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04:25:54 <Dave from B> bRRRR...COLD MORNING AT of
04:26:32 <Dave from B> Hope BH waits an hour or so
04:29:23 <ynpvisitor35> morning Dave, lc here
04:30:25 <Dave from B> Hi, lc
04:30:33 <Dave from B> Sorry, have to go check in a truck...brb
05:12:19 <Dave from B> Still no BH?
05:14:33 <ynpvisitor35> bi
05:14:41 <ynpvisitor35> no
05:27:23 <Dave from B> Morning Jimbo
05:27:30 <Jimbo Iridium> Hi Dave
05:28:00 <Dave from B> Should have a morning trend hitting YNP. Supposed to be mid 70s to lower 80s in Blgs all week
05:28:51 <Jimbo Iridium> Did you mean warming?
05:29:48 <Jimbo Iridium> Iridium is the most corrosion resistant metal
05:30:34 <Jimbo Iridium> I see a big eruption cloud back there, I think - source unknown
05:31:18 <Jimbo Iridium> GT says Grand possible
05:35:02 <Jimbo Iridium> Solitary plume viisible
05:36:09 <Dave from B> Didn't realize Kitt was at her post already
05:38:29 <ynpvisitor35> did Kitt go in this morning?
05:38:34 <ynpvisitor35> indy
05:38:35 <ynpvisitor46> Indy!
05:38:37 <747> indy
05:38:38 <Jimbo Iridium> BHI
05:39:04 <Dave from B> I thought she was going in later today but she is already there at BH
05:40:49 <747> anyone send the text?
05:40:51 <ynpvisitor35> have not talked to her in a few days, didn't know when she was going back in.
05:41:20 <Dave from B> I'll send text...start time?
05:41:36 <747> 0735
05:41:58 <747> 0738 correction
05:42:12 <Dave from B> too late
05:44:37 <ynpvisitor35> got text from Kitt, start time was 0738
05:45:50 <ynpvisitor35> guess she decided to drive in instead of sleeping last night.
05:45:58 <Dave from B> Yep...I'd already sent text based on 735 post
05:47:01 <ynpvisitor35> not a problem, the text is the main thing.
05:47:21 <ynpvisitor35> we are not going to see much.
05:47:37 <Jimbo Iridium> Light might help
05:50:45 <747> BH
05:51:21 <Dave from B> better view than I was expecting
05:52:01 <Jimbo Iridium> Really looks like a core of water surrounded by a shroud of vapor
05:52:27 <ynpvisitor35> really nice
05:53:06 <Dave from B> A lot warmer from this side of the cam
05:53:18 <Jimbo Iridium> What's the temp there?
05:53:39 <747> very comfortable this side
05:53:53 <747> 28
05:53:55 <Jimbo Iridium> Oh, I see -- 28 F
05:54:12 <Jimbo Iridium> Winter is coming
05:54:23 <ynpvisitor86> sweet view
05:54:35 <Jimbo Iridium> Looks like a painting!
05:55:16 <ynpvisitor35> bbl
05:55:58 <747> wonderful monday morning begenning
05:57:08 <747> benginning***
05:58:46 <Jimbo Iridium> Is that Aurum?
05:59:07 <747> looks as if
05:59:09 <Dave from B> seems a tad to the right of aurum
06:00:07 <Dave from B> But most likely Aurum..trying to confirm with Kitt
06:00:37 <Jimbo Iridium> Duration was about right
06:13:09 <Dave from B> Giantess is pumping out a lot of steam
06:13:27 <Dave from B> or is that Aurum?
06:15:39 <Dave from B> Back to cold weather steam confusion:P
06:21:26 <Jimbo Iridium> Another big cloud - might be Oblong
06:22:12 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin! 4 Divison titles in a row for the we need to do something in the playoffs for a change.
06:25:19 <Kevin L> Maybe they will do something novel like show one of their games on TV?
06:26:22 <Dave from B> It was fun watching Vin's last games at home
06:27:30 <Kevin L> I have been busier than the guys writing lies for the politicians lately so I wouldn't have seen much anyway.
06:28:05 <Dave from B> That's REALLY busy.
06:33:08 <Kevin L> I have a few things to catch in the depot before my shift. brb
06:53:49 <Dave from B> Morning kc...nice game yesterday!
07:15:10 <kc (working)> thanks Dave we really needed it. will be for naught if we lose next week tho
07:37:32 <Kevin L> For those who have wanted to see Oktoberfest live, there is now a streaming cam:
07:37:47 <Kevin L> Look for Betty!
07:38:01 <Dave from B> Can we taste the beer thru the cam?
07:39:51 <Kevin L> If you have already had a few you might!
07:39:59 <Dave from B> :D
07:41:53 <Kevin L> In Hanau there is a legent that the two Grimm Brothers in the statue in the square change places at midnight on new years so the standing one can sit down. Some people swear they have seen it, and watching them on New Year's Eve, I have no doublts they did see it!
07:46:10 <ynpvisitor84> OF0946
07:46:32 <ynpvisitor84> fluffy
07:58:27 <Kevin L> LOTS of doggies!
08:02:14 <Dave from B> Good morning Casey, Jenna
08:02:47 <Casey> Good morning Dave. Hi everybody.
08:05:58 <Jenna> morning Dave
08:08:00 <Jimbo Iridium> Daisy behind them
08:08:02 <Kevin L> Daisy
08:08:23 <Eric> Morning
08:09:09 <Kevin L> Morning Eric
08:09:20 <Eric> Hi Kevin :-D
08:09:46 <Eric> Sprinkler is looking nice
08:10:25 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
08:10:32 <Eric> Hi Dave
08:10:42 <Dave from B> Work load a bit easier this week?
08:10:57 <Eric> Yes, thanks...had to just lurk last week :-(
08:12:40 <Eric> Did I miss any Interesting activity, like Giant or Giantess?
08:14:01 <Dave from B> not that I know of
08:15:50 <Kevin L> Could have caught up on sleep really easy.
08:16:18 <Kevin L> Had a BH that went over 24 hours.
08:20:29 <Eric> Wow...slowing down then :-(
08:22:33 <Kevin L> I think we are nearing the time we may only get BH in the light only a couple of times a week.
08:43:27 <Jake> I was ready to dump the GT Beehive prediction after that 25hr interval (w/ zero precipitation?) but then it gave us two "normal" intervals. I'm curious to see if that was an anomaly or a sign of things to come
08:48:52 <Kevin L> Oh oh. 12 helicopters heading my way.
08:50:53 <Dave from B> Do you have time to pack, Kevin?
08:51:00 <Dave from B> Hi, GV
08:52:16 <Kevin L> First one is right behind me now. We have to go underground.
08:52:44 <GOVixen> Hi Dave from B, Kevin L head for your bunker
08:53:29 <GOVixen> hi all other names and numbers. - lurking to maybe catch Betty today
08:54:17 <Kevin L> She should be on soon. Had to work today.
08:54:26 <Dave from B> Bett'y first day of work in awhile today
08:55:34 <GOVixen> Thanks, I forget the time difference and just know she comes in after her work day sometimes
08:57:49 <Dave from B> Is Betty 9 hours time difference?
08:58:08 <Dave from B> That would make it 2000...she's late!:)
08:58:17 <Kevin L> I think 8 for you Dave.
08:58:26 <Dave from B> so, 1900 then
08:58:31 <Jake> Riverside
08:58:45 <Kevin L> She is 1h east of UTC
08:59:20 <GOVixen> hi Jake! Can you teach me how to make cool graphs in GT- haven't played with that yet
09:00:17 <Jake> there's only 1 graph page in GT on the Analysis tab
09:00:58 <GOVixen> I have looked, haven't tried anything yet
09:01:03 <Jake> it's not real flexible although you can do a nice look at Beehive or other geysers where GT has most of the eruptions
09:01:14 <Jake> choose a geyser and to and from dates and click Go
09:02:02 <Jake> then you can "clean" the chart by forcing a maximum interval (to account for missing data) in the lower input boxes
09:07:56 <GOVixen> might not work on my speed - but will play around with it
09:11:28 <Dave from B> How can I tell when cam was down last night without having to ask every time?
09:12:07 <GOVixen> put it on a sticky note?
09:12:22 <Casey> It's the same time every night, right?
09:13:03 <GOVixen> I saw it in the BH time after the 25 hr interval - look there
09:13:07 <Dave from B> haha. I wasn't sure if it is the same time every night
09:13:34 <Betty> morning all
09:13:46 <Casey> Hi Betty.
09:13:46 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
09:13:55 <Dave from B> Thanks GV
09:14:10 <Betty> hi Casey and Dave
09:14:13 <Dave from B> So, could have been 2 Lions in last series
09:14:48 <GOVixen> Betty!! I just missed meeting you this year!!
09:15:03 <Betty> bummer
09:15:22 <Kevin L> Abend
09:15:30 <Betty> I was at Norris in the Morning
09:15:38 <Betty> Hey Kevin
09:15:46 <GOVixen> that would have been pretty fun
09:15:58 <Betty> maybe next year :-D
09:16:04 <GOVixen> I have some Vixen questions if you remember your time there ...
09:16:18 <Betty> yep
09:16:49 <GOVixen> I left Bozeman after a church job at 945 and came thru West
09:18:46 <Casey> Dave, I looked at the capture from last night. I'm no DaveM, but in that visibility, Lion could have erupted up through ~6am and I would have had no idea.
09:19:35 <GOVixen> .
09:19:39 <GOVixen> might have caught you except for a loonng slow drive to MAdison due to one bison
09:19:40 <GOVixen> .
09:20:26 <GOVixen> chat got stuck - sorry bout that- those were not in the order I typed! ^^
09:20:28 <Eric> Webcam goes down from 00:15 to 01:47 every night
09:21:08 <Betty> hi Eric. It´s been a while
09:21:15 <GOVixen> So, Betty - did Vixen slow down to a long interval before you left for Orby?
09:21:18 <Eric> 0:47
09:21:22 <Eric> Hi Betty!
09:21:25 <Casey> Hopefully DaveM's eye is better trained to spot eruptions than mine is, and at most we missed one Lion eruption during the reset.
09:21:45 <Eric> Ya, work has been hectic and you were out goofing off :-P
09:22:10 <Eric> I hope you had an awesome vacation
09:22:18 <GOVixen> Betty was goofing off in the best way. :)
09:22:22 <Betty> no, it still went with the same intensity. Eruptions varied in time, some were under a minute, some were 3 min
09:22:37 <Eric> You catch F&M?
09:22:59 <Betty> grrrrrrr
09:23:03 <GOVixen> OK thanks- if it slowed down that might help me with what was happening when I got there at 1300
09:23:20 <Eric> sorry
09:24:24 <Betty> pool did not drain completely, it only went down a bit, and there were only about 40 sec-1 min between eruptions
09:25:05 <GOVixen> you were nearing the Slowing Down phase, but I'd guess it went on for another half hour
09:26:33 <GOVixen> Closed interval to mine on arrival was 1h43m, but you didn't see any of the slowing down ones, which tells me something
09:26:38 <GOVixen> THANKS
09:26:43 <Betty> it was fun to watch visitors hurry up when they caught it from afar, and when they had their cameras ready it died. they made a photo from the pool and went by. then it went again and most were screaming. then they stood there for some minutes
09:27:17 <GOVixen> yes that is funny! They run up and say WHAT? when it stops
09:27:32 <Betty> haha, yes!
09:27:41 <GOVixen> it scares some when it starts quickly - they JUMP
09:27:54 <Betty> saw that, too
09:28:49 <GOVixen> I had a 99 min wait for an initial on Saturday, so you see that 1h43 could have been it, IF you saw some slowing down prior to that
09:29:43 <Betty> I don´t think it slowed down
09:29:46 <GOVixen> but you didn't so it's just another data-mystery for me. thanks
09:30:17 <GOVixen> I just couldn't tell if you just turned your back on it and went to Orby, or if it slowed down so you left, see what I mean?
09:30:21 <Betty> height was comparable too
09:31:15 <Betty> yeah, hmmm. I don´t really remember. I had Orby from the other side
09:31:44 <Betty> I saw it when I was at porkchop
09:31:58 <GOVixen> you would remember if it went longer than 5 or 10 min before walking away, so that helps, thanks
09:32:42 <GOVixen> Over and out. THANKS. See you next year.
09:33:03 <Betty> ah, one eruption could last that long? no, the longest was about 3 min
09:33:20 <Betty> hi Will
09:33:54 <GOVixen> I mean the wait between eruptions, it slows down after about 2 hours of those Short intervals
09:34:22 <Betty> no, it wasn´t that either
09:34:45 <GOVixen> longest duration major this year was 22 minutes though! But not usually at that point in the cycle
09:34:55 <GOVixen> hi Will B
09:35:54 <GOVixen> gotta go, thanks again for the info. happy cyber gazing everyone
09:36:07 <Eric> cya Vix :-D
09:47:06 <Kevin L> For you Star Trek types, here is a story about Gene Roddenberry to keep you occupied between geysers:
09:54:07 <Betty> interesting story
09:54:57 <Kevin L> Kind of wondering what the second incident that caused him to retire was. I would have done so after this one!
10:10:01 <Betty> still a lot of people at OF
10:14:58 <Betty> LC ie
10:38:35 <Betty> Daisy
10:39:13 <Kevin L> During OF window
10:39:40 <Betty> business as usual :-p
10:40:08 <Kevin L> Now Aurum will go just as OF steam covers it!
10:42:17 <Kevin L> You going to Munich this year Betty?
10:42:31 <Betty> no
10:43:20 <Kevin L> I was wondering since it is half over already.
10:43:37 <Kevin L> I assume you are traveled out.
10:43:56 <Betty> trip to US is too close
10:44:23 <Dave from B> Betty, you like our beer better?:D
10:45:10 <Betty> hum, no ;-)
10:47:57 <Kevin L> Do you like Chuck steak or Filet Mingon better Dave?
10:48:18 <Dave from B> We brew good beer in Montana
10:48:44 <Betty> I do not doubt that, Dave
10:48:50 <Betty> OF
10:49:05 <Dave from B> And, my beer has to be ice cold
10:49:15 <Betty> and Aurum ( must be out of sight now ;-) )
10:49:39 <Betty> beer always has to be ice cold
10:50:12 <Betty> we talk about beer and no Eric? what´s up with him
10:51:37 <Kevin L> He must be working.
10:52:42 <Dave from B> He must be at lunch having a beer
10:53:07 <Betty> lol
10:53:13 <Kevin L> It would be a bit early, but possible.
11:34:40 <Kevin L> Turban major?
11:35:34 <Betty> Oblong?
11:36:32 <Kevin L> Kitt has it as 1332ie. Must be.
11:48:10 <kc (working)> castle 1344 gt
11:50:30 <Casey> I have ignored this window for far too long. Is there really such thing as a Turban major or is that some sort of inside joke?
11:51:02 <kc (working)> looks like castle didnt hang around long
11:51:22 <Kevin L> No Turban major. just means the steam clould looks too big for Turban.
11:51:50 <Kevin L> Sort of like the Bills...
11:52:19 <Casey> Ok. I figured there had to be something I was missing. Thanks.
11:53:30 <Casey> It's official, udo updated the Castle post to be a minor
11:54:47 <Casey> Is Vegas going to end up getting the Raiders, Kevin?
11:56:42 <kc (working)> very funny KL
11:57:32 <Kevin L> Not sure but I am not really a fan of the idea. I don't think they would stay long. They seem to like to move around. Don't like the idea of taxpayers paying for a place for them to play either.. If they had to invest in it they might stick around.
12:04:15 <Dave from B> ThRaiders are supposed to spend 500 million on the new 2+billion stadium
12:05:29 <ynpvisitor155> so only a fourth, that is ridiculous
12:05:29 <Dave from B> 700 million public funding plus andother 700 million from big casino mogul
12:05:59 <ynpvisitor155> let them pay for their own stadium, taxpayers need to stop supporting sport teams, it is proven they do not help the economy
12:06:05 <Kevin L> Supposed to is the key word too.
12:06:27 <Dave from B> 155, how can you say it doesn't support the local economy. Doesn't make sense
12:06:33 <ynpvisitor155> it is a black hole, like hosting the Olympics
12:06:38 <ynpvisitor155> google it
12:07:04 <ynpvisitor155> I have seen 60 minute shows or some show similar doing a study
12:08:57 <Kevin L> I noticed no taxpayer funds were used at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If they can do i, the NFL can too. And at a Nascar race EVERYONE stands not only for the National Anthem, but a prayer too!
12:10:17 <Casey> Grand!
12:11:10 <Kevin L> I was hoping it would wait one more. OF window.
12:12:38 <Casey> I suspect 155 is probably right, that the amount spent on the infrastructure with taxpayer funding is more often than not greater than the economic benefit. I've heard far too many quacks use the "google it yourself" tactic to support ridiculous conclusions, though, so I'm going to deduct a few points from your argument.
12:14:29 <Dave from B> So, the casino mogul is putting up 700 million just for fun or do you suupose he will get some type of ecomonmic benefit?
12:16:49 <Kevin L> He will get some benefit. I also notice the guy who built the hockey arena without even have a team to put in it did it without taxpayer funding.
12:17:00 <Casey> Things like that are so complex, I can't even pretend to know how it all breaks down. I'm largely just admitting my bias. Certainly some will financially benefit (many greatly so). Will the average tax-payer benefic? I would guess not much?
12:18:13 <Kevin L> Lass Vegas has really never been a good town to have a football team in. There have been several pro and semi pro teams and of course UNLV. None have really been well attended.
12:18:36 <Dave from B> I agree it is a complex issue. But the huge power of NFL dictates you will suuport with tax money or we'll go somewhere else.
12:18:49 <Casey> I'm also one of those weird people that thinks there can be benefits in addition to finances. I think the Saints returning to New Orleans after Katrina seemed to have great benefit to the community independent of finances.
12:19:09 <Casey> That's certainly an extreme example though.
12:19:34 <Kevin L> Let them go somewhere else. With all the money they have, they can afford to buy their own place to place without being on corporate welfare.
12:20:21 <Dave from B> Kevin, I think a major sport, even NHL, will do well becuase you have a huge population of tourists who would love to go to a big time sport. Closest your town has come to a big time sport is UNLV basketball about 20-30 years ago
12:21:36 <Dave from B> Casey, you're right. Every town has to decide which amenities taxpayers should pay for. We have a great popular biking system in Blgs that draws potential people to move to Blgs.
12:21:49 <Dave from B> It's all about marketing
12:22:40 <ynpvisitor155> corporate welfare should end though, the NFL has plenty of money and it bilks plenty more out of every attendee. they can afford it
12:23:08 <Kevin L> The really strange one is the curling championships. There are now two groups with their finals here. The one in January has almost sold out to people who are buying tickets to all 3 draws on 4 days (that is 12 hours of curling per day). Only about 20% of the seats left right now! Who would have figured?
12:23:18 <Dave from B> They can afford but they also have the power to suck more out of you!
12:24:49 <Casey> I agree with you Dave. I can't blame the NFL for taking the best offer they can get. If these locations didn't think it was worth it, they wouldn't pay for it.
12:25:15 <Dave from B> Maybe we should ask the people of St. Louis....who just lost a team
12:25:38 <Jimbo Iridium> Lost a team again
12:26:01 <Dave from B> That's true. It happened twice
12:26:18 <Casey> I suspect a majority of St. Louis won't even think about it until baseball season is over.
12:26:34 <Kevin L> I wish they had it back. Now all we are going to see here is the Rams since NFL TV thinks we los angeles.
12:27:12 <Betty> I call it a day. Night all
12:27:18 <Dave from B> haha Casey. I've never seen a region more crazy for baseball
12:27:19 <Kevin L> It was soooooo nice when they left. We got to watch other thing than the Rams.
12:27:32 <Kevin L> Night Betty.
12:27:42 <Casey> Good night Betty
12:28:48 <Kevin L> At least now there are a few more channels to watch. I think cable was just being installed and there were only 5 ota TV stations one of which was PBS so that didn't count.
12:29:11 <Kevin L> Last scan I did we had 75 ota stations.
12:29:49 <Dave from B> Don't get me started on the price of cable for 95% of channels that I will nevre wathc
12:30:29 <Dave from B> But I do love the Red Zone
12:35:27 <Kevin L> Have you looked at ota TV Dave?
12:37:47 <Dave from B> What is ota?
12:38:27 <Kevin L> Over the air aka broadcast TV.
12:39:36 <Dave from B> So, you're getting service but not paying for it? or how does it work?
12:39:39 <ynpvisitor155> you can also do Google TV or such, and just subscribe to things you want
12:39:57 <ynpvisitor155> via HDMI little input
12:41:14 <Kevin L> If you go to you can enter your location and they will show you the stations available and what kind of antenna you need to get them. Just hook the antenna to the coax input and it picks them up.
12:41:42 <Dave from B> I would love to get rid of cable and the big monthly bill. How good is picture on ota?
12:42:04 <Kevin L> HD is better because the broadcast it without modification. Cable compresses it and decompresses it.
12:43:13 <Dave from B> Lion 1443
12:43:24 <Kevin L> I did a homemade antenna out of parts I had in the depot. I did learn a few things about antennas and matching them to channels.
12:44:21 <Kevin L> I will email you a picture of it.
12:46:50 <Casey> Most OTA channels will be 1080i. Last I was aware no OTA channels in the US do 1080p or any higher resolution. Unless you are one of the few that gets 1080p from your cable provider, Kevin is right that the 1080i OTA will be less compressed than 1080i from a cable provider.
12:48:03 <Kevin L> Some of the smaller sub channels still use 480, but the stuff is older so it does not make that much difference.
12:50:39 <Casey> I'm glad there are still people in the park to enjoy eruptions up close
12:50:44 <Dave from B> Thanks for the info, Kevin
12:51:13 <Dave from B> I'm going to soccer in Bozeman thurday...really hard not to head south at Livingston
12:55:38 <ynpvisitor155> not quite as hard having to go over Dunraven to get to any geysers...
13:02:28 <Kevin L> My Daughter went to West Saturday but didn't want to spend the money to get into the park. She was not happy when I told her it was a free day.
13:03:24 <Dave from B> haha Kevin
13:03:37 <Dave from B> There goes the turn at livingston idea...forgot about road closure
13:05:30 <Dave from B> Not to open up a can of worms but isn't YNP also a negative cash flow for federal goverment...just a different form of corporate welfare if you really want to think about it.
13:09:22 <ynpvisitor155> not even comparable to a sports arena
13:09:28 <Kevin L> I assume any park in a city, county or federal would cost more than it makes. I would assume they could do things cheaper if they would look at it but the government mentality is to look for more tax money than to try to save money.
13:09:37 <ynpvisitor155> national parks should be supported by taxpayers
13:10:25 <ynpvisitor155> Kevin, that is tragic, about your daughter, except it was not very nice Saturday, so at least there was that
13:11:44 <Kevin L> She will have more chances next year. We were thinking of getting her a parks pass for Christmas.
13:12:06 <Casey> I fall in line more with Dave's logic. He hasn't definitively stated one way or another (that I know of) that financing a sports arena is a smart move for a government of any level. What he is at least considering is that government can spend tax payer money that is worthwhile, even if it doesn't appear that way on a ledger.
13:12:16 <Dave from B> My point 155 is that different things are important to different people. It's all prespective.
13:13:30 <Kevin L> What we need to do is decide what needs to be federal or what needs to be State or locally run.
13:13:35 <ynpvisitor155> cities going into deficit to support a football team affects alot of people
13:13:43 <Jake> perhaps one distinction on taxpayers funding things is that no one individual or small group of individuals get wealthy from national parks
13:13:55 <Dave from B> Not sure how I feel of tazpayer money and NFL teams. I do know when it comes to the olympics I am definietly not in favor. That is a 1 time only event and stupid for tazpayers to suuport in a big way.
13:14:42 <ynpvisitor155> and then Pepsi or Verizon gets their name on the areana and really it should be called Taxpayer Arena
13:17:16 <Jake> it was big news here in Salt Lake with Facebook looking to build a data center and a suburb offering multi-decade tax breaks and lowered water prices. Ultimately the deal fell through and Facebook went to Albuquerque instead because they offered more.
13:17:52 <Dave from B> That's a good example Jake
13:17:53 <Casey> Communication is so interesting. I think 155 and Dave probably agree 90%+.
13:18:22 <Kevin L> The thing that really upsets me is an average small family can't really spend much time in most of the parks. We have some land outside Zion Park that we are always getting people who want to make $400 a night rooms on it. If they were going to make %40 a night family rooms I might be more inclined to deal with them.
13:19:12 <Kevin L> We don't have tazes in Nevada Dave.
13:19:38 <Jake> that's irrational Kevin, you're supposed to be seeking $
13:19:41 <Dave from B> Kevin, a LOT of things are past the price range of most Americans. That part is sad.
13:21:02 <Dave from B> Casey, I'm pretty sure I enojy 155's company while hiking so hope she isn't offended by my comments.
13:21:07 <Jake> could you even break even with $40/night rooms and pay off construction costs in 20 years?
13:21:15 <Dave from B> Governemtn has too make tough choices
13:21:24 <Casey> How much additional money did Kodak make (in the film era) because Yellowstone? How much money did the Northern Pacific Railroad make in the early years of the park? I do not subscribe to the thought that corporations making money automatically makes it a bad idea for taxpayer funding to be used. Discretion of course should be used regardless.
13:21:48 <Dave from B> It is not a simple world we live in
13:24:11 <Dave from B> Sorry, we have gotten away from geyser about a Lion #2?
13:24:52 <Casey> You can't close the can of worms now
13:24:56 <Jake> there's a Freakonomics podcast episode about American sports leagues vs European (soccer) leagues. How ironic it is that American leagues are very socialist and Euro are hyper-capitalist
13:25:16 <Kevin L> There are just some things that should not be exploited. I would like my grandkids and their kids to be able to enjoy Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce, et al as much as I have.
13:25:29 <Casey> I'll need to listen to that one, Jake.
13:26:28 <Dave from B> Kevin, we have thought about getting a camper so we can afford to go to certain national parks. Lodging is outragious
13:30:47 <Kevin L> That would help, but the only way to really stay at the UGB is the cabins and they are getting out of my range.
13:31:07 <Jake> the economist in me still wants to know what a true market rate of rooms at Old Faithful is
13:31:34 <Eric> Well, don't try to use the camper in Yellowstone, they will shun you to fishing bridge and worst camper spots in the country.
13:31:55 <Dave from B> Why nont Mammoth Eric?
13:32:01 <Dave from B> oops...Madison
13:32:15 <Eric> No camper hookups that I know of
13:32:18 <Eric> or Madison
13:32:31 <Dave from B> Jake, true market rate on OF rooms would be higher than actual cost
13:33:04 <Eric> I bet it would really depend on the day
13:33:22 <Eric> Like all things...demand is king and some days would be cheaper than others
13:33:34 <Kevin L> They were reasonable until they removed about 80% of the cabins.
13:34:03 <Eric> Easy enough experiment Jake, reserve all rooms for all lodging at the park....setup your own resell site :-P
13:34:20 <Dave from B> I have 2 extra rooms for the eclipse if anyone wants to start the bidding at $300/night?:D
13:34:25 <Jake> some days would be cheaper than others, but since they're fully booked 100% of the time, the market rate would be higher than it is now
13:34:50 <Dave from B> I bet rooms would sell out at $50 above the current rates
13:35:04 <Dave from B> Hope noone from Xanterra is listening
13:35:16 <Kevin L> I just wonder why I can get a new room with a living room and a bed room with a TV in both rooms and a fully furnished kitchen in the tech center in Denver for $78 a night and they want $91 for a not bath cabin in Yellowstone.
13:35:16 <Casey> Any idea how old that Freakonomics episode is, Jake? I'm trying to find it.
13:35:27 <Jake> cabins are $90/night?
13:35:57 <Kevin L> Yep.
13:36:11 <Eric> location, location, location
13:36:12 <Dave from B> Kevin, its all supply and demand
13:36:19 <Casey> Daisy
13:36:22 <Eric> Daisy
13:36:25 <Dave from B> All cabins are over $100 now
13:36:42 <Kevin L> With bath is $150
13:37:54 <Dave from B> Time for me to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
13:39:05 <Kevin L> Have fun Dave.
13:47:08 <Jake> Casey:
13:47:28 <Jake> I guess it's mostly about long shots, but does do a section on economics
13:48:35 <Casey> Thanks Jake. I never would have found that one based on the title.
13:50:08 <Jake> in reading the transcript, they don't talk about economic details much it all, but that's all I remembered from the podcast!
13:50:32 <Jake> the discussion on low probability events transfers well to geysers though ;)
13:55:35 <Jake> Lion
13:58:06 <Casey> Nice Jake. I used to listen to Radiolab a lot, and I seem to remember an episode of it on low probability events as well.
14:01:13 <Casey> Am I seeing something on the left side of BH's cone? Or is it just sunlight and video compression playing tricks on me?
14:01:43 <Eric> I see it too
14:01:55 <Eric> saw it :-D
14:12:34 <Casey> Aurum
14:13:00 <Casey> Good time for the camop to zoom out
14:13:17 <Casey> And we're done
14:44:43 <Graham> hello
14:46:17 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
14:50:51 <Graham> looks like it. nothing on tv tonight either
14:51:01 <Graham> well i guess theres MNF
14:52:08 <kc (working)> preseason NHL doesnt do it for ya?
14:53:14 <kc (working)> or the debate for that matter
14:54:36 <Graham> preseason hockey would be much more fun than schoolyard fight/debate
14:57:06 <Kevin L> Or watching the water freeze on the rink.
15:03:29 <Graham> Lion
15:13:19 <ynpvisitor28> wow
15:14:29 <Graham> ?
15:14:59 <Casey> I'm glad 28 showed up to share that with us
15:18:23 <Graham> profound
15:18:45 <Graham> maybe they didnt like watching water freeze
15:18:51 <Graham> wanted to see it boil
15:19:16 <Casey> Wait a few weeks and they can probably see both on here
15:24:27 <Casey> It's creepy how still some of those people can stand. I've glanced over a few times and could have sworn the video had frozen had there not been rolling steam from OF
15:35:11 <Graham> OF
15:52:27 <ynpvisitor25> $43.71?
16:18:00 <Graham> Lion
16:20:17 <Graham> Lion
16:22:20 <ynpvisitor43.71> ynpvisitor25 : I'm making the number slightly bigger each time I come on here
16:22:20 <Graham> both minors
16:28:20 <Kevin L> Daisy
16:28:22 <ynpvisitor25> Nice idea 43.71
16:28:33 <ynpvisitor25> err 43.72
16:28:53 <ynpvisitor25> oops 44
16:54:16 <Graham> Lion
17:21:12 <ynpvisitor32> Nice sunset
17:34:13 <Graham> goodnight
17:38:37 <ynpvisitor32> Turn out the lights, the party's over....
18:19:28 <ynpvisitor81> Hot air, hot water, hot air, hot water. What are you watching?
18:44:43 <kcmule> OF