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05:20:36 <ynpvisitor52> OF 0720
05:53:17 <Dave from B> That's a new one!
05:53:21 <Dave from B> Morning Jimbo
05:53:37 <Dave from B> Let me guess...Polonia, Sweden?:)
05:53:47 <Jimbo Polonium> Morning. I think I had it once before.
05:54:36 <Jimbo Polonium> Well, somewhat fittingly, it was also discovered by Mme. Curie
05:56:10 <Jimbo Polonium> it looks to me like there are three eruption plumes rising over the downbasin fog bank right now
05:57:55 <Dave from B> Turban was 754 per GT
06:06:10 <Jimbo Polonium> Now that cloud looks primordial
06:27:09 <lc> I am wondering what happened to the 0720 OF I logged in GT.
06:29:03 <Dave from B> Morning lc. Did you log it as a long or short?
06:30:35 <lc> just logged it, I didn't know if it was long/short.
06:30:56 <lc> now it is gone.
06:31:22 <lc> just wondering how it got deleted.
06:36:09 <Kevin L> I wonder if GT deletes them now if there is one at the same time with more info. I see DaveM has one posted then as a long.
06:36:57 <lc> maybe Kevin.
06:37:10 <ynpvisitor89> lc -- sorry about that but I needed to make sure the VEC knew it was a long. The only way GT allows me to do that is by deleting your entry.
06:38:10 <lc> no problem, I was just wondering.
06:38:30 <ynpvisitor89> I only delete when the information needs to go to the VEC or people in the basin. That only occurs very infrequently and usually entails the OF just before the VEC opens or if Castle is a minor
06:39:40 <lc> understand their need to know.
06:42:05 <Kevin L> It is amazing what you can pick out Dave. Don't know what we do without all your input!
06:42:44 <ynpvisitor89> thanks
06:43:51 <ynpvisitor89> I also thank everyone that contributes. We all see things others miss.
06:44:19 <ynpvisitor89> Although right now I don't think anyone can miss the fog
06:44:31 <lc> I agree. I am on early a lot of mornings and can't a thing and you get a lot of eruption.
06:45:37 <ynpvisitor89> I cheat, I use a recording.
06:46:52 <lc> that helps you see in the dark?
06:48:35 <ynpvisitor89> yes
06:49:03 <lc> time for breakfast. bbl.
06:49:15 <ynpvisitor89> by speeding up the playback, steamclouds rising into the sky become much more obvious.
07:07:56 <ynpvisitor67> That's fun
07:09:20 <Dave from B> nice cloud
07:10:45 <Jimbo Polonium> wysiwyg
07:11:28 <Dave from B> Is that Catspeak?
07:59:19 <ynpvisitor87> .
08:15:58 <Kevin L> I have heard of rainbows, moonbows, but this is a new one for me. A fogbow!.
08:19:36 <ynpvisitor87> it's not raining when we see them at a geyser- maybe they need a more specific name
08:20:27 <Kevin L> Geyserbow?
08:22:18 <ynpvisitor87> steambow?
08:22:52 <Kevin L> That would work.
08:23:23 <Kevin L> Morning Eric
08:23:32 <Eric> Morning Kevin
08:24:05 <Kevin L> BTW that boat I was talking about the other day was trying to go into Coos Bay.
08:25:44 <Kevin L> They had some poor captain that made it out to sea just before they closed it on Tuesday's show and went to set the crab pots and the crew had forgot to put bait on the boat.
08:30:41 <Eric> haha...yep, stupid stuff happens
08:31:16 <Dave from B> Morning Eric, Kevin, Jenna
08:31:24 <Dave from B> Eric, big storm headed your way?
08:31:46 <Kevin L> Poor kid is a green captain on a boat owned by his Dad. Dad was not happy. Since the way in was closed they couldn't go in for bait.
08:32:15 <Kevin L> Hi Dave. You didn't tell us this was National Seafood Month.
08:32:39 <Dave from B> That's because it's the worst month to seel seafood of the 12!
08:33:54 <Kevin L> You would think you could seel seafood every month.
08:34:24 <Dave from B> haha. A lot of people start tightening budgets to get ready for the holiday season.
08:34:33 <Dave from B> tourists have gone home
08:34:36 <Jenna> morning Dave
08:35:45 <Betty> OF
08:35:50 <Kevin L> Long John Silvers keeps sending me coupons, but the closed all but 2 outlets in Vegas and the closest one is 30 miles away. :p I miss that place.
08:35:51 <Betty> Morning all
08:35:59 <Kevin L> Hi Betty.
08:36:10 <Betty> hey Kevin
08:36:56 <Kevin L> Found you a barstool Jenna. Just needs some red paint!
08:39:02 <Eric> Hey Dave, yep...big storm coming. Now predicting 60 mph winds with with 3-4 inches of rain over 24 hours
08:39:26 <Dave from B> I guess there is a huge storm in Alaska coming next
08:39:56 <Eric> luckily the storm is mainly pushed north...I think seattle is going to get hit harder
08:40:45 <Jenna> that's neat Kevin, I do have a bar in the basement that needs stools!
08:41:09 <Kevin L> I thought you would like that!
08:41:29 <Kevin L> Weather has not been kind to you this year Eric.
08:43:27 <Eric> Not horrible....but it's been raining for the last 3 weeks, so it will be interesting to see if ground can soak more water :-P usually not a problem this time of year though.
08:44:02 <Betty> sounds like Hanau :-p
08:44:17 <Eric> Only time we get floading is spring when we have abnormal warmth and it melts snowpack and have heavy rains at the same time.
08:44:20 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:44:29 <Betty> hey Eric
08:45:04 <Kevin L> I am hoping it cools off in 2 weeks down here for my first Rainbow Canyon trip of the season.
09:05:56 <Kevin L> Looks like heavy snow forecast for the park on Sunday.
09:16:05 <Betty> Aurum
09:16:08 <Betty> .
09:16:08 <Betty> .
09:16:10 <Betty> .
09:16:26 <Casey> Good time for me to show up
09:16:33 <Jimbo Polonium> peekaboo
09:16:43 <Betty> hi Casey
09:16:50 <Betty> perfect
09:17:18 <Kevin L> That was fun!
09:17:24 <Betty> :-)
09:18:18 <Kevin L> Haven't been able to get a good shot for a long time.
09:19:00 <Kevin L> The one I saw before BH was tough to see but BH was great.
09:36:44 <ynpvisitor87> .
09:47:15 <Casey> Daisy
09:48:15 <Casey> Interesting interval. Looks like the weather got to Daisy.
09:50:34 <Kevin L> Wind will really mess with Daisy.
09:56:23 <Kevin L> This page seems to want to keep about a 10-15s lag for me today.
10:10:25 <Betty> OF
10:27:53 <Ben VL> Anyone know whats up with the Norris temp graphs? Steamboat hasn't been updated in like two weeks.
10:28:15 <Ryan> They are hiding the evidence.
10:34:01 <Ben VL> Report from my cousin who was there last week says there are frequent concerted minors (every minute or so). I haven't asked them about volume or runoff yet, and I don't know how long they observed it for, but I'm happy to see consistent concerted minors.
10:45:10 <Betty> Riverside ie?
10:45:37 <Betty> hi Ryan and Ben VL
10:46:34 <Casey> It's the right time for a Riverside double interval
10:47:06 <Betty> yep, thanks
10:48:42 <Ben VL> hey
10:55:02 <Ben VL> Lion
10:55:15 <Betty> yay
10:55:44 <Kevin L> :)
11:01:58 <Kevin L> Go Bee!
11:02:16 <Betty> :-)
11:03:54 <Kevin L> Movie channel just ran a Roadrunner cartoon as a filler. Boy do I love those!
11:05:48 <Betty> :-D
11:09:08 <Kevin L> I kind of feel like the coyote this week. So far I have broken my sander, lathe, and drill press.
11:09:52 <Dave from B> Maybe you should leave the room before you break something:D
11:10:34 <Kevin L> I am afraid to touch anything now.
11:12:39 <Ben VL> How did you manage to break all those things?
11:13:58 <Kevin L> A random orbital sander is really easy to break since it spins shakes and grabs.
11:14:17 <Betty> and did you get the roadrunner? ;-)
11:14:23 <Dave from B> haha
11:15:45 <Kevin L> Working on projects for Christmas and such. A capacitor blew on the lathe motor and I can't find a replacement for it unless I get it with the motor which is $7 less than a new lathe. No brainer there.
11:16:47 <Kevin L> Not sure what happened to the sander. Was working on a makeup desk for my daughter and a bunch of pieces just flew out of it!
11:17:11 <Ben VL> whoa
11:17:31 <Kevin L> Handle came off the drill press. Think I will just gorilla glue that one!
11:22:51 <Kevin L> ding
11:22:52 <Kevin L> .
11:22:53 <Kevin L> .
11:22:54 <Kevin L> .
11:22:55 <Kevin L> .
11:22:55 <Kevin L> .
11:22:56 <ynpvisitor80> BHU
11:22:56 <Kevin L> .
11:23:01 <ynpvisitor80> BHI
11:23:07 <Casey> nice
11:23:08 <Jimbo Polonium> dang, I've got 15 minutes
11:23:13 <Betty> I like BHU
11:23:43 <ynpvisitor80> Davespeak
11:28:12 <Jimbo Polonium> Ahhh... no choo!
11:28:14 <ynpvisitor80> BH
11:28:32 <Jimbo Polonium> It heard my plea!
11:28:34 <Casey> Nice
11:28:38 <Betty> I´m lagged
11:28:50 <Kevin L> Somebody got wet!
11:29:07 <Jimbo Polonium> Showing power
11:30:12 <Dave from B> BH University?
11:30:42 <Betty> Tell Becca! ;-)
11:30:54 <Kevin L> Instead of soccer it would have soak her.
11:31:05 <Betty> haha
11:34:38 <Kevin L> That was nice
11:35:10 <Jimbo Polonium> Bye all
11:35:21 <Kevin L> Bye Jimbo
11:35:36 <Betty> bye Jimbo
11:43:36 <Dave from B> ..
11:45:38 <Kevin L> ö
11:46:26 <Betty> Ä
11:47:07 <Kevin L>
11:53:49 <Betty> OF
11:56:25 <Dave from B> :P
11:56:45 <Betty> ?
11:57:11 <ynpvisitor52> goodbye nice weather...
11:59:43 <Dave from B> I can't even put ".." without being "harassed":)
12:01:20 <Betty> hehe
12:03:37 <Kevin L> I thought you were seeling fish.
12:04:58 <Dave from B> Nope...getting my ears lowered
12:05:23 <Dave from B> See if Betty knows what that means:)
12:05:41 <Kevin L> Bet it didn't cost you $5000.
12:05:52 <Dave from B> nope
12:06:36 <Betty> ??
12:07:00 <Dave from B> Getting my haircut
12:07:27 <Betty> ah, cool
12:07:50 <Kevin L> I have a live in barber now.
12:18:24 <Casey> Lion should be warming up
12:18:53 <Kevin L> I am surprised it hasn't gone yet.
12:20:12 <Casey> I've seen a few longer intervals after initials lately. It could always be a series of one.
12:20:45 <Kevin L> Thought we had it for a minute.
12:21:00 <Kevin L> Getting to a Daisy window too.
12:22:01 <Casey> Looks like the wind has slowed down. Maybe Daisy will respect the prediction window now.
12:29:10 <lc> is Sawmilll ie> Kitt wants to know.
12:29:28 <Casey> Looks like it
12:29:42 <lc> something there, looks like Sawmill.
12:30:08 <lc> agree Casey.
12:30:20 <lc> anyone on the cam?
12:30:45 <Casey> Probably just walked out. We were zoomed in to Lion 10 minutes ago
12:31:12 <lc> thanks
12:31:18 <ynpvisitor89> Sawmill is still ie.
12:31:42 <Casey> No problem. I'll make noise if the cam points that direction.
12:32:50 <Kevin L> Looks like it is.
12:32:59 <Casey> There you go. Still ie... but definitely wind-shortened
12:33:09 <lc> thanks,
12:34:22 <Dave from B> SteveO trying to catch his 23rd Uncertain of the year?
12:35:34 <lc> they are at F&M now, hoping for deep drain.
12:35:34 <Casey> Lion is really pushing it now. This would be the longest interval after an initial in over a month.
12:37:09 <lc> 6 roars, I think it done
12:37:25 <Casey> I think so too
12:38:32 <Casey> There were 6-8 people up there waiting for it too
12:40:19 <Dave from B> I didn't realize we were almost at 5 days for the rockpile
12:41:29 <lc> it Sawmill stops could someone send Kitt or Steve a text
12:41:54 <lc> i'm going back to my book.
12:42:02 <Dave from B> no problem
12:42:20 <lc> thanks Dave, bbl.
12:42:23 <Casey> If I notice, I'll remind you Dave
12:43:26 <Dave from B> Thanks Casey because I'm up to my eyeballs in work right now
12:54:47 <Kevin L> Still going
12:55:21 <Dave from B> Thanks Kevin
12:58:38 <Dave from B> Kevin, I'm leaving in about 20-30 minutes. Do you have Kitt or SteveO's number?
12:59:34 <Casey> Did it just stop?
12:59:44 <Casey> I'm not seeing anything at Sawmill now
12:59:59 <Casey> .
12:59:59 <Casey> .
13:00:00 <Casey> .
13:00:04 <Casey> Dave?
13:00:19 <Kevin L> Don't see it.
13:00:41 <Dave from B> OK...
13:00:47 <Dave from B> I'm going to wait a minute or so
13:01:02 <ynpvisitor89> Sawmill ended at 1456
13:01:33 <Dave from B> Thanks 89
13:01:42 <Dave from B> Kitt has been informed
13:01:51 <Kevin L> Twice
13:01:57 <Dave from B> haha
13:02:06 <Casey> SteveO's there. He posted on GT about it ending as well.
13:02:55 <Kevin L> Trying to move a file in Winblows 10. The person who redid that should be placed in a room with a TV showing political ads for thest of his life!
13:02:57 <Dave from B> Thanks Casey
13:03:12 <Dave from B> Anything but that Kevin
13:16:25 <Dave from B> Should see Turban posts soon...the duo is at Grand
13:17:43 <Betty> headded out, Night all
13:21:34 <Dave from B> Grand
13:21:35 <Dave from B> ..
13:21:44 <Dave from B> ..
13:22:06 <Dave from B> In OF window...aAGAIN
13:24:47 <Kevin L> :p
13:25:47 <Kevin L> Communist plot. Putin did it!
13:27:48 <Casey> OF
13:27:54 <Kevin L> Hope it is a short.
13:31:48 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
13:32:10 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
13:47:39 <ynpvisitor1> Castle ie
13:48:42 <Jake> if this morning's Castle really was a major, it just did two very short intervals
13:49:06 <Jake> establishing a new norm?
13:49:23 <Kevin L> It went just before Grand
14:57:23 <Graham> Lion 1 and done, thats sad
15:00:14 <Kevin L> Dave broke it.
15:01:18 <lc> have a good night everyone.
15:01:47 <Kevin L> bye
15:37:18 <kc (working)> aurum
15:46:03 <Graham> not a good time for my stream to lock up
15:58:38 <ynpvisitor94> Lion
15:58:49 <ynpvisitor94> OR not. Just a big splash?
15:59:10 <Graham> trying to start
15:59:19 <Graham> yeah
15:59:30 <ynpvisitor94> Ini. Only a 5 hr interval
15:59:46 <Graham> after 1 and done
16:00:16 <Graham> weather is going to change, lots of snow in the forecast for OF
16:00:32 <ynpvisitor94> Yeah. I've heard arguments both ways, but my eyes tell me to expect short intervals after short series.
16:01:26 <Graham> 18" on the low side thru Tuesday
16:01:50 <Graham> 30" on the high side
16:02:03 <ynpvisitor94> Wow. That will making viewing difficult.
16:07:33 <kcmule> daisy
16:07:43 <Kevin L> Nice to see a shorter interval on Aurum, but is still knows when I am feeding chickens.
16:08:07 <Graham> its getting ready for winter
16:43:29 <kcmule> OF
17:26:05 <kcmule> lion
17:59:30 <ynpvisitor8> Kevin L TM? when did that get trademarked?
18:00:20 <Kevin L ™> I got a l;awyer.
18:03:38 <ynpvisitor8> oh
18:28:18 <ynpvisitor8> OF
18:28:24 <ynpvisitor8> ns
18:53:29 <ynpvisitor82> daisy
19:23:36 <ynpvisitor81> Nevada senate approved wasting money on a football stadium
19:24:16 <Michael> For whom? The currently Oakland Raiders?
19:29:06 <Kevin L ™> Yep. :P
20:01:20 <kcmule> grand
20:01:31 <Kevin L ™> Grand
20:02:44 <Michael> Nice. Heard kc's post in time to see the start here.
20:10:22 <ynpvisitor94> of
20:10:24 <Michael> OF
20:11:48 <ynpvisitor94> Looks like Grand is still in the 1b slump
20:12:33 <Kevin L ™> Needs vitamins.
20:13:22 <ynpvisitor94> No placing items in thermal features, Kevin
20:17:35 <Kevin L ™> Maybe an elk will fall in.
20:18:18 <Kevin L ™> Good B vitamins in elk meat.
20:19:02 <ynpvisitor94> I shouldn't eat this late, but now you're making me hungry.
20:22:53 <Michael> Not much coming up in the next hour. Except Aurum right after Kevin and I leave.