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02:24:39 <ynpvisitor27> still not fixed... how long is this white X going to be here?
02:25:41 <ynpvisitor27> at least Grand is having some 3-burst eruptions
02:29:31 <ynpvisitor27> well... bye I guess?
05:38:11 <Jimbo Rhodium> just hanging out 'til the X goes away
05:40:17 <ynpvisitor6> Riverside ie
05:45:21 <ynpvisitor4> maybe today is the day
05:53:32 <ynpvisitor1> Good morning everyone
05:57:32 <ynpvisitor4> morning- any news
06:04:02 <ynpvisitor1> Kevin or CC might have some when/if they come on
06:07:10 <ynpvisitor20> The webcam hasn't been working for me for the past several days (both on here and the nps site). Is anyone else having issues?
06:12:22 <ynpvisitor73> 20, it is happening to everyone!
06:12:24 <ynpvisitor1> 20, cam is down
06:12:46 <ynpvisitor1> Here I thought we were in a cave with a big white x.
06:14:02 <ynpvisitor20> Ok. I figured that was the case. Thanks for the confirmation.
06:14:31 <ynpvisitor1> I'm not sure how long it has been out
06:14:48 <ynpvisitor73> it's the x at the end of the tunnel...
06:20:17 <ynpvisitor20> I'm actually not getting an 'x', just a neverending loading animation.
06:49:37 <Biddle> :(
06:51:09 <Kevin L> Looks like I may have a day off.
06:52:32 <Dave from B> Any word from NPS regarding what is wrong?
06:54:21 <Kevin L> I just woke up but haven't seen anything. Heading out to get a few things done before it gets too hot.
06:54:30 <Biddle> morning Kevin, DAve
07:15:44 <kcmule> grand ie gt
07:27:13 <ynpvisitor79> X
07:27:31 <Biddle> x ie
07:27:58 <Jimbo Rhodium> I wonder if this is on a T-shirt?
07:28:36 <Biddle> yup:
07:29:32 <Jimbo Rhodium> of course it is
07:31:32 <Dave from B> haha
07:31:48 <Dave from B> Is that a "target" shirt?
07:34:21 <Biddle> i prefer this one:
07:34:40 <Biddle> wrong link
07:34:50 <Biddle> this one:
07:35:16 <Biddle> my copy/paste isnt working.
07:41:53 <Dave from B> I wonder if I could get through that whole thread without a typo?
07:42:04 <Dave from B> or link, rather
07:44:46 <Kevin L> This one may apply too:
07:45:36 <Biddle> ill put it throught the URL shortener
07:46:02 <Biddle>
07:48:07 <ynpvisitor62> Nice of the NPS to be so fast in updating. Bet if the cam op missed a few OF for something good like Grand or BH they would respond faster.
07:51:37 <Kevin L> Needs an Aurum Biddle.
07:53:48 <Kevin L> Cam went down Saturday at 0050. Don't think the guys that fix it come to work until today at 0800. We will see what happens today. I believe there is no overtime for government workers for non essential services.
08:03:35 <Biddle> i will be back later.
08:15:04 <Eric> Morning....what is up with the cam?
08:16:15 <Dave from B> We thought you broke it:)
08:16:19 <kc (working)> you must mean what is down with it
08:16:34 <kc (working)> op controls up, public down
08:16:39 <Eric> guys are funny
08:17:00 <DGInc> so basically this means only camops can report an eruption?
08:17:26 <Dave from B> They can make up whatever they feel like
08:17:39 <Eric> Interesting....I also noticed that the cam did not power cycle last night
08:18:23 <Eric> So I am guessing some network admin at the park service screwed something up :-P
08:19:09 <Eric> or they probably don't have a network admin, so just an IT person.
08:19:34 <Dave from B> Guess I better restart this page. I'm still number 1!
08:20:25 <Dave from B> I think I gave them your number for free technical support
08:21:42 <DGInc> IT WORKS! on my side at least!
08:22:13 <kc (working)> back up here too
08:22:31 <DGInc> sort of-ish... still quite a bit choppy though
08:22:34 <kc (working)> i'll send a courtesy txt
08:22:38 <Kevin L> :p. I was counting on a day off!
08:22:39 <ynpvisitor80> I have an image, it's choppy
08:22:42 <ynpvisitor80> but it is there
08:22:59 <Dave from B> Yeah...we will see BH today
08:24:02 <Kevin L> I was just about to push the button to send a txt but I guess I won't.
08:24:10 <Eric> Nice
08:25:03 <Eric> So Dave, aren't you going to thank me for fixing it, since I broke it :-P
08:25:37 <Kevin L> Good job Eric!
08:25:44 <Eric> Dave, try "/connect Dave from B"
08:26:01 <Dave from B> Yes. Thank you Eric. You were very speedy!
08:26:15 <Biddle> :)
08:26:30 <Dave> connect DavefromB
08:26:50 <kc (working)> if u have spaces in your name, try putting it between single quotes
08:26:57 <Biddle> Thanks for the text kc
08:27:05 <kc (working)> yw
08:27:22 <Dave from B> There we go :-P
08:27:28 <DGInc> what's going on?
08:27:32 <Biddle> Dave, if you do/quit and then /nick Dave From B it should pull you back in
08:27:33 <DavefromB> That's close enough
08:28:12 <DGInc> I wonder what the issue was with the webcam
08:28:15 <DavefromB> Thanks Biddle
08:29:18 <Eric> ahh, quit is the key :-D
08:29:27 <Biddle> probably some sort of blown switch or router. happens a lot in the world of networking and can be tricky to track down.
08:30:14 <DGInc> at least it works again :)
08:30:41 <Biddle> morning Jenna
08:31:13 <Jenna> morning Biddle
08:31:37 <Jimbo Rhodium> We now return you to irregularly scheduled geothermal activity, already in progress
08:33:03 <Dave from B> haha well put Jimbo
08:33:38 <Jimbo Rhodium> I try
08:33:52 <Dave from B> Eric, how's your room search going?
08:37:54 <DGInc> Two lightning-triggered fires - one at Bighorn and the other one at Bluff
08:38:46 <Biddle> THis is what i survived on while cam was down
08:38:50 <Kevin L> There was a lot of lightning last night
08:42:55 <Biddle> Does anybody know of a photo of UNNG-KLD-12 or if that geyser has a name now?
08:43:16 <Biddle> REad about it in T. Scott Bryans book and i want to see it.
08:55:40 <Jake> Biddle, there's a discussion on the geyser gazers FB page on the Kaleidoscope group I believe
08:55:41 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
08:55:51 <Jake> morning Dave et al
08:56:20 <Biddle> Morning Jake, and thanks
09:02:51 <Dave from B> Anyone else find 2 Tilt Baby notes odd? That would be an awfully short interval or a slow fill.
09:12:02 <Biddle> I can't find that discussion...
09:18:27 <Biddle> i have to go
09:31:25 <DGInc> OF
09:33:01 <DGInc> is it me or is GT very slow?
09:40:34 <DGInc> looks like the Trans-Atlantic cable is having issues...
09:41:04 <DGInc> and GT is down for me
09:51:10 <Eric> We back?
09:51:50 <Eric> GT is also back up.
09:52:32 <Dave from B> Hey, Eric. Did you get a room yet?
09:53:15 <Eric> No, haven't even started making plans yet :-P
09:53:50 <Eric> BTW, I think the server is having some database issues. So things might be slow/broken here and on GT
10:00:08 <Dave from B> Does your wife need a few roses or some cohcolate or a couple good books for a briibe... C'mon man....use your imagination!:D
10:02:34 <Kevin L> Wind blown Lion
10:05:36 <Eric> It's more work related than wife related.
10:05:56 <Kevin L> Work?
10:08:34 <Dave from B> Well, that's definitely another story. Hope it works out for you
10:11:10 <Kevin L> BH looks quiet
10:18:35 <ynpvisitor84> A group of student from University of Wisconsin Whitewater will be coming to watch the next eruption. When they arrive, can you zoom in on them a little so we can get a picture of them?
10:20:12 <Kevin L> It would have to be quick and worked around the eruptions.
10:21:03 <ynpvisitor84> Thanks.
10:21:22 <Kevin L> They have to yell "Go Packers!" too.
10:23:34 <ynpvisitor84> I think they can do that. I'll text them and let them know.
10:25:28 <Kevin L> You may want to let them know about BH too. It shouldn't be long.
10:25:49 <ynpvisitor84> BH?
10:26:03 <Kevin L> Beehive Geyser.
10:26:35 <Kevin L> This one. Better than Old Faithful.
10:26:46 <ynpvisitor31> Much
10:27:00 <ynpvisitor31> But not as famous
10:27:13 <ynpvisitor84> Thanks. Will do. The professor that's leading the group has been there many times and knows the park well
10:27:32 <Kevin L> You can either see it from Geyser Hill or there is an overlook on the back side of Old Faithful.
10:28:17 <ynpvisitor84> I texted the info to them
10:28:33 <Kevin L> It has been going between 14 and 16 hours of late. It is now at 14 hours.
10:28:45 <ynpvisitor31> perhaps
10:29:44 <Kevin L> If he has access to internet tell him to check for latest eruption info.
10:31:26 <Kevin L> Should have another Lion Geyser in about 40 to 60 minutes.
10:31:54 <Kevin L> It is the big cone behind Beehive.
10:36:29 <Eric> Are they geology students?
10:37:36 <ynpvisitor84> They are a mixture of geology, geography and biology students. They are on this trip to satisfy their requirement for lab science
10:38:19 <ynpvisitor84> The cool thing is the professor makes this trip accessible to students with disabilities, too.
10:38:21 <Kevin L> Their timing is good. they should have a good show in the next few hours.
10:44:34 <ynpvisitor79> Please hold Beehive for 15minutes. I need to finish cutting the grass.
10:46:18 <Dave from B> July 12 Close to
10:46:26 <Dave from B> Cone was first in Gt this year
11:01:06 <ynpvisitor84> Do you see the man in the floppy hat near the intersection of the walkway? Can you zoom in on them
11:02:01 <ynpvisitor84> See them waving
11:02:19 <Kevin L> I am in an Old Faithful window. I will have to wait until it is done. for a good zoom.
11:02:45 <ynpvisitor84> YES
11:02:54 <ynpvisitor79> ~~~~~
11:03:48 <Kevin L> Will that work?
11:04:48 <ynpvisitor84> That was great! thank you so much
11:04:56 <Kevin L> Hopefull I can get one of them with Beehive! :)
11:09:03 <Kevin L> If they have time have them go to Geyser Hill. There should be a Lion eruption soon and they will love Beehive. It is taller than Old Faithful and only about 50' off the trail!
11:10:46 <ge (working)> Hello to all
11:11:00 <Kevin L> Hi ge
11:11:16 <ynpvisitor79> And if Lion and Beehive don't cooperate, it's got Anemone, eveyone's favorite little geyser.
11:11:21 <ynpvisitor79> Hi ge.
11:13:06 <Dave from B> Are you the Marketing Manager for AG?
11:13:10 <Dave from B> :)
11:14:02 <ynpvisitor79> I might be the 3rd-deputy Marketing Director. Pretty sure Micah is in charge these days.
11:20:47 <Kevin L> .
11:20:52 <Kevin L> .
11:20:55 <Kevin L> .
11:20:56 <Kevin L> .
11:20:58 <Kevin L> .
11:21:02 <Jenna> .
11:21:02 <Jenna> .
11:21:02 <Jenna> .
11:21:02 <Jenna> .
11:21:04 <ynpvisitor84> I've never seen Beehive
11:21:11 <Jenna> well there's Lion
11:21:17 <Jenna> 1321
11:21:22 <Jenna> and Beehive is next
11:21:27 <ge (working)> :)
11:21:45 <Jenna> sorry Kevin, I didn't see your dings before I did mine :)
11:21:51 <Kevin L> Hopefully your group can make it there!
11:22:33 <Kevin L> Dings are good Jenna. :)
11:22:39 <Eric> BHI because I was heading to lunch :-P
11:22:50 <ynpvisitor84> I got a couple of good pics while they were at Old Faithful.
11:22:54 <Eric> had to log back in after I got txt :-D
11:23:23 <Eric> LC
11:23:31 <Kevin L> 84, the little geyser next to beehive is the indicator geyser. When Lion is over I will zoom to that one.
11:24:17 <ynpvisitor79> Most recently, Beehive's Indicator gives 15-20 minutes advance notice the Beehive will erupt.
11:24:20 <Kevin L> Get ready for an awesome show. MUCH better in person.
11:25:41 <Kevin L> Is this your group 84?
11:25:54 <ynpvisitor84> I can't tell
11:26:15 <Kevin L> I hope so. They will love it.
11:26:17 <ynpvisitor84> The prof is wearing a floppy hat
11:26:20 <ynpvisitor84> I hope so too
11:27:31 <ynpvisitor84> I just texted our group to see if they are at Beehive
11:31:00 <Kevin L> You should see some big splashes come out of the BH cone soon.
11:31:08 <ynpvisitor79> May not be an issue today, but anyone caught downwind of Beehive gets drenched with a cold shower.
11:31:36 <ynpvisitor93> the spinning circle is back
11:32:36 <ynpvisitor84> They are at Beehive
11:32:43 <Kevin L> :)
11:33:00 <Kevin L> It will be one of the highlights.
11:33:16 <Kent> Thank you
11:34:14 <Kevin L> You can sign up for a text message when indicator goes 84. Here is the link:
11:34:51 <ynpvisitor84> Thanks
11:35:59 <Kevin L> That is a weak looking indicator.
11:39:41 <ynpvisitor74> anyone else having cam issues?
11:39:41 <Biddle> hey 84, if you want to you can type /nick ___ to get a name
11:39:50 <Biddle> my stream is smooth
11:39:54 <ynpvisitor79> Boom!
11:40:02 <ynpvisitor84> so cool
11:40:13 <ynpvisitor74> wish mine was
11:40:21 <Kent> That's a good crowd.
11:40:31 <Biddle> lucky people
11:43:20 <ynpvisitor91> just missed it... dang it
11:43:23 <Kevin L> I am glad those kids got it!
11:43:56 <Kent> A good vacation experience
11:44:28 <Kevin L> If they have time, Grand is another great geyser. Should be about 90 minutes to 5 hours from now.
11:44:40 <ynpvisitor91> well... bye then
11:44:45 <ynpvisitor91> enjoy Grand
11:44:53 <Kevin L> Bye 91.
11:45:01 <Kevin L> Sorry you missed it.
11:45:18 <ynpvisitor79> Bye 91. Better luck tomorrow.
11:45:39 <ynpvisitor84> Thanks for your help Kevin! You rock!
11:48:25 <Kent> If you follow the "Big Dogs" the new issue of Yellowstone Science is a little slice of heaven.
11:49:19 <Dave from B> Kevin, thanks for being a good geyser ambassador today
11:49:55 <Dave from B> It is really quite easy to get tourists hooked to geysers with a little education.
11:55:04 <Kevin L> It is nice for the young kids to get something special when they travel so far.
11:56:52 <Dave from B> Becca and my wife must have convinced 15-25 people to stick around for Grand last weekend
12:03:06 <Kevin L> So many people just don't know what is there.
12:10:28 <Kevin L> I bet we missed Daisy for NH.
12:11:43 <Biddle> tis a bit windy. might be a delay
12:12:59 <Kevin L> Could be, but this is a lot longer than the other two.
12:13:24 <Dave from B> New Hampshire?
12:14:13 <Kevin L> Just wanted you to feel at home Dave.
12:15:02 <Dave from B> :d
12:15:15 <Dave from B> :d
12:15:18 <Dave from B> :D
12:15:24 <Dave from B> third times a charm
12:18:22 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, how long is the average king crab leg?
12:22:47 <Kevin L> Ugh. We missed Aurum by 1m for BHI
12:23:40 <Dave from B> That's a good question. I can go measure one.
12:23:59 <Dave from B> I would guess 18-24"
12:27:28 <Kevin L> Wow. I was looking at them on the crab fishing show and they looked long. I would hate to have one of those guys get a claw into me!
12:28:19 <Dave from B> I have some colossal king crab that are bigger round than some middle schoolers arms
12:29:23 <Dave from B> I've reached my hour limit for today. Time to go home and attack my home office. Have a great evening everyone!
12:29:43 <Kevin L> I bet you epend more calories getting the things open than are in the meat on one of those!
12:29:52 <Kevin L> Take care Dave.
12:30:41 <Kevin L> Wonder who the guy is that looked at one of them and decided he should eat it.
12:36:24 <Betty> yay, it´s back :-) good afternoon
12:37:12 <Kevin L> Hi Betty.
12:37:58 <Betty> hey Kevin
12:51:04 <Betty> I see you did some geyser education today? great!
12:52:00 <Kevin L> Nice that the group get to see Beehive.
12:53:03 <Betty> It is great to see something special like that. good you lead them to stay and see BH
12:53:53 <Kevin L> Their timing was great too!
12:54:02 <Betty> yep
13:02:47 <Betty> LC ie
13:03:21 <Betty> hey Eric
13:08:20 <ynpvisitor54> Kevin, you hear about UP 844 getting back on track?
13:09:03 <Kevin L> Yes I did. Will be in Denvber this weekend.
13:09:27 <Kevin L> I am taking over for Dave since he is gone!
13:10:01 <ynpvisitor54> Just a short trip for you, going?
13:12:35 <Kevin L> That is about 800 miles for me. I think I will be staying home.
13:14:01 <Kevin L> The really nice thing is now the crew will be full time on the 4014. The first trip with that was promised to the museum it came from which will bring it right by me!
13:14:43 <ynpvisitor54> Heck, my Dad used to go to Vegas on the weekends when they lived in Denver. That was when it was all 2 lane roads. Got stuck sometimes when the roads washed out form thunder storms.
13:15:33 <ynpvisitor54> At 80mph it is only 10 hours
13:15:54 <Kevin L> I remember the one lane bridges between Salina and Grand Junction.
13:15:58 <ynpvisitor54> Be hom ein time for cam op duty.
13:17:12 <ynpvisitor54> They even have that tunnel now so your car does not go asthmatic going over the hill.
13:17:36 <Kevin L> i got to ride behind it from Vegas to Kelso back in 1989.
13:18:26 <ynpvisitor54> Well I am off, enjoy people watching.
13:18:30 <Betty> I call it a day. Night all
13:18:35 <Kevin L> My car still does. That gut less Dodge has trucks passing me going up that hill! I could only get 45 mph on some of the hills.
13:18:50 <Kevin L> Bye to both of you.
13:19:09 <Kevin L> I would like some Starvin' Arvins biscuits and gravy though.
14:02:08 <Kevin L> Daisy
14:05:30 <Kevin L> jTurban 1550 D0
14:07:57 <Eric> yikes....axe attack on german train
14:08:11 <Eric> Hope betty is ok
14:08:21 <Kevin L> Think she is in bed.
14:09:01 <Eric> good...just noticed it was a southern bavarian train, not her area.
14:09:16 <Kevin L> Have to register axes now.
14:09:53 <Kevin L> She isn't too far from Wurzburg.
14:11:15 <Eric> don't think anyone was killed, so still much less deadly than a gun attack.
14:12:25 <Kevin L> She is about 100 km from wurzburg I think.
14:25:24 <Kevin L> Wonder if we have another long Turban or if one didn't get entered. Last post was a 29m interval at 1550.
14:50:33 <Kevin L> Finally got some Turban times. Looks like they just had not been posted.
14:51:05 <Kevin L> Another one due now.
14:52:50 <Kevin L> D3
15:11:11 <ynpvisitor5> I think they use 7 hours 45 m for the middle of the prediction window on Grand now
15:11:38 <Kevin L> Plu or minus 4 hours? :)
15:11:39 <ynpvisitor5> Castle is ie per Will
15:11:53 <ynpvisitor5> they say plus or minus 90 m
15:12:28 <ynpvisitor5> 6 hr 10 mi again last night, it is all over the place these days
15:13:04 <Kevin L> I really hate it when it does that. 6h then 10h then 6h again. :p
15:13:38 <ynpvisitor5> yes, whacky this year, and long sit for some folks
15:15:55 <ynpvisitor10> waited 5 hours for Grand the first time i ever saw it (1988). windows these days seem not-so-bad...
15:18:30 <Kevin L> The bad thing this year is how inconsistent it is.
15:19:23 <Kevin L> It has been pretty good the last few years but making up for it this year.
15:22:33 <Kevin L> Not sure where Graham is. I was staying on until he got here or for Grand, whichever was first but I need to head out soon.
15:23:54 <Eric> castle
15:24:31 <ynpvisitor10> it would be interesting to do a comparison of the shape of the interval distribution over the past several years
15:25:47 <Kevin L> It would be interesting. There was one year that it was almost unpredictable. Thinking mid 80s.
15:38:23 <ynpvisitor17> Years back during an interval like this I learned not to encourage visitors to stay - I had a nice family who never finished theiir tour (Morning Glory) and they didn't see Grand either before it was time to go
15:38:50 <ynpvisitor17> it's a tough call sometimes
15:41:41 <Biddle> I figured out what must have happened to the cam:
15:41:45 <Kevin L> OF window Grand will go now
15:46:45 <Kevin L> I knew it.
15:50:02 <ynpvisitor17> glad their wait is over, at least D6
15:51:19 <Biddle> OF
15:52:38 <Graham> sorry i am late
15:52:40 <Kevin L> Traffic jam?
15:52:54 <Graham> nope, that 4 leter word you have forgotten about
15:54:03 <ynpvisitor8> snow?
15:54:36 <ynpvisitor8> please have Grand be a 2 burst for those folks
15:55:00 <Graham> for us?
15:55:18 <Kevin L> That too.
15:55:57 <Graham> over 9.5 m, so unlikely
15:56:02 <ynpvisitor8> just kidding, thinking of 4 letter words that Kevin does not use
15:56:14 <ynpvisitor8> 2nd bursts can come at 11 1/2 m
15:56:29 <ynpvisitor8> their 3 burst was only 10 m total though
15:57:44 <ynpvisitor8> oh well
15:58:12 <Kevin L> Time to feed what is left of my chickens anyway.
15:58:51 <Graham> yes but that was the end of the 3rd, unusual for it to go 10 on first burst and have another
15:59:58 <Graham> you didnt leave much for me
16:04:31 <Graham> glad the eclipse has gone
16:10:39 <Kevin L> It is really hot out there!
16:12:17 <ynpvisitor48> it is nice seeing Sprinkler!!!
16:13:04 <David A pdx> and Sawmill!
16:24:38 <David A pdx> Sprinkler ie
16:50:37 <David A pdx> Sprinkler ie
17:01:17 <Graham> Daisy
17:15:53 <David A pdx> Sprinkler ie
17:16:50 <ynpvisitor17> .
17:20:43 <David A pdx> dinner time.
17:20:51 <David A pdx> have fun watching!
17:31:42 <ynpvisitor75> Depression is due
17:33:42 <ynpvisitor17> .
17:45:05 <Graham> goodnight
18:13:39 <Kevin L> Lion
20:29:02 <ynpvisitor63> I'm so happy i can night gaze tonight w/out having to refresh a stupid still image every minute
21:04:04 <ynpvisitor40> Sprinkler ie