Showing logs for date: 2016-07-24
05:00:26 <ynpvisitor1> Frost on the bw this morning
05:12:13 <ynpvisitor50> glad they got F&M last night
05:13:55 <ynpvisitor1> Another consistent interval
05:14:31 <Graham> all except the one when i was there
05:14:50 <Graham> no reports from Jim this morning, wonder where he is?
06:19:25 <David A pdx> Does anyone see any, very brief, spurts/activity at Improbable? Watch it for a few minutes and hollar if you do, or don't.
06:26:52 <ynpvisitor84> OF
06:35:31 <lc> morning Graham, kc
06:35:58 <kcmule> mornin lc et al
06:36:37 <lc> kinda cold to be dressed like that.
06:38:35 <lc> wonder if most of the gazers got F&M yesterday.
06:39:36 <kcmule> didnt realize it went, cool
06:40:38 <lc> I know they were down there earlier in the day.
06:41:06 <lc> need to text Kitt I guess.
06:41:14 <ynpvisitor64> lc looking at Facebook, sounds like most everyone was there, even Ben came over the hill
06:44:39 <lc> thanks..
06:45:12 <lc> glad they did,
06:46:28 <ynpvisitor64> Ben's post said it was wonderful conditions
06:51:27 <lc> just got text from Kitt, said "it was beautiful".
06:52:23 <lc> hope they can stay in 4 to 5 day interval.
07:01:23 <Graham> coupld of nice videos were posted on FaceBook. Tara's 99th F&M
07:01:39 <Graham> Will said lots of gazers were there
07:02:15 <Graham> notice the 9 day interval was when i was there :(
07:02:35 <Graham> or not there
07:05:13 <lc> and a storm.
07:05:35 <lc> I did manage to get the next one Graham.
07:06:23 <Graham> glad you saw it, the one I missed was rather wet I gather
07:08:21 <lc> yes, I was just leaving the hill when the cal splash in main vent, storm was coming over the hill so I went to the cabin.
07:16:05 <Betty> hi lc, Graham, kcmule and numbers
07:17:55 <lc> hi Betty
07:18:02 <kcmule> mornin
07:18:54 <Betty> looks like a beautiful morning
07:19:18 <ynpvisitor1> Sure does
07:20:47 <Betty> LC ie
07:20:52 <lc> bbl
07:21:01 <Betty> later lc
07:36:18 <Betty> Daisy
07:59:21 <ynpvisitor5> Of ie
08:33:35 <Betty> Hi Kevin
08:38:45 <Kevin L> Hi
08:41:00 <Betty> I'm on the run, it's festival Time.
08:43:15 <Kevin L> :) Have fun!
09:26:35 <lc> time for Riverside
09:56:46 <ynpvisitor65> Have a beer and pretzel for us.
10:37:42 <ynpvisitor70> grand
12:02:52 <ynpvisitor64> .
13:00:18 <kcmule> lion
13:00:54 <kcmule> ty
13:02:25 <kcmule> that 1hr 54m OF int is longest in a little while
13:04:18 <Graham> longest in the last 100
13:15:32 <kcmule> sawmill
13:32:05 <kcmule>
13:33:30 <Brian> great sound
13:35:25 <kcmule> thx, ears still ringing a little but could be from red rocks concert last nite too
13:40:07 <ynpvisitor70>
13:44:05 <kcmule> maybe try to catch it at speed next year, just might be a bit of a blur when stationary
14:17:13 <kcmule> OF
14:57:46 <Betty> BHI
14:57:47 <Betty> .
14:57:48 <Betty> .
14:57:48 <Betty> .
14:57:49 <Betty> .
14:57:50 <Betty> .
14:58:05 <Michael> Thanks for the dings!
14:58:19 <Betty> yw
14:58:38 <kcmule> ill send txt
14:58:50 <kcmule> 1657 start?
14:58:50 <Graham> and LC
14:59:55 <Betty> 1657 was the start, kc
15:00:47 <kcmule> ty
15:14:17 <Betty> BH
15:14:47 <Michael> I must be lagged.
15:15:03 <Michael> OK there it is.
15:15:41 <Brian> about the same as my lag michael
15:16:02 <Betty> odd
15:16:32 <Kevin L> It gets to Germany faster.
15:16:43 <Betty> hi Kevin
15:16:54 <Kevin L> Hi
15:17:05 <Betty> it knows I need to go to bed :-)
15:17:13 <ynpvisitor70> .
15:19:25 <kcmule> castle snuck in there betw OF and bh, oh well
15:19:49 <Kevin L> Probably Aurum too.
15:20:04 <Michael> Aurum is a sneaky one, for sure.
15:20:10 <kcmule> not sure what happened to daisy either
15:20:51 <Betty> hheaded out, night all
15:20:59 <kcmule> nite
15:21:01 <Michael> I'm heading back out. It's been fun watching Beehive with you!
15:21:24 <Brian> same here, bye all
15:39:48 <kcmule> daisy
16:04:41 <kcmule> OF
16:40:06 <kcmule> aurum
16:40:07 <kcmule> .
16:43:21 <ynpvisitor100> :p Missed it
16:44:07 <ynpvisitor46> was nice
17:14:51 <ynpvisitor10> Misse Aurum?
17:14:57 <ynpvisitor10> missed
17:24:22 <kcmule> last turbans 1901 1922
17:26:12 <Biddle> zzzzzzz
17:28:21 <Kevin iPad> Great 844 video kc.
17:32:59 <kcmule> thx, i didnt expect there to be dozens of others there
17:33:35 <Kevin iPad> I was surprised how few there were!
17:34:36 <Kevin iPad> The size of the thing is simply stunning.
17:43:19 <kcmule> OF
17:43:48 <ynpvisitor10> yuk
17:43:52 <ynpvisitor10> yuk
17:48:18 <ynpvisitor10> Sorry for the double yuk, was reading and writing email when the ding came in, did not see that I had the curser in the correct field.
18:12:29 <ynpvisitor10> Is that the famous Sprinkler?
18:21:20 <ynpvisitor10> tough crowd
18:21:20 <kcmule> grand
18:21:22 <kcmule> .
18:32:37 <kcmule> daisy ie
18:37:28 <Kevin iPad> Not much left tonight.
18:49:09 <kcmule> nope
19:17:23 <ynpvisitor54> Always Spit come, Aurum, and Giantess!
19:18:30 <ynpvisitor54> And great discussion on how you hide all the money you spend on trains.
19:18:48 <ynpvisitor54> Or beer and Pretzels.
21:02:15 <captbunzo> Hey folks, anyone around?