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04:18:09 <ynpvisitor77> is streaming down? or is it just me?
04:19:54 <ynpvisitor19> down fior me
04:20:38 <ynpvisitor77> thanks
04:21:41 <ynpvisitor77> morning Dave, lc here.
04:22:04 <Dave from B> Morning lc
04:24:04 <Dave from B> It won't be long now. You ready to get to OF?
04:24:39 <ynpvisitor77> yep, three weeks from today.
04:25:32 <ynpvisitor77> you ever get a room for the 8th?
04:25:58 <Dave from B> Not yet but I should know more in the next couple of days
04:26:27 <ynpvisitor77> is Will working the lodge this year?
04:27:31 <Dave from B> I'm not sure. It looks like there's a room right now. I better book it.
04:28:03 <ynpvisitor77> good.
04:29:45 <Dave from B> All set...I will be arriving July 8 and leaving most likely the 13th. I still have rooms booked thru the 17th.
04:31:43 <ynpvisitor77> thats great.
04:33:13 <Dave from B> How are you feeling?
04:33:41 <ynpvisitor77> pretty much back to normal.
04:34:32 <Dave from B> That's great
04:36:01 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
04:36:20 <ynpvisitor77> morning Betty
04:36:24 <Dave from B> lc, Tennessess didn't make Baseball Playoofs?
04:36:29 <Betty> morning Dave and lc. Cam is down?
04:36:41 <Dave from B> Yes, cam is down
04:36:42 <ynpvisitor77> yes
04:36:47 <Betty> bah
04:38:05 <Betty> then back to work for me
04:50:36 <ynpvisitor77> time for breakfast, I will check back later.
04:51:29 <Dave from B> I'll text you if cam goes on
04:56:49 <Jimbo Bromine> Don't worry, I won't use any insincere unoriginal phrases
04:59:54 <Dave from B> Morning Jimbo, David
05:17:45 <David A pdx> Morning Dave!
05:17:54 <David A pdx> still down, huh?
05:27:55 <David A pdx> i'll be back
05:32:20 <Betty (working)> time to head home. bbl
06:18:43 <ynpvisitor38> hrm... stream is down =(
06:19:29 <ynpvisitor38> maybe the VEC shows some more
06:25:16 <ynpvisitor45> blackout!
06:25:43 <Dave from B> Grand should be soon...hope cam wakes up
06:26:02 <ynpvisitor38> I hope so too
06:27:30 <DGInc> hi cc
06:27:31 <cc> I have reported that streaming is down.
06:27:50 <DGInc> thanks
06:30:40 <DGInc> AFK
06:33:01 <ynpvisitor45> ..
06:33:35 <Dave from B> Thanks cc
06:34:19 <ynpvisitor45> hmm, cam is down, Kevin will leave. Sounds like a day for Giantess
06:36:03 <DGInc> well, the streaming cam is down - the VEC, however, isn't:
06:40:13 <DGInc> you can sort of make the static cam a semi-live webcam by editing the URL
06:42:16 <DGInc> Somewhere in the URL there a thing called refreshRate=30. If you change 30 to, let's say, 5, the image will refresh every 5 seconds
06:43:26 <DGInc> although, it doesn't seem to work very well =(
06:47:34 <ynpvisitor45> wow I just saw that Grand interval last night.
06:48:48 <DGInc> 10 hours?
06:49:43 <Dave from B> Grand has not been consitent the last week or so
06:52:09 <DGInc> it might be still consistent, but some of the eruptions might have not been recorded
06:55:18 <Dave from B> No, that is a single interval
06:57:09 <DGInc> I don't have it about the 10 hour interval, but the 'extremely' long intervals (like 12 to 14 hours)
07:06:07 <Dave from B> I would agree DGInc. I'm not sure when the last confirmed single interval of Grand was more than 10.5 hours
07:12:45 <Dave from B> Nothing on NPS site about outage
07:22:04 <DGInc> AFK
07:53:03 <Dave from B> Mornin' kc
07:53:06 <ynpvisitor77> camera back
07:53:16 <Dave from B> We have streaming
07:53:30 <Dave from B> Waves on Grand
07:55:03 <DGInc> yay, stream back up and running!
07:55:40 <DGInc> Daisy
07:57:30 <DGInc> Grand
07:58:21 <Dave from B> Waves didn't produce a Grand eruption. In my short history that means you better have something to do...It may be awhile
07:58:33 <Dave from B>'s that for awhile?
07:58:52 <kc (working)> mornin
07:58:58 <DGInc> morning
07:59:30 <DGInc> three geysers within 5 minutes =)
07:59:51 <Dave from B> Kevin threw me off. He reported waves at 0951
08:00:51 <DGInc> I'm curious how long the cam was offline
08:02:56 <Dave from B> My streaming is woprking but I still have the X on my screen
08:03:21 <DGInc> ctrl+f5 should do the trick
08:04:07 <ynpvisitor77> it shutdown normally at 0250 and restarted 0952
08:04:24 <DGInc> 7 hours!?
08:04:27 <ynpvisitor77> the camera that is
08:05:49 <DGInc> 2nd burst or am I imagining it?
08:08:16 <kc (working)> looks like we missed an uncertain but nice to see it so active
08:08:31 <DGInc> indeed
08:08:50 <DGInc> c'mon, another burst Grand
08:10:33 <DGInc> looks like Grand quit
08:10:50 <ynpvisitor71> I'm getting a report from Kevin, who is at OF, but not at Grand that it was a 4b
08:11:17 <ynpvisitor71> He has been known to pull my leg on occasion
08:11:36 <kc (working)> JimS has a vent report posted, so should get an update soon
08:11:59 <DGInc> wb Dave
08:12:06 <kc (working)> unless they are in cahoots : )
08:12:10 <Dave form B> Had a crash
08:12:18 <DGInc> :/
08:12:28 <kc (working)> d0/t1q
08:13:42 <DGInc> well, I guess that's also a way to clear your cache
08:14:01 <DGInc> hi Eric
08:14:10 <Eric> Hi DG
08:16:02 <Dave form B> Morning Eric
08:16:21 <Eric> Morning Dave...congrats and I am shutting down your search.
08:16:34 <Dave form B> THANK YOU!
08:17:14 <Eric> Haven't had a request I couldn't find yet :-)
08:19:21 <DGInc> LC
08:20:28 <Dave form B> It is amazing how many rooms at OF opened up in the last 10 days. I bet it was between 10-20
08:20:34 <Dave form B> for July 8
08:21:01 <Eric> 30 days priorer there are tons of rooms that always open
08:25:51 <Dave form B> Kevin is claiming a garbled radio message but I think I owe him one:)
08:25:53 <DGInc> Oblong?
08:26:10 <DGInc> don't think so
08:26:19 <Eric> castle?
08:26:43 <DGInc> hi Jake
08:28:16 <Jake> good evening DGInc
08:30:46 <David A pdx> good morning all!
08:30:53 <DGInc> morning avid
08:30:57 <DGInc> David*
08:31:49 <David A pdx> LOL!
08:40:28 <Dave form B> Eric, what do you know about OSU?
08:41:16 <David A pdx> decent college. my brother-in-law went there.
08:42:02 <David A pdx> a few years ago a football player heisted a ram (sheep) that was involved in a study of rams attracted to other rams... don't know his intentions though...
08:42:48 <David A pdx> study was serious since ranchers don't want to spend thousands on a ram intended for breeding purposes only to buy one that isn't attracted to ewes...
08:43:19 <David A pdx> yeah, I know I'm not Eric.
08:44:17 <David A pdx> and probably tmi on the ram study, but it happened, and isn't a reflection on the school.
08:46:09 <Jake> sheep aren't artificially inseminated?
08:46:36 <David A pdx> not always.
08:46:55 <Jake> or, they haven't gotten to that point on a large scale yet...
08:47:16 <Jake> it's always the strange stories that make the news and are memorable ;)
08:47:19 <David A pdx> i know cows are, but again it probably depends on the ranch
08:47:41 <David A pdx> uh huh. a football player heisting a ram... hhmmmmm
08:48:28 <Eric> I am a Beaver Dave, went there for 2 years myself, pretty much everyone in my family went there.
08:49:04 <David A pdx> for some reason that's the story I remember about the school.
08:49:14 <David A pdx> says something about me too, i suppose.
08:49:19 <Eric> Nice campus, good instructors.
08:49:46 <ynpvisitor100> Cattle and Swine are inseminated if you do not have enough to justify feeding a bull or boar. Or to change genetics. I am sure sheep are also, however most people i know raising sheep have rams.
08:49:49 <David A pdx> cool!
08:50:04 <Eric> IMHO, the specific program you are entering is way more important than the actual overall school.
08:50:20 <David A pdx> i'd agree there Eric.
08:50:21 <ynpvisitor100> OSU? i thought you were asking about Oklahoma or Ohio.
08:50:39 <David A pdx> There is another - out here in the west!
08:50:41 <Eric> Oregon State :-)
08:50:59 <ynpvisitor100> See they droped th U because of confusion.
08:51:28 <Dave form B> Eric, what do you think of thier education program?
08:51:32 <Eric> Yah, kinda dumb IMHO...the other schools should have dropped their U :-P
08:51:41 <Eric> I don't know anything about it Dave.
08:51:54 <Eric> Great engineering and Agriculture school
08:51:56 <ynpvisitor100> Have to like orange and black.
08:52:06 <Eric> Good food sciences too
08:52:12 <Eric> Betty Crocker is from OSU :-)
08:52:25 <David A pdx> Forestry - in the Ag school.
08:52:34 <Eric> Yep, good forestry
08:52:44 <ynpvisitor100> Vet school
08:52:55 <David A pdx> just going to say that!
08:53:10 <Dave form B> Our family hates orange and black. Orange because of Broncos and orange and black because that's what our high school rival wears.
08:53:25 <ynpvisitor5> Jim S posted Grand as one of BOOPS.
08:53:28 <David A pdx> along with the sheep story
08:53:38 <Eric> I will say it again...pick your school on the program you are entering :-)
08:54:02 <Dave form B> 5, That would be a word I wouldn't want to attempt to spell here.:)
08:54:19 <Dave form B> Eric, I agree. That is how Taylor found Wash U
08:55:04 <ynpvisitor100> They have a major in Fish?
08:55:31 <Eric> Well, agriculture is multi-faceted :-)
08:55:36 <Dave form B> haha
08:55:56 <Eric> They have cows with glass stomachs and a nuclear reactor on campus
08:55:58 <David A pdx> I think OSU runs a Marine Center in Newport
08:56:23 <Eric> Ya, good marine biology and marine geology programs
08:56:38 <David A pdx>
08:56:45 <Eric> They are one of the foremost education places on tsunamis
08:56:59 <David A pdx> yep.
08:57:16 <Dave form B> Thanks for the help Eric and David
08:57:25 <David A pdx> no prob!
08:57:53 <ynpvisitor100> Don't forget it rains lots.
08:58:00 <Eric> But like I went to Western Kentucky podunk school and it has one of the best photojournalism programs in the nation! The school is meh/ok, but great program.
08:58:03 <David A pdx> Pump is spouting!
08:58:15 <Eric> Let's keep that myth up :-P
08:58:23 <Eric> keeps people away
08:58:42 <ynpvisitor100> Lots more then OSU Cascades.
08:58:43 <Eric> 100+ all weekend :-(
08:58:48 <David A pdx> 30 +/_ isn't too much
08:59:22 <David A pdx> but yes that is a myth that keeps people away. how much rain in TX recently?!
08:59:23 <ynpvisitor100> Not sure, I think you can fly out of Eugene also.
08:59:46 <David A pdx> Eugene, or Portland.
09:00:27 <ynpvisitor100> I would not send my daughter to Portland to fly home for the holidays.
09:00:52 <David A pdx> traffic is horrible in Portland.
09:01:41 <ynpvisitor100> I bet by the time you pay for parking, you could drive to Billings.
09:01:53 <David A pdx> Mary Jo is legal in Oregon, and Washington, and Colorado.
09:02:08 <David A pdx> yeah, parking fees are spendy
09:02:24 <ynpvisitor100> That is a selling point for a father looking for a school
09:02:48 <Dave form B> Why not take Amtrak to Portland Airport?
09:02:53 <Dave form B> No need to pay for parking
09:02:54 <David A pdx> yeah, well... what can I say?!
09:03:29 <David A pdx> i do recall, while going to school, being able to get my hands on alcohol quite easily despite being underage...
09:03:44 <ynpvisitor100> Not sure you can, with out getting on a bus. I would not get on a tri-met bus if my life depended on it.
09:03:50 <Dave form B> Or park somewhere else in Portland and take light rail?
09:04:23 <Dave form B> David, that is probably pretty easy on most campuses
09:04:29 <David A pdx> what's wrong with Tri-Met buses? I ride them, and light rail to get to/from downtown from where I live in outer SE Portland.
09:04:51 <David A pdx> yeah, agreed - as is the other despite it being legal, or not.
09:05:49 <Jake> if you want more opinions, Dave ;) an education degree is about the same from any of these schools. There would be variations on how much they help teachers find a job out of college. Other than that I would consider the campus culture and whether or not she likes it. And, as someone who flirted with the education track and jumped ship, it's nice to have the STEM fields well represented too
09:05:54 <David A pdx> had a roommate for awhile in college that was addicted to the other. can't say it does much for me though.
09:06:20 <Dave form B> STEM?
09:06:37 <Jake> Science Tech Engineering Mathematics
09:06:58 <Jake> educational buzz-acronym
09:07:04 <ynpvisitor100> What Jake Said.
09:07:14 <Dave form B> Becca wants to either teach Chemistry, Math or english in High SChool
09:07:18 <David A pdx> love those acronyms!
09:08:08 <Jake> I really liked Chemistry coming out of high school. That went away in my Freshman year of college. I ended up in Math
09:09:32 <ynpvisitor100> Do what a friend did. Go to a cheep school for the basics and then transfer to a fancy school for the degree. She teaches and can say she has her degree from Lewis and Clark. I thank it was Lewis and Clark.
09:10:06 <ynpvisitor100> Could have been that other ritzy school in Portland.
09:10:21 <David A pdx> Check out Western Oregon Univ. that has had a good teaching program.
09:10:25 <Dave form B> Jake, I have a feeling that will happen to Becca
09:10:59 <David A pdx> what is steam plume on the far horizon, just right of center horizon?
09:11:11 <Dave form B> She wants to be a part of a big campus experience...or at least she thinks so.
09:11:20 <Jake> 2 years at a cheaper school then transferring to the big one is the economical way to do it. I do think there is a lot of value socially in attending a big school for 4 years. Of course, that costs $$
09:12:16 <Jake> David I see a cloud...I think it's a regular atmospheric cloud
09:12:26 <ynpvisitor100> Not sureon the cloud. Maybe just a cloud
09:12:41 <David A pdx> OK. I was wondering, but it was the only one out there, so didn't know.
09:12:59 <ynpvisitor100> Steamboat?
09:13:56 <ynpvisitor100> Aren't they pushing for Masters degrees in education?
09:14:33 <Jake> depends on who "they" are
09:14:53 <ynpvisitor100> The one that run things and hand out checks.
09:15:02 <Dave form B> Not something I'm in favor of for monetary reasons
09:15:12 <David A pdx> OSU opened a campus in Bend, OR too.
09:15:16 <Jake> some schools don't prefer masters-level because they have to pay them more
09:15:23 <ynpvisitor100> Oregon 4-H is on the more degrees are better track. Even if the degree has nothing to do with 4-H.
09:16:25 <David A pdx> just talked with brother-in-law, he says Corvallis is one of the better college towns in the country. he didn't know about the teaching dept. though.
09:17:28 <ynpvisitor100> La Grande had a killer Chemistry program, Until the professor left.
09:17:54 <ynpvisitor100> Small school she would not look at.
09:19:13 <Dave form B> Thanks David. Nice to go to school in a college town
09:19:19 <ynpvisitor100> OSU-Cascades has a limited degree program. No campus per say as it is out of the community college now. Again a school she would not look at if she want the big school.
09:22:16 <ynpvisitor100> One thing to look at if interested in OSU. They went union and because of that, I think student jobs have been reduced. Not sure, I think i heard they were reducing the traditional make work type jobs for students because of the cost.
09:23:40 <ynpvisitor100> yuk
09:24:52 <Dave form B> I don't believe in my kids working in college. that is what summers are for. School year is for studying, socializing and getting involved in campus activities.
09:25:34 <Dave form B> brb
09:27:44 <Jake> LC ie
09:29:00 <Jake> OF
09:30:23 <David A pdx> that 'steam' plume is/was cloud afterall.
09:31:48 <Jake> so Steamboat is migrating
09:31:50 <David A pdx> Anemone
09:32:16 <David A pdx> uh huh!!
09:45:31 <ynpvisitor45> what a nice looking day
09:50:05 <David A pdx> going to sign off for now. Have fun, and keep smiling!
10:13:15 <Dave form B> Hi, Jenna. how is your first day back to work?
10:14:37 <Jenna> eh
10:14:38 <Jenna> haha
10:15:04 <Dave form B> Fall asleep at work already?
10:18:17 <Dave form B> People on vacation and someone going home sick..I guess I'm finishing the day downstairs. Good day all.
10:19:16 <Jenna> bye Dave
10:54:08 <Betty> afternoon all
11:28:55 <ynpvisitor34> In basin report on F&M from Kevin: river vent on after pause.
11:34:19 <kc (working)> virtual fingers crossed
11:36:34 <ynpvisitor76> Hi Betty
11:37:32 <Betty> hi
11:37:55 <ynpvisitor76> Someone should pot it to GT.
11:40:16 <ynpvisitor45> ?
11:45:06 <Betty> LC
11:48:32 <Betty> go Aurum!
11:49:16 <Betty> looks like it tries to start
11:53:02 <ynpvisitor34> F&M: Gold on 5m into River.
11:54:16 <ynpvisitor34> Asked K about gt posting. His info from frs, so we are getting news 3rd hand. He didn't know who might be able to post who is on site.
12:03:01 <ynpvisitor34> F&M: High is constant.
12:03:09 <Betty> indy
12:03:11 <Betty> .
12:03:11 <Betty> .
12:03:12 <Betty> .
12:03:12 <Betty> .
12:03:28 <kc (working)> nice
12:03:47 <kc (working)> not so nice for those at f&m i guess
12:04:13 <kc (working)> do we need txt?
12:04:39 <kc (working)> evidently not
12:04:40 <Betty> i did
12:04:49 <ynpvisitor45> ohhhh dear
12:04:54 <Betty> false indy????
12:05:06 <Betty> noooooooooo
12:05:06 <kc (working)> indeed
12:05:25 <ynpvisitor76> with no indy bh, I would not give up
12:05:30 <ynpvisitor45> poll: would you go or stay
12:05:41 <Jimbo Copper> That was different
12:07:00 <Kitt> I was afraid of that after all of the no indy Beehives
12:07:05 <ynpvisitor76> I would invest 15 or 20 minutes. Nice veiw from there anyway
12:08:03 <Betty> still splashing in BH
12:08:18 <Jimbo Copper> It's pretty early since the last one
12:08:24 <Betty> looks still hot
12:08:42 <Betty> Kevin broke it
12:08:49 <Kitt> but if indy starts then we could have a very short interval, and bee will probably break this summer
12:09:07 <Kitt> I will hope this is a mid cycle indicator
12:11:23 <Betty> so was that a false indy?
12:12:02 <Kitt> false indicators generally occur about every 3 to 4 hours
12:12:22 <Kitt> I think this was a mid-cycle indicator
12:12:31 <ynpvisitor25> that would have been a very short interval
12:12:37 <Betty> and they have >20 min duration?
12:13:11 <Kitt> no false indicators can be over an hour in duration
12:13:46 <Kitt> mid cycle occur approximately half way between eruptions
12:14:11 <Kitt> I don't remember seeing very many of them
12:14:37 <ynpvisitor76> we are due for a short bh.
12:15:44 <Kitt> when the intervals get into the 8 to 10 hour range, it is a bad thing
12:16:03 <ynpvisitor31> Indy of 2 minutes then off, not so common
12:16:50 <Betty> and I was so happy that I caught the start of it :-p
12:17:01 <ynpvisitor76> It would explain the recent no indy bhs
12:18:30 <Betty> maybe it is time for Giantess?
12:18:30 <Jake> wow, just got back from lunch. Probably not a good sign for consistent Beehive this summer....we'll see!
12:18:35 <Jake> Depression ie
12:18:43 <Jake> big burst out of it!
12:18:52 <Betty> nice catch Jake
12:18:55 <ynpvisitor76> splashes
12:19:16 <Kitt> bee may try to go alone
12:19:26 <Jake> I haven't seen Depression that big from the cam in a long time
12:20:18 <Betty> LC
12:21:25 <ynpvisitor100> 76, how does a 2 minute indy explain the recent no indy BHs?
12:21:53 <ynpvisitor76> Blink and miss it. I have seen us miss Grand looking at something else
12:22:01 <ynpvisitor100> now it will erupt at 2000 like it is supposed to
12:22:18 <ynpvisitor100> I think Dave M does recaps and he cannot find it
12:22:49 <ynpvisitor76> Not like the cam is on indy all the time
12:22:54 <Kitt> Bee doesn't have a suppose to but I would hope that it would be closer to the average interval it has been doing lately
12:23:05 <ynpvisitor76> Not saying it is true, just possible
12:24:08 <Jake> it's not an unknown thing to have BHI erupt for a few minutes and quit or fill with water and drain, the so-called Mid-Cycle Indicator
12:24:18 <Betty> hope peeps get the F&M show
12:24:26 <Jake> hopefully Beehive just does another 13h - 17h interval
12:24:45 <Jake> and doesn't start to get all wacky then the false indicators start
12:24:57 <Kitt> back to unpacking
12:25:12 <Jake> if Beehive is doing a "good" thing then anything out of the ordinary doesn't seem like a good omen
12:25:13 <Betty> bye Kitt
12:25:20 <Kitt> Alaska was chilly and wet most of the time, except for Skagway
12:25:44 <Betty> Lion says hello, too
12:25:47 <Kitt> it was fun to see Andrea E. on board the ship for Glacier Bay
12:26:12 <ynpvisitor45> that IS fun kitt
12:26:39 <Kitt> I didn't realize she had switched from working in Yellowstone to Glacier Bay
12:27:34 <Kitt> I will hope for another Beehive text closer to * pm
12:28:07 <Jake> anywhere from ^ pm to * pm ?
12:28:34 <ynpvisitor45> +/- some ##'s
12:28:36 <Jake> not sure if that translates the same on Betty's keyboard
12:29:12 <Betty> ^ and *
12:29:17 <Betty> ##
12:29:27 <ynpvisitor100> F & M folks may be waiting...and
12:29:50 <ynpvisitor76> Well I saw a sort indy and water splashing out of BH so it goes in my book as a minor.
12:30:24 <Betty> minor indy...sweet
12:30:35 <Jake> minor BHI or minor BH?
12:31:06 <ynpvisitor76> yes
12:31:11 <ynpvisitor100> ha
12:32:17 <ynpvisitor76> That cloud from Steamboat grew.
12:32:51 <Brian> probably just need a more expressive continuum of eruptions: "major > minor > nano"
12:33:12 <Betty> OF
12:33:18 <ynpvisitor76> yuk
12:33:51 <ynpvisitor100> dramatic sky
12:38:48 <Betty> Kevin left F&M?
12:42:06 <ynpvisitor100> Kevin does not go to F & M
12:42:36 <Betty> I thought he was there
12:42:55 <ynpvisitor100> he always says he will not walk down there anymore
12:43:02 <ynpvisitor100> maybe he was though
12:43:56 <Betty> yes, I know he mentioned it earlier he would not go there anymore
12:44:08 <Betty> just forgot it
12:44:28 <Jake> it's kind of different when you're there ;)
12:44:40 <Jake> and there's nothing else going on
12:47:18 <ynpvisitor2> There is always Anemone
12:47:28 <ynpvisitor100> That would be great if he got F & M, yet I don't think today will get him anything besides a walk
12:54:23 <ynpvisitor34> K wasn't @ F&M. He was from frs.
12:59:59 <Betty> Well, I hope he gets Aurum, and Lion, and Beehive. I call it a day. See ya tomorrow. Night
13:01:16 <Brian> bye betty
13:12:57 <Michael> Hi Lion. Nice to see you.
13:25:46 <Brian> looks like a nice wall of rain in the background
13:26:16 <Michael> Sky is still dramatic. I expect to see thunderbolts in those clouds.
13:27:21 <Michael> Hi Brian. We seem to agree on the weather.
13:28:08 <ynpvisitor45> Madison or Norris might be getting wet
13:28:28 <Ericagain> Look like LGB area too
13:32:49 <Michael> I'm never good enough at judging directions and distance for storms. Which is a real liablity when you're out in the open at Grand.
13:34:46 <ynpvisitor100> does not look wide spread, just that one cloud
13:34:47 <Jake> when you start to see the precip falling between you and the tree'd horizon, there's usually just enough time to get to shelter from Grand
13:34:54 <Ericagain> Ya, distance is really hard too on the camera due to zoom compression
13:47:21 <ynpvisitor45> .
13:51:33 <Ericagain> solitary?
13:51:55 <Ericagain> or just well placed cloud...
13:54:25 <Brian> well, i've got to get some errands done...bye for now...
14:06:16 <Jake> Turblong
14:07:25 <Jake> looking more -blong than Turb
14:08:01 <Michael> That would be an awfully brawny Turban.
14:08:43 <Michael> I think that's our unofficial start to the long stupid wait for Grand.
14:10:03 <Jake> is it only a stupid wait if it's long? or is it only long if it's stupid?
14:10:51 <Jake> Grand must've behaved overnight for 13.5h double interval
14:12:24 <Michael> Hadn't thought it through that carefully. But I've a couple of 2-Daisy waits recently. Those feel pretty dumb by the end.
14:13:45 <Jake> 2-Daisy wait for Grand = 6-Riverside wait for F&M ?
14:16:47 <Michael> I'm not sure of the scaling law. But since 6 Riversides gets you a pointless stay overnight and all the way to the following evening, that sounds about right.
14:19:56 <Michael> OF
14:20:56 <Michael> So much for a clean windshield.
14:21:50 <Jake> that stinks
14:22:43 <Ericagain> smells bad?
14:23:07 <Ericagain> Does your webcam have smellovision?
14:24:16 <Jake> ok, "that sucks", wait no, "that blows" wait
14:28:45 <Jake> good luck with the 2 biggies! c-ya
14:29:28 <Michael> Bye!
14:32:33 <ynpvisitor100> one BH diehard
14:32:53 <Michael> Lion
14:34:02 <ynpvisitor100> Grand seems to like the long intervals during the late afternoon, early evening watch
14:35:08 <Michael> I really hope it doesn't so that again today.
14:36:34 <ynpvisitor45> .
14:37:40 <ynpvisitor100> the shortest lately has been 8 hr 8 min for that slot
14:37:41 <Ericagain> castle
14:39:02 <Ericagain> swear I saw water spikes on castle...
14:40:06 <Ericagain> But my feed is so choppy today :-(
14:40:12 <ynpvisitor100> me too for one second, must have tried to start
15:09:06 <ynpvisitor83> 81, Kevin must feel like home. Maybe even chilly.
15:15:27 <Ericagain> wow...downright hot there
15:15:47 <Ericagain> Gettting this west coast heat wave that we have been having
15:17:29 <Michael> 80 was the overnight low at Las Vegar last night. 82 the night before.
15:19:31 <Michael> I wish the heat wasn't planning to move east. But there's some 90-and-humid in our forecast.
15:20:12 <Ericagain> We were 100+ all weekend
15:20:17 <Ericagain> only 96 today
15:22:28 <Michael> Lovely. Isn't it a few months early for that?
15:23:02 <Ericagain> Yes...Not sure I have ever seen 100+ in mid June in the NW
15:27:46 <Michael> Useful info from GT. Castle had a short minor eruption at 1634, which you caught the end of. And the last Turban was 1720.
15:35:21 <ynpvisitor70> approaching 8 hours on Grand again
15:35:22 <Ericagain> Nice
15:36:48 <Ericagain> It's because Kevin is there
15:36:59 <Ericagain> :-P
15:37:16 <ynpvisitor70> Kevin has watched many from the cam too
15:37:33 <Ericagain> Grand knew he was close.
15:38:10 <ynpvisitor70> I wonder if the VEC has thought about turning the cam cover around
15:38:41 <Ericagain> Not sure...I have mentioned it a couple times here. It's probably doable.
15:39:36 <Ericagain> Nice burp out of BH
15:39:59 <ynpvisitor70> and then have a replacement ready to go when needed. They are not expensive.
15:40:51 <Ericagain> Yes, and I am pretty sure they are the same material headlight covers are made out of. They have buffing kits that can make them like new.
15:41:39 <Ericagain>
15:42:51 <ynpvisitor70> less than an hour to use that, I should hope so.
15:43:03 <ynpvisitor70> I thought toothpaste works for that too
15:43:35 <ynpvisitor70> I do hope Grand does not go 10 hours again
15:43:57 <ynpvisitor70> OF
15:45:30 <Ericagain> It might...but 3000 people on amazon are not usually wrong in my experience.
15:46:16 <Ericagain> So many people just walking away before it even finishes :-(
15:46:43 <Michael> If Grand insists on dragging out through the evening, I'd like Lion and Beehive to keep us company the whole time.
15:47:37 <ynpvisitor70> order it up
15:47:56 <Ericagain> SC
15:48:03 <Ericagain> Nice eruption too
15:48:09 <ynpvisitor70> I wonder if folks are still sitting on the rock pile to no avail
15:48:33 <Ericagain> I'm sure they are...
15:48:48 <ynpvisitor70> they get Riverside every now and again
15:48:53 <Ericagain> Well, I guess it depends...haven't heard anything about how it looks.
15:49:04 <Ericagain> Daisy
15:49:48 <ynpvisitor27> Jim must be doing laundry. No Riverside on GT.
15:50:21 <Michael> Maybe people tried to post times from down basin, but they got rejected for having too many swear words in the comments.
15:50:37 <Ericagain> Nice vertical daisy
15:51:56 <ynpvisitor70> I cannot chat and watch anymore on my computer. The stream only lasts a minute before freezing. Sure wish we could have a new chat that works
15:52:15 <Ericagain> chat works fine
15:52:19 <ynpvisitor27> Works fin for me
15:52:25 <ynpvisitor27> fine even
15:52:46 <ynpvisitor70> maybe I am just not meant to be here...
15:52:46 <Ericagain> If the stream doesn't work for you, it could be bandwidth issues.
15:52:51 <Michael> I've hit Ctrl-F5 a bunch of times to reset the page. Was worse for me yesterday.
15:52:51 <ynpvisitor27> Have you updated flash and done a hard reset of your browser?
15:53:00 <ynpvisitor70> yes to both
15:53:18 <Ericagain> My stream was crappy earlier today, but has been better this evening.
15:53:22 <ynpvisitor70> so tired of doing that
15:53:36 <ynpvisitor70> I used to be able to watch all day with no issues...
15:53:38 <ynpvisitor27> Are you doing multiple things?
15:53:41 <ynpvisitor70> guess I was spoiled
15:53:52 <ynpvisitor70> well I look at GT occasionally
15:54:03 <ynpvisitor27> I get the circle if i have mor ethen one page open or check email
15:54:06 <Ericagain> Yes, the higher bandwidth HD stream takes takes more computer horsepower.
15:54:26 <ynpvisitor70> my internet is fine, not sure why it keeps happening
15:54:32 <ynpvisitor27> I have slow DSL
15:55:12 <Ericagain> Changing chat won't have any affect on the quality of the stream.
15:56:39 <Ericagain> I could add a switch to this page that let's you watch the same stream as what the NPS official page shows, but it would be delayed 30-60, just like that page.
15:57:23 <Ericagain> alright....gotta run for the night. Good luck with Grand and BH
15:57:25 <ynpvisitor25> NPS stream still eats the same bandwidth though?
15:57:50 <ynpvisitor27> But they coul dnot blaim this page if it locks up
15:57:52 <Michael> Bye Eric.
15:58:21 <Ericagain> no, not exactly. They use different stream techniques so bandwidth and processing power are not equal.
15:58:49 <Ericagain> No, this page has nothing to do with it "locking up"
15:59:13 <Ericagain> The bandwidth bottleneck I think comes from one to many camops looking at the admin page.
15:59:28 <Ericagain> Just being on that page sucks up bandwidth from the camera
16:00:13 <Ericagain> and I should just say camops...park admins have access to that page too I believe.
16:00:35 <Ericagain> shouldn't
16:01:16 <Ericagain> alright...really gotta run now :-) night
16:01:35 <ynpvisitor70> night
16:09:53 <Michael> Four hours since the mid-cycle indicator. Any time it wants to pop up again is fine with me.
16:27:24 <kcmule> we have a dinger
16:27:25 <kcmule> .
16:27:26 <kcmule> .
16:27:29 <kcmule> i'll send txt
16:27:59 <ynpvisitor55> Great!
16:29:04 <Jake> oooooo, exciting
16:29:09 <Kitt> back again
16:30:27 <Kitt> we have a happy running gazer for indy
16:30:51 <Kitt> with others following
16:31:24 <kcmule> been a while since i've felt that burn in my ankles
16:32:03 <Graham> hello
16:32:21 <Graham> looks like I missed a fun day ..... will this BHI be a long or short?
16:32:53 <Kitt> I am hoping for a 10 to 20 minute indy
16:33:43 <Graham> or 30 to 40
16:34:46 <Kitt> no, that is what you are hoping for
16:36:29 <Graham> i was changing planes during the last BHI, so not my fault
16:36:47 <Kitt> trading up or down
16:36:57 <Graham> lots of peeps there for this BHI
16:37:24 <Jake> panic starts to set in at what minute? 20?
16:37:28 <Graham> no upgrades today, but flights were on time
16:37:44 <Jake> existential dread sets in at 30 minutes?
16:38:08 <Kitt> 25 min.
16:38:23 <Graham> only at 12 now, not even close
16:38:39 <Graham> 25m = BHI D0?
16:39:05 <Kitt> Beehive
16:39:13 <ynpvisitor55> Nope
16:39:17 <kcmule> hopefully grand is waiting
16:39:21 <ynpvisitor55> OK, here we go
16:40:06 <Jake> and all that is good and pure has returned to the world
16:41:58 <Jake> lovely framing
16:43:32 <Kitt> hopefully Grand waits for their return
16:44:15 <ynpvisitor99> Maybe they are all runnin g for giantess? lol
16:45:20 <Kitt> thanks for the text
16:45:28 <Kitt> good job indy and Beehive
16:46:37 <Kitt> they should have 5 to 10 for next turban
16:47:41 <Kitt> I see the gazers have included others in the Yellowstone exercise program otherwise called the Beehive to Grand Express
16:48:30 <Michael> IT's a scientifically approved daily workout.
16:49:19 <Jake> wow, never seen so many running
16:49:33 <Jake> hurry up and wait!
16:50:01 <Jake> with the post-Beehive adrenaline rush they'll be shoving bison out of the way
16:51:53 <kcmule> grand
16:51:57 <kcmule> .
16:51:59 <Jake> Grand
16:52:10 <Jake> they were wise to run. . .
16:52:21 <ynpvisitor55> Wow, it's tall
16:52:52 <Jake> best back-to-back you can get
16:52:57 <Brian> the laggards are being punished
17:03:19 <Michael> I'm getting out while the getting is good. Bye all!
17:03:37 <Jake> me too, bye!
17:05:15 <Graham> leaving cam on wide view . goodnight
17:21:37 <kcmule> dome ie static
17:23:36 <kcmule> OF
17:41:18 <kcmule> dome ie
18:07:53 <kcmule> castle
18:20:42 <kcmule> distracted by a game, but i think castle had back to back minor
18:39:24 <kcmule> daisy
19:47:17 <Michael> Cloud on the horizon behind Castle has some lightning in it.
20:26:36 <Michael> OF