Showing logs for date: 2016-06-04
02:47:16 <ynpvisitor41> Riverside ie
03:05:06 <Betty> definitely riverside now
03:12:23 <Betty> OF
03:16:34 <Betty> Lion
03:36:14 <Betty> Daisy
03:36:17 <Betty> ie
04:20:35 <Betty> hi Kevin
04:25:33 <Betty> Aurum
04:31:57 <Kevin iPad> Morning. Missed it as usual.
04:32:29 <Betty> where are you?
04:39:20 <Kevin iPad> Rexburg. Just getting ready to head out.
04:40:09 <Betty> great. You will make it to the next Aurum
04:40:35 <Betty> have lots of fun, and wave to me :-)
04:40:55 <Betty> I will spot you next to indy
04:43:28 <Kevin iPad> I will let Dave know.
04:43:51 <Betty> ok
04:44:16 <Kevin iPad> Should be There right after BH today.
04:44:25 <Betty> :-p
04:46:20 <Betty> great light
04:54:52 <Betty> Giantess seems to have some nice boils
04:55:26 <DGInc> maybe today is the day?
04:55:53 <Betty> would be wonderful for Kevin!
04:55:54 <Kevin iPad> No I will be there.
04:56:23 <Betty> morning DGInc
04:56:38 <DGInc> morning Betty & Kevin
04:56:50 <DGInc> and others
04:58:39 <Betty> OF
04:58:49 <DGInc> yep
04:59:10 <Betty> wow, beautiful
04:59:57 <Betty> though I love to see it from behind. I´m really envious, Kevin
05:01:42 <Kevin iPad> Heading out. Talk to you tue
05:01:56 <DGInc> bye
05:02:06 <Betty> have fun!
05:02:14 <Betty> drive safe
05:04:32 <Betty> time to run some errands. bbl
05:04:38 <DGInc> bye
05:05:30 <DGInc> LC?
05:05:47 <DGInc> don't think so
05:08:22 <Graham> morning
05:08:30 <DGInc> morning Graham
05:11:40 <Graham> had a good trip tothe Blackhills
05:12:07 <Graham> Rushmore, Custer State Park, Wind Cave, Mamoth Site, Badlands, Devils Tower
05:12:31 <DGInc> nice
05:12:41 <DGInc> Grand?
05:12:47 <DGInc> no
05:12:55 <DGInc> Oblong maybe
05:13:01 <Graham> did I miss aything?
05:13:14 <Graham> looks like Oblong
05:15:55 <DGInc> Lion had a few pretty long series past days and, as far as I can remember, a 3-burst Grand. For the rest, no so very much
05:17:07 <DGInc> oh, wait, Three Sisters North and SE vent, a few Mugwumps and Three Craters
05:17:14 <DGInc> hi Andrew
05:17:31 <Graham> that was nice of Grand
05:17:33 <Andrew> Hi
05:18:05 <Andrew> so nice that bee and grand probably won't go on top of each other today
05:18:06 <Graham> what are you doing on the cam Andrew?
05:18:28 <Andrew> Blue man at bug
05:18:30 <Graham> dont tempt them
05:20:02 <Andrew> its rumbly but I have to hold it for jim to go get breakfast
05:22:48 <Graham> thats ok, its waiting for 1100
05:22:52 <Graham> with Grand
05:23:33 <Andrew> As long as it doesn't do an interval that shall not be named it will be fine
05:23:57 <Graham> how is your summer so far?
05:24:17 <Andrew> Good haven't started work yet that's monday
05:24:54 <Graham> ah, long slow start, thats nice where are you working?
05:24:59 <Andrew> the pile went overnight, highlights this far include a walk up artemisia and a summer mode aurum
05:25:20 <DGInc> hi David
05:25:37 <Andrew> i am now done with aurum
05:25:40 <David A pdx> Good Morning all!!
05:25:51 <David A pdx> Hey DGI!
05:26:09 <David A pdx> nice steam plumes this morning.
05:26:18 <DGInc> indeed
05:26:50 <David A pdx> 99F today; 98F tomorrow in Portland, OR... ugh. only 65-70F for low Sunday a.m.
05:27:48 <David A pdx> i'm amazed at the energy output (steam column) from Spasmodic.
05:28:06 <DGInc> 99F?!
05:28:13 <David A pdx> uh huh!
05:28:33 <David A pdx> about 35c?
05:28:41 <DGInc> 37C
05:28:50 <David A pdx> yep.
05:29:05 <DGInc> I'm fine with 80F/26C
05:29:34 <David A pdx> 80F/26C is civilized temp!
05:30:08 <David A pdx> Some friends in Sweden were complaining it was about that in Sweden this week.
05:30:40 <DGInc> that it was too hot in Sweden?
05:30:50 <David A pdx> we are currently about 17c/67f for low temp this a.m.
05:31:19 <David A pdx> oops, 64 right now.
05:31:26 <DGInc> it's not great, but it could be worse
05:32:16 <David A pdx> yeah, it could last a week, but by thursday or so we'll be nice and cool with high 60's/low 70's for highs.
05:32:41 <David A pdx> Giantess is steaming a lot.
05:33:05 <DGInc> maybe today, maybe today...
05:34:38 <DGInc> the NPS was busy with predicting geysers - from OF a few minutes ago to alsmost all the predictable geysers right now
05:37:16 <Andrew> Kevin is coming in?
05:37:37 <DGInc> no, he just left
05:37:57 <ynpvisitor31> yes, in IDAho now
05:38:13 <Andrew> ah so he'll be here monday?
05:38:53 <ynpvisitor31> later today i think
05:40:39 <DGInc> Sawmill?
05:41:30 <Graham> new entrance webcams
05:44:30 <DGInc> Castle
05:44:31 <ynpvisitor23> Castle
05:45:28 <DGInc> that's one huge steam column
05:48:14 <DGInc> Tilt's Baby?
05:48:51 <DGInc> or am I confusing it with the Terra Cotta's?
05:50:00 <David A pdx> seems like there is a column just a little to the left of T.C.s.
05:50:11 <David A pdx> Sprinkler was quiet, but now has steam
05:50:21 <DGInc> that's the column I mean
05:50:26 <ynpvisitor25> Tilt's Baby is at corner of Castle bw. Pretty much impossible to see for sure from cam.
05:50:41 <DGInc> behind the tree tops is the column I mean
05:51:18 <David A pdx> Sprinkler seems ie
05:51:21 <ynpvisitor25> That is most likely from Terra Cotta group.
05:52:21 <DGInc> alhough, I'm pretty sure the Terra Cotta's are a little to the right
05:53:24 <ynpvisitor25> Column of steam is likely TC group.
05:53:46 <David A pdx> cool.
05:54:01 <DGInc> hopefully someone is around
05:54:24 <ynpvisitor25> Over the hill and far away are hard to read from cam.
05:55:10 <ynpvisitor25> Probably lots of people/gazers there but seldom note those eruptions.
05:55:40 <DGInc> is Castle done?
05:56:55 <DGInc> looks like it
05:57:21 <David A pdx> that was short
05:59:05 <DGInc> there have been shorter ones though - I once reported one of only 5 minutes if my memory tells the truth
06:04:20 <ynpvisitor31> those entrance cams are neat, too bad we don't have another ugb cam tho
06:04:42 <DGInc> for behind the trees?
06:15:25 <Graham> we would like the static cam back near the streaming cam wide angle so we can see everyting and while the streaming cam is zoomed in we can avoid missing stuff
06:15:37 <Graham> like BH erupting when the cam is zomed in on Penta
06:17:04 <DGInc> basically a wide-area semi-live webcam that takes every minute a picture
06:17:32 <DGInc> every 5 seconds a picture wouldn't be bad though
06:22:02 <Graham> Jim reported Daisy a few mins ago, static cam back in place would have shown it
06:22:27 <DGInc> indeed
06:23:50 <DGInc> what also would be interesting is that the streaming camera and the (future) static cam moved opposite of each other - if the streaming camera moves to the left, the (future) static cam moves to the right
06:24:52 <DGInc> OF
06:27:44 <DGInc> still erupting
06:29:11 <DGInc> looks like it's done
06:34:41 <DGInc> tourist bus?
06:47:00 <DGInc> can we zoom to Indy?
06:47:22 <DGInc> .
06:47:24 <DGInc> .
06:47:25 <DGInc> .
06:47:26 <DGInc> .
06:47:28 <DGInc> .
06:49:01 <DGInc> anyone awake?
06:49:53 <ynpvisitor55> yes thanks
06:52:58 <ynpvisitor28> No text yet
06:53:22 <DGInc> I can't send text
06:54:25 <DGInc> late reaction camop, but it's fine :)
06:54:26 <ynpvisitor42> Thanks cam op
06:54:26 <ynpvisitor28> Is there no cam op?
06:56:03 <David A pdx> txt rcvd! thanks!
06:59:10 <DGInc> hi Biddle
06:59:18 <Biddle> Hi DGInc
07:01:00 <David A pdx> 67 in Portland currently. my house is as cool as it will get today...
07:01:28 <Biddle> Lucky...
07:01:50 <Biddle> It's about 85 in Utah valley....
07:02:14 <David A pdx> yuck. temp is going to get to near 100 later.
07:02:29 <David A pdx> 98 tomorrow.
07:02:40 <DGInc> well... enjoy it for now I guess
07:02:49 <David A pdx> yep.
07:03:04 <David A pdx> i'll be making a lot of lemonade later.
07:03:25 <DGInc> BH
07:03:32 <David A pdx> sweet!
07:04:27 <DGInc> fluffy Beehive today :|
07:04:28 <Biddle> Fuzzy!
07:05:15 <DGInc> although, it's getting better
07:05:40 <Biddle> I have to run. Be back later
07:05:48 <DGInc> bye
07:08:40 <DGInc> goodbye Beehive, see you next time!
07:09:19 <Graham> cam back on default
08:08:38 <ynpvisitor25> OF 1008
08:49:59 <ynpvisitor25> Daisy 1048.
09:03:59 <ynpvisitor25> Grand 1103
09:51:30 <ynpvisitor9> OF
11:28:05 <ynpvisitor9> of
11:58:56 <ynpvisitor9> cam on preset if anyone wants it
11:59:26 <Biddle> Hi Betty
11:59:40 <Betty> hi Biddle
12:08:20 <Betty> Daisy
12:57:30 <Betty> OFF
12:57:38 <Betty> oops
12:58:09 <Betty> must be Old Fluffy Faithful
14:35:35 <ynpvisitor9> OF
14:35:47 <Betty> OF iee
14:39:53 <ynpvisitor9> Aurum
14:39:56 <Betty> Aurum!
14:40:06 <Betty> hope Kevin is there
14:47:04 <Michael> Daisy
14:47:27 <Betty> hi Michael
14:48:02 <Michael> Hi Betty.
14:48:23 <Biddle> Hi Michael
14:51:23 <Michael> Hi Biddle.
15:13:21 <ynpvisitor70> Kevin? Have not seen and old guy with a cain and chicken hat?
15:13:55 <ynpvisitor70> Or was he taking his engineers hat?
15:14:00 <Betty> :-)
15:14:26 <ynpvisitor70> THer eis the old guy with the cain!
15:15:22 <Brian> i was wondering "where?" then I remembered...lag
15:29:24 <Michael> Splash from Lion, to remind us that it plans to erupt sometime in the next 5 hours.
15:35:20 <ynpvisitor70> Looks like someone left sprinkler on.
15:36:56 <Michael> It think it is set on a timer to turn on and off.
15:38:51 <ynpvisitor70> I think this is what Kevin looks like.
15:39:30 <Betty> his twinbrother
15:43:24 <Michael> Sawmill
15:43:47 <ynpvisitor70> Good puff out of Castle
15:44:51 <Betty> Riverside
15:45:00 <Michael> Castle seems to be avoiding me these days. We'll see what happens this time.
15:45:08 <ynpvisitor70> F&M or Riverside?
15:45:30 <Betty> time fits for Riverside
15:46:15 <ynpvisitor70> Any reports from Kevin?
15:46:24 <Betty> nope
15:46:42 <ynpvisitor70> Maybe he left his phone at home.
15:47:18 <Betty> I don´t think he has a smartphone
15:48:12 <ynpvisitor70> I know a person that went to a trade show. Last year he brought catalogs and left his business cards at home. This year he remembered the cards, and forgot the catalogs.
15:49:20 <ynpvisitor70> I guess that dog does not know what the sign with the dog picture with the circle means.
15:49:29 <Betty> whoo, Castle
15:49:41 <ynpvisitor70> Nice tall one
15:49:45 <Michael> *applause*
15:50:20 <ynpvisitor70> All those people at OF are saying, "we can go see that one later".
15:55:40 <Michael> Lion starting
15:56:00 <ynpvisitor70> Must be ini
15:56:04 <Betty> nice
16:04:21 <Michael> Castle made it to a major eruption. Even though I was watching!
16:06:23 <Michael> Nice eruption of Old Faithful. Looks like a big version of Lion.
16:06:49 <Biddle> BH looked like that this morning, too
16:07:01 <Biddle> it must b lion day
16:07:12 <Biddle> *be
16:07:32 <Michael> "King of the geyser basin"
16:12:27 <Betty> I´m out. Night all
16:12:34 <Biddle> 'night
16:18:56 <ynpvisitor93> photos of Pohutu, NZ taken in 1991:
16:19:09 <ynpvisitor93> Sawmill too!
16:23:30 <David A pdx> vigorous fountain at Sprinkler
16:40:35 <Michael> Oblong ie
16:41:03 <Michael> So close to Grand (from this angle) and yet so far...
17:04:58 <ynpvisitor82> Turban
17:14:46 <Michael> Lion
17:16:38 <ynpvisitor92> nice light
17:17:25 <ynpvisitor92> would be perfect for BH right now
17:17:55 <Michael> Another two or three of those big splashes and we're in business.
17:25:09 <Michael> turban
17:25:23 <ynpvisitor82> Sawmill
17:28:28 <Biddle afk> Well, i just reminded myself of why i will never be a plumber...
17:29:22 <ynpvisitor29> Is that Plate?
17:29:40 <Biddle> plate is one GH
17:29:53 <Biddle> that small one is Sprinkler
17:30:06 <ynpvisitor82> there was heavy steam there for a few seconds
17:30:14 <ynpvisitor29> I was looking at Geyser Hill.
17:30:18 <Biddle> might be then
17:31:12 <Michael> Most of the steam back-left of Old Faithful is "Dragon Spring" but Plate is in the same vicinity.
17:31:36 <ynpvisitor29> Okay, thanks.
17:32:22 <Biddle> pump and sponge also make quite a bit of steam
17:32:58 <ynpvisitor23> Another long Grand interval
17:33:45 <Michael> yup. Remind me not to start looking for it at 6 hours.
17:33:56 <Biddle> I have never actually seen a multiple burst grand on the cam :(
17:34:29 <Michael> That's too bad. I hope your luck turns soon.
17:39:46 <Michael> OF. Not a very tall eruption.
17:43:43 <ynpvisitor82> oh, there was a Penta today! didn't see that
17:44:24 <ynpvisitor82> good time for a short no indicator Beehive with Grand in delay *evil laugh*
17:44:37 <ynpvisitor86> Turban 1943 per GT
17:45:50 <Biddle> not a no indy, bad karma.
17:45:55 <ynpvisitor82> I was thinking 9 hours is about as long as it's gone this year, but GT says I'm wrong...some 9 hrs and one almost 10 hours
17:46:05 <Biddle> just a short one will suffice
17:46:42 <ynpvisitor82> Daisy
17:49:47 <Michael> Well, Grand's got half a chance left to go before 9 hours.
18:03:22 <ynpvisitor70> Turban 2002
18:04:13 <Biddle> GRAND!!!
18:04:17 <Michael> Grand!
18:04:34 <ynpvisitor82> nice
18:05:32 <Biddle> please be a two burst!!
18:05:41 <Biddle> or five burst!
18:06:10 <ynpvisitor70> Grand was just waiting for the perfect lighting :)
18:06:30 <Biddle> and an exactly 9hr int
18:08:09 <Michael> Folks on the boardwalk must be getting great rainbows.
18:08:35 <Biddle> really nice spikes
18:12:32 <Michael> drumroll...
18:13:28 <Michael> Forgot to crash the cymbals.
18:14:10 <Biddle> c'mon 2nd!
18:14:30 <Biddle> Please!!!
18:15:19 <Biddle> Noo
18:16:01 <Biddle> no 2nd... must have crashed the symbol too late.
18:16:43 <Michael> Well, let's see what Lion can do as an encore.
18:20:46 <Michael> Lion
18:25:17 <Michael> I'm heading out. Hope Beehive does something sensible tonight.
18:39:20 <ynpvisitor83> Grand had 2 bursts, you guys must have missed it
18:39:31 <Biddle> rats
18:39:44 <Biddle> clicked to a diifferent window :(
18:40:00 <ynpvisitor83> Wasn't watching so I don't know what it looked like
18:40:19 <ynpvisitor83> Some day you'll see it
18:40:25 <ynpvisitor47> it had a fairly long pause
18:45:20 <Biddle> bye