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02:54:39 <ynpvisitor55> Beehive!
05:51:17 <Kevin L™> Lion?
05:51:46 <Jimbo Arsenic> Faintly, yes
05:54:54 <ynpvisitor45> Woohoo
05:55:15 <Dave from B> Morning everyone!
05:57:56 <Kevin L™> 6.5 eq in the Philippines about an hour ago
05:58:09 <Kevin L™> Morning Dave.
06:09:57 <Dave from B> Cam working horribly for others this morning?
06:10:33 <Jimbo Arsenic> No, I'm good
06:11:09 <Jimbo Arsenic> Conditions aren't that great right now, though
06:11:44 <Dave from B> I've seen spinning "O" and "X" already this morning
06:12:20 <ynpvisitor5> seem ok here
06:12:40 <Dave from B> Thanks....must be on my end
06:14:50 <Kevin L™> It is catching it from your keyboard.
06:16:34 <Mike J> Good snowy morning to all
06:17:09 <ynpvisitor58> It's probably your windows computers downloading updates in the background hogging all your bandwidth.
06:17:37 <Kevin L™> Morning Mike.
06:18:00 <Kevin L™> Don't you love the desert?
06:18:10 <Dave from B> Lots of melting in Blgs yesterday...10 more days of 38F or higher coming! Now, they are talking about flooding already
06:18:23 <Mike J> 83 for us today Kevin. How about you guys?
06:18:25 <Kevin L™> :)
06:18:40 <Kevin L™> We hit 75 yesterday.
06:19:11 <Kevin L™> Went up to Rainbow Canyon Wednesday. Was 60° there.
06:19:29 <Kevin L™> Even saw a coyote and a roadrunner!
06:20:02 <Mike J> I've seen a lot of the scenic areas around there, but not Rainbow Canyon
06:21:42 <Kevin L™> Rainbow Canyon is a lot of fun. Very pretty and a train runs through it. Great burgers at JJs in Caliente at the top of the canyon.
06:22:44 <Mike J> I used to travel for work to Nevada. Learned there is a whole lot more than gaming. Some incredibel scenery
06:23:09 <Mike J> I'll have to put Rainbow Canyon on my list
06:23:14 <Kevin L™> There are some fun out of the way places.
06:24:33 <Kevin L™> They have it paved from Caliente south about 20 miles. You can get to US 93 via 37 miles of dirt road but it is very good road most of the time.
06:25:53 <Kevin L™> They are repairing the damage from the flood of 2010 right now so there are some rough spots but it isn't too bad.
06:26:10 <Mike J> You wouldn't believe some of the places I've taken rental cars. I'm why you never want to buy a used car from Hertz.
06:26:37 <Kevin L™> :)
06:27:15 <Kevin L™> Just north of Caliente is Cathedral Gorge State Park. It is pretty interesting too.
06:27:21 <Kevin L™> OF
06:30:16 <Kevin L™> Heading to the depot for a few.
07:12:22 <Casey> Lion ie
07:40:52 <Jake> I've forgotten what the UGB looks like without clouds and snow
07:49:23 <Doron> Hi all
07:56:25 <Betty> morning guys
07:56:46 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
07:56:50 <Casey> Morning, Betty
07:56:57 <Doron> Morning
07:57:12 <Betty> hi Dave, Casey, Doron
07:57:13 <Dave from B> Hi, Doron, Casey, Jake, Mike J.....
07:57:39 <Dave from B> Lots of names in here today
07:58:14 <Betty> John Boy is missing
07:58:15 <Doron> (I'm the french, I've finally chosen a name for be recognizable since I occupy this land ^^)
07:58:39 <Betty> nice
08:00:38 <Betty> so who ordered the snow? Does Graham plan another trip this winter?
08:01:21 <Betty> hahaha
08:01:47 <Kevin L™> Morning John Boy
08:02:08 <Betty> hi Kevin
08:02:20 <Kevin L™> Hi Betty.
08:04:01 <Betty> I just booked the ski trip for ending of the season. So I like the snow
08:04:52 <Kevin L™> You shoulld be happy now!
08:05:04 <Betty> I am :-)
08:05:16 <Kevin L™> Have you installed your buzzard deflector?
08:05:34 <Betty> not yet :-p
08:06:37 <Kevin L™> Did I tell you I saw a coyote and a roadrunner in Rainbow canyon Wednesday?
08:07:15 <Betty> no.
08:07:17 <Doron> OF
08:07:30 <Betty> we did not talk about your last trip
08:07:53 <Betty> grey on grey in grey
08:08:01 <Kevin L™> Also some wild horses.
08:08:31 <Kevin L™> Goodnight John Boy!
08:09:05 <Doron> I just went in google to see what a roadrunner looks like, it's really a pretty bird !
08:09:35 <Betty> möpmöp
08:09:50 <Kevin L™> They are interesting
08:09:58 <Betty> did the coyote chase the roadrunner?
08:10:15 <Kevin L™> There is a cartoon over here about a coyote and a roadrunner.
08:10:32 <Betty> and have you been to the ACME store?
08:10:35 <Kevin L™> No, they were in different places.
08:10:42 <ynpvisitor40> haha - good one
08:17:55 <Betty> Lion
08:18:01 <Betty> ie
08:18:15 <Betty> my stream was stuck.
08:19:41 <Doron> Nice, with sun it must be good
08:20:16 <Doron> I never seen a Lion's eruption before
08:21:51 <Mike J> I've seen a number of Lion eruptions, but my last visit was the first time I ever really heard/noticed the roar.
08:23:27 <Kevin L™> The roar is fun.but can scare you at night.
08:25:26 <Mike J> I've never done any night eruptions. I"ve got to work that in somehow
08:27:50 <Kevin L™> Catch a week just as the moon is getting full. It is a lot of fun.
08:28:05 <Kevin L™> I sent you pics Betty (and Dave)
08:29:51 <Eric> Morning fellers and ladies :-D
08:30:42 <Betty> hey Eric
08:31:16 <Eric> Hi Betty
08:31:22 <Doron> Hi
08:31:30 <Eric> Hello Doron
08:32:04 <Kevin L™> Hi Eric
08:32:38 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
08:32:38 <Eric> Hi Kevin
08:32:59 <Eric> Looks like another poor weather day at the UGB
08:33:30 <Eric> We had rain so hard here yesterday I had a waterfall from from kitchen skylight :-P
08:33:47 <Eric> First time ever water has pushed up through the edge.
08:34:16 <Dave from B> yuck
08:35:36 <Eric> Hi Dave
08:36:46 <Dave from B> to vacuum pack some smelt for ice fisherman.
08:37:56 <Eric> nice
08:40:17 <ynpvisitor40> ^^ there's something you don't hear every day!
08:41:34 <Eric> Unless you are a fish monger and live near ice :-P
08:58:01 <ynpvisitor79> That is a sport Kevin should take up.
09:00:06 <Eric> If I am going to sit out in the cold and snow...I would rather be looking for geysers :-P
09:00:36 <ynpvisitor79> You can do that at the Lake. Not big geysers, however.
09:16:21 <Betty> Lion.
09:16:30 <Betty> good catch, camop
09:35:11 <ynpvisitor9> Yay, we are in the 40's so I have opened up the house for new air
09:36:40 <Kitt> pretty good to have about 10 inches of snow on the ground and the windows open
09:36:41 <Kevin L™> I thought 40 was heater weather.
09:37:12 <Kitt> until about a week ago, we were below zero almost every night
09:37:45 <Kitt> but the mix of ice with snow on it and melting has made walking around town treacherous
09:38:38 <Kevin L™> wehit 75° yesterday.
09:39:15 <Kitt> we have about 55% humidity outside and 11% inside
09:40:00 <Betty> hi Kitt
09:40:06 <Kitt> hello
10:02:58 <Dave from B> I almost had to crawl to my car this morning becuase our cul de sac was so slippery
10:05:44 <Kevin L™> Isn't that what they ake kitty litter for?
10:18:33 <Kevin L™> Lion
10:26:35 <Doron> You use "cul de sac" in english ? Funny x)
10:29:05 <Kevin L™> It is a street that has only has one way in and out. Keeps the traffic down around houses.
10:30:08 <Doron> Yes, we use for the same in french ;)
10:32:21 <Jimbo Arsenic> English borrows words from a lot of languages
10:33:06 <Betty> yes, like Kindergarten
10:35:18 <Jimbo Arsenic> geyser, for that matter, is from Icelandic
10:35:24 <Doron> In this case it was funny, this expression is almost familiar ;)
10:37:13 <Doron> Yes, Geysir, "the one who gush forth"
10:37:37 <Doron> It also gave "geyser" en français ;)
10:37:57 <Doron> And geysir in german, no, Betty ?
10:39:14 <Betty> yes
10:39:26 <Doron> It's one of the few word I know in german in fact x)
10:39:32 <Doron> *words
10:39:42 <Betty> hehe
10:40:19 <Betty> Dave, I see you sell your keyboards to France as well ;-)
10:40:51 <Doron> ^^
10:42:58 <Betty> We´re in Grand window. I guess we will not see it
10:43:31 <Doron> Btw I hope I can go to germany in the next years, searching fossils is one of my favourite occupations and Solnhofen and Eichstätt are two important locations for jurassic fossils (they are one of the few well preserved fossil in the world)
10:46:25 <Betty> nice. I´ve been to Solnhofen in my Schooltime once
10:47:06 <Betty> And we visited the Museum on the Willibaldsburg in Eichstätt
10:47:12 <Doron> In the quarries ?
10:47:35 <Doron> Nice ;)
10:47:42 <Betty> yes
10:48:23 <Betty> you will have to visit Grube Messel near Darmstadt, too
10:50:13 <Doron> Yes, of course ;)
10:50:53 <Doron> It's tertiary (more recent) but it's also a very important site for fossils
10:52:12 <Doron> The only problem is that as I don't live in the northeastern part of France it's a bit away from my home
10:52:41 <Doron> Otherwise it would be done since a long time
11:03:26 <Kevin L™> You would like Dinosaur Monument in Colorado Doron
11:17:57 <Betty> OF
11:23:59 <Jake> Lion ?
11:24:16 <Betty> yep
11:24:31 <Jake> too easy, give me a hard one ;)
11:25:00 <Betty> how about Grand?
11:25:42 <Jake> it's like Schrödinger's cat, it is both erupting and not erupting because it can't be seen
11:26:07 <Betty> a good one
12:11:29 <Kevin L™> I sure like the desert.
12:12:02 <Kevin L™> Doggies!
12:37:41 <ynpvisitor27> is that from bee???
12:37:46 <Betty> Lion
12:37:53 <ynpvisitor27> oh thanks
12:38:04 <Betty> yw
12:41:02 <Betty> restart
12:53:13 <Kevin L™> OF
13:04:59 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
13:06:07 <Graham> its the weekend, yeah
13:06:47 <Kevin L™> Weekend?
13:08:31 <Graham> how quickly we forget
13:10:39 <Kevin L™> :) I guess I should never have joined that "risky retirement system with ties to the stock market".
13:11:58 <Graham> you must be living the high life with the market setting records :)
13:12:52 <Graham> Lion?
13:13:01 <Graham> Roar
13:14:09 <Kevin L™> I think the kitty is tired.
13:16:16 <Kevin L™> I would be tired with all this crappy weather too.
13:18:28 <Graham> at least its warm
13:21:17 <Kevin L™> Yea, right!
13:21:32 <Kevin L™> Looks toasty to me.
13:22:39 <Kevin L™> Fry eggs on the bw
13:24:29 <Kevin L™> Sky chart for the comet tonight:
13:33:35 <Graham> can we see it all through the couds?
13:35:22 <Kevin L™> I can. :)
13:35:33 <Kevin L™> And the lunar eclipse too!
13:38:50 <Kevin L™> Afternoon Biddle.
13:39:06 <Biddle> HI Kevin
13:39:13 <Biddle> shift key...
13:39:36 <Kevin L™> Buying keyboards from Dave?
14:05:59 <Biddle> oh sorry, yes still got the same one. never ended up getting a new one.
14:41:08 <Kevin L™> The doggies are back.
14:56:24 <Kevin L™> Looks like Atlanta in the Superbowl.
14:56:57 <Graham> frozen?
14:58:19 <Kevin L™> Boiling, looking hot and then a dud in the end.
17:29:19 <kcmule> OF
17:47:46 <Kevin L™> Steam downbasin
17:50:08 <Kevin L™> Maybe Castle?
17:51:04 <ynpvisitor86> Castle should have been over an hour ago.
17:55:47 <Kevin L™> Looks happy now
18:01:27 <kcmule> maybe a minor then
18:23:04 <Kevin L™> Kind of what I was thinking.
19:03:50 <kcmule> OF ns