Showing logs for date: 2016-03-20
10:22:34 <Betty> Riverside ie
10:56:19 <Betty> OF
12:03:35 <Betty> Grand
12:05:39 <Betty> no, it´s Oblong
12:06:18 <Betty> NO, it´s Grand :-p
12:19:43 <Betty> Daisy
12:25:23 <Betty> is that indy?
12:26:27 <Betty> cannot locate BH cone, so I´m not sure...
12:30:42 <Betty> OF
12:44:32 <DGInc> hello Betty
12:44:48 <Betty> hi DGInc
13:26:17 <Kent> Morning European gazers, all
13:26:26 <DGInc> morning Kent
13:26:39 <Betty> Morning Kent
13:26:58 <Kent> Three Aurum day yesterday. Not bad.
13:34:00 <Graham> morning
13:34:07 <DGInc> morning Graham
13:37:01 <Betty> morning Graham
14:03:50 <Betty> OF
14:04:10 <DGInc> beautiful water column
14:07:35 <DGInc> morning camop
14:15:04 <DGInc> AFK
14:29:30 <DGInc> back
14:48:26 <Betty> Daisy?
14:48:52 <Betty> no
15:06:50 <DGInc> is there also a geyser left to LS from webcam perspective?
15:07:12 <DGInc> no, not Giantess or one in that area
15:07:44 <Betty> the Anemones and Improbable
15:08:13 <DGInc> and where is Improbable located?
15:08:58 <Betty> almost directly right of OF cone, on the hill
15:10:20 <DGInc> that's not the geyser where I'm looking for, nor the Anemones
15:10:53 <DGInc> Aurum?
15:11:06 <Betty> maybe the one that´s active now?
15:11:14 <Betty> yes, Aurum
15:12:25 <DGInc> I saw something (maybe some water) at 0803 next to LS
15:12:44 <Betty> between Aurum and OF? That´s Pump geyser
15:13:24 <DGInc> no, not that one... It's kinda hard to explain, just behind one of the trees next to LS
15:14:15 <Betty> I think there is Bronze spring and Silver Spring
15:15:05 <DGInc> might've been one of the Anemones though
15:15:29 <Betty> left of the tree?
15:15:37 <Betty> now active?
15:15:40 <DGInc> in that region, yes
15:15:52 <DGInc> well, a few seconds ago
15:16:00 <Betty> those are big and little Anemone
15:19:11 <Betty> Oblong I think
15:19:31 <DGInc> I think so too
15:20:41 <Betty> got to go. bbl
15:20:49 <DGInc> bye
15:31:52 <DGInc> OF
15:48:09 <ynpvisitor9> Lion 0848ie
16:07:45 <Graham> daisy
16:57:39 <Betty> Depression?
16:57:58 <Kevin L> It has been steamy this morning.
16:58:11 <Betty> hi Kevin L
16:58:29 <Betty> I got it yesterday
16:58:35 <Kevin L> Morning
16:59:02 <Kevin L> I think anyway. Those chickens are worse than a newborn.
16:59:05 <Graham> only got down to 0
16:59:09 <Betty> looks like a steaming runoff
16:59:13 <Graham> heat wave
16:59:25 <Betty> ask Kevin :-)
16:59:30 <Kevin L> Looks to be a toasty day today.
16:59:41 <Kevin L> Will be cold and snowy tomorrow.
17:04:30 <Betty> Depresiion is ie
17:05:32 <Betty> lion
17:06:58 <Kevin L> BH today after 1330.
17:09:53 <Betty> fluffy
17:14:47 <Betty> doggie
17:36:42 <ynpvisitor93> .
17:36:43 <ynpvisitor93> .
17:36:45 <ynpvisitor93> .
17:36:48 <ynpvisitor93> .
17:36:55 <kcmule> BH
17:36:56 <kcmule> .
17:36:58 <kcmule> .
17:37:14 <kcmule> saw indy for a second before liftoff
17:37:54 <kcmule> rainbow
17:42:54 <ynpvisitorBHFan> delightful
17:43:17 <ynpvisitor20> It was a nice eruption
17:43:50 <ynpvisitor31> Drat just missed it.
17:44:16 <ynpvisitor20> very short indicator
17:44:49 <ynpvisitor20> no time to gather people
17:49:22 <ynpvisitor30> did anyone get a capture? Missed it because the phone rang at the wrong time. Please
17:50:32 <ynpvisitor20> Give me a couple minutes adn I'll have it on YouTube
17:50:47 <ynpvisitor30> Thank you very much indeed
17:57:13 <Betty> noooo, I missed it :-(
18:00:50 <Kevin L> Darn missed it too.
18:01:14 <ynpvisitor20> Here is the capture
18:06:58 <Betty> that was a beautiful eruption. Thanks for the capture. Great camwork on the start
18:08:17 <kcmule> grand i believe
18:13:44 <ynpvisitor30> Thank you 20. I enjoyed watching that.
18:18:10 <Betty> nice Grand. bbl
18:25:24 <Kevin L> Thanks for the post 20
19:06:24 <ynpvisitor20> daisy
19:51:46 <ynpvisitor11> what a day it would be to be in the basin
20:08:01 <ynpvisitor39> OF
20:11:40 <ynpvisitor11> was it a short?
20:12:01 <ynpvisitor39> long
20:12:22 <ynpvisitor39> start time was 1306
20:16:39 <ynpvisitor11> thanks
20:16:54 <ynpvisitor39> yw
20:36:18 <captbunzo> test
20:36:25 <captbunzo> woot. working after a server reboot :)
20:36:58 <Betty> hi captbunzo! how are you?
20:37:09 <captbunzo> I'm good.
20:37:21 <Betty> still down under?
20:38:09 <captbunzo> nope. moved to New Jersey two months back.
20:38:22 <Betty> wow
20:49:37 <ynpvisitor11> my chat page has been working fine
20:50:18 <captbunzo> Awesome.
20:50:42 <ynpvisitor11> Eric got rid of the spammers and added the temp to the page too
20:50:51 <ynpvisitor11> as you know I would guess
20:51:18 <captbunzo> The temp?
20:51:30 <captbunzo> Ah. Cool!
20:52:03 <ynpvisitor11> active link, so you can see forecast too
20:52:52 <ynpvisitor11> only two time zones from Yellowstone now captbunzo
20:59:54 <Betty> Aurum
21:00:10 <Betty> .
21:00:10 <Betty> .
21:00:11 <Betty> .
21:00:11 <Betty> .
21:01:19 <Betty> LC
21:01:45 <captbunzo> Another reboot coming.
21:04:36 <captbunzo> Rebooting.
12:08:13 <captbunzo> test
12:08:17 <captbunzo> did you guys get that?
12:10:36 <Betty> yes
12:17:41 <captbunzo> Cool
12:45:15 <ynpvisitor97> Castle could be due
12:46:06 <ynpvisitor20> The camera has only been pointed away from Castle for a few minutes. It is now time for Old Faithful.
12:47:13 <Betty> Lonesome George needs company
12:47:34 <Betty> when does the park open?
13:02:01 <Graham> i think George will be gone before the park opens,15 April i think
13:02:42 <Betty> with that temp, for sure
13:03:32 <Graham> he has been loving the night temps tho
13:03:43 <Betty> :-)
13:07:19 <ynpvisitor20> Sorry, Graham. I hit the button by mistake.
13:08:43 <Graham> Daisy
13:09:20 <Graham> which btton?
13:10:01 <kcmule> hope not the big red one
13:13:11 <Graham> Yellowstone erupts in 3, 2, 1, .....
13:48:50 <ynpvisitor30> checked the chat log and the time stamp starts at 0916? I saw Beehive erupted shortly after Kevin posted to expect it at 1330
13:49:58 <Betty> captbunzo made a reboot
13:50:13 <Betty> maybe that is the reason
13:52:41 <Betty> log from yesterday does not fit as well
13:54:11 <Betty> all logs are not correct anymore. They start at 0900
13:55:05 <Betty> LC
14:06:52 <ynpvisitor2> May be Austrailian time.
14:07:03 <ynpvisitor2> Fior the log
14:09:05 <Betty> he is in the US
14:11:20 <Betty> time to head out. Night all
14:18:03 <kcmule> OF
14:35:34 <Andrew> heello
14:46:57 <kcmule> hola
14:48:56 <kcmule> oblong i reckon
14:50:52 <ynpvisitor22> hoping short intervals continue with Grand
15:06:37 <kcmule> castle
15:08:07 <kcmule> bump on the seismo
15:18:49 <kcmule> 6.6 off kamchatka coast
15:31:29 <ynpvisitor22> grand
15:31:31 <ynpvisitor22> .
15:31:32 <ynpvisitor22> .
15:32:04 <kcmule> nice, just wish it was better timed w/OF
15:32:32 <ynpvisitor22> we should have time...
15:34:02 <ynpvisitor22> nice spikes
15:35:43 <ynpvisitor22> nice light too
15:40:28 <kcmule> good pause time, come on 2
15:41:32 <ynpvisitor22> nice BH close up, hope it erupts before dark
15:41:38 <ynpvisitor22> oops
15:41:42 <ynpvisitor22> JUST MEANT NICE
15:41:55 <ynpvisitor22> that was a nice 2nd
15:41:59 <kcmule> g
15:42:02 <ynpvisitor22> thought it might not happen for a minute
15:42:11 <ynpvisitor22> thanks so much, that was great
15:43:37 <ynpvisitor22> great timimg
15:46:03 <ynpvisitor22> 50 at 6 pm, pretty nice day there
15:51:04 <kcmule> OF
15:53:53 <ynpvisitor22> now if Lion shows up...
15:54:42 <Biddle> that would be nice
15:54:59 <ynpvisitor22> it's been awhile
16:02:05 <ynpvisitor22> Daisy ie
16:06:02 <ynpvisitor88> Wow. 50 degrees! Is the snowman still alive?
16:06:16 <Biddle> barely
16:26:50 <Biddle> time to leave. by all
16:26:54 <Biddle> *bye
17:13:53 <ynpvisitor87> snow is disappearing fast
17:24:34 <kcmule> aurum
17:25:26 <Graham> nice
17:30:36 <kcmule> OF
17:40:51 <kcmule> going for food, maybe that will get lion to go
17:53:15 <Michael> F&M?!
17:53:23 <Michael> .
17:53:24 <Michael> .
17:53:25 <Michael> .
17:53:25 <Michael> .
17:54:37 <Jake> huh, wow, looks like
17:54:49 <Jake> that's the "spot"
17:55:41 <Jake> timing's not right for Riverside either
17:56:22 <ynpvisitor20> yep -- it is F&M
17:56:52 <Jake> Depression might be ie
17:57:08 <ynpvisitor20> yes it is
18:55:54 <Michael> Daisy
19:08:11 <Michael> OF. Missed the start
20:02:19 <Michael> Oblong ie
20:37:12 <kcmule> OF
20:37:13 <Michael> Old Faithful
21:10:02 <Michael> And finally, Lion.
21:23:25 <Michael> Riverside ie
21:46:52 <Michael> Daisy