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04:28:42 <ynpvisitor61> Bee watchers at the post
04:53:07 <ynpvisitor10> you can erupt now Beehive, it's ok
04:53:20 <DGInc> hello everyone
04:53:36 <DGInc> Oblong?
05:03:58 <DGInc> Daisy
05:04:34 <DGInc> hi Dave
05:04:42 <Dave from B> Hi, DGInc
05:09:22 <DGInc> Riverside
05:13:16 <DGInc> OF
05:14:06 <DGInc> one cloud of steam
05:27:54 <DGInc> hmm... I think the last Grand was a C
05:28:01 <DGInc> instead of a Q
05:42:00 <DGInc> .
05:42:01 <DGInc> .
05:42:03 <DGInc> .
05:42:04 <DGInc> .
05:42:05 <DGInc> .
05:42:12 <DGInc> Wake up!
05:42:23 <Dave from B> I';ll send text
05:42:33 <DGInc> ok
05:45:16 <ynpvisitor73> Hope it's a honey of an eruption.
05:45:26 <DGInc> I hope so too
05:46:05 <DGInc> but if the wind direction is the same as it was when OF erupted, then we have a steam cloud
05:46:51 <ynpvisitor41> Nice thing to see when yoou power up the computer.
05:47:07 <DGInc> hi David
05:47:13 <David A pdx> Good morning all!! I'm back home.
05:47:15 <DGInc> and Kevin
05:47:18 <David A pdx> Hi DGI
05:47:59 <Kevin L> Have we had a camop this morning?
05:48:03 <David A pdx> Gee, i drive in to OFI and see BH going - with rainbow, and get back to the laptop and see BHI!!
05:48:10 <David A pdx> great timing!
05:48:15 <DGInc> not that I know of Kevin
05:53:50 <Dave from B> Welcome home David
05:55:26 <Dave from B> David, while you were in wonderland, Becca has decided to attent UP.
05:55:27 <DGInc> I'm curious how the people on the benches are going to react
05:55:44 <Dave from B> They are gazers, they have seen BH before
05:56:04 <DGInc> at OF, not at Beehive
05:56:10 <Dave from B> lc is out there somewhere
05:56:29 <ynpvisitor431> good
05:56:48 <DGInc> we're off!
05:57:23 <Kevin L> This should make a boring shift for me.
05:58:45 <Dave from B> Maybe you'll get lucky and get a F&M today
05:59:03 <Kevin L> No wind at all.
05:59:23 <David A pdx> pretty cool stuff.
05:59:46 <DGInc> I expect an F&M tomorrow, based on the recent intervals
06:00:32 <Dave from B> DGInc, you are more than likely correct...just trying t6o keep Kevin from getting depressed!:)
06:00:50 <ynpvisitor73> Actually it's very hot stuff. Don't touch.
06:01:06 <DGInc> k
06:01:07 <David A pdx> Hey Dave, I got 26 & 25 minute intervals on Sprinkler last week.
06:01:33 <Dave from B> It's a fun geyser. Wish it was closer to a bw
06:01:54 <DGInc> bye Beehive, see you next time
06:02:11 <David A pdx> It would be cool. Yep, it is fun to watch.
06:03:17 <David A pdx> easily ignored/overlooked
06:03:17 <ynpvisitor73> Big Kitty is still out there warming up.
06:03:52 <David A pdx> bbl
06:04:02 <DGInc> bye David
06:04:32 <Dave from B> In the distance in Norris Porcelain basin, there are also many smaller geysers that get ignored as well
06:05:25 <Dave from B> Which brings up an interesting question...How do they know where to put a bw in a thermal area? What type of testing do they do to make sure area is safe?
06:06:47 <DGInc> ground and heat testing using ground penetrating and thermal cameras on helicopters and drones maybe?
06:08:15 <Kevin L> I think a lot of the trails on the back side of Norris are a bit iffy. I know they have had to shut them down because the ground got too hot.
06:08:38 <DGInc> like the change in 2003?
06:08:51 <DGInc> anemone big
06:24:29 <DGInc> LC ie?
06:28:19 <DGInc> hi AT
06:28:30 <AT> Headed to UGB tomorrow. I'd like to schedule a BH for our mid afternoon arrival. Who's in charge of that? :o)
06:28:42 <AT> HI DG
06:30:10 <Dave from B> Most likely BH windows for next 2 eruptions are 2230-0030 this evening and then 1230-1530 tomorrow. Does that work?:)
06:30:46 <DGInc> You might want to ask Beehive itself. Maybe it's in a good mood and will erupt in 9 to 10 hours from now. Changes are high there will be no Indicator though
06:31:36 <DGInc> but I guess Dave has a more realistic schedule
06:32:08 <Dave from B> AT, check back after overnight BH for a better idea
06:42:52 <AT> I won't hold you to your projections, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've got three nights at OFI, so I'm hopeful!
07:10:25 <AT> Interested in whether any of you have thoughts about the Mystic Falls trail. I have a somewhat reluctant (read: lazy) teenager who I want to have a great experience with a shorter back country hike near OF. Looks like this would give us river, geyser overlook and not too much climbing. ANyone done this one?
07:12:25 <ynpvisitor73> It's OK. How about Lone Star. Only about 5 min. from OF to parking area.
07:13:16 <ynpvisitor43> Drop them at the end of the walk on the way into OF. Tell them there is food at the end of the trail and you will meet them at the end. Make sure they walk in and don't just leave them at the road or they will hitch a ride instead.
07:18:20 <AT> Lonestar is interesting and I've done in the winter. Could work since there's probably enough reports coming in at this time of year to get a reasonable estimate on an eruption time.
07:19:22 <Kevin L> Look for wild strawberries and raspberries along the trail.
07:19:36 <AT> mmmm.. that should be motivational!
07:20:19 <AT> Thanks all.
07:20:53 <Kevin L> it used to be a road so it it pretty much paved and no real steep spots.
07:22:36 <Dave from B> AT, you can bike Lone Star trail as well
07:23:33 <Kevin L> I had preteens that really liked it. It did tire them out.
07:28:32 <Kevin L> I think Summer is here now. Low last night was 93 and it was 97 at 0430. Those lows in the 90s are what I really don't like.
07:28:40 <Kevin L> Morning Jenna.
07:29:00 <Jenna> morning Kevin, we had a cool front come in last night so we're in the 70's today ;)
07:30:14 <Kevin L> That sounds nice.
07:31:41 <Jenna> I'm relieved. It jumped to July temps way too early.
07:35:45 <Kevin L> Same for us. We had a few days that broke the all time record by 5 degrees.
07:36:42 <ynpvisitor73> So your pickup sinks into the asphalt. No big deal.
07:37:19 <Dave from B> I'm nervous about an extreme fire season. REALLY dry in this part of MT
07:42:03 <Kevin L> We are importing a lot of smoke from california fire and have one of our now.
07:49:40 <Kevin L> Daisy
08:02:35 <Kevin L> Oblong?
08:17:25 <Kevin L> Lion
08:18:01 <ynpvisitor73> Big Kitty
09:17:39 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
09:17:58 <Eric> Morning Dave
09:39:29 <Kevin L> Happy birthday to George Marler.
09:39:59 <Kevin L> May Giantess erupt to celebrate....
09:40:43 <Kevin L> Lion
09:44:14 <Dave from B> Thanks for the reminder Kevin. Must be cake at Lower Hams today then
09:44:51 <Dave from B> Cake after next Grand. I better hurry
09:44:55 <Kevin L> Don't think I will drive up there to find out....
09:52:11 <ynpvisitor38> The Ice Cream could melt and the Cake stale before they get to eat it.
09:53:15 <Kevin L> 81 is toasty there.
09:53:43 <ynpvisitor38> Kevin broke the thermometer.
09:58:03 <Kevin L> Only 102 here now.
10:11:26 <DGInc> umm... I suppose Happy Birthday Marler?
10:11:34 <DGInc> hi Betty
10:11:57 <Betty> hi DGInc and all others
10:12:32 <DGInc> nearly 40C Kevin?!
10:13:18 <Betty> he loves that
10:13:33 <DGInc> I see
10:13:47 <DGInc> Aurum!
10:13:57 <Betty> nice catch
10:14:00 <Betty> .
10:14:01 <Betty> .
10:14:02 <Betty> .
10:14:02 <Betty> .
10:14:04 <Betty> .
10:14:13 <Betty> wake up, Kevin
10:14:55 <DGInc> it's gone =(
10:14:59 <DGInc> poor Kevin
10:15:09 <Betty> I bet he had a potty break :-p
10:15:18 <Betty> as usual
10:15:25 <DGInc> yep
10:15:50 <Dave from B> Arrgh...I missed
10:16:07 <DGInc> at least Kevin isn't the only one
10:16:16 <Betty> we made lots of noise...not our fault!
10:16:26 <Kevin L> Ugh. Grabbing lunch.
10:16:35 <Betty> bah
10:16:49 <Betty> lunch is overrated
10:17:12 <Kevin L> Not when you haven't had breakfast.
10:17:19 <DGInc> oh
10:17:37 <Betty> :-D
10:17:56 <Dave from B> I have to keep sound off at work
10:18:19 <DGInc> boss' fault for Dave missing Aurum
10:18:25 <Kevin L> I don't usually wear ears when I am on the cam.
10:18:37 <Dave from B> D*** Boss
10:18:37 <Betty> Dave IS the boss. lol
10:20:56 <DGInc> anyways... what was I doing again...
10:30:46 <DGInc> alright... almost set up an Excel for Strokkur times. Only some formulas are needed
10:32:01 <ynpvisitor603> Posted a video to the Facebook group of Strokkur from this morning that a non-gazer friend took
10:33:36 <DGInc> Daisy
10:34:19 <Betty> Kevin having desert?
10:34:51 <Betty> dessert
10:34:57 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:35:07 <Jimbo Tantalum> Daisert
10:35:15 <Betty> hehe
10:35:17 <DGInc> sleep well
10:54:43 <DGInc> looks like someone is getting married
10:56:00 <Kevin L> Good thing they aen't trying it by Grand.
10:56:02 <ynpvisitor603> Without a permit that can get you a ticket
10:56:16 <Eric> Nice....good call on their part
10:56:24 <Eric> Nope, don't think so 603
10:56:52 <DGInc> Lion
10:56:52 <Eric> Not used in commerce, so photos like that should be ok
10:56:59 <ynpvisitor603> Eric, Guess a couple folks got a ticket last month over in Hayden Valley for doing the same thing
10:57:02 <Betty> Lion
10:57:04 <ynpvisitor603> Lion
10:57:16 <Eric> hmm, wonder what the ticket was for?
10:57:23 <Eric> Lion
10:57:26 <Eric> I felt left out
10:57:47 <DGInc> pretty nice eruption so far
10:57:49 <Betty> maybe they tried to marry on a bison
10:58:00 <DGInc> haha
10:58:00 <ynpvisitor603> So I just heard about this a couple weeks ago, and had never heard it before. Basically you need a permit in order to have a wedding in the park?
10:58:21 <Dave from B> Makes sense
10:58:40 <Dave from B> Wouldn't you need a permit if it was held in a city park?
10:59:05 <ynpvisitor603>
11:01:10 <Betty> Castle
11:01:20 <DGInc> yep
11:02:49 <DGInc> you forgot the WC tag Betty
11:03:22 <Betty> oops, thanks
11:03:31 <DGInc> np =)
11:04:09 <Jimbo Tantalum> So, will the geysers be wearing white?
11:04:35 <Betty> they will erupt with a bridalvail
11:04:47 <ynpvisitor603> Found the Yellowstone NPS Wedding guidance
11:04:52 <ynpvisitor603>
11:10:20 <Eric> That is insane that it is required and provides zero help to those getting married.
11:10:22 <Eric> Castle
11:10:38 <Eric> Thanks for sharing 603
11:11:10 <Eric> So just don't call it a wedding :-P
11:13:01 <ynpvisitor32> hmmm, what to call it that doesn't require a NPS permit....
11:13:34 <Kevin L> Domestic partner incorporation.
11:15:37 <ynpvisitor32> Public DPI's require a form filled out in triplicate under CFR 295.11 (c)
11:15:52 <Kevin L> My guess is they had some problems with wedding where the bw was blocked, garbage left, balloons released etc so they had to put in controls.
11:16:26 <Eric> Yes, but I am sure they have those problems with every tourist that enters the park too :-P
11:16:50 <ynpvisitor603> Plus the wedding photographers are conducting a for profit commercial enterprise in the park
11:16:53 <Eric> Everyone that is attending already has to pay park entrance fees and such
11:17:09 <Eric> Depending on if they are getting paid...friends can take pictures too
11:17:43 <Eric> I agree with the commercial photographers getting permits or any other "commercial" activity in the park.
11:18:12 <Eric> Castle really ramped up
11:18:15 <ynpvisitor603> I heard the fine was in the ~$1,000 range
11:18:25 <Eric> wow...that is amazing
11:19:45 <Eric> But I guess in the scheme of things...oh well. Get a $75 permit and get married in the park :-)
11:20:10 <Eric> Cheap for a wedding venue
11:20:31 <Eric> Grand would be a great place....seats already layed out nice :-D
11:20:48 <Eric> Not sure where bride and groom would stand though
11:21:00 <ynpvisitor32> yes, but the altar would be warm
11:21:42 <Eric> I assume they would reject Boardwalk weddings
11:21:51 <Kevin L> I think the permit is like the fishing permit, more so they can set some rules and have LE aware of what is going on.
11:22:07 <Eric> Ya, makes sense kevin
11:22:49 <Eric> Great Fountain at sunset wouldn't be a bad location
11:23:22 <Eric> alright gotta run, have a great day everyone.
11:23:49 <Kevin L> I know at NDOT there were encroachment permits that covered items in highway R/W. We did require them of local governments, but the fee was minimal or waived.
11:23:59 <Kevin L> Take care Eric.
11:25:44 <Kevin L> Think Marlers ice cream is melting.
11:53:17 <ynpvisitor67> they should have known better than to plan a Grand after party....
11:59:26 <ynpvisitor67> F & M watch should begin soon as well
12:11:00 <Dave from B> ..
12:12:29 <Betty> Grand
12:12:45 <Dave from B> Party!!!!
12:12:48 <Biddle> 15 min to the party
12:13:05 <Kevin L> Time to cut the cake!
12:13:49 <Dave from B> Fast walkers get the cake:)
12:27:28 <David A pdx> Good afternoon all!
12:28:00 <Betty> hi David A pdx . how was the trip?
12:28:14 <Biddle> Hi David
12:28:22 <David A pdx> I'm slowly adding photos to flickr from last week's trip to YNP. Here's a quick video of the minor Castle on evening of 21 June:
12:28:34 <David A pdx> Hej Betty! too short! But awesome!
12:28:40 <David A pdx> Hey Biddle!
12:28:52 <Betty> nice
12:29:43 <David A pdx> this the view that welcomed us as we drove in to check in to OFI:
12:30:48 <Betty> that is an amazing pic
12:31:27 <David A pdx> thanks! you can imagine my reaction (I hadn't seen the txt alert!).
12:32:03 <kc (working)> bueno
12:33:09 <David A pdx> thanks kc!
12:38:20 <David A pdx> photos are being slowly added to an album on flickr:
12:38:32 <David A pdx> so keep checking back now and then!
12:42:14 <David A pdx> i've got to finish tagging some photos
12:55:20 <ynpvisitor32> hi
13:51:55 <David A pdx> take care! signing off for now!
13:52:03 <Biddle> bye
14:41:36 <Biddle> Hi Eric
15:02:34 <Eric> Hi Biddle
15:28:00 <ynpvisitor11> Is it my eyes or does it seem very dark, even for cloud cover on the cam?
15:28:19 <ynpvisitor52> I guess we are night gazing!
15:28:21 <Biddle> it does seem dark
15:28:33 <Biddle> someone grab a flashlight
15:28:34 <Eric> contrast
15:29:10 <Eric> cheap digital sensors are not good at it
15:29:32 <ynpvisitor11> I've never seen it appear this dark during the day before
15:29:56 <ynpvisitor42> I've hidden in a vault toilet near F&M with clouds like that
15:30:35 <Eric> Looks ugly to the left
15:33:38 <ynpvisitor42> Here comes the wind :)
15:35:59 <Eric> I think the Wind is affecting the OF pool
15:36:21 <ynpvisitor42> ruuuun
15:39:29 <ynpvisitor52> Wow! I've never seen the wind affect the cam like this.
15:43:28 <Kevin L> If there is a thunderstorm the rangers get people in from the boardwalk. There have been two people hit by lightning that I know of on the OF benches.
15:44:40 <ynpvisitor71> I noticed earlier, the cam seems to be running on a lower band width. Lots of Pixelization on my end.
15:45:22 <ynpvisitor71> Have them stand under a tree?
15:46:13 <Kevin L> It must be a dark cloud. The cam does look like it want to go into night mode.
15:49:35 <ynpvisitor71> I am getting tree sick
16:00:05 <Biddle> fun
16:00:08 <Eric> Sounds like get the heck off the BW time
16:01:02 <Biddle> if Great Foutain goes into wild phase then the lower GB lighting will be grounded :P
16:06:25 <ynpvisitor7> That makes zero sense Biddle
16:06:37 <ynpvisitor78> It is Marler getting upset with Grand's intervals.
16:07:09 <Biddle> the water will act as a grounding rod :P
16:07:14 <Biddle> it won't happen
16:07:45 <ynpvisitor7> Because why? And yes, it won't happen
16:08:43 <ynpvisitor7> Yellowstone is in serious need of rain, yet this is not going to help that
16:08:59 <Biddle> If it is in wild phase it is having 40-50 foot eruptions constantly... anyway, unrealistic ideas and stuff that won't happen is ending here.
16:10:02 <ynpvisitor7> Oh good!! And wild phase is not that, more like 10-20 ft bursts and then a LONG period of quiet
16:18:22 <Biddle> haven't ever seen one, and haven't redd Scott Bryan's book in a while, i was guessing.
16:18:25 <Biddle> :P
16:18:25 <Eric> Interesting idea though Biddle...wonder if geyser eruption has ever been photographed being struck by lightning.
16:18:43 <Eric> OF ie?
16:18:56 <Eric> yep, now :-)
16:19:21 <Eric> cool lighting
16:20:39 <ynpvisitor78> Not often is the geyser the black cloud.
17:46:08 <kcmule> another evening artemisia
17:46:43 <ynpvisitor42> interesting
17:56:37 <ynpvisitor34> Where the dark clouds?
18:26:02 <kcmule> daisy ie
18:34:32 <kcmule> grand
18:42:43 <ynpvisitor78> Great lighting
19:31:48 <kcmule> OF
20:27:30 <Kevin L> Should be time for BH.
20:56:06 <Kevin L> BH?
20:56:47 <ynpvisitor37> Lion ie
21:07:41 <ynpvisitor88> yuk