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03:39:08 <ynpvisitor59> indy
03:39:53 <ynpvisitor32> 0535 indy
03:45:28 <Kitt> got a text from Steve O who is in basin
03:46:56 <Kitt> no, no fluffy
03:47:15 <Kitt> not until after bee
03:47:54 <ynpvisitor55> hey Kitt, lc here
03:48:08 <Kitt> hello
03:48:21 <Kitt> Steve sent me a photo of yesterday
03:48:34 <Kitt> s bee from the boardwalk side
03:48:38 <Kitt> it was awesome
03:54:00 <Kitt> nice bee
03:57:46 <Kitt> fluffy says my turn bee
03:58:36 <Kitt> wow, looks darker there than on webcam
03:59:06 <ynpvisitor55> lucky we got to see bee
03:59:06 <Kitt> Steve just sent me photo of eruption
03:59:57 <ynpvisitor55> i'm sure it was better from his view.
04:00:33 <ynpvisitor55> cold there this morning.
04:01:30 <ynpvisitor55> we are in the 90's the next few days.
04:01:38 <Kitt> he chose not to take a bee shower today
04:02:11 <Kitt> we have a chance for rain the next couple of days, but I think it will still be quite warm
04:02:18 <ynpvisitor55> understand that.
04:03:27 <ynpvisitor55> we got about 5 inches of rain in the last week.
04:03:29 <Kitt> Steve said to tell you Hi
04:03:56 <ynpvisitor55> hey back to him.
04:04:28 <ynpvisitor55> sorry we will miss him next week.
04:06:21 <Kitt> Tell Ma that I can bring in tv trays so she doesn't need to
04:06:42 <Kitt> 2 should be enough plus my square folding table
04:07:20 <Kitt> they got snow again in the higher elevations this week
04:07:27 <Kitt> bring your warm stuff
04:07:51 <ynpvisitor55> ok, I will tell her.
04:08:45 <Kitt> I put Kevin's bike on the list so I won't forget it
04:09:06 <ynpvisitor55> thanks.
04:09:18 <Kitt> not a problem
04:09:36 <Kitt> well back to bed for a while
04:09:44 <Kitt> have a good day
04:10:39 <ynpvisitor55> you too
04:22:58 <Dave from B> Morning lc
04:23:33 <Dave from B> South Entrance closed because of fire...Beartooth Pass closed because of snow
04:32:38 <ynpvisitor59> that's a big hit for many travelers
04:33:03 <Dave from B> I'm sure pass will be open sometime today
04:35:10 <ynpvisitor55> morning Dave
04:35:17 <ynpvisitor59> I don't think North Ent needs any extra commuters today - but West should handle the Teton travelers
04:35:51 <Dave from B> Yes, Gardiner area should be crazy this evening
04:36:00 <ynpvisitor55> wonder how long south will be closed.
04:36:14 <Dave from B> Happy Birthday NPS. 100 today!
04:36:45 <ynpvisitor55> what is our best route if south is closed?
04:36:46 <Dave from B> I expect south to be open by Monday...not based on fact but it is a top priority for the Berry Fire Crew
04:37:34 <Dave from B> When would you be in Wyoming?
04:38:15 <ynpvisitor55> we get to Laramie next Wed.
04:39:29 <Dave from B> I would go Rawl9ins to Riverton to Thermoplois to Cody if road is closed
04:40:13 <ynpvisitor55> thats what I thought.
04:40:28 <ynpvisitor55> will add several miles.
04:41:13 <Dave from B> Wind River Canyon north of Riverton is nice. I have a feeling South Entrance Road will be open by Wed
04:42:14 <ynpvisitor55> sure hope so.
04:42:54 <ynpvisitor55> that is a nice drive, we have done it a few times.
04:44:07 <ynpvisitor55> went that way when they were working on the bridge between OF and West T.
04:47:39 <Dave from B> Last Lion interval after initial was 1Hr29min
04:47:53 <Dave from B> Getting closer to "normal"
04:50:31 <ynpvisitor55> Lin now
04:51:19 <Dave from B> Really steamy this morning
04:51:37 <Dave from B> Is Lion erupting?
04:52:02 <Dave from B> I looked away at the wrong time
04:52:32 <ynpvisitor55> pretty sure it was ie at 0650
04:52:57 <Dave from B> SteveO has it at 0647ie
04:53:09 <ynpvisitor55> must have missed most of it.
04:53:51 <ynpvisitor55> makes sense.
04:54:54 <ynpvisitor55> so much steam and I was not watching very close.
05:06:13 <ynpvisitor55> looks likee Daisy
05:07:42 <ynpvisitor55> BW must be slick.
05:08:19 <ynpvisitor55> time for some food. bbl.
05:29:21 <Jimbo Pa> Protactinium just won't fit
05:29:46 <Jimbo Pa> This is the unsung element one atomic number below uranium
05:30:41 <Dave from B> Morning jimbo
05:30:52 <Dave from B> And Good morning Chief Joseph
05:36:04 <ynpvisitor10> Happy Birthday NPS, and MERRY CHRISTMAS YNP!!!
05:36:33 <Jimbo Pa> Right with an OF eruption. Good job, 10
05:42:25 <Chief Joseph> How Dave. Me wantum geyser.
05:43:17 <Kevin L> Morning and Season's Greetings to all.
05:44:17 <Dave from B> I'd like to see an increase of temps first to reduce steam
05:45:11 <Kevin L> It is steamy today.
05:48:27 <Kevin L> Maybe you could get your braves to do a geyser dance CJ. Giantess would be nice.
05:49:40 <Dave from B> Or, how about a rain dance for fire relief?
05:51:23 <Chief Joseph> Braves at Running Bear Pancake House for breakfast special. Speak to them when they get back to village.
05:51:58 <Dave from B> Yum
05:55:58 <Kevin L> If Aurum went now we would never know.
05:56:18 <ynpvisitor13> At least Sprinkler is visible!
05:56:52 <David A pdx> Morning all!
05:57:20 <Kevin L> Morning and Merry Christmas!
05:57:31 <David A pdx> Happy B'day to NPS!
05:57:57 <David A pdx> Free admission this weekend.
05:59:22 <Kevin L> Wonder if the numbers will increase.
06:02:59 <David A pdx> fair amount of steam from SC. but then everything is abit steamy this a.m.
06:06:08 <David A pdx> missed start of Sprinkler.
06:09:13 <Kevin L> It does seem to be cooling down. We even made it into the 70s last night.
06:11:27 <David A pdx> a sweatshirt this a.m. feels comfortable, but highs will be ~95 in PDX later on.
06:11:55 <Kevin L> That is still toasty. We were just loww 100s here.
06:12:39 <Kevin L> My kid went up to Edmonton Canada to do a job and didn't even think about bringing a coat or jacket. He may come back with one!
06:12:54 <David A pdx> that is toasty. we are hotter west of Cascades than east - which is reverse of normal. humidity only about 18%.
06:14:29 <Kevin L> Wow. Our humidity has been up around 40 the past couple of days but it is down to 25% this morning.
06:17:06 <David A pdx> red flag fire conditions west of Cascades - to coast line.
06:18:21 <David A pdx> Hood to Coast relay race starts tomorrow. Will be in mid 90s when they pass thru Portland in afternoon.
06:19:20 <Kevin L> Ugh!
06:26:16 <Jimbo Pa> David A., why do you call it PDX? Airport?
06:30:36 <David A pdx> yep, it's airport code.
06:30:55 <David A pdx> compare with PWM for the other Portland.
06:31:18 <Jimbo Pa> Gotcha
06:31:34 <David A pdx> There was a coin toss between two settlers way back when to see if it would be Portland, or Boston.
06:33:24 <Dave from B> Way to be original!:)
06:35:37 <ynpvisitor71> That may explain why today so many Portlanders work so hard at being "different."
06:36:20 <Dave from B> I guess I shouldn't be so quick to criticize...our airport is also called Logan Int'l Airport
06:36:47 <Kevin L> I guess the brave must have finished breakfast.
06:38:18 <Dave from B> Grand start was 0825
06:39:13 <Kevin L> Missed the start. Multitasking big time today.
06:41:21 <Kevin L> That means a slow day for me!
06:54:57 <ynpvisitor11> anything to do around Billings Dave?
06:59:11 <Dave from B> Your family here?
06:59:25 <Jenna> must be, mom asked
07:00:55 <Dave from B> I would need to know what time they would be here to offer specifics. For a place to walk go just east of airport to Swords Park for great views of the valley...
07:01:12 <Dave from B> or to Riverfront Park or Norm's Island to walk along the Yellowstone
07:02:00 <Jenna> not sure about timing. They asked about minute man missile site info yesterday.
07:02:22 <Dave from B> For lunch, lots of nice places downtown on 28th St (Broadway) or montana Avenue
07:02:48 <Dave from B> Minite man historis site is in ND or SD
07:03:17 <Jenna> it's in SD. Just not sure if they were trying to get there today or not.
07:05:39 <Jenna> they're going to stop at Little Bighorn and were needing to fill the rest of the day
07:09:31 <Dave from B> I would get to Black Hills early. Plenty to do in that area. Pompey's Pillar is 25 miles east of Billings. Good Lewis and Clark stop
07:11:06 <Jenna> they are going to Gillette so not sure why they are wanting to backtrack
07:19:36 <Dave from B> Even Custer Battlefield is out of the way if they are going to Gillette
07:20:28 <Jenna> not sure where they stayed last night, somewhere in MT. Willis I think was the name?
07:21:51 <Jenna> not wanting to hike, so asked about a museum or anything railroad related
07:23:01 <Dave from B> Only Willis is Willison, ND around here
07:23:07 <Dave from B> Williston, ND
07:25:15 <Jenna> she said Willis. a friend has a ranch there. my sister lives by Williston.
07:28:13 <ynpvisitor59> Dillon?
07:30:34 <ynpvisitor59> or maybe Ennis?
07:31:53 <Jenna> she mentioned the crazy mountains
07:32:14 <Jenna> itinerary said willis, but I see a Wilsall
07:32:22 <Jake> update on the 502 Bad Gateway issues. The cause is known and I've made some changes that should be alleviating the issue. There might be a few errors here and there while I tweak the settings, but results have been good so far.
07:33:13 <Dave from B> Wilsall wiould make sense than
07:33:29 <Dave from B> So, Custer Battlefield is not out of the way if they're going thru Gillette
07:33:37 <Jenna> correct
07:33:45 <Jenna> there's a mine there he wants to tour
07:34:12 <Jake> The growth in installed Android apps has exposed some flaws in our system that ties up the server when all the apps start requesting data at the same time.
07:35:27 <ynpvisitor59> thanks Jake
07:50:27 <Dave from B> Livingston has a good train museum
07:50:45 <Jenna> They did that yesterday I believe
07:50:50 <Jenna> Daisy
07:51:16 <Jake> Holy steam cloud, Batman!
07:51:36 <Jenna> I thought that about Grotto too!
07:51:36 <Jake> I haven't been on this early on a cold day of late
07:54:20 <Dave from B> Coldest day in a few months
07:54:23 <Dave from B> morning that is
08:11:56 <Dave from B> Hey...have to leave for followup at oral surgeon...look for Giantess.
08:12:25 <Jenna> thanks for the heads up
08:13:33 <Kevin L> Thanks Dave.
08:15:30 <Casey> We'll be watching closely. Hope it goes well, Dave.
08:31:23 <Eric> Morning
08:32:16 <Jake> OF ie
08:32:18 <Jake> ns
08:32:36 <Eric> That was start
08:32:53 <Jake> and Castle....?
08:32:57 <Eric> yep
08:33:32 <Kevin L> Aurum is probably going in there too.
08:36:46 <Jake> Powellboy is on it. Entering in-basin OF times ;)
08:53:47 <Kevin L> Wonder if he is related to Chief Joseph.
09:04:22 <Jimbo Pa> Aurum?
09:04:24 <Jimbo Pa> .
09:05:25 <Jimbo Pa> Yup, it was
09:08:30 <Dave from B> ..
09:09:19 <Kevin L> :p
09:10:59 <Dave from B> Double :P
09:16:33 <Jake> Oblong ie
10:07:59 <Eric> of ie
10:08:24 <Eric> kind of
10:09:50 <Dave from B> kinf od?
10:09:55 <Dave from B> haha
10:10:35 <Kevin L> .
10:10:41 <Eric> I missed start and all I saw was the death throws
10:10:51 <Kevin L> Did Dr give you happy pills Dave?
10:12:33 <Dave from B> Everything is fine with the hole in my mouth
10:13:35 <Kevin L> For about 3 grand they could probably put a tooth in there for you.
10:14:55 <ynpvisitor26> more like 5 grand if you want an implant
10:17:26 <Dave from B> My dentist and oral surgeon have me confused...stand by
10:18:38 <Kevin L> Early Daisy
10:18:40 <Dave from B> My dentist is a sports friend (he was my asst coach one year who says I should get an implant. He doesn't do them so he doesn't benefit for saying that and....
10:19:13 <Dave from B> my oral surgeon who would benefit says if it was him in my spot, he wouldn't get an implant. How strange is that?
10:20:54 <Eric> getting baseball proof teeth?
10:21:20 <Dave from B> Really, Eric?:D I expect that from my desert friend...not you:D:D
10:29:54 <Eric> haha...couldn't resist
10:30:23 <Dave from B> You find a room yet, Eric?
10:30:23 <Eric> Is it a back tooth or front tooth?
10:30:29 <Eric> Nope...not yet
10:31:03 <Dave from B> Farthest upper back mollar...not a real necessary tooth
10:31:12 <Dave from B> right side
10:31:14 <Eric> yep...I would skip it
10:31:31 <Dave from B> That's the direction I'm leaning as well
10:31:35 <Eric> Wife just went through the same thing....those teeth are superflous
10:31:53 <Eric> any other tooth...yes get an implant
10:32:21 <Dave from B> only negative is that bottom tooth below it may rise over time
10:35:35 <Eric> rising teeth? Never heard of that before.
10:37:07 <ynpvisitor87> that matching tooth will change but I don't think it will be a problem.
10:37:21 <Betty> hi guys
10:37:44 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
10:37:45 <ynpvisitor87> hey Betty
10:37:47 <Eric> They could always remove the matching tooth later if it becomes an issue
10:37:50 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:37:58 <Dave from B> So, what should I do with the baseball?
10:38:07 <Betty> hi Dave, 87 and Eric.
10:38:44 <Betty> Thomas says hello, too. He´s getting the laptop ready for the trip :-D
10:41:51 <Betty> you would not win the jackpot 2 times, so you will not get hit again. go and have fun :-)
10:42:30 <Betty> if falling from a horse, get back up!
10:43:40 <Kevin L> Give it to the dentist Dave.
10:44:03 <Dave from B> haha...maybe as a form of payment?
10:44:07 <ynpvisitor87> give it to Parker
10:45:59 <Betty> oh, misunderstood, what should I do wth THE baseball not what should I do with baseball...
10:47:06 <Dave from B> Maybe I shouold show up to my next game in a football helmet?
10:48:10 <Kevin L> Full face guard.
10:48:15 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:48:23 <Kevin L> Hi Betty
10:49:10 <Dave from B> I bet they wouldn't let me thru security
10:49:12 <Kevin L> Dave,do NOT go to a Nascar race! You think baseballs are bad when they come over the fence...
10:49:27 <Betty> haha
10:52:58 <Kevin L>
10:53:25 <Dave from B> So, using those same rules, should not drive to YNP
10:54:27 <Kevin L> Driving there is OK. It is parking that gives me the problems.
10:55:18 <Dave from B> That was a crazy NASCAR wreck
10:58:29 <Kevin L> Lot og garbage in the stands
11:01:55 <ynpvisitor87> that was amazing
11:06:15 <Eric> That fence just got trashed.
11:10:26 <Kevin L> Not the worst one I have seen either.
11:12:53 <Kevin L> The strange thing is that was the end of the race. The guy in the crashed car crossed the finish line and was scored on the lead lap!
11:15:15 <Kevin L> BTW Betty Fröhliche Weihnachten!
11:15:35 <Betty> hä????????????
11:16:05 <Kevin L> Today in Christmas in Yellowstone.
11:17:48 <Kevin L>
11:22:47 <Betty> cool, did not know that :-)
11:43:22 <Betty> OF
11:43:34 <Betty> hä?
11:44:15 <Betty> I´m confused...
11:44:45 <Kevin L> Skipped right to new years?
11:45:41 <Betty> must be
11:47:50 <Betty> OF
11:48:10 <Kevin L> I'll buy that!
11:48:53 <Betty> :-)
11:54:14 <Eric> 100 years of parks today?
11:54:36 <Kevin L> 100 years of th NPS
11:54:55 <ynpvisitor59> NPS - specifically
11:54:58 <Eric> Woot...happy birthday NPS!
11:55:02 <Jenna> dad got free birthday cake at one of the parks in MT lol
11:55:11 <Kevin L> Yellowstone was a park in 1872
11:55:57 <ynpvisitor59> it'd be pretty interesting if the army still did it!
11:57:34 <kc (working)> not sure if this link was posted already
11:58:03 <Eric> no, thanks kc...2 minutes away
11:58:08 <Kevin L> That is a scary thought!
11:58:35 <kc (working)> yw
11:59:01 <Dave from B> We're feeling pretty special in montana today...Sevcretary of Interior is spending all day in Montana. This morning in Glacier and this evening in Gardiner.
11:59:30 <Eric> Nice...would be a cool day to be in the park
12:00:31 <Dave from B> The Army saved the park in the early days
12:00:37 <Eric> hmmm, where did that live stream link come from kc...seems like someones personal stream
12:00:49 <Eric> Saved the park?
12:01:20 <kc (working)>
12:01:38 <Dave from B> Yes, Army came in when others couldn't stop poaching in the park
12:02:06 <Eric> Interesting....never heard that before
12:02:49 <Dave from B> Army was in charge from 1891 until 1916
12:03:29 <ynpvisitor59> before... the creation of NPS! Get it now, Eric?
12:04:44 <ynpvisitor59> I thought Army was earlier than
12:04:45 <Dave from B> There were assorted superintendents until Army took over in 1891
12:04:47 <ynpvisitor59> '91
12:04:49 <ynpvisitor59> oops
12:04:59 <Kevin L> Can you imagine rangers driving around in Humvees?
12:05:50 <Eric> I got it the whole time 59....just didn't understand how they "saved the park".
12:06:31 <Eric> Reading a little, looks like Nathaniel Langford got hosed and they paid to bring in more people, including army personal.
12:06:49 <Dave from B> Wasn't Buffalo Ranch and saving of buffalo during the Army Era?
12:07:02 <Eric> hard to stop poachers if you have no salary, budget or staff.
12:07:10 <Dave from B> Exactly
12:07:30 <Eric> Amazing...a paid army comes in and things work!
12:07:33 <ynpvisitor59> not just poaching, people hacking away at geysers with axes
12:08:03 <Eric> Ya, sounds like all kinds of Montana debauchery going on :-P
12:08:36 <Kevin L> I think even government types were doing damage at first. Wasn't there a geyser cone sent to Washington once?
12:09:33 <Dave from B> Yes, there is a cone in a back room at the Smithsonian I believe
12:09:54 <Eric> anyone know what geyser it came from?
12:09:58 <Kevin L> Found it:
12:13:33 <ynpvisitor59> collecting for science was different then, for sure
12:16:38 <Casey> Good find, Kevin. The second page speculates where the cone came from.
12:26:43 <ynpvisitor59> whoa I can't believe she got into Oblique
12:29:29 <Kevin L> Well we are in a Grand window. Maybe some action now.
12:33:59 <Dave from B> Maple fire has slowed with cooler weather but is up to 30,000 acres
12:35:08 <Dave from B> Berry Fire is up to 12,000
12:35:29 <Kevin L> Probably caused by Chief's braves trying to get syrup for their pancakes.
12:43:58 <Betty> Daisy
12:44:53 <ynpvisitor59> Dave from B, where did you get 1891 for Army? still puzzling over that
12:47:00 <Casey> Wikipedia says 1886 for the Army. You can take that for what it's worth.
12:47:29 <ynpvisitor59> that's what I thought thx
12:48:22 <Eric> Was just about to add that Casey :-)
12:48:38 <Kevin L>
12:49:40 <Betty> Grand
12:50:21 <Kevin L> That was early!
12:50:28 <ynpvisitor59> nice interval
12:51:23 <Eric> Interesting read on wikipedia...leading to another interesting read about the Boone and Crockett Club. What an amazing group of people.
12:54:33 <Dave from B> Army was 1891....what do you think it should be?
12:55:00 <Dave from B> ok...I may have to get out the YNP History Bible when I get home to be sure...Thanks
12:55:45 <Dave from B> OK...Fort Yellowstone was e4stablished in 1891. Army HQ were on Capitol Hill beforte thta, right?
12:56:11 <Eric> 1886 according to wikipedia...if that is not correct, source it and correct wikipedia :-D
12:57:43 <Dave from B> I forgot that Army resided on Capitol Hill in Mammoth(Fort Sheridan?) before Fort Yellowstione was built. My mistake. You can flog me later
12:58:27 <Casey> Woah! Apparently Grand erupts as soon as I step away from the computer.
12:58:36 <Eric> :-)
12:59:06 <Kevin L> Aurum does that to me.
13:00:15 <Casey> It's my fault. I should have been smart enough to wait for the next Turban.
13:02:21 <Betty> must be a 1 b
13:02:26 <Betty> Lion
13:02:31 <Betty> ie
13:04:17 <Betty> must be ini
13:07:56 <Kevin L> .
13:08:56 <Kevin L> Switched back and everything froze up.
13:09:06 <Betty> bah
13:12:06 <ynpvisitor59> did Beartooth open up?
13:12:48 <Dave from B> Let me check
13:14:29 <Dave from B> Not showing it as I guess so
13:14:30 <ynpvisitor59> another fire near a ynp road and it will get more interesting
13:14:51 <kc (working)> Beartooth Highway ‏@BeartoothHiway 4h4 hours ago The Beartooth Highway is OPEN!
13:17:29 <Dave from B> Thanks kc
13:18:42 <Betty> OF
13:19:00 <kc (working)> de nada
13:23:56 <Betty> time for sleep. Enjoy your evening all
13:25:10 <Kevin L> Another short OF.
13:27:58 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out as well. Have a great evening everyone!
13:28:34 <Kevin L> Bye
13:36:33 <Eric> The description on that live stream states 1600 for the event start
13:36:54 <Jenna> I noticed that. Gates open at 1600.
13:42:15 <Eric> BTW, if you are on facebook, they are going to also live stream it there:
13:43:12 <Eric> That page says live stream starts at 1845
13:43:16 <Eric> MDT
13:46:03 <Jenna> but the other stream starts at 1800 so I guess take your pick haha
13:47:20 <Eric> I am guessing both streams will start when the event starts...probably done by the same production company :-)
14:18:13 <Casey> Oblong?
14:18:22 <Casey> And lion
14:18:25 <ynpvisitor99> lion
14:25:16 <Casey> Did anyone else see oblong (or at least a very large steam cloud in that area)? I was all but certain it was oblong, but nothing is on GT, so I'm second-guessing myself.
14:25:48 <Kevin L> I saw something back there too.
14:26:20 <Casey> Ok. At least I'm no delirious.
14:26:24 <Casey> *not
14:29:32 <Jake> bye all, happy gazing
14:29:34 <Jake> OF
14:29:54 <Kevin L> Not sticking around for BH?
14:36:53 <Casey> Should I enter Oblong with a '?' on GT or leave it and hope someone in the basin can post something with more confidence?
14:42:32 <Eric> I wouldn't enter it....oblong steam could be a number of things behind the trees
14:43:04 <Eric> It lines up with a few geysers back there.
14:43:16 <Kevin L> I agree Eric
14:44:15 <Eric> grotto you can usually tell by duration...
14:44:28 <Casey> Thanks. I figured that was probably the case since no one else posted it.
14:44:38 <Eric> riverside is is Giant :-)
14:45:02 <Casey> Grotto is quite a bit farther to the right as well.
14:45:20 <Eric> Yes, but there are multiple geysers in that location too
14:45:50 <Eric> Reading the steam is tricky....
14:46:21 <Casey> Oh yeah. I'm not arguing that. I misunderstood what you meant by the Grotto comment. I thought you were implying Grotto could be confused for Oblong if not for the duration.
14:46:55 <Casey> You were just saying Grotto does a good job of differentiating itself from the other geysers in its area due to its duration.
14:46:56 <Eric> woops...sorry :-D Bad communication skills on my part.
14:47:23 <Casey> Bad Eric
14:47:26 <Casey> jk
14:48:45 <Casey> I'm beginning to think I come across as argumentative on this chat. I apologize if that's the case.
14:49:07 <Kevin L> I really don't think so.
14:50:50 <Eric> are a welcome addition to the chat page :-D
14:51:03 <Casey> Good to know, Kevin. I think you have to put up with me more than anybody.
14:51:12 <Casey> Thanks Eric. I'm trying to be a team player.
14:52:00 <Kevin L> There is an interesting group here. The main thing in common is we love geysers, but we do tease each other and ask a lot of questions.
14:53:12 <Casey> I've noticed. I've looked at more websites about trains in the past few months than the rest of my life combined.
14:53:22 <Eric> haha
14:53:30 <Eric> Grotto area steam
14:54:20 <Casey> You have better eyes than me, Eric. I see at mosta little bit of haze.
14:54:47 <Kevin L> I have always been a train guy since I was tiny. My son even drove a train before he drove a car!
14:55:11 <Casey> Where are you from originally, Kevin?
14:55:15 <Eric> it puffed up and then went away
14:55:57 <Kevin L> Las Vegas.
14:57:29 <Casey> Ok. I knew you were in that area now. That makes sense for railroads, but I don't think of NASCAR fans being in the Vegas area (although I know it has the speedway).
14:58:46 <Kevin L> We have a small track at the speedway too. Right now there are 4 driver that are in the 3 major Nascar series that we watch race there.
15:03:29 <kc (working)> grotto area steam was rocket per gt
15:03:44 <Kevin L> TY kc
15:03:58 <Casey> You weren't even close, Eric
15:04:00 <Casey> jk
15:04:15 <Eric> thanks kc...that is why I said "grotto area steam" :-)
15:05:06 <Casey> And you were right on about that duration comment. Whatever steam made it over those trees was certainly not Grotto duration.
15:05:52 <Kevin L> Steam will really fool you as the temp and humidity change.
15:06:55 <Casey> I've learned that quickly. There have been some mornings where I couldn't tell if everything or nothing was erupting.
15:08:14 <kc (working)> i was soaring above telluride in this last year
15:08:38 <Kevin L> Ugly landing.
15:08:41 <Casey> That one specifically?
15:09:06 <kc (working)> yep. crashed yesterday, very sad news - 2 fatalities including my pilot
15:09:19 <Kevin L> Bummer.
15:09:50 <kc (working)> very cool guy, he even took neil armstrong up once
15:10:02 <Casey> Wow. Sorry to hear that. Life is short.
15:11:08 <Casey> On a lighter note, I bet you had some incredible views up there.
15:11:33 <kc (working)> neat aircraft too, needed no tow - had its own propeller that folded into the nose when turned off
15:11:54 <kc (working)> beyond amazing, san juans are amazing mtns even for colorado
15:12:29 <Kevin L> They are pretty. Love the Silverton ride. Great views.
15:13:52 <kc (working)> they were formed by relatively recent lava flows, some of the biggest ever known on earth
15:15:14 <Andrew> third times the charm
15:15:21 <Andrew> hi
15:15:38 <Kevin L> Hi Andrew.
15:15:55 <Casey> Isn't it great that there is a log of your typos?
15:16:16 <Andrew> You know thats right
15:17:08 <Kevin L> Someday someone will find these logs and wonder "Who were those nuts?"
15:18:32 <Andrew> born too late to explore the earth, born too late too explore space born just in time to watch steaming holes erupt over the internet live whilst browsing dank memes
15:18:55 <Andrew> its a helluva thing
15:19:40 <Casey> Daisy
15:20:04 <Andrew> I was like there it is
15:21:40 <Kevin L> A few things my Dad made are on the Moon.
15:22:44 <Casey> Come on lion
15:23:17 <Andrew> ncie timing
15:23:41 <ynpvisitor99> Not to late to explore the depths of the oceans. Still finding things no one ever knew about
15:23:47 <ynpvisitor99> down there
15:24:01 <Andrew> I know I am referencing a meme
15:24:47 <ynpvisitor99> Or you could invent a shrink ray and take a mini sub and explore the depth of Kevin's mind!
15:25:21 <Andrew> that would be quite the adventure.
15:25:48 <ynpvisitor99> Short Lion
15:26:00 <ynpvisitor99> LC to the recue
15:26:09 <ynpvisitor99> rescue
15:26:45 <Andrew> see! a record of it
15:27:00 <Andrew> time for bee :)
15:27:18 <Andrew> in 4 hours
15:28:07 <ynpvisitor99> Will be back
15:28:18 <Casey> Thanks Andrew. I'd hate for GT to have an incomplete log of LC eruptions.
15:28:55 <Andrew> record em all, even the weird ones
15:29:14 <Casey> Agreed. It would be great to have them all.
15:29:16 <Andrew> though in yellowstone I would never do that because phone battery
15:30:04 <Eric> well, every time you add a new eruption, it forces all the apps to sync up...
15:30:40 <Andrew> I know, but courtesy of me preffering apple devices...
15:30:51 <Eric> ahh
15:30:52 <Casey> One of these days we're going to learn that when LC has slightly longer intervals the odds of a Giantess eruption increase 200% or something.
15:31:18 <Eric> Or the price of apple stock affects the duration of steamboat
15:31:28 <Andrew> itll be the talk of the town. Finally that little sput will get some much needed apreciation
15:32:14 <Casey> I think you're on to something, Eric. Who do I have to talk to to get a stock ticker on this page?
15:32:38 <Andrew> but then we start getting into tese kinds of thigs
15:35:03 <Casey> I love those kinds of things. Did you know that people that "like" curly fries on facebook have higher IQs than the general population?
15:35:35 <Graham> hello
15:35:49 <Kevin L> Hi
15:36:00 <Andrew> no, but that kind of statistic probably means absolutely nothing most of the time and is fun to entertain in the mind
15:36:16 <Andrew> hello graham
15:38:01 <Graham> has the yelowstone effect worn off yet?
15:38:43 <Andrew> starting too. But the side effect is the want to do another summer.
15:39:26 <Graham> back in classes now? ZNext sommer would be good
15:40:03 <Andrew> Hi sean
15:40:11 <Sean> Hi Andrew
15:40:19 <Andrew> yes, I ad my organic chemistry lab today
15:40:52 <Graham> gee that will kill your summer memory cells quickly
15:41:08 <Andrew> very excited for this semester, its going to be among the heaviest work load but its going to be great
15:41:26 <Graham> what else this semester?
15:41:42 <Graham> i always disliked chemistry, too many things t remember
15:41:55 <Andrew> EM general physics and multivriable/vector calculas
15:43:15 <Graham> nice simple stuff
15:44:01 <Andrew> chemistry is my jam. chemical enginerring as my major. Jim and I had some fun conversations over the summer. And I look forward to having even more with organic chemistry under my belt
15:48:02 <Graham> you can keep it :)
15:48:55 <Andrew> it goes great with toasted bread and in peanut butter sandwhiches as well
15:49:05 <Kevin L> Nice to have that stuff in my rear view mirror!
15:49:38 <Andrew> The working my butt off part isnt fun but I legitimatly enjoy thinking about chemistry
15:50:26 <Kevin L> Lot more fun when you put it to use.
15:51:04 <Andrew> thats what the lab section is for and what work after college is for :)
15:51:38 <Kevin L> Time to feed chickens
15:51:50 <Andrew> Time for auaurm then
15:52:06 <ynpvisitor41> Time to eat chickens.
15:53:59 <kc (working)> eat mor chikin
15:59:18 <Graham> ready for some playball kc?
16:00:21 <kcmule> u can win if it means we stay uninjured
16:00:43 <Graham> we might just do that
16:01:12 <Kevin L> I have a rooster that someone could have for supper if they want to dress it up.
16:01:28 <Graham> wow they are showing preseason in primetime on NBC?
16:01:50 <Graham> miami atlants - not even local
16:02:36 <ynpvisitor41> My sister used to dress up our cats, But she didn't eat them.
16:03:13 <Kevin L> NBCSN has a K&N race on right now.
16:03:29 <Eric> no nps live stream yet
16:03:41 <Graham> merry christmas all, nearly forgot
16:04:12 <Kevin L> ty, you too Graham.
16:05:17 <ynpvisitor41> So you are 8 months behind, not 4 months ahead.
16:05:22 <Kevin L> Hoping for Miracle on Geyser Hill...
16:06:09 <Graham> maybe before midnight
16:06:35 <Andrew> the beehive who stole all the water?
16:06:42 <Andrew> am I going too deep?
16:07:04 <Graham> yup
16:07:42 <ynpvisitor41> Which geysers are naughty, and which are nice ?
16:08:09 <Kevin L> Aurum is naughty.
16:08:16 <Graham> hichilly morning at OF per NWS
16:08:27 <Graham> or maybe just chilly
16:08:32 <Eric> A little more direct link to tonights ceremony for when it starts:
16:09:17 <kcmule> OF
16:25:46 <Graham> nope, its cjristmas day
16:26:06 <Casey> It looks like the event is getting started (at least with filler video) in case you haven't noticed yet.
16:30:21 <Casey> Lion
16:30:21 <Eric> lionn?
16:30:41 <Casey> Good question
16:30:57 <ynpvisitor41> Now
16:31:24 <Eric> Nice
16:31:28 <Eric> Good light too
16:32:48 <ynpvisitor41> That first blast probably sounded impressive.
16:32:52 <Casey> Nice eruption for later in a series.
16:33:41 <Eric> We could use a NPS channel on my TV :-D
16:33:42 <Kevin L> Good BH action too
16:36:37 <ynpvisitor41> It's like were are 100 years behind. Watching silent movies.
17:02:12 <Casey> Depression
17:02:25 <kcmule> dep
17:21:24 <ynpvisitor85> That big stone lump with the hole in its top is steaming quite a bit.
17:33:45 <ynpvisitor52> So is Castle
17:33:52 <ynpvisitor52> Me, I am here for Riverside
17:34:01 <Casey> Lion?
17:34:13 <Casey> So close
17:34:31 <ynpvisitor52> Looks like it has a fur ball stuck in it.
17:35:03 <ynpvisitor52> SO the Polish gold train looks like it was all a wild train chase.
17:36:39 <ynpvisitor52> There goes lion puffing again
17:42:00 <kcmule> OF
17:56:09 <Casey> Daisy
17:56:14 <ynpvisitor67> Daisy
18:16:59 <Graham> must be time for BHI .... goodnight
18:32:41 <Kevin L> I was hoping we would get a daylight BH. :p
18:50:31 <Kevin L> Cone walker
18:51:21 <ynpvisitor67> Pokemon ?
18:54:20 <ynpvisitor12> has this been called in
18:55:05 <ynpvisitor67> Come on preplay splash.
18:55:41 <kcmule> argh w everybody up in gardiner..
18:56:36 <Casey> We are quickly approaching the OF window.
18:56:39 <ynpvisitor12> has anyone called the park?
18:58:05 <Kitt> I just called Rebecca
18:58:06 <Casey> I don't believe so
18:58:10 <Casey> Thanks Kitt
18:58:25 <Kitt> can someone video this
18:58:26 <Kevin L> I contacted LE
18:58:42 <ynpvisitor12> I've got it captured -- Dave Monteith
18:58:52 <Kevin L> Unreal
18:58:55 <Kitt> ok
18:59:03 <Kevin L> Hopefully that is LE.
18:59:15 <Casey> I've recorded just the last couple of minutes or so.
18:59:22 <ynpvisitor12> how many are off boardwalk?
18:59:40 <Kevin L> Total idiots
19:00:00 <ynpvisitor12> I think I've seen 4
19:00:30 <Kitt> I saw a total of 4 with two of them next to Old Faithful
19:01:05 <Casey> Only two went all the way to the vent, but I agree. I think there were 4.
19:01:17 <ynpvisitor67> Busted
19:01:17 <Kevin L> YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:01:33 <ynpvisitor12> a third went to the vant when the first two left
19:01:52 <Kevin L> What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in YNP gets broadcast to the world!
19:01:57 <Casey> There we go. Happy ending.
19:02:48 <ynpvisitor67> Their fines will help pay off the National debt.
19:02:53 <Kitt> pretty scary considering that Old Faithful is in preplay now
19:03:55 <Casey> You aren't kidding. Absolute idiots.
19:05:12 <Kevin L> I notice a few people on the BW went to LE, so I bet they have good photos.
19:08:45 <Casey> Just rewatched the video I captured. Two all the way to the vent, one went to the base of the cone, and one more off the boardwalk.
19:11:15 <Kevin L> Modern tech. We get conewalkers busted from Vegas and BH alerts from Germany! Who could have imagined that 10 years ago!
19:11:50 <ynpvisitor67> Jules Verne
19:12:23 <ynpvisitor12> 12 minutes of boardwalk
19:18:06 <ynpvisitor67> OF
19:18:30 <Kitt> Old Fiathufl
19:18:41 <Kitt> Faithful
19:18:44 <Kevin L> They are darn lucky they weren't still out there. That was a rocket start.
19:23:34 <ynpvisitor67> No one posted OF on GT. Should ne done ASAP OK.?
19:27:00 <Casey> It's posted now.
19:28:54 <ynpvisitor67> Now the NSA, CIA, DEA and all the rest will know about it.
19:33:45 <Kitt> Is that Grand?
19:34:13 <ynpvisitor67> Probably
19:34:14 <Casey> I can't see a thing back there, Kitt.
19:34:23 <Kitt> there was a momentary steam cloud that was lit up
19:34:32 <Kevin L> Someone is checking Indy.
19:36:30 <ynpvisitor67> Wonder what a can of mosquito repellant will sell for next year.
19:39:55 <Kitt> the steam is to the right of split cone, but can't tell if it is
19:39:58 <Kitt> there
19:40:06 <Jake> Grand area getting lit up
19:40:38 <Jake> oohhh, I missed the conewalker drama. Sounds exciting
19:41:08 <Kevin L> It was stunning. Just about had some toasted idiots.
19:41:10 <Casey> Split cone is the right direction for Grand.
19:41:51 <Casey> Yeah. I have a video of the last 7 minutes of the conewalkers
19:42:01 <Casey> I think Dave has more than that though.
19:42:21 <ynpvisitor12> I have the entire capture.
19:42:45 <Kitt> that is the way this summer has been
19:43:33 <ynpvisitor12> Last time I posted something like this the park aasked me to remove it. Some poeple saw poeple off boradwalk and decided they should copy it. It stopped soon after I removed the video.
19:43:35 <Kitt> I tried to limit my driving, because there were so many accidents causing sections of the road to be closed for one or more hours
19:45:47 <Jake> if you could put it on a private channel for a couple days, I'd like to see it ;)
19:46:34 <ynpvisitor12> I'm doing that now
19:58:21 <Kitt> indy?
19:59:26 <Jake> did you see a light on it? or you have some specialty eyes?
19:59:31 <Kitt> flashlight lit up either splash from bee or indy
19:59:40 <ynpvisitor67> looked like steam from Bee. Light went out quickly
20:07:26 <ynpvisitor12> here is the capture --
20:08:37 <Jake> "This video is private"
20:08:56 <Jake> doesn't play for me
20:09:59 <ynpvisitor12> try now
20:11:16 <Jake> got it, thx
20:11:56 <ynpvisitor89> oh my...what are some people thinking? You would think after the tragic death of that young man a few months back from falling in a feature, people would know better
20:12:32 <ynpvisitor67> Book em Danno
20:14:24 <ynpvisitor89> it looks like one is a child too!
20:18:30 <Jake> wow, they weren't shy about it
20:18:48 <Jake> selfie-taking delayed them enough for the fuzz to show up
20:19:50 <ynpvisitor89> Thank goodness for that
20:22:03 <ynpvisitor67> Any gazers staying out at F&M at night this Summer ?
20:23:05 <Kevin L> There have been some
20:23:15 <ynpvisitor12> bear activity -- those I talked to decided to be prudent
20:23:50 <ynpvisitor67> And decided not to be on the menu.
20:23:52 <Jake> no need! F&M is a 100% daylight geyser now :D
20:24:12 <Kevin L> Wait till Dave gets there!
20:29:43 <Kitt> indy
20:29:53 <Kitt> just got called in basin
20:30:00 <Kitt> was talking to WIll
20:30:04 <Kitt> indy
20:30:10 <Kitt> indy
20:30:54 <Kevin L> I was just about to shut off the computer.
20:31:10 <Kitt> I think Will is headed back
20:31:20 <Kitt> to bee, hopefully with a flashlight
20:31:33 <Jake> MEGALIGHT!
20:31:33 <Kevin L> A big one!
20:32:05 <Kitt> 2229 bhi
20:33:36 <ynpvisitor3> Surprised they drove on the boardwalk.
20:34:09 <Jake> ha, yeah, boardwalk seemed to take it well
20:34:26 <Kevin L> I was surprised the boardwalk held up.
20:34:43 <ynpvisitor3> Must be why they are always needing repair.
20:35:54 <Kitt> wait for Will bee
20:38:24 <Jake> a blinding light approaches
20:38:49 <Kitt> that's better
20:39:35 <Kevin L> Guess Will made it.
20:40:13 <ynpvisitor3> Or a helicopter landed
20:40:27 <Jake> this is how religions get started
20:41:19 <ynpvisitor67> This is how obsessions get reinforced.
20:41:28 <Kevin L> State of Utah was originally named after a bee. Still has a beehive on the State flag.
20:42:13 <ynpvisitor3>
20:43:13 <Jake> lololololololololol
20:44:17 <Kitt> It has been a long time since I saw a lit bee on the cam
20:45:25 <Casey> Now I'm going to be singing that song the whole eruption, 3
20:45:46 <ynpvisitor3> bang
20:45:52 <Kitt> Beehive
20:46:09 <Kitt> 1045 wc
20:46:45 <ynpvisitor3> I feel lik ethe train is coming at me.
20:46:52 <Eric> nice
20:47:38 <Eric> I just walked in the door :-D
20:48:08 <ynpvisitor67> Anybody up for a midnight LC?/ Didn't think so.
20:48:17 <Kevin L> You missed the action Eric.
20:48:34 <ynpvisitor29> these light shows are awesome. do they take tips?
20:48:59 <Eric> This looks like pretty awesome action!
20:49:06 <Kevin L> I would love to see some Ryan photos of it.
20:49:44 <ynpvisitor3> indy off?
20:50:22 <Eric> Looks like they have 2 big lights out there.
20:51:08 <Kevin L> Well that is a fine way to end Christmas. Night john boy...
20:51:23 <Kitt> that was fun
20:51:30 <Kitt> bed time now
20:51:33 <Kitt> night all
20:51:55 <ynpvisitor29> back to darkness. great show!
20:55:58 <Jake> OF ie
20:56:00 <Jake> night all!
20:56:32 <Kevin L> Well we know where they are!
20:56:58 <Eric> wow...those people were really ignorant of the rules!
20:57:14 <Eric> Thanks for sharing replay Dave
20:58:00 <Eric> night all