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04:03:52 <Dave from B> Turban 543 per Jim S
04:19:53 <Dave from B> Turban 0609 per GT
04:30:54 <ynpvisitor57> thought that was Oblong.
04:37:30 <Dave from B> Beautiful OF 0637ie
04:37:46 <Dave from B> Turban 0633 per GT
04:44:35 <Dave from B> 2 long Turban intervals: 26 then 24
05:00:33 <ynpvisitor66> Grand
05:02:47 <Dave from B> Thanks
05:09:36 <Dave from B> vw, if you in the room, please pm me.
05:09:47 <Dave from B> Morning jimbo
05:09:54 <Jimbo Manganese> Morning
05:24:12 <Dave from B> Nice to see F&M go last night
06:16:27 <Dave from B> Daisy 0816ie
06:21:03 <David A pdx> Good Morning all!
06:21:46 <Dave from B> Hi, David
06:22:24 <David A pdx> Nice morning in UGB
06:23:26 <David A pdx> Anemone - which one?
06:23:47 <David A pdx> now it stops...
07:19:04 <Dave from B> kc, any updates on norris fatality today?
07:24:27 <Jake> I haven't seen anything. Conflicting rumors on FB on spring location. Either near Porkchop or in Porcelain Basin
07:25:21 <Dave from B> Thanks Jake
07:25:46 <Dave from B> Man, High on Life group is really getting attacked for death on FB
07:27:12 <Jake> hard to say whether they had any influence. a death was coming someday regardless
07:28:03 <Dave from B> It's human nature to always want to place blame somewhere. Sometimes, people are just going to do what they want to do...and therefore, no body to blame but themselves.
07:28:15 <Dave from B> I feel sorry for sister who watched her brother fall in.
07:28:49 <ynpvisitor95> Surprised they are not pursuing the Canadians. Put them on the no entry into country list maybe?
07:29:09 <Jake> I agree Dave
07:29:39 <Dave from B> 95, no extradition with Canada for misdemeanors...nothing really to pursue. They will be caught if they try to enter US
07:29:41 <Jake> part of me wonders if it was intentional, but I guess the park has a history of people "falling in"
07:31:51 <kc (working)> sorry busy morning, nothing more than what is ppsted here
07:33:10 <ynpvisitor95> They need to use a drone to look inside the place he was last seen.
07:33:15 <Dave from B> Anyone seen May visitation numbers yet? Glacier up 33%. Tetons up 26%
07:33:40 <Jake> what's the source on that? NPS website? those are increases over May 2015?
07:34:54 <ynpvisitor95> They were big on counting this year. We were in the Bad Lands and were told they needed to keep a good count of entries, so had to scan passes.
07:35:00 <Dave from B> Yes...been in the local papers from NPS sources
07:35:21 <Dave from B> see Billings Gazette
07:35:34 <Dave from B> Yes, increases over May 2015
07:36:00 <ynpvisitor95> I am surprised they have the numbers. The government is notorious for taking its time to get numbers.
07:36:01 <Jake> no reason to think Yellowstone isn't also in the 20% range then
07:36:02 <Dave from B> 30% increase for YNp would be around 5.5 million people
07:36:29 <Dave from B> I don't thin overall will increase that much. Shoulder season seems to be seeing the largets increases
07:36:42 <Dave from B> May, Sept especially
07:37:10 <Jake> yes, the shoulder seasons have the most room to grow. I will be shocked and have to change my worldview if every month has a 20%+ increase
07:37:46 <Jake> if it's real...barring any counting shenanigans to inflate numbers
07:37:55 <Dave from B> I would expect 8-10% increase for the a total of around4.5 million
07:38:01 <ynpvisitor95> I wonder how much they guess? I have been in the park and drove in after the booth is closed and out also when closed.
07:38:26 <kc (working)> have to admit this made me laugh a little
07:38:30 <Dave from B> Do entrances have a detector for after hours?
07:39:01 <Dave from B> kc, yes....I also chuckled when I saw that.
07:39:19 <Jake> part of the controversy is the "multiplier" for how many people to assume are in each vehicle. Vehicle counts are a more stable/accurate number but it's visitation that gets the headlines
07:39:21 <ynpvisitor95> Possible, hope they work better then the webcam!
07:41:07 <ynpvisitor95> I take offense to that. i have seen more cars cause jams then RVs
07:41:33 <Dave from B> Billings may set a high temp record today that will break a temp from the famous 1988 Fire year.
07:41:58 <ynpvisitor95> I noticed you have missed the lightning.
07:42:19 <Dave from B> We had a good downpour last night
07:43:33 <ynpvisitor95> I have been checking ta live lightning map. Idaho and Montana have been getting hammered. Looks like the divide is stopping most of it. Great falls area has gotten lots.
07:43:40 <Jake> SLC has a chance for a record high too
07:44:54 <Dave from B> During 1988, Billings set 10-15 daily high temp records. High June temps can dry up the landscape in a hurry. Makes for a long fire season
07:47:49 <ynpvisitor95> It is all man made. The asphalt in walmarts and wind power farms.
07:53:01 <Jake> Let's hear your best Beehive predictions for today! no more than a 2 hour window
07:53:06 <Jake> OF 0952
07:53:20 <ynpvisitor95> yuk
07:53:50 <Dave from B> yep. About time to turn on the predicting machine...only 30 days til Wonderland.
07:55:24 <Eric> Morning all
07:55:27 <Dave from B> BH 1240-1440
07:55:30 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
07:55:46 <Eric> any chance the Norris incident is a hoax?
07:55:59 <Jake> BH 1410 - 1610
07:56:08 <Dave from B> No, becuase there have been official NPS posts about it.
07:56:28 <Dave from B> But, with no body recovered...oooh
07:56:30 <Eric> No, not from the NPS side...but from the person reporting it side.
07:56:53 <Dave from B> That could happen, I suppose
07:57:07 <Eric> No body found still...seems weird.
07:57:36 <Dave from B> Next message from NPS is much anticiapated
07:57:51 <ynpvisitor95> 14:11
07:59:06 <Jake> under the motive of starting a new life? reports of the sister being burned means they went through with it convincingly. I thought maybe the sister was the witness. All speculation at this point. The body of the boy in Crested Pool was never seen/recovered
07:59:09 <Jake> Lion trying
07:59:32 <Jake> Lion 0959
07:59:49 <ynpvisitor83> I missed the part about the sister being involved. Is there a link with more information someone can share?
07:59:57 <Dave from B> Jake, I didn't know that re Crested Pool
08:00:11 <Eric> Ya, never saw sister info...just this statement from NPS: "A witness reported that a man in his early 20's walked off the boardwalk and fell into a hot spring."
08:01:00 <Jake> I don't remember which source mentioned the sister yesterday
08:01:04 <Eric> The info I read comes from local TV affilliate:
08:01:20 <Eric> Email from Park service with details at bottom.
08:01:34 <Jake> but who knows what mis-information got out early
08:02:16 <Jake> the story in Death in Yellowstone about Crested Pool is that the convection currents pulled the body under
08:04:30 <Eric> Crested is one pool I would defintely not want to fall into.
08:06:46 <ynpvisitor83> So, at this point, we have no official word on the witness or a sister? (Sorry, I'm an internal auditor in real life; I like corroborating evidence.)
08:07:13 <ynpvisitor83> May be that people are getting the story of the son and his dad mixed with this one as the story gets told.
08:07:42 <Jake> no, nothing official from the NPS
08:07:49 <ynpvisitor83> Thanks
08:09:35 <Jake> in lighter news, gazers did get to see Fan & Mortar erupt last night
08:09:38 <ynpvisitor95> You would think there was enough information to close the basin.
08:09:46 <Dave from B> Who is in charge of Yellowstone visitor FB page?
08:09:49 <ynpvisitor95> If that part of the story is correct
08:11:16 <Jake> dunno, Dave, but I see that is the source for the sister
08:11:57 <Dave from B> Yes, that is why I asked.
08:13:31 <Dave from B> You almost have to treat it like a criminal investigation; at least in the beginning
08:14:49 <Jake> definitely
08:15:12 <ynpvisitor83> the auditor again. Trying to dig into the Facebook page, hard to tell where it is coming from. The domain name listed doesnt exist.
08:16:35 <Jake> huh, really? time to start taking what people write on the internet on faith! is faith-based auditing a thing?
08:16:56 <Dave from B> What is Jim from Big sky's FB page called?
08:17:10 <Jake> Yellowstone Tour Guides I think
08:17:20 <Dave from B> Thanks,'re right
08:17:37 <Will B> Over NPS radio incident was NW of Porkchop off trail. The spring that the person fell into was about 10' X6' We are thinking it is Primrose Spring. Something red was seen floating in the pool by the life flight helicopter but could not be seen by he ranger on the ground. There were sandles on the side of the pool and a wallet floating in the pool. Sister said they were off boardwalk.
08:17:39 <Mike J> Okay Jake. I thought that was funny enough to make me sign in.
08:18:03 <Will B> The sister came back and reported the incident at the museum.
08:19:11 <Will B> Later on the family member was notified of the likely outcome.
08:19:38 <ynpvisitor81> Will I thought Primrose was in Porcelain Could it be Orpiment?
08:19:54 <Dave from B> Thank you, Will
08:20:02 <Will B> Rocco said Primrose....
08:20:14 <Will B> i have no idea about norris features
08:20:43 <Jake> there's really only 1 spring that fits that description NW of Porkchop on aerial imagery
08:20:59 <ynpvisitor81> Acording to T. Scott's book Primrose is in Porcelain.
08:21:05 <Jake>,-110.7099996,175m/data=!3m1!1e3
08:21:09 <Will B> ok
08:21:21 <Will B> like i said i know nothing about norris
08:21:46 <ynpvisitor81> Names at Norris are always a confusion.
08:21:56 <Jake> that link doesn't quite work, have to change to Earth view
08:22:45 <Jake> it's just off the old Norris stagecoach road that is still visible as a line through the basin
08:23:12 <Jake> thanks, Will. You heard that on the radio or other gazers that were at Norris?
08:23:30 <Will B> NPS radio
08:24:30 <Jake> how was F&M? how much time did you put in?
08:24:49 <Will B> fun.
08:25:01 <Will B> i put in too much time
08:25:09 <Will B> eveil geyser
08:25:32 <Will B> anyways back to laundry bye
08:25:44 <Dave from B> Have a good day, Will
08:26:31 <Jake> wow, Will really wanted to leave. He quit 5 times in a row
08:27:15 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
08:27:23 <Kevin iPad> I didn't mean to chase him off!
08:27:50 <Kevin iPad> Morning
08:28:43 <Kevin iPad> My daughter's wifi works. The one at the
08:29:13 <Kevin iPad> Idaho Falls motel 6 should be called wi if.
08:30:07 <Eric> haha..morning kevin
08:34:46 <Eric> That is one thing I should fix here....the url shortener always breaks google maps links...drives me nuts
08:39:58 <Kevin iPad> Morning Eric. Thanks again for finding me the rooms. It was a short but great trip.
08:40:09 <ynpvisitor95> The guy must be some drug informer in the witness protection program. What better way to dissapear then to get swallowed by a geyser?
08:40:59 <Kevin iPad> Had a great time with Andrew and his parents.
08:41:40 <ynpvisitor95> Kevin, drive by the house a few times. The sheriff may be watching or you after missing jury duty.
08:42:15 <Jake> Kevin, your attempts to break Beehive seemed to have failed
08:42:24 <Jake> you gave people a scare though
08:42:49 <ynpvisitor95> We did get a minor out of it
08:43:04 <Jake> and you saw an Aurum up-close???
08:43:09 <ynpvisitor95> gosh, not even Friday
08:47:35 <Kevin iPad> I got two BH and one Aurum close up.
08:48:03 <Dave from B> nice
08:49:05 <Jake> how much time did you spend at Aurum in total?
08:53:56 <Kevin iPad> I had to wait from 1115 to 1633 for it (minus 15m for BH)
08:56:02 <Andrew> Hello
08:56:27 <Kevin iPad> Did you get F&M last night Andrew?
08:57:06 <Andrew> Nope "your total is 15.34, on a credit card.."
08:57:39 <Andrew> Dave when are you coming in?
08:57:42 <Eric> Testing maps url:,-110.7100994,174m/data=!3m1!1e3
08:57:59 <Eric> woot...fixed!
08:58:40 <Kevin iPad> Well you will get one sometime this Summer! I did get to see BH with your parents just before I left.
08:59:00 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew. I'm arriving July 8 for 5 nights
08:59:01 <Andrew> Yeah that was a really nice bh
08:59:32 <Jake> thx Eric. be sure to bill captbunzo for your time
08:59:37 <Dave from B> Andrew, have you seen F&M before?
08:59:51 <Andrew> Nope 0-6 with me in the park
08:59:57 <Eric> haha, can I bill you for any bugs I fix on GT?
09:00:08 <Dave from B> I'm hoping to get it off my bucket list in 30 days
09:00:18 <Jake> you can, you won't get paid, but you can bill
09:00:20 <Andrew> I hope sooner
09:00:28 <Andrew> for me
09:00:35 <Eric> cool...I know a good collection agency :-P
09:01:19 <Kevin iPad> I finally set there for 40 hours before I got my first one.
09:01:51 <Andrew> .
09:02:10 <Eric> That is a long sit
09:02:24 <Andrew> If will is up to next Monday. I hope to be out there
09:02:39 <Andrew> they are bats though
09:02:44 <Jake> Oblong ie
09:02:49 <Dave from B> Andrew, have you been threw any false locks at the rockpile?
09:03:08 <Andrew> I have never been there for anything interesting
09:03:18 <Andrew> Because they have never been active
09:04:07 <Dave from B> False lock is very depressing
09:04:09 <Kevin iPad> I have to run. Good luck.
09:04:12 <Andrew> I'm am also 0-2 in the end of the trip running through biscuit basin radio off ones
09:04:40 <Andrew> Bye Kevin
09:04:52 <Jake> it used to be "splashing in Main Vent" as an indicator for a possible eruption. based on last night's and previous year's observations that seems to be subsiding to just "steaming in Main Vent"
09:05:47 <Andrew> This morning I did get a steamy grand with Jim. One of the more bueatiful grotto fountains and south grotto fountains and a riverside
09:06:53 <Andrew> Jim and I looked at each other at this insane overflow from grand for like 5 minutes before it just rocketed up after we almost turban felayed
09:07:48 <Andrew> Well off to work
09:08:01 <Dave from B> bye, andrew
09:10:04 <Eric> What will be the next crazy thing to happen at YNP?
09:10:14 <Eric> Someone will try to ride a bear?
09:10:34 <Dave from B> We are due for a bison goring
09:10:36 <Kent> Sorry to post and run, but have we heard which thermal yet?
09:10:50 <Eric> speculation is primrose
09:10:54 <Dave from B> Then, in late June, forest fire will be started by tourist
09:11:10 <Kent> Thanks.
09:21:54 <Jake> Lion ie
09:27:22 <Eric> OF 1126 I believe
09:30:06 <ynpvisitor59> Please no, about the forest fire, let it be outside Billings somewhere that the stupid tourist does that
09:34:24 <Dave from B> 59, I was predicting the future, not wishing for a fire
09:35:00 <Eric> Yes, we all hope for no stupid...but Dave is good at predicting
09:35:54 <Dave from B> Have we had a bison goring this year? 5 last year
09:37:14 <Jake> unleashed dog on BW
09:37:44 <Jake> I predict there will be another dog on the boardwalk today ;) going out on a limb here
09:40:17 <ynpvisitor59> or someone too close to an elk
09:40:46 <kc (working)> BDC says norris is reopened but 'may close intermittently'
09:40:52 <ynpvisitor59> I predict somewhere in Yellowstone there is a massive jam right this very minute.
09:41:36 <Dave from B> Thanks kc
09:41:40 <ynpvisitor51> Jim looks comfortable
09:42:09 <Dave from B> Time to cover in the market the rest of the day...Enjoy BH
09:43:18 <Eric> cya Dave
09:43:55 <Jake> bye Dave
09:44:58 <Jake> I'd guess NPS will close Norris when they come up with a new plan to recover the body ando/or do more scene investigation
09:55:59 <Eric> They have a thermal pool boat...wonder if they will use it.
09:56:37 <ynpvisitor81> The last I heard, the boat had been destroyed by a snow plow
09:58:35 <Betty> hello all
09:58:42 <ynpvisitor11> Brian
09:59:09 <Brian> that's what i meant to do!
09:59:29 <Betty> :-D
10:04:59 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:06:53 <Eric> Bummer about the boat getting smashed by snowplow...that probably cost a pretty penny to build.
10:07:29 <Betty> hi Eric
10:11:26 <Brian> found a link finally...says that the boat only cost $2k to build
10:11:53 <Brian>
10:18:54 <Eric> Thanks read
10:19:38 <Betty> Hi Kevin. Still on the road?
10:19:57 <Eric> This is the boat I have seen:
10:20:39 <Eric> Would be cool to see a video of the boat going out into Grand Prismatic :-)
10:21:18 <Betty> I would not like to sit into that boat...
10:23:12 <Brian> it's funny...i really would like to go out on that boat...
10:23:13 <Eric> apparently it's pretty much untippable
10:23:59 <Kevin iPad> In Rexburg now.
10:24:23 <ynpvisitor67> That ranger in the video looks just like captain obvious haha
10:24:51 <Betty> hope you had fun
10:24:54 <Kevin iPad> I will pass on the boat. Kevin soup does not sound appealing.
10:26:25 <Eric> I found a still image of the Grand Prismatic trip:
10:26:26 <ynpvisitor81> I talked to a peole that went out on Grand Prismatic. Because of the upwell, they felt like they were rowing uphill.
10:26:56 <Kevin iPad> It was a great trip Betty. Can't be bad with an Aurum and a Pink Cone!
10:26:59 <Eric> Wonder if the park service documented that trip with video or images
10:27:01 <Brian> it seems like the riskiest part would be getting in/out on the "shore"
10:27:06 <Eric> Lion
10:27:40 <ynpvisitor81> Brian, you are correct.
10:27:44 <Betty> cool. I heard you got GF on the way out
10:29:32 <Betty> BH splashes
10:29:38 <Eric> Interesting 81, that totally makes sense
10:30:22 <Betty> indy
10:30:24 <Betty> .
10:30:24 <Betty> .
10:30:25 <Betty> .
10:30:26 <Betty> .
10:30:27 <ynpvisitor51> indy
10:30:58 <ynpvisitor4> Everyone was off, unless indy quites in 1 minute
10:31:30 <ynpvisitor81> I was told a safety officer tied to require tha they wear life jackets. They refused. You were dead if you went in the water. No reason to prolong the agony.
10:31:33 <ynpvisitor81> Text sent
10:32:12 <ynpvisitor4> I think I had 14:11 or something like that. With Daves +/_ 2 hours I am in window
10:32:14 <Eric> Yep, life jackets are the least of their concerns...but it would make the body easier to collect.
10:33:04 <ynpvisitor57> Beehive Party
10:33:34 <Betty> is indy weak?
10:33:42 <ynpvisitor4> No
10:34:21 <ynpvisitor92> Thermal distortion?
10:34:23 <ynpvisitor4> I think we are used to colder days then 72. Not much steam, lots of water
10:34:30 <ynpvisitor57> Little Cub?
10:34:36 <Betty> yep
10:35:10 <Eric> BHI looks weak to me Betty...
10:35:44 <ynpvisitor4> LC looks week also, just no steam
10:36:03 <Eric> meh, LC looks like it always does :-)
10:40:00 <ynpvisitor4> Dave was closest for his prediction. Need to wait 2 more minutes to be on.
10:40:24 <ynpvisitor4> Woops, took too long to type. he is in his window!
10:41:42 <ynpvisitor4> I only see one floppy hat, are they not in this year?
10:42:09 <Eric> Only in the window if it actually erupts :-P
10:43:09 <ynpvisitor4> Wow, wrong side of the bed this morning? Hope Eric did not break BH.
10:43:46 <Betty> boom
10:43:49 <Eric> You did see the emoticon...right?
10:43:58 <Eric> BH 1243
10:44:09 <ynpvisitor4> Yes. Still...
10:44:26 <Eric> That means someone is speaking with tongue in cheek.
10:45:24 <ynpvisitor4> Some things are better not said, kind of like a sports player wearing the same unwashed socks all season, or not shaving.
10:45:42 <ynpvisitor4> Geyser Voodoo
10:45:58 <Eric> haha...graham must not be your friend then :-D
10:46:13 <Eric> He seems to hope for false indies
10:47:29 <Eric> I don't believe in voodoo can say what you want about geysers, they do whatever THEY want to do.
10:47:48 <ynpvisitor4> Not much steam today, lots of mist.
10:48:02 <Eric> No rainbow :-(
10:48:29 <ynpvisitor4> Looks like sunis wrong for us.
10:50:24 <Eric> Dome?
10:50:34 <Kitt> that was nice bee
10:58:01 <Jake> I went out for a walk. Did I miss anything?
10:59:14 <Eric> nope
10:59:47 <Betty> yep. A bird flew by
11:00:34 <Eric> anyone know this thermal feature name on Mary Bay on Yellowstone Lake:
11:01:07 <Jake> holy! what is that from? probably Steamboat Point
11:03:27 <Eric> Those are park service employees:
11:03:55 <Jake> NPS update on Norris:
11:06:10 <Betty> oh, did not hear about that yet. That´s a tragedy
11:06:50 <Betty> why must people leave bw`s?
11:08:30 <Eric> Thanks Jake
11:08:32 <Eric> OF ie
11:08:43 <Jake> still preplay here
11:09:50 <ynpvisitor57> Curious which feature they slip and feel into
11:10:02 <Eric> done here
11:10:23 <Eric> or maybe not
11:10:26 <Jake> huh, I am lagged...still going
11:10:35 <Jake> start was 1308 for me
11:11:12 <Eric> it is still going....just couldn't see it through steam
11:12:17 <Jake> 57, see a link I posted above for speculation on which spring it was. It's 140 yds off the boardwalk.
11:13:37 <ynpvisitor57> Thanks, I know the boardwalk turns into more of a dirt path in parts of Norris, but Pork Chop is all raised boardwalk
11:19:58 <ynpvisitor35> It says norris feature is the hottest in the park. Does that help?
11:44:34 <Betty> the cross is back :-(
11:46:41 <Betty> view is back
12:10:51 <Betty> Grand ie
12:22:02 <Kevin iPad> 1b?
12:22:45 <ynpvisitor81> yep
12:32:23 <David A pdx> good afternoon!
12:32:34 <David A pdx> so who are all the red people? Rajneeshees?
12:32:36 <Betty> hi David
12:33:15 <Kevin iPad> Communists have invaded the park.
12:33:25 <David A pdx> Hej Betty!
12:33:34 <David A pdx> sheesh, I guess.
12:33:54 <David A pdx> but it's the same color as the Rajneeshees - who invade Antelop, O/regon years ago...
12:34:39 <Kevin iPad> I hear the nps needs a new boat David.
12:35:51 <David A pdx> oh?! LOL!
12:36:21 <David A pdx> not quite done yet though. but it doesn't burn any carbon based fuel!
12:41:35 <Eric> IHi David
12:41:46 <David A pdx> Hej Eric!
12:42:26 <Eric> Does that boat you guys built use any glues or adhesives?
12:42:32 <David A pdx> Eric, do you remember the Rajneeshees?
12:42:48 <Eric> Yep...interesting group of people
12:42:51 <David A pdx> yep, the two main body parts are glued together.
12:43:02 <David A pdx> see the color in the lower right ?
12:43:09 <Eric> ahh, probably would not do well in almost boiling water then :-P
12:43:23 <David A pdx> LOL, probably not.
12:43:40 <David A pdx> It's some extra strong epoxy
12:43:41 <Eric> Yep, definitely that purple/pink/reddish color
12:44:14 <David A pdx> lower left. i'm dyslexic
12:45:12 <Eric> This sentence must be perfect for you then David: WAS IT A CAT I SAW?
12:45:33 <David A pdx> if they're wearing black beaded necklaces - THEY"RE BACK!!
12:45:50 <David A pdx> LOL!
12:48:42 <Eric> OF
12:48:57 <Jake> another slow starter
12:49:20 <Eric> seems like a large volume of water though
12:50:01 <Jake> yes
12:50:33 <David A pdx> taking it's time getting up... isn't it?
12:50:46 <David A pdx> or did I miss it?
12:50:49 <Jake> it's already been up
12:50:57 <Jake> this is the ending height
12:51:00 <David A pdx> ok. missed the first min/2
12:51:27 <Jake> when it sits down and does this lower stuff, that means it's a long
12:51:38 <Jake> (usually)
12:51:49 <David A pdx> cool! that's (usually) good info to know.
12:52:28 <David A pdx> appreciate hearing tidbits like that. thanks.
12:53:44 <David A pdx> raven flyby
13:04:13 <David A pdx> 76 in the park today! pretty nice!
13:07:22 <David A pdx> i'll be back later! have a good one!
13:18:46 <Eric> over 27 hours since last Aurum report.
13:22:36 <Kevin iPad> I don't think we missed one either.
13:23:13 <Eric> wow
13:23:25 <Eric> You back home kevin?
13:23:34 <Eric> or hanging out in Idaho.
13:23:37 <ynpvisitor81> Haven't been looking much today and too dark to see overnight
13:24:19 <Kevin iPad> In Rexburg right now.
13:26:05 <Kevin iPad> I think the one I got at 1633 the other day was the first one since the previous report. Walked by in the morning and Bw was dry.
13:28:28 <Kevin iPad> It did do something strange: It had the sustained splashes and them the bubble that usually goes into an eruption. It dropped down but did erupt about 90 m later.
13:44:00 <Jake> NPS called off recovery:
13:49:33 <Jake> Kevin, that's not strange on Aurum. It does that crap during the summer...glad you got to experience it! ;)
13:51:21 <Kevin iPad> I have seen it with big ones but this was the biggest I have ever seen it go and I have been watching it since the mid 80s.
13:52:55 <Betty> headed out. Night all
13:53:24 <Kevin iPad> Night Betty
13:53:27 <Eric> Night Betty
13:56:33 <ynpvisitor81> aurum
13:58:37 <Jake> hey, we were just talking about that one. missed it!
14:09:10 <Jake> Lone Pine report in
14:11:24 <Eric> big OF preplay
14:11:52 <Eric> like 20-30 ft big
14:14:35 <Graham> Daisy
14:14:58 <Eric> Evening Graham
14:15:20 <Graham> hi Eric
14:17:07 <Kevin iPad> Darn iPad. Keeps dropping.
14:17:34 <Eric> wireless is hard for streaming, especially at hotels.
14:18:29 <Kevin iPad> The wifi at the Motel 6 in Idaho Falls should be advertised as wi if.
14:24:11 <Graham> OF
14:53:31 <kc (working)>
14:56:40 <ynpvisitor40> another parboiled tourist?
14:57:43 <Kevin iPad> Did they put stupid pills in the water this year?
14:59:27 <Graham> not really a joke topic 40
15:01:12 <ynpvisitor40> i know. but if we are in the park and see someone do something like the story, or throwing stuff in the pools, and no park ranger is around, what is the correct/best way to handle something like that?
15:02:45 <Graham> i think it is to tell them they should get back on the trail
15:03:03 <Graham> and not put yourself at risk or confront them
15:06:52 <ynpvisitor40> not being argumentative, but there doesn't seem much you can do because if you tell someone to get back on the trail you are confronting them.
15:08:12 <ynpvisitor40> you could take photos of the people involved and alert Ranger, but what can/will they do if they don't catch/see person in the act?
15:08:28 <Eric> Probably best just to alert a ranger if you don't feel comfortable talking to them.
15:08:38 <ynpvisitor40> it'd really tick me off if I see someone doing something stupid.
15:09:50 <Eric> The park service really should try to expand their volunteer program to get people on boardwalks.
15:09:53 <Graham> its up to you, many of us are ok with alerting people they should step back on the boardwalk, if you dont yell and scream at them it usually works
15:10:33 <ynpvisitor40> ok. thanks!
15:10:46 <Graham> staying calm is important
15:10:57 <kc (working)> photos and vids are admissible evidence
15:11:02 <Graham> but you dont have to do anything, just like walking along the street and seeing something
15:12:00 <Graham> i have taken photos and then shown LE so they know the right people were seen and what they were doing
15:12:14 <ynpvisitor40> LE?
15:12:19 <Graham> and you can always radion for LE or call 911
15:12:22 <ynpvisitor40> law enforcement.
15:12:26 <ynpvisitor40> duh
15:12:35 <Kevin iPad> I had to get on several people who were dragging walking sticks in algae and throwing rocks in pools. If you are upset they can sense it even if they don't understand English.
15:13:20 <ynpvisitor40> Talking about radio, is there a channel used in the basins by the rangers for just such a purpose?
15:15:19 <ynpvisitor40> gotta get going, take care, and have fun.
15:15:27 <Kevin iPad> Video and pictures are a great help to le. I know Will talked to a guy that came up the Grand runoff channel that told him to mind his own business in 4 letter words. How called le and gave them the description. He was in cuffs when Will got to the lodge.
15:15:32 <Graham> the VEC listens to FRS 4.5 in the UGB
15:16:56 <Graham> some of the volunteers have NPS radios too
15:17:17 <Graham> but not the CAM ops, outside our jurisdiction
15:17:20 <Kevin iPad> We were using the 4.5 channel to guide le to some off trail people. Various gazers kept track of them and they didn't know they were being watched. VEC monitors the geyser channel.
15:18:29 <Graham> then there are the webcam vigilantes
15:19:56 <Kevin iPad> It is funny when they get stopped. They try to deny it but all of a sudden all kinds of video shows up. Hard to argue with that.
15:20:59 <Kevin iPad> They forget video is everywhere now. Hard to hide it and most visitor treasure the park and hate to see jerks abuse it.
15:23:32 <Eric> Live streaming webcams at each basin would help curtail these off boardwalk issues :-D
15:24:30 <Eric> They could be fixed mount wide angle cameras, with low frame rates. No operators needed.
15:24:31 <Graham> they have limited view though and mostpeople off trail never get stopped
15:25:23 <Eric> Not sure what the average number of watchers is on this stream, but I bet it's in the hundreds
15:26:05 <Eric> You have that many eyeballs, good chance someone will notice off trail people.
15:26:24 <kc (working)> anyone ever listen to this?
15:27:07 <Eric> Nope, didn't know it existed
15:27:49 <Kevin iPad> I have a hard time listening to anything.
15:30:06 <Eric> Interesting, wolf watchers have their own frequency in the park
15:30:38 <Kevin iPad> I wish they would post that you may be watched on video at anytime or place in the park. Place dummy cam domes in plain sight. That could slow them down a bit.
15:30:42 <Graham> as do geyser gazers
15:32:05 <Graham> SC major
15:32:57 <Kevin iPad> If GOSA wanted to they could apply for a freq on radios like NPS uses. You would have to have an FCC license and permission from GOSA to use it, but it should cover down to the lower basin.
15:33:31 <Kevin iPad> Radios cost between $100 to about $300.
15:33:57 <Graham> wish FRS would reach LGB better than it does now
15:34:20 <Graham> of course the radio peace and quiet is nice thgere too
15:35:07 <ynpvisitor81> So how much interest do you think there would be in getting a frequency?
15:35:17 <Eric> Ya, VHF license for GOSA would be pretty would get a lot more LGB reports
15:35:41 <Eric> and much clearer UGB reports :-)
15:35:50 <Graham> would dave people driving back with overflow time
15:35:56 <Graham> or save
15:36:11 <Graham> battery use might be a problem tho?
15:37:11 <ynpvisitor81> If you are serious about this idea, find out some of the details and contact Dave Monteith
15:42:19 <Kevin iPad> It could be interesting. Those without a radio could access it on a scanner.
15:45:20 <Graham> Dome
15:53:58 <ynpvisitor21> another Grand Prosmatic trepass. See FB page
15:54:31 <Eric> Ya, posted earlier
15:54:48 <Eric> These radios for under $30 would work for licensed VHF talk:
15:55:29 <ynpvisitor81> I just got four emails from the park reminding researchers about the dangers of the thermal areas and asking that we review our saftey plans.
15:57:45 <Graham> OF
15:58:41 <Kevin iPad> That may be an idea worth looking at.
16:01:55 <Kevin iPad> This sure has been a bad year for the park officials. The bad thing is I can see more fences in our future alone with places we can go being put off limits (like White Creek was).
16:07:31 <ynpvisitor97> They would have to make personal fences to keep everyone safe. Read where someone was run over by the west entrance.
16:10:28 <kcmule> castle
16:17:02 <ynpvisitor97> New news.
16:17:11 <ynpvisitor97> Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, of Portland, slipped and fell in a hot spring near Porkchop Geyser Tuesday afternoon
16:17:35 <ynpvisitor97> Rangers confirmed Scott's death Tuesday evening, the park said. An effort to retrieve his remains was called off Wednesday because there was nothing that could safely be recovered, park spokeswoman Charissa Reid said.
16:24:29 <ynpvisitor97> What is the reflection from?
16:26:27 <ynpvisitor97> That is a tall Castle
16:27:53 <Eric> Nice looking
17:12:10 <Graham> This is sad .... “They were able to recover a few personal effects,” park spokeswoman Charissa Reid said. “There were no remains left to recover.”
18:01:53 <Graham> goodnighgt
18:02:39 <kcmule> nite
18:39:26 <ynpvisitor51> Grand ie
18:55:19 <ynpvisitor76> It might be time for volunteers or nps staff at every thermal area in the park...probably around 15 on duty at all times
18:55:43 <ynpvisitor76> It might be the only way to stop this nonsense
18:59:00 <ynpvisitor51> or the NPS will put up fences along all the boardwalks
19:01:23 <ynpvisitor76> I don't think things will stop until there is a presence in all the basins. Maybe gazers can fill a need. C'mon,'s time to ask for help from the gazer group.
19:29:27 <ynpvisitor37> Or it is time to let natural selection work.
19:35:57 <ynpvisitor37> Or replace the signs of the kid falling in a hot spot with a picture of human bones in a hot spring.
20:01:26 <ynpvisitor76> 5 million people in YNP annually. It is time we have enough staff to protect the resource
20:06:24 <kcmule> lion ini
20:07:55 <kcmule> nice scene for after 2200