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02:55:46 <Betty> Daisy
03:21:54 <Betty> OF
03:55:50 <ynpvisitor57> Penta going per Jim
03:56:23 <Betty> yep. Morning Graham
03:56:42 <Graham> morning
03:57:28 <Betty> Kitt is at BH. She´s there since I am on
04:06:32 <Graham> yeah, its that time again
04:07:35 <Betty> first Turban per Jim
04:16:05 <Betty> Riverside ie
04:30:07 <DGInc> hello everyone
04:30:22 <Betty> hi DG
04:30:40 <DGInc> hi Betty
04:37:18 <DGInc> GT can be sometimes idiotically slow...
04:41:29 <DGInc> maybe Spasmodic?
04:49:26 <Graham> i am not seeing GT slowness
04:50:18 <DGInc> no, it might be because I'm rendering a video with my CPU, which sucks
04:51:04 <DGInc> other than that, the live streams are still loading very quick
04:52:26 <DGInc> hopefully they are also synced up
05:03:55 <DGInc> well... if GT is still slow with changed priority for Firefox, then I don't know it anymore
05:04:27 <Betty> Oblong?
05:05:01 <DGInc> JimS is there, hopefully he can give us an answer
05:06:07 <DGInc> Oblong 0704 ns per JimS
05:08:29 <DGInc> OF
05:08:32 <Graham> OF
05:08:33 <Betty> OF
05:10:01 <DGInc> still in sync with the others =)
05:15:12 <DGInc> Castle
05:15:26 <DGInc> looks like 0715
05:15:32 <Betty> strong start
05:15:48 <DGInc> now the rest of the eruption
05:16:05 <DGInc> JimS got it
05:16:57 <Betty> Grand
05:16:58 <DGInc> Grand ie
05:17:13 <DGInc> also 0715
05:17:25 <DGInc> hi David
05:17:25 <David A pdx> Good Morning all!
05:17:47 <DGInc> good morning to you too!
05:18:13 <Betty> morning David
05:18:27 <Betty> oh, only a minor at Castle
05:18:48 <DGInc> is it already done?!
05:28:15 <DGInc> Grand: D0/T1C
05:30:57 <Betty> .
05:30:57 <Betty> .
05:30:58 <Betty> .
05:30:58 <Betty> .
05:30:58 <Betty> .
05:30:59 <Betty> .
05:31:01 <Betty> indy
05:31:12 <DGInc> yay!!
05:33:15 <David A pdx> wow 3 biggies in quick succession!
05:33:44 <Betty> text is sent
05:35:34 <David A pdx> thanks! got it!
05:41:28 <DGInc> hi Kent
05:42:52 <Kent> I flat out love both Indicator and "RainedOut."
05:43:03 <Kent> Hey DGInc
05:43:23 <Betty> morning Kent
05:43:31 <Kent> Betty!
05:46:47 <Kent> Not bad light this mornng
05:47:03 <DGInc> We're off!
05:47:03 <Betty> BH
05:47:44 <DGInc> looks like Beehive didn't want to erupt
05:48:49 <DGInc> showers!
05:49:06 <ynpvisitor51> doing a pretty good job of it.
05:52:18 <DGInc> bye Beehive
05:52:25 <Kent> A very nice performance.
05:52:28 <DGInc> see you next time!
05:52:32 <DGInc> indeed Kent
05:52:53 <David A pdx> that was cool!
05:54:36 <DGInc> Sawmill ie
05:55:02 <DGInc> nice jets
05:55:04 <David A pdx> Sprinkler is quiet - for the moment
05:55:16 <DGInc> yep
05:56:40 <Betty> Sawmill is a fun geyser to watch
05:57:12 <David A pdx> it is! but I like Spasmodic!
05:57:29 <Betty> a fun geyser too
05:57:36 <David A pdx> it is so busy!
05:57:48 <David A pdx> it's like whack-a-mole!
05:58:01 <DGInc> indeed
05:58:05 <David A pdx> nice jet
05:58:38 <David A pdx> well, my Swedish friends are here, and we have to start getting ready for a trip to YNP!
05:58:57 <Betty> yeah!
05:59:14 <DGInc> tall jets!
05:59:19 <David A pdx> yep! yippee!
05:59:41 <David A pdx> yeah they are! enjoy the show and keep your eyes open for us on Wed.
05:59:52 <Betty> I´m really envious, David
06:00:05 <Betty> Have lots of fun
06:00:20 <DGInc> ok David, will keep my eyes open
06:00:30 <DGInc> have fun!
06:02:08 <David A pdx> i may have a red sweatshirt on - or a yellow Swedish hockey jersey. not sure! LOL
06:02:21 <David A pdx> take care!
06:14:28 <Betty> Daisy
06:14:39 <Betty> we just missed Lion ini
06:34:36 <Dave from B> Morning Graham, Betty, numbers
06:34:58 <Betty> Morning Dave
06:37:18 <Betty> OF
06:55:13 <Dave from B> Beautiful looking morning in OF
06:59:48 <Betty> yes, ist is
07:04:26 <Dave from B> Good morning Kevin
07:05:35 <Kevin L> Sounds like it was. I guess I can go back to bed now!
07:08:47 <Mike J> Good morning to all, and a happy father's day to those for whom it applies.
07:10:30 <Kevin L> Morning Mike.
07:13:00 <Mike J> Current temperature in Phoenix, 96, with a predicted high near 120
07:13:20 <Mike J> I should have gone to the park for Father's Day just like I did the last few years.
07:13:33 <Dave from B> Morning Mike...Yes, Happy Father's Day greeting to all fathers out there
07:16:34 <Kevin L> Days start getting shorter after tomorrow.
07:17:16 <Mike J> One of the reasons I like visiting the park now - lots of sunlight hours.
07:20:16 <Kevin L> Probably going to be toasty up there this week. Supposed to be between 112 to 116 here all week so I am guessing it may make it a bit farther north.
07:20:19 <Kevin L> Lion
07:21:15 <Dave from B> Billings highs around 85-95 all week
07:21:44 <Mike J> So, how close to all time records for Vegas or Billings?
07:22:37 <Kevin L> Supposed to shatter the all time record here tomorrow at 116. Think the record is 112.
07:23:05 <Dave from B> Most late June reconrds would be between 95 and 100, I presume
07:23:09 <Graham> surprised its that low
07:23:32 <Mike J> We're gonna get close - 122 is all time.
07:23:44 <Kevin L> Humidity is very low (around 4%) so swamp coolers are doing a stellar job. I didn't even turn on my AC unit yesterday.
07:24:42 <Mike J> I miss the piggy back system we had in our other house. Swamp cooler will freeze you out, even at these temperatures.
07:25:56 <Kevin L> over 120 is really bad. I remember doing a paving job in Laughlin where it was 123. We had to make sure they did the manholes properly so we needed to go out onto the hot asphalt. They laid the asphalt at over 300 degrees. It was horrible.
07:27:20 <Kevin L> Have you seen those Mastercool units? They have a pad that is like a corrugated box and has a depth of about 8 inches. They are expensive but really do the job.
07:28:42 <Mike J> When Phx hit 122, I was playing part time in a country band, doing convention work. We showed up in the afternoon and they had us set up on a cement slab that had been baking all day. All set up, all tuned up, ready to go, and they said it was too hot, we had to tear down and move everything inside.
07:28:49 <Kevin L> Temps at the park this week aren't bad at all. Forecast is between 65 and 75!
07:28:50 <Mike J> Not quite like 300 degrees, though.
07:29:30 <Mike J> Funny seeing people wearing coats as we sit with the blinds closed and the A/C cranked up.
07:30:01 <Kevin L> II can relate on that slab. You would think they would figure it out befre you got tuned up.
07:30:36 <Mike J> Just the price you and I pay for picking on everyone all winter long.
07:33:19 <Kevin L> When I first started working for NDOT they didn't even have AC in our trucks. The gods in cartooon city said "iIf we put AC in your trucks then all you would do it sit in your trucks and not work". We complained to a State Senator. He called the guy and told him that he was to remove the heaters from all the vehicles assigned to the cartoon (Carson) city area if that was the case. We got our A
07:33:36 <Betty> hi Mike J and Kevin L . Seems you are hot guys ;-)
07:33:48 <Kevin L> I would still take the heat over the snow.
07:33:53 <Dave from B> haha Betty
07:34:13 <Kevin L> :)
07:34:39 <Betty> we are currently at 64. I´m freezing a bit
07:36:01 <Graham> 80 and 43% here
07:36:03 <Kevin L> Once you get used to living in the desert it is tough to leave it. There are a few tough months, but for the most part it is great.
07:36:14 <Mike J> "Currently at 64" Betty, that is a little bit cruel.
07:36:31 <Betty> it is :-(
07:36:55 <Mike J> Kevin, I was born here, so I really don't know any better. Start thinking about a sweater when it gets in the 70s.
07:36:58 <Betty> I had to get out my long sleeve shirts again
07:37:02 <Kevin L> 88 and 7% here now.
07:37:33 <Mike J> Amazing the difference the humidity makes, though. The sun goes down, and it actually is not bad out.
07:38:10 <Kevin L> Same here Mike. I was born about 3 miles from where I live (as were all my kids) and I slept with 3 blankets and a bedspread last night!
07:38:25 <Mike J> And, Betty, you're killing me.
07:38:48 <Kevin L> The times I really don't like though is when the lows are in the 90s. I can do without that!
07:39:26 <Mike J> Monsoon season - higher humidities. Yep, a month or so of that and I'm ready for it to be over.
07:40:19 <Kevin L> You get that a lot worse than we do, but I agree 100% Humidity over 20% stinks!
07:40:27 <Betty> on wed they predicted high 80´s for us. sounds better
07:41:37 <Kevin L> Those days are bad for you Betty. I remember a lot of toasty Germans when I was there during the Summer.
07:42:34 <Betty> I´m born here, so I can deal with it :-)
07:45:31 <Kevin L> We walked up to the Kehlsteinhaus from Obersalzberg one Summer. (A totally awesome hike.) We were doing fine, but some of those locals were really stressing with the "heat".
07:45:54 <Betty> haha
07:47:09 <Kevin L> If you haven't done that one Betty, put it on your bucket list.
07:47:38 <Dave from B> I like the cold....kills bugs. Too many crawling creatures in the desert.
07:48:22 <Betty> it already is, Kevin
07:49:04 <Betty> I like having both: snow and heat
07:49:13 <Mike J> So that's three of us who were born where they still live. Kind of rare anymore. Anyone else out there?
07:49:52 <Kevin L> Funny thing Mike, I lived a couple of years where Betty lives!
07:50:37 <Betty> And my first stopover in US is where Kevin lives
07:51:21 <Kevin L> Funny how small the world can be at times!
07:51:32 <Betty> I´m always shopping in Henderson´s Walmart
07:51:44 <Betty> true
07:52:00 <Dave from B> Kevin, only my wife was born in a different hopspital. All born in Billings
07:52:29 <Mike J> My wife, my parents, and both my kids were born in the same hospital I was.
07:52:58 <Dave from B> wow
07:53:12 <Kevin L> That is neat!
07:53:50 <Betty> watch for Aurum, need to go to the kitchen
07:54:13 <Kevin L> Thanks for the warning.
07:55:39 <Dave from B> I feel sorry for my wife. She always has to share her birthday with Father's Day Weekend
07:56:14 <Mike J> Those shared birthday's are alwys a bummer
07:56:45 <Kevin L> Today is my brother's birthday so he gets to share it too.
07:57:29 <Kevin L> One of my friends had two kids born on April 23rd. That was interesting!
07:59:30 <Betty> back
08:00:02 <Betty> so is my sister-in-law with her brother. not twins!
08:00:54 <Kevin L> I think these two were 8 years apart.
08:01:14 <Kevin L> It was a family I met in Hanau.
08:01:55 <Betty> must be common here :-)
08:07:54 <Kevin L> Both the kids were bornin the US though!
08:10:16 <Betty> OF
08:10:32 <Dave from B> Time to head out, Have a great day everyone!
08:11:06 <Betty> same to you
08:12:08 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
08:27:56 <Betty> Lion ie
10:27:55 <Betty> Daisy
11:08:56 <Betty> nah, now I missed Aurum :-(
11:23:23 <Biddle> OF
11:23:24 <Betty> OF ie
11:23:36 <Betty> hi Biddle
11:23:46 <Biddle> Hi Betty
12:15:05 <Betty> OT ie
12:15:47 <Betty> Grand
12:16:34 <Betty> exactly 7 hour interval :-)
12:25:17 <Betty> yes, a 2nd. Nice
13:01:35 <ynpvisitor88> OF
13:04:05 <Betty> hi kcmule
13:04:59 <kcmule> howdy
13:06:22 <kcmule> daisy
13:06:31 <Betty> Daisy
13:09:49 <kcmule> sea of blue on Jake's prediction page now unfortunately
13:10:37 <Betty> yes, we used up everything
13:11:07 <Betty> would be nice for something unpredictable
13:23:29 <Biddle> Hoping for a short lion interval
13:25:22 <Betty> time to head out. Enjoy whatever erupts. Night all
13:26:55 <kcmule> nite
13:45:10 <kcmule> castle 1541 gt
13:45:36 <kcmule> guess theres our unpredictable geyser
13:57:12 <Biddle> sweet
14:36:24 <kcmule> OF
15:25:33 <Biddle> 'night
15:39:40 <kcmule> daisy
16:24:32 <kcmule> OF
17:38:15 <kcmule> lion ini
17:38:20 <kcmule> 1937
17:47:53 <kcmule> OF
17:48:20 <kcmule> last was probably a medium
18:31:08 <kcmule> daisy
18:33:21 <kcmule> penta ie too
18:37:53 <kcmule> congrats to cleveland, long time coming
18:58:39 <ynpvisitor79> Kc, does Sprint work in the basin?
18:59:32 <kcmule> afaik
18:59:35 <kcmule> grand
19:00:38 <ynpvisitor79> afaik?
19:01:13 <kcmule> as far as i know
19:01:48 <Kevin iPad> Thanks. Some friends going up now.
19:07:00 <kcmule> looks like oblong joined the fun
19:08:21 <kcmule> 2b
19:08:55 <ynpvisitor87> great photo. thanks cam op
19:21:40 <kcmule> OF
20:10:21 <Betty> Wow, 4 Grands a day :-)
20:11:14 <ynpvisitor17> and hopefully another BH soon
20:12:11 <Betty> Will miss that one, only lurking
20:12:50 <Kevin iPad> Up a bit early Betty?
20:13:48 <Betty> I'm almost at work already
20:16:28 <Kevin iPad> I am still another hour or so from bedtime.
20:19:28 <Betty> Have a good night, though you should not miss the amazing full moon gazing. Night all
20:21:10 <Kevin iPad> Bye
20:31:52 <ynpvisitor17> what a bright night already. love the shadows on the bw
21:07:17 <ynpvisitor17> BHI 2305 per GT
21:07:19 <ynpvisitor17> .
21:07:20 <ynpvisitor17> .
21:07:21 <ynpvisitor17> .
21:07:28 <ynpvisitor54> Looks like BHI is ie
21:07:43 <ynpvisitor54> :)
21:07:47 <Michael> Thanks. My page was frozen so long I had no idea.
21:08:25 <ynpvisitor54> Moonbows!
21:10:05 <David A pdx> gee! i'm finishing my packing for tomorrow's departure to YNP, and get this text!!
21:10:15 <David A pdx> great lighting under a full moon!
21:10:19 <David A pdx> good evening all!
21:11:07 <Kevin L> Hey David. Under 100 yet?
21:11:56 <David A pdx> 100? we had a lovely 70 something today.
21:12:39 <Kevin L> I could do that!
21:13:02 <David A pdx> perfect weather as far as I'm concerned!
21:13:39 <David A pdx> i'd love to be out on the bw watching BH right now!
21:14:11 <Kevin L> Me too.
21:14:25 <David A pdx> safe to say all of us would
21:15:56 <Kevin L> I can't believe how bright it is on the cam.
21:16:44 <David A pdx> full & near full moon light is awesome!
21:16:44 <ynpvisitor17> wow
21:16:52 <Michael> This is going to be good...
21:16:54 <David A pdx> BH
21:17:14 <Kevin L> Looks better non lit.
21:18:01 <David A pdx> can you imagine a time lapse photo of this under available light?!?!
21:20:37 <Kevin L> Giantess would look goo in this light.
21:20:54 <David A pdx> it will on the 22nd!!
21:21:37 <David A pdx> well, i'm signing off. enjoy the rest of the evening!
21:23:18 <ynpvisitor17> great way to end the weekend
21:24:09 <Kevin L> And it sets it up for tomorrow afternoon!
21:27:07 <Kevin L> See you all tomorrow (or later today for those not in the Pacific time zone).
21:35:10 <ynpvisitor17> Daisy