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02:58:21 <ynpvisitor25> hi
04:11:41 <ynpvisitor76> Yup, that is what Worland looks like now
05:15:34 <Dave from B> Same here, Kitt
05:18:24 <David A pdx> good morning!
05:19:16 <David A pdx> 4- 6" on the ground of the white stuff?
05:20:18 <Dave from B> Maybe
05:21:36 <Jimbo Oxygen> Breathe deep
05:22:00 <David A pdx> in the gathering gloom
05:22:22 <Jimbo Oxygen> I thought that too
05:22:56 <David A pdx> 19f is tad bit chilly
05:25:59 <David A pdx> it appears Sprinkler is ie
05:54:32 <David A pdx> sprinkler ie
05:54:57 <David A pdx> drifting steam from sawmill makes it hard to tell, but it is ie
06:06:38 <David A pdx> lion ie _
06:06:51 <David A pdx> that was a ? not a _
06:08:14 <David A pdx> definitely ie
06:08:59 <Kevin L™> Either that or there is a big cottonball on GH.
06:09:11 <David A pdx> LOL!
06:09:19 <David A pdx> it is ie!
06:15:25 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin, Jenna, David, Mike, Jimbo
06:15:36 <Dave from B> Kind of makes you want to go to OF today, right?:)
06:15:39 <David A pdx> Morning Dave!
06:16:34 <Jenna> morning Dave
06:16:47 <Kevin L™> Morning
06:17:14 <David A pdx> it would be cool!!
06:18:10 <Dave from B> I do recommend a winter trip during a year where there is lots of snow. It is an amzing place
06:19:43 <David A pdx> Mt St Helens area:
06:19:53 <Kevin L™> May be amazing, but I will pass!
06:22:42 <Dave from B> Nice shot, David
06:22:59 <David A pdx> thanks Dave
06:23:10 <David A pdx> Sprinkler ie
06:23:19 <Dave from B> Kevin, it is amazing what snow, cold, geysers can produce.
06:23:29 <Jimbo Oxygen> It's precipitating
06:24:26 <Jimbo Oxygen> That waterfall by Spirit Lake is pretty cool (Mt. St. Helens pics)
06:24:52 <Jimbo Oxygen> Might've been a pond, not Spirit Lake
06:26:24 <David A pdx> Dave, the 'damage' to trees behind Green Dragon & Gray Lakes in NGB is quite amazing, and indicative to a lot of ice buildup in winter.
06:27:19 <David A pdx>
06:27:54 <David A pdx> might be June Lake with a waterfall behind it?
06:28:57 <David A pdx>
06:29:31 <Jimbo Oxygen> Yup, that one. Great fall colors there
06:29:52 <David A pdx> thanks. the water is issuing from a spring
06:30:38 <Jimbo Oxygen> big spring
06:30:48 <David A pdx> which is this stream
06:30:51 <David A pdx>
06:31:35 <David A pdx> that stream issues from under the lava flow in background and goes underground right below me, and then issues out of side of cliff above June Lake.
06:32:04 <Jimbo Oxygen> neat
06:32:13 <David A pdx> i think so!
06:33:13 <Dave from B> David, whenever we get to St. Helns since Becca is going to UP, I would love to hit you up for advice on where to go
06:33:44 <Kevin L™> HK has a lot of MH info too.
06:33:46 <David A pdx> OK! I can give you lots of advice. it is a cool place
06:34:23 <Kevin L™> Looks like we won't have a view for a while.
06:35:21 <David A pdx> Dave, just sent you my e-mail when you get out here
06:35:44 <Jimbo Oxygen> I might be in Seattle in January. Planning on going to museums ;-)
06:36:07 <David A pdx> cool! Univ of Washington has the Burke Museum.
06:36:15 <Jimbo Oxygen> And Sci-Fi
06:36:20 <David A pdx> haven't been there yet, but I hear it is good.
06:36:28 <Dave from B> Thanks David
06:36:33 <Jimbo Oxygen> it was just being built when I was there last
06:37:27 <David A pdx> if its clear go up Space Needle! great view. if you do a meal food is pretty good.
06:37:42 <Kevin L™> Going to the shop bbl
06:44:24 <Jimbo Oxygen> Did Space Needle in 90s - I'll go up if I can see anything in January!
06:48:19 <ynpvisitor11> Grand ?
06:49:17 <ynpvisitor65> was wondering the same
06:50:52 <ynpvisitor11> looks more Grand than Oblong
06:51:28 <David A pdx> Sprinkler ie
06:53:08 <David A pdx> I am going to sign off for now. have a great day everyone!
07:32:05 <kc (working)> OF ie
07:36:12 <ynpvisitor11> Lion ?
07:36:48 <ynpvisitor66> Seems to be.
07:43:52 <747> Ranger Rick or Ranger Jane should go out and clean the camera lense :)
07:45:10 <Dave from B> You want to go up on a ladder on a day like this?
07:45:57 <747> Sure, anything for the viewers :)
07:47:00 <ynpvisitor66> It's a long flight to the hospital from there.
07:47:49 <Dave from B> Did anyone ever see the helicopter for the survey last week?
07:48:35 <747> I was watching for it, but did not see it.
07:59:29 <Casey> Morning
08:01:47 <Kevin L™> The cleaning device is on a stick now. No need for a ladder! I think it may be a bit cold to do it though.
08:07:55 <Kevin L™> Looks like a boring day in store.
08:10:30 <ynpvisitor69> you may blame the 0154 eruption of OF for the geyserite on the camera dome
08:13:51 <ynpvisitor69> the 0330 eruption aswell
08:14:16 <Kevin L™> I think it is a sign of things to come.
08:16:15 <Kevin L™> In case you are looking for a Christmas gift that you want to be some someone doesn't already have:
08:18:17 <ynpvisitor95> Oblong?
08:18:36 <Kevin L™> Right spot
08:24:14 <ynpvisitor48> hmmm, I guess 21 degrees is too cold for the dome heater to melt the ice :-(
08:24:55 <ynpvisitor69> pretty sure it's geyserite 48
08:25:04 <Kevin L™> Dome heater is there to keep electronics warm enough to work. Does not do a good job of melting ice.
08:26:51 <ynpvisitor48> ya, I know kevin...but there is hope that even a little warmth would melt it away.
08:28:22 <ynpvisitor69> I guess that's every eruption I was able to see in the overnight captures...
08:31:50 <Kevin L™> Not bad for such ugly weather.
08:39:47 <ynpvisitor48> Agree Kevin, if the camera was clean, this would be a very nice view
08:40:02 <ynpvisitor48> Lion?
08:40:33 <ynpvisitor48> I think so...time is right too
08:40:48 <Kevin L™> OF is not cooperating.
08:41:08 <Casey> Minor?
08:41:39 <Kevin L™> For sure!
09:06:24 <ynpvisitor69> Lion
09:07:03 <heat pump> Bh in 5 hours?
09:08:01 <ynpvisitor69> think so, if it still has an interval of 13 to 16 hours
09:08:18 <ynpvisitor69> 14 to 16*
09:11:01 <ynpvisitor69> does anyone know when E-times are usually being submitted?
09:18:22 <ynpvisitor69> OF 1118 or 1117?
09:18:29 <ynpvisitor69> no, false
09:20:53 <Kevin L™> Wind direction bad for OF right now.
09:21:08 <ynpvisitor69> yes
09:21:59 <heat pump> Yes, someone has an idea of when E-times are read. I do not think they are around now. Lots just posted to GT a few days ago, so may not see any for a bit?
09:22:32 <ynpvisitor69> ok, thanks
09:23:09 <Kevin L™> They are read when a ranger goes out there. We may not have any for days at a time right now.
09:24:17 <Casey> Did I miss Aurum, or are we just watching steam?
09:24:19 <ynpvisitor69> understandable
09:24:42 <heat pump> I thought they had a schedule that ranged from days, weeks, to months depending on the geyser. Winter is different though.
09:25:16 <Kevin L™> I think we may have had Aurum but could not tell for sure.
09:25:31 <ynpvisitor69> OF ie?
09:25:51 <Casey> I thought so too, but it doesn't look like it now
09:26:18 <ynpvisitor69> geyserite is being disposed though
09:26:21 <Kevin L™> It was probably a big splash. Should have steam in runoff channels when it is ie.
09:26:21 <heat pump> Well off to do some things. Had a raccoon try and get to my turkeys last night. Lucky for the turkeys, he was chained up in a hand trap. Still managed to dig into the pen.
09:26:53 <Kevin L™> Racoons are evil.
09:27:28 <ynpvisitor48> Agree with that Kevin
09:27:29 <heat pump> They should be the mascot for a political party.
09:27:48 <Kevin L™> I like that!
09:28:46 <Kevin L™> Giant rat with an attitude problem.
09:29:19 <Dave from B> I thought that was my dog:)
09:29:23 <heat pump> Will see if my free add on CR gets any takers. I was able to give away a live marmot one year. See if anyone want a coon skin.
09:29:40 <heat pump> Dave has an ankle bitter?
09:30:24 <heat pump> Figured he was a cat person with all tat fish around.
09:30:30 <Kevin L™> Yep. I had one once. Dont remember what I named it but everyone called her Mouse and it stuck.
09:30:47 <Kevin L™> Those dogs like fish too!
09:32:28 <heat pump>
09:32:45 <Kevin L™> :)
09:33:53 <Kevin L™> Always liked Tom & Jerry
09:33:55 <heat pump> Amazing what you get when you google.
09:34:37 <ynpvisitor69> don't know if the fish like it though
09:34:47 <heat pump> Enjoy, back later to see if we can see BH.
09:34:51 <ynpvisitor69> bye
09:35:05 <Kevin L™> Hope it shows. Look for it about 1600
09:47:07 <Kevin L™> I am guessing we did see OF around 1125 or so. Must have been a short.
09:56:45 <kc (working)> vec cam getting stuck lately, still on 1148 now
10:06:04 <ynpvisitor58> .
10:07:33 <Betty> hello all
10:07:56 <Kevin L™> Hi
10:08:12 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:15:05 <Kevin L™> We may need you to spot OF for us today Betty.
10:15:53 <Betty> Lion
10:17:25 <Kevin L™> With the wind direction it is really hard to tell.
10:17:37 <Betty> not a nice wind direction
10:18:00 <Betty> hmm, same thought
10:19:41 <Betty> need to spend some time in the kitchen. Hopefully I can help
10:20:42 <Kevin L™> Wind was brutal here last night. It was NW32G41 at 2130.
10:25:15 <Casey> We should know soon if we missed an OF short.
10:37:06 <Betty> indy?
10:37:34 <Kevin L™> Nope
10:38:17 <Betty> streaming is horrible today. just froze with lots of steam there. sorry
10:38:31 <Betty> bubblers are active
10:38:39 <Kevin L™> Odd place for steam
10:40:57 <Betty> I don´t like the droplet at Riverside trees
10:44:44 <Betty> at least lots of steam from BH
10:45:34 <Betty> I think indy is ie
10:46:09 <Kevin L™> You are right
10:46:09 <Jimbo Oxygen> I agree
10:46:11 <Betty> yep
10:46:17 <ynpvisitor2> Free beer for Betty!
10:46:18 <Kevin L™> Do you want to send txt?
10:46:31 <Betty> I can do
10:47:50 <Betty> done
10:47:57 <Kevin L™> Got it
10:48:10 <Casey> Thanks for the text. I hadn't been paying attention for a while.
10:48:17 <ynpvisitor45> 2, are you sending Betty a voucher?
10:48:25 <Betty> Riverside ie, I think
10:48:58 <Betty> hehe
10:49:34 <Kevin L™> Hoping OF doesn't mess up BH
10:50:00 <Eric> Hey hey
10:50:21 <Casey> It's been a long time without a recorded eruption, but the math doesn't seem to line up for riverside.
10:50:23 <Betty> hi Eric
10:50:35 <Eric> Hi Betty
10:50:46 <ynpvisitor2> Unfortunately Inbev is stopping the free beer for life program. However if I ever meet her in the park I would gladly buy her a beer.
10:50:47 <Betty> not sure with that wind
10:51:22 <ynpvisitor2> Kevin can bring the pretzels.
10:51:25 <Betty> bah
10:51:27 <Kevin L™> OF
10:51:30 <Casey> Wait BH, wait!
10:51:40 <Betty> it really messes it up
10:51:48 <Betty> Daisy
10:51:59 <Eric> Noooooo
10:52:06 <Kevin L™> Looks like we didn't miss a short.
10:52:16 <Eric> more frozen drops
10:52:17 <Betty> bad thing!!
10:52:18 <Kevin L™> :p :P!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:52:20 <Casey> We missed a long?
10:52:28 <Eric> BH?
10:52:35 <Kevin L™> Wish we would have misseed this one.
10:52:39 <Betty> who knows
10:52:55 <Eric> guess not
10:53:02 <ynpvisitor45> yes, I see Bee back there
10:53:19 <ynpvisitor45> or thought I did, a straight up plume
10:53:21 <Betty> I don´t
10:53:35 <ynpvisitor45> nope, no Bee
10:53:40 <Betty> to say: I see nothing
10:54:01 <Betty> hard to see Daisy too
10:54:23 <ynpvisitor2> Driver forgot to duck
10:54:26 <Eric> BH
10:54:39 <Kevin L™> Yep OF BH & Daisy
10:54:45 <Betty> yep
10:55:09 <Eric> or not
10:55:16 <Eric> ohh, there it is :-D
10:55:24 <ynpvisitor2> Sure, I believe, it is silly but I believe.
10:55:38 <ynpvisitor73> yay, I made it back
10:55:40 <Eric> and nothing
10:55:50 <Betty> grrrr
10:55:59 <Kitt> there it is
10:56:02 <ynpvisitor2> Eric, are you the e-time person?
10:56:06 <Eric> no
10:56:21 <Betty> E as Eric
10:56:56 <Kitt> just spent an hour shovelling the sidewalks
10:57:02 <Eric> eek
10:57:15 <Eric> I think park rangers enter the e-times...don't they?
10:57:16 <Kitt> have about 4 inches of very wet snow
10:57:29 <Kitt> and it is breezy
10:57:45 <Kevin L™> Shoveling sidewalks?
10:57:51 <Kitt> fluffy isn't playing nice
10:58:11 <Kitt> that is better
10:58:13 <ynpvisitor45> So Worland got some white stuff
10:58:31 <ynpvisitor45> Dave from B, I heard Billings got a foot, any truth to that?
10:58:33 <Betty> a sidewalk is to walk on it, Kevin
10:59:03 <Betty> I can see Bee
10:59:31 <Kitt> this snow was more like our spring storms with very heavy, wet snow
10:59:48 <Betty> I think Dave missed the show
10:59:54 <Kevin L™> We use brooms to clean them here....
11:00:11 <Kitt> the plows are out working the main streets, since it is suppose to get to about 8 degrees tonight
11:00:34 <Kitt> that means frozen water
11:01:17 <Kevin L™> Got down to 48 here last night. Looking for my coat.
11:01:17 <Kitt> well I got to see bee
11:01:37 <Kitt> I was at the gas station fueling up when I got the indy text
11:02:15 <Kent> So I’m in line at Micky D’s and get the text. I open the GT cam app and see it still hasn’t erupted so I head for my car and slip as I step off the walk. Knee, ouch. Grab mini-4 and get chat opened and then ……heartache :(
11:02:39 <Kevin L™> Ouch!
11:02:52 <Betty> hey Kent, did not see you sneak in. How are you :-)
11:03:07 <Kent> mad and hurting :)
11:03:21 <Jimbo Oxygen> Momma told me there'd be days like these
11:03:23 <ynpvisitor45> what happened?
11:03:26 <Kitt> sounds like he missed the bee and hurt his knee
11:03:33 <ynpvisitor2> Well it was nice to know bee had an indy. later.
11:03:37 <Betty> ugh, oh. not good sorry to hear that :-(
11:03:51 <Kitt> now I can take off my snow boots
11:03:56 <Kevin L™> Should have gone to Carl's Jr instead.
11:03:57 <ynpvisitor45> oh , just read above, bummer
11:04:02 <Kitt> hope your knee is ok
11:04:28 <ynpvisitor45> so icy there too?
11:05:08 <Kent> Only an inch of snow but Micky's door is on the shady side
11:05:53 <Betty> Doggies out in the meadows
11:06:38 <Kevin L™> Took me a bit to find them!
11:06:51 <Kevin L™> Back to frozen dinners for them!
11:07:23 <Betty> look how deep the snow is yet. reaches their bellies
11:08:01 <Kent> Back to lunch. I'm ordering fries.
11:08:28 <Betty> better luck this time
11:11:51 <Kevin L™> And an ice pack?
11:19:13 <Betty> is that blue skies?
11:19:30 <Kevin L™> Looks like it
11:19:59 <Kevin L™> I have one of those outside
12:32:12 <Kevin L™> OF
12:32:56 <Kevin L™> or not!
12:41:13 <Betty> is it teasing you?
12:42:10 <Kevin L™> I don't know. It probablt did go.
12:42:53 <Betty> there it is
12:43:16 <Betty> better wind direction this time
12:43:43 <Kevin L™> Long interval though.
12:44:17 <Betty> too bad the cam cannot be cleaned :-(
12:47:20 <Dave from B> Did I miss something?
12:47:51 <Betty> it was your fault
12:49:39 <Dave from B> That BH erupted?
12:50:01 <Betty> that OF messed up BH
12:50:59 <Kevin L™> It was Dave smacking it with a fish. See all the scales.
12:52:41 <Betty> How is Billings, Dave? You got some snow?
12:53:25 <Dave from B> 2"
12:53:35 <Dave from B> Roads never froze so I am happy
12:53:53 <Kevin L™> No frozen roads here either.
12:53:56 <Betty> that´s worth a lot
12:54:14 <Betty> you too, Kevin :-)
12:54:30 <Betty> either here
12:58:03 <Betty> Turban maybe
13:05:59 <ynpvisitor45> maybe Penta?
13:06:05 <ynpvisitor45> it looks in front of the Grand area
13:09:32 <Betty> FF kicked me out. Time to get some sleep anyway. Night all
13:09:53 <Kevin L™> Night
13:17:33 <ynpvisitor38> Looks like a snow globe, except the snow it not moving.
13:18:05 <ynpvisitor38> Amazing what you can get rid of on Craigs List. Someone wants the coon.
13:18:39 <Kevin L™> Amazing!
13:19:20 <Dave from B> Grand?
13:19:28 <ynpvisitor38> Well if I can give away a live Marmont, anything is possible. Even Grand
13:20:06 <Kevin L™> With a doggie kicker
13:20:23 <ynpvisitor32> This lags behind the camera on the YNP website by almost 30 seconds.
13:20:45 <ynpvisitor45> so that does look like Penta too
13:20:55 <ynpvisitor38> Government efficiency.
13:25:18 <ynpvisitor45> usually chat is ahead of the NPS site
13:28:51 <ynpvisitor38> It is their cam, how can it be ahead? They feed it through China?
13:31:40 <Kevin L™> 2nd?
13:32:43 <Casey> The NPS site prioritizes smooth video at the expense of timeliness. This site (depending on browser support) prioritizes timeliness. Both sides have the same original source but deliver it through their websites slightly differently.
13:33:47 <ynpvisitor45> I know when my chat is wonky I watdh on NPS and it is sometimes 45 seconds behind chat, like when people post BH, I can go over and see it start at NPS
13:34:14 <Casey> Good use of that, 45. I never thought of that as a "feature"
13:53:33 <Kevin L™> Looks like Daisy way ie
14:01:24 <ynpvisitor45> No Grand on GT, guess it did not happen?
14:07:14 <Eric> Nope
14:08:00 <Kevin L™> Cam on cruise until the next op takes over.
14:14:29 <Eric> OF ie
14:57:58 <Eric> Beautiful evening
15:24:19 <ynpvisitor13> brrrrr
15:39:30 <ynpvisitor80> hi
15:39:50 <ynpvisitor80> hi
15:40:16 <ynpvisitor80> hi girls here
15:42:24 <Eric> You like geysers?
15:42:39 <Eric> ohhh, already quit :-(
16:23:17 <ynpvisitor68> I don't think this is the kind of geyser 80 was looking for.
20:21:55 <ynpvisitor61> 2 degrees, going to be a COLD one
20:23:34 <Kevin L™> Brrrr. Big steam in
20:23:39 <Kevin L™> F&M area
20:23:51 <Kevin L™> Probably Riverside.
20:25:36 <ynpvisitor40> Where is BH!
20:26:08 <ynpvisitor40> I think that is Giant Steam.
20:26:40 <ynpvisitor40> Yuk, I am out of here
20:41:31 <ynpvisitor40> Problem with the cold, it starts to look like San Fransisco.
20:48:35 <Eric> looks like day time...amazing
20:52:06 <Casey> Up late, Kevin?
20:53:08 <Kevin L™> Yep. Been a busy afternoon. Getting some things done before I go to bed.
20:54:55 <Casey> I'm about to call it a night. I believe we should be in Grand's window, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
20:57:10 <Casey> Lion?
20:59:52 <Kevin L™> Looks like it.
21:00:01 <Kevin L™> I am heading out myself.
21:00:25 <Casey> Night
21:08:46 <ynpvisitor95> Daisy ie
21:08:54 <Casey> Must be
21:10:38 <Casey> I'm fading fast. Enjoy the show
21:11:05 <ynpvisitor95> thanks
21:18:11 <ynpvisitor95> big fluffy steam cloud down basin. probably Grotto.
21:22:24 <ynpvisitor95> 0 deg. F now! Brrrr