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02:54:58 <Betty> Oblong I think
02:58:03 <Betty> Depression ie
03:02:00 <Betty> OF
04:27:46 <Betty> Lion
04:30:18 <Betty> OF
05:00:13 <Betty> Daisy
05:04:46 <Betty> riverside?
05:05:01 <Betty> yep
05:29:58 <Betty> double cloud at Grotto
05:31:29 <ynpvisitor71> wonder if one on right is Artemesia.
05:32:08 <Betty> yeah, but no in basin report yet
05:33:56 <David A pdx> God Morgan Betty, and everyone!
05:35:14 <Betty> morning David A pdx
05:36:06 <David A pdx> Looks like a lovely morning in UGB!
05:36:35 <David A pdx> i'll be there sometime around the 23rd!
05:36:49 <Betty> great news!
05:37:27 <David A pdx> i'm excited! Some friends from Sweden are coming over.
05:38:09 <ynpvisitor60> Artemisia at 725
05:38:18 <ynpvisitor60> thats the other cloud
05:38:30 <Betty> thanks, 60
05:40:43 <David A pdx> i'll be back.
05:49:51 <Betty> Lion
05:54:37 <David A pdx> back again
06:12:25 <Betty> Castle
06:12:56 <Betty> OF
07:05:24 <ynpvisitor9> Lion, ie
07:05:29 <Betty> Lion
07:41:01 <Betty> Daisy ie
08:08:03 <Betty> hi kc
08:09:30 <kcmule> whats shakin Betty
08:10:39 <Betty> not the tree today :-)
08:14:44 <Betty> Grand
08:14:44 <kcmule> been away this week trying to catch up now
08:15:06 <kcmule> nice, should line up nicely for my shift later
08:19:19 <Betty> Lion
08:25:06 <Betty> whoo
08:25:14 <Betty> 2nd
08:36:31 <Betty> I see Kevin was at Grand
08:37:23 <Betty> Lion again
08:38:53 <ynpvisitor74> Little Cub
08:39:13 <Betty> yay
09:18:48 <Betty> OF
09:38:53 <ynpvisitor47> Betty, the 0627 Lion was the initial.
09:39:30 <Betty> ok, thanks
09:50:45 <ynpvisitor55> Lion minor
09:50:50 <Betty> Lion. Nice series today
10:13:51 <ynpvisitor47> daisy
10:23:31 <Betty> LC
11:00:19 <Betty> OF
11:19:27 <Betty> Kevin is in the park and Aurum is stuck :-p
11:26:46 <Brian> Aurum drives me a little crazy that way...sit there determined to wait it out, leave hours later in frustration, find out it erupted 15 minutes later
11:27:24 <Brian> just like all the other geysers i guess...
11:27:25 <Betty> true
11:27:57 <Brian> how long does Kevin have?
11:28:14 <Betty> he´s back on tuesday
11:28:28 <Michael> Aurum and Lion (initial) are two of the worst offenders, in my experience.
11:28:43 <Michael> Castle after a minor would be right up with them too.
11:31:15 <Brian> my "favorite" is when F&M decides to do a series of midnight eruptions
11:33:28 <Michael> Give me a minute: I want to dig around in GT for some old F&M times.
11:35:17 <Brian> hah...i should just send you my vacation calendar from the past yew years... ;)
11:35:26 <Brian> *few
11:36:26 <Michael> Dang. It's in the 1980s black hole.
11:37:13 <Michael> My understanding was that 1987 had very reliable 4-day intervals with overnight eruptions most of the summer.
11:37:27 <Brian> nice...
11:44:40 <Michael> Here was a good string I remember. Data courtesy of GOSA/Lynn Stevens' transcript of the 1992 logbook.
11:45:22 <Michael> July 11, 06:28 (light out, but early for me)
11:45:37 <Michael> July 14, 03:10
11:46:09 <Michael> July 16 (!), before 06:00
11:46:51 <Michael> July 18, 17:41. Then back to
11:47:12 <Michael> July 21, 04:34
11:47:37 <Michael> July 24, 00:26
11:48:06 <Michael> July 26, 11:27. Then back to
11:48:19 <Michael> July 29, 05:10
11:48:40 <Michael> August 1, 03:53
11:49:04 <Michael> and August 4, 03:17
11:49:49 <Michael> You would think F&M running 2-3 day intervals would be the most wonderful thing in the world.
11:51:17 <ynpvisitor75> yes but possibly a few more daylight eruptions might have been kinder
11:54:17 <Michael> Considering how few hours of darkness there are in July, F&M really beat the odds that summer.
11:57:53 <Michael> I just came across some 1994 logbook entries that will bring people to tears:
11:58:35 <Betty> indy
11:58:36 <Betty> .
11:58:36 <Betty> .
11:58:37 <Betty> .
11:58:37 <Betty> .
11:58:38 <Betty> .
11:58:39 <ynpvisitor47> bhi
11:58:50 <ynpvisitor47> text is sent
11:59:17 <Michael> Nice coincidence. The log entries were (August 17): Beehive's Indicator 07:42ie, 10:11, 12:27ie, 14:40ie, 16:41ie, 19:17ie, ...
11:59:17 <Betty> great
11:59:20 <Brian> don;t walk away people!
12:01:18 <Betty> BH
12:01:19 <Michael> Liftoff!
12:07:47 <Betty> that was fun
12:08:08 <Michael> Very nice. Didn't waste much time.
12:08:58 <Michael> And if the intervals stay consistent, it sets up well for daybreak tomorrow.
12:15:59 <Michael> Oblong cloud poking over the trees.
12:17:05 <ynpvisitor> I missed it!
12:19:16 <ynpvisitor> Vixen must not be spectacular. No times posted to GT.
12:21:05 <Michael> Internet reception is spotty up there. If someone is watching Vixen today, we'll probably get the times this evening.
12:21:58 <Michael> That said, "spectacular" isn't the first word that comes to mind.
12:23:20 <Brian> it's gotta be one of the most interesting geysers per foot of height though
12:26:59 <Michael> And these days it might be Norris's best show.
12:28:53 <Brian> I do love the feel of Norris though, especially when the crowds are thin
12:29:45 <Brian> stark landscape, and a bit ominous
12:31:09 <Michael> Can't really picture Bison grazing across the Procelain Basin, that's for sure.
12:32:35 <Brian> i have to go do some work for a while now...nice BH in hand...bye all!
12:33:04 <Michael> See you!
12:33:23 <Betty> bye
12:41:56 <Biddle> Thats a good sight to log on to!
12:45:30 <Michael> Hi Biddle.
12:45:46 <Biddle> OLf
12:45:53 <Biddle> Hi Michael
12:46:00 <Biddle> um... thats OF
12:49:22 <Michael> I'm going to take a break. Looks like a No-Doz hour or two coming up.
12:49:37 <Biddle> bye
13:08:41 <ynpvisitor100> I heard there was another goring, does anyone know when and where it was?
13:10:21 <ynpvisitor100> Having some connection issues
13:35:44 <ynpvisitor49> nabend
13:36:04 <Betty> hi Kevin
13:36:20 <ynpvisitor49> das ist ja winzig klein hier
13:36:36 <Betty> oh, think not Kevin
13:36:50 <ynpvisitor49> nein
13:36:58 <ynpvisitor49> anne
13:37:08 <Betty> hi anne
13:37:22 <ynpvisitor49> wo ist der chat
13:37:45 <ynpvisitor49> oder wo ist das auf dem bild
13:37:55 <Betty> this is the chat. What are you looking for?
13:38:10 <Biddle> Giantess in 12 days!!
13:38:22 <Betty> this is Yellowstone National Park
13:38:23 <ynpvisitor49> who is the video
13:38:44 <ynpvisitor49> land
13:38:51 <Betty> Layout change to marmot
13:38:55 <ynpvisitor49> village
13:39:08 <Betty> USA
13:39:16 <ynpvisitor49> ah ok
13:39:33 <ynpvisitor49> interresant
13:39:51 <ynpvisitor49> i can not english
13:39:57 <ynpvisitor49> im german
13:41:08 <Biddle> Dies ist der Old Faithful Geysir Bereich von Yellowstone in den USA
13:42:50 <Betty> hey Biddle. you speak german!
13:43:04 <Biddle> at least google translate does!
13:43:16 <Betty> haha, cool
13:44:21 <Biddle> If the interval on giantess is constant, it should erupt in about 12 days!
13:45:04 <ynpvisitor49> gute nacht
13:45:09 <ynpvisitor49> ihr 2
13:45:23 <Betty> bye
13:50:04 <Biddle> Apparently tilts Baby used to be called Bastille geyser'
13:50:20 <Biddle>
14:02:59 <Betty> time to head out. see ypu tomorrow. Night all
14:03:12 <Biddle> 'night
14:19:43 <kcmule> OF
14:34:18 <ynpvisitor92> Aurum?
14:34:46 <kcmule> good catch
14:35:02 <kcmule> hope KL was on it too
14:37:23 <Michael> Missed it! was watching the video of Bastille Geyser (RIP)
14:47:11 <Biddle> its still there... just under a different name
14:48:51 <Biddle> the geyserite buildup on the wood in that video is cool
14:49:31 <Biddle> oh wiat... that isn't tilts baby... it just looks almost the same
14:49:36 <Biddle> lol
14:49:53 <Michael> :0
14:49:59 <Michael> :D
14:52:30 <Michael> If you have all day to dig around in that archive, there are some interesting nuggets from 10-20 years ago.
14:53:37 <Biddle> hmmm apparently thye geyser was "removed" when the boardwalk was
14:55:10 <Biddle> now THAT is cool :)
14:56:50 <Michael> I think he's saying the "stay on walk" sign was removed when the trail was re-routed. And it sounds like the geyser was already long gone.
14:57:14 <Biddle> makes sense
14:57:35 <Biddle> its a load of fun to watch tilt on his channel
14:58:17 <Biddle> doesn't tilts baby's vent look just like bastille's?
14:59:10 <Michael> Yes! A couple of little vents in a shallow pit right under the boardwalk. I'd give the same description to the police for both of them.
14:59:32 <Biddle> wrong video:
15:01:46 <ynpvisitor7> Will posted Kevin Lenny got Aurum!
15:02:17 <ynpvisitor7> L is for Leary, yet close!
15:03:17 <ynpvisitor7> At least Kevin should not need a coat with it almost 80 there
15:04:52 <Michael> OK. The 2013 eruption of Tilt's Baby is quite a bit more powerful than I remember it from the 1990s
15:06:06 <Biddle> I had not been to the park at all until late 2000's
15:06:21 <Biddle> anyway, leaving for a bit bbl
15:16:17 <Michael> Turban reported at 1712.
15:17:19 <kcmule> bueno
15:20:33 <ynpvisitor40> Daisy
15:22:27 <kcmule> sawmill off
15:41:41 <ynpvisitor2> does anyone know what they call the #6 East Lot picnic area?
15:56:36 <kcmule> OF
15:56:56 <kcmule> turban was 1753
15:57:54 <kcmule> lion ini
15:58:07 <Biddle> awesome
15:59:21 <ynpvisitor74> Little Cub, too
16:01:16 <ynpvisitor28> Another long Grand interval
16:32:43 <Michael> Short interval for Lion. No complaints, except that I missed it.
16:34:46 <Michael> Another Turban
16:51:24 <Michael> And another
16:54:34 <ynpvisitor10> 9 hours coming up
16:56:08 <ynpvisitor10> Almost outside the VEC window
16:58:58 <Michael> And no Turban delays, so we don't even get the fun of counting D5, D6, D7 while we're waiting.
16:59:50 <Michael> Sawmill is back.
17:00:31 <Michael> Or not.
17:02:56 <ynpvisitor22> maybe we can get a D now to start the count up
17:03:38 <ynpvisitor22> bet you cant guess who this is :)
17:04:22 <Michael> The sort of person who would appreciate an 11 hour D6 Grand interval.
17:04:44 <Biddle> Kevin?
17:05:40 <Michael> I'll guess Graham. He loves bringing false Indicators into the conversation when Beehive gets too frewuent.
17:05:57 <ynpvisitor22> i am wondering if Kevin is there .... could have left after Aurum
17:06:30 <Graham> guilty
17:06:39 <Biddle> Ah
17:06:41 <Biddle> lol
17:08:27 <Michael> Graham and I think too much alike about the dirty tricks geyser play on us...
17:09:24 <Graham> hope Will has his flashlight
17:09:26 <Michael> There's Turban again. No delay this time.
17:12:04 <Graham> wonder if it will go over 10h18m which is the longest
17:13:46 <Michael> The odds stil seem stacked against it, but only one way to find out for sure.
17:14:17 <ynpvisitor10> It will erupt before 10 hrs
17:14:48 <Michael> I'm also looking forward to an Oblong cloud doin its best Grand impression.
17:16:39 <kcmule> lion
17:25:33 <ynpvisitor93> Nice rthe old man was able to out wait Aurum. Hope Grand waits for him to make his way over to see it.
17:30:51 <Graham> lots of steam
17:31:12 <Graham> hehe oblong
17:31:40 <kcmule> OF
17:31:48 <Graham> Aurum was 3h ago :)
17:32:08 <ynpvisitor93> Kevin is old, remember!
17:32:34 <Graham> not sure where he is staying, in the cabins?
17:33:41 <Graham> could be D0?
17:34:47 <Michael> Unless someone forgot to enter the last Turban.
17:42:00 <ynpvisitor10> Will is slacking
17:43:03 <Graham> SC
17:49:41 <Graham> Turban?
17:50:02 <Michael> Yup.
17:51:34 <Michael> 10 hours isn't looking like such a longshot any more.
17:52:23 <Graham> Will posted that one but didn't say D0
17:53:40 <Michael> He must have gotten awestruck by Oblong and missed most of Turban.
17:54:26 <ynpvisitor93> He was chatting up a girl interested in Geysers.
17:55:34 <Michael> Could be both. Oblong makes the earth move after all.
17:56:06 <Graham> Will posted the missing Turban
17:56:15 <ynpvisitor10> He filled in the missing Turban
17:56:52 <ynpvisitor93> After he was done talking to the girl
17:59:26 <ynpvisitor49> Sprinkler ie
18:00:38 <kcmule> daisy
18:01:58 <Michael> Could well be some Grand-watchers' second Daisy
18:02:04 <Michael> Is Uncertain going?
18:02:30 <Graham> yes
18:07:15 <Graham> Turban
18:09:09 <kcmule> grand is off the gt predictions page
18:09:53 <Michael> Do we get a prize for making it to 10 hours?
18:10:42 <Biddle> I will be in a national park until thursday... too bad it isn't YNP
18:10:59 <Biddle> byue
18:11:36 <ynpvisitor10> It is waiting for Graham to go to sleep
18:11:39 <ynpvisitor49> which one Biddle?
18:11:48 <Biddle> Zions
18:11:54 <ynpvisitor49> cool!
18:11:58 <Biddle> one reasonably near me :P
18:12:06 <kcmule> riverside gt
18:12:20 <Biddle> well, bye
18:12:27 <ynpvisitor49> c ya
18:12:48 <Michael> Bye. Next time's the charm.
18:13:16 <ynpvisitor10> It will be over 10 hours
18:16:38 <Graham> Zion is a great park, could be hot there now tho
18:17:09 <Graham> Grand maybe fooled though, I am in MDT now, not EDT
18:19:07 <ynpvisitor49> LC ie
18:24:23 <Graham> Turban
18:24:34 <Graham> and Grand
18:24:34 <kcmule> grand
18:24:35 <kcmule> .
18:24:36 <kcmule> .
18:24:47 <Graham> just avoided setting the record
18:24:54 <Graham> nice color
18:25:19 <kcmule> might miss lion
18:25:46 <Graham> worth missing Lion
18:31:02 <Michael> It waited for the ants in my kitchen to provide a distraction!
18:31:45 <ynpvisitor49> they're in my kitchen too. i've heard, not tried, a mixture of borax and sugar will get rid of them.
18:33:40 <Michael> Tonight's solution will be rudimentary cleaning. Which needed to be done anyway.
18:35:53 <ynpvisitor49> gotta run.
18:36:12 <ynpvisitor49> nice seeing Spasmodic fountaining!
18:39:25 <Michael> Good night all. Back to the ant farm.
18:39:37 <kcmule> nite
19:09:46 <kcmule> OF
20:33:52 <ynpvisitor19> The old man must be in bed. Terrible thing to et old
20:34:00 <ynpvisitor19> get
20:54:34 <ynpvisitor48> It is not 'Terrible' to get Old, it is a Privelage, not a right or burden! And i'm only 30! RESOECT your damn elders, much the same you expect to be respected when you get that age.
20:55:01 <ynpvisitor48> *RESPECT
20:56:36 <ynpvisitor48> OF
20:57:10 <ynpvisitor91> a rant loses a little with typos :O