Showing logs for date: 2016-11-05
06:30:44 <ynpvisitor91> looks like OF just ended.
07:20:33 <ynpvisitor5> Oblong, Grotto or???
07:25:55 <ynpvisitor35> Kinda looks grand?
07:27:12 <ynpvisitor5> NOPE, might be Grotto of F&M, not tall enough for Giant. Look to the left that is Grand.
07:36:13 <Casey> I'm late to the conversations, but F&M erupted at 1913 per GT.
07:42:34 <ynpvisitor52> 1913?
07:43:26 <ynpvisitor52> Depression may be ie now.
07:44:13 <Casey> 0913. Typo.
07:48:20 <ynpvisitor68> So cool Steve walked up on it!!
07:54:10 <ynpvisitor52> I didn't think I saw it last night. Great way to finish up a season!
08:02:48 <Casey> OF ie
08:17:06 <ynpvisitor89> well that's cool
08:17:20 <ynpvisitor89> Fan and Mortar!
08:24:00 <ynpvisitor89> That's not random. I get on and somebody using the same number just left.
08:45:41 <Casey> Riverside
09:40:25 <Graham> hello, did i miss anything?
09:40:54 <Casey> It was before I got on, but F&M this morning.
09:41:10 <Casey> 0913
09:46:55 <ynpvisitor19> of
09:47:26 <Graham> not a ood time to have to reboot
10:02:03 <Graham> gonna be a snoozer this afternoon .... not helping that i flew the redeye last night
10:04:07 <Casey> If you are in an area that observes daylight saving time, you'll get an extra hour of sleep tonight
10:13:40 <Graham> that will help with jetlag, makes the timeshift just 2 hoirs not 3 for me
10:49:29 <Graham> LC
11:07:32 <Graham> first LC reported in 5 days, I wonder what its been up to
11:09:39 <ynpvisitor2> It's been active, just not reported. Years ago Gazers would laugh at someone calling Plume. Not considered worth it.
11:11:47 <Graham> OF
11:12:56 <Graham> short
11:15:40 <Graham> i have been watching for it a lot recently and rarely seen it
11:18:44 <Graham> stepping away for a few minutes
11:29:07 <ynpvisitor90> indy
11:29:21 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:29:22 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:29:24 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:29:24 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:30:04 <ynpvisitor90> BHI
11:30:06 <ynpvisitor90> BHI
11:30:09 <ynpvisitor90> BHI
11:30:43 <ynpvisitor2> Hive time !
11:32:43 <ynpvisitor90> A group of lucky people at thr hive!
11:33:09 <ynpvisitor90> Any one send text
11:33:24 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:33:24 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:33:25 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:33:26 <ynpvisitor90> .
11:34:14 <Jake> text received
11:34:17 <ynpvisitor2> Wake up Jake.
11:34:32 <Casey> Thanks for the text
11:35:11 <Jake> Graham stepped away "for a few minutes" 16 minutes ago
11:35:15 <ynpvisitor90> Do we have a cam op?
11:35:46 <Jake> surely he'd want to be here for the first false indicator of 2016?
11:41:11 <ynpvisitor2> Not exactly Splash City out there.
11:41:45 <ynpvisitor90> BH
11:41:51 <ynpvisitor2> Never mind.
11:42:52 <Jake> a little bit of a rainbow
11:45:09 <ynpvisitor90> Nice color
11:46:38 <ynpvisitor2> Better Nate than lever.
11:47:38 <Graham> i thought we had a false indicator earlier in the year
11:50:24 <ynpvisitor99> Nice rainbow on that one.
11:50:37 <Graham> sorry i was away so long
11:52:46 <ynpvisitor90> We had a good view, had we zoomed in we would have missed the rainbow.
11:54:36 <Graham> that must have been my plan
11:55:19 <ynpvisitor99> That is what Cleveland said.
12:01:27 <Jake> was there a false indicator earlier this year? I don't recall one
12:03:06 <Graham> it was a short one i think, mid cycle false indicator
12:04:35 <Graham> daisy
12:32:48 <Graham> Lion ini
12:34:57 <Graham> LC
12:37:22 <Jimbo Weekend> just in time to see Lion
12:55:56 <Jimbo Weekend> back
13:03:13 <Betty> hello all
13:04:06 <Betty> Dome
13:12:11 <ynpvisitor27> Gluten abend
13:13:44 <Betty> hi 27
13:36:59 <Graham> i will be heading out in about 20 min, not sure if someone can take over or not
13:45:39 <ynpvisitor27> Betty can take the cam
13:53:05 <Graham> i am going to dinner, goodbye. may be back later
13:53:37 <Betty> haave fun, Graham
13:56:16 <Betty> Lion
13:58:26 <Betty> OF
14:01:48 <Betty> Aurum
14:02:30 <Betty> all at once
14:02:57 <Betty> Grand!
14:03:16 <ynpvisitor27> Pretty strong Aurum.
14:04:36 <ynpvisitor27> Kevin may show up now that Aurum has gone.
14:05:03 <Betty> sure he will :-D
14:05:24 <Betty> fed the chickens, I bet
14:12:59 <Betty> 2nd
14:56:09 <Betty> Daisy
15:09:28 <Kevin L™> Cluck cluck
15:10:07 <Betty> :-)
15:12:09 <Betty> had 4 geysers within 5 min
15:14:15 <Kevin L™> Been working on Christmas projects today.
15:14:34 <Betty> oblong maybe
15:26:42 <Betty> Riverside
15:34:45 <Kevin L™> Of. Bet there is not Aurum.
15:35:01 <Kevin L™> Even if it is time to feed chickens.
15:48:21 <Kevin L™> No Giantess?
15:51:00 <ynpvisitor78> split cone or just steam?
15:52:41 <Kevin L™> Split cone has had some good eruptions this week. I would say it is ie.
16:14:57 <ynpvisitor89> possibly little squirt?