Showing logs for date: 2017-02-04
04:33:01 <Graham> morning..ooh new snow, nice
04:34:17 <ynpvisitor73> morning Graham, lc here.
04:34:30 <Graham> hi lc
04:35:01 <ynpvisitor73> you have a good visit to the park?
04:37:42 <Graham> of course :) it was pretty gret to begin with but nice sun the last couple of days
04:37:49 <Graham> did the Canyon day tour too
04:45:12 <Graham> churn and sawmill were interesting but Penta was snowed in so not active for a long time
04:45:23 <Graham> Grand and Bee were both cranky tho
04:45:44 <Graham> nice to see bijou pauses and water in Mastiff
04:46:13 <ynpvisitor73> that is interesting
05:16:33 <ynpvisitor73> time for breakfast. bbl.
05:53:26 <Graham> I see Dave found the vampire geyser last night again
07:50:52 <Betty> morning all
08:18:23 <Betty> hi Graham
08:20:27 <Graham> hello
08:21:13 <Graham> nice to see more snow falling. still have not hidden the boardwalk
08:22:05 <Betty> it is the most snow for me since I visit the cam
08:23:04 <Graham> i will have to post comparison pictures from 2 years ago when there wasnt much
08:24:02 <Betty> I think you can chose summer pics then. not much difference I bet
08:24:51 <Betty> OF
08:25:30 <ynpvisitor15> WOW, this never gets old
08:26:16 <Betty> I think they take fresh water each eruption ;-)
08:26:57 <ynpvisitor15> Watching OF always makes my day
08:27:14 <Betty> :-D
08:27:46 <Graham> not many peeps on this side of the BW"
08:28:58 <ynpvisitor15> Have a Good Day Y'all. Laters
08:29:13 <Betty> see ya, 15
08:51:01 <Betty> Grand ie
08:57:21 <Dave from B> Howdy everyone
08:57:32 <Betty> hey Dave
09:00:16 <Dave from B> Wow...lots of snow
09:00:36 <Dave from B> Might as well try to bury the snow pole markers on the bw
09:01:04 <Betty> Riverside?
09:01:12 <Betty> looks like
09:06:21 <ynpvisitor18> Wow, Dave is selling more soup for Sunday.
09:06:36 <ynpvisitor18> And Kevin is still breaking BH.
09:06:52 <Dave from B> Working on inventory and 2016 tax stuff
09:58:36 <Graham> of
11:38:35 <ynpvisitor9> Lion ie
11:49:20 <Kevin L™> OF ie
11:52:15 <ynpvisitor56> Graham is only posting on GT, not on chat.
11:52:40 <ynpvisitor19> Was that a short?
11:53:08 <Kevin L™> I didn't catch much of it. Not sure.
11:58:47 <Kevin L™> VEC has next one predicted at 1454 so it would have been a short.
12:04:17 <Graham> i thought it was long
12:04:25 <Graham> but they were watching closer
12:04:53 <Kevin L™> They can see it better too.
12:30:26 <Graham> headed out, someone will be driving the cam
12:30:38 <Graham> enjoy Giantess
12:35:25 <Kevin L™> have fun
13:07:58 <ynpvisitor3> lion ie
14:15:41 <Biotite> Lion trying
14:16:03 <Biotite> Lion
14:16:49 <Biotite> at least we can see the hill again.
14:45:19 <kcmule> OF
14:45:36 <Kevin L™> I love the desert!
14:48:01 <Biotite> Expect to see a tumbleweed roll across the frame any second now....
14:48:22 <Kevin L™> :)
14:48:52 <ynpvisitor93> so the 1347 OF must have been a long after all
15:33:00 <Kevin L™> Is that BH?
15:33:13 <Kevin L™> Sure is!
15:34:17 <Biotite> whoa what.
15:34:30 <Biotite> that came out of nowhere
15:34:38 <Kevin L™> It knew I was feeding chickens.
15:35:07 <Biotite> Beehive always knows.
15:35:17 <Biotite> "People at Grand? time to erupt!"
15:35:40 <Kevin L™> May not be gazers up there now.
15:36:00 <Biotite> yeah I don't think anyone's in the park.
15:36:55 <Kevin L™> Between the snow and twilight, this was a hard one to see.
15:37:10 <Kevin L™> BUT we got it.
15:38:20 <Biotite> Yep. It's intervals have been all over the place.
15:38:51 <Kevin L™> Totally erratic.
15:39:27 <Kevin L™> Once it hits 13h, you just have to keep an eye on it.
15:40:08 <Kevin L™> I didn't seen an Indy before I went out and was only gone about 5m so this most likely had a short to no Indy.
15:40:32 <Biotite> I'm sure Dave will review the capture. I was busy working on another tab when you pinged.
15:40:41 <Biotite> Then I flipped over and saw it erupting. whoops.
15:44:25 <Kevin L™> I walked in and did a double take. I sure didn't expect it that early!
15:45:16 <Biotite> Gotta love those surprise Beehives/Indicators.
15:45:40 <Biotite> LION
15:46:06 <Biotite> Speaking of surprise Geysers. Geez.
15:48:22 <Kevin L™> They are warming up for the graveyard shift.
15:48:29 <Biotite> Glad that we're back to having somewhat nice Lion series occassionally.
15:49:03 <Kevin L™> I think Aurum is being pretty regular, it is just that we can't seem to catch it.
15:50:44 <Biotite> Yeah. It's a pesky thing.
15:51:43 <Kevin L™> Steam from OF hides it most of the time in Winter.
15:52:08 <Biotite> Yep. A little problematic.
15:52:33 <Biotite> Doesn't look like Split Cone's done anything in a while either.
15:53:24 <Kevin L™> I haven't seen anything for about 3 weeks. It was going pretty good for a few days then but had been quiet for a while before that.
15:53:55 <Kevin L™> Haven't seen Uncertain of Depression for quite a while either.
16:00:26 <Biotite> It's speculated among those of us that pay any attention to Split cone at all that it has rough series behavior.
16:08:54 <Kevin L™> I am sure it does. Wish BH would have gone now.
16:24:38 <kcmule> OF
16:46:02 <Kevin L™> Lion
16:46:14 <Kevin L™> or not
16:53:31 <kcmule> daisy ie
17:55:36 <kcmule> OF ie
19:15:56 <kcmule> just bought this crocoite, biotite:
19:17:00 <Biotite> oooooh.
19:17:21 <Biotite> I'm gonna have to look that one up, because I'm not familiar with it.
19:18:16 <kcmule> been eyeing it for a while. vanadinite next w any luck
19:21:37 <Biotite> I'm still waiting for my thin section of Basalt to get back at the end of this month.
19:21:51 <Biotite> super excited since I shed blood, sweat and tears to get the sample it came from.
19:25:02 <kcmule> i know basalt samples can tell a big story of a violent past, where did it come from
19:25:55 <Biotite> Collected it from part of the Crescent Formation on the Kitsap Peninsula.
19:26:05 <Biotite> Has big vesicles filled with Scolecite.
19:27:24 <kcmule> i wondered if it was from the pacific nw. cool they used to allow zeolite hunting here in golden but now it's protected
19:28:10 <Biotite> Yeah, the unit that this sample is from is teeming with Zeolite.
19:29:15 <kcmule> even a spray would be so welcome in my cabinet
19:29:25 <kcmule> *small spray
19:31:01 <Biotite> They're not exactly the nice needle-like sprays that you see online, but they have the very nice radiating patterns to them.
19:32:31 <kcmule> hope to collect more minerals this summer, just getting harder to find legal places
19:33:36 <kcmule> OF