Showing logs for date: 2016-05-14
03:47:00 <Graham> looks like steam pushing up at Grand?
03:47:14 <Graham> yep, 0744
03:49:44 <Graham> OF
04:43:34 <Graham> Dep?
04:52:14 <Betty> morning Graham
04:52:49 <Graham> morning
04:53:34 <Graham> must mean its time for BH :)
04:54:22 <Betty> haha, no, I think I will miss it today. I´m only lurking
04:54:40 <Betty> need to leave soon
04:55:10 <Graham> k...may be a while too recent intervals have been 16h +
05:33:50 <Betty> OF ie
05:37:00 <Betty> morning Kevin L
05:38:04 <Kevin L> Morning
05:44:37 <Betty> maybe time for Daisy
05:50:48 <Kevin L> BH will be 0900 to 1030
05:51:42 <Kevin L> Looks like there are still some semaphores in use in Germany Betty
05:52:32 <Betty> yes, seems so. I need to look better
05:53:18 <Betty> maybe they are on my track as well. Need to spend some attention to it :-)
05:53:46 <Kevin L> I suspect they are not the manual type though.
05:54:02 <Betty> no, surely not
05:54:55 <Betty> everything runs with electricity these days. Too many sources of mistakes the other way
05:55:15 <Kevin L> I like them better than the light kind. It is fun to watch them move.
05:55:46 <Betty> and the sound is fun when they move
05:58:57 <Betty> did you hit 3 digits yesterday?
06:01:51 <Kevin L> Yes we did. Supposedd to even be hotter today.
06:02:11 <Betty> :-)
06:02:25 <Betty> hope the cooler works
06:02:26 <Kevin L> I just have to assemble the cooler for the depot and it should work.
06:03:05 <Betty> we have still no blossom on our lemon trees :-(
06:03:29 <Betty> I think it is too cold here
06:06:26 <Kevin L> It may be. I got lots of blooms but almost no fruit set.
06:08:04 <Betty> they sell trees that have fruits and blooms already, but we raised from seed. I fear they need mediterranian climate
06:13:00 <Betty> what is left of Daisy? Go Splendid!
06:13:34 <Betty> gone now
06:14:04 <Betty> anyway, I´m out for today, see ya. enjoy your day
06:17:06 <David A pdx> Good Morning!
06:31:32 <Kent> I really like having the weather at the top of the image.
06:32:13 <David A pdx> that's pretty good!
06:32:24 <Kent> Lion
06:32:49 <David A pdx> was looking at Sprinkler and nearly missed it.
06:33:02 <David A pdx> lot's of steam at Sprinkler.
06:37:42 <Kevin L> Lion ie
06:38:17 <David A pdx> Lion nearly over
07:06:03 <ynpvisitor52> OF 0902 long
07:45:59 <DGInc> I'm curious what's actually going on in Groblong area. A lot of steam is visible.
07:46:58 <DGInc> promising steam from Daisy
07:48:11 <DGInc> Lion
07:48:12 <Graham> Lion
07:48:25 <Graham> turn around and look
07:48:32 <Graham> lots of peeps there today
07:48:53 <DGInc> they are looking
07:51:07 <DGInc> can't tell if it's emitting water or steam or both...
07:51:16 <DGInc> LC
07:51:27 <DGInc> I think so
07:51:38 <DGInc> yes
07:51:46 <DGInc> Lion is gone
07:53:16 <DGInc> I think Rocket had a major, but it's just some guess-work
07:54:30 <DGInc> Daisy
08:00:22 <DGInc> that's not allowed I think...
08:00:28 <ynpvisitor38> Grrrrrr
08:00:51 <DGInc> OI, don't do that
08:19:36 <DGInc> anyone ever heard about Occasional?
08:20:27 <Graham> yes, at West Thumb by the road near Lone Pine
08:20:46 <DGInc> k
08:20:49 <Graham> Ben is a ranger at Grant, so wil likely see him post Occasionally
08:21:19 <ynpvisitor38> :D
08:21:19 <DGInc> yep, true
08:23:38 <DGInc> Anemone-Big in the background
08:23:44 <DGInc> well, it's gone now
08:24:43 <DGInc> oh no... not this wind direction
08:26:56 <ynpvisitor38> .
08:26:57 <ynpvisitor38> .
08:26:58 <ynpvisitor38> .
08:27:14 <ynpvisitor66> BHI?
08:27:15 <ynpvisitor38> Bhi 1026
08:27:36 <DGInc> very steamy there, I think so, ns?
08:27:56 <ynpvisitor38> Actual time. Its on gt.
08:28:11 <DGInc> in-basin report, 1026
08:28:57 <ynpvisitor66> wow, back to a sub 16 hr interval
08:29:26 <DGInc> long pre-eruptive spouting
08:29:32 <Graham> noce
08:29:36 <Graham> or nice
08:29:51 <DGInc> noice is also valid in my opninion
08:30:04 <Graham> someone sending text?
08:30:13 <ynpvisitor66> Brooklyn speak?
08:30:23 <Graham> getting ready if nobody else is
08:30:57 <Graham> sent
08:31:22 <ynpvisitor66> cool. just heard the chimes
08:31:57 <ynpvisitor38> Bhi time updated to 1025.
08:33:08 <ynpvisitor38> Seems Mike can't make up his mind.
08:34:10 <Graham> I would think Jim put in the right time, but who knows
08:34:24 <DGInc> probably a Solitary in the background
08:34:43 <DGInc> well, it's gone now
08:34:45 <ynpvisitor38> Both times bases on Mikes observation. Funny.
08:35:38 <ynpvisitor66> spouting at BH?
08:35:51 <DGInc> OF
08:35:51 <ynpvisitor38> OF
08:36:04 <ynpvisitor66> poof!
08:36:10 <Graham> interesting stats on the text system: 97 signed up for test, 27 for email. 1121 messages sent
08:36:13 <ynpvisitor62> just in time, probably
08:36:16 <DGInc> and suddenly, it was there
08:36:31 <ynpvisitor62> for OF to finish
08:39:14 <ynpvisitor66> anyone eles getting the spinning circle?
08:39:28 <ynpvisitor62> nope, good feed so far
08:39:41 <ynpvisitor66> lucky you!
08:39:55 <DGInc> on the other side of the world it is also perfect, maybe it's on your end?
08:39:58 <ynpvisitor6> I had many spinning circles earlier. good now though
08:40:55 <Graham> where are you DGInc?
08:41:04 <DGInc> Netherlands
08:41:25 <Graham> nice
08:41:43 <ynpvisitor62> so many people walking away from BH
08:42:05 <DGInc> BH
08:42:12 <Graham> well OF finished, so why wait?
08:42:35 <DGInc> indeed
08:43:00 <DGInc> straight column of water =D
08:43:37 <DGInc> Beehive is also visible on the VEC, just to let you know
08:44:35 <ynpvisitor66> is there something just in front of BH cone?
08:44:51 <ynpvisitor66> looks like splashing - or is it just the light?
08:44:59 <DGInc> Indy's steam I think
08:45:13 <ynpvisitor66> indy is to the right. directly in front of BH cone.
08:45:21 <DGInc> or the drain canal of OF
08:45:22 <ynpvisitor62> i was thinking a reflection on runoff water
08:45:35 <DGInc> runoff channel*
08:45:46 <DGInc> not drain canal... haha
08:45:49 <ynpvisitor6> shadows from the BH steam
08:46:12 <ynpvisitor62> canals in Amsterdam, not YNP!
08:46:20 <ynpvisitor66> or on Mars
08:46:28 <DGInc> ikr!
08:46:41 <Kevin L> Well I got part of it anyway.
08:46:53 <Graham> wb Kevin, we called you
08:47:05 <ynpvisitor66> yeah, it is probably just light and shadow play on the cone.
08:47:16 <DGInc> good bye Beehive, it was nice to see you again
08:48:56 <Kevin L> I got the message. I was on the road coming back from helping a friend. He really owes me now!
08:49:32 <Kevin L> Now back to my chores!
08:51:22 <DGInc> Plate or passive steaming?
08:53:54 <Graham> plate and features in front of it steam a lot
08:54:04 <DGInc> Lone Pine had a major @1028
08:54:15 <Graham> yeah hope Ben was right by it
08:54:41 <DGInc> Anemone-Big. Oh, it's gone =(
08:54:41 <Graham> since he posted Occasional I am thinking he was right there
08:55:07 <DGInc> he posted two Occasionals an one Lone Pine so far
08:56:08 <Graham> yep, and Ben already posted a pic on FB and he is very happy, 30 min wait on his second day in the park
08:56:15 <DGInc> Dome is active again, on the VEC with a lot of steam
09:05:57 <Graham> nobody else reported it yet, probably the start?
09:06:48 <DGInc> think so, I didn't saw anything from Dome when I openend the VEC
09:07:27 <Graham> i think the BH watchers would have noted at least one today
09:07:39 <DGInc> and there is Dome again
09:07:41 <Graham> yep
09:08:58 <DGInc> Very likely 1056 ie was the start, short interval
09:09:06 <ynpvisitor6> Aurum
09:09:13 <DGInc> yes!
09:10:44 <Graham> shows up on static too
09:11:17 <DGInc> yep, took a screenshot of it, so I can use it to create a static cam map
09:13:07 <DGInc> I now only need a screenshot of an active Giantess...
09:13:24 <DGInc> seen from the VEC perspective of course
09:14:26 <DGInc> I think Lion is done with it's serie
09:14:47 <DGInc> Dome is also done with this eruption
09:14:59 <Graham> and you need Vault
09:15:19 <Graham> although it might be right behind the tree
09:15:26 <DGInc> oh... two geysers left
09:15:53 <DGInc> I know Giantess is not very active anymore, and Vault?
09:17:25 <DGInc> oh... only when Giantess is active...
09:18:13 <Graham> yeah that is when Vault is likely to erupt next. it has had some periods of independent series but theyare even more rare than Giantess
09:19:30 <DGInc> hmm... how bug is the chance that they erupt? very small I think
09:19:35 <DGInc> big*
09:20:18 <Graham> well Giantess is well overdue
09:21:07 <DGInc> but when is a geyser considered dormant?
09:21:07 <Graham> almost at its longest interval of the last 33 years
09:22:26 <DGInc> we need something similar like the Borah Peak earthquake to wake Giantess up
09:22:29 <DGInc> Dome
09:23:21 <Kevin L> :p Missed Aurum too. But the cooler in the depot works!
09:23:38 <Graham> nice
09:23:42 <Graham> Dome is erupting for you
09:28:01 <Kevin L> About time to go watch grown men stand in the rain looking at wet race cars.
09:29:09 <DGInc> having soon dinner (1929 here)
09:29:23 <Graham> nice, thats better than working
09:29:40 <DGInc> indeed
09:29:50 <Graham> that means Grand will go Kevin
09:30:07 <DGInc> brb
09:38:34 <Graham> DOme
09:38:54 <Graham> maybe Turban too
09:44:07 <DGInc> back
09:47:05 <DGInc> hi spider
09:49:45 <DGInc> restarting my PC because USB-issues
09:53:41 <Graham> DOme
09:55:24 <ynpvisitor98> looks like it's fixed
10:09:41 <DGInc> OF
10:09:45 <Graham> OF
10:09:47 <Graham> and Dome
10:10:25 <DGInc> took a screenshot of this eruption, it's absolutley beautiful
10:11:55 <DGInc> hi Michael
10:12:42 <Graham> DOme is beautiful, you are right
10:13:26 <Michael> Hi DGInc. Seen anything good today?
10:13:28 <DGInc> I had it about OF, but Dome is also beatiful, actually, each geyser on it's own is something beautifu;
10:13:34 <DGInc> beautiful*
10:14:23 <ynpvisitor6> there's a reason it's not called Dome Village
10:14:23 <Graham> Dep
10:15:18 <DGInc> Grand
10:16:28 <Graham> or Oblong?
10:17:11 <Michael> Turban major? I'm really confused.
10:17:17 <Graham> yep Oblong
10:17:27 <Graham> Jim posted Obnlong and Turban
10:17:42 <Graham> and Oblong
10:18:08 <Michael> Good to know. Somehow it looked "closer" than usual.
10:18:35 <DGInc> wind drift probably
10:19:18 <Graham> DGInc - Jim will post Grand when it happens
10:19:40 <DGInc> yeah, acted too fast, deleted it asap
10:25:41 <DGInc> Dome
10:28:15 <DGInc> Daisy
10:43:27 <Graham> Dome
10:43:43 <DGInc> yep
10:46:26 <Michael> Not so easy to get a walk-up Grand this week. Intervals are showing some creativity again.
10:47:09 <DGInc> but hey, we still have a quite visible Dome
10:47:46 <DGInc> which is quite predictable just after it's initial
10:48:05 <Michael> Doesn't help those poor folks out at the Grand benches, though.
10:48:11 <DGInc> true
10:48:25 <Graham> i like creative geysers
10:49:06 <DGInc> but I don't like geysers who are a little too creative, like Giantess
10:49:44 <DGInc> or Steamboat
10:50:21 <Graham> funny how we dont like long intervals except when we do ... like Fountain
10:51:29 <Graham> just think how excited we would be with a 3h OF interval
10:52:29 <ynpvisitor89> we'd be talking like it was going in to dormancy...
10:52:45 <DGInc> I think it depends on the regularity of the geyser - Old Faithful, as example, erupts almost every 90 to 100 minutes and Fountain has a quite predicatable 6 hour interval. When they don't erupt in the set prediction frames, we don't like it.
10:53:20 <Graham> well we like Ftn to go long so Morning has a chance too
10:53:21 <Michael> Speaking of creative geysers, we're at 4.5 days on F&M.
10:54:07 <DGInc> I don't expect an F&M for the next 1 or 2 days, based on the past intervals
10:54:45 <Graham> its almost at its shortest interval of the year,so its in a window
10:55:58 <Graham> there have been a couple recently only about 12 from now
10:56:36 <Graham> 5d2h and 3h
10:57:19 <Graham> but it could throw in a 30d interval just to be nasty or even longer
10:58:27 <DGInc> Dome
11:01:21 <Michael> A few 4-5 day intervals now would set it up nicely for an 8-day interval over the Memorial Day weekend.
11:02:19 <Graham> you should go for it
11:02:26 <DGInc> imagine on memorial day Giantess, Giant and Steamboat erupt (pretty sure it won't happen, but still)
11:03:24 <Michael> I've been told Giant and Giantess on the same day is pretty nice.
11:04:20 <Graham> especially if Giant is first ... and then people dont scatter
11:05:11 <Graham> can you imagine everyone at Giantess and then "whats that steam cloud down basin?"
11:06:17 <DGInc> although, Giantess emits 10 to 15 minutes water, then stops and 30 to 60 minutes later, it does that again
11:06:18 <Michael> That would be a long sprint on a crowded boardwalk.
11:06:53 <Graham> yeah, mad dash down the boardwalk
11:07:56 <Graham> at least Giantess and F&M were seperated by 8h when I sw them the same day
11:14:00 <DGInc> Dome
11:14:42 <DGInc> is it me or are we reporting always at the same time Graham?
11:14:58 <DGInc> poor English sentence...
11:15:23 <Graham> Dome is going now
11:15:37 <Graham> hard to tell earlier
11:16:10 <DGInc> I saw a smaller steam cloud late 1413's
11:16:15 <Graham> sometimes i record them ie or ns
11:16:23 <DGInc> 1313's*
11:16:34 <Graham> not always easy to tell when Dome starts from the cam
11:17:16 <DGInc> I know, but a steam cloud from Dome which is getting bigger often indicates the start of the eruption
11:17:31 <Graham> yeah but 1313 it stopped
11:31:09 <DGInc> Dome
11:34:09 <DGInc> OF
11:44:37 <DGInc> hi Biddle
11:44:46 <Biddle> HI DGInc
11:46:14 <Graham> Grand over 8h now, they are getting a nice rest on the benches
11:46:30 <Michael> Hi Biddle.
11:46:37 <Biddle> Hi Graham
11:46:37 <Michael> and what Graham said.
11:47:50 <Biddle> ANd micheal. WRond person, woops
11:48:12 <Biddle> Fat fingers too. press multiple keys at once...
11:49:01 <DGInc> Dome ns
11:50:01 <DGInc> already ini?
11:50:08 <Biddle> Lion
11:50:11 <Graham> Lion ini
11:51:11 <DGInc> Lion really wants to erupt today - 4 hours interval since last eruption
11:52:28 <DGInc> btw, is the interval between last eruption of serie and the next initial shorter when there is a Geyser Hill wave?
11:53:08 <Michael> Lion can be awfully creative with its intervals. But this is an unusually short gap between series.
11:53:24 <Graham> dont know of any relationships but I have not seen analysis of it
11:54:01 <DGInc> oh, ok. Maybe something for researchers to invenstigate?
11:54:08 <DGInc> investigate?
11:54:25 <Graham> go ahead :)
11:54:42 <Michael> I once did some imprecise analysis and decided that interval from last eruption to the next initial looked random to me.
11:55:05 <Michael> I didn't consider the Geyser Hill Wave because I don't believe it exists...
11:57:07 <Michael> When Lion had much longer series in Fall 2009, the interval from last eruption to the next initial was much longer, but still looked random.
11:57:26 <Graham> another turban logged and still no Grand. last two Turbans were after Rift quit
11:58:36 <Michael> Chugging along at 20 minutes. No delays so far.
11:59:19 <Biddle> 0.o what were those people thinking? (when they walked up to OF)
12:01:06 <DGInc> I don't know Biddle
12:01:30 <Biddle> how close did they get?
12:02:27 <Graham> one was right by the cone
12:02:35 <DGInc> one came on the hill of OF
12:02:58 <Biddle> oooh, thats even more stupid than i thought...
12:03:32 <Graham> didnt see LE waiting for them when they got back to the benches
12:03:40 <DGInc> but luckily for that person not near it's vent
12:05:48 <Graham> Dome
12:06:38 <DGInc> no 20 minute interval Dome
12:06:49 <DGInc> no 20 minute interval for Dome yet
12:06:53 <DGInc> brb
12:12:54 <Graham> Turban?
12:13:00 <Graham> earlier
12:13:10 <Graham> come on Grand
12:13:35 <Graham> nope
12:25:29 <Andrew> hello
12:25:56 <Graham> hello
12:25:56 <Graham> Dome
12:26:32 <Andrew> 16 days
12:27:57 <Graham> nice. are you packed?
12:30:10 <Andrew> as of right now stuff is fetting coralled
12:31:07 <Graham> Turban
12:31:17 <Graham> 1429 ...... and nothing else
12:31:35 <Graham> grand going to be over 9h
12:31:39 <Michael> Nne hours, here we come.
12:31:47 <Graham> or atleast close
12:32:34 <Graham> doesnt usually happen within 14m of last Turban
12:36:50 <Andrew> my excitement of summer went up a notch because the pile are doing things
12:37:28 <Biddle> might not be able to attend yellowstone this year :( a lot of stuff going on
12:37:53 <Graham> hope theystay active Andrew although you will have a great summer regardless
12:37:59 <Graham> sorry to hear that Biddle
12:43:29 <Graham> Dome
12:44:22 <Graham> Grand at 9h
12:45:16 <Biddle> the last 2 intervals haven't been looking good...
12:50:21 <Graham> still no Grand
12:51:00 <Graham> at least its not raining .. or dark ... yet
12:59:09 <Michael> It's a tough day when you count the Grand wait by how many times you see Daisy.
12:59:46 <Graham> i liked it when they were all under 6h
13:02:08 <Graham> Dome
13:06:01 <Michael> Daisy #2
13:07:00 <Graham> hopefuly Grand wil go before the next Daisy
13:08:18 <Graham> May 11 had 10h18m D10 interval
13:08:39 <Graham> about time we had a delay dont you think?
13:09:13 <Michael> At this point it would seem like progress.
13:13:43 <Michael> Hi Betty.
13:13:45 <Betty> no Grand??
13:13:52 <Betty> hi Michael
13:14:22 <Michael> Still waiting.
13:15:06 <Betty> Kevin was right with his BH prediction :-)
13:18:16 <Graham> Lion
13:20:53 <Betty> LC ie
13:21:26 <Graham> Dome
13:21:36 <Betty> Dome
13:24:45 <Michael> Grand
13:24:49 <Graham> yeah
13:24:54 <Graham> during OF window, boo
13:25:30 <Graham> OF at 1h51 now
13:31:43 <Michael> Lost track of time, was OF a short?
13:32:01 <Graham> hehe you are clever
13:32:44 <Graham> want to get to 2h ... wasnt I talking about 3h this morning?
13:33:00 <Biddle> is that grand?
13:33:07 <Graham> yes
13:33:09 <Biddle> tis
13:33:31 <Biddle> almost 10 hrs...
13:33:46 <Graham> OF made it to 2h
13:34:08 <Graham> could have watched Grand
13:34:26 <Betty> maybe the conewalker broke it
13:34:42 <Graham> can you imagine the fine they would get
13:34:45 <Biddle> this ought to make all of the volcano conpiracy theorists happy
13:34:49 <Michael> I think I had a vivid daydream that the last big OF splash started the eruption. So I'm really losing track of reality, not just time.
13:35:33 <Betty> ups, what´s that??
13:35:47 <Graham> 2h2m, nice interval
13:36:15 <Biddle> United Postal Service?
13:36:35 <Betty> thanks, Biddle
13:36:45 <Michael> Parcel, I think.
13:36:55 <Betty> true
13:39:18 <Graham> wasn't a very long OF either
13:40:31 <Biddle> An unreliable (at least for my area) US delivery system
13:41:25 <Graham> Dome
13:41:46 <Biddle> long dome series
13:41:47 <Michael> It's been fun watching long intervals. I'll leave so that Castle can go an a normal time.
13:44:34 <Graham> Sawmill
13:46:06 <Graham> stepping away for a few minutes
13:46:45 <Biddle> I will go afk, just so that castle can erupt. be back in a few :P
14:00:50 <Graham> Biddle its not a lng series, DOme usually goes 2-3 days
14:01:04 <Graham> we have just been recording a lot of them
14:02:17 <Betty> Dome
14:14:00 <Graham> Castle
14:21:59 <Graham> oblong
14:22:26 <Biddle> I'm back, and i see castle erupted. :)
14:23:35 <Graham> Biddle its not a long Dome series yet, Dome usually goes 2-3 days
14:23:58 <Graham> intervals get longer as they have already today
14:24:17 <Biddle> :O ive only seen it go for 4-5 hours in my time on the cam
14:24:42 <Betty> Crested is boiling
14:25:46 <Graham> it is often not logged, but tomorrow intervals probably 40m or so, and if its still going Monday 1-2 hours
14:29:28 <Biddle> you guys have way more geyser experience than me
14:31:09 <Graham> :) Dome is one I enjoy cam watching. this is my 20th season as a gazer
14:31:17 <Graham> or 20th year
14:31:27 <Graham> 30th season
14:31:43 <Graham> Castle is a major
14:33:22 <Betty> Lion
14:33:27 <Betty> LC
15:02:14 <Graham> OF
15:11:48 <Graham> LC
15:25:17 <Graham> Dome
15:27:24 <Graham> aisy
15:28:12 <Graham> 2h21, shortest interval in last 100
15:31:35 <ynpvisitor27> Even the spelling is short
15:31:52 <Graham> yep
15:32:06 <Betty> hehe
15:39:37 <Graham> Lion again
15:48:09 <Graham> Dome
16:01:56 <Betty> Depression, yay
16:02:10 <Betty> good catch
16:08:57 <ynpvisitor27> Nice to have a closed interval
16:09:38 <Graham> lots of Dome closed intervals
16:26:09 <Betty> Aurum
16:26:35 <Betty> .
16:26:36 <Betty> .
16:32:55 <Betty> Dome ie
16:33:25 <ynpvisitor27> Missed two for tw
16:33:33 <ynpvisitor27> o today.
16:33:45 <Graham> sorry i was AFK for Aurum
16:34:00 <ynpvisitor27> Not my day for Aurum
16:34:06 <Graham> maybe we will get another Lion
16:34:32 <Betty> intervals on Aurum increase
16:44:34 <Graham> OF
16:57:57 <Graham> Dome
17:06:58 <Graham> LC
17:13:24 <Graham> i have run out of energy here and not much is left now except for dome dome dome dome
17:13:45 <Graham> so goodnight from me
17:14:10 <Betty> bye, Graham, thanks
17:15:02 <Graham> you have the Dome watch now :)
17:15:50 <Betty> it is 3.15 am, think I won´t make it much longer :-p
17:16:26 <Graham> so we will see which number can keep it going ... goodnight
17:16:41 <Betty> night
19:03:36 <ynpvisitor77> hi