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22:10:00 <ynpvisitor22> yuk
22:12:00 <ynpvisitor72> OF
22:13:00 <ynpvisitor72> spectacular full moon view
03:11:54 <ynpvisitor17> OF 0510
04:47:47 <ynpvisitor98> OF 0747
05:46:55 <Dave from B> Morning
05:47:07 <Dave from B> Long wait at the airport. Thought I was going to miss BH and Grand
05:47:31 <Kevin L> MorningDave
05:48:23 <Kevin L> BH will be about 0945
05:50:37 <Dave from B> Edge giving me fits this morning
05:51:17 <Kevin L> Took me about 3 weeks to dump that piece of garbage and go to chrome.
05:54:07 <Dave from B> Dentrist appt at 0945 Kevin?
05:54:23 <Kevin L> Dr.
06:02:17 <ynpvisitor63> am I on time for Beehive?
06:02:39 <DGInc> there we go, Hello everyone
06:02:57 <Kevin L> Still a couple of hours.
06:03:42 <DGInc> last three intervals were around 14 hours. last one noted was 14 hours and about 30 minutes ago
06:03:50 <DGInc> 20*
06:04:07 <DGInc> big anemone
06:04:26 <Kevin L> But I didn't have to be gone for those.
06:05:25 <DGInc> hi Dave
06:07:02 <DGInc> anyone else having a choppy stream?
06:08:23 <Kevin L> Yes.
06:08:28 <DGInc> Turban?
06:17:56 <DGInc> Riverside
06:22:42 <DGInc> another Turban?
06:23:16 <Dave from B> No Turbans reported this morning on GT
06:23:24 <DGInc> Grand
06:23:42 <DGInc> or Oblong...?
06:23:57 <Kevin L> No need for it now Dave
06:24:08 <DGInc> hi Mike
06:24:27 <DGInc> looks like a Grand
06:24:29 <Mike J> Morning DGInc. Morning to all
06:25:12 <Kevin L> Going during OF window. A sure sign.
06:26:45 <DGInc> big splash from Bee
06:27:03 <DGInc> OF
06:27:53 <Kevin L> Kitt posted Oblong at 0823. Probably not Grand.
06:28:12 <DGInc> :/
06:28:35 <DGInc> it looked so much like Grand... It tricks me every time
06:28:58 <Kevin L> Morning steam does funny things
06:29:00 <DGInc> really?
06:29:02 <ynpvisitor83> grand now
06:29:12 <Kevin L> Now That may be Grand.
06:29:29 <DGInc> Grand...
06:29:45 <Dave from B> There we go
06:29:57 <Dave from B> Now, hopefully BH waits
06:30:02 <Betty (working)> morning all
06:30:03 <DGInc> hi Betty
06:30:11 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
06:30:21 <Dave from B> USA embarassment last night
06:32:21 <Betty (working)> ohoh, I see. you got 4 .... was hoping for a better game for the US boys and Klinsi
06:32:48 <Betty (working)> totally blackout?
06:36:01 <Dave from B> Our family loves Messi...his free kick was an awesome shot
06:36:26 <Dave from B> Looks like a beautiful day at OF
06:36:51 <DGInc> it is
06:36:57 <Betty (working)> watch out for David A pdx, he is in UGB today
06:37:09 <Betty (working)> time to head home. bbl
06:37:18 <DGInc> bye
06:37:19 <Dave from B> Bye Betty
06:37:36 <Kevin L> bye
06:39:50 <DGInc> GT is doing some funny stuff right now... Fading in and out when an eruption is entered, doesn't work that well, sometimes updating when there is nothing to update and no GT predictions
06:41:19 <Dave from B> Mine has alwasy faded in and out when there is a new entry
06:41:45 <DGInc> it does it for me too, but it doesn't highlight the eruption
06:42:05 <DGInc> that has entered or modified
06:42:18 <DGInc> has been entered*
06:46:55 <Dave from B> We shouls see a Grand crowd of gazers headed to BH very soon
06:47:14 <DGInc> I think so too
06:51:53 <ynpvisitor99> GT fades out when someone adds something to the previous day too- I think that is happening now
06:53:02 <DGInc> please go Aurum, we're waiting for you
06:53:30 <DGInc> this might be true 99
06:58:05 <ynpvisitor99> it is, really :)
06:58:21 <DGInc> LC ie
07:00:48 <DGInc> .
07:00:49 <DGInc> .
07:00:50 <DGInc> .
07:00:51 <DGInc> .
07:00:52 <DGInc> .
07:00:58 <DGInc> Indy!
07:01:23 <ynpvisitor50> Better to clean now then in 15
07:01:34 <ynpvisitor61> Quite!!
07:01:42 <DGInc> thanks cam cleaner
07:01:52 <ynpvisitor50> Someone wake up Kevin
07:02:15 <Dave from B> That should wake Kevin
07:02:52 <DGInc> who is sending text?
07:04:42 <Dave from B> I sent and received it already
07:05:57 <ynpvisitor92> Kevin is probably feeding chickens. Or turning them so they don't get too well cooked on one side.
07:06:19 <DGInc> haha
07:06:30 <ynpvisitor50> Something wrong this year. I do not see people walking away. They must have changed the hand outs?
07:07:14 <DGInc> probably?
07:07:21 <ynpvisitor61> Some walked away right at the start. Enough people there now to mean folk might be curious at least maybe?
07:08:04 <ynpvisitor99> the new handouts are mostly about approaching wildlife - in MANY languages
07:08:36 <ynpvisitor50> How to pet a bison safely?
07:08:45 <DGInc> not about the danger to walk on cones of geysers?
07:09:03 <DGInc> of walking on*
07:09:17 <ynpvisitor99> that too
07:10:27 <Dave from B> Any trugh to the rumor they are designing signs of someone putting a bison calf into a vehicle with a line through it?:)
07:10:33 <Dave from B> truth*
07:12:01 <ynpvisitor50> I think the next Bond movie will have a mad scientist try and boil him in a hot acid spring.
07:12:29 <DGInc> like Infant or Echnius?
07:13:05 <Mike J> 50, I love it. Have him run off the path saying "I'll be safe here". Then he crashes through the thin crust.
07:13:38 <Mike J> And then have someone try to save him by putting him in the back of vehicle? Nah, that's going too far.
07:13:46 <ynpvisitor99> the recent death has helped with awareness, somewhat
07:14:25 <DGInc> We're off!
07:14:46 <DGInc> run, people, run!
07:15:00 <ynpvisitor92> Fear of death is a powerful motivator.
07:15:01 <Mike J> I know it's been said on this site before, but, man, I wish I was there.
07:15:09 <ynpvisitor50> Nice day to watch indy
07:16:37 <Dave from B> Mike J, I was thinking the same thing
07:17:22 <DGInc> bye Indy
07:17:51 <ynpvisitor50> But Dave, who would cut the heads off of the fish?
07:18:45 <DGInc> an automated system that has to be invented yet
07:19:08 <DGInc> an automated system that has to be invented yet?*
07:19:10 <Kevin L> I guess I should have taken that shower when I woke up this morning. :P
07:19:26 <ynpvisitor50> You may see lion
07:19:48 <DGInc> bye Beehive
07:19:49 <Dave from B> 50, you really want me using a knife?:)
07:20:14 <Kevin L> Does your insurance cover that?
07:21:33 <Dave from B> Wrokers Comp doesn't cover me
07:22:20 <Dave from B> Man, this keyboard stinks!
07:22:58 <ynpvisitor50> That is cause you an an evil boss/owner. Right up there with the mad scientist that is going to boil 007 in the hot acid spring.
07:23:38 <ynpvisitor50> Never mind you employ(exploit) a dozen people.
07:24:08 <ynpvisitor50> DOn't know where that came from
07:24:33 <ynpvisitor50> I guess I have been listing to Berny too much.
07:24:59 <Dave from B> haha
07:25:16 <Dave from B> I like to think I help 12 people pay bills
07:25:41 <Dave from B> The fact now one has left us for over 5 years has to mean something
07:25:42 <ynpvisitor99> good answer
07:25:49 <Dave from B> now = no
07:26:12 <Dave from B> I know have 1 employee who has been here 20 and 2 others that have been here 10
07:26:22 <Dave from B> know = now
07:26:24 <ynpvisitor50> You forgot about the jail bird.
07:26:37 <Dave from B> That's why I can't afford a good keyboard
07:26:47 <ynpvisitor99> even if one just left now, it's still a good answer :P
07:27:13 <ynpvisitor50> Lots of service animals this year
07:30:14 <ynpvisitor50> You should add one more person. That fed-ex employee you pay for with all the air freight you pay in a year.
07:31:42 <ynpvisitor99> .
07:34:54 <ynpvisitor50> Well enjoy sc and sprinkler. Got to go finish a project.
07:36:48 <Kevin L> Don't forget all the people that buy all that good fish!
07:37:01 <Kevin L> And the fishermen who catch it.
07:37:11 <Kevin L> And the one who process it....
07:38:14 <ynpvisitor99> does David A have a smart phone? Maybe we will get some sprinkler times today- realltime
07:38:45 <Kevin L> Now would be a good time to watch it!. Either that or Aurum.
07:41:07 <ynpvisitor99> saw him on FB last night, he saw Bee Grand and Lion - but from a distance. Still good tho
07:50:22 <Dave from B> Very true Kevin, everyone involved is part of the company
08:25:34 <BIddle> daisy
08:25:39 <BIddle> ie
08:25:43 <Dave from B> Daisy 1025ie
08:41:56 <Eric> Morning Everyone
08:45:18 <ynpvisitor99> ..
09:07:02 <ynpvisitor99> .
09:08:06 <ynpvisitor58> out of curiosity. Why do you do that?
09:09:57 <ynpvisitor99> jump start when it says I quit
09:13:19 <ynpvisitor58> Does the chat page behave differently whe it says you quit? I've never paid attention to the "quit (timeout)" message.
09:13:35 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
09:14:01 <Dave from B> You'll be happy to know that Univ of Oregon finshed third in 3 school college trip.
09:14:28 <ynpvisitor58> what was 1
09:16:20 <Dave from B> Well, she is going back to Univ of Portland for a second look this morning if that means anything
09:17:02 <ynpvisitor58> Interesting
09:17:54 <Dave from B> A lot smaller school than she was orignally intersetd in
09:18:36 <ynpvisitor58> small can be a good choice fro some kids. I know a smaller school worked well for me.
09:21:00 <Kevin L> I like smaller schools better. Don't get lost in the crowd so much.
09:21:33 <ynpvisitor58> I agree
09:26:01 <Dave from B> Becca wants a school was some spirit. That can happen at small schools as well.
09:27:27 <Dave from B> She may also want to play club soccer which is a step between varisty and intramural which is sometimes difficult at a smaller school.
09:28:28 <Biddle> just realized i capitalized the "I" :P
09:29:13 <Eric> ohh, UP has spirit :-) Ask ANY UP grad...
09:29:38 <Eric> For a small school, they are pretty "spirit" heavy
09:30:11 <Eric> Surprised Ducks are 3rd on the list...good education school.
09:30:14 <Dave from B> I meant spirit not spirits, Eric!:)
09:30:20 <Eric> Crapload of school spirit
09:30:29 <Eric> Probably both :-)
09:30:32 <Dave from B> Becca was not impressed with education dept AT ALL
09:30:46 <Eric> Interesting...they have a good rep
09:31:03 <Eric> But I am not a teacher and have just heard 3rd hand
09:31:09 <Eric> OF
09:32:12 <Dave from B> You don't even declare education as an option until after your Junior year
09:32:26 <Dave from B> Seems a little late to me.
09:32:56 <Eric> I would expect it your Junior Year...the first 2 years of any BA is just general liberal arts classes anyway
09:34:11 <Eric> Lion
09:34:12 <Dave from B> MYes, many schools Becca has been to, you work on your subject that you will teach first then work on education later but I know at CU-Boulder, you work on both starting your second year.
09:34:46 <Dave from B> Lion inital...hard waking up this morning
09:35:04 <Dave from B> Eric, you hoping to get to YNP in 2017?
09:35:28 <Biddle> I will, hopefully
09:35:29 <Eric> Yes, I would like to...just finishing my planning for Maui this year :-)
09:35:47 <Eric> 20th wedding anniversary on the beach :-D
09:36:01 <Dave from B> Fun
09:36:20 <Eric> I really would like to make a fall trip the the park this year
09:36:44 <Dave from B> Let me know if you go....I can meet you for a beer or teo or...
09:39:14 <Dave from B> I could sit at Lion all afternoon...great view
09:40:39 <Eric> Yep...same for you Dave. If Becca comes to Portland, we should get together for a beer or X :-)
09:42:56 <Dave from B> I have a feeling if she doesn't pick UP, then it will be back to the book for more research. She loves green so may be headed to Seattle this summer. We shall see.
09:59:34 <Dave from B> No Aurum or Artemesia sightings recently
10:15:52 <Dave from B> Morning Art
10:15:58 <Art> morning
10:16:12 <Dave from B> I guess maybe it isn't morning any longer
10:16:34 <Art> nope, just got back from lunch
10:19:14 <Kevin L> Still morning here.
10:24:17 <Eric> Yep, morning here too :-D
10:25:13 <Kevin L> Nice. Didn't make 100 until 1115 today!
10:25:56 <Dave from B> It's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere:)
10:28:35 <Eric> Where you shivering this morning Kevin?
10:40:51 <Kevin L> It is funny. Here we dread Summer, but look forward to Winter.
10:47:20 <Eric> Lion
11:12:09 <ynpvisitor82> I missed Fluffy :( D*** phone.
11:13:16 <ynpvisitor82> Pardon my punctuation.
11:26:04 <ynpvisitor20> So what is the report on the road work and half hour waits?
11:28:11 <Art> Similar to last year Mammoth to Norris - Pilot car, long delays
11:29:02 <Art> They were staging and putting in steaks and erosion control last week
11:29:07 <Art> stakes
11:29:41 <Art> Delicious road steaks :)
11:29:45 <Biddle> steakes would be better
11:31:25 <ynpvisitor20> bioson or elk?
11:33:29 <Biddle> Cow
11:36:48 <Biddle> best dogbert quote ever
11:41:54 <Biddle> that link didn't work, trying again:
11:49:15 <ynpvisitor20> tall daisy
12:12:05 <Biddle> Hi Betty
12:13:00 <Betty> hi Biddle
12:13:39 <Art> Eric you online?
12:18:15 <Dave from B> Did someone say steaks?
12:20:10 <Biddle> everyone
12:43:24 <Eric> Hey Art...I got your note
12:46:13 <Eric> Booooom
12:46:14 <Eric> Grand
12:46:25 <Eric> Nice start
12:48:38 <Eric> OF was in there too right before Grand start
12:52:11 <ynpvisitor58> actually, Grand started first the OF
12:52:48 <Eric> ohhh, thanks! I was so excited by Grand...I only noticed OF because the camera didn't zoom :-P
12:55:47 <Eric> Go #2
12:56:29 <Eric> There we go :-)
12:57:41 <Eric> quick second
12:58:52 <Eric> In the immortal words of Porky Pig...."That's all folks!"
12:59:23 <Eric> G2Q
13:11:35 <Betty> LC ie
13:12:11 <Eric> Hi Betty
13:12:52 <Betty> hey Eric
13:18:50 <Kevin L> Not too shabby. I can cook my burgers and hot dogs on the grill and I don't even need to turn on the gas!
13:26:41 <Betty> what´s that on the alley? dog-dropping?
13:28:09 <Betty> no, the guy kicked it away. Think he would not do it if it was :-)
13:41:34 <Graham> hello
13:41:58 <Betty> hi Graham
13:42:35 <Graham> looks like its going to be a snoozer this evening
14:17:13 <ynpvisitor49> Hey, you may get one of those short BH eruptions.
14:17:54 <Graham> I am hoping for Dome, its about due
14:18:14 <Graham> we are over 7h, so it is possible
14:18:19 <Graham> for BH that is
14:18:46 <ynpvisitor49> Giantess is also due.
14:19:17 <Biddle> steamboat, giant, excelsior, and Stori-Geysir are also due
14:19:21 <Graham> i am not going to stay up for it tho
14:19:28 <Graham> Castle and Dasiy
14:20:05 <Biddle> a grand 10+1 burst eruption is due
14:20:21 <Graham> after dark
14:21:23 <Graham> so far its been a pretty normal summer for the geysers, best stuff is at Norris
14:28:17 <Eric> OF
14:35:46 <Graham> Daisy 1633
14:35:46 <Graham> GT is misbehaving
14:36:01 <Eric> So is this chat....server issue I assume
14:37:25 <Kevin ipad> Hey Graham, the Las Vegas NHL team is official.
14:37:34 <Graham> yeah
14:37:52 <Graham> now we can have east west rivalry
14:39:20 <Eric> I assume Jake or Will are on the server do something :-P
14:41:15 <Kevin ipad> The thing I love is the owner built the arena with his own money, never asking for taxpayer funding and has over 10,000 requests for season tickets before the team was awarded. Hard to say no to that!
14:44:51 <Graham> yep, seems like a good deal +500M
14:51:55 <Kevin ipad> Kind of funny that we have a hockey team and two major curling championships here in Vegas. Canadians love coming to Vegas in the Winter (despite the fact we don't have bison calves). Now all we need is a Tim Hortons!
15:08:33 <kc (working)> dont forget horizontal traffic lights
15:09:36 <kc (working)> looks like u have the celine dion angle covered already
15:13:20 <Kevin ipad> We do have a few horizontal traffic lights in the downtown area.
15:14:16 <Eric> Castle
15:14:19 <Kevin ipad> Castle
15:16:11 <Kevin ipad> Time to make dead trees into cool pens.
15:27:51 <Eric> sprinkler
15:36:54 <Graham> didnt expect Lion so soon
15:43:44 <Biddle> heading to dinner. bbl
16:01:12 <Graham> OF
16:23:47 <Kevin L> Daisy?
16:23:52 <Kevin L> Nope
17:00:01 <Kevin L> Daisy ie per GT
17:03:09 <ynpvisitor17> Go Daisy!
17:03:57 <ynpvisitor17> If a tree falls in the forest........
17:05:00 <Kevin L> Early one. Daisy is really stubborn this year.
17:05:33 <ynpvisitor17> It got tired of being taken for granted
17:06:25 <ynpvisitor17> Cooled off to 96°. Off to mow the lawn
17:06:32 <Kevin L> Aurum gave it lessons.
17:06:51 <Kevin L> Nice cool weather!
17:11:17 <Graham> so was Lion 1 and done?
17:12:06 <Kevin L> With your luck it may be.
17:12:26 <Graham> its trying
17:13:47 <Kevin L> Needs Geritol.
17:17:40 <Kevin L> There it is!
17:17:50 <Kevin L> or was
17:41:54 <Graham> quitting, goodnight
18:41:46 <ynpvisitor79> It has been proven, you can not fry an egg on hot asphalt in Vegas during a heat wave.
18:42:29 <ynpvisitor79> You can bake store bought cookie dough on the dash of a car if you have 5 hours.
18:43:08 <ynpvisitor79> I think the cookies were more dried out them baked. But it was reported they tasted good.
18:43:28 <ynpvisitor79> Is that Spit cone?
18:49:05 <ynpvisitor79> Kevin must be playing cho-cho.
18:49:08 <ynpvisitor79> Night all
19:04:43 <kcmule> lion
19:08:53 <ynpvisitor32> Surprise! Another series?
19:10:03 <kcmule> guessing we missed a 20:xx eruption
19:10:50 <kcmule> OF
19:11:35 <ynpvisitor32> 1h 40m on the last 2 and the one before this was just a burp.
19:38:12 <kcmule> daisy ie
19:39:29 <ynpvisitor32> Daisy?
20:08:08 <ynpvisitor11> Kevin. This is for Dave form B. Make sure he sees it. I am gone the next couple days.
20:27:56 <kcmule> lion ie
20:29:55 <kcmule> bhi
20:29:56 <kcmule> .
20:29:57 <kcmule> .
20:30:46 <kcmule> interesting lion intervals
20:31:03 <kcmule> maybe it is another series
20:31:27 <Michael> Yes. I'd love to know the story for the eruption before this one.
20:32:11 <kcmule> it did start slow, but i figured normal since last reported was a minor
20:33:08 <Michael> I don't have captures, but I'm pretty sure the duration was easily 5 minutes and maybe more.
20:33:28 <Michael> I like the procession of flashilight to Geyser Hill now.
20:33:57 <kcmule> 2 inis in 3.5 hours?
20:34:36 <Michael> That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either.
20:35:08 <Michael> Was anything going on at 20:xx that would have diverted attention?
20:35:52 <Kevin L> Wish BHI would have come later.
20:37:29 <Kevin L> Right between Daylight and moonlight. I guess artificial light will have to work.
20:38:01 <Michael> We could also get a dual with OF, whether we want it or not.
20:38:25 <Kevin L> That would not be good with this wind direction.
20:38:28 <kcmule> i cant say but 1hr 23m sure sounds like a 2nd eruption after ini
20:41:09 <Kevin L> That is a good flashlight.
20:41:40 <Michael> Boom!
20:42:04 <Kevin L> This is an interesting view.
20:44:26 <kcmule> indeed
20:45:03 <Michael> That turned out way better than I expected!
20:45:17 <Kevin L> For sure.
20:45:27 <kcmule> probably could have sent txt but its like 1am for some
20:46:28 <kcmule> kinda regret it but didnt know we would have pink floyd caliber lighting either :P
20:47:17 <kcmule> no problem calling OF a long
20:47:45 <Kevin L> Would have been worth a 1 am wakeup.
20:49:35 <Michael> Lookis like Grand might even wait for folks to get back there.
20:49:51 <Michael> and maybe another hour or two for good measure.
21:05:32 <ynpvisitor90> Grand had its shortest interval in quite some time last time so maybe a long one is in store next.
21:07:25 <Michael> Interesting. It sure isn't having another short interval right now.
21:08:41 <kcmule> grand
21:08:57 <Michael> With an assist from the lights.
21:11:27 <kcmule> could probably start a fire with it if its the same one
21:25:17 <Michael> I'm calling it a night now.