Showing logs for date: 2016-05-29
02:42:21 <ynpvisitor32> Grand?
02:42:45 <ynpvisitor32> yes
03:49:48 <ynpvisitor43> OF ie
04:33:53 <Kevin iPad> Morning Betty
04:34:18 <Betty> morning Kevin
04:55:51 <Betty> Oblong ie
05:01:22 <Betty> Daisy
05:04:40 <Betty> this view is really beautiful this morning
05:05:52 <Betty> wish I was there insted of doing my annual tax declaration :-(
05:06:10 <Betty> *instead
05:07:45 <Kevin iPad> I can relate
05:09:59 <Graham> but you are almost there Kevin
05:10:23 <Betty> Morning Graham
05:12:36 <Kevin iPad> Wish it was Sep not Jun
05:13:10 <Betty> me too :-)
05:13:46 <Betty> then I would be on the other side of the cam
05:17:05 <Kevin iPad> Weather is too fickle in june
05:24:08 <Kevin iPad> I was hoping for a better Aurum but it isn't looking good.
05:27:43 <Betty> OF ie and Dome ie
05:43:46 <ynpvisitor23>
05:44:20 <ynpvisitor23> visitation already up 60% for this time of year - ack
05:44:46 <Graham> glad to see people are enjoying the parks
05:45:12 <ynpvisitor23> :)
05:53:51 <ynpvisitor23> 52,036 resource warnings- if those were tickets think how much $ that would bring in
06:19:19 <ynpvisitor23> .
06:24:34 <Betty> Castle ie
06:40:47 <Betty> Riverside ie
06:42:10 <ynpvisitor34> wonder it that is the start, there was light steam in that area for at least 7 min before.
06:43:11 <ynpvisitor34> the light steam is still there, just to the left, so I think 0840 was the start.
06:43:16 <Betty> could surely have started before. I just saw it ie now
06:43:35 <Betty> was afk for a while
06:45:01 <ynpvisitor34> hi Betty, lc here. I came in at 0833 and there was just the very light steam to the left then.
06:45:39 <ynpvisitor34> pretty sure the big steam at 0840 was the start.
06:45:54 <Betty> hi lc 8
06:46:24 <Betty> delete the 8. lol
06:46:55 <ynpvisitor34> g
06:47:34 <Betty> would be nice to have an indicator next
06:47:36 <ynpvisitor34> should be a "D" anyway. g
06:47:46 <Betty> hahaha
06:49:05 <ynpvisitor34> going to miss you in September, we will be leaving the park Sept 11.
06:56:45 <Betty> OF
06:57:31 <ynpvisitor34> Dome, maybe.
06:57:39 <Betty> oh, bummer. Would have loved to meet you :-(
06:58:13 <ynpvisitor34> maybe next year.
07:01:05 <ynpvisitor34> bbl
07:03:40 <Betty> yes, hopefully
07:51:10 <Betty> LC ie
08:22:36 <Kevin iPad> Well one Indy is starting but there is no water in it. :)
08:23:14 <Betty> the Temple of doom?
08:23:49 <Betty> or Raiders of the lost Arc?
08:23:55 <Kevin iPad> There is a pagoda there.
08:24:57 <Kevin iPad> Race 2 of 3 today.
08:25:26 <Kevin iPad> 100th running of the Indy 500.
08:25:29 <Betty> ah, Indycar
08:25:42 <Betty> not Indiana Jones
08:26:11 <Kevin iPad> :)
08:26:46 <Betty> I should have known...^^
08:27:41 <Kevin iPad> We may get Indy during Indy.
08:29:29 <Betty> nice OF start
08:46:16 <ynpvisitor14> No Bee yet?
08:46:29 <DGInc> hello everyone
08:47:17 <Betty> hi DGInc
08:47:30 <DGInc> hello Betty
09:01:06 <DGInc> LC ie
09:03:22 <ynpvisitor97> bhi
09:03:22 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:23 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:23 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:23 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:23 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:24 <DGInc> .
09:03:25 <ynpvisitor97> .
09:03:26 <DGInc> .
09:03:49 <Betty> yay, with indy today. Sweet
09:04:29 <ynpvisitor97> can someone send text?
09:04:59 <Betty> I do
09:05:08 <ynpvisitor97> ty
09:05:23 <Betty> text sent
09:05:57 <Kevin iPad> Gazers, start your geysers!
09:08:10 <DGInc> hi Brian
09:08:23 <Brian> hi, thanks for text!
09:08:54 <Betty> hi Brian
09:09:45 <Brian> Hi Betty - happy to see Indy!
09:11:56 <DGInc> BH
09:12:46 <DGInc> A few people are having a Beehive shower
09:12:56 <Betty> BH shower
09:14:20 <DGInc> Run for Beehive! (in the background)
09:14:49 <Betty> I can relate :-p
09:17:13 <DGInc> Goodbye Beehive, see you next time!
09:20:04 <DGInc> currently Grand and Great Fountain are predicted
09:20:16 <DGInc> and Sawmill ie
09:30:40 <DGInc> hi Michael
09:31:05 <Betty> helloMichael
09:31:21 <Michael> Hello. I see I missed some of the fun already.
09:31:40 <Betty> yes, bummer
09:33:33 <DGInc> looks like Lion is waking up
09:56:05 <DGInc> Daisy
09:57:16 <Michael> Looks nice in the sunshine.
09:57:31 <DGInc> indeed
09:58:32 <Michael> On a day like this, even Sawmill has some charm.
10:01:16 <DGInc> Grand
10:03:27 <Michael> One request for OF to hurry up, and for Grand to have a 2nd burst.
10:04:07 <DGInc> although, 3 or 4 bursts might be nice too
10:05:41 <Michael> Yes. I'm starting to forget that it can (could?) do that.
10:06:09 <DGInc> a few 3 bursts have happend in the last 1 or 2 weeks, so why not now?
10:08:25 <Michael> I didn't know that. That's really good news!
10:10:01 <DGInc> oh, and with a few I mean a few
10:11:39 <DGInc> looks like a second from Grand
10:12:41 <Betty> oh, I missed it :-(
10:13:28 <DGInc> OF
10:17:38 <Brian> OK, got 2B Grand and BH and OF and people running for BH...not bad for a short window :) ...gotta go now...bye all!
10:17:51 <DGInc> bye Brian
10:18:02 <Michael> Bye.
10:22:24 <DGInc> going to do some other stuff, bye!
10:22:50 <Michael> Have a good rest of the day!
10:23:16 <Betty> bye
10:51:14 <Betty> Lion
11:06:58 <Michael> Missed it. Was out talking with the neighbors.
11:08:10 <ynpvisitor97> It was probably the most spectacular Lion ever seen
11:09:10 <Michael> Figures.
11:12:04 <Michael> Let's see what else I can miss by doing yard work..
11:12:23 <ynpvisitor97> :)
11:14:19 <Betty> Aurum
11:14:36 <Betty> thanks, Michael :-p
11:37:33 <Betty> OF
12:12:53 <Betty> Lion
13:05:12 <Betty> free places on the benches seem to be rare
13:18:39 <Betty> Daisy
13:23:06 <Betty> OF
13:27:44 <Betty> Lion
13:34:35 <Betty> headed out. Enjoy your sunday evening all
15:22:45 <ynpvisitor79> anybody running the cam today?
15:43:03 <ynpvisitor35> Castle
15:43:07 <ynpvisitor35> .
15:43:19 <ynpvisitor35> .
15:46:58 <ynpvisitor86> I think cam drivers will be scarce this weekend.
16:10:59 <ynpvisitor35> Daisy
16:12:21 <ynpvisitor35> Nice Daisy-Castle dual
16:35:43 <ynpvisitor35> OF
16:48:54 <ynpvisitor86> Grand
16:57:15 <ynpvisitor86> 2nd
18:38:59 <ynpvisitor86> looks like Oblong
20:49:01 <ynpvisitor4> why is there no live web stream?
20:55:09 <ynpvisitor4> oh probably because nps live stream is down.....oh i meant "your" cam. psssssh. whatever. ummmm why is your camera down?
21:13:00 <ynpvisitor29> Probably because it is dark #4.