands
21:21:44 <Jenna> good plan
21:21:58 <Kevin iPad> Smart move
21:22:44 <Andrew> and theres a program I can use for tranfer to university of california where I take certain classes and a get a certain gpa and I can get in automatically
21:23:39 <Kevin iPad> What field are you going into?
21:24:05 <Andrew> environmental engineering or evolutionery biology/ecology
21:24:11 <Biddle> Corn. :)
21:24:47 <Kevin iPad> That is Jenna Biddle. :)
21:24:49 <ynpvisitor56> Kevin loves corn
21:25:16 <Jenna> lol or soybeans
21:25:39 <Andrew> environmental is different then biomedical or bioengineering
21:25:59 <Kevin iPad> Consider a business management minor Andrew. Gets you a step up on promotions.
21:26:20 <Andrew> going for an econ minor actually similar lines
21:26:43 <Andrew> especilly in ecological economics
21:28:16 <Kevin iPad> I know et NDOT that helped a lot. Got me a management position.
21:30:00 <Kevin iPad> Many classes are the same. Human resources really helps though.
21:52:04 <Graham> Castle
21:52:15 <Biddle> thanks
21:57:09 <Graham> OF
22:02:27 <Biddle> castle restart?
22:09:59 <ynpvisitor56> Riverside ie
22:11:08 <ynpvisitor> Good wind, could be riverside. Time is correct.
22:11:31 <ynpvisitor> Castle is being odd this week.
23:20:04 <ynpvisitor56> Aurum 10 min ago :-p
23:20:43 <Graham> glad someone was watching
23:37:43 <Graham> OF
23:38:12 <Biddle> 1637
23:48:40 <Graham> Sawmill
00:00:40 <Graham> Daisy
00:00:51 <ynpvisitor56> Daisy
00:01:18 <Biddle> 1659 ns
00:04:35 <Biddle> depression
00:04:59 <Graham> it was 1647
00:25:20 <Biddle> oh :P
00:28:46 <ynpvisitor100> Let someone else have the number
01:16:46 <Graham> OF
01:18:17 <ynpvisitor39> Grand over 7 hours now.
01:24:49 <ynpvisitor39> come on Grand, go before darkness falls
01:29:01 <ynpvisitor39> no delay Turban, behave.
01:29:45 <ynpvisitor39> Turban posted 1828
01:31:46 <ynpvisitor39> now Grand is not cooperating
01:32:11 <ynpvisitor39> maybe Will and Tara are packing their lights
01:34:34 <ynpvisitor39> glad it is not precipitating on them
01:35:27 <Biddle> Should be very soon. Are you sure there is no delay?
01:35:50 <ynpvisitor39> none posted
01:36:24 <ynpvisitor39> I just wanted it to erupt before dark for the people there in the basin
01:36:36 <Biddle> hmm. Should be very soon now.
01:36:50 <ynpvisitor39> well only 8 minutes into Turban
01:37:02 <ynpvisitor39> and Grand can pull 8 hours whenever it feels like it
01:37:33 <ynpvisitor39> I am hoping next Turban, or maybe a Grand start before that
01:37:51 <Biddle> Yah. WE still have 100 minutes before window ends.
01:38:02 <ynpvisitor39> yet not 100 minutes of light
01:39:00 <Biddle> Probably 45. Should go off before that. It is one of the most amazing sights of the cam.
01:39:42 <ynpvisitor39> I have seen it many many times Biddle, on the cam and beyond the trees
01:40:05 <ynpvisitor39> nice that you are enjoying the cam sights
01:40:46 <ynpvisitor39> it is already dark out, the cam is making it seem much lighter than it actually is
01:42:27 <Kevin iPad> Yea. Electrical fixed! Maybe I can see Grand.
01:44:07 <Kevin iPad> Maybe a Daisy anyway!
01:44:42 <ynpvisitor39> Grand has a chance, I would guess Daisy will be after dark
01:44:48 <Kevin iPad> Guess no. :(
01:45:21 <ynpvisitor39> Time for Turban soon
01:45:34 <Kevin iPad> I was really hoping for a BH text.
01:45:43 <ynpvisitor39> dreamer
01:46:17 <ynpvisitor39> steam down basin
01:46:38 <ynpvisitor39> Grotto drift
01:47:52 <ynpvisitor39> there we go
01:48:06 <ynpvisitor39> GRAND
01:49:30 <Kevin iPad> :)
01:59:23 <Kevin iPad> That was nice.
02:12:08 <Biddle> Got to head. Bye!
02:44:54 <ynpvisitor63> OF
04:34:41 <ynpvisitor18> I was hoping for a Jack-O'-Lantern again this year but no such luck
05:19:45 <ynpvisitor74> I was hoping for a beautiful lit Bee
05:22:58 <ynpvisitor74> Good night Bee. I hope you return to daylight soon